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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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recover s from last month's quake. it is is all ahead on morning sun 2. good morning thank you for joining. tuesday morning, may 12. i am pam cook. >> i am brian flores. lets look at the weather with steve, and colder out there. very cold pattern for us, and it will continue. thursday we might be talking rain here, looks like it to me. there is a long way to go, 48 hours is a long time in weather. mostly sunny today so much cool air the low fog bank has no support. so there is a lotal patchy-- little patchy fog breezy to windy. you can see higher clouds cruising by, good upper level jet stream over us, 40s on the low, the breeze the big deal here 21 at travis, west at napa west oakland 20-25 even livermore has gusts of 22.
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30 gust of 40 + at sfo. hello. west 16 hayward and west/southwest at livermore. there is the low moving into northern california to be followed cold on its heels if you will, by a stronger system which will go over water might hold more mois ture and give us rain thursday,. mostly sunny breezy, below average temperatures and staying cool with a lot of 60s and 70s. speaking of staying cool, here he is, mr. sal castaneda. >> thank you steve. you are joe cool yourselffelt thank you very much. we are looking at the commute and will start with the east shore freeway. traffic moves well. if driving on 80 westbound heading to mccarthy maze, no problem here. 18-minute delay, which is almost no delay driving at the speed limit to the mcarthur maze. if you drive out to the tol plaza, it is light into san
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francisco, no major problems. commute continues to look good. san mateo don barton bridge good start. both stans look good. >> thank you. another massive earthquake hit nepal. the 7.3 quake killed at least 19 people and caused widespread damage. ktvu reporter alex savidge in the newsroom with that. >> good morning. it has been less than 3 weeks since nepal was hit by the massive 7.8 earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people. and now again today more strong shaking. this is the scene in the country's capitol of kathmandu as panished people rushed into the streets when the quake hit early in the afternoon. police are telling everyone to stay in open spaces for safety. there are reports of buildings that have collapsed and strong after shocks as well. along with 19 people dead, at least 980 people have also been
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injuredism tuesday's quake was centered-- injured. tuesday's quake was centered near the border. a team is searching the wreckage of a small town in that area where we are told quite a few buildings have come down. that town is a hub for humanitarian aid following the april 25 quake that devastated nepal. it led to new concerns for the safety of children in that country. officials say thousands of kids have been forced into camps and they potentially could be at risk of abuse or human trafficking, as a result of the april quake. after this quake, more damage and 19 lives lost at least, and of course the death toll could potentially climb. they are assessing the damage after another earthquake. >> devastating. 4:03 is the time, a
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lockdown lifted at uc santa barbara after 3 injured in an attack near campus at about 7:30 last night two blocks away from campus. two men were shot. one of the suspects was assaulted. a second suspect took off in his car. police are calling the incident a domestic disturbance but police say that same apartment complex has seen a string of armed robberies in recent weeks. now this latest violence comes nearly 1 year after the shooting rampage that killed 6 college students and injured 14 others. 2 of the victims were from here in the bay area. friday one of the victim's mothers spoke out calling for more focus on campus security. starting next month 1 million people in san jose face mandatory water rationing. customers will be given monthly water allotment and face fine physical they exceed them. they are based on the average water use in 2013 for all water
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customers. people and businesses will be required to reduce water use from 30% of that amount. no word on the fees for those who exceed it. the panel over seeing the bay bridge is studying problems near the landmark tower. the head of the group says the possibility of salt water flooding at the base of the tower and anchor rock are game changers. their agreed to spend $1.5 million on the problem. there are concerns over corrosion shortly after it opened. anyone who has driven in california knows the state cannot keep up with maintenance on the roads. there are 50,000 miles of highway in california. the latest cal trends report show 59% are considered good shape. 25% need preventive work and 16% need major renovation but it would cost $80 billion needed in the next 10 years and a lot of
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the money is not in the budget. >> when the amount we need is $8 billion every year and we are maybe coming up with half of that through current funding sources, that means the roads get worse. >> california's gas tax is the primary source of money for highway repairs but as fuel efficiency increases drivers pay less in taxes. people with electric cars don't pay any gas tax. the transportation commission is looking at alternative funding methods, including a fee based on how many miles a car is driven each year or a flat fee added to car licensing fees. happening today the 10th annual amgen tour of california bicycle race heads to the bay area. stage 3 of the race begins at the community center in san jose. at 10:45 this morning. crews have been making preparations for the racers and spectators. the cyclists head north to livermore and then south to back
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side of mt. hamilton, expected to be a popular viewing spot but parking is very limited. racers descend back into san jose and finish stage 3 at motorcycle county park on met c ooshgs f-- metcalf road. the warriors heading back home after tying the western conference semi-final series with the memphis grizzlies. scott reiss was there. >> reporter: this seemed like a long time coming, blow-out victory in game 4 and the warriors resurgence coincided with stefben curry's resurge-- steph curry's resurgence. he scored 33 points and chipped in 8 rebounds and 5 assists and he played with emotion we have not seen in this series. >> we had to compete and be physical and play hard every possession and when you put forth that effort and you see
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the results it is a good feeling, especially on the road in a must-win situation for us. >> unbelievable. mvp performance for us tonight. defense was key. we battled physical, they didn't get easy baskets we made them work. >> we have been [ bleep ] the last few days it hasn't been fun to be around us. >> we are tied in 2 in best of 3 series. they will have what i imagine will be a light work out this afternoon and get ready for a triismant return to oracle arena for game 5 tomorrow night . in memphis scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it will be loud here tomorrow night. >> yes it will. >> game 5 tomorrow night at the oracle arena. 7:30. game 6 in memphis friday night and if necessary game 7 sunday
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back in oakland. >> won't be necessary. >> back and forth. hopefully not. >> big win. coming up, george zimmerman once again in the news, this time injured in road-rage shooting. the reason police say may be tied to an on-going dispute. would you let a stranger drive your kids around? the questionable new car service here in the bay area. good morning we are looking at a commute where traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 4 westbound. eastbound still clearing up road work none of it is causing a delay. i don't want to say it is too windy at sfo but it is windy. gusts of 43 miles an hour. cool day and rain in the extended outlook.
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welcome back, everybody, san jose's mayor is calling for all police officers to be equipped with body cameras by next year. the mayor made the announcement yesterday. san jose police announced 12 officers would be outfitted with camera as a 1-year pilot program in march but he wants to move up that timeline and wants new measures in place to measure condicate on patrol. after a local newspaper published a report about more african americans and latinos
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pulled over. it will cost the city $1 million to outfit them. zimmerman back in the headlines after he just missed getting shot in a road rage incident in florida. police in the town of lake mary say one shot was fired at him the bullet barely missed his head. the same gunman was involved with road rage with zimmerman last year. a witness said the gunman flagged him down. >> he said please call 911. please call 911. i was like what happened? he was like i shot zimmerman. he waved a gun with me and i shot him. >> investigators have not figured why they were foiging but there is an apparent on-going feud. the nation wame to know zimmerman after he shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in 2013 and was acquitted. nfl is suspending tom brady for the first four games of next
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season. the san mateo native always had a clean-cut image but league determined brady likely knew about the deflated footballs used in the championship game. he will appeal the suspension, which he calls ridiculous and without legitman basis. besides the 4-game suspension they are finding the patriots $1 million and taking away two future draft picks. the two employees who investigators say were in on deflating are suspended. how much money the defense department and guard have played pro-sports team s for military tributes. jeff flake says using taxpayer money for recruiting is understandable, but giving to pro-sports teams for activities that looks like paying homage to military personnel would be inappropriate. the guard is not in the business of sports sponsorships but it
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does have advertising partnerships to increase awareness of military service opportunities. car ride service is targeting busy parentwise busy kids called shuttle similar to uber but designed for kids. the group employs 200 most women. kids must carry a texting enable phone allowing them to be contacted by the driver and with the company's app parents don't have to worry about their child's safety. >> there is gps tracking the whole way. parents are identified when the driver is on the way when they arrive, depart when they drop the passenger off. we also have full monitoring going on by members of the staff. >> shuttle only serves some communities in the bay yiria but hoping-- area but hoping to expand across the country. time now is 4:15. a good time to check in with sal. talk about traffic and perhaps
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our warriors. how they did last night. you watch the game? >> funny you should mention that, later on we will have a surprise guest on the round table. >> okay. >> me and steiny and a third person. >> i hope it is curry. >> not that person. another person you know well. lets take a look. that is in the business called a tease. this is a look, now at the commute here on interstate 8-80 north and southbound. doesn't look too bad past the coliseum. it is doing well. if driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking good. lets look at the toll plaza do you really need to go right now? can you hang with us for another 10-15 minutes? thanks. there is no one waiting for you there. it will be that way for another 10-15 minutes. westbound on westbound 84, looking good out no problems
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8-80 south. 4:16 lets go to my friend, steve paulson. by the way i did a sports segment, took basketballs in the back i put air in them. now they bounce. >> you will not be suspended sal. you play by the rules, thank you. we do have a very cool pattern over us, for may it is unbelievable. to be honest i actually love this because there is something to talk about and it sure looks like rain is moving in on thursday not drizzle not showers, rain. rain. couple things going on. there is a low moving in to northern california and it is saying, hello, redding, little bit of red not a lot but a little. we will take every drop we can get. clouds developing on the sierra, lift over the mountains good jet stream enhancing that. it is cold in the great lakes i mean, they are still getting pockets of snow. ahead of that very warm.
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the remains of tropical storm ana is pushing out say goodbye to hat. thunderstorms rumbled into the northeast and it is copious amounts of rain for parts of texas into maybe oklahoma and all is the low in the great lakes. look at that. rain to snow. very cool, cool pattern for them. for us, as well. 40s on the temperatures, 47 at napa. we have a low 50s 49 san jose, fairfield is in there. 24-hour temperature difference shows most locs running 1-- roekzs running 1-4 degrees cooler. we had fog yesterday. low clouds not much left. upper 40s, low 50s. keep your eye on the very cold ocean temperatures, been the driving force between our change in the pattern. oakland, gust of 25. 17 novato. look at sfo 30 sustain gust of 43. that is howling out of the west. same for hayward, west/southwest, the low is
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responsible for it there. it wiped out the fog there is nothing to support it. the next system will have more moisture to work with and will develop off shore over water. mostly sunny today breezy to windy, highs mainly 50s and 60s a lot of 60s. the next system rotates in and looks like it wants to favor bay area south. we will update this tomorrow. the possibility of maybe a half inch to an inch, there are projections of inch of rain, we will ease into that. half inch would not surprise. more mountain snow, cloudy cool rain developing late wednesday into thursday. mostly sunny today breezy to window cool pattern well below average temperatures, should be 75-76, is fairfield is briefy touching 70s it is cool. warmer over the coast and bay because they get the fog chewed up. the 5-day obviously i did not click show. so it is not popping up.
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>> okay. our 5-day looks pretty cool. >> rain on thursday, clearing out the weekend will be okay but not that warm. >> rain, like decent rain? >> could be half inch of rain for some people. >> wow. >> wow. >> the garden, the lawns everything could use it, right? the hill sides for fire danger. >> fire danger. >> the tennis match. >> i have a racket, strong, ready for you to go. >> because it is all about the strings. >> no more excuses. >> all right guys. pictures this time. 4:20, two fire stations set to close doors as fire season is just getting under way. in 15 minutes increase in response times and extra financial burden for people who live nearby. using spare change to create change, the new boxes you may notice around berkeley and hot they are being used-- what they are being used for.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:23 is the time. take a look at the damage. 5 people now dead after sund a's severe weather outbreak in the southern plains van texas was one of the hardest hit areas. 2 people die said there and a tornado destroyed or damaged about 120 homes. dozens of people now spending the night in a shelter. volunteers handing out clean-up supplies today. the victims say they are just lucky to have each other. >> it is just stuff.
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and it can be and will be eventually replaced. >> in the town of nashville arkansas a young couple died trying to shield their baby girl from a tornado. that 18 month old girl survived. one man in nashville helping in need handing out hundred dollar bills. the governors of arkansas and texas considered these. tropical depression ana dropped rain on eastern north carolina causing heavy flooding in hoebl home park. many strand-- mobile home park. many stranded and the water has been drained out. berkeley is testing a campaign to collect spare change and it to use helping those in need. they installed 4 metal boxes where anyone at any time can drop off spare change. the goal is to reduce pan handling and riz money for the
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berkeley house project which runs a shelter and meal program. it will pay for socks and toiletries and cover the cost of id card application fees at the dmv and for ride vouchers on transit. >> to the average person it maybe seems simple, but these are things that can make or break a difference for a person. >> the downtown berkeley association paid for the boxs and installation. the program is modeled after the one in denver which sees donations of $100,000 a year. on on line petition drive is on the way to change name of justin hermen plaza to mia anglieu plaza. it named after the former executive director of the redevelopment agency but they say justin hermen saw the urban renewal which forced out
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minorities they say maya would be more appropriate because it brought people together and lived in san francisco and was first african american female cable car conductor. there are 5 new members in the bay area sports hall of fame,. the ceremony for the induction ceremony was fox 2 sport's director. form roger maltby and johnny mosley are a couple of them. but bary bonds spoke to us. >> right or wrong, there are things i did wrong and things i said. i did deserve it but i was only a ball player, i am not a public speaker, i am not trying to win
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for presidency, you are being mean to a ball player. >> he said he never chased to be in the record books. he said he only wanted his godfather, willy maze, to say barry bonds was as good as him. you can see this on channel 2 and kicu channel 36, the show airs 4 times in all once on each station this coming weekend and then next weekend. and we posted the entire bonds interview, by the way online, you will see it at and new ktvu youtube channel and the acceptance speech from last night under the sports tab. >> fun. 4:27, incredible story 4-year-old boy jumped from a moving car when a thief tried to drive off with him inside. >> he was scared. he was just shaking. >> what the mother says happened
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and how he is doing. maurder mystery-- murder mystery linked to china town, the disturbing discovery made inside. we are looking at a commute in the south bay that looks pretty good. this is northbound 280 we will tell you about the commute coming up. we have gusts of 43 miles an hour at sfo. hold on to your hat if you is an early morning flight. another cool day. and how much rain there yes rain, the extended coming up.
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good morning everybody it is 4:30 on the dot and we are live in san francisco that is where police are investigating a murder mystery linked to this old movie theater you see right there. coming up in two minutes, ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty will have more on the body found inside


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