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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. the bay area heat and fi danger. firefighters on alert after a small, but potentially dangerous fire breaks out in the east bay hills. >> and new developments to tell you about in a manhunt for a suspect in sunnyvale following the deadly police shooting yesterday. . and good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. dozens of firefighters jumped on a small brush fire in tildon park, an area where no one is taking any chances. noelle walker is live in the oakland hills with more.
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>> reporter: this fire was reported around 5:20 this morning by someone in berkeley who spotted the smoke up here in the berkeley hills, in the oakland hills, i should say. even though the flames are out, hot embers can linger for a long time. firefighters are here because if those embers flare, they want eyes on them to put them out as soon as possible. you can't go anywhere in the oakland hills without a reminder of the obvious. fire danger is high. we traveled with firefighters to the scene of the latest fire, less than an acre of scorched wilderness near tildon park. lunch on site meant firefighters were in for a long day, keeping an eye out and hoses ready for any flare-ups. >> we had a lot of coordinating units respond to this incident. >> reporter: battalion chief eric logan says that's because this area is what's called a mutual threat zone. >> the positioning of the fire, the weather, low humidity, a
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little bit of wind, the history of the area, any fire. it's a large threat. >> reporter: the concern about this fire is not the size. it's the location. the oakland hills. the people here have a memory for what fire can do. >> the 1991 oakland hills fire killed 25 people and caused an estimated $1.5 billion damage. thousands of homes and apartments were lost. >> i think we're in for one heck of a fire season. >> reporter: we found this oakland hills homeowner taking pictures at the scene of the latest fire. he's written about fire representation and made it his mission to encourage homeowners to prepare. >> it's not a miracle when a home survives. you see pictures of these miracle homes. it's because they paid attention to details and what they did made a difference. >> reporter: temperatures are high. humidity is low. and the fuel is dry. in the past few weeks, we've seen what that combination can do in both napa and lake counties, with several fires
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burning, land and homes. but you don't need to see flames to know it's fire season. all you have to do is look at the haze masking that city view. it's from the fires burning well to our north, not a fire here. >> we have had patrols out also, just to help the citizens, you know, feel more at ease that we're on top of our jobs and we're paying attention to what's going on. >> reporter: it's a message for everyone to be alert and be careful. most fires are preventible. the battalion chief told me they don't think this fire is suspicious. it's in an area where there are a lot of wood chips and it could have been spontaneous combustion. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2news. air quality officials issued another spare the air alert for tomorrow because of heat and continued smoky skies. we want to give you a live look outside on this second day of haze. take a look. a result of shifting winds, as noelle mentioned, pushing smoke from fires up north down here
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to the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at those conditions. it is just incredible to look out there and see all of that haze. that's right, heather. it's basically a lid over the bay area. as a result, all the pollutants get trapped. there's very little mixing and just that haze lingers across the region. of course that lid is being supported by some very hot temperatures. we all know that. take a look at these temperatures from this afternoon. san francisco maxed out at 90 degrees, a string of triple digits for redwood city, morgan hill. look at livermore and antioch, 106 degrees. i saw temperatures there this morning during the 9:00 hour, already in the 80s. good launching pad. concord, 105 degrees. lots of 100s towards vallejo, san rafael, even san francisco downtown checking in at 90 degrees. so a lot of records to report. we have two pages to show you coming up. kentfield, 101 degrees. san rafael, the record as well.
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napa, 104. san francisco, 90. that was a record, sfo, oakland downtown. 92 degrees. page 2 of records. you can see rocked airport, 93. 94. mountain view in the upper 90s. gilroy, one of the hottest locations tonight at 107 degrees. now, in terms of the haze out there, here's a snapshot, two comparisons. you can see yesterday from our transamerica building, all that haze, especially from the smoke from the wildfires to our north, today a little bit of improvement, as you can see here. still, a lot of haze out there. basically very little mixing. so you heard about the spare the air alert in place for tomorrow, as we head into your monday forecast, a layer of warm and hot air basically trapping all the haze and smoke across the region. take a look at the levels. the air quality scale, you want to keep it in a perfect world at zero in the green range. numbers have been creeping up and we're approaching the yellow and orange range for tomorrow. another day of poor air quality
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across the bay area. some parts will begin to cool off in your monday forecast. we'll take a look at updated numbers, coming up in a few minutes. dozens of drivers took over an oakland intersection in a large side show last night. cars and spectators were seen on high street and interstate 880. the highway patrol says after the side show, a car driven by a 19-year-old san leandro resident fled from police and then intentionally rammed his car into a chp patrol car. the driver and three passengers were eventually arrested. also in oakland, two homicide investigations are under way, this after a 15-year- old boy was among two people shot and killed. police say the teenager was killed just before 2:00 this morning on foot hill boulevard near santa anita park. investigators say he was walking with friends when someone in a vehicle drove by and began shooting. about 15 minutes before that shooting, a 32-year-old man was gunned down on broadway near 15th street in downtown. he died at the scene. another shooting early this morning critically wounded a woman inside a parked car on
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international boulevard. police haven't released the names of any of those victims and tell us so far they have made no arrests. a multivehicle crash snarled traffic on an east bay freeway this afternoon. the crash happened in richmond just after 3:30 this afternoon on eastbound interstate 580 near central avenue exit, not far from the east shore state park. as you can see, several vehicles were involved, including a big rig. there's no word on injuries, but right there you can see a medical helicopter flying to the scene. police today suspended a manhunt in a sunnyvale neighborhood, after an officer- involved shooting there yesterday. officers shot and killed the suspect yesterday afternoon. after a report of suspicious activity outside of a motel 6. investigators haven't revealed many details of the incident or what prompted officers to open fire. a second armed suspect, though, ran off and officers spent much of the night looking for him. police tell ktvu they do not believe the suspect is in that area. they plan to release more information at a news conference tomorrow morning. the water is finally back
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on for thousands of people in vallejo. crews finished temporary repairs about 9:00 this morning on a huge water main break after finding this 10-foot-long crack in a pipe yesterday morning. utility officials say the water may still be a little bit murky or taste funny, but officials say that is normal and the water is safe to drink. during the water outage, there was very little water pressure, so firefighters brought in water trucks from surrounding agencies. julian bond, the fierce civil rights activist and lawmaker who president obama called both a hero and a friend died last night, after a brief illness. he was 75. as a student at morehouse college, bond helped found student nonviolence coordinating committee, a 1960 civil rights organization. he was also the first president of the southern poverty law center, served for two decades in the georgia legislature, and was a former chairman of the naacp. in the only did bond advocate for african americans, but in his later years, he championed same-sex marriage rise. two years ago, bond talked with
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his grandchildren about the responsibility everyone has in the fight for justice. >> you have to ask yourself, what can i do? what is it i can do to push the needle forward? what can i do to improve freedom in our country? i think you have to say i'm going to do something. i may not know what it is right now, but i'm going to do something to make freedom expand. >> bond's wife remembered her husband today. the man with a great sense of humor and joked about himself, that his tombstone would read race man and on the other side, easily amused. and president obama said that he benefited from bond's example, adding in a statement that, quote, julian bond helped change this country for the better and what better way to be remembered than that. presidential hopefuls on both sides of the political aisle were getting their messages out on the sunday morning talk shows. this as a new poll shows donald trump remaining in the lead for the republicans and bernie sanders picking up more support
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on the democratic side. kristen fisher has more from washington. >> reporter: one thing getting a lot of attention today is a new fox news poll out just this morning, the first since the republican debate. so this is our first real glimpse into how republican primary voters think the candidates did. well, the majority thought donald trump had the worst performance at the debate, but look at this, still leading in the poll and by a lot. his closest competitor, ben carson, is 13 points behind him. the second place spot was previously held by jeb bush, but he's really dropped, down 6 points since the debate. scott walker is also down. ben carson talked about why he believes he got a big bump today, on fox news sunday. >> i think people are recognizing the same old thing is going to take us to the same old place. we're sort of at a precipice. are we going to continue down this road which is leading to a very bad place? or are we going to try to make a change? >> reporter: this poll also shows action on the democratic side. for the first time, hillary
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clinton has dropped below 50% and bernie sanders just keeps on climbing. he's been drawing huge crowds. today, he said those numbers would carry over on election day. >> one of the real advantages i think of me winning the democratic primary is that we can get a lot of young people, a lot of working people involved in the political process, getting them out to vote in a way that establishment politicians can't. >> reporter: hillary clinton still has a huge lead, 19 points. but compare that to one month ago when she had a 40-point lead. it's certainly a troubling trend for the clinton camp, especially with vice president joe biden rumored to be considering a run as well. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. 64 street soccer teams hit the pavement in san francisco this weekend. street soccer usa hosted the national cup in civic center plaza. the nonprofit group operates programs in san francisco and 15 other cities. they train homeless youth and other adults year round for this event. 16 teams made up of homeless teens from across the country
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showcase their skills in the tournament. san francisco pd, zen desk and google also had teams. the mission of street soccer usa is to use sports to improve health, education and employment. >> being a part of the team, they are connectedded to a big network with the soccer community. it's one of the biggest in the world. our players start setting goals for themselves and then they have their teammates there to make sure they don't fall down. >> outstanding players will now be picked to go on and represent street soccer usa at the homeless world cup. that's in amsterdam in september. well, a desperate search in indonesia, after a plane carrying more than 50 people crashes. what witnesses say happened moments before that plane vanished from radar screens. >> it's national roller coaster day at six flags discovery kingdom. we'll take you on a ride that's about to say good-bye.
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. just a short time ago we learned that rescue crews have spotted wreckage of an indonesian plane that went missing during bad weather over a remote region of papua. the plane was carrying 54 people, en route to oksibil. villagers reported seeing a plane crash into a mountain. it's not known if there are any survivors. an aircraft that took part in the search efforts was forced to return due to dangerous flying conditions. according to the aviation safety network, trigana air has had 14 serious incidents since it began operations back in 1991, including losing 10 aircraft. trigana is one of several carriers banned from operating in european union air space due to its safety record. the california state
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legislature will have a busy agenda when it reconvenes tomorrow. lawmakers have less than a month now to get their bills passed before the regular session ends on september 11. among the bills on the table, proposals to raise the gas tax and vehicle registration fees for road and highway improvements. other bills include healthcare, climate change, and possibly raising the state's legal smoking age to 21. a movie about a ground- breaking rap group broke records at the box office this weekend. ♪ >> that was dope, man! >> straight outta compton took in more than $56 million in its debut. it only cost $29 million to make. the release set a record for the most profitable august debut for an r-rated film. in second place, "mission impossible: rogue nation" took in 17 million. the action movie "the man from uncle," "fantastic four." and "the gift" rounded out the
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top five. there were plenty of smales in san -- smiles for sunday streets san francisco event. people in the area say it's a great way to mingle with names and enjoy the streets in a different way. next week, city streets heads to the western edition. thrill seekers will soon have one less roller coaster at six flags discovery kingdom. it will roar for the last time today. paul chambers hopped on roar for one final thrill on this national roller coaster day. >> reporter: it's been a staple in the bay area since 1999. >> i'm very sad to see it go. >> i love it. i'm going to miss it a lot. >> reporter: but after 16 years, all good things must come to an end. six flags discovery gives riders their last chance to roar. >> there are very few wooden
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coasters left. people are very passionate about it. they are kind of upset we're doing stuff with it. >> reporter: roar is 10 stories tall and goes 55 miles an hour in about 60 seconds. >> i like all the drops and how it's fun. before you get on, you think it's scary. then when you get off, you end up having a good time. >> reporter: more than 11 million people have taken a ride on roar, but for the last ride, a couple getting married, staff, and of course myself. >> oh, my goodness! >> reporter: the park spokesperson says although the ride is loved by many, they must make way for new and improved attractions. >> we want to be on the cutting edge, we want to be innovative. roar has to go to make room for expansion. >> reporter: sunday is national roller coaster day. next up, superman ultimate flight. the 15-story steel coaster tops out at 62 miles per hour in
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about a couple of seconds. not to be outdone? v2, another 15-story coaster with a top speed of 60 miles per hour. although they can't take the place of the wooden coaster, it will have to do for now. because workers here aren't saying what, if anything will replace roar, although we know something will and it will be big. in vallejo, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2news. >> paul chambers gets the good stories. >> looks like a lot of fun. are you a roller coaster man? >> it's been a while, but i do like the coasters. >> hands up? >> doesn't matter. [ laughter ] let's check in with mark. i know you're adventurous. what do you think? >> when i was growing up, my sister and i would go to the marin county fair and she would always talk me into it. i was always scared. why did you make me go on that ride with you? if you'll be riding the roller coasters today, boy, you were riding through very hot air. of course we know we had record heat across parts of the bay area. in fact, san francisco, they
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maxed out at 90 degrees. that was a record. but the overnight low was 62. that was a record overnight low as well. two records for san francisco, both with respect to the low and the high. as you can see right now, a few high clouds approaching the bay area. let's take a closer look. not much in the way of fog. that would be cooling us off right now. we do have more of an onshore breeze. the seabreeze did kick in for parts of the bay area near the coast and by the bay near mid to late afternoon. right now, a few bands of high clouds moving across the bay area. right now, for the 6:00 hour, we still have very hot temperatures. look at livermore, 104 degrees. walnut creek, 100. oakland, 83. parts of san francisco, in the 80s as well. half moon bay checking in at 74. santa rosa still in the upper 90s. same for san rafael, upper 90s as well. here's our live camera toward the bay here. still high clouds, lots of haze out there with the spare the air alert issued for tomorrow in your monday forecast. tomorrow, we begin to cool things off. not much inland, but we begin
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to cool things off up in parts of the north bay, especially near the coast and near the bay. san francisco from the 90 we had, back down to the mid 70s. still we'll have 102 degrees for livermore tomorrow and san jose cooling off about 7 degrees. this area of high pressure responsible for the major warmup across the bay area. it sticks around for tomorrow, but the change for your monday will be this. we'll have more of an onshore breeze, more seabreeze. with that, we'll cool things off near the coast and right around parts of the bay, near the immediate bay. then more pronounced cooling. you'll have to wait probably until wednesday and thursday as this area of low pressure moves in from the north, we'll shave off a few degrees by midweek. a return of the fog, let's keep an eye on that first thing tomorrow morning. it's a sign of cooling, 7:00 a.m. then near the immediate shoreline, still patchy coastal fog. inland, completely different story. once again, we're talking triple-digit temperatures. around the bay, lots of 80s to around 90 degrees. we'll begin to cool things off a little bit for tomorrow, but
6:22 pm
still hot temperatures out toward vacaville, fairfield, upper 90s. more triple digits. lots of them toward walnut creek, danville, livermore. oakland, 84. san jose, instead of the 97, we'll go with 90 degrees. sunnyvale, 88. san francisco, that's downtown, mid-70s. closer to ocean beach, upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. a look ahead at your five-day forecast, if you want the cooling relief and better air quality, that's going to take a few days, but it kicks in by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, with your weekend coming up, the cooldown continuing out there. gosh, temperatures really spiked all weekend long. 106, 107 degrees today. we'll begin to bring in some relief in a few days. >> my car said it was 104 when i was driving by san quintin. someone said that's hotter than tucson! i looked and tucson was 104. we're the same. >> in the bay area, closer to the coast, near the bay, that onshore breeze kicked in to bring a little bit of relief.
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but it's very localized. >> i know my car wasn't lying. >> i believe your car. >> thanks, mark. coming up, the giants have caught fire, led by the ace madison bumgarner. sports is next.
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. what can you say about mad bump? awesome on the mound! a homerun, too! >> that guy is something, isn't he? madison bumgarner demonstrating today why he's considered a throwback in this era of major league baseball. bumgarner at at&t park against the washington nationals, three- run 4th inning, the big hit was the two-run blast to left by hunter pence. bumgarner drove in a run in the fifth with a double. then he came up with two outs in the seventh for the casey jenson pitch into the left field pitchers. that's four on the year for bumgarner, who simply did it all today. bumgarner trying for his second straight complete game, struck out michael taylor leading off the ninth. he then got bryce harper looking for the second out. 14 strikeouts from bumgarner, who throws a three-hit shutout, second complete game. giants finish off the four-game sweep of the nationals. futility of the rest of the a's season continued today in
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baltimore. didn't take the a's long to get going. parra with a homerun, the first of 26 hits baltimore would pound out against six oakland pitchers. the rout was already on. orioles added nine more runs in the fifth. adam jones, one of his two hits in the inning. jones, 3-for-4 on the day with a pair of homers. baltimore embarrasses the a's, 18-2, a loss that prompted bob melvin to call a clubhouse meeting after the game. well, it was a red letter day for golfer jason day, who broke through this week in a number of ways at the pga championship. number one, day had never won a major and he put himself in position for that, with the two- stroke lead entering today's final round at whistling straits in wisconsin. day, impossible birdie attempt on the 7th hole that drops. jordan spieth, the only other player with a real shot at spieth from a serious bunker at 16, then rolls within inches for a birdie. spieth shot a 68, only three strokes within the lead. by the time day got to 18, he
6:28 pm
could coast to the win, finishing a round of 67, 20 under par tournament total, breaking tiger woods' record for most strokes under par in a major. we'll talk raiders and stadium, tonight on the late sports shop at 11:00. see you then. >> thank you. at 10:00, despite all this hot weather, fire crews are actually making headway fighting wildfires across northern california. >> we'll give you a full update on nearly a dozen firefighters in the area, coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. thanks for watching this evening. >> we're always here for you online at, facebook, twitter and all of our ktvu apps. cool off, stay cool. see you tonight at 10:00.
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