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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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officers and a sexual assault suspect. >> a early warning system for earthquakes. the next steps to getting it up and running. >> the tree meant many women fighting -- the treatment many woman could get on fighting ovarian cancer but do not get. . >> sky fox 2 giving us live pictures of the rocky fire burning. over the weekend the fire tripled in size. blew through two dozen homes. thousands of residents still threatened. i am mike mibach. >> i am keba arnold. the rocky fire 12% contained. 6,000 homes at risk. ktvu fox 2 news noelle walker is live at the fire. >> i have blue skies ahead of me and smoke in the background. it was not the story 10 minutes down the road where we were
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half hour ago. take a look. this is where the fire has jumped at parts. jumped highway 20. this is what they did not want to happen. they were trying to hold the fire at highway 20 but it jumped across the highway in spot fires and in some cases running up a ridge that they were about to send an air attack after. this is the time of day when things change. we were really in the nick of it -- thick of it along highway 20, the northern edge of the fire. they have been doing water drops with the helicopters helicopters and the air tankers. going after the fire with everything they have. i keep hearing this is unprecedented. as of this morning it was 60,000 acres and growing. we watched it approaching towards us along highway 20.
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5,000 people have been evacuated. we have been watching today in the last 10 minutes emergency vehicles rush to try contain the flames. we talked to one of the public information officers, here is what he had to say. >> yeah. we have been talking about, you know, every day, about this time, what time is it? yeah, 3:00 p.m., clock work. this is the time it makes runs. the fire jumped the road up there. jumped highway 20 heading up the north side of highway 20. putting the helicopters on it right now and an order for the fixed wing droppers, aircraft, it will come in and try to make a stop on the ridge top. >> reporter: [ inaudible
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question ] >> those are the things they are thinking about right now. you can see the smoke there. the fire is enormous. larger than the size of oakland. you can see the black smoke. that has a lot of oils in it and it sends up the thick, dark smoke. the lighter fuels are burning the white smoke you see there. again, more than 5,000 people evacuated from the fire. we talked to a couple who was at the evacuation area, the red cross evacuation area in middle town, they live on the other side, spring valley. an area that was evacuated because if the winds shifted and if the fire jumped highway 20 they were concerned about the area. at some point it jumped. they happen sending in an air
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attack where it jumped over highway 20 and again that was probably now less than an hour ago that that happened. >> i know the fire jumped highway 20 and firefighters said they will pound it with an aerial attack. what about back burning activity, now that 20 has been jumped by the fire? >> reporter: they had been doing that before it jumped the fire. and it did that while we were watching things happen. you can see there is a water drop happening now in the background. that is not the area i am talking about. the area we are talking about is off to my right. probably 15 minutes down the road, down highway 24. i am at 53 and 20. they are trying to prevent that from happening. while we were talking to the officer he said that doesn't look good and confirmed yes, in fact it jumped highway 20 in
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more than a spot fire fashion. it had been throughing that throughout the day. -- doing that throughout the day. they were getting ready to send in air tankers. >> describe how far are you away from the fire lines, i am thinking the conditions must be hard, was is it like standing where you are? >> reporter: clearly i don't need here, blue shield of california. 10 minutes that way it -- blue skies here. 10 minutes that way it was blowing smoke because the winds were so shifty and the fire jumped over the highway. that just sends up a ton of smoke. and you can think is safe for one minute and just like that conditions change because these
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fires create their own wind too. what the weather is like where i am at is not what the weather is like inside the fire. >> residents not allowed back in? >> reporter: no. i don't see residents being allowed back in anytime soon. we were just told -- we were in that area, not not letting the media in. there were emergency vehicles that keep speeding by here. this is a very fluid situation. >> frustration from some residents. safety is always first. noelle walker covering the rocky fire, thank you. >> sky fox 2 over head. this massive wildfire. the largest burning in the state. another live picture of it. noelle walker reporting the latest development, the fire
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jumped highway 20 there. 12% contained. 60,000 acres burned. joining us now is cal fire spoke spokesman via skype. thank you for taking the time. your reaction to the report with the highway -- the fire jumping over highway 20. have you heard anything about was that fire that jumped back fire that was set? >> reporter: fire jumped over highway 20. that was what we were hoping to avoid. we have bun a lot -- done a lot of back fire operations. around the highway to prevent this. at this point we aggressively attacked the spot fire off highway 20, on the other side as well. crews are trying to get a hold of this. our goal was to keep it back from highway 20. the winds the fire is creating, that allowed the fire to burn so aggressively and quickly
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today and over the last several days. >> 60,000 acres now burned, 12% contained, you estimate a containment date by august 10. is that realistic? today is the 3rd. >> reporter: we have 3,000 firefighters right now aggressively battling the fire. and we are hoping that we will be able to turn the corner on this. last night the temperatures and the weather cooperated with us. we saw 10 degrees cooler temperatures. humidity was higher and that allowed us the opportunity to build good containment line. that is where the progress jumped from 5 to 10%. the fire has jumped. we are still optimistwalk the crews and the aircraft -- optimistic with the crews and the aircraft we will meet that. . >> back to the weekend, you are
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battling 20 wildfires across the state. because of that does that play a role in the fact you don't have as many crews over the weekend and that may have played a role into the jumping of the fire? >> the biggest factor are the tinder dry conditions from the drought. we have been talking about this all summer long. with last week's triple digits and low humidity that allowed the fire to take off. we have 3,000 firefighters who are battling the fire. we have 20 other fires. we have a lot of extra resources. before this fire took off we activated the national guard at the same time, getting extra helicopters, resources and brought resources in from out of the state to allow us to attack the other fires. the rocky fire still threatens thousands of homes. dry conditions that are working against us.
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>> when you speak of 20 active fires, 9,000 firefighters battling them, how important was it for the resources the governor declared a state of emergency? >> reporter: that was critical. last year the governor declared a drought state of emergency and that increased the number of resources. that has given us the increase in personnel. with the state of emergency last week that allows us to bring in resources from other states. we brought in two more air tankers out of colorado. all the resources helping us. again, we are hoping that the weather will begin to continue to cooperate with us and the fire will slow down. our job, protect life and property. making sure the homes are safe and get around the fire, slow
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it down. doesn't matter how many resources we need we will use them to get them -- the fire under control. >> could you handle another large fire in northern california if one were to spark? >> reporter: we continued to mobilize more resources in northern california. while we are busy with the rocky fire and the other 19 fires we have to have resources for other fires. just last week we responded to 300 new fires. aggressive initial attack is the key. we have other firefighters. other resources. that is the out of state resources. we are staffing. we are -- we have the response we need to keep on going. we are only in august. the likelihood of seeing the fire season is very large. >> thank you. all right. contra costa county and the crew back -- colin kaepernick
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and the crew back on the field as the 49ers get ready for the football season. ktvu fox 2 news scott reiss is live at levi stadium there. how are you? >> reporter: i am doing well. thank you. the 49ers, well, we will find out in 5 weeks. a work in progress after last year's 8-8 season. new coach, new staff, new players and a returning quarterback who has a lot to prove. colin kaepernick under a lot of fire last season. not only did he not take the next big step forward his numbers went the other way but he remains one of the most physically gifted players in the nfl and he is young. he said right now it is about getting comfortable with the guys around him. >> i thought there was a growth from year one to year three. you want to see that same
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growth. we are talking about reading the body language of the new receivers. communication is part of camp. communication. a lot of it is just reading the body language and understanding the chemistry that is hard to develop. >> i got a chance to work out with him in arizona. he is looking good. he has been looking good. couple things he had to work on. he is a great quarterback. and a great athlete. he works hard. >> reporter: if you follow this team you probably know he spent time this off season with kurt warner trying to hone his mechanics. he is very invested. he was here yesterday walking and tutoring colin kaepernick. of course, they don't open the regular season till had second week in september. second weekend in september. all indications are so far so
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good and the tutelage has done nice things for colin kaepernick. >> all that talk, last year about the turf and the trouble, how is it looking so far in season two? >> reporter: right. the last thing the team needed was bad field turf. part brought on by the decision to move practice to the main stadium field. it is great for fans. there are a bunch of them inside right now. it is not so great for the turf. it doesn't look great. the players are saying all the right things. he said my footing is fine because i have great feet. [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> don't want anyone to get hurt. >> scott reiss live outside levi stadium thank you. it is money monday. talking about investing. we will break down the things you can do to make your investments work for you. >> cool weather over the bay
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area this afternoon. we will check in on your current conditions and talk about how long it will cast. >> a live -- last. a live look outside. the commute starts to get underway on this monday afternoon. >> the rocky wildfire capturing people's attention on social media. residents and firefighters sharing photos online. these are some of the pictures people are sharing. we will be right back.
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today in money monday we are focusing on how to be a better investor. we are breaking down simple things you can keep in mind while investing and it is all about controlling what you can control. patrick, thank you for being here. it is daunting. there are so many variables when it comes to investing. if you are not an expert, how do we become better investors. >> it is all about setting up a process. one you can follow. >> you have three-pointers. control risk. >> so what we are trying to accomplish here, set up a plan going forward. getting a big picture and having goals that are attainable.
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develop a portfolio after you set up a budget and setting up a portfolio that will get you your goals. once you do that, get yourself to establish a bench mark to compare those vestments and the goal -- investments and the goal. if you need stock like returns, the s&p might be a good way. you want to know the investments and understand what you are buying. we see folks will buy a bond and they don't know what is tin and how it will react. you want to know what is in the investments. >> optimizing taxes. >> this is a big one. when you are placing the assets or securities within the accounts, you want to put the
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ones that have the biggest tack impact in the tax deferred. stocks more growth oriented with qualified dividends in the taxable side. when you are taking money out in your retirement phase, do it in an optimized manner. plan ahead and keep an eye on where your tax status is and how you will bump up against the different tax risks. that could lead you to withdrawal money from roths instead of another area. >> that is what you want to have in the end when you retire? the money you need available? >> could be one goal or numerous goals. a lot of times folks use a retirement date and figure out how much money they need retire. >> minimizing your cost. >> this is a big one. many times folks don't realize when they hire an adviser that
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uses outside managers they are paying the adviser and the manager so there is a duplication in fees. we advise against that. we don't think you should pay sales charges. >> what if i heard this and i have a 401&a job but i don't know what you just said. who can help? >> for is plenty of great -- there is plenty of greatfirms. we would be happy -- great firms. we would be happy to talk to people, there are plenty of tools that could analyze things. and give you the answers you need. >> thank you for trying to give us lessons there. >> thank you. sky fox 2 still over head.
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the rocky fire. 12% contained. 60,000 acres. 24 residents -- resdense destroyed. 6300 -- residence destroyed. 6300 still in danger. what are the conditions wind wise in the area? >> it is breezy. the weather is more favorable than it was when the fire broke out on wednesday. the triple digits, the dry winds. and over the weekend the temperatures dropped off. humidity came up. the winds picked up at times. not too bad. it is just that steep terrain that is causing them issues. you get within those canyons and the winds will do their own thing. >> state of emergency in california, they could get the national guard aircraft, because they need that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> right. if we go to -- look at that.
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amazing. we can take a look at the graphics. what we are expecting into the evening. the winds will be on shore. a breeze. upper 80s right now. the humidity 25%. temperatures fall off into the evening hours. humidity comes up and the winds will be 15-20 miles per hour. within those canyons and within the area, the winds are variable and they shift. we heard nicole say that. the winds are pushing from the west. meaning most of the smoke will continue to move to the east and northeast as we get into the evening hours. that for the folks out there. wondering where the smoke will drift to. in general the winds are coming from the southwest. fair skies. breezy out there. tomorrow morning fog and tomorrow will be the coolest
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day. a look here at what we have for the winds. the breeze continues through fairfield the entire day. 29 miles per hour. you can see anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour for most of us. temperature wise, cooler inland today. around the bay similar as yesterday. low 70s right now in novato. 67 degrees for the a's game. sunny skies. game time 7:05 p.m. tomorrow morning upper 50s to low 60s. 62 for oakland. 62 antioch. afternoon highs tomorrow, tomorrow will be the coolest day. look at the numbers. 64 pacifica. upper 60s san francisco. upper 70 concord and antioch. those are the warmer locations tomorrow. temperatures rebound mid-week wednesday and warmer on thursday. doesn't last long. temperatures come down into
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your bay area weekend. >> thank you. coming up after the break, millions of dollars to invest in the west coast early alert system for earthquakes. the university leading the way and where the project stands now, that is coming up.
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hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and
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stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better. an oakland police sergeant is recovering from a gun shot wound after shoot out with a suspect this morning. the police chief said it
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happened during a follow up investigation of a sexual assault. two officers arrived at a home to question a man. police say there was no conversation between police and the male suspect who started firing. one officer was hit. the other shot and killed the suspect. >> this doesn't happen very often but the potential exists all the time. >> the officer is a 14 year veteran. he under went surgery this morning and expected to recover. the other officer was not hurt. police haven't identified the suspect. teacher accused of molesting four students took a plea deal this morning. he pleaded guilty to four accounts accounts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14. accused of inappropriately touching four students on four separate occasions. he could serve up to 40 years
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in prison. he will be sentenced september 21. when the earthquake hit an early alert system gave 9 seconds of warning. ahead the money being invested to get the system launched up and down the west coast and a treatment that could boost survival rates for women facing ovarian cancer. but fewer than half of the patients receive it. why, that is coming up.
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earthquake. earthquake. >> that is the early warning system for west coast earthquakes that is being developed in the bay area in partnership with the usgs. millions of dollars in federal funding has been awarded to improve the system. today we are taking 4 minutes to talk about the system and what it is capable of doing. >> let's see bring in now elizabeth with the usgs. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> how many seconds are we talking about here and how important is the warning, what can we do in the -- we do in the few seconds? >> it is dependent on how far away the earthquake is from where you are located. let me give you background on
4:33 pm
how it works. we detect the p waves, the first waves emitted by an earthquake and use that to -- quake and use that to estimate where it is, how big it is and then we send warnings out. and so really the amount of warning time you have is dependent on how far away you are from the earthquake. but what you can do with a couple seconds of warning is get under neath your desk, but there are a lot of very important things we can do in an -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am sorry. talked about the first wave. is the $4 million, that grant money going to size monitors that detect the first waves that we don't feel? >> right. so the money is going partly to
4:34 pm
-- to purchasing new seismic stations to fill in the gaps of the existing network and to improving the algorithms and automatically determine how big an earthquake is. >> $4 million is a big amount of money. is it your point you need tens of millions of dollars to achieve the goal up and down the west coast of the united states? >> we have estimate that it will take $40 million to build out the networks so that is an additional $16 million per year to operate and maintain that system. the funding although it is helpful for moving forward, it is still a fraction of what we need to get the system up and off the ground. >> real life examples. the earthquake in napa, there
4:35 pm
was a 9 second warning for the residents in san francisco and may 3, 3 seconds warning after the los angeles earthquake started. >> for an earthquake in los angeles, there was a 3.8 event. we were able to issue a warning before the -- [ indiscernible ] >> and so that meant that eve those people who are close to the epicenter could have received a warning. >> the hayward fault, we had that one last month, was there a detection from that specific earthquake and do you feel there should be more seismometers around the fault? >> yeah. we got a detection for that event on hayward. the description of seismic stations in the bay area is
4:36 pm
relatively good but becomes sparse as soon as you get outside of san francisco bay area. we need to beef up our networks. >> that goes from fremont to oakland. do you feel that is the next big one to go? >> reporter: certainly the forecast for the most likely fault includes the hayward fault as being one of the highest probability that we have in california. >> all right. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. we have a special section dedicated to earthquake news and information. look for it under the news tap on the home page. a treatment that could help many women with ovarian cancer impot butt fewer than half of
4:37 pm
the patients are receiving it. we will explain why. >> a cooler day over the bay area with the cooling trend continuing for tomorrow. what you can expect today, tomorrow and when temperatures rebound coming up. >> new week, new commute. 680 north bound sluggish already as the commute gets underway. time now is 4:36 p.m. you are watching the 4 on 2.
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the death of madyson middleton is having a dep impact on people. over the weekend, madyson middleton's mother reached out to the mother of the 15-year- old boy accused of killing the little girl. they talked in front of amiable for madyson middleton -- memorial for madyson middleton. her mother hugged the mother of adrian gonzalez and said it is not your fault. adrian gonzalez is facing kidnapping, rape and murder charnels. this is a big topic of discussion on facebook. takes a true human being to look past the hurt and the pain and know that what happened is -- [ indiscernible ] >> marcia, what a strong woman, the mother of the 15-year-old that murdered her child is a victim too. forgiving her frees them of
4:41 pm
pain and suffering. i am praying for blessings of peace for you both. kim says that is the strong mother right now. prays of condolences. rest in peace. double dose of chemo could make the difference for some ovarian cancer patients but new research shows the majority of the women eligible are not getting it. joining me now to talk about this, dr. dave. thank you for taking the time. explain what this treatment is. >> [ audio difficulties ] >> through the vein. been shown in multiple trials to include ours that the use of the chem therapy improves -- [
4:42 pm
audio difficulties ] >> you go out, you visit six different facilities, large facilities across the country, and you found what, 41% of women decided to get this treatment but the other 59% say no? >> well, that is -- [ audio difficulties ] >> the collaborators of mine. we look back at 800 women who would have been eligible. what we don't have is the reasons they didn't get that. we suspect some women made that decision and we think those decisions were influenced by the physicians that were treating them. we want to make sure patients are aware of the options available to them. >> was are your thoughts about why physicians may not
4:43 pm
recommend the treatment? >> there definitely is more side effects associated. that is clear. half the women will not be able to complete all six cycles of the double chemotherapy. you can modify the treatment. with half the women not completing all six psychothals benefits of survival persists. >> the survival rate with the treatment, jumped up to 81%? >> really when we are looking at three year that was just one moment in time. when you look at the people surviving we didn't even reach the 50% in women who received the chemotherapy. that benefit is more pronounced than the 10% benefit of three
4:44 pm
years. you are looking at people living years longer. >> is it possible patients are not getting it because of the cost? does money play a role in this? >> there does seem to be more -- [ indiscernible ] >> but when we talk with patients and we educate them with regards to the extra visit or two they are open. we discussed with them the additional survival advantage. and when we look at this we used to give it only in the hospital but over the last 10 years we learned that we can give it in the office so patients can get it and go home. >> interesting results. thank you for your time. let's check back in on the rocky fire. live pictures. sky fox 2 flying above. burning in three counties in
4:45 pm
northern california. lakeicability, yolo and culuca. 60,000 acres. 12% contained. rosemary orozco, i have been monitoring the website looking for the update, it is 60,000 acres, 12% contained. >> the temperatures still warm but not as hot as they were earlier when the fire broke over the weekend. the winds picking up at times but not too bad. you know, we did talk to daniel, he said within the area the fire creates its own type of wind. you get within the canyons and you get funneling and the winds can pick up there. it is about the drought and the tinder dry conditions. >> our reporter noelle walker who is covering the fire, she said 10 minutes that way a
4:46 pm
different climate, different weather story. >> sure. get within the fire area, all bets are off. hard to guess what is going on in the area. as you know they have their hands full. let's take a look at a more pleasurable view. san francisco, across the bay. sunny skies, even along the coast line. sunshine. temperatures on the cool side. hawaii for a few minutes. we will come back and look at our forecast in a little bit. this coming from one of our colleagues in hawaii at this time. the weather is great but that could change. threatening the hawaii islands through wednesday, thursday and friday. now a tropical storm. 65 miles per hour. it is going to continue to weaken. look at the path that it looks like it will take wednesday and thursday. just north of the hawaiian
4:47 pm
islands. we will continue to track it. if you are heading in this direction for the week, something to watch out for. temperatures outside, sunny skies. 81 degrees livermore. 81 concord. 75 novato. a good looking day. air quality is good. it is breezy out there. winds picked up. into the afternoon. 29 miles per hour through areas around travis, fairfield. oakland 18. napa 12. hayward gusts to 22 miles per hour. sfo 22. san jose 16. the winds continue through the next few hours. our pattern not going to change tuesday. we have the trough off the coast. going to continue the unseasonably mild weather along the coast, inside the bay and inland and the breeze will be with us tomorrow afternoon.
4:48 pm
temperatures tomorrow morning, low 60s. 62 for oakland. 58 pacifica. 64 san jose. upper 50s fairfield through concord and antioch. 59 degrees in napa. 60 santa rosa. we will call it a near repeat tomorrow morning. 77 into the afternoon tomorrow. 72 berkeley. i expect tomorrow we will bottom out with tomorrow being the coolest day. 84 antioch tomorrow. south bay, san jose, 77. 82 los gatos and morgan hill. mid-70s for santa cruz. and partly cloudy skies for most of us. the extended forecast, temperatures cooling off tomorrow, and then we rebound into mid-week wednesday and warmer thursday. we don't see the triple digits that we saw last wednesday and
4:49 pm
thursday. we will cool back down into the bay area weekend, temperatures mild. >> thank you. now to frank somerville live in the news room with the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. new developments in the rocky fire. >> the fire jumped a key highway, talking about highway 20. the numbers from the fire are staggering. 60,000 acres. only 12% contained. 6,000 homes threatened and 5,000 people evacuated. noelle walker is on fire lines we will talk with her and we will talk with someone from cal fire to get late details on what the biggest concerns are when it comes to fighting the fire. >> i don't know about you i never had a probought serve me a beverage at a hotel but it is happening. . >> a robot put to work at a bay area hotel. this robot was created by a company in the bay area.
4:50 pm
we will talk about the chores, if you will, the robot is responsible for and where you can see it. >> thank you. see you at 5:00 p.m. took her 34 seconds to knockout her opponents. the words she had after the match winning punch. ifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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4:52 pm
talking about social media, people can't get enough of randy rousey. -- rhonda rosy, the ultimate fighting championship. the only female in the class with a 12-0 record. 34 seconds. >> it was fast. really fast. july she took home the espy for best fighter. here is something you may not have heard. her opponent had been publicly talking down on her and yelled at her. >> at the time she said it did not matter what she said because she doesn't speak portuguese but after the fight she said she got comments translated and she found out
4:53 pm
she said don't cry. strong words. she said after she knocked her out she leaned over and said don't cry. wow! 34 seconds. >> all right. very fast. quick hands. social experiment come to a sudden end. the name of the robot is hitch bought. the goal was for the robot to make it from massachusetts to the west coast to california and sparked a discussion about trust, safety and people's attitudes towards technology. it was dropped off in ms. july 17 -- massachusetts in july. people tweeted stops along the way and then he got to philadelphia. >> that is where the journey ended. broken apart and decapitated. the creators issued this statement. here is the statement. unfortunately hitch bought was
4:54 pm
vandalized in philadelphia. many fans will be disappointed but we want them to by sured this experiment is not over. we will focus on what can be learned from this and explore future adventurers. >> people are asking what does this say about us as humans that we would destroy a robot. >> pick on someone your own size. >> gone. scott kelly is spending time on the international space station. absolutely incredible images. [ talking at the same time ] >> been in space for 129 days. instagram account filled with photos of earth, moon and selfies from inside the international space station. and post learning more effects on the human body. he is the brother of mark
4:55 pm
kelly, the husband of former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. what happened today when lawmakers debated defunding planned parenthood.
4:56 pm
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an emotional issue of abortion was at the forefront of hearings today.
4:58 pm
the senate blocked a bill that would have halted funds for it planned parenthood. republicans were trying to cut off planned parenthood federal funding in the wake of a scandal shat showed how they provided fetal tissues. officialdize nigh the accusations -- officials deny accusations. annually planned parenthood receives up to 500 million dollars per year in medicaid contribution and $60 million in federal funds for family planning services but law restricts using federal funds for abortions. many analysts say the issue will get caught up in budget fights in the fall, triggering a government shut down possibly. now oo healther and frank.
4:59 pm
it -- to heather and frank. the rocky fire. >> a massive wildfire and it continues to grow. the rocky fire has burned 60,000 acres and destroyed 20 homes. across three different counties. and that fire continues to grow at this hour. a spot fire has jumped highway 20. more on that coming up. 378 at 5:00 p.m. starts now -- ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> we want to show you the conditions on the ground right now in northern california. the rocky fire is burning in lake, yolo and culuca counties. it tripled over the weekend and 13,000 people are now evacuated. >> we have team coverage tonight. we start with ktvu's noelle walker who was there when the winds shifted and the fire jumped highway 20. >> reporter: we are looking at new developments right now. i can see that thick black
5:00 pm
smoke, mixed with the lighter white smoke. that was not there a half hour ago. i have been watching that get bigger and bigger and bigger. i think that is a helicopter coming into make a water drop. i am not sure what is burning there. we haven't been able to check with anyone there. i can tell you it looks new to me. we


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