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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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afternoon. 68 san francisco. triple digits, livermore, yesterday 108 degrees. today 105. antioch 103. concord, upper 90s. we have higher clouds sneaking back into the picture. satellite. two extremes. high temperatures, very hot temperatures today and hire clouds and a few scattered showers in the south bay. closer to san jose. approaching the central portion of the bay. a drop off in temperatures and we could see tracking showers and thunderstorms as well. we will look at the forecast with an update in a few minutes. >> thank you. a flex alert is in effect at this hour due to the heat. the concern is air conditioning units putting a strain on the grid. people are urged to keep therm states at 78 degrees and turn off lights and appliances till 9:00 p.m. tonight. here is a look at the power
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outage map. power outage all over the bay area. the biggest is in black hawk in the east bay, 3,000 customers are effected right now. law enforcement is urging pet owners to keep their animals safe. the sheriff's department posted pictures of deputies giving water to an over heated dog yesterday, it was left inside a hot car. the temperature outside reached 106 degrees. official say the dog could barely move when deputies arrived. animal services was called and the owner was issued a warning. download the ktvu weather app. our weather team is also posting updates on twitter and facebook. internet outages is called a deliberate attack. in livermore knocked out service to thousands of
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customers. ktvu's cristina rendon is live now with what the fbi tells us about their investigation. >> reporter: safeguarding lines appears to be challenging. this is what the fbi is concerned about. we got this cut cable from an internet service provider. these people don't stand to make anything or gain anything by doing this but it makes a lot of people frustrated. >> reporter: if you look closely the warning signs are there to stay away, still cable lines are being cut by vandals. each cable cripples data. >> definitely concerning and for the fbi we are definitely trying to coordinate the local cases that are ongoing because of the incidents in multiple cities. >> reporter: fiber optic cables have been cut 11 times around the bay area.
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fremont, walnut creek, san jose, alamo, and livermore. >> yesterday was not a coordinated attack. >> the fbi believes whoever is gaining access is doing so through man hole covers. a single cut effects thousands of customers. the fbi had no comment about that or about the possibility that the the attacks are a test of capabilities. they said they are trying to figure out a motive and they are asking for the public's help. it is possible they are dressed up like utility workers. >> any information, even if they are in uniforms, anything that mights seem abnormal. >> reporter: once the people are caught they could face vandalism charges to more serious charges. we asked police if they would step up patrols but they didn't want to discuss that with us.
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>> the fbi is saying they don't think they are coordinated attacks but we had several of them, they are not talking about if it is terrorism, doesn't seem like people are stealing things. just disrupting service. >> reporter: they can't sell them and make money. they didn't want to speculate. they won't say if it is a disgruntled employee, or if these are random people. all of it is still under investigation and they won't say what they are dealing with here. >> mystery. thank you. new developments now in fremont. police released surveillance video showing three people who vandalized a dam. it sent 50 million gallons of water. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the
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crime. if you want to look at the video it is posted on the police department's website. it was vandalized may 21. water managers say it was enough water for 500 homes for one year. authorities say speed was a factor in a car crash at san jose airport that left one woman dead and injured five others. ktvu's azenith smith tells us what led up to the crash. >> reporter: sky fox 2 captured this scene outside san jose mineta international airport. two cars in a mangled mess. a crash so severe it claimed the life of a 25-year-old woman who died at the scene. >> slow down. not that -- got to make it to where you are going. more important than this. sad. >> reporter: 10:30 a.m. this morning she was driving
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heading southbound towards terminal b parking garage. her car crashed into suv in another lane. attempting to make a left turn into the garage. >> preliminary investigation as i mentioned after talking to investigators, who are here at the scene, the red vehicle was possibly driving at a high rate of speed when it struck the suv. >> the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. it isn't clear how fast she was going. the impact forced the suv to the curve, facing the opposite direction. five people in the suv were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. >> never seen anything like this before. most of the time people are slow. people are disracketted. -- distracted. >> reporter: the first thing many travelers encountered. this man traveling with his son said it was obvious speed played a role. he is thankful no pedestrians were hurt. >> i have a six-year-old and he
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thinks it is safe to cross when it is green. >> reporter: police will be reviewing surveillance video to pinpoint exactly what happened. because this is a by-pass road there were little traffic delays and no impact to flights. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. changes for ride share companies. a law requires them to have liability insurance coverage. in the past uber and other companies said they were not responsible for drivers unless there was a passenger inside the car. other changes could becoming. law makers are considering a bill that would require companies to register drivers in a program that alerts company physical drivers are pulled over for a violation.
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>> folks that are committing crimes, driving recklessly and endangering the public and driving under the influence. >> the bill will be heard by a committee. a guilty plea from ex- california state senator leland yee in a case involving dozen of people. the developments are part of a plea deal. ktvu's christien kafton reports, leland yee faces 20 years in prison. >> reporter: ex-california state senator leland yee walked into court today where he pled guilty to using his position to take $70,000 in bribes for political favors. he faces 20 years in prison and a quarreler million dollars fine. -- quarter million dollars fine. he will avoid a lengthy trial. leland yee and his attorney left court without making comments. keith jackson pled guilty to
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similar charges in court today. his attorney said he was caught up in a criminal enterprise. he did question the investigation. >> they got him. almost two years and then started doing this. >> reporter: brandon jackson, keith jackson's son, taking a guilty plea to racketeering charges. >> he was indicted on everything possible. >> 4th defend, marlin sullivan pled guilty to racketeering as well. >> they were willing to face what they did. >> reporter: they were among the dozens that were caught up in a fbi drag net aimed at routing out corruption. leland yee is due back in court in october when he will learn how much time he will be serving in prison. in san francisco, christien
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kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. restoring alcatraz. >> yeah. i have been here 25 years. >> up next, the project uncovering more about the island's history. >> another attempt at an anti- gay initiative. the sodomite suppression act. >> the wednesday evening commute. these are the conditions along interstate 80. slow going in both direction. >> a live picture of the traffic that bay bridge toll plaza. cars trying to get into san francisco. and a stalled bus tied up traffic. the back up continues. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. continues after the break.
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new at 6:00 p.m. a ribbon cutting on alcatraz. the national park service finished a renovation project to make the park safer for guests. ktvu's noelle walker got access to places more visitors don't see. >> reporter: if you want to travel back in time all you need is a boat. >> right this way, please. >> the rock. alcatraz island. loosely translated island of the sea birds. the national park gets 1.5 million visitors a year. and none of them have seen this. today the national park service completed a renovation project and pealed back the layers of
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history hidden by boat house now gone. exposing bestrews rival any i-- views to -- bay views to rival any. . >> reporter: the arch ways and entrance date back to pre-civil war times. before this was the world's most famous prison. >> that is part of the layering of history. what gets covered up by one generation is uncovered and reveals another layer of history. >> reporter: so many layers. bonit that great, down the -- beneath that grade, down the steps. >> this is the birth place of the world's most famous prison. military dudgeon before there was a federal prison. one thing that brings alcatraz back to the future. >> people were in prison here for flying the confederate flag
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flag, for hijacking. so if those stories don't resonate to people today, i don't know what will. >> it is cool for us, looking into the citadel we get a look at the past. >> reporter: down these steps, bricks that tell stories of the past are reinforced to keep parts of the rock open and safe for guests. those who stayed here marking time probably couldn't conceive anyone wouldify visit. -- would pay to visit. >> reporter: this is where you see the layers of the rock pealed back. here we have gun flats from pre- civil war era. this used to be to the outside, now they are closed off and
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closed off during the federal penitentiary area. three layers of history all in one. alcatraz is still making history as one of the top tourist attractions in the world. another layer in the rock's foundation and its future. on alcatraz island, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. a rally will start in san francisco in support of a lgbt mural that is the target of vandalism. it is at 24th and bryant and it has been vandalized three times in a month. the most recent happened monday morning when someone set it on fire. the mural -- police say they are treating it as a hate crime. another attempt to start a ballot measure authorizing the killing of gays and lesbians was killed -- officials went to
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a judge for approval to refuse the first measure. now there are reports he tried to file a second proposition. but california attorney general kamala harris rejected it today. a hearing in sacramento looked that effects american grows having. one state senator said rogue marijuana grows have been devastating on the state's water sheds. growers divert water from rivers that are low and that puts fish at risk. big swings in the temperature today depending on where you are, 60s to 100 inland. back to mark in the weather center for more. >> rare when i talk about triple digits and rain showers. that is happening for today. the showers have been swooping into the bay area. you can see the clouds that have been pushing in. muggy today with the moisture
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from the south. feels humid. there is san francisco. high clouds, 25,000 feet above our heads. you can imagine showers trying to fall from those clouds. that is happening. wrapping up a heat advisory, till 9:00 p.m. temperatures highest today. warmest spots 85 to 103 degrees. livermore, yesterday 108. today 105. we cool off thursday, back down into the lower 90s. right now, the current temperatures still toasty inland. concord, walnut creak. san jose 76. san francisco 63 degrees. we are tracking clouds and rain showers approaching the bay area. thunderstorms towards the sierra. look at all this activity on the radar right now. few light showers closer to san
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francisco and south san francisco. livermore as well. reports of thunder as well. more activity tee the north and -- to the north and east. the coverage has been increasing over the past hour or so. moving from the south, this direction. we could have a few showers around 17, scots valley and south bay as well. shower chances for tonight and thursday. concord cooler, partly sunny. humid. and temperatures in the morning, mid-60s. reaching upper 80s throughout the afternoon hours. we have showers right now. we will hold on to the chance tomorrow. what's happening, we have this area of high pressure, the circulation around the high, transporting the moisture from the south. monsoonal moisture, it will stick around for tomorrow. the high backs off. it loses its strength.
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we will cool off thursday. still lower 90's inland and can clouds -- 90s inland and clouds. thursday, partly cloudy skies. showers towards lake tahoe and thundershower, tomorrow, friday and the holiday weekend. muy out there. scat -- muggy out there. 100 towards clear lake. livermore 92. walnut creek 91. oaklen 74 degrees. --land 74 degrees. san francisco -- oakland 74 degrees. san francisco upper 60s. your five-day forecast, we cool off into the weekend for friday. partly cloudy skies. and low clouds and fog for saturday and sunday. we will keep an eye and track the fog for saturday night. we are lucky we are not picking
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up fires for today. all that extreme heat. any potential lightning strikes is scary. >> thank you. californians turned off their taps and reached the goal to reduce water. water use statewide fell 29% in may. governor jerry brown ordered a 25% cut. officials are hoping californians will keep it up through summer. hillsborough reduced water use 49%. sacramento 45%. and the san jose water company is down 39%. the warriors hit a snag in their contract negotiations with damongreen and england and japan in the finals. mark ibanez is up next with sports. . >> now to the news room, keba arnold is here with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> julie, a bad week for donald
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trump just got worse. the latest person to cut dies with him. also caitlyn jenner is a big hit on broadway. i talk to tmz about her public appearance in new york city that is getting a lot of attention. p.m. on tv 36.
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mark is here with sports. sitting out here, working in the last 90 minutes, we don't know what happened. >> shocking. you love sports. the drama. but sometimes somebody has to lose. the way it happened today hard to swallow. if you are rooting for the
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english, japan and england going at it. 92 minute. 1-1. that is laura basset. she booted it into her own goal. own goal. japan winds up winning by the score of 2-1. as you look at it again. she was trying to kick it out of bounds. didn't work out that way. you can't help but feel terrible for her. on sunday it will be japan against team u.s.a. for the women's world cup. mean time the a's take another series, 2-3 against colorado. and they didn't blast the rockies. i don't know if that is a -- it works for him. 1-0 a's.
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josh redick coming through. rbi single. 2-0. billy burns doubled and tripled. billy butler will knock in a run with the bases loaded. scores one. two out hit. he goes six innings. gives up one run. they take 2-3 from the rockies. last night the free agency period began in the nba. warriors thinking they could wrap things up with draymond green. met with him last night but talks between draymond green and the warriors have broken down and he may now meet with the other teams thereat interested in him like detroit, atlanta, houston. i wouldn't get too freaked out. he is a restricted free agent. the warriors can match whatever offer he may get. mean time, kevin love, coming back to the cavaliers.
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a 5 year, $110 million deal. too play with lebron james and company. that is the sporting life for right now. [ talking at the same time ] >> heart breaking. >> yeah. yeah. she will live with that forever. >> thank you. coming up at 10:00 p.m. the search for illegal fireworks, we will take you on patrol with police. thank you for joining us. good night.
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