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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new evacuations are ordered tonight as the jerusalem fire grows to 18,000 acres and expands to neighboring napa
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county. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. it's deja vu. people who just returned have to pick up and leave again as the jerusalem fire arrived. amber lee has the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the roads they closed off. i want to show you the map. the rocky incident and jerusalem incident that had more than doubled in size. a lot of those new mandatory evacuations are taking place at the latest update calfire said that the containment is about 5%. >> 14,000 acres have burned so far in an epic battle between fire crews and the jerusalem
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fire. erratic winds made things worse. a wildfire with such wild behavior, crews say it's defined all the textbook traits. >> these type of plumes, these fire plumes, smoke plumes can collapse and change the dynamics on the ground. more than 1,600 firefighters are now fighting for every inch of ground as calfire called in more resources friday. helicopter are attacking from the air and fire engines are tracking through terrain hampered by the road. residents like casio were forced to leave. his house is still standing. 60jerusalem area homes still threatened. >> my place you can see it 180 degrees. >> the red cross shelter took
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in more evacuees tuesday. as the fire moved more south and east, they closed lake bariessa. >> that's the head of the fire. >> people were working and watching as unnerving billows of smoke blew. but no one knows where the wind will blow next. highly dangerous high fuel remains ready, and it will spark any home. they had to ask a power company to deactivate a power line that was posing a threat. they say that their strategy right now over all is trying to hit the fire hard at night and in the morning with lower temperatures and higher humidity and they're hoping, hoping that they can get this fire contained by monday. >> as are all the residents in
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lake county. jana katsuyama live. so far there's no word from calfire on the latest of the jerusalem fire. the massive rocky fire started near by that destroyed 43 homes and almost 100 structures. and just as crews had knocked it down the jerusalem fire started near by setting in motion a fresh round of evacuations. now to oakland where crews confirmed a gas line was disconnected. slightly injuring two sheriff deputies. it happened at a triplex in west oakland. as -- sky fox 2 caught the
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damage at this sky plex. instead of breaking down the door they used a less intrusive method of drilling down the map. as they started drilling an explosion sparked a fire. >> as soon as i heard the door hit, i heard an explosion. i remember being on my feet quickly. i walked into the hall way, turned to the right and there was fire right there. >> reporter: the explosion also blew out the exterior wall. causing minor injuries to two sheriff deputies. they were taken to highland hospital and are expected to be okay. after firefighters put out the fire, investigators discovered a badly burned fire where the eviction notice was being served. a natural gas line at the home was deliberately disconnected. >> what we don't know is if the person was deceased prior to the deputies getting here or
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did he initiate the explosion when the eviction was preparing to happen. >> giddian guandero who was visiting friends was able to get out on his socks. >> the gas just having to be on then you find a body inside. all the clueing are lining up to it not being an accident. >> reporter: the owners of the property tells the landlord that the man had been living there for about a year and nu he was being evicted. a train came to a stop near
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high street. the train was in route from san jose to sacramento. passengers were taken to by bus. two challenges are taking on embattled sheriff ross mirkarimi on the heals of the killing of stimley and the sanctuary city policy. ken pritchett live in the city where mirkarimi is back in the spotlight. ken. >> reporter: as an incumbent, sheriff mirkarimi should enjoy a significant advantage but his time as sheriff has come with enough negative headlines and scandals to make his reelection a challenge. in his opening statement, sheriff mirkarimi challenged san francisco's jail as models by the state.
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>> by governor brown, i don't think they're making this up. i couldn't pay for this kind of press. especially lately. >> reporter: the coverage has been poor from a domestic abuse scandal to gladiator styles at his jail to reports just this week that his driver's license was suspended for an unreported accident. >> i thought this was all taken care of. had no idea it was not. as soon as we heard about this, we took care of it yesterday and today. >> reporter: the sheriff faced off against vicki hennessey. mirkarimi stepped aside amidst domestic abuse allegations. among debate topic, was san francisco's sanctuary city status. but hennessey says the controversy was mishandled. >> much of what has happened
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during the sheriff's time in office, has been detrimental to the sheriff department. >> in the debate mirkarimi continues to point to his endorsement by hennessey no relation to vicki hennessey. she has the backing of the sheriff's department union. san jose police bought a drone last year for $7,000. the city still need approval from the faa before a one year test program can get under way. the new rules limit the use of drones to cases involving an explosive device or active
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shooter situation. the drone will not be allowed to fly at night or pick up any audio. and the camera on the drone will be prohibited from recording. there are new developments today about an 18-year-old man wounded by the sheriff department. tyrone sheriff is seen grabbing a handgun from his waste gun after shots were fired during a protest sunday night. police say the gunfire came from two feuding groups and had nothing to do with the protest. authorities say harris fired at an unmarked police van and was then critically injured by a police. the crowds have dwindled, an estimated 100 protesters gathered with an equal number of police. governor jerry brown signed legislation that bans the use of grand juries in deadly
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police shooting cases. the ban takes effect next year. prosecutors will no longer be able to use grand jury to decide whether police officers should face criminal charges when they kill someone in the line of duty. instead a district attorney will decide whether to file criminal charges. and if charges are filed, the officer would face a preliminary hearing and the judge would rule on whether the matter should go to trial. water, diverted to illegal marijuana grows. at 10:30, two investigating follows a tip and uncovers possible evidence of an environmental crime. warming up around here as we go into the next couple of days. i'll let you know just how warm it's going to get in your backyard as we head into your bay area wednesday. >> in san francisco, bicyclists say they're being unfairly targeted by police. tonight they crowded into a community meeting.
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i think we've got the attention of the cyclists in this town. >> reporter: as san francisco police captain faces down a full house as cyclists ride in to voice objections. the bicyclists say they've been unfairly targeted by officers trying to improve safety by cracking down on cyclists who ignore the rules of the road. amber lee is live now in golden gate park where both sides came together tonight. amber. >> reporter: julie, the meeting was held here at the park
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police station. it was an overflow crowd. bicyclists came to express their frustration and question police. in small groups, bicyclists made their way along the route known as the wiggle. from the dubose park area. they rolled up to the park police station. >> we were singled out here. i don't ever see any cars being hassled for not using their turn signals. >> reporter: they came to tell police that officers should be cracking down on motorists not them. >> reporter: statistics show is cars that kill or injure people. >> reporter: in june after receiving numerous complaints about bicyclists, police started a campaign that led to a two day crack down where officers cited 254 cyclists. >> bicycles, ignoring red lights, ignoring stop signs, running into people on the roadway. hurting and injuring people.
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>> reporter: the police captain addressed bicyclists from the door way of the community room to accommodate the overflow crowd. bicyclists repeatedly raised the question of what they should do at a stop sign or red light. >> a woman was ticketed on an uphill stop sign for not putting her foot down. >> i don't know where that came from. before-- >> the police captain acknowledged that one foot down is not required during a stop and that he will look into those complaints. >> that's a legal safe move and people are getting pulled over for it. that's not good. that's not helpful for anyone. >> reporter: at the end of the last month, in protest, bicyclists staged what they called a stop in. each bicyclists stopped at a stop sign slowing down and backing up traffic. tonight, police say they want to work collaborative for bicyclists and pedestrians to keep everyone safe. while the stepped up
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enforcement lasted for two days, officers will site bicyclists for running red lights and stop signs, julie. >> looks like they still have things to work out. what's next here for these two groups. >> the police captain told the group he's ready to meet with any of them. the meeting started at 7:10, he told them he was willing to meet until 11:00 if needed. and he again told them he is willing to meet with them to find a solution. the children of live in nannies will be allowed to attend school of where they
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live. under the new law, students who live where their parents work at least three days a week will qualify to attend the local schools. cable car operators in san francisco say they're dealing with dangerous situations on city streets. impatient drivers illegally going against them and in some cases crashing into them. how the city is making some changes. cable cars may be san francisco's top tourist attraction. >> all the way inside the cabin please. >> reporter: but among of those who operate them, there's concern. >> very dangerous. >> reporter: that's how derek johnson describes it especially when they have to step off the street to help passengers get in and out. cars don't always stop. >> one time i was stepping off the back of a cable car. and a car just flew past me. and it was like wow. >> reporter: two operators have been seriously injured by vehicles that plowed into them. but now the city is hoping to
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make cable cars safer especially -- >> alcatraz, straight ahead, we're going down. >> it's a problem. people are not obeying the law and it's not stay. >> reporter: drivers who drive past cable cars loading or unloading passengers. >> i'm not going to. >> police say they put at least 15 drivers so far. those tickets aren't cheap. $238. >> cable car operators will now also carry stop signs with them. but teaching tourists the rules of the road can be more challenging. >> we'll be working with the rental car folks, the sf travel folks. we need to reach people who aren't here always. he hopes that passengers and operators can now make that climb close tore the street. more tracking this mild weather around here in san francisco tonight.
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you will see some of the cloud, the low clouds hanging over san francisco. beautiful shot tonight. good air quality in the bay area the last few days. this pattern has been pretty nice if you like cool weather and good air quality. and help with fires because this low pressure center that's been spinning offshore will continue to keep things moist in the fire zone of lake county. when i say moist increased humidities. tonight they will get up to the 50 and 60 percentile range and that helps firefighters. that's not tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be another kind of mild day. currently in napa it's 59 degrees. you check out the winds and you've got some pretty decent winds. look at nevato going the other way. here's how tomorrow goes just like today. not a big difference. there's the fog foot footprint
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for the next several hours. tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer than today. after that this high buildings in a little stronger. it comes from the southwest and it's going to take some of these reds and a bunch of these orangeless. it's going to heat up in the bay area. significantly toward the end of the week. plenty of sunshine, when i come back we'll have the update and talk about the heat up that's headed your way down the road. >> thank you, bill. coming up we're going to go live to the south bay where metal thieves have new targets. >> water meters, but this south bay city that is losing big bucks now has a plan to try to combat the metal thieves. the giant's brandon belt who's on a hot streak. they gave the home crowd a reason to cheer. up first a jet goes off the pavement it's nose gear collapsed. what we've learned so far about this incident.
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developing news tonight from florida. southwest airlines jet tonight went off the pavement at orlando international airport. the boeing 737 was on its way to a hanger. officials closed a runway as crews worked to get the plane back on its wheels and out of the way. thieves are targeting water heaters and causing thousands in damage. 36 water meters have been stolen in just three weeks. heather. >> reporter: and this american legion hall off walsh avenue was targeted twice just days after its water meter was stolen and replaced. it was ripped off again. today this flier went out to scrap metal dealers here throughout the south bay telling them to be on the look out and also telling them about
10:24 pm
a $5,000 reward. >> the american legion 564 seems like a perfect slice of americana. where veterans and nonveterans gather for comradery and coffee. but their dispensaries were not working. >> we came to work and the janitor told us there was no water. so we came out and looked and the meter was gone. >> reporter: this hub is one of several commercial buildings targeted by thieves for metal. >> the first one was on october 12th. >> during that time 36 water meters and back flow preventers have been stolen with at least two locations hit twice. >> so in this box right here is a valve that shuts down this water. they will cut the pipe and
10:25 pm
remove all of this. >> reporter: the 3-foot long section contains brass and cooper worth $150 if sold for scrap. with each replacement it's costing $1,500. >> this has cost our utility over $50,000. it diverts our crews from other tasks they should be doing. >> reporter: the repeated thefts are -p happening in the middle of the night. in industrial areas of the city where the meters are larger and weigh more. back at the american legion hall, the doors are open again for conversation and coffee but closed to water meter thieves, at least they hope. >> now the city has started install replacing the meters that were stolen with a newly designed model. that model contains alloys. all of this is an attempt to
10:26 pm
try to prevent the thieves targeting scrap metals from targeting this area again. >> let's hope it's a good deterrent. heather thank you. the san jose city council targeted a moratorium on mobile homes. they may also require developments assure existing development are preserved. a disabled man arrested after he used a knife to fend off attackers. the juries verdict in the case. water stolen for illegal marijuana grows. two in investigating is on the
10:27 pm
trail of a possible marijuana grow crime.
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tonight two investigates uncovered possible evidence of stolen water pumped out of a creek and new concerns about the impact of large pot farms in the south bay. a tip led ktvu's eric rasmussen to an area where some people say marijuana is threatening their safety. and a sensitive water way by local and state authorities. hidden by the trees it's where someone spotted a pump. they snapped pictures of water line and a generator all at a time when water is already in short supply. >> this is right where they say the water was being pumped, there were lines coming out of the creek right here and
10:30 pm
sending water right up the hill. >> reporter: before we made it much farther men in this car said we ventured into private property and told us to leave. it's the same area where authorities busted illegal marijuana grows in may. investigators have also found water being diverted to pot farms in the past. >> what you just provided as an example is a fish and game violation. it's an environmental crime by diverting water to a marijuana grow. >> reporter: just this year, santa clara county has seized 32,000 plants with a street value of $65 million. yet back at ovis creek and coy road, some people aren't convinced the crack down is working. this man and others who spoke to two investigates did not want to be identified out of concern for their safety. we saw what they've been complaining about for months.
10:31 pm
large marijuana grows possibly in violation of the county's temporary ban on outdoor cultivation. >> this isn't about medicinal marijuana or even recreational use, this is about some pretty scary stuff. >> we do sympathize with them but we're going out there as much as we can. >> reporter: investigators say a bad solar panel at a pot farm sparked this fire that burned 34 homes in 2002. >> we understand that these are not just lemonade stands sitting on the side of the road. that these cause real danger to the community. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says growers may not be the only one liable. one realtor's website said he sold the same croy road like multiple flat areas and tons of water. >> what we're looking at are the individuals who are selling
10:32 pm
and who are leasing these lands to individuals for illegally cultivating marijuana. these individuals are subjecting themselves to criminal liability. >> reporter: those who visit this area say there's a lot riding in an effort to find a lasting solution. >> the hikers, the children, the environment, the water. >> reporter: next month, supervisors could vote on a new ordinance designed to limit the impact of medical marijuana farms in the area. outdoor grows would only be allowed to have 12 plants. last week governor brown signed a law that also allows for big civil fines against marijuana growers who drop hazardous chemicals into streams and rivers. erik rasmussen. if you have a tip for ktvu we want to hear from you. just e-mail the san jose police department has identified a 22- year-old man who was killed by a police officer over the
10:33 pm
weekend. officers shot and killed adrian rivera sunday after they say he hacked a man with a meat cleaver then threatened officers. this is a picture of that cleaver. the attack victim survived but is still in the hospital. the two officers involved in the deadly shooting have been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation. wall street sank lower today. after china decided to devalue its currency. the dow closed lower eight of the last nine days. nasdaq lost 65. the s & p fell 20. china's currency devaluation is expected to lower the profits of u.s. companies doing business in asian? home prices are soaring nationwide. san jose is now at the top of the list with $180 million for a single family home. san francisco is next and less expensive at $841,000. four of the five most expensive
10:34 pm
housing markets are in california. the top five are san jose, san francisco, anaheim, santa ana and honolulu hawaii. the fisker motor company says it will soon be back in business. it filed for bankruptcy back in 2013 because it didn't sell enough cars. a chinese auto parts company has now bought fisker and signed a lease in southern california. it was a year ago today that actor and comedian robin williams was found dead in his tiburon home. fans marked the somber occasion by leaving notes and
10:35 pm
flowers on the home where mrs. doubtfire was filmed. he was 63 years old. hollywood took to social media to share memories of the late actor. sarah michelle gellar shared a quote from ralph waldo emerson. williams of course was the voice of aladin. it's getting really hot as we head late into the week as we move into the bay area friday, saturday and sunday. >> up first secretary of state john kerry on e-mail. it's likely his own private messages that aren't completely secured.
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry says it's possible that china and russia are reading he has e-mails. kerry says he takes that into consideration whenever he drafts an e-mail. he went on the say the u.s. will continue to discuss cyber attacks with chinese officials. the topic will likely come up when president obama hosts china's president at the white house next month. hillary clinton has agreed to turn over her private e-mail server to the government department. officials say it led to a breach of classified information. clinton maintains it was a matter of convenience to conduct government business
10:39 pm
through her personal e-mail. the u.s. transportation department released figures for the first six months of the year showing that cancellations delays, and misconnections are the top complaints. baggage issues came in third with ticketing, boarding problems and customer service rounding out the list. experts say airlines don't have room for excuses. there are actually fewer flights in the air today than there were 15 years ago. federal prosecutors say as many as $100 each to bribe for commercial driver's licenses. three employees were bribed to falsify computer records to say that the driver had passed. the bribes came from the owners of three truck driving schools in the central valley. investigators are now trying to track down the fraudulent licenses. >> we came up with approximately 600, several hundred that we took a look at
10:40 pm
that we felt met those factors of potential fraud. >> reporter: one dmv employee and one school owner have already pleaded guilty and face sentences of up to five years in prison. two other employees and two truck driving schools are facing inindictments. a small but local crowd of demonstrators gathered in the east bay to make their feelings known about a proposed expansion of the richmond jail. nearly two dozen protesters were outside the contra costa county administration building in martinez. the sheriff's office wants to take advantage of $90 million of state and county funding to finance the expansion. plans call for adding 500 security beds to the jail. the sheriff calls the current facilities quote outdated, inadequate and crowded. opponents say it's time to make jails smaller not larger. the contra costa board of supervisors is expected to vote on the proposal on its meeting
10:41 pm
on august 18th. get ready, warmer weather is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin delivers his complete forecast in just four minutes. >> mr. gomez needed protection and not prosecution. >> reporter: up next, a disabled man learns his fate disabled man learns his fate after he arms hims
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
a disabled man who says he armed himself with a kitchen knife to fend off neighborhood bullies in san francisco's mission district was cleared today of any wrong doing. ktvu's tara moriarty spoke to that man about what happened. >> reporter: gomez points to the spot where he says thugs threatened him. >> i pulled out a knife to protect myself he says. but it's illegal to carry a knife. i grabbed the knife to protect myself in case i was confronted
10:44 pm
by these people again. turns out gomez who became disabled was harassed by the same three men just days before. he had dropped off a prescription for his ailing back at this wall greens. january28th, he came to pick it up. >> it's very sad that in san francisco you would have to carry something like a knife. >> this case struck us because mr. gomez needed protection and not prosecution. >> reporter: car men agu irre says gomez never actually hurt anyone with the knife. when police arrived he was thrown to the floor and put in handcuffs. the suspects ran off. >> he admitted he was carrying the dirk and dagger. and he said that he needed to carry the dagger. >> the jury found gomez not guilty. >> he feels vindicated because the jury decided to use the law
10:45 pm
as a shield instead of a sword and the jury listens to him when the police wouldn't. >> i am angry, frustrated and stressed that for eight months i was in court again and again. in jail for one month, i couldn't sleep, couldn't eat all for nothing. >> reporter: gomez who has trouble walking says he's thinking about changing his pharmacy. he says he doesn't want any more problems. >> he's looking for peace, tranquility and a chance to move on. in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. chevron has agreed to pay for air pollution. the company reached a $146,000 settlement with the air quality management district which announced the fine today. the air district says the agreement covers more than 20 violations including the discharge of hydrogen sulfite
10:46 pm
and other pollutants. it has implemented measures to avoid similar situations in the future. and we're tracking the temperatures today. another mild day out there. pretty nice though. for the most part. check out santa rosa today it was 80 degrees for a daytime high. 84degrees in the antioch area and 86 livermore. i would expect those areas, upper 80s low 90s so slightly cooler than you might expect. check out the fog you see it sitting up here. 1,300-foot. the fog is getting up over the hills. the coastal hills and it's coming to your neighborhood tonight. temperatures are definitely on the mild side as this weather system offshore see it here spinning, spinning as it does it just releases inversion. it presses the fog back against the water. pushes it in land. and the upshot to all of this is the fire danger is high because it's summer. it's high because it's the fourth year of a drought but
10:47 pm
it's helped but it's helped by this increased humidity. patchy fog along the coast. it's kind of defused right now. it should bulk up tonight and be more widespread this morning. i'll show you in the models. tomorrow as we walk through the bay area microclimates, upper 60s out toward the east bay. you're in the upper 70s with a few low 80s. then as you get into the antioch area the hot spots. 85degrees, 86-degree. first of all hot spots tomorrow. but it's warming up. warmer than it was today. so this low pressure kind of keeps on the mild side tomorrow. but as we head into thursday and friday the high builds in. and inversion shrinks and the fog stays at the coast and temperatures inland soar. with that in mind your saturday forecast for temperatures in the mid- and upper 90s is going to pose a bit of a problem if they can't get handle on those big fires in all of california but certainly in the north bay. 88 in vacaville tomorrow. 85 in fairfield.
10:48 pm
84 in walnut creek. 78 in castro valley. a nice day the air quality has been good. it's been a nice weather pattern for the bay area proper. all the forecasts are focused on those fires because the last thing they need is a lot of wind and a lot of heat. that's going to happen. if you're a calfire you're looking right here friday, saturday and sunday. see these upper tier numbers. this area here, we have a couple of days here of moisture and mild temperatures. let's get this fire knocked down or get them contained because it's going to get pretty hot and dry again. that's the weather story this week you guys. and yeah, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for just a couple of other days of cool and the heat toward the weekend could reach into the middle and upper 90s. >> it's going to start to sizzle. >> and julie has this sleeveless thing to stay cool. what do you think about us with sleeveless to show our guns. >> you start it tomorrow and
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then i will follow. >> see how it goes tomorrow. and the a's and giants seeing action tonight. the latest on an nfl quarterback out for weeks after a teammate broke his jaw. >> a power boat once earned by a bay area native is restored to its former glory. we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again!
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volunteers in martinez have restored a piece of bay area history. the joltin joe once owned by joe demaggio. for years it was displayed at the entrance to the martinez marina but the weather finally took its toll of five years, $75,000 renovation project has returned that boat to its original glory and now the search is on to try to find the joltin joe a permanent home. >> a project of love. joe is here now to tell us about the giants. how did they do today? >> they turnings things around. they will return home tonight and they got one for madison.
10:53 pm
kashmir and baumgarner showing off a nice stretch. in success he faced correa, jake nurisnick and kashmir7 straight ties a team record also held by jonathan sanchez. then belt continued his home run inning stream streak. gomez won't get this one. his 16th of the year own it's 1- 0. the way he was pitching it seemed that might be enough. belt with some padding the next time he comes to the plate. this one he goes to the opposite field. makes it 2-0. still in the sixth. arianza shops one into the third baseline. and castro will just keep running. balm gardener went the distaps for his 13th win of the year in a 3-1 full-time. giants stay 2-1/2 behind division leading l.a.
10:54 pm
which also won tonight. the a's had the unfortunate task of running into the leader in baseball. blue jays erased a 1-run deficit. graveman not helped by the out. calabellos throws on that throwing error. blue jays got a second run when justin smoke just missed a home run. drilling one off the left field line that scores russell martin and it's 2-0. jay's pad is a lead in the fifth. jose conseco territory used to be known as sky zone. their ninth straight toronto now just a half game behind the division leading yankees. it is a different world these days. they are world champions. there are four members of the warriors in the mini camp going on this week in las vegas.
10:55 pm
the camp is looking for a team to compete in next year's the olympics. >> it's good to get back and jam. we had a hiatus. a lot of us have. it's great to be back here. warriors are so special. >> everybody continues to get better individually. understand that how they put a team together is just about compatibility. picking the right guys to form the right team to win a world medal. emotions are running high in training camp. they went a little beyond that in new york jets camp. this was after gino smith had his jaw broken by a teammate. imali the incident happened in the locker room and was not
10:56 pm
football related. smith was sucker punched and impali was immediately released. by all accounts smith had been making great strides. he's expected to be out six to 10 weeks and sent a tweet that he will return. in the meantime the job goes to ryan fitzpatrick. >> this offseason there's been a ton of improvement with him. i think there was a lot of disappointment on his end. putting myself in his shoes. that being said we got thrown out of the practice and here we go. >> here we two, the raiders open the preseason friday night at the coliseum against the rams a game you can see right here on ktvu fox 2 at 7:00. 49ers play in houston. >> it's just a ruffle. >> time to start playing
10:57 pm
against other teams they're seeing too much of each other. >> coming up next, modern family. >> our next newscast mornings on 2 starting at 4:00 a.m. have a good night. >> have a good night.
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