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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. we're following breaking news out of oak land. the rescue on the same tracks in the south bay. a matter of seconds made the difference between life and death. breaking news in oakland, police are investigating a shooting that injured one person. it happened never the hilton hotel. we don't know the condition of the person who was shot, but al salvage will have a live report at 4:30. right now we want to check
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in with steve for a look at the for cast. >> we have a lot have clouds, we don't want lightning. >> right, with the fires. >> there's a possibility. it marginal, but it will be there. we have the low clouds. yesterday was a windy day most of the day. low clouds. they will make a push before everything is said and done. a surge of tropical moisture is moving up. this will make us go from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy. there could be showers imbedded within this. 60s on the temps. the water temps came way up. not as much of a breeze. yesterday is stronger than that. low clouds give way to sun in the morning and go cloudy by this afternoon.
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60s, 70s for most. 4:01 on a tuesday. here's sal. >> good morning you to, we're off to a decent start. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light and there's no problems driving into san francisco. we're looking at interstate 880 in oakland. there's work on 80. if you're on 580 through livermore it looks good. let's go back to the addition:00. it came -- desk. incredible video out of the south bay after a sheriff deputy saved a driver from being hit by a train. look. it happened in sunny veil last night. two deputies sprang into action after they spotted a driver
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stopped on the track. one tried to slow down the train, the other pulled the man out of the car. >> i saw the train that way, cleared that way and i had to a short time to deal with the driver in the car. at that point, i had to try to stop the train. >> witnesses say the actions of the deputy saved the man's life. >> these deputies did not hesitate. they acted. had they not acted who knows what would have happened. i believe because of their actions this person is alive today. >> the driver may have been influence, that's not been confirmed. an investigation is underway. cooler temperatures are helping the firefighters in lake county. the rocky fire has grown to 62,000 acres and is only 12%
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contained. it has burned 24 homes. firefighters say the fire is burning at a high intents tee. >> i've heard and spoken to firefighters with 20, 30s 40 years on the job, they say this is unresidented. >> cal fire says more than 6300 structures are threatened right now. the national guard is helping to fight the rocky fire, using a bambi bucket. the buckets can carry large amounts of water. cal fire says four air tankers and 19 helicopter are being used. one wine maker is watching the fire. he said that smoke from the fire could taint his grapes. 300 cases of wine could be at risk. he will send samples of the
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grapes to a lab to see if they are affected. the rocky fire is reminding many people of one of the worst wildfires in lake county. the fork county burned 83,000- acres in 96. it burned to indian valley reservoir. a palo alto neighbor are looking for three men. detectives released this sketch of one of the suspects. he posed as a pizza delivery man. it happened on susan drive, a 19-year-old woman told the man that her family had not ordered a pizza. >> he pushed his way into the home and followed by two suspects wears masks, one holding a handgun. the other held a knife.
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>> when the mothers woman and father confronted the suspect they took off running. the other two were wearing masks. anyone with information call the palo alto police. today is when we find out who'll be in the first g.o.p presidential debate. donald trump has strengthed his lead in a crowded field. >> ted cruz in an unusual way to cook breakfast. machine gun bacon. >> g.o.p candidates are doing what they can to get attention and boost their numbers. we've a small taste of what a republican debate will look like in new hampshire. it takes a long time the pan across the stage.
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the event was sober and at times awkward. >> the american people don't trust washington, d.c. >> what was missing wasn't to give and take of a debate. the person that could lead the ratings this week, donald trump. a poll shows he enjoys a double- digit lead over the field. with the highest -- highest number of the field. >> donald trump was thought of as the movie that would come and go. what's durable support in the republican party. who can say his support will go away. >> what we know his negatives have gone down, more republicans are willing to consider voting for him. among democrats hillary clinton dominates with 51%, but that's a 10-point drop from june, vice
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president biden's support is growing. thousands of jobs could be available in north san jose now that apple is expanding. apple spent $138 million for a parcel of land on north first street. apple has not said what they will do with the property but it's next door to a parcel they are leasing. apple is prepared to launch a new function for siri, screening your voice mail. they are testing a service where siri can answer your mail and transcribe your voice mail. san francisco and san jose are two of the best cities to
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live. rating top 60 and san jose was number 4 and san francisco ties for the number 8 spot, with lexington kentucky. oakland came in at number 23. >> we live in a good place. 4:08 is the time. warning signs in a tourist area of san francisco. what police say that has many neighbors on edge. tragedy on the east coast, what we learned about a circus tent that gave way trapping 100 people inside. we're looking at the south bay commute, 280 looks good, goeting up to highway 17. we have changes today and the water temps are much warmer and clouds are on the way.
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. welcome back, a man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in tennessee turned himself in the authorities. be reported yesterday he's accused of shooting an officer in mihm first saturday night -- memphis saturday night.
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for two days police searched for wilborn. we were a step ahead of him or behind him. >> at the time of the shooting he was on probation for a bank robbery. he is expected to make a court appearance and charged with first-degree murder. there's a fundraiser today for the family of scott lunger. he was shot and killed during a traffic stop two weeks ago. a group is putting together a fundraiser at familiarous daves in hay ward -- familiar -- famous days. the fundraiser goes from 11:00 this morning to 10:00 tonight. more information about the oakland police sergeant injured yesterday morning.
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the sergeant was shot in the hip. he's expected to recover. the shooting was at 1:30 yield morning -- yesterday morning. the sergeant and another officer went to a home to question a 49-year-old man about a sexual assault. before the police could talk to him he opened fire with an assault rifle. the two officers returned fire and hit the man, he died at the hospital. a circus tent collapsed in lancaster new hampshire, that was at the lancaster fairgrounds, 90 miles north of the state capital in concord. the first of two scheduled shows was just beginning. 100 people were inside at the time. >> people yelled run and in the same motion, i just see stakes and stuff coming out of the
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ground, the tent is coming up and over us. the national weather service had issued a severe watch but the storm came out of nowhere. a powerful volcano erupted in next next. see there, plumes of rash shooting into the air as that volcano erupted. some of the debris reached 2 miles high. there's no threat the nearby areas or evacuations put in place at this time. airports across the country on high alert after pilots report seeing drones close to their planes. there's been three incidents at jfk in recent days. pilots from delta, jetblue and
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shuttle america report drops. faa rules do not allow drones within 5 miles within an airport. there's concerns in addition to people flying drones as a hobby terrorist could attack airplanes. 4:15 is the time. let's look at the traffic this morning. >> good mornings, we're off to a good start, there's no major problems reported. in the east bay, we'll look at the east bay commute. traffic is moving well, as you drive on west bound highway 4. we're looking at a commute nearby, highway 24, that looks good, no major problems on the way to the tunnel. if you're driving to the san mateo bridge there's a nice looking commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza
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it's light coming into san francisco. these won't stay this way too long, you will have a little bit of time. let's go to steve. good morning sal. how are you on tuesday. >> all right. you? >> never better. we have a change today, there will be an increase in clouds from a robust tropical jet stream. water temps 65 at the monterey buoy, the coastal locations are not cool at all. they will stay mild. there's a lot of warm weather -- water. 73 degrees off monterey. a lot of warm water. the lows stay mild.
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even with fog there's a pattern. like the san diego fog bank. it's wrapping into a low. turning us cloudy. 60s on the temps for most. danville sneaked in at 58. 63 livermore, not as much of a breeze today. it's still onshore. 40s up in the mountains. 55 in ukiah, 61 in monterey. combination of low clouds, some sun, mostly cloudy, could be isolated showers, a broad brush. usually that does not happen in august. 60s, 70s, coast and bay, maybe a few mid-80's. a lot of cloud cover, the cloud cover would be okay, quick warm
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up wednesday, thursday, back to cooler friday and saturday, nice on sunday. >> i remember that san diego fog bank. the first time i experienced that was old del mar, i thought i better grab a jacket. >> it took me many weirs -- years to bring a jacket here. >> different up here. time is 4:19. the california drought is hurting endangers species. delta smelt is the largest estuary that supplies water to the farms. u.c. davis scientist did a fish survey and of the fish they caught just a few smelt, the number was so low it didn't register on the gauge.
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the scientist say the smelt may not make it through the end of the jeer a -- year. people can haul the treated water from the sewer treatment plant. the residents can take one to three hundred gallons of recycled water and use it for gardening and lawn but you have to wash the fruit or vegetables before eating it. joining the fight to save animals lives. the new you to created in honor of cecil the lion. room service from a robot. the technology tested with select customers.
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. welcome back, a hunter from idaho is responding to controversy over the killing of a giraffe in south africa. she posted this during a hunt. she has been getting a lot of media over the wake of the killing of cecil the lion. she said everything done in south africa is legal. just because we hunt them
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doesn't mean we don't have respect for them. delta airline is banning the shipment of many big game trophy. schimpf lion -- shipment of lion, tiger,el fans --el fans as freight. >> the death of cecil the lion touched the create of of the benny baby. they will create a sisel the lion beanie baby to raise money for animal conservation effort. she hopes the toy will give comfort to those saddened by the loss of cecil. the money will go do the wild life conservation research units in england. a south bay hotel is showing off the newest staff member, a robot named dash.
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the robot is three-feet tall, 100 pounds and makes sure guests have everything they neat. >> dash is robot is sought off santa clara and is serving customers in millipedees. the hotel claims dash will serve amenities to the hotel guest. the robot three-feet tall, weighs less than 100 times, it can navigate between floors and call the elevator using a wifi connection. the rest of the employees and guests think. >> the robot has been working fantastic, the employees think of it as a colleague, someone they work alongside with that helps them during the busy times. the guests have been loving it, asking questions, what it can
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do. >> once cash arrives -- dash arbis -- arrives, it will call the guest. the crowne plaza said it's a test phase and the hotel is leasing it from the robot maker, at least for now. >> i want one. that would be nice. time is 4:26. coming up, a scramble to find teachers. the challenge face a bay area district a couple weeks before school is set to start. shooting thanking investigated near the oakland airport hilton, we'll tell you why the contra costa county sheriff's office is involved in the case. we're looking at the san francisco commute, so far northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split.
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low clouds in place, partly to mostly clouds in place.
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welcome back to mornings on tuesday it's tuesday, august 4th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. the contra costa county sheriffs office is investigating a shooting right near the oakland airport hilton. alex savidge is live in oakland this morning with what we have learned about this so far. >> reporter: very limited information about this shooting at or near the airport. you can see the scene this morning. a couple of oakland police cars still parked outside the hotel of this late night shooting. this was the scene about 10:30
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last night a major response from oakland police after one person we're told was shot on the hotel property or just in front of the hotel. now that shooting victim was taken to highland hospital. we have not been given an update on their condition. we can tell you the case was being handled by the contra costa county sheriffs office for some reason. when we asked oakland police for more information, we were referred to contra costa county. just a short time ago we got a call from the sheriffs office. they told us they could not speak about the investigation into this shooting and we have to speak with the district attorney's office. and we are told no one will be available for several hours. a shooting under investigation. very limited information. no one seems to want to talk about it. >> interesting. you know you will try


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