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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 7, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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it's nature in motion as an iceberg starts to break up. >> you see how it's starting to lean. >> how it put on a show for some stunned tourists. >> cut the line. >> they were hoping to catch a fish but -- zbsh these people caught something else. >> see what's under the towel that's about to escape. one wheel seems to be working here. what happens when two wheels give them the wobbles. plus a youtubers rant. >> you are an instagram model. >> and some summertime fails. i dare you not to laugh at these. why it's definitely the end of
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the road for this guy. >> run into the cornfield. >> way off into the distance you see the guy go -- these two videos are brought to you by nature earth production company. the first one just the tip of the iceberg. >> literally? >> yes. >> it's coming off. >> it's going to tip over. >> it's a video shot in newfoundland. it's rotating and starting to lean trying to show you what's under the water. as the angle is changing you can hear the stressors come on the ice that wasn't there before. but as the cracks build the crescendo is coming. >> anybody else want a drink? >> when that falls off and changes the weight balance of the iceberg and you watch on the left-hand side it's all that i said that was hidden under the
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water comes into view. special moment to capture on video. this guy likes to go out when there's a storm, grab a video camera and catch some lightning. i think he's going to do it this time. >> oh my god, oh [ bleep ]. >> the lights go out as well which kind of adds to the whole whoa! they clearly come on later but at the same time he finally caught that lightning on video. >> what was he expecting? he was out there for that purpose and freaked out. >> wanted to catch over there, not quite on top of his head. either way still a cool video. >> oh my god, oh [ bleep ]. cut the line. >> you go out fishing because you want to catch -- >> a fish. >> exactly. these people caught something else. >> a cold? >> no a bird. the guy's got it wrapped up in the towel. this guy is trying to take the hook out. >> oh man, poor little guy.
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>> it was like a cast and the bird flew by and hooked it out of the air. >> or look at the bait they were using. they're opportunists. >> they'd never say but once he gets it out of the bird it gives them a tough time. the bird is free to go and it goes. >> catch and release. >> the guy at the buck 42 channel gets in his truck and hearing a sound, the sound being a raccoon with a can on its head hitting the door hitting the fence. he tells his wife call animal control they're going to put it down. instead they want to release it themselves. he gets gloves and snips and going to snip it off its head but of course his wife has to assist him and let's just say she's a little uncomfortable. >> ooh, his ear, watch his ear. watch his head. oh my god, don't kill him. >> i'm not going to kill him. >> is he all right? >> are you okay? >> all right i'm getting scared now. >> the raccoon is the one with the can stuck on his head. lady what are you worried about? your husband has snips around my
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neck. >> it is a raccoon and does the thing have rabies? he's wrapped up well in towels but still making her nerve us. >> oh you my god, babe babe i'm scared now. i'm scared because he's growling. >> he's just hurt. >> oh, oh my god. >> once the raccoon is freed from the can -- >> what do i do? let go of him? >> there you go buddy. hi cutie. >> as you can see it creeps away and all is well that ends well. >> oh he's so cute. kind of wish i was out with these guys right about now. riding their supermotorbikes, dirt bikes street modified they have street tires and license plates so they're registered they are legal to be on the street. might be breaking the rulds here a little bit by popping the wheelie but hey, this guy on the red sierra 450 honda is motoring.
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>> still going. >> has he gone a mile yet? >> it looks like it but watch right about here. >> oh no! he was better on one wheel. >> you're right. >> he set the front wheel down it must have been just a little bit crooked because that gave him the speed wobble bucked him off like a bronco sliding down the road into the grass along with the bike. how is our rider? >> he was almost half asleep as he was going in. i'll be fine. >> and most of his slide was in the grass. >> keen eyes the guy was fine and they stood the bike out. had to straighten out the handle bars. the guys rode another 0 miles. this may have hampered his riding just a bit. to germany to the nuremburg ring, the tourist day, when the track is opened up to lots of amateurs and people that want to give it a rout. you got a lot of small fish on
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the track on this day suddenly comes a lurker a hunter a big fish the corvette z06 comes around the outset. >> oh! >> dude! >> it lost a tire. >> lost the wheel. >> the wheel falls off the corvette goes into a spin crashes into the >> you got to happened it to the amateur driver complete lay void that situation and continued impressive. before i show you this video i want you to think about that one thing you always wanted to do that dream you have that trip you want to take. >> just one? i got so many. >> picture all of them, and then be inspired. >> each and every one of us is born creative. we are born to dream, born to let our hearts carry us. born to evolve and break the mold. born to walk our own path and find our own way in everything we do. and like the single droplet of water falling upon a vast leg of
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droplets the ripple of our lives reaches out and touches the lives of many. >> the video put together by samuel stonehill at moving time lapse on youtube wanted to share this inspirational video and some of his deep thoughts about life in general. he wants to motivate everybody to go outside your comfort zone and do the things that you've always wanted to do. >> are these his words? >> says these are all his thoughts about being inspired. >> remember we are all good at different things and it is only society that puts our skills into boxes. it does not matter what other people think, so stop comparing yourself to them. >> i want to go run out the door right now, hop on a motorcycle and grab a camera and take off forever. >> i love this video because it's just so beautiful. >> the images you see are from all over the world including the uk france, spain, italy, the usa, thailand and south africa amongst other places. >> life is not about the destination, but the journey, and you are creating that jumpy
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with every thought you think, because this is the language of the universe. >> if you focus on the things that you love abundance will come and possibly also in the form of money but this time doing the things that you love. >> amen sister. >> um-hum. >> i'm not going to be this big. >> this little princess is devastated. >> because she's just learned she's going to grow up. >> find out why she doesn't want to get any older. >> oh my gosh, what's going to happen when she turns 30? >> and this dude has an amazing skill. see his impressive talent next. >> oh that was good. >> that one you could fool you totally.
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this guy is a visitor in his backyard but i don't think any of us would mind if it happened. >> there's a kangaroo in my backyard. >> doing, doing, doing, doing. >> and typical australian style he describes it. >> it was a [ bleep ] for you.
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>> but watch what it does. now he's doing play-by-play of the kangaroo's actions. >> he's going to jump this like there's no tomorrow. >> oh my gosh, that thing is cool. >> it is pretty cool. it just hopped away. we have a short fight for dominance. these are two male giraffes in the krueger national park in south africa. >> they fight so funny. there we go. doink. >> this is called necking because they are neck fighting. i love how there's no fight laws like okay we gave them a show let's move on. the last one will tickle your funny bone or just might tickle you, if you're the one in the bathroom when this happened. is that an elephant drinking out of the toilet? >> we should address the elephant in the bathroom. >> this is at the elephant lodge, here is the thing. the lodge proids an area in front of the restaurant for water because they say water elsewhere is very salty, so they keep it
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for the elephants but el fapts have a pecking order and if you're not at the top of the pecking order you're not going to get to the restaurant water as quickly. >> this guy must be number two. >> yes, this elephant doesn't care if you're using it or not. it will just put its trunk down. >> well that's crap yu. with this video this guy has got an amazing skill. imitating someone singing is a whole other level. he starts with bruce springsteen. ♪ born in the usa, i was born in the usa ♪ >> but he also goes a bit more modern with omi. ♪ i think that i found myself a cheerleader ♪ ♪ she is always right there when i need her ♪ >> actually a little trippy. he's even got that funny thing with his voice as well. he goes through the whole gamut and the way his voice changed is incredible. sam smith is impressive. ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪
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>> oh that was good. that one could fool you totally. >> if he has the musical track to go along with it you probably couldn't tell if you were closing your eyes. >> i think the way he's doing, playing the songs in his ear, he has headphones. ♪ do you have the time to listen to me whine ♪ ♪ about nothing and everything all at once ♪ >> it's impressive. >> really good. i wish i could sing just one of those ways. >> right, so he just posted the videos already into the tens of thousands of views. the last time he did something like this he got up to 80 million. he has a ton of subscribers. he'll be the best guy to do karaoke. ♪ it's loud and everybody shout ♪ >> logon to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. the range of emotions felt by kids are reflengted in these two videos.
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little addie is devastated because she learned she's going to grow up. >> you're going to grow baby but you're not going to be too pig for me to hold. i'll always hold you. >> not this big? am i going to be this big? >> addie what did mommy tell you? you are going to grow but you'll always be mommy's baby. >> i'm not going to be this big. >> oh my gosh, what is going to happen when she turns 30. >> oh this is so adorable. i'm with you, man, don't grow up. >> mom reassured her even when she is big and grown up she can still sit on her lap which i think is a sweet thing for mom to say. >> i don't want to be that big. i want to stay here. >> you want to stay here forever. >> i do. >> and the polar opposite side of this spectrum is little alyssa who is delighted about her brand new hula hoop had it about a week and she is showing
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off her moves. >> i can't get it to go around me. i'm a complete muppet. >> alyssa is the daughter of one of my best friends, jeannine ogi and she has a latin mom you can tell because -- >> the way she's moving her hips? >> the way she's moving her hips and eventually she loses the hula hoop and just starts dancing. a decision can set up a chain reaction that then causes something else. >> how this guy cheated death. >> hello, honey, i love you very much. i'll be home soon. plus nicole is a comedian social media personality but she's got a rant about the girls that are just putting it all out there. find out what point shng to make. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit.. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a a s s''more... yoyou u mamakeke i it t spspececiaial.l. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m minine,e, y youoursrs our chocolate.
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else. these two videos kind of show the what ifs. first one comes to us fromndon. thee decker bus. maybe there's a bus i could take to get me there quicker. he checks out the timetable, i could i suppose wait. looking at his watch, honestly no probably just going to be quicker for me to keep walking. had he decided to take a bus and wait he would have been right in front of this. bang! >> yep, he was standing right there. you can back it up and see what happens, he's trying to overtake this other car. doesn't realize this car will take her into that road there. swervez out of the swerves out of the way and straight through where that guy was standing if he made a different decision. he comes wandering back here this is the guy realizing just what he missed, as he comes by and realizes yeah i think i'll just walk today. walking is good. >> hello honey, i love you very
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much. i'll be home soon. another one that comes to us from melbourne in australia inside like a fruit and vegetable store. notice the wife of the owner who is there on the left-hand side decides to walk through to the other side of the shop nice timing too. >> oh my gosh! >> the owner actually thought that his wife had been hit by the car. >> when i saw over the car, i saw -- i feel more relieved. >> the 43-year-old learned driver got confused while parking, pressed the wrong pedal. there was minor damage to the car but over $33,000 in damage to the store. nobody is hurt so we're okay. dear instagram models. >> a cute blond in a bra top showing off some -- >> don't be scared come peek. >> you want to listen. >> oh as far as the eye can see. >> that's nichol arbors point.
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she is funny. >> there's a lot of do nothing [ bleep ] running the internet right now. >> she's got a rant about the girls that are just -- >> trying to be hot and wait for some guy to come along and take care of them. >> putting it all out there. >> it's everywhere and they're getting a lot of attention. and lots of followers. lots of lights. >> false attention in her opinion. >> you're giving yourself an expiring date. >> what's your point? >> y'all are wrecking the modeling industry. >> i love this she's wearing a bra to grab people's attention. >> she addresses that yes, i'm sexy. >> yes, i have posted sexual photos on my instagram before. >> but i try to offer more than that and so should you. >> i want to show i can be awesome, smart, good [ bleep ] and also be a hottie. >> ladies you're not an instagram model if you put pictures up there were. it's not modeling when you're just modeling your open
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[ bleep ]. the difference between you and the pon girls is they're getting paid. >> how modeling agencies now aren't even accepting models unless they can have enough of a following on instagram. thousand being their minimum. >> the sexiest booking any of us will ever get is being a role model and we all got the booking. you just got to show up. >> you know it will end up on the butt of a bikini. >> be hot and be awesome. make sure you're being both. this guy is out for a joy ride. >> trying to get as much speed as he can. >> see what happens when he takes his bike into a cornfield. ow there are many mymythths s ouout t ththerere e ababout a a rereveversrse e momortrtgagagege soso i i w wanant t yoyouu toto k knonow w ththe e fafactcts.s. a a rereveversrse e momortrtgagagege i is insured byby t thehe f fededereralal g govovernment; yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-x-frfree money frfromom t thehe e eququitity y inin your home; yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoneney to papay y ofoff f yoyourur c cururrerent mortgage, ifif y youou h havave e onone;e; ththe e reremamaininining
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$45 an hour. >> are an hour you're probably exhausted anyway. parrot imitates . >> top. . >> stop. >> [ barking ] >> a lot of people tell me that i'm probably going to go to h-e double hockey sticks. i dare you not to laugh at these. first kid on a bike he's trying to get as much speed as he can,
9:57 am
off into the grass and thankfully he's got a huge run-off. >> is he going to run into the cornfield? oh [ bleep ]. >> way off in the distance you see the guy go -- and disappear into the corn. his buddy running after him with such urgency. >> luke! >> luke are you okay? he went like deep into the corn. if you've ever been to a cornfield, those leaves can kind of cut you up a little bit. >> are you bleeding? >> are you bleeding? somewhere. i can't tell where. luke like he's all right, coming out of his own power. >> why couldn't you turn out of the way? >> i love the path of destruction. >> that's how crop circles are formed. ahhh! rope swings synonymous with fail. this kid way up in the tree. now you see they've got a small little ladder kind of a
9:58 am
scaffolding, where everybody else has been jumping from but this kid decided to climb up into the tree to take it up a notch. >> oh yes. >> and he made it to the water, to the shallow water, the very shallow water, smack, goes cartwheeling in. looks like he's all right, but it's just funny every time. thanks for watching. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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ziering. live from new york city it's "the "wendy williams show."" today, we have all the latest "hot topics" on deck and wendy is ready to break it all down. plus he's a hollywood legend and she's royalty. we're going to hear about their new reality show. and meet the burger that brings them all to the yard spike mendelsohn shows us how. now here's wendy! ♪


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