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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a police officer shot in the leg at 11:00 a.m. chasing an attempted murder suspect a few blocks away from railroad avenue. sky fox is over the scene right now. roads remain closed hours after the shooting. we are at the police station with the very latest for us. we just got here. i can tell you i talked to a couple of different police police officers. this officer who was injured this morning is doing well. he is out of the hospital already with the leg injury. what happened is the officer was in the area of east 12th 12th street and saw an attempted murder suspect. someone who tried to commit murder last night in the city of concord. the officer tried to stop the individual. the individual ran off.
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at that point the officer gave chase. ran around the corner and that is when the officer was ambushed by the individual. >> every officer goes to work knowing this is a reality and that did occur today. >> reporter: so indeed this individual was injured. the officer was injured but he was able to return fire on the individual who opened fire on him and that individual was hit several times. he is in the hospital but he is also in custody here. police have him in custody indeed. this is one of those situations, we just had a situation where an officer was killed in the line of duty. this brings up the concern of all police officers in the area. something that they deal with
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every day. they never know if they will come home safely. the concern was there and in the end the officer made it home safely. that is the latest from here. we will try to find out more going into 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> any idea how long till they reopen the roads there? >> reporter: anytime a police officer is shot you can imagine those investigations take time. a shooting takes time to investigate. when a police officer is injured in something like this they go further to make sure everything is in order. right now they are investigating so they will take their time doing this. >> at least the officer is okay. thank you. a 29-year-old man is in jail in contra costa county
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charged with 8 counts of arson. he was taken into custody this morning. this is video of a fire she suspected of starting last week. investigators say they believe he is responsible for 30 files along state route 4, 24 and marsh creek road. bail is $1 million. now to clear lake. lake county rather. the number of homes destroyed by the rocky fire climbed to 38. while crews are making progress containing the blaze, the fire fight is far from over. ktvu's rob roth went out with the firefighters and you talked with residents who have been evacuated for several days. >> reporter: we did. we also spoke with one firefighter who described the rocky fire as a 15 round heavy weight championship fight with
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no winner yet. >> reporter: this hill east of clear lake. the good news for now is the fire hasn't jumped fire lines today. but the weather is definitely hotter than yesterday and windier. cal fire took us up a fire road to show the scene outside clear lake. firefighters have been working to build containment lines. they say they are making progress bit by bit. >> i want to say -- every day is different. 24 hours ago the marine layer was in, temperatures were cooler, humidity was up and today it is not. we are definitely not out of the neck of the woods yet. >> reporter: 100 people ordered to evacuate from spring valley outside clear lake are staying at the moose lodge. all the food, clothes and pet food has been donated by people
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in the community. >> we are so rural out here and all the people are a tight nit community and everybody is watching each other's back. it is incredible. >> reporter: if all goes well they are expecting to be home by saturday and cal fire says also if all goes well containment should be reached by monday. >> everyone is crossing their fingers that that is indeed what happens. thank you, rob roth. now to our ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin with how the weather is playing a role in the blaze. you heard rob mention it is hotter than it was yesterday. also those conditions, dry conditions they have returned. >> they have. the firefighters had the great period of very cool, high humidity, light wind hours. 24 earths worth. a big impact -- hours worth. a big impact. 68,000 acres. in three counties now. it is the biggest fire in
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california. it is huge. the last couple days we had a break. note the current numbers. these are near the fire zone. 26% humidity and 25% humidity south towards knoxville creek. that is good. when the fire started the humidities were single digits. humidities are 2 to 3 times what they were when the fire started. not a horrible day for firefighters. tomorrow, we are looking for temperatures warmer still. that could cause problems with temperatures in the fire zone 92 degrees and 20% humidity. weather started the fire, helped firefighters get a handle on the fire and hopefully it will help into the next 48 hours. >> thank you. for all the latest on the rocky fire log on to we will post updates, also on facebook and twitter. we want to show you cell phone video now.
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it shows an officer pulling out his weapon on a man who says he was doing nothing wrong. >> put your gun down. this one has a gun. no. don't talk to me. don't talk to me. >> he wrote he was hooking up his boat to his suv when the police officer started driving down his street. as the man started recording on his cell phone the officer got out and drew his weapon. >> your station corrupt. [ indiscernible ] >> the man was not taken into custody. the video was posted to youtube. the city says it is conducting an internal review of the incident to make sure all
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protocols were followed. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight. ktvu's christien kafton is live with details on the latest visit. >> we are here and you might have caught me on the tail end of a conversation. neighbors don't even know. i was asked what is going on, i had to explain, hillary clinton is coming here. if you look. it is that yellow house there. that is where the fundraiser will be taking place. it hasn't started at this point. you might be able to see there guests still arriving. we are hearing from the guests that are going to be attending this is supposed to get underway at 6:00 p.m. no word on when hillary clinton will arrive. we are waiting. this is a $2,700 a plate fundraiser and at a private home here. we had security in the area.
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we saw secret service, a dog patrol sniffing in the area to make sure the area is secure. volunteers showed up about 3:30 p.m., special guests about 4:00 p.m. guests want to hear hillary clinton talk about domestic policies. they want to hear her talk about the economy and they want to hear about foreign policy and specifically the issue of immigration. >> how are you going to as a president ensure the 11 million undocumented immigrants, what is their path way tocitizenship -- to citizenship. . >> reporter: some of the guests making their way into the $2,700 a plate fundraiser. one of the issues we talked about is whether they like to see a broader field of candidates, whether they would like to see vice president joe biden jump in the race. people say yes, they would like
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to see more candidates. that helps them refine their position and helps them get to know more about the candidates. they are hoping that is in the offing. folks keeping an eye on the gop debates tomorrow. they are hoping that benefits hillary clinton. political watchers waiting to see how it shakes out. hillary clinton could be here around 6:00 p.m. for this fundraiser. >> how long is hillary clinton going to be in the bay area and are there other events scheduled? >> reporter: she will be here tonight. another event in san francisco tomorrow. those are two big events. this is a fundraising trip through california at this point. >> christien kafton, thank you. three car burglary suspects were arrested after leading san francisco police on a high-
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speed chase through several neighborhoods. >> dashcam video captured part of the rescue as the vehicles raced. it led police from nob hill to the mission. it started around 1:30 a.m. this morning with police responding to a report of a car burglary on sacramento street. when an officer tried to stop the suspects the driver rammed his car into the patrol car. the pursuit ended at 4th. a man and two women were taken into custody. a 60-year-old woman died after being hit by a car in oakland at 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon on 32 street. a woman died at the hospital. the driver was going north when the crash happened. the driver stop and coping with the -- cooperating cooperating with the investigation. a judge sentenced a woman
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to 4th months in jail after hitting another shopper. this is surveillance video of the image in november. she plead no contest oo felony assault charges -- to felony assault charge. she waited for the shopperane parking lot -- shopper in a parking lot and punched her. in addition to jail time she will be on probation for three years and have to complete anger management courses. store that just opened targeted by group of female robbers. new at 5:30 p.m. why police say they are all too familiar with this type of daring day time robbery that only took 75 seconds. >> new details on the plane part that washed up on the coast. does it belong to missing malaysia airlines flight 370? >> another movie theater attack. from guns to a hatchet. the bizarre cash of weapons
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passengers had an unusual delay. just before 7:00 a.m. this morning a delta flight was returning to the gate after the plane clipped a truck. a viewer sent us these pictures. there are no reports of anyone being hurt. the plane was taken out of service and passengers were rebooked. last night passengers on a southwest flight to san jose were forced to get off their plane in denver after it hit a truck. the plane was being pushed back from the gate. no one was injured. all passengers on board that
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plane were transferred to other flights. the plane stayed in denver and is out of service. it happened again. gunfire at a movie theater, this time in tennessee. tonight the gunman is dead. ktvu's keba arnold is here with more on what happened. >> reporter: police say this suspect had a hatchet, a gun and pepper spray and at this point they are only identifying him as a white man, 51-year-old from the area. this happened at the carmike hickory 8 theater in antioch, tennessee. police say it was 2:00 p.m. this armed man walked into the ad max: fury road a witness said the suspect was carrying two backpacks with one on his chest and wearing a mask. police say three moviegoers were blasted with pepper spray and one was also treated for a wound. an officer made his way into the movie theater and exchanged
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gunfire and a s.w.a.t. team responded shooting and killing the gunman as he tried to escape. there were 7 people in the movie theater at the time. three had to be treated for injuries. it appears nobody was shot except the gunman. moviegoers say quick response by police saved lives. >> i am grateful. excuse me. for the police department, their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured other than the person who did this and i would like to thank the citizens who helped my daughter when we were pepper sprayed. that gives me more faith in humanity again. >> the bomb squad was called in. one of the backpacks contained a fake bomb. witnesses are being interviewed now by police. this shooting comes two weeks after a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater in
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lafayette, louisiana. two people died in that incident and these shootings continue to spark debate over gun control laws. also this is happening while jurors in colorado are deciding whether james holmes should be put to death. >> thank you. a summer storm in ohio left major damage behind when lightning hit a gas tank. look at this huge crater left behind after the tank exploded. it happened last night. people who live nearby saw a flash of lightning and then a fire ball. as the gas tank blew up, homes and businesses were evacuated. no one was hurt. one firefighter says in 45 years he never seen anything like it. since gas tanks are buried underground to keep things like this from happening. all right. head over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. going to talk about our warmer weather. >> definitely warmer. and we got the break.
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the break with the higher humidities, cooler temperatures did a number on the fire. helped firefighters greatly in the huge fire, the rocky fire. there is the satellite loop, you can see all the clods. heading -- clouds, heading off towards the east and they will filter in and out of the bay area over the next 24 hours. when we come in close. you see the rain drops? little activity in here. we could see a few sprinkles and we are seeing cloud cover in the south bay. sunnyvale, cupertino, you are cloudy. temperatures are running 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. 89 fairfield right now. 89 concord. 83 napa. nice looking day out there. north bay, and fire zones, big air quality issues there. reports all day from lake county about smoke. even though the weather helped and the fire is taking a slow
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down, the smoke -- you know, more down around where people are breathing. download. the particulate is massive. those areas. smelling the smoke as well. there is the low-pressure system that will be with us through the evening and through tomorrow. that sets us up with a warmer pattern. the low is north. the high has a chance to impact us. inland low 90s. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. in thursday night and friday, the system cools things off and brings a chance of a thundershower in the fire zone and northern california. lake tahoe area. one low moves north enough to warm up tomorrow. another low kicks in south. and sets us up with a cooler pattern, more moisture and humidity and a thundershower. computer model. tomorrow morning, tomorrow
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afternoon. you see the clouds. when you see them come this way that is coming up like this. that is coming from the subtropics. that is friday morning and friday afternoon. you see the mountains getting a lot of activity. wouldn't be hard for something to break off. we will track it for you. the forecast highs tomorrow. warmer. warmest day of the weekend tomorrow. and temperatures trend down after that with a chance of a shower. 87 san jose tomorrow. 91 gilroy. the five-day forecast. chance of showers on friday. wouldn't that be nice? thundershowers is something we don't need. amazing, weather started the fire, and weather helped knock it down. >> what a difference between today and yesterday. >> right? >> night and day -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. governor jerry brown weighs in on the republican race if the white house. the letter the governor sent to donald trump and all the other
5:22 pm
candidates and the key question he wants to know from them. >> and coming up later at 6:00 p.m. power problems for one community leaving residents in the dark for much of the day. >> happens 2, 3 times a week for the last 8 months. >> the outage issue that is keeping pg&e busy. happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary...
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governor jerry brown sent a letter to donald trump asking him what he plans to do to
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fight climate change. he said continuing to question the science behind climate change won't prevent damage to health. he pointed to california's drought as an example and the consequences in the form of crop losses and wildfires. the letter was also addressed to donald trump and all 17 candidates seeking the republican presidential nomination. there will be two debates tomorrow. the first involves 7 republican hopefuls. the second will be in prime time, it will feature the top 10 contendards. this -- contenders. this will be a highly contested campaign season. >> the line up is set and preparations are underway in the first of presidential debates. >> reporter: 17 top candidates. and everyone will get an opportunity have their voice heard thursday. >> it is the greatest number of
5:26 pm
quality candidates. >> reporter: tomorrow night's debate features the top 10. the trailing 7 face-off at an earlier event. each are competing against each other, they have one common goal, setting themselves apart. >> they need to be reminded 140 people have filed for the -- to seek the nomination for president. >> reporter: donald trump is leading lead poll -- leading the polls. surging in popularity. winning the support of first time voters like this 92-year- old woman from tennessee. >> make america grated again. that is what he -- great again. that is what he is going to do. >> reporter: jeb bush, scott -- marco rubio is polling near the middle of the pack.
5:27 pm
seems unphased by the frontrunner. >> this is a serious thing. >> the next debate is september 16 that ronald reagan library in california. democrats first debate is in iowa. a band of robbers strikes again. the surveillance video police are looking at right now that shows the brazen robbery. >> a major development involving is the wing flap that washed up off the coast of africa. tonight we know whether that piece came from that malaysia airlines flight 370. >> and the fall out continues in the killing of cecil the lion. what happened when the hunter involved in the killing faced a judge. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. san francisco police say a ban of robbers the rainbow crew struck again. hitting a beauty supply store. they were able to identify three of the nine thieves thanks to surveillance video. ktvu's tara moriarty is live now in the city and tells us what they were after and how they did it. >> reporter: high end perfume that is what they wanted and they got $11,000 worth by walking into a store and stuffing their bags. >> reporter: surveillance video shows 7 women and 2 men barging
5:31 pm
into a beauty store with shopping bags ready. it happened 8:45 p.m. at night while the store was open. >> they will rush to the perfume and they will grab all the high ticket items. >> they stuffed their bags. frightening customers. >> you can imagine the clerk just in distress. telling them to stop. by the time she calls 911 and notifies police they are long gone. >> the heist lasted 75 seconds.we showed the video to this woman. targeted four days after their grand opening. >> feel sorry for them. >> crazy. i can't believe they are so brave and can do it so quickly.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: quickly -- >> they tried doing that but they are not successful. >> reporter: his store has security measures in place and stores are on alert for the crew and thieves like them. >> keeping some stuff out. not everything. not most expensive stuff. >> to prevent this from happening, put all of your valuables in a locked case in the back and just put samples in the front. >> reporter: the surveillance video helped police identify 3- 9 suspects and it is just a matter of time before they catch the rest. tara moriarty, back to you. >> hope they catch them. thank you. we posted the surveillance video of the robbery, perhaps you can help identify the suspects. it is all on just click on san francisco stories. the head of the san francisco school district is
5:33 pm
paying tribute to a teachers who body was found yesterday. edward cavanaugh was riding trails north of placerville when he disappear. he spent 14 years teaching in san francisco public schools. today the superintendent said our hearts are with edward cavanaugh's family and all of those who knew and loved him. our community has experienced a devastating loss. students and teachers plan are memorial service for edward cavanaugh. a hit and run suspect is under arrest accused of driving a car that hit a child at an apartment complex in san jose. the child was taken to the hospital. police say the crash happened 6:45 p.m. last night at valley palms apartments. it happened during a neighborhood national night out against crime event. offenses were able to locate and arrest the 16-year-old suspect. the oil company that agreed to pay a $4 million settlement
5:34 pm
for violations of air pollution regulations. the bay area air quality management district conducted a 7 year investigation and found they drained waste into the refinery's suer and water treatment system allowing propane and evaporate into the air. officials acknowledge the penalty today and say they have addressed the issue. the prime minister of malacia is confirming debris found on a island in the indian ocean last week is from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. that boeing 777 disappeared a year ago. the wing flap that washed up on reunion island is the first piece of the plane to surface. the jet has been on a flight to beijing with 239 people on board. officials think the plane went down in the indian ocean. investigators plan to conduct
5:35 pm
tests on the wing flap to see what they can learn. president obama is us with again urging americans to support the iran's nuclear deal. the president said inspections will keep iran from developing nuclear weapons and if they try cheap inspectors will catch them. critics disagree with them and say it will give them the money thineed rebuild its nuclear -- they need to rebuild its nuclear program. . >> it could happen six months from now. by killing this deal congress would pave their path way to a bomb. >> congress is expected to vote next month on a resolution opposing the agreement. the white house is focusing on trying to rally enough votes to sustain a veto. the hunter helping a
5:36 pm
american dentist in the killing of cecil the lion faced a judge today in zimbabwe. this comes as vandals targeted the vacation home of the dentist from minnesota. >> the back lash over what zimbabwe officials are calling the illegal killing of cecil the lion continues. this as the hunter, the man who aided walter james palmer in the poaching appeared in court today. his charges? failing to prevent the illegal hunt. >> i am not sure. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: zimbabwe officials are not buying the claims saying the hunt was not approved. now his lawyer is building his defense. today a judge granted his request for postponement to allow him more time to prepare.
5:37 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: back in the u.s., walter james palmer is keeping a low profile amid all the controversy. his family hired a private investigator after vandals targeted his vacation home in florida. a researcher who put the last tracking collar on cecil the lion said the dentist should be held accountable. >> there is suggestion walter james palmer didn't know he was doing anything illegal. i think that is non-sense. he should face punishment. if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. >> walter james palmer, the zimbabwe officials are working on paper work for his extradition. the animal shelter is over flowing with pets needing homes and these animals are not strays. what is behind the up tick in
5:38 pm
abandon animals. and netflix announces a generous policy for new parents. one year of paid time off. why the company is doing this and will other companies follow suit? female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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you may have seen the devices. experts come up with a way to hack the magnetic strips and steal credit card information. the issue is with the traditional magnetic strips that are set to be phased out and they say a new chip and pin card won't be vulnerable. netflix is granting new parents one year paid leave after a birth or adoption. it will help employees determine what is best for their families. ktvu's azenith smith found out it shows how competitive the battle for talent is in silicon valley. >> reporter: the longest leave available at any u.s. company. on tuesday netflix introduce unlimited leave policy. -- introducing unlimited leave policy. . >> i will be surprised if
5:42 pm
anyone gets this liberal. >> reporter: he says it is bold and not surprising given tech companies are finding new ways to sell themselves when quality talent is hard to find. >> the competition for top talent in the valley is fierce. we had all kinds of scenarios. we have had lawsuits. >> gym memberships. transportation benefits. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she places workers at tech companies. companies are forced to up the ante. >> our experience i have -- [ indiscernible ] >> it is tough out there.
5:43 pm
tough to be distinguished. >> unlimited pay for new parents -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: while he would appreciate the benefit it will take more for him to jump ship as he looks at pay and work culture before benefits. he questions how many employees will take a full leave given how career minded they are. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. microsoft announced a new leave policy. they will increase paid leave for new mothers to 20 weeks. that is up from 12 weeks and 8 weeks of unpaid leaves. fathers will get 12 weeks. microsoft has more than 100,000 employees world wide. an injured bike rider was airlifted to safety after crashing in marin county.
5:44 pm
the rider fell from his bike 7:30 p.m. last night in a rugged area. a helicopter crew located the man after a good samaritan used a cell phone gps to relay the coordinance to rescuers. he was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the oakland animal shelter is totally swamped. it is 200% of capacity. the reason why may surprise you. the director says the increase in people giving up their pets comes because of rising rents and evictions. she gave us a tour today. she says many of the pet owners are blaming gentrification for the housing problems. >> through rising rents or evictions. people are losing their homes and the animals are coming to us and these are not lost, abandon abused of -- abandon,
5:45 pm
abused animals, these are family pets. >> as you can see they have a lot of dogs. so cute. a lot of dogs dogs and cats they are looking for anyone who would like to give a pet a new home. a fire forces forces dozens of people from their homes. why the time of day likely saved lives. >> and a great story for you. we tagged along on a very special day of pampering for a group of teenage girls who are fighting cancer. >> tracking the warm up around here. you will notice it tomorrow. how warm it will get in your neighborhood. ♪ ♪
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a fire destroyed 30 units at an apartment complex in antioch this morning. one person said everything i worked for is now gone. ktvu's christien kafton tells us no one was killed or injured and that may be because of when the fire broke out. >> reporter: fire swept through the delta pines apartment complex in antioch at 8:00 a.m. this morning. residents discovered the fire and spread the word. >> screaming fire. >> he managed to warn his neighbors who made it out with his life but not much else. >> i am in college, doing what i got to do. i lost everything, man. everything i worked for is gone. >> reporter: firefighters gained control of the fire but
5:49 pm
not before some units were a total loss. >> reporter: firefighters say the time the fire started may be the reason no one was injured or killed. >> it has to do with the time of the call. it was after 8:00 a.m. in the morning. so most of the residents would have been awake at that point. >> reporter: the search for the cause is underway. some neighbors say the fire broke out near an electrical junction. >> pretty much i believe it is said it was electric or something like that. because i believe it started -- i think it started at the roof. not sure. >> i haven't heard anything along those lines. >> reporter: christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland fire department received a training grant. the grant will be used to provide the department with life saving equipment, training and community education programs. the grant is part of a
5:50 pm
nationwide program funked by -- funded by pacific interstate insurance brokers and fireman's fund. children's hospital and a spa in the south bay teamed up to do something special for several teenage girls battling cancer. 11 young girls, 13-19 were given the works today. a limo tried the spa and man cures, pedicures, a hair cut, facials and a massage. all the technicians donated their time and services. it was a chance to hopefully forget for a day about what they are dealing with and maybe make friends. >> extremely important. it is lovely for them to get to meet each other and share in their experiences and relate to each other in ways the typical population can't. >> this is the 7th year the children's hospital and
5:51 pm
stanford hosted the event. nice -- what a nice day for them. >> slotly. nice to see them getting -- absolutely. nice to see them getting a moment to forget. our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> aren't here today, temperatures warmed up. highs today -- around here today temperatures warmed up, highs today. we had a nice cool moist pattern that set us up -- gave firefighters a opportunity to get a handle on the fires. 78 oakland. 76 hayward. highs from today. 95 in antioch. 84 in san rafael. highs tomorrow trend up a couple more agrees. warmest day of the week is tomorrow. clouds from the southwest.
5:52 pm
subtropical moisture friday. sprinkles trying to show up in monterey county. couple reports. for us it is warmer tomorrow and then cools off on friday. there is the current number. 89 fairfield. 89 concord. warmer than yesterday. again, in the fire zones that seems to be the them to of all the weather since last wednesday, large fire, weather played a huge role in it, the them to has been the last couple days of cool weather helped. santa rosa 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. fairfield 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. outside fog reforming at the coast. tonight patchy fog. you knew that. warmer tomorrow. talked about that. and the chance of a shower on friday. maybe a thundershower. we will track that. forecast model, the subtropical
5:53 pm
-- tomorrow afternoon, you see the clouds and the warmer day time highs. tomorrow muggy. you will notice the heat more. low 90s. tropical storm falling apart. north of the islands. as it does, that is good news for vacationers. most of the clouds will stay away. not a bad set up there. this low pressure tomorrow will woman out of here. as it does -- budge out of here. as it does we get set up for a shower on friday. the five-day forecast, there it is right there. temperatures warmest tomorrow. cooler on friday with a chance of a shower. typical summer weather. amazing the fire. >> they are up to 20% containment looks like. starting to make progress. thank you. the bay area housing market
5:54 pm
is one of the most expensive in the county. now new figures show how much rents have gone up in the past few years. >> and later at 6:00 p.m. power problems in the east bay. leaving residents in the dark. when we asked pg&e about it they left without finishing their work. >> unacceptable. unacceptable. doesn't matter. it is their job. we don't have another place to go. >> what we learned about the issue and why a permanent fix might not come anytime soon.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
buying a home in the bay area is out of reach for many people and even those with six figure incomes. ktvu's janine de la vega reports on how much rents have gone up in the past 5 years. >> reporter: more and more people don't have a good chunk of money for a down pavement for -- payment for a house so they are forced to rent but landlords are increasing the rents. a firm said bay area rental prices are up 50% since 2010. the latest data shows 2 bedroom apartment cost 2500 a month.
5:58 pm
in san francisco and some peninsula cities it is $5,000 a month. the reason is the job market. particularly in the tech industry. we spoke with a man who lives in sunnyvale who had his rent if his one bedroom apartment increase. >> 450 in six months. i got to make cuts in food and whatever we can. >> i think about moving out of the area. i work as a nurse but here it is best to work as a nurse compared to the rest of the country in terms of salary. it is a double edged sward. >> reporter: many landlords only want tenants who have an animal income triple the cost of rent. an apartment that cost $2,500 a month would require someone to make $90,000 a year. cities are looking into rent control measures and trying to stop unjustified evictions but many officials believe there
5:59 pm
needs to be a long term solution. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> we have developing news from the east bay. streets are blocked off after a shooting that sent a police officer and an attempted murder suspect to the hospital. both the officer and the suspect are expected to survive. and tonight several agencies are still on the scene looking for evidence. good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes in for julie haener. in pittsburg. harbor and 12th street. north of highway 4. this happened around 11:00 a.m. this morning and part of harbor is still closed off totric. sky fox 2 -- to traffic. sky fox 2 was over the scene. you can see police vehicles still parked nearby. ktvu's john sasaki is live at police headquarters with new
6:00 pm
information that you learned. john? >> reporter: pittsburg are breathe agassi of relief after one of their own was shot this morning. the officer spotted a man wanted for attempted murder and he tried to stop him. the man ran away and the officer last sight of him. the officer turned the corner and the man opened fire hitting him in the leg. the officer returned fire hitting the suspect. good news is, the officer, a 24 year veteran was treated and has been released from the hospital. the suspect, a 49-year-old man has been arrested. >> we are thankful and proud of his actions. our officers goes to work knowing this is a


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