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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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some people say they lost everything as an intense fire raced through an east bay apartment complex. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. let's begin in antioch where that fire destroyed more than 30 apartments. ktvu fox's brine flores live in antioch -- brian flores live in antioch. it spread quickly. >> reporter: behind me is the delta pines apartment complex. this is highway off 4. you can see firefighters remaining on the scene making sure there are no flareups from this very
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intense fire that happened earlier this morning. now, thick smoke could be seen for miles as this fire quicklience tense fid to three alarms after 8:00 this morning. crews from contra costa responded to the delta pines apartment complex after witnesses say fire was visible from one of the units. it spread to the roof and then to a big next door. two buildings in the complex were damaged. what started it is under investigation. >> we're thinking 32 units are impacted between the two buildings. it's kind of hard to say a damage estimate at this point in time until we're able to get inside and take a look at what the extent of the damage is. >> reporter: we spoke to several residents affected by
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the fire. about 30 people displaced. that number is likely to increase. one family said they lost everything except for a few pictures that the contra costa firefighters were able to save. another man said he yelled as loud as he could to get residents out. >> i just losting -- lot everything. everything i have worked for is gone. >> we don't know what we're gonna do. probably look for support in the community. lost everything right now. >> reporter: yous say they will be here for some time to make sure there are no flareups. the red cross is here fearkting those affect -- is here helping those affected by the fire. again, two buildings damaged. 32 apartment units destroy from their three-alarm fire. still no cause as we take it to the ground. but we'll bring you any
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updates. fire crews are making some progress in their battle against the rocky fire. it's the largest fire in california. it's charred some 67,000 acres. the fire is now 20% contained. we know 50 buildings have been destroyed, including 24 homes. as our reporter reports, thousands of buildings are still threatened. spot fires continue to jump a highway. >> reporter: giant flames tower over lake county threatening over 6,000 homes. but firefighters are if finally making major progress. >> firefighters are able to take advantage of the cool temperatures last night and high humidity. >> reporter: a very different story from the weekend when the massive wildfire grew more than 20,000 acres in a matter of hours. >> what we're attempting to do now is hold the lines and you can see part of that operation is with the backfire.
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>> reporter: now crews are setting backburns all around highway 16 and 20 to control and contain the wild blaze. >> so dynamic. what happens, is the embers will fly in different directions based on where the wind is going and land and ignite what we call spot fires. >> reporter: in a matter of minutes, we watched firefighters immediately react and contain two different spot fires that hoffed over highway -- hopped over highway 20. the mission of almost 3,000 firefighters protect nearby residents and their homes who risk losing it all. >> it's just miserable. it's very hot. it's dry. people are -- they don't have their homes. they don't know if their homes are there. we feel for all of them. >> a ktvu news crew had the chance to go down rocky creek road where the fire started. we found burned homes and cars
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you see just reduced to ashes. a neighbor took photos of the fire just after it began. in a matter of hours and days, the rocky fire kept doubling in size. >> i call it the monster. it's huge. it came over the ridge. running down the hill. i yelled at rick to get out now. >> mandatory evacuations remain in effect for several communities. the fire stretches across three counties, lake, colusa and yolo. fast moving wildfire in washington state has forced an entire town to be evacuated. some 300 people had to leave roosevelt as the fire began yesterday afternoon. several barns were -- were damage. no homes. a group of car burglary suspects led san francisco police on a high-speed chase law several neighborhoods --
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high-speed through several neighborhoods, from the nob hill area to the mission. it started around 1:30 a.m. with police responding to a report of a car burglary on sacramento near laguna park. when an undercover officer tried to stop the suspect, police say the driver rammed his car into that car. the pursuit ended at 4th and clara. a man and two women were arrested. a teen hit-and-run suspect is under arrest accused of hitting the a child and leaving the scene. the crash happened at 6:45 at valley palms apartments on lanai avenue. officers were able to find and arrest the 16-year-old suspect half an hour later. a 60-year-old woman has died after being hit by a car in oakland. it happened around 3:30 at 32nd and san babb ble avenue. the -- san pablo avenue. the woman died at the hospital.
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police dray the driver was going -- say the driver was going north when the accident happened. rohnert park say they are investigating a tense interaction that led to a police officer drawing his gun hon a -- on his man. >> take your hand out of your pocket. >> no. i've done nothing. put your gun down. really? >> you don't touch me. you don't touch me. >> dan took this video about a week ago. he wrote he was hooking up his beat to the suv when he saw the police officer slowly driving down his street. the man is recording on his cell phone here and the officer gets out and draws his weapon. >> what's wrong with you? >> your station is corrupt. >> oh, okay. are you some kind of a constitutionalist? >> no, sir. >> is that -- is that -- >> are you throwing claims around? >> i'm asking you. >> are you throwing that around? >> the man was not taken into custody. the city of rohnert park has
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this under view. a environmental health group will ask b.a.r.t. to inspect hundreds of its cars for asbestos. the cars were manufactured by a company that also produced the original b.a.r.t. strain at the same time. >> yeah. i do hopefully this won'ting something that will affect the commute -- won't be something that will expect the commute so much. there's no rein you can't take -- reason you can't take the cars out of service a few at a times and inspect them. >> the group is asking b.a.r.t. to do a car by car inspection and make the findings public. passengers on their way to
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utah had an unusual delay. a delta flight was returning to the feat because of a problem with a plate when it clipped a catering truck. no reports of anyone being hurt. the passengers were booked onto other flights. last night, passengers on a southwest flight to san jose were forced to get off their plane in denver after it hit a catering truck also. it what happened while the plane was being pushed back from the gate. all passengers were transferred to other flights. the plane stayed in denver. it's out of service for repairs. even with a six-figure income many are being squeezed out of the bay area market. janine de la vega has her on how much rents have gone up in the past five years. >> reporter: more and more people just don't have a good chunk of money for a downpayment for a house so they are forced to rent.
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but landlords are increasing rents. a real estate firm said bay area rental prices are up about 50% since 2010. the latest data shows an average two bedroom apartment in santa clara county cost around $2500. in alameda county, it's nearly 2200 a month. in san francisco and in some peninsula cities, high-end apartments can cost up to $5,000 a month. analysts say a big reason behind it is the robust job market particularly in the tech industry. we spoke with a man who lives in sunnyvale who just had his rent for his one bedroom apartment eased. >> 450 in six months. yeah. >> reporter: are you having to make hard choices? >> yeah. i have to make cuts in food and whatever we can. >> i definitely think about moving out of the area. i work as a nurse. but here it's best to work as a nurse compared to the rest of the country in terms of salary. so it's kind of a -- it's a double-edged sword. work in the bay area, make more
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but pay crazy prices for rent. >> reporter: the mercury news says many landlords only want tenants who have an income trip. the amount of -- trip. the amount of the rent. many believe there needs to be a long-term solution to what some call this rental or housing crisis. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. netflix is offering a new perk for workers. the company is allowing the employees to take up to a year's paid maternity or paternity leave. their salary it is fully paid. the company would be partially paid by the company and by the state and only for a few months typically but netflix is
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eliminating that. just ahead, devastating news for families and loved ones and families on board a missing malaysian jetliner. what was confirmed about that wing part on reunion island. mark tamayo will be here with your forecast. and the stage is set for the first republican candidate debate. who made the final cut and the big names being left out.
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now to the latest on the disappearance of ma lanetion flight 37 -- malaysian flight 370. officials just announced that plane flap is from that missing plane. the prime minister says experts in france confirmed the flap is from the aircraft. a boeing 777. there were 239 people on board. investigators will now use the part to try to determine what caused the crash. president obama is urging americans to support a nuclear deal with iran saying diplomacy can prevent another war in the middle east. in a speech at american university this morning, the president countered opponents to say inspections won't stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. he says if iran cheats, inspectors will catch it. critics argue lifting sanctions
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will give tawrn -- tehran the money it needs. >> without this deal, what crit, worry about happening in 15 years could happen in six movements -- what critics worry about what happening in 15 years could happen in six months. >> congress is expected to vote next month on a resolution against nuclear agreements. the white house is focusing on trying to rally enough democratic votes to sustain a presidential veto. the stage is set for the first big republican presidential debate. tomorrow night in cleveland, fox news announcing who is in and who is out. here's more. >> reporter: this lineup was based on a series of national polls but the bottom line here, you needed at least 3% national support to make it onto this main stage. the spotlights are aimed and wane now know who is going to stand where on the cleveland
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debate stage. based hon five recent -- on five polls, donald trump has won the poll position. a full stage. but will it simply be a flurry of trump attacks? he says no. >> i'm not looking to hurt or embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up up defish -- brick up deficiencies -- bring up defishencies, i will. >> reporter: he will be facing a -- deficiencies i will. >> reporter: he will be facing it moderators. >> i think will run into trouble with tough questions from the moderators. >> reporter: and then there's the preprime time event with the candidates who didn't make
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the cutoff led by rick perry. >> those are the folks who are desperate to essentially gain attention. you are likely to see good exchanges. i'm interested to see what they toss over the fence to the folks appearing later. >> reporter: what qualities are republican voters looking for when they look at this main take tomorrow night? our fox news poll says it's a display of leadership they want most and that's more important even than true conservative values. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. hillary clinton will be here in the bay area today and tomorrow raising money for her presidential campaign. tonight, mrs. clinton will be in a -- in atherton at chris kelly's house. tomorrow a breakfast fund- raiser will be hosted pie mayor ed lee and -- by mayor ed lee and fiona ma.
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the price, $2200 a. the fbi is looking into the security of the private e-mail server clinton used when she was secretary of state. the fbi asked her attorney about the security of a thumb drive he has that contained copies of her e-mails the her e- mails have been under scrutiny since it was revealed she used a private server. investigators have been trying to determine whether she sent or received unclassified information. a storm in holiday which left a lot of -- ohio left a lot of damage behind. people who live nearby saw a flash of lightning, and then a huge fireball as the gas tank blew up in fairfield. nearby homes and businesses had tock evacuated. no -- had to being convicted. no one was hurt. one firefighter has never seep
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anything like that. now to the bay area weather. let's see what changes are in store. would we have -- we have the cloud. temperatures after cooling off we've been warming up. this is the golden gate bridge. there's the north to you we. you can see the boat traffic out -- north tower. you can see the boat traffic as well. the winds will be increasing into the afternoon hours. that steady breeze. winds increasing out of the west from 10 to 20 miles an hour for the afternoon. clouds in central and southern california. closer to santa barbara and los angeles. there's that cloud deck. closer look at the bay area weather pattern. patchy fog offshore is gradually clearing out. as a result we have mostly sunny skies across parts of the bay area. you can see this one patch of low clouds lingering near parts of the san mateo county coastline. closer to half moon bay and ocean beach as well for san
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francisco. a current check of temperatures out there showing you this. a lot of 70s out toward walnut creek and livermore, san jose, 72. san francisco, downtown checking in 68 degrees and santa rosa, 74. quick check on the fire zone right around the rocky fire up toward lake county, you can see temperatures right now. mainly, upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. today will be warmer than yesterday. it will be a challenge for fire crews and the winds right now for the most part nothing too extreme in terms of strong winds, around 3, 5 miles an hour. for today, more sunshine. it will be a warmer thursday and then partly sunny skies expected for this weekend. this area of low pressure has been hanging around. today begins to mosque out. we'll warm things back up for today, your wednesday and also for thursday. but then one approaches our shore line. this could be thursday night into friday morning. with that for the afternoon hours, the warmest day but then by thursday night and friday,
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we could track the chance of a few popup showers or thunderstorms. here's the updated track on what is guillermo moving to the north of the hawaiian islands. but definitely a rain producer, a significant rain producer. here's our forecast model showing you some of the clouds tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night, we do bring in a chance of a few popup showers and that chance will last into friday morning. temperatures as i mentioned, they are warmer for today compared to yesterday. oakland, 76. warmest locations will be around 90 -- 90 degrees. san jose a forecast high of 84. san francisco very nice, 73 degrees. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast -- you can see a few changes. now, tomorrow, one of the warmest days of the week, we'll thicken up the clouds. chance of a thunderstorm, gasia, by thursday night and into friday and then the weekend, partly sunny skies. typically bay area weather people we're used to taking a break -- >> you guys have been working all summer long. another round possibly by tomorrow night. >> busy.
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>> very busy. >> thank you. still to come -- say it doesn't so. another celebrity couple breaking up. why after almost 40 years together they decided to see other people, frogs and pigs. happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary to me right now with your club card usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound 32-ounce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better.
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a big day for one company that just went public with a little special someone in her mother's arms.
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take a look. [ cheers ] >> that's sunrun's ceo holding her new-born daughter as the company went public on the nasdaq. they provide solar panels to homeowners. shares on the ipo were priced at $14. right now they are down about 18%. well, sometimes love can't last forever even in the muppet world. >> but you lied to me. you used me. ♪ >> come with me. let me explain. >> she begs him back. he takes her back but in the end it didn't work. it's the end of their relationship. this comes after 39 years. the pair said they will be seeing other people, frogs and pigs, dash. kermit already has a new girlfriend. he said he can't help it. he's attracted to pigs. we're following conditions
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at the -- changing conditions at the rocky fire. now the threat of dry lightning has crews on alert. we hope you join us on the 4 for latest on the firefight and the other major news of the day. thank you for making ktvu nowz part of your day -- news part of your day. see you back here for the 4 with keba arnold and mike mibach.
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