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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a new wildfire prompts new evacuations near clear lake, and it's so close to the last fire, the two fires may merge to create one big burn area.
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good evening, i'm ken wayne. frank somer felled is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. the new fire is called the jerusalem fire, because it started off of jerusalem grade road mere middleton. cal fire told us it is burning only one mile from the rocky fire that consumed 70,000 acres in the past week and a half. we get the developing news now from ktvu's jana katsuyama. >> reporter: we're right here at jerusalem grade road where they blocked it off. that's because there's a staging area down the road. you could see some of the flames and the smoke. this is a rocky incident, and directly to the south is the jerusalem fire. zero percent contained at this point. i just talked to a cal fire spokesman who says it's moving now northeast. that is the reason for some of
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these new road closures, and also some of these evacuation advisories to get people out of the potential path of the fire. from sunday afternoon, the jerusalem fire has grown to 6,000 acres and counting. as the sun went down, flames and billowing smoke went up. >> unprecedented. i haven't seen fuel moistures this low in my career. >> reporter: a 20 year career that taught captain tony hale how it can be, vegetation, so, so dry it only takes one ember to put a field in flames. exhausting, extremely dangerous work for crews on the ground. >> access, we're using everything. helicopters, hand crews, bulldozers. >> reporter: many had just come off the lines to the rocky fire to the north. >> we have personnel fighting the fire now. what we're going to do is take
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advantage of the cooler temperatures, and higher humidity. >> reporter: bulldozers and boots on the ground doing back breaking work through monday night. red cross volunteers have been packing up to leave after the rocky fire turned around, and set right back up at middle town high school. >> we were demobilizing to a certain extent. >> meaning packing up. >> meaning packing up to go. >> reporter: for some resident who is had to pack up and leave home. >> i almost cried, because it was pretty terrible. >> reporter: losing control of your fate. sometimes leaves you with nothing to do but snap photos of what's left and what's gone. >> just devastation. everything was burnt. there's no brush around our property no more. >> reporter: tonight, about 8:30, we saw a caravan of vehicles coming with the nevada forestry. fire crews out of the fire area. they were going back to the
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base camp to try and rest and then come back. but i was just told by a cal fire person, they have been on since the rocky fire, everybody putting in all they can, working throughout the night, and just hoping to get a little bit of progress on this fire before daylight tomorrow. >> everybody stretched thin. jana, thank you. a 49-year-old man who says he was trying to protect his home from the jerusalem fire was arrested on one count of arson after he allegedly started a backfire. juan silva was arrested around 7:30 last night. the lake county sheriff says silva is accused of setting a backfire to protect his home. the crews responding to the fire also discovered a marijuana grow. >> this is the fifth arson arrest in the past two weeks. all up and down the state, our select investigators have been very diligent tracking down those individuals and arresting them. >> reporter: cal fire wants to remind us, most fires are human caused, and with conditions so dry, everyone needs to be extra
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careful. now to alameda where police have issued a warning tonight. they're reminding people to lock their doors and windows after a prowler assaulted a girl while she slept in her bedroom. ktvu's christian captain is live in alameda. you learned the same man appears to have struck more than once. >> reporter: alameda police tolling me today the same suspect appears to have struck six times. they say the suspect matches the same description. today, police also released a photo taken here at this hotel. they say where the suspect struck back in june. take a close look. police say this is the person of interest in string of break- ins in most recently the sexual assault of a girl. it all may have started with a break-in here at the roadway inn in june. >> i just fell asleep, and that guy broke the window and got into my room. >> reporter: the manager ated roadway inn says june 16 he had just returned to his apartment in the motel where his wife and
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two boys were sleeping. he says an alert coworker watched as someone broke into decal's home. that coworker began banging on the door to wake up the family. >> making a big sound. that's when we got up and my wife came immediately, and by that time he ran away. >> reporter: the prowler escaped. now it appears that same man has gone from breaking and entering to sexual assault. early sunday morning, investigators say he cut a window scream and crept into a girl's room while her mother slept in the apartment. >> woke up the juvenile, and there was a sexual assault. the suspect then fled. >> reporter: police say there have been at least six break- ins. in some cases, the residents have confronted the prowler in their homes. in at least one case, he stole a car. now police say it seems he's escalating his attacks. >> we have people of interest, we have leads. we have a number of officers who have been deployed out to
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these locations. we've increased our staffing. we have undercover officers out there right now. >> reporter: we're showing you those photos of the person of interest one more time. police say the suspect in this case is young. he appears to be in his late teens to early 20s, about 150 pounds with curly hair. shaved or close cut on the sides. the stills taken from the video surveillance here at the roadway inn. they're hoping somebody will see these photos and recognize the man in them. one more note, again, as you had said. alameda police saying even when the weather gets warm, they're urging people, especially on the west end of town to close and lock their doors and windows at night until the suspect is caught. >> good advice for just about every neighborhood in the bay area. san francisco sheriff, ross mirkarimi says he didn't know his driver's license was suspended according to statement issued tonight. earlier today, the dmv
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confirmed it had suspended mirkarimi's license because he failed to report an accident. under california law, both drivers in an accident must file a report if someone is hurt, or danieled of $750 or more. mirkarimi acknowledged he was in a noninjury crash last october. the dmv says the other driver reported it, but mirkarimi didn't. the dmv says sheriff mirkarimi is only allowed now to drive to and from work. the sheriff says he is working to clear it. google announced a major corporate reformation today that will create a new company called alphabet. he says products such as gmail, search, and android will continue to operate under the google name. the new company will allow for ventures to operate independent of google. those include the nest brand of internet connected thermostats. googles efforts to extend human
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life, and even smart contact lenses. page says alphabet will enable the company to tackle more ambitious projects. he says it will give the company a chance to invest in new opportunities and resources while improving transparency. a new poll shows republican presidential hopeful donald trump is still leading the gop pack after the first debate. trump remains steady with a wide lead over the other republican contenders. trump received 24%. jeb bush is the closest challenger at 12%. down from 17% before that televised debate. no other republican candidate is in the double-digits. florida senator marco rubio, and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee are even at 8%. hillary clinton outlined her plan to make college more affordable. she said the best way to lift americans incomes is to invest
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in education by making low interest grants and loans more available. >> i wanted to make this announcement here in new hampshire because students carry one of the highest debt burdens in the country. nearly $48,000. >> many republicans are blasting the plan in part because of how clinton would pay for it. she says she would cap itemized deductions for high income taxpayers to cover the projected $350 billion cost of the loans over 10 years. one of hillary clinton's democratic challengers brought his campaign to the bay area today. as ktvu's tom vacar reports, vermont senator, bernie sanders collected his first major union endorsement at an event in oakland. >> to proudly announce -- >> the long time friend of labor unions is hitting a sweet chord with a growing number of
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people as his once impossible dream, populous candidacy picks up steam. >> your endorsement to me is a major, major step forward, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> he says the u.s. is the only major nation that does not guarantee healthcare to all of its citizens. he intends to make that a cornerstone of his campaign, along with enormous campaign tax reforms. >> to guarantee that healthcare is a right of all people. [ cheering ] >> sanders told the packed house, he is the candidate for rejuvenating the middle class by eliminating college tuition all together. >> invest in nurses and in doctors and in medicine. not in the profits of insurance companies or drug companies. telling wall street that they are going to have to start paying their fair share of
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taxes. >> i asked him how he intends to get these enormous changes into congress. >> we have got to get millions of people to jump in to vote to be actively participating. >> sanders boasts that he has more individual campaign contributions than any candidate. average, $31. and no corruptive superp.a.c. money behind him. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. it's another tense night in ferguson one night after police say they came under fire. coming up, the latest on the civil unrest there. >> temperatures dropped a few degrees today. they're going to drop a few more degrees, as we head into your bay area tuesday. i'll let you know how much cooler it's going to get and when it will warm up again. >> and designed as a conduit for cars. cars are being pushed off of one busy san francisco street. the new restrictions set to take effect on market street tomorrow.
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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major changes are set to take effect tomorrow on one of san francisco's busiest streets. the new rules prevent private cars from making turns onto mark street between 3rd and 8th. heather holmes is live where they say safety is the newest restriction. >> reporter: they opponent to numerous accidents that have led to market street becoming one of the busiest. now new rules and signs, telling drivers they will no
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longer be allowed to turn onto the major thoroughfare. up and down san francisco's market street. >> it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: it's a bustling mix of drivers, bicyclists and walkers. >> if people are trying to get through traffic as fast as they can, so they take a little more chances without necessarily looking first. >> reporter: starting tuesday, a new strategy to limit the danger. >> the market street is going to be the great street that we all want and expect it to be. it's got to be safe. >> reporter: one way to reduce accidents is to reduce traffic volumes on the busy street, so private cars are being pushed off a congestive stretch of market. >> we're focusing on the intersections with some of the highest rates where drivers aren't uniting to pedestrians and cyclists. >> reporter: less congestion is expected to speed up several muni routes. the changes are also good news for cabbies, but not for
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drivers with private services like uber or lyft will will now be forced off market. >> i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: it's a vision, daily walker kate wyman believes is closer to reality. >> i love how walkable the city is, and if it's going to make it more walkable, all the better. >> reporter: several intersections advising drivers of the changes, and if you don't obey them and don't obey the signs, it is a $238 fine. >> that's pretty steep. what about drivers who use gps. visitors get lost and the gps might want them to make that turn onto market street. >> reporter: anticipating that, the sfmta reached out to the navigation providers and said
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let's update. that may not happen immediately, so best advice, mind those signs. now to the south bay, san jose police are investigating two officer involved shootings roughly six hours apart. the first incident started about 6:20 last night, when officers were called to virginia avenue around south 34th street for a stabbing. fearing for their lives they opened fire. the suspect died at the scene. the stabbing victim was hospitalized in critical condition. the second incident happened just after midnight near san marcos and gomes drive. the officers fired at him, but missed. he then barricaded himself in the home. police eventually gained access and say they found that man dead of a self-inflected gunshot wound. san jose's assistant chief defended his officers after the shooting. >> what has really increased, and what is alarming is the amount of individuals that are
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willing to take on the police. not just in this city, but nationally. that is something we're very concerned about. >> there have now been six officer involved shootings in san jose this year. in all of last year, the total was five. all of the officers involved in this most recent shooting are on leave, pending the results of the investigation. it's been a tense night in ferguson, missouri, after a day of demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the death of michael brown. a large crowd has been roaming the streets of ferguson tonight. police have ordered them to dispursed. earlier in the day, there were some arrests when the protesters shut down a highway for a short time. county officials did declare a state of emergency after officers shot an 18-year-old after they say he shot at them first. the emergency declaration gives sweeping powers to ferguson's police chief and has the attention of the federal justice department. >> to violence, obscure any
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message of peaceful protest. it places the community as well as the officers who are seeking to protect it in harm's way. >> these pictures were taken within the past hour in ferguson. there are people on the streets, but no organized protests appear. so far, no violence. we're tracking that cool down that we noticed today about 5 or 6 degrees. it will be cooler tomorrow. there's a lot of fog out there. sunset this evening. kind of lights underneath the fog bank there. a pretty big impact. a pretty big push tomorrow morning, because of this low pressure system here. that's a feature we've seen the last three winters in a row. summers in a row. not really supposed to be here. typically, you have a high pressure center. the coastal fog. what it does is pushing clouds in. increases the marine layer depth, so it gets up over the coastal hills and has a huge impact on temperatures and
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increased humidities in the fire zone. we heard earlier from the firefighters up on the big fires up in north bay up around middle town, that the increased humidity is going to continue and that they're really going to take an opportunity to jump on this fire because they have a chance, like the next 24 hours, the last 24 hours was pretty good. then it heats up after that. tomorrow, highs are going to be very similar to today. humidities will be very similar as well. the winds in fairfield are about 21 miles per hour. they were gusting to 30, 35 miles per hour earlier this evening. light winds on shore. fog when you wake up, and the bay area microclimates, it's a lot like today. there will be a few high clouds out there. you look at mid-70s towards muraga. low 80s and mid-80s toward gilroy and morgan hill. things change as we get toward the middle end of this week, temperatures start to go back
10:21 pm
this way with fire danger going up. see you back here. i want to introduce you to ms. wheelchair america 2015. she's from walnut creek. hear how she made pageant history. >> we go to raiders camp as the silver and black get ready for the preseason opener here on fox 2. >> up first, a suspicious fire destroys a san leandro market. why police were saying they think this was no accident.
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military officials at travis air force base had to close a runway after strong winds started a grass fire. it happened just before 6:00 tonight on the southwest side of the base. air force officials say the fire is now about 98% contained and normal operations there have resumed. fire crews remain on the scene
10:24 pm
as a precaution. an arsonist is likely responsible for a fire today that gutted a grocery store. >> rob roth tells us why firefighters think this fire was intensely set. >> reporter: the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, alameda county fire and the san leandro county police department are all investigating what caused this fire at the marina supermarket on doolittle drive this morning. alameda county fire got the call around 2:30, it burned quickly and intensely. one neighbor took this video of a small explosion that came from inside the market. >> since i saw the firefighters so close and i saw that thing go up, i was more concerned for their lives. >> reporter: in all, 50 firefighters joined the battle. the fire gutted the supermarket and badly damaged the medical supply store next door. >> we're out of business now, and we don't know the extent of the damage, because we haven't been able to go inside and
10:25 pm
actually see what's going on. >> reporter: this was a particularly difficult fire to put out. >> the fire was challenging right from the beginning. >> reporter: complicating matters, a water main break a block away, sending a river of water everywhere, but where firefighters needed it. the fire did cause over a dozen people living nearby to evacuate as a precaution. >> the flames are just like ten feet in the air. >> yeah. >> it was scary. >> reporter: once the smoke cleared, investigators began focusing on a dumpster next to the market, where they found a canister inside, along with other possible evidence. there is concern the building could collapse, so the owner will have to have it demolished. in san leandro, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. the east bay regional park district has issued a warning at lake temescal, it's telling
10:26 pm
people leave the otters alone. a family of river otters has been spotted there. they received a tip that fishermen may be targeting the otters, similar to these, because the otters are eating fish that are stocked in the lake. the park district says it will post warning signs. killing an otter can bring a $1,000 fine and jail time. drones are more and more popular with civilians, but what about law enforcement? at 10:45, how one bay area police department is planning on using the technology to try to fight crime. >> also, a bay area woman who's aspiring story is trying to overcome adverse itty. how she's using her story to help others.
10:27 pm
10:28 pm
a bay area woman is the newly crowned miss wheelchair
10:29 pm
america 2015. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee is live after spending time with the new title holder, and hearing the message she wants to share. >> reporter: ken, this park is wheelchair accessible, so she tells me, she loves being here. she hopes to use her new title to help the disabled community enjoy the same rights as everyone else. she finds it relaxing to spend time with her family. her fight in adopting a child will now be her platform for helping other disabled people to become parents. >> the first runner up is miss wheelchair georgia. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on august 1, in iowa, she was crowned miss wheelchair america 2016 from a field of two dozen contestants. she became the first contestant with a speech impediment to win in the pageant's history.
10:30 pm
>> but at the same time, exciting. >> reporter: the 43-year-old has cerebral palsy, and is a wheelchair user. she wants people to know her intelligence is in tact. her daughter says mom sets a shining example. >> she accomplished so much in her lifetime. >> reporter: as miss wheelchair america, koelbel temple will be a spokesperson to advance the rights of the disabled. >> it was her husband's idea to enter the miss california pageant. initially, she said no way, but after much thought, she realized there is power behind a tiara, and a title. >> reporter: they were told by adoption agencies, she was too disabled to adopt. they were even victimized by a scam artist who promised them a baby. the couple credits ktvu's coverage of that crime, with eventually helping them adopt their daughter, katherine. >> we were actually being
10:31 pm
interviewed by frank somerville on mornings on 2 on a live interview, and a woman in eureka who had justgiven birth and wanted to give up her baby for adoption saw us on tv. >> the old saying, don't judge a book by its cover is quite true. >> reporter: koelbel temple is also a psychology professor at jfk university in pleasant hill. starting next week, she will tour the country to make public appearances. >> what an inspirational story. amber lee live. an iranian court is expected to soon decide the fate of a jailed washington post reporter and bay area native. she was in the courtroom in tehran to support her son at his final hearing. the zion was born and raised in
10:32 pm
marin county, and holds dual u.s. and iranian citizenship. he was serving as "the washington post" tehran bureau chief when he was arrested and charged with spying and spreading propaganda against iran. he maintains his innocence. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. a verdict is expected within a week. a new poll suggests americans are split on the recently brokered nuclear deal with iran. the monmouth university poll found 41% of people questioned, believed iran got more of the deal than the u.s. just 23% thought the agreement was fair for both sides. meantime, democratic senator chuck schumer defended his opposition to the white house plan. >> when it's such a difficult decision as this one has been, you've got to study it carefully, come up with a conclusion. not let pressure, politics, or party influential your decision, and then do the right thing. >> schumer says lifting u.s.
10:33 pm
sanctions on iran would give them billions of dollars to fund terrorism. a day of violence erupted in istanbul, turkey's largest city. this after two women opened fire on the u.s. consulate, setting off an intense gunfire with police. a bistander described the early morning clash. >> translator: we heard the sound of infighting. a woman hid from here to there. she and the police officer started clashing. >> one of the assailants is now in police custody. after the explosion there were no casualties. they posted an internet statement, claiming responsibility for the attack. the search continues for that second attacker. officials say violence in turkey seems to be on the rise just two weeks after the u.s. agreed to work closely with the government against the islamic state. >> reporter: the federal agency in charge of protecting the environment is now responsible for a disastrous accident in colorado that seems to be
10:34 pm
getting worse by the minute. workers from the epa accidently released millions of gallons of contaminated water from an abandoned gold mine. >> reporter: 500 gallons per minute is the rate the environmental protection agency says mustard yellow contaminated wastewater is flowing into the animas river in colorado. the epa's own workers triggered the spill when a crew investigating the gold king mine breached a debris dam. at last estimate, more than 3 million gallons of water, containing metals like copper, manganese and zinc has leaked into the water. residents are being told to stay away. >> people in that part of our state love that river and they recreate on it.
10:35 pm
the tragedy is what will happen to the water? >> reporter: the animas river flows into new mexico and into the colorado river, which supplies millions of people in the west. >> phoenix, las vegas, los angeles, san diego. they're relying on a large part upon water that originates in our state. >> reporter: the epa says as the toxic plume moves, it naturally dilutes, but residents here and down stream are horrified. including new mexico governor, suzannea martinez who promised to hold the federal government responsible for the cleanup. >> you can't even describe it. it's like when i flew over the fires and you see something that your mind isn't ready or adjusted to see. >> reporter: in a conference call with members of the media, the epa was asked why it could not prevent this type of disaster. one of the regional administrators says there will be an independent investigation to figure that out. in denver, fox news. will the united states make a pitch to host the 2024
10:36 pm
olympic summer games? ahead tonight what the mayor of los angeles is saying about a bid after boston said it's not interested. >> going to talk about that warm up that's headed your way as get into the five-day forecast. >> a scary scene for summer campers. the crash that led to almost 20 children being taken to the hospital.
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emergency crews took almost two dozen people to the hospital including 19 children after a chain reaction crash on interstate 80 in berkely. six creeks were involved in this morning's crash, including a school bus from a jewish summer camp in berkely. investigators say it appears the bus rear ended a nissan van near the ashby exit.
10:39 pm
>> how many people were hurt? >> we had a total of 26 patients that were transported, and an additional probably 17 that were not injured. >> the injuries are described as minor. but 19 children from the bus were sent to the hospital as a precaution. target is changing the way it identifies several of the departments in its store to eliminate gender based labeling. target will phase out the blue, pink, yellow, and green backdrops on signs and walls in certain areas. that's after an ohio customer tweeted a sign that separated building sets and girls building sets. target said that started a conversation about which products needed to be labeled. billionaire warren buffet made the biggest purchase of his legendary career today. the ceo of of berkshire hathaway shelled out $32 billion for a company called precision cast parts. it's a company that creates vinyl parts for the aerospace
10:40 pm
industry. buffet said the company's attention to detail convinced him to make that purchase. on wall street, a big reversal. the dow stopped a seven day skid by gaining 241 points. the nasdaq tacked on 58 points, and the s & p rose 26. among the cattlists, suggests that a federate hike next month is not a certainty. los angeles appears to be close to a foremannal pitch to host the 2014 summer games. the l.a. mayor tells the law times the city is close to reaching an agreement with the u.s. olympic committee. l.a. wasn't in the running until boston suddenly pulled out of negotiations last month because of the financial risk. he said he couldn't promise there would be any risk but in his opinion, it's small. the usoc needs to make a decision next month. bay area residents are concerned they'll be forced to pick up and move out. the growing pressure to sell mobile home parks to
10:41 pm
developers. what the city of san jose is planning to do about it. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a warm up this week. he will join us with your complete bay area forecast. >> up first, how one bay area police department is hoping to apply drones to fight crime, while keeping peace with the community. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again!
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it's a plan that's about to take flight. san jose's police department goes before the city council tomorrow to discuss its plans to use a drone purchased for $7,000. ktvu's ann reuben explains how and when the drone is likely to be used. >> reporter: for the last year and a half, the san jose police department has owned a drone like this. the century neo 660. tomorrow, the city council is likely to sign off on a drone policy. how and when did can be used. >> i'm pleased it's making
10:44 pm
progress. did it take it too long? absolutely. should we have already had access to the drone in order to keep officers safe and the public safe? absolutely. >> reporter: it was in part public concern that slowed the process down. >> the police got that drone without public comment first, and the public was concerned how it would be used. >> reporter: they held six meetings to get public input. they ultimately helped craft and sign off on the drone rules. >> we did not want it to be, yes, we approve this one use. >> reporter: the rules, as they stand say the drone can only be used in the case of an explosive device, or an active shooter situation. there can be no surveillance. in addition, the camera won't be allowed to record. there can be no acoustical performances. >> drones are important to
10:45 pm
protect the lives of officers in extraordinary circumstances, and protect the public. >> reporter: some san jose residents say they're still not convinced. >> there's a lot of different ways they can go about enforcing power for police officers. >> reporter: don't expect to see a drone overhead right away. the administration still needs approval from the faa, before the one year pilot program can get underway. ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. the san jose city council is considering a 6 month moratorium on mobile home park conversion. san jose is currently home to 59 mobile home parks. as the value of parks increases, so does the number of owners. the proposed moratorium would give the city time to review a 1986 ordinance that outlines the process of closing a mobile home park. one resident received a notice that says the new owners plan to sell. that means she'll be without a
10:46 pm
place to live unless the city intervenes. the plan is to have it closed in two years. and that caused more fear, more panic, because of course we're not ready to move in two years and had never planned to move. >> city officials are slated to discuss issues about how to help displaced residents. ideas include requiring city council approval for park conversions. tracking those temperatures from today. it cooled off. it's going to cool off a little more tomorrow. the main importance of that is it's going to help fire zones in northern california. you've got that 84-degree reading. that was santa rosa today. there's your 83 in napa. 86 in antioch. that's one of the warmest spots. 86 in fairfield. flag downtown oakland is blowing a bit. winds up in the delta up to 35 miles per hour. had a weather is the one
10:47 pm
spinning right there. that's the one that starts us off with a cooler pattern again, or a mild pattern again tomorrow. even the drizzle showing up. for us, it's like summer as usual. for the fire zones, the rocky fire and the jerusalem fire up north. that's huge, because you're injecting all of this moisture into the atmosphere. firefighters, we did a story earlier tonight. the first thing you said, we're going to take advantage of this weather pattern. the weather has been helpful in these fires, getting a handle on them. 63 in napa right now. humidity in these fire zones, getting up there. 40, 45%. by morning, they could be up around 65%. hurricane hilda falling apart quickly. right now, still a cat 1 hurricane. by thursday morning, it looks like it wants to be right off the big island. this is different than guillermo. hurricane hilda, which will be
10:48 pm
tropical storm hilda is going to slide off the island to the south. which could cause swell issues, a lot of cloud cover, a lot of rain thursday, friday, saturday. for us, that low pressure that i pointed out, that just sends us downward in a temperature spiral. today it cooled. tomorrow it cools a little mower, then levels off on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday temperatures come back up, and the fire zones become a little bit more dangerous. tomorrow morning's fog forecast or tomorrow more than's temperature forecast. 90s well inland. kind of mild. as we head into your san francisco forecast, 68 for a daytime high in san francisco tomorrow. partly cloudy, pretty much all day. then you've got an 85 in clear lake. 84 in fairfield. 81 in walnut creek. these temperatures are cooler than many climatologists would expect by a few degrees. 77 in san jose. air quality is still good for
10:49 pm
us. you may notice the humidity. some tropical moisture still lingering. that's made it feel a little sticky around here. here's that five-day forecast. again, firefighters really enjoying this opportunity to get a handle on those two big fires. there's many fires in the state. but those two big ones in our backyard. >> yeah, back-to-back. >> one fire soon. >> and not even full fire season yet. >> we're getting sort of a precursor to what we're looking for. history is made yet again on the international space station. see how this latest achievement could help humans reach galaxies never before thought possible.
10:50 pm
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it's good yeah. >> kind of like arugula. >> who knew a simple salad could make space history? well it has, the crew ate red romaine lettuce in space. they tasted it raw, then added a little vinegar. they became the first astronauts to eat food grown entirely in space. nasa says it may help astronauts survive on future deep space missions. joe fonzi is here.
10:53 pm
giants fans have got to be loving the dodgers right now. >> they're happy that they're little slump has coincided with one by the dodgers. they picked up ground on the division leading dodgers. luckily for the giants, the dodgers have been having their issues as well. nationals jumping out to a 2-0 lead, when ian desmond put a brett anderson pitch into the seats. the nationals put a close game away with a 5-run 6th. two runs score, as werth goes to second with a double. the national goes on to win 8- 3, handing the dodgers their fourth straight loss. their lead over the second place giants now 2.5 games. it's the time in nfl training camps where the players are tired of hitting each other and would like to see an opponent in a different colored uniform. also the time when depth charts start taking shape.
10:54 pm
for the raiders, it's looking like mychal rivera will be number 1 on the chart for tight end. he went from three starts his rookie year to 10 last year. the raiders like how they finished last season, winning 3 of their last 6 games and rivera looks how he's progressing. >> route running, and my catching ability. i can create a lot of mismatches. you put linebackers on me, i'm faster than them, i'm quicker than them, and you put safeties on me and i'm bigger than them. i'm working on that, and knowing defenses and the playbook. the raiders play their first preseason game on friday night. they meet the rams, broadcast time 7:00. they're a little sick of seeing each other in carolina panthers camp. cam newton through a pass intercepted by josh norman. newton wasn't to tackle norman,
10:55 pm
and norman straight armed newton in the head. newton's red jersey means your not supposed to hit himment but he doesn't think it keeps him from delivering the hit. college camps have to be right behind. stanford had its first practice today. it ended with three straight wins, including the foster farms game over maryland. quarterback hogan decided to return for a final year of eligibility. he'll be looking to throw to christian mccaffery. mccaffery rushed for 300 yards as a true freshman. cardinal opens up on september 5 at northwestern, and mccaffery's eager to go. >> we have a team that plays with so much energy. i think we've really come together, built that momentum off the last three games last season, and have carried it on. camp started today, i think that energy level was the same,
10:56 pm
you know, first day is always a little bit rusty, so there's going to be some things that we can clean up, but i love our talent and camaraderie, so i'm excited. one of the great debates in sports always centerrers around who is the best all-time. in basketball, there's always a case to be made for michael jordan. jordan this week at a chicago bulls legends camp before a whole generation of youngsters who never saw him play. the kids do know about lebron james. someone asked jordan the obvious question, who was better, james or jordan? >> no question. >> jordan, no question. i'm inclined to agree with that. final major of the golf season at the pga gets going this week. rory mcilroy who did not play in the british, because of injury says he's 100% and good to go for the pga. >> just think all of those kids missed out on jordan. >> thank you, joe. thank you for joining us
10:57 pm
tonight. up next, modern family. >> mornings on 2 begins at 4:00 a.m. the latest on efforts to contain that new wildfire burning in lake county. good night.
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