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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning, august 10th i'm pam cook. there is another shot of breaking news. this fire going on right now until san leandro. we'll get to that in just a second. but thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> and welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> i'm dave clark. we'll talk about weather and traffic in a moment. but first we are following breaking news in san leandro. a huge early morning fire. it destroyed a super market and damaged some medical supply business. these are the latest live pictures. look at all the activity out there at this very moment. a nearby apartment complex was evacuated as a precaution. now the marina super market is near marina boulevard and do little drive. several roads in that area are closed. the firefighters battling the flames and trying to get that situation under control.
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>> about 2:30 when the first alarm systems arrived on scene. the fire was burning actively. >> firefighters will stay out there putting out hot spots. alex savidge is also there. he will have another live report coming up at 5:30. we are following breaking news out of the south bay ideal san jose police are in a stand off with an armed man. this is hamming on san marcus drive. it began with a disturbance all at 12:30 this morning. police say they have made contact with the man but he is refusing to come out of the building. they also say he has a gun. they do not know if there is anyone else inside with him. but they are saying they are telling us that there is no threat to the public at this time. but again the breaking news right now in san jose. we will stay on that as well.
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it is a busy monday already. time is 5:01. let's check weather right now. rosemary is in for steve. how does our weather look? >> i don't think there is anything to complain about. it will be a nice summer day. not too hot, not too cold. we are cooling it down for our inland communities. for the rest of us it will be very similar to yesterday. right now santa rosa 54 degrees. 58 in san francisco. oakland you are starting out the morning at low 62. now this morning we are actually slightly warmer in areas like napa and santa rosa and it has to do with more cloud cover outside your door this morning. here's a look from up above. we have clouds over this area. stretching over portions of the north bay and down along the coastline and peninsula. and into the east bay as well. low, mid, and high level clouds. the mid and high level clouds associated with this system that is moving right over
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california. the on shore breeze is back. fairfield gusting to 26 right now. so again those two items there the clouds and the on shore breeze a good indicator that the numbers will come down a little bit as we get into the afternoon. here we go as we get into the noontime, notice those clouds continuing along the coastline. partly cloudy skies over the north bay. mostly clear skies south by. temperatures for today 60s at the coast. upper 60s to near 70s. i'll have some numbers on your screen when i come back. back to you. >> rosemary did you know your dress matches some of the colors on your map there. i like that. thank you. good morning everybody let's take a look at commute. traffic is is backed up from
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the toll plaza there. no major problems at the toll plaza. it is still early enough to get a good commute. but right now it looks good. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving along very nicely. taking a look at 280 and san jose. northbound 280 traffic is moving well. we've been telling you about a problem on highway 101 in the south bay. a serious collision on the freeway has shut down all southbound lanes near 101 and tully. let's go to janine de la vega who is there on the scene and will tell us more. >> reporter: we are here in the southbound lanes of highway 101 and all traffic is being diverted at the tully road exit. that is because of an accident that occurred here two hours ago. you can k see this live picture. there is no lanes open here southbound 101. we have learned one person involved in this accident has died. a california highway patrol
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officer told us this is being treated as a crime scene but he wouldn't tell us why. what we have been told just before from this morning. the man is the dead. not if freeway -- there is a sig alert in effect. and officer determine they do need to shut down all lanes of northbound 101. right now we are being told there is no estimate on what time they will open up the freeway. i'm sure they are hoping to do that before the heavy commute develop develops. back to you guys in the studio.
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>> we'll stay on top of that and check in with you in a little bit. developing news now in lake county where mandatory evacuations are under way because of a fast moving wild fire. it is burning just a few miles south of where the rocky fire is burning. >> it's being hit at this present time by multiple air strikes. helicopters and bombers. it is turning out to be another very ugly fire. >> mandatory evacuations are under way for the jerusalem valley area. evacuation center has been set up at middletown high school. jerusalem valley road is closed to all traffic at spruce grove road and firefighters say they are doing everything they can to help to spread that fire. that fire 85% contained.
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all evacuation orders have been lifted but it burned 69,000 acres. destroyed 43 homes. cal fire hopes to have it fully contained by thursday. another firefighter has died fighting a wild fire until southern california. michael was killed saturday night when a tree fell on him while he was battling the sierra fire near lake tahoe. another firefighter was injured in that incident. we are following developing news from ferguson, missouri. there was another police shooting. it happened during a protest marking the death of michael brown. allie rasmus is in our newsroom. what is the latest from
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ferguson? >> reporter: it began as a full of day of peaceful protests to mark the one year anniversary of michael brown's death. but witnesses and police in the area say after dark things became intense. people in the crowd who had be participating could hear the gunfire and some of the officer in the area started getting down on the ground for cover. four plain clothed police saysed after the girl. police chief said the rival groups were criminals, not protestors. >> there is a small group of people in there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. >> the four detectives involved
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in the shooting are on administrative leave. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus in our newsroom, thank you. san jose police shot and kill command suspected in a stabbing. it happened last night around 6:20. police were called to virginia avenue. that is where a man had been stabbed several times. investigators say the man believed to be the suspect ran away when police arrived. not long after that he was found and he had a knife. it's not clear what happened after that. the officers that shot the man feared for their lives.
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the goal is to have zero traffic fatalities by the year 2024. the first warning signs went up last week. the only exception for commercial vehicles, buses, taxis. >> private vehicles are a small amount of the traffic. less than 30%. >> more signs will be unvailed today. and tomorrow officers will be handing out $238 tickets for those that do not obey the no turn sign. a river that runs through downtown san jose is the latest casualty of the historic
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drought. they have dried up cropping and killing many fish. experts say parts of the river have dried up before but this year it's far worse than anyone can remember. our time is 5:10. there was drama outside this years outside lands festival in san francisco. coming up at 5:30 why one of the artists was forced to call off his performance. >> but first back to school already here for some. something is missing in some bay area classrooms. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic will be busy. as we look at sunol grade southbound 680 traffic looks okay. >> outside our doors we have partly topmostly cloudy skies. but as we get into the afternoon for many areas numbers are coming down. i'll have a look at what you
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 5:14. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will be in the bay area today for a campaign fundraiser. she didn't make the cut to get invited to last week's prime time republican debate but a new poll shows fiorina had the best performance of any candidate in either of the two
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debates. 22% say fiorina emerged as the clear winner followed by donald trump at 18%. on the sunday talk shows carly fiorina took aim at donald trump. >> i firmly believe that we need a different kind of leadership now in the oval office that will actually challenge the status quo and get something done. i don't think you get things done by insulting everyone. >> true to form donald trump responded to fiorina's response and he tweeted and i'm quoting. i just realized if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. she has zero chance. democratic presidential cant date will unvery our plan. students with attend an in state public university without having to take out a loan.
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she said it would pay for itself by closing tax loopholes on higher earners. here in the bay area many students are heading back to school even as early as this week but some school districts are still scrambling to have enough teachers in the classroom. school districts across the bay area say there are several reasons for the problem. it includes older teachers retiring. fewer people going into the field of teaching. and school districts reducing class sizes. now the biggest job posting bulletin board shows more than 8400 positions still available. it has had nearly 49,000 jobs posted in the last 12 months. experts say the problem is
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likely to get even worse though in the next two years. target is changing the way it identifies several of the departments in its stores to eliminate gender based labeling. target will phase out the blue, pink, yellow, and green backdrops on signs and walls in certain areas. that is after a customer in ohio tweeted a sign that separated building sets and girl's building sets. target says the biggest changes will be seen in entertainment, toys, and bedding areas. 5:17 is the time. let's check back in with sal. you're keeping an eye on a few things. >> we have a lot going on it's a busy monday. southbound 101 we will start off in san jose taking a look at that deadly crash at tully road. as you heard janine say in our live report, police are considering it a crime scene and taking all the traffic off the freeway and getting back on
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at tully. and that is causing a big delay where there normally is no delay. now that you know about it you might want to think about an alternate route. northbound 101 traffic is getting by. it could be a rubber necker delay. the rest of the freeways look decent. let's move along and take a look at the commute on the san mateo bridge, it looks good heading out to the high-rise. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is getting a little bit more crowded but certainly a lot of space getting into san francisco. let's head over to rosemary orozco. temperatures will be coming down slightly for our inland city today and i will explain why in a moment. let's take a look at satellite. nothing to speak of in the way of rain unless you're on the far left edge of northern california where we have a little bit of sprinkle activity going on over the higher
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elevations. but this little system moving through california has brought us mid and high level clouds. outside our doors we have low, mid, and high level. those are beginning to clear out. this is the next main feature that will linger and continues to bring us this mild weather. we have temperatures in the 80s. mid to upper 80s expected for our inland cities anita will be the warmer spot. we will take a look at those numbers in a moment. 63- degrees in livermore right now. 63 in concord. upper 50s in napa. 54 in santa rosa. these numbers actually a little milder than where we started yesterday morning. yesterday morning we started with clear skies and areas right in and around santa rosa and napa fell into the upper 40s by sunrise. so temperatures are up a few degrees over portions of the north bay. around the bay very similar to yesterday. 61 in hayward. 60s in and around the
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peninsula. 65 outside your door in pittsburgh. upper 60s for lafayette and moraga. as we get into the second part of your day, numbers onlying down by a few degrees. especially by portions of the north bay. 82 in novato. 82 expected for napa. 83 for danville. 86 in brentville. nice and warm but not too hot. 77 san jose. 76 expected sunnyvale. 74 in san jose. temperatures will cool off slightly as we get into tuesday. tuesday looks to be the coolest
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day rebounding by wednesday. not a lot of change on thursday but by friday the heat will be on once again and we are back into the upper 90s as we get into saturday and sunday for our inland cities. somebody is likely to hit 100- degrees so we will see how that goes. the summertime not over just yet and the hot weather is coming back our way. >> did you check with pam about that? >> i did. she is not very happy about that. she is a 70s girl. >> yeah but i'm not as far inland as dave. >> thank you. an upgrade for both inmates and jail guards in one bay area county. coming up in 20 minutes the crucial decision this week that could bring a brand new jailhouse to that county. >> dad is looking down just happier than he could ever be. >> a touching tribute. how the oakland a's honored one of their biggest fans.
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the oakland a's held this special tribute. sergeant lunger's father threw out the first pitch in yesterday's game. that is the a's hall of famer ricky henderson catching it. ricky henderson's was sergeant lunger's favorite player. the a's gave personalized jerseys to sergeant lunger's
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family. >> we couldn't ask for anything greater. dad is looking down right now happier than he could ever be. it's awesome to see people come out here and do this for us. it's chilling. some pretty tense moments in chicago before yesterday's giants and cubs game that forced wrigley field to be evacuated. right before the game somebody called in a bomb threat. several fans got on twitter and posted photos of a lot of police outside the stadium. about an hour later police say they found no threat and fans were allowed back in to wrigley. there were scary moment for giants fans right there. left fielder iokie got hit hard in the head. he had to leave the game. look at this again. square on the temple. iokie is expected to be evaluated today. the giants by the way lost 2-0.
5:26 am
this is pretty exciting. i don't know if yoke site but that is the hollywood sign. >> the stunt performer who's real name was steven glover was streaming video of himself on facebook as he was climb climbing that crane. once he got to the top he inflated a large balloon. he climbed back dune just before 9:00 p.m. last night and that is when he was taken into custody. the eighth annual outside lands festival is officially over. up next some of the highlights and some of the bad behavior including an assault on a police officer.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. these are live pictures. san jose a deadly crash has closed several lanes of highway 101. look at all the traffic on the roads. not going anywhere fast. this is a mess. ktvu janine de la vega is out there. she will have the latest on the investigation coming up in just two minutes. what a way to start a monday. welcome back it is monday, august 10th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is just about 5:30. rosemary orozco is in for steve. pretty mild weather but it will
5:30 am
heat up. >> yes. we have enjoyable weather coming our way for the next few days and if you like it hot, that will come as well. it's coming in the extended forecast as we get into next weekend. more on that in just a bit. let's talk about what is happening outside your door this morning. we do have a mix of clouds out there. in addition to the low clouds, we have mid and high level clouds. it has to do with this system. this will pull out of the way. it has increased the on shore breeze and it will help cool us down especially for our inland communities. we also have this system back in here. but the here and now 63-degrees in concord. 59 in napa. 58 redwood city. san jose you're checking in at 60 degrees. over portions of the north bay we do have cloudy conditions than what we had yesterday. and because of it temperatures are milder. 54 in napa. yesterday i was looking at numbers 49 in santa rosa so
5:31 am
definitely a warmer start. 58 in lafayette right now. 57 moraga. 59 degrees outside your door in antioch. here's the compare from yesterday into today. inland communities more of a notable drop. you get into san ho and around the bay temperatures are coming down slightly. concord you will drop off by 5 degrees or so. 83 in the forecast for you here. when i come back i will have a broader view of what you can expect for today. we'll take a tour of the afternoon highs. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. right now traffic is moving along okay in most areas i would say. there are a couple of problems but at the bay bridge toll plaza we see a little bit of a delay and the metering lights should be going on pretty soon. still a 5-10 minute delay. also looking at the commute
5:32 am
here on interstate 880, it does look good in front of the coliseum. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 looks good. just a reminder northbound there is a crash. southbound 101 at tully there is is a detour. let's go back to the desk. there is deadly freeway crash that is causing major problems for the morning commute. >> reporter: traffic is still jammed out here just south of tully. even the northbound lanes are slowing down. probably because people are stopping to look and see what is going on. all the traffic right now is being diverted off the tully road exit because they want to keep the freeway clear.
5:33 am
he was able to tell me more information about this accident. what he told me is that it was a solo vehicle accident. the car went into the center divide in the southbound lanes of 101. it was a female driver we're told in her 20s. the officer told me apparently she was givings out of the car or taking off her seat belt. a red accra drove up and hit her vehicle. the female driver died at the scene. they did a test on the driver and we're told the driver of that other vehicle that is responsible for hitting the first vehicle was under the
5:34 am
influence so that person the male driver will be arrested for driving under the influence. but this accident if you look out here live is causing a big mess on the freeway. right now they are still investigating. picking up ed. there is a body that is still on the freeway. still too early in the preliminary stages to know all about this driver. of course they will need to notify the next of kin. we will stay on top of it and we are told a chp spokesperson is on the way to give us additional information soon. >> this will be major for some time. we will check back with you. janine de la vega, thank you. firefighters in san leandro will remain on the the scene of an early morning fire at a greenly store for the next few hours even though that fire is contained to just one building. they do say they need to stay close to put out some hot spots. >> reporter: you speak about the hot spots.
5:35 am
we have seen a couple flair ups within the next is -- that is what they are concerned about. that is why one of the battalion chiefs told me they would be out here for three to four more hours to make sure this fire doesn't flair back up. this was a huge fire. it ripped through two businesses. this corner market and medical supply. they have gained control of the fire. they did that a short time ago. the good news out here no onerous hurt in this fire fight but it certainly was a dangerous situation. the fire started at 2:30 in zillion medical. on the backside of these businesses, there is an
5:36 am
apartment complex that had to be evacuated. number of people had to clear out of there just as a precaution so firefighters could make sure the flames didn't spread to those apartments. we talked a short time ago with a neighbor that was out here early on. he was shooting video of this fire when with his camera. >> i got up here to where the fire engines were and i wanted to zoom in and when i zoomed into the sign it was like a big flash. and it exploded. the flames were already higher than the electrical poles. as soon as that blew up, it just spread up through the whole store. >> reporter: and there was a huge response out here early this morning. a total of 50 firefighters were called out. all crews from alameda county fire and it took time to gain control of this massive four alarm fire. the cause of the fire is still
5:37 am
being investigated. it is unclear what happened inside the business. >> you are still seeing flairups even now? >> reporter: yeah. and they will be out here for a long time. >> okay. thank you alex. union city police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened near 13th and i street. so far no arrests have been made. an investigation is under way at uc berkeley after someone broke into nine offices. police responded to a report of burglary on tuesday. when they arrived they found nine offices had been broken into. some computers were missing at evans' hall. the burglar may have been able to get inside through a smashed window on the ninth floor. during the past few months, police say there has been a
5:38 am
spike in burglaries involving window smashing on campus. opening statements begin this morning in the shooting death of an off duty paramedic who was killed in the oakland kills two years ago. quinn bowyer was in his car when she was shot. he pulled over to the side of the road to use his phone when a group of teenagers attacked him. they were only 15 and 16 years old at the time are now on trial for bowyer's death. thousands of people gathered in san francisco for the outside lands music festival. the three-day event attracts crowds from all over the world. jana katsuyama has more on the highlights from the event but also what went wrong during this year's event. >> reporter: in royal blue sir
5:39 am
elton john brought out the star power at outsidelands. the sold out festival brought an estimated 200,000 people to golden gate park. >> being at golden gate park with gorgeous trees and everything. that is really what brought me here to see elton john. the whole vibe of san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco police patrolled on bicycle, motorbike, and under cover and in plain clothes but some people tried to scale gets to get in. just before 5:00 p.m. on sunday, one man tried to rush the south entry gate and injured an officer. >> he literally ran into a police officer and knocked that police officer down. that officer struck his head and briefly lost consciousness. >> reporter: that officer was take ton the hospital. the man was taken to jail on felony charge ifs for >> there is a code number on the backside of this chip, this
5:40 am
plate. and you have to enter that in with your name, e-mail. and it's registered for you and only good for you. ever >> reporter: but one performer fantastic was caught and cited after police caught him trying to sell a vip wristband. >> we can hear it from our backyard which is pretty awesome. >> it's wonderful. i love it. it's revenue for the city. it brings buzz. >> reporter: some residents weren't so happy with the extra noise, traffic, and crash but others found the three-day festival hat a revenue ripple effect. with the food, drinks e live music, many who did snag a ticket say it was worth the wait and even the san francisco weather. >> here it's nice and cool an
5:41 am
hang out and not sweat yourself off. 5:40 is the time. we continue to follow developing news out of ferguson, missouri. it has been one year since the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. coming up the violence that erupted after a peaceful protest. >> but first san jose police department has a new tool to fight crime. what these new tasers have that was missing from previous versions. >> good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and highway 4 is looking pretty good as you come up to the willow pass grade. it's getting more crowded though. >> outside our doors this morning partly to mostly cloudy skies we'll have temperatures coming down just a little bit. we'll have a look at what you can expect for today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:43. tomorrow santa clara county supervisors will hear a proposal to get state money to help replace the county's main jail. now the jail is more than 50 years old. houses nearly 700 inmates. critics say it is unsanitary. out of date and does not offer inmates adequate exercise, rehabilitation and visiting areas. the cost of the new jail is expected to top $240 million. it would open in about four years. san jose police will be
5:45 am
getting new crime fighting tools. now taser international the company that peaks them says the new taser model replaces an older version which has become out dated. a man accused of killing eight people including six children is due to be in court today. >> mass killings and the taking of the entire family are a tragedy. they are a tragic reality that our community has been forced
5:46 am
to confront all too often. >> police say conley does have a criminal history that dates back to the 1980s. the most recent incident was last month. he was charged with assaulting valerie jackson. california firefighters say private drones are increasingly getting in the way of fighting fires. now the u.s. forest service says there has been 13 incidents which drones messed with their services. meantime another drone has been spotted at an east coast airport. four commercial pilots spotted the drones at about noon yesterday.
5:47 am
one thing to keep in mind, typically there is one flying in the sky where as a problem with a bird strike it's multiple birds. >> now faa rules forbid unmanned objects above 400 feet because of the possibility of colliding with commercial aircraft. time is 5:46. it's a busy traffic monday already. sal, you are watching a ton of stuff. >> we are watching southbound 101 at tully. we still have that closure. you can use highway 87 and get around that. or mclaughlin avenue or whatever you want really to get around. there is a detour in place you
5:48 am
are getting through but it is slow. northbound 101 slow but all the lanes are open. this traffic here is moderate as you pass the coliseum. it looks good into downtown oakland. at 5:38 filling in for steve it's rosemary. we have a subtle drop in temperatures. around this morning a little bit of cloud cover out there and many of us waking up slightly warmer than we were 24 hours ago. right now santa rosa 54 degrees. 57 san francisco. oakland good morning to you at 61. 63 at concord. the low clouds hugging against the coastline. many high level clouds against
5:49 am
this. and it's gusting quite strong through portions of the delta to about 30 miles an hour. the on shore breeze is with us for today. temperatures coming down for our inland communities. we have another weather element and it will stick around for a couple of days. now will be in the low to mid 80s and a slight cool down as we get into tuesday. for the afternoon highs today. 82 expected for napa. 82 in nava toe.
5:50 am
83 in santa rosa. so you will notice the difference as we get into the second part of the day with the on shore breeze a little strong in some areas. anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour. 73 in richmond. and low to mid 80s. east bay shoreline low to mid 70s for you today. 75 in fremont. upper 70s zap jose. san jose 78 yesterday. 77 today. you may not notice so much the drop in the temperatures because it will be very slight for some. especially around the bay. especially along the coastline. 73 in senator mccain. san francisco you will go to 68. there is the drop in temperatures as we get into midweek wednesday we do begin to rebond. still very comfortable but then begins to turn a bit toasty as we get into friday. more so saturday into sunday. our inland communities will be
5:51 am
baking to the upper 90s. maybe even getting to 100 we'll see. but yeah the summertime heat coming back our way. >> and clear along the coast? a lot of the summer has been very foggy. >> you are right. typically it's late summer, early fall when we get that offshore breeze that clears out even the coast. but you are right we've had that bay area microclimate going on. >> all right thank you. a crucial hearing today that could impact your retirement. >> but first a battle over death benefits involving fallen firefighters. the allegations that top officials withheld those benefits from families for almost 12 years.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. cal fire has been hit with a lawsuit but families of fallen air tanker pilots contracted by the agency. now according to the sacramento bee the suit claims cal fire committed fraud. and hide the existence of the death benefits since 2002. the families of 14 contracted
5:55 am
firefighter pilots who were killed in the line of duty are filing the claim. they seek $4 million plus interest. as of sunday, cal fire says it has not formerly received the claim. a wild fire burning up near eureka in trinity county may have destroyed a number of homes but it could not destroy the bond between one cat and his owners. i want to show you a picture of ruthy rosemary. recently her family was forced to evacuate her home. as they were loading the car, that little cat jumped out and had to be left behind. but when her owners returned five days later, they heard a little meow coming from a burned truck. somehow she survived. time is 5:55. the fremont police dog who escaped friday night from his yard in san jose is back with his handler.
5:56 am
16-month-old niko escaped friday night between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. yesterday morning san jose police officer found niko in a creek bed. he appeared to be okay. niko is one of fremont's newest canines. he has been with the if -- now the rules would keep an existing ban on large outdoor operations. but it would set limits on indoor cultivation. the growers would have to be is -- it is the largest solar project ever and it's coming right here to the bay area. they plan to add an $8 million
5:57 am
solar project at shadow cliff regional recreational area in pleasanton. it will power as many as 1,000 homes. officials say it's big enough to offset nearly all of the energy used at its 65 regional parks in two counties. 5:56 is the time. coming up next we are following breaking news. we are learning about a second house fire in the east bay. it is burning in oakland. brian flores is heading to that scene. >> good morning. we are looking at the bridge commute and traffic at the bridge is backing up. we'll tell you more about this coming up. >> outside our doors we are looking at a cooling trend at least for some as we get into your monday afternoon. this morning some of us are slightly warmer. i'll explain why coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are live in oakland where oakland fire crews are battling a two alarm structure fire. we'll bring you the very latest coming up. >> we're also following developing news from ferguson, missouri. there has been another police shooting during a memorial top mark the first anniversary of the death of michael brown.
6:00 am
the reason the gunfire even caught the police chief all star. mornings on 2 continues. i want to take you live this morning to our break news in oakland. we've had a lot of breaking news stories. some fires, an accident but this is where firefighters are still trying to contain a house fire. it started earlier this morning. brian flores just arrived on scene there in oakland. but again you can see it effecting the roads there and alex has been out on the fire in san leandro. so we will have a lot of updates coming up. thank you for joining us, monday morning, august 10th i'm pam cook. and good morning i'm dave clark. let's also talk about your weather and traffic. steve is off today but we have rosemary


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