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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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14th and peraslta this morning. again, this is the aftermath of that explosion. alameda county sheriff's deputies were serving the eviction notice to the tenant in the back unit tomorrow morning, instead of breaking down the door, they drilled out the lock and as they started drilling, an explosion started inside, and that also caused a fire. it blew out the wall where other families were living. >> as soon as i heard the drill hit, i heard an explosion, boom. and so i don't remember actually pushing up, but i remember being on my feet quickly, and i walked to the hallway, turned to the right, and then there was fire right there. >> the explosion also blew out the exterior wall, causing minor injuries to two alameda county sheriff's deputy, those deputies were taken to highland hospital, and the men are expected to be okay. and after firefighters put out the fire, investigators discovered a badly burned body inside of the unit where the eviction notice was being served. they're not sure if that home
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was booby trapped or if the explosion was simply an accident, but they're saying it looks like some type of natural gas incident and the authorities haven't said if the victim was the owner being convicted. they told us that the tenant had been there since 2010 and stopped paying rent in may. >> what are investigators saying? is it possible that the victim could have died before the explosion? >> it's absolutely a possibility. investigators can't say right now, if he died before or as a result of tex mroegs. it's certainly something they're looking into. this is an unusual incident. >> thank you. now, to the jerusalem fire shows no signs at all of letting up. it doubled in size overnight to 12,000 acres, these are live pictures from sky fox, you can see the spoke burning from that fire. it's burning very close to the area where the rocky fire broke out late last month. we head now to ktvu's walker who has been in the fire zone, what
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can you tell us? >> ken, this is another really big fire, it's been burning in a couple of different directions. take a look behind me, it's been burning to the north, as you said n the direction toward the rocky fire. in the last hour, i can see it has burned farther past the ridge line. to the right side of the screen, it is burping to the southeast, that gives you some indication of how shifting the winds are and how shifting the conditions are within the fire area. the firefighters are on the ground, attacking this in rugged terrain can and thick brush, while the a air attacks continue overhead. wildfires usually sleep at night not this one. overnight, the jerusalem fired doubled in size to 12,000 acres and growing. sending up smoke signals for miles. and signalling potential danger for those fighting the flames below. >> these types of plumes, can also collapse and change the dynamics on the ground. something that is extremely dangerous for firefighters. >>reporter: pictures tell the
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story of how quickly this fire moved. these time lapse videos. the camera he had set out to take photos of wildlife, instead, captured its last images of the wildfire, consuming the 180-acre property, and the camera. only the pictures survived. we talked to him monday, as he took refuge with neighbors. >> something else. 40 years and this is the first time it's ever done any damage like that up at the house. >>reporter: the though, the fire has grown, the number of evacuations has not. there are 50 homes in the jerusalem valley that are threatened. the people who live here, on edge. >> we've got really, really lucky. i mean, we have -- we have some high places, you can see i it, 180 degrees, it's been burning. so actually, i'm kind of getting calm, but not yet. i'm ready to go. >>reporter: to the southeast,
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with eyes on it, wherever it turns. so sky fox, a live picture from sky fox is giving you a different perspective of the jerusalem fire. 0% containment. that 0% containment is a little deceiving number. it sounds like well, they're not doing anything on the fire, but they have been fighting this since it broke out on sunday afternoon. that containment number is a black line or a wet line around the fire. that's an area like where i'm stajding right now, that the fire could not cross with ease because there's nothing left to burn or they have dug a trench and brought in bulldozers so that it makes it difficult for the fire to cross that line. >> and noel, i saw in the cal fire web page that they predict that had the 17th is when they will have containment of this fire, so that's 6 days away. are you getting a sense, that
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they have 0 containment now, they're going to make problem. >>reporter: a lot of this is forecasting the weather, but as we keep saying over and over again, you feel like a broken record, it's been so unpredictable. they can predict within a certain amount of what's going to happen and then just go from there. because a lot of them relying on their experience, doesn't tell them what's going to happen in here because they've never seen it before. >> yeah, and we can see the wind blowing your hair and the smoke drifting behind you. noel walker live on the jerusalem fire. the jerusalem fire is burning less than a mile from the rocky fire, that fire consumed almost 70,000 acres, in just the past week and a half. it's now almost 90% contained. you can see on the map how close the two fires are here, in fact, cal fire officials say the two may actually merge to create one large burn area. and let's check in right now with chief meteorologist bill martin for the latest on the conditions these fire crews are facing tonight. bill. >> yeah, we keep talking about these unprecedented conditions,
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i've got to tell you, julie and i were talking here in the break, the weather has been not that bad for firefighters. right, i mean, thef had a -- they've had a pretty good time of it. not that hot, pretty moist. the jerusalem fire is 12,000 acres, it is 7 miles north of middleton. kelseyville, in the fire zone, but look at the humidity, 32% in kels i haveville, that is double what i'd expect it to be this time of the year. so firefighters getting a bit of a break, from the weather. so why is everything going off? why are we seeing so much of a burn area? look at this. 22% in knoxville. why? it's 4 years of drought. this stuff is unprecedented. we've never seen in before, because in our tenure, here, in the state of california, we've never seen four years of drought like this. and then, drop right into a fire season. there's a weather system out there that's going to have some impacts on the bay area, cooldown as it be, i will talk about that, but we are going to heat up again and the fire
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dangers are going to come u. imagine we were in a red flag burning area. they are in a host tile environment for fires in august. high humiditys, cool temperatures and the winds are not that out of control. so definitely a cautionary moment. we'll talk about temperatures that are trending the other way. it will be hot and the fire danger will ratchet up. for the very latest on all of the wildfire, burning across california, log on to we're also posting updating on our facebook and twitter pages. new information is emerging on the accused killer of 8-year-old madyson middleton last month. investigators are looking into whether 15-year-old adrian gonzalez. the person who made that threat reportedly wrote that he had crippling anxiety. gonzalez a parentsly used that same -- apparently use that had
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same phrase on his instagram account before his arrest. he is set to appear in court again next month. a public memorial for matsuzakaen at the kaiser permanente. new information about sunday's deadly officer shooting. adrian rivera was shot and killed by police after they say he stabbed a man with a meat cleaver, and then threatened officers. that's the picture there of that meat cleaver. the man who was stabbed survived but is still in the hospital t. two officers who shot and killed rivera on paid leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. a new law signed by governor brown today will allow children with live in nannies to attend school where the parents work. the school district hired a private investigators to look into a student's resident si. the 7-year-old student lived at the home where her mother worked five days a week at as a live in
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nanny, but the child was kicked out of school after they said she did not meet residency requirements. they will qualify to attend a local school. the city, the oakland raider will call their home is once again a matter of speculation. nfl owners held one of their annual meetings today in chicago and the future of the raiders was one of the main topics. here to tell us what as going on this time with the raiders. >> well, this isn't the first go around for this story, is it? there was a time when los angeles had two nfl teams, the raiders, and the rams. they both left in time to start the 1995 season, and the south land has been without a team ever since. two groups now talking about bringing a team or in this case, two teams back to the l.a. area. a group headed by former 49 owner, met with owners today outlining a plan that would bring both the raiders and the san diego chargers to carson. he would expect policy po be up
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beet about the presentation -- upbeat about the presentation. . >> that was also a big part of our final -- what we call instructural points. one grand stadium, all the bells and whistles and when you have fwo teams going in, you can afford to expand what it is you're building, and the budget all of the things. it becomes enhanced. one grand stadium built by two owners and there will be no landlord-tenant relationship. >> it has been to be actionable. and so what actionable means it can't be an idea. to the extent there's enabling financing activities, or litigation threats or anything like that, anything that needs to be assembled, has to be assembled in a time frame where a club could aths on act on it. and those sort of tests has not been made in oakland. >> what happened today in no way
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prides any kind of concrete plan. it signifies that this group is ahead of keeping them oak lajd, they have a location and a plan. >> there has been so much talk on this. when do we know what's going to happen with the raiders? >> whether it's the south land or here, it's still the state of california and what you're not going to get in california is any taxpayer financing on a new stadium. right. >> so they may have a sight and nice picture, but until they come up with a plan that accounts for how this thing is going to get built and wlo is going to pay for it, that is when you start having real spears belief blt in a plan. >> all right. >> but i think it does signify in oakland wants to keep the raiders, the timing is now. >> joe, thank you. sure, by the way, first oakland raiders preseason game is this friday at 7:00 p.m. here on ktvu. new york jets quarterback gina smith was side lieped today after a teammate break his jaw. punched smith in the locker room
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this morning. in an incident that had nothing to do with football. both called it a quote sucker punch. he was fired and issued an apology through his agent. smith will be out 6-10 weeks. they are one of the last areas f of affordable housing. also, a disabled man learns his fate today after he's arrested for arming himself with a knife, to fend off attackers. >> and airline consumer complaints are skyrocketing, what industry analysts say is behind the jump. there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óiy
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a new report show s complaints against airlines are up 20% in the first six months of this year, compared to the
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same period last year. ktvu looks at the reasons why more consumers thinks something has to be done. >> you know, how much does an airline ticket cost? with the possible exception of southwest, that remains a mystery of the universe. this time around, the bulk of complaints were about cancellations, delays, and disconnections. the airlines right now, and people find this amazing, have fewer flights flying today in the air, than we had in the year 2000. so there's no excuse for the skies being overcrowded, we need new air traffic controllers and all of this other stuff. >>reporter: airlines say they are down 5.5% over the same period last year. but consumer advocates dispute that. because of so-called ancillary fees. add-ons or rip off, depending on your point of view, for such things as checked bag angs, chance lagss, i tin rare
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changes. >> there are 38 billion dollars a year, and it's infuriating both to consumer whos have to pay a lot more than what the ticket price is, and increasingly to the government, because this allows your airlines to escape the 7.5% tax they have to pay on the ticket price. it's absolutely 100% purposeful by the airlines. the airlines do not want you to know how much the total cost of travel will be, because they do not want you to be able to comparison shop. >>reporter: on time performance increased at points to 75% but, that's still means that one in every four flights is late. >> mishandled or lost bagged dipped to 3.5 bags per 1,000 passengers. >> it is a bogus number. as baggage fees go up, we are finding that fewer people check bagged. you think, of course, the lost baggage are going to drop.
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>>reporter: bear no resemblance to the service. the difference of the first checked bag at $25 and the third at $150. cannot be justified on the basis of the extra fuel, or labor costs. example, cancellation fees. >> they'll charge hundreds of dollars to cancel the reservation, and then they will sell the same seat to somebody else. >> now, though the, there are fewer airlines flying fewer flights, the airlines maintain that competition best serves the consumer's interest. ktvu fox 2 news. the parents of a north bay toddler are looking for a bone marrow match. an extremely rare genetic disorder that forces them to live in isolation while they wait for a life saving bone marrow transplant. 30 people in the world have the disease. a donation registry drive is set to begin at 5:30 at the farmer's market, if you can't attend that event, there is snfgs on how to
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register by mail on the team jack website. you can find a link to it at after five years, and $75,000, volunteers in martinez have restored a piece of bay area history. a power boat once owned by baseball legend joe deimagine owe. they gave him the chris craft. it was displayed at the entrance to the marina, but the weather took its toll and a huge effort to return the boat to its original glory. the man who handled the fund raising for the restoration said the craftsman were magicians. >> they're the artists, they're the geniuss, it was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces didn't fit. >> the boat has won recognition at the boat shows, and they are looking for a permanent place to display the vessel. all right. another check of our weather now, from chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather
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center, and still kind of humid outside today. >> yeah, it is humid. it was like that yesterday, too. i was going to go to my story. >> do it. >> it's -- my parents grew up in the city, san francisco loved joe in the 40s and 50s, italian american. i saw him once, i was shopping in the marina safe way and joe must have been 80 back then, but you talk about a dude. i moon, he just look -- i mean, he just looked right at me and just all guy. >> he was marylin monroe for a while. >> he was a neat guy. he had that look. confidence beyond. >> iconic figure. >> yeah, san francisco loves that guy, and we love joe, it's nice to see his boat beingen care of. >>. the fog along the coast is lingering, and it is going to be in and out. the humidity and the high clouds. we had a lot of hupt yesterday, too, actually. the high clouds lingering around. moisture at the surface, via this system right here, let me
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center it up for you. this guy in here, this low pressure center, that's what dropped the temperatures a bit today. that's going to a lo u the temperatures to stay cool tomorrow, with that said, firefighters having an opportunity to get some what of a handle on the fires that are devastating parts of the north bay up in the lake county area. the fog along the coast, the humidity and the fire zones higher today than you would expect for this time of the year. tomorrow, they'll get a bit of a break. but temperatures change. it will get hot around here into saturday sxund. and fire danger will become legit. right now, fair danger, it's always dangerous in the summer months in the bay area, in four year drought. welg conditions aren't out of control for fires. it is mild and moist and the winds aren't crazy. rapidly to becoming a tropical storm. as it bumps into the big island of hawaii, just south of the island, on thursday.
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then it kind of flairs off from there, so the main island lookings like it will get the biggest hit and south swell generated from it. but big island, if you are there on thursday, wednesday night, thur, you'll notice it. fog forecast for the morning hours, plenty of it. temperatures will warm to where they were today. 85 in fairfield. vacaville 88. i don't think we see any 90s, we see all mid 80s in the hot spots. santa clara in the mid 80s. temperatures come back. so here's tomorrow, here's warming up on thursday. and then friday, and saturday, and sunday. and you can bet cal fire has got their eye on that 72 hour period there. because they haven't had those conditions really since the fire started. so it's definitely something worth watching. >> all right. keeps us posted. >> back with you in a little bit. >> thanks, bill. a new high-the tech shower head is making waves for using less water. and hopefuls back on the
5:22 pm
campaign trail, the one candidate hanging on for dear life. >> also coming up new at 6:00, employees at the dmv accused of taking cash for licenses. the allegations today involving dozens of commercial truck drivers. >> plus, san jose city leaders set to vote on the use of drones by police. how the decision could affect people's privacy.
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we are still months away from the first iowa caucus, but waves of changes are rippling
5:25 pm
through the packed field of gop candidates. rick perry is holding on for dear life, as money problems plague the campaign. hillary clinton continue canned to push her plan to make college more affordable. joel waldman has more from washington. >>reporter: continuing her campaign towards through new hampshire, hillary clinton once again tattered her new multibillion dollars ten year college affordable plan. >> should not be a barrier and debt should not hold you back. >>reporter: clinton increasingly finds herself -- a foreign policy speech in california tuesday. putting her both and president barack obama for the spread of isis across iraq and syria. wisconsin governor scott walker, is eyeing clinton also. >> instead of doing what donald trump is, and that's attacking other republicans, i'm going to focus on hillary clinton. >>reporter: one candidate who remains impartial when it comes
5:26 pm
to -- donald trump. pushing scott walker and other gop candidates further into ir relevancy. >> his numbers have been bad in wisconsin and they're putting -- a lot of problems. >>reporter: another high profile candidate facing his fair share of post debate problems, rick perry, the former texas governor's campaign, announcing it can no longer pay some of its staffers. >> it's not a good sign when campaigns can't pay their staffers this early, it is in real trouble. >>reporter: 1 million dollars by june, the super pacs backing the candidate, and his super pac add vier sor says they remain optimistic. fox news. >> enterprise rental car company is expanding its ride sharing business to college campuses. enterprise is already operating in san francisco and other major city, now it's planning to put 300 vehicles on dozens of college campuses and lower the
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renting age to 18. it works similar to zip car, a student can rent a car on an hourly basis after signing up to become a car share member. students scan their cards, the car unlocks, and then they can drive where they want. when they're done, they scan the card again, and then the car is locked for the next person to use. a san francisco startup is using tex nolg to conserve water with a device most of us use every day. the makers of the shower head claims it can reduce water consumption by 70%. the shower head works by breaking up water into tiny droplets and increasing the surface area of the spray. while the average person uses up to 20 gallons of water per somehow e it can get the job done with 6 gallons. the product has already received endormentss by heavy hitter, including apple ceo tim cooke. affordable housing in short supply in the bay area. the new plan before san jose leaders to prevefsh what is left. google, facebook and
5:28 pm
twitter, battling child pornography, the high-tech way they plan to do it. and new details in the malaysia airliner in the ukraine, the new discovery that points to sabotage.
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more than a 100 people mostly elderly, living in a mobile home park in san jose, fear they won't have a home after the property owners announced a plan p to close it down the. it sits on prime real estate
5:31 pm
near santana row. live at san jose city council, to consider a 6 month moratorium on mobile home park con investigations. >> they are still talking about this moratorium, they've been talking about it since 3:30 this afternoon. we are expecting that they will approve it. this moratorium is letting everyone take a big look at this issue. affording housing for seniorss. one senior told me when you google or research independent living for seniors, all that kops up are convalescent homes. >> within seconds of meeting 81-year-old jones, you can tell how much she cherishs her mobile home we lived here in san jose, why should we have to leave? when we're old and enjoying what we produced? >>reporter: she relice solely on d -- relies solely on social
5:32 pm
security. she will lose her home and her community. >> these are friends. and it's -- if i have to leave and they have to leave, we'll never see each other again. >>reporter: park owners announced a plan to move aren't resident -- residents out by 2017. a 6 month moratorium on conversions. they live in 59 mobile home marks in san jose. >> it's imperative that we have a fair evaluation for the mobile homes. and that owner of those mobile homes feel confident that if there's a negotiation, that they're going to get every dollar that they deserve. >>reporter: new policy considerations include tightenning loopholes where land owners can seek a permit without the city council's review, and requiring dwoerps to ensure that they are preserved. >> i don't see a legal ground where we can ask an owner of a piece of property to insist that
5:33 pm
they stay in business. providing a certain model. >>reporter: council member is concerned with the legal ramification and the property owners rights. light rail kor dors, high density housing, may make more sense. still jones is adamant on affordable living for seniors. >> most of us have worked in silicon valley and we're not stupid and we're not going to take anything lying down. >>reporter: a similar situation is happening at the mobile home park in palo al to. and seniors living at this mobile home park in san jose, are hoping they will help them, too. >> the prices are so high for real estate, it's just putting the squeeze on a lot of people. thank you. the san mateo county sheriff's department is warning people to be on alert after a man sexually a saultd a woman in her -- assaulted a woman in her home around 10:30 sunday night.
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police say the man knocked on the woman's door, and she let him in, they say he sexually assaulted the woman, and then ran away. police in oakland are searching for two gunmen who kidnapped and robbed a man last night. they wore ski masked and force them into a car in nonlt of a store on 96th and international. they drove him around before dropping him off on mountain boulevard in the oakland hills. he was not hurt. several bay area companies are teaming up with a charitable organization to protect children by preventing people from sharing abusive images on line. internet watch foundation, has teamed one twitter and other high-tech companies, to create a database called the hash list. it identified abuse i images, involving children and flags them with i dent fieing marker. -- i dent fieing marker. companies such as google, facebook and twitter can make
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that happen. in ferguson, missouri, marking sunday's anniversary of the death of teenager michael brown. 22 people were arrested leastst last night, bringing the total number of arrests since sunday to 120. reporter will carr has more on how the police are handling the situation. >>reporter: people taking to the streets for a fourth night of renewed protests here in ferguson. protesters and police facing off with some demonstrators refusing to leave a roadway. police are trying to get people off of the right of way. >> they need to give us a little leeway if they want us to try to help control this protest in a peaceful way. we don't want st. louis fo have a black -- to have a black eye, we don't want ferguson to have a black eye. >> the protest was violent and sunday night's event, gunfire breaking out, which was not part
5:36 pm
of the demonstrations. officers later shooting at a teenager after they say he fired a at them. the county executive declarg a state of emergency. >> they have to have the resources and n place and they have to be read doi act quickly. >>reporter: -- ready to act quickly. >>reporter: police say there were no reports of shooting, property damage or looting overnight. in doubt welcomed news for this local resident and her daughter, who helped clean up after sunday night's protests. >> if we have continued positivity. but a negative after the positive knocks us down on the knees. >>reporter: no police officers or protesters were hurt. in ferguson, missouri, will carr, fox news. now, to texas where the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teen on friday, has been fired. 49-year-old recruit officer brad miller, was undergoing supervised field training when he responded to a report of a break-in at a car dealership.
5:37 pm
christian taylor was acting ir rationly and roaming around inside of the dealership. officer miller entered if business on his own and that's when enif shooting happen -- when the shooting happening. it turned out to be a cell phone and his wallet and not a gun. dutch officials have found possible missile parts in ukraine, where a passenger was shot down last year. 298 people were till l killed when the malaysia airlines flight went down in route to amsterdam. prosecutors say the parts now in their possession could be from a surface to air missile. a missile l strike is the most likely cause of that plane crash. spanish police took took po sags of a painting that they say the owner was trying to smuggle to switzerland. the painting, known as head of a young woman, is worth as much as 28 million dollars. spanish law classifies it as a national treasure. and it's owner needs a permit to take it out of spain.
5:38 pm
officials say he didn't have one, and when he took the painting to the french island of courseca on his yacht. they seized it, which they suspect was on its way to being sold in swits land. the painting will return to spain until the legal status is resolve sgld they are among the -- they are among the most important people with aviation safety. the safety of the national air traffic control system. >> and they show millions of visitors to the sights. but recent concerns about the operators and the tourists. >> the jury decides the fate of a disabled man after being hassled on the streets of san francisco.
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
5:41 pm
0001 a disabled man who armed mist himself with a kitchen knife to fight ouf bullies has been cleared of any wrongdoing. some on the jury felt the case should never have gone to trial. >>reporter: 47-year-old gsmez points to the spot where he says thugs threatened him. >> i pulled out a knife to protect myself, he says, but it's illegal to carry a knife. >> i grabbed the knife to protect myself in case i was confronted by these people again. turns out, gsmez, who became disabled in 2007, when a piano fell on him during a movie job
5:42 pm
was harassed by the same three men days before. he had dropped off the prescriptions for his ailing back at this walgreen's on the corner of 16th and mission. january 289th, he came to -- 28th, he came to pick it up. it's very sad that in san francisco, you would have to carry something like a knife. this case stuck to us, because mr. gsmez needed protection, and not prosecution. >>reporter: carmen with the public defender's office, says he never hurt anyone where the knife. he was thrown to ground and handcuffed. the suspects ran off. >> he essentially admitted to carrying the dagger and he was indicating that he needed to carry the dagger, we charged him with a misdemeanor and there are certain cases that need to shake out at trial. >> the jury found gsmez not guilty. >> he feels vindicated because the jury decided to use a law as a shield and instead of a sword. and the jury listened to him, when the police wouldn't.
5:43 pm
>> i am angry, frustrated, and stressed that for 8 months, i was in court again and again. in jail for one month. i couldn't sleep, couldn't ooed eat, all for nothing. >>reporter: gsmez, who has trouble walking is thinking about changing his pharmacy. he doesn't want anymore problems. >> he's looking for peace, tranquility and a chance to move on. >>reporter: in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. a newly discovered study is raising concerns about whether air traffic controllers are dangerously overworked. the fall study suggests that the work schedules of air traffic controllers can lead to chronic fatigue. it found almost 20% offensive line of krolgers had made significant errors this the previous year, such as allowing the planes to get too close to each other. and more than half of the controllers contributed it to fatigue. >> it's difficult to adjust schedules, so that people get
5:44 pm
more rest. the faa is in the process right now of hiring 10,000 new controllers over the next decade. >> the tud di found the most -- study found that the tiring hours was 6 days a week, 7 days in a row. it was uncovered by the associated press, which says the government has kept these findings secret for years. it was con duktd by nasa at the -- conducted by nasa at the request of the federal aviation administration. a proposal to spend millions of dollars expanding a bay area jail. why protesters say that money is going to the wrong place. >> and it's been one year since the death of robin williams, how fans are paying tribute. . >> and temperatures on the mild side again, today, there's plenty of fog out there. but what does it move as we move through the end of the week? i'll let you know what you can expect tomorrow.
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0001 a proposal to expand the richmond jail, sparked a loud protest this morning in martinez. john joins us live from outside of the county building, and john, even the city of richmond opposes this expansion. >>reporter: the city does. civil right leaders and healthcare advocates. it was a small group, two dozen strong, but they had a you nighted message. >> no more jails. [ chanting ] . >>reporter: they gathered
5:48 pm
outside of the county billing in martinez. adding 418 high security beds. >> i think it's just a plight to have more persons incarcerated. >> the city council voted to oppose it. >>reporter: david gray works for tom, who opposes the plan. >> you can put that money towards opening doctor's medical center or put it toward community based health clinics in the community. >>reporter: the sheriff, out of town, and unavailable, has said the county needs the expansion because of the high security inmates are currently housed at what he calls the outdated martinez detention facility. the expapgs, he says, would include more than 20,000 square feet of program space. >> health services for people, why do you need to get arrested
5:49 pm
to get mental health services. >>reporter: this woman who said her son was beatenned and arrested by the police last year, says it is wrong. >> you come and see the money coming in to the feds the state. you jump on it. >>. >>reporter: she supports the 88 million dollars expansion, she says that it would help prevent many inmates who would might reoffend when they're released, it would prevent them from reoffending and raise the level of services for all inmates. ken, back to you. >> live in martinez, thanks, john. it was one year ago today that actor and comedian robin williams was found dead in his home. fans are marking the somber occasion with posts on social media and by leaving notes and other tring kets at is so called police doubt fire in san francisco. >> when news of the actor's death was first reported. william was discovered unconscious in his home and pronounced dead at the age of
5:50 pm
63. >> hard to believe it's been a year already since that happened. now with bill martin in the weather center and starting to heat up a little bit later this week? >> sichlt it -- it is, but it went up. and tomorrow and the next couple of days, the temperatures will get up there, upper 90s by the saturday period. so that's going to be hot. these are the temperatures we achieved today. and you can see the hot spot over here in antioch. 84 degrees. we had 72 in heyward, 73 in oakland. and then 80 in santa rosa, these temperatures, not too bad right, they're a bit below what you might expect for this time of the year. there's the fog, the marine layer, the inversion, the depth of the marine layer, that's the top of the inversion here. let's call that 1400 feet, something like that, so it's getting deeper. that's going to allow more fog inland to overnight tonight. this system right here, that thing spinning, that is also the reason the inversion, 1300 foot, the fog stretching out. that is one of the reasons it's
5:51 pm
doing that, it's reacting to this. the fog pinches down, gets hot inland, cool coast, but this type of the system allows it to lift. it's not fog, it's moisture cooled air, even up in the sacramento valley, that's the way it's been all summer. we've had heat, but a lot of the days have been like this. a nice thing for firefighters have to have a pattern like this. there's wind, you've got this cooler moist flow of air pushing inland. 22 mile an hour gusts at concord, at the airport there. 18 at the big airport in san jose. tomorrow, slightly warmer. this low sits here. but as we head into friday, saturday, boom. it really goes up. that low sort of kicks through. this high builds in. and the temperatures increase. saturday should be the hottest day of the week. 88 in vacaville tomorrow, slightly warmer. 84 in pitsburg. so the story here is firefighters have had a big jump
5:52 pm
on these fires, monday, tuesday -- sunday wasn't bad. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and not bad. thursday, and friday, warming up, by friday, saturday skund, it gets to be a rougher deal out there. so we'll be tracking it for you. note -- those are the highs from the today. the temperatures tomorrow will be warmer and much warmer on the weekend. >> just ratcheting up. >> all right. bill, thank you. well, they are among the top tourist attractions in san francisco, but tonight, there are new questions about the safety of cable cars. >> and in minutes, new at 6:00, 2 investigates undercovers an illegal pot farm in the south bay using water stolen from a nearby creek. >> an environmental crime. by illegally diverting water to a marijuana grow. >> what our crews found when they got there and why some say it's an example of a bigger problem in that area.
5:53 pm
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. the battle over the water in folsom lake could be heating up. the lake provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people from sacramento to the bay area. but today, folsom lake has about half of the water that it usually has in a nondrought year. federal law requires the lake water to be used for environmental purposes to help the delta and local fish populations. >> the federal mandate, the federal government, we have to uphold the law and we're required by biological opinions
5:56 pm
and by fisheries, agencies, to keep the water temperatures in the river at a certain level, otherwise, there's a higher morealty rate for the fish. -- mortality rate for the fish. >> they might be using pumps to get drinking water from the lake to the people who need it. cable car operators have been complaining about a dangerous situation on city streets. imparable drivers are going around the -- impatient drivers are going around the cable cars and crashing into them. the police are k kraing down and the -- cracking down and the city is making changes. >>reporter: the top tourist attraction. but among those who operate them, there are concerns about their own safety. >> very dangerous. >>reporter: that's how a veteran cable car operator derek johnson describes it, especially when they have to step on the street to help passengers get on and off. >> one time was stepping off the back of a cable car and a car r
5:57 pm
flew past me. and i was like, wow. >>reporter: but he was lucky. in the past five months, two trait operators have -- operators have been seriously injured by cars that plowed into them. especially for the operators. >> it's a problem. people are not obeying the law and it's not safe. >>reporter: motorcycle officers who are -- loading or unloading passengers. police say they put 15 drivers so far in the -- [ inaudible ] $238. cable car operators will now also carry stop signs with them, teaching tourists the rules of the road can be more challenging. >> we'll be working with, you though, the rental car folks, the travel folks, we need to reach folks who are not here every day. >> as long as everyone does their part, we should be okay. >>reporter: he hopess that passengers and operators can now make that climb halfway to the
5:58 pm
stars in one piece. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. an explosion, a fire, and a body discovered inside an east bay home. tonight, we are learning more about what caused that blast that sent two alameda sheriff's deputys to the hospital. we learn that had the gas line at the home was intentionally disconnected. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. a tri plex at 14th and peralta streets at 11:00 o'clock this morning. live in the newsroom with more on what the investigators say caused the explosion. >>reporter: ken, in the past half hour, we heard from oakland police, who confirmed that a gas pipe was deliberately disconnected at the house. which likely led to the explosion this morning. sky fox 2 captured the aftermath
5:59 pm
of an explosion at this tri plex in west oakland on 14th and peralta to streets. in the back unit tuesday morning. instead of breaking down the door, they used aless intrusive method of drilling out the lock. as they started drilling, an explosion started a fire, and burned through the wall where other families were living. >> as soon as i heard the drill hit, i heard an explosion. boom. and so i don't remember actually pushing up, but i remember being on my feet quickly. and i walked to the hallway, turned to the right, and there was fire right there. >>reporter: the explosion also blew out of the exterior wall, causing minor injuries to two alameda county sheriff's deputies, they are expected to be okay. investigators discovered a badly burned body inside of the unit where the eviction notice was being served. >> it does lend more credence to the fact that it was a natural gas kind of incident. but what we don't know is if the
6:00 pm
person was deceased prior to the deputies getting here, or did he initiate the explosion when the eviction was preparing to happen. >>reporter: he was visiting friends, escaped in his socks and believes this was no accident. . >> with the way that the key was broken into the lock, and then knowing that you have to use a drill to take that off and then the gas just having to be on, and then you find a body inside. so is all of the clues are lining up to it not being an accident. >>reporter: the owner of the property tells ktvu that the tenant in the back unit had been living there since 2010, but stopped paying rent in may. authorities say the tenant knew they were being evicted, but they would not confirm if that man was the victim found inside. there were also five people inside of that tri plex at the time of the explosion who made it out okay. red cross has stepped in to help because they're now displace asked the property owner will also be helping them out, and trying to find anot


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