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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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injured after frightened children being taken away from the scene of a crash after their school bus collided with cars on an east bay highway. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. that crash left more than a dozen people including children hurt. it also shut down several lanes on interstate 80 in berkeley. ktvu fox 2's claudine wong follow -- following the developing story and has the latest. >> reporter: the latest numbers, 23 people were injured
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-- include -- injured including 19 children on the bus. this was all cleared up about 30 minutes ago. as you mentioned it caused a mess on 80. this was westbound near the ashby exit. it involves at least seven cars. it happened about 10:00. and the chp is still trying to work through what happened but the school bus was involved. it was full of children headed to the park. we talked to the school's director. >> we were headed out to a park to do a fun day with the kids. >> reporter: so everyone is -- >> everyone is totally fine. >> treated for minor injuries. everyone is safe. the kids are disappointed they don't have the fun day ahead of them. >> reporter: again, at this point, no one is very clear on exactly what happened. the firefighters were out here. the chp was out here. all they were trying to do was get to the people who were hurt. injuries described as minor, bumps and bruises. we talked to the chp about
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trying to get through. they said their focus was trying to get to the hospital. >> we had 26 patients transported. 17 that were not injured. >> reporter: 23 on the bus? >> no. there was a total up to seven vehicles, 18 of them -- 19 of them being children. as far as transported. the rest were adults. >> reporter: were 19 children on that bus? >> at least 19 for sure. >> reporter: those kids -- >> yes. >> reporter: they brought in another bus. they took the rest of the kids, these are all fairly young children off the damaged bus and back onto the new bus. they have taken them to a different location. at this point, we can show you, as we come back out here live to interstate 80. that traffic is moving along well. at this point, it's unclear what happened. we know the regional hospitals have been flooded with these
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patients. but they are expected to be treated and releetszed. the school's -- released. the school's distributor said when it comes to the children, they didn't want to take any chances. they had firefighters going with them to make sure if anyone complained about neck injuries, they could address it. the investigation will continue as toe try to figure out -- as they try to figure out what caused it. >> thank you. claudine showed us traffic. here is a look from overhead. highway 80 in birkly reopened about a half-hour ago. two lanes were closed right near the ashby avenue exit at 10:00. the good news all lanes are open. it's been a busy around for firefighters. two fast-moving fires burned several homes and a business in san leandro and oakland. ktvu fox 2's brian flores tells us about the challenges fire
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crews faced. >> reporter: oakland firefighters say this two-alarm fire in a neighborhood near the coliseum pushed intensely and spread quickly. >> was able to catch the houses on both sides on fire very quickly. >> reporter: fire officials say it's believed the fire started at an abandoned home on the 1100 block of 72nd near hamilton just after 4:30 this morning. the fire quickly spread to another home that was under renovation and a third home where a family was living. >> saw the light coming on and i said first thing fire. i was traying to get my water hose. the policeman told me to move. >> reporter: oakland police were among the first to arrive, quickly evacuated and estimated 30, 40 residents because of a gas leak coming from one of the homes on fire. once fire crews arrived, so did pg&e to quickly shut off the gas line. >> luckily, there was no explosions. that was the bright part. >> yeah. >> nobody got hurt. >> reporter: it's already been a very busy day for oakland
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firefighters. not only were they dealing with this fire but the four-alarm fire in san leandro. >> we were in alameda county. we had a power line down. so we couldn't get inside as quickly as we would like to. e power line was live. >> reporter: pg&e shut off the gas and electricity for the three homes that were burned. residents were also able to return home just before 7:00 this morning. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. federal investigators are at the scene of that other east bay fire trying to figure out if someone intentionally set the fire to a san leandro supermarket. an atf agent was called to the scene to work along local police. investigators focused their attention on a dumpster outside of the store. the fire started at 2:30 a.m. at dolittle. the marina supermarket was gutted by flames and thrifty
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medical store was also badly damaged. >> devastated. i don't know. i don't know. we'll have to close tomorrow. i don't nope what -- i don't know what we'll do. praying to god everything is okay. >> in the middle of the firefight the roof of the store collapsed trigger a blast that blew out the front windows. no firefighters were hurt. there was another problem related to that fire. around the corner, a water main break flooding several streets. all of the water being used by the fire crews strained the system. east bay m.u.d. workers spent the morning making repairs. a new wildfire burning in lake county. calfire says the jerusalem fire grew 2,000 acres to a total of 5,000 acres. the fire started yesterday afternoon near jerusalem grade road. it's burning just a few miles from the southern edge of the rocky fire. mandatory evacuations are underway for the jerusalem
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valley area east of spruce grove road. an evacuation center is set up at middletown high school. firefighters say they are doing everything they can to keep the fire from spreading. calfire says it's now moving resources from the rocky fire to the jerusalem fire. the rocky fire is now 85% contained and all evacuation orders have been lifted. it's burned through nearly 70,000 acres and has destroyed 43 homes since it started july 29th. calfire hopes to have it fully contained by thursday. another firefighter has died fighting a wildfire in northern california. 21-year-old michael hollenbeck was killed saturday night after a tree fell on him. another firefighter was injured. flags at the stat capitol will be flown at half staff in his honor. and the governor released a statement about him saying, "this tragedy reminds us of the dangers firefighters face every time they suit up. ann and i are grateful for the
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u.s. firefighter's service and on behalf of all californians, we extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. he's the second firefighter to die in more than a week. david rule was killed fighting the frog fire near the oregon border. he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. his funeral is being held today in south dakota. the deaths of these two firefighters are a reminder the deaths of firefighters face every day. >> it's a inherently dangerous job. we work hard to prepare to mitigate and reduce those threats. with drought conditions like this it's very challenging. >> there are more than a dozen fires burning across our state. one woman is under arrest after authorities say she struck and killed another driver on highway 101 in san
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jose. the california highway patrol says the accident happened just before 3:00 this morning near the tully road accident in the southbound lanes of 101. officers say a blue vehicle hit the center divide and a red acura slammed into the blue vehicle. the impact killed the driver in the blue vehicle. the acura landed in a ditch on the shoulder. >> the driver of the red acura and three other passengers were all transported to regional medical center with minor to moderate injuries. chp has responded to the hospital. they have made contact with the driver and found that driver to be under the influence of alcohol. >> that acura driver has been identified as 44-year-old carmen venegas. authorities say they -- she will likely face additional charges besides dui since there was a fatality. union police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at 9:15 last night near 13th and i-street.
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police say the victim was outshade when two gunmen walked up and started to shoot. one unidentify food person was shot and -- unidentified person was shot and killed. police say after midnight a family member said his brother showed up with a gun threatening to hurt himself. police say two officers spotted a man with a shot gun and fired shots in his direction. the man then ran into the home there at san marcos drove and remained inside for several hours until he was found dead. at this point it's not clear if he died from police gunfire. police say the coroner will determine the cause of educate. all of this comes as san jose police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting from last night. police were called to regina avenue about 6:20 p.m. on a reported stabbing. investigators say the suspect ran away when officers got there. police tracked him down. there was a confrontation. police say the officer who shot
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the man feared for his life. the person stabbed is being treated for serious injuries. san jose's mayor sam liccardo said the city has had challenges in recent weeks but overall, he says crime-fighting strategies are working. >> we need to get out there and get impact to the areas, calming folks down are gang prevention strategies. >> he also pointed out that the city's homicide rate this year is lower than it's been in the past three years. opening statements are set to begin today in the shooting death of an off-duty paramedic killed two years ago. quinn boyer was in miss car and had pulled over to the site of the road when a group of teens trapped him. two teens are now on trial for
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boyer's death. police say burton confessed to trying to rob boyer of his phone but claims the shooting was accidental. tomorrow santa clara county supervisors will hear a proposal to get state money to replace the county's main jail cell. the jail is more than 50 years old. it houses some 700 inmates. critics say it's unsawn tari, out of date and -- unsanitary, out of date. a new jail would be built on the same west heading street block and it's expected to cost at least $240 million. it would open in about four years. still to come -- more unrest in ferguson, missouri. peaceful protests turned violent. police are involved in another shooting following a memorial to mark one year since the death of michael brown. taking a look outside, it's cooled down some but we could be warming up. rosemary is here and she will take us outside. and leave him alone.
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warping gut -- warning going out because of a new resident.
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football fans around the country are remembering frank gifford who died of natural causes at ainge of 84. he was an all-american -- take of 84. he was an all-american at usc.
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he's a member of the nfl hall of fame. when he turned to broadcasting, he came the calmer voice of monday night football. he married kathie lee in 1996. she released a statement thanking fans for their support and prayers. a protest marking the one- year shooting of michael brown ended with another shooting. allie rasmus has the tense moments as gunfire rang out while police were speaking to reporters there. >> reporter: police in riot gear lined the streets facing protesters there, this scene remy knittent one -- reminiscent one year ago. yesterday michael brown's fair led some of the daytime protests. everything went smoothly and organizers say the mood was hopeful until sundown. >> we want to work with the
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demonstrators, gave them patients and time but they have to reck nas that we have to -- recognize that we have to maintain order and at some point they have to get off the road. >> reporter: after dark there were reports of looting and throwing objects at police. >> we are explaining to them their lights. [ sound of gunfire ] >> >> reporter: that noise is gunfire. rival gangs started to shoot at each other. police say a man went around shot at police forcing them to fire back. police found a 9 mill biter handgun on him that had been stolen -- .9 millimeter handgun on him that had been stolen out there. >> there are people out there making sure we don't have peace that prevails.
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>> reporter: some protest organizers are concerned that the officers involved in the shooting were not wearing body cameras when all of this happened. there are more protestifies and e-- protests and events scheduled in ferguson today. allie rasmus. the u.s. consulate building in istanbul came under attack today. reportedly one of the two attackers was a woman injured in the crossfire and was captured in a building where she was hiding. a terror group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the trial in iran of the washington post reporter accused of sphiing end a few hours ago. jason's mother was in the courtroom to support her son. he was born and raised in marin county. he holds dual citizenship. he was serving as the post
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tehran bureau chief. he's been held for more than a year. he's charged with spying and spreading propaganda. he has maintained his innocence and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. a verdict is expected within a week. >> there. there is a warning going out at the lake to leave the otters alone. a family of river otters has been spotted there at the lake. the district got a tip that fishermen may be targeting the otters because the animals are eating fish stocked in the lake. one official said the water and poor water quality may be to blame. the north american otter has been making a comeback in the bay area due to restoration projects. let's go over to rosemary. we're preparing for a pretty big change. >> a slight drop in temperatures today. as we get into the second part of the week, we'll see things turn around. we're looking at 100 as we get into saturday and sunday. let's take a look at what's
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happening out the doors. into san francisco, that's a beautiful view. we have a mix of sun and clouds. in addition to the low clouds you see there, mid- and high level clouds today. it has to do with a couple of things going on actually. we had a system move through california earlier this morning. you can see it was a quick moving one already into areas of oregon and washington. that's out of the way but on the back side we have this system that continue to move south over the next couple of days. that will keep us unseasonably mild. for today, especially for the inland communities temperatures are coming town a few degrees. as we get into tomorrow, i think we'll hold steady. fairfield, gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's been the case the entire day. concord, 17. oakland at 7 and 16 for areas around napa. it's the inland areas that will see the change. not right around the bay, not so much. take a look at fairfield, concord, livermore, down by a few degrees. napa, santa rosa, you are as well. your temperatures right now, 78 degrees in livermore, 78 for
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walnut creek. upper 70s in fairfield. low 70s for napa. 6 santa rosa and around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s. 66 in san francisco. 69 for oakland. as we get into the afternoon, these temperatures over portions of the north bay will feel the difference. it was 89 degrees in santa rosa yesterday. today you will go to 83. 82 expected in napa. 80 for san rafael. as we head to the east bay, a mild day, around the bay, i think temperatures are gonna be very similar to yesterday. slightly cooler. you may not notice too much. 73 in oakland. 83 in danville. it will be the inland citys that feel the -- cities that feel the cooler air. some of the warmer spots like saratoga, los gatos, gilroy going to the low 80s for today. ahong the peninsula, 77 in redwood city, 68 in san francisco. and along the coastline, mostly cloudy skies as we showed you that live shot pointing to the west. you can see the low cloud cover and 60s in the forecast.
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tomorrow morning we could wake up a little bit of drizzle wednesday, thursday, temperatures warm. but we're comfortable. it's when we get into the weekend if you look at the numbers. upper 90s in the forecast for the inland cities are seeing. >> thank you. >> did you got it. >> see you on the 4. ahead, pull it over and park it. big changes coming to market street. why and what it will cost you if you don't obey the new rules of the road.
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the dow is up by 1.3%. more than 230 points being added. stocks have been strong all morning long. if you take the richmond san ralph fell bridge, you -- san ralph fell bridge, traffic has -- -- san rafael bridge, you may have noticed it. traffic has increased 13%. the spike is due to an improving economy. more cars on the road mean more people are working and more traffic delays around the bridge. pretty big changes are coming to market street in san francisco this week. starting tomorrow, a five- stretch block will be off limit to the private cars between third and eighth street. it's part of vision zero. the goal is zero traffic fatalities by the year 2024. the first warning signs went up last week. the only exceptions here are for commercial vehicles, buses,
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bikes and taxis. >> in the blocks from third to eighth street, although private vehicles are a small amount of the traffic, less than 30%, they are responsible for more than 80% of the injury collisions along market street. >> more signs will be unveiled today and tomorrow officers will be handing out $238 tickets to people who don't obey the no-turn signs. palo alto company is about to release a system that will warn users that a quake is imminent own the smartphone. the users will install a sensor in their home that will detect earthquake vibrations, signals are sent to the cloud server, and then it will be determined if the vie prations are from an earthquake or some other -- vibrations or some other caught. bernie sanders is in town one day after protesters disrupted his rally up in seattle. two women held up posters saying black lives matter. they took over the microphone.
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they couldn't let sanders speak to the crowd. we'll tell you if he addressed this incident today on the 4 in the bay area. thank you for making cute part of your day today. we're always here for you at you can always follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. see you on the 4.
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