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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's sunday. spin pack (flores. we begin with a new story from east bay with three people were killed with a crash and elsa brontk. it happened last night on the damn road. a camaro driving east crossover in the westbound lane and sideswiped another car. the camaro crashed into a tree. >> after hitting the tree the driver was able to speak to people. the car burst into flames and three people inside the car perished as a result of the collision or the fire.
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the driver was taken to a nearby hospital. speeding and alcohol appear to be a factor. the driver in the other car suffered minor injuries. chp reports the road is now reopen. developing news in south bay. police investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. it happened at 10:00 last night. they were conducting a follow- up investigation at a strip mall on center where near capital expressway. officers claimed the suspect reach for a handgun causing two officers to open fire. we have a crew on the way to the scene and more details as we get that information. it's supposed to be cooler today after a record-setting day from napa to monterrey. in several cisco in the excelsior district the height today is 90 degrees. that is 6 degrees higher than the record set in 1994.
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records were up in oakland, san jose, gilroy. temperatures also topped 100 degrees in southern california. football team practice, 105. people are out playing golf. drink a lot of water. if you are running or hiking or playing golf. a your animals from docs to horses have a way to keep cool and to get to water. you were out carrying softball practice to make it was a 100 degrees on the field. it was emanating from the field. it was hot. >> it was hot everywhere yesterday. there are some areas that are
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cooling off. it looks like it will make it to the santa cruz coast and after that it's a tough call. is cooler on the day inland but not as hot as sunday. we had 16 record highs in high- pressure building into the 60s digging down from the south. it will bump the high out of here. we will see if that picks up or decreases. a few high clouds and sunshine. nice a mild but hot. santa cruz coast will be narrow 100%. coastal bay will take a bigger drop. 90 in san francisco. >> it was pretty hot. you said and i was looking at my traffic and i must confess that when it's cooling --; today and much more so through the
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rest of the week. let's go take a look. east shore freeway in traffic on 80 westbound looks pretty good as you drive between cockiness bridge in the bay. the bay bridge toll plaza is nice getting into san francisco. the morning commute looks pretty good as we go to san francisco. 101 traffic looks pretty good past the 280 interchange. 404. sunnydale police are holding a conference to get more information about an officer involved shooting. it started at a motel 6 in sunnyvale saturday. police arrived to check out a suspicious car in the parking lot. two men jumped out and ran. one of the men popped at a low decline clifton. police killed one of the men and the other got away.
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>> they searched every house in backyards and houses. >> police say the man who was killed had a gun on him and another in his backpack. the second man is still on the loose end is considered armed and dangerous. san francisco police are looking for help to find a person who shot and killed two people including a mother in front of her children. a black truck, likely a dodge ram. this navy link to a drive- by shooting. 32-year-old st. pete beach mayor maria lowe does was hit by a stray bullet while trying to protect her children. 38- year-old dante glad was shot and killed and a 40-year-old woman was shot that survived. police are asking for information. it has been a rough weekend for fire crews around the state
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. we are battling flames, high temperatures and difficult terrain. cal fire is showing progress in lake county. iraqi fire is completely contained last week. everyone who was evacuated is being allowed to return home. cal fire says the fire risk will remain high for months. >> it doesn't matter if the temperature is going up or down, the conditions are so die they remain difficult. well into the fall in until we get rain. >> there are eight wildfires burning in california and $14 and firefighters working to control them. there are things you can do to prevent fires. clear space around your home and be careful if you are barbecuing or working with tools . cal fire says while they are making progress in northern california the number of fires
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in southern california increased . one of the most visible is near castaic near la. it's burned 50 acre spread dry conditions and unpredictable wind could push that to 2000 acres in the next couple of days. six truckers have burned but none our homes. another fire in montebello east of la has burned 200 acres. it broke out there and oilfield. that forced officials to shut down a freeway and major roads. police have arrested a 44-year- old man on suspicion of arson but no information yet. the firefighting helicopter made a hard landing. it developed mechanical problems and was forced to land unexpectedly in a nearby cemetery. the crew was not injured. san francisco police say there's been a significant spike in car break-ins.
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there have been 12,000 vehicles reported in the first half of this year. the chronicle reports that police are beaming prop 47 for the increase. that was a lot of voters passed that reduced the penalties of nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. here are the recent stats. vehicle break-ins between january and june of this year stands at 11,917. 62% up from 2013. 171% jump compared to the entire year of 2010. san francisco police the numbers are likely higher than that because they think many people aren't reporting it. tens of thousands of students in san francisco had back-to-school. that means you need to watch out for the kids walking and biking to and from school. the school district announced new items including hawaiian meatballs and barbecued chicken
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pops. >> that's a nice change. >> the superintendent says that math and in language arts teachers have found better ways to inspire students. the district worked and averted the teacher shortage in it has 22 open positions. sonoma county students heading back to school this week but with the teacher shortage 71,000 children from kindergarten to 12th grade back in the classroom. there are still more than 200 open teaching positions there. officials say it's using more teachers retiring fewer people getting into the field. concord police investigating a possible hack attack in clayton valley charter high school. a hacking group has claimed
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responsibility. the claimed to have stolen records from the school database. it's unclear what records were stolen and whether students and employee information was compromised. it comes days after a meeting where trustees discussed an investigation after complaints about the school administrators. more fuel to the river applecart. reports the tech giant has showed interest in a concord testing ground for self driving cars. officials with the contract cost authority say apple has reached out to them. the agency brands a methane station, a closed word area. it includes paved roads, overpasses, railroad crossings, and tunnels. golden state warriors self- query has another award. curry
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one the male athlete award in los angeles last night. the winners were chosen by teenagers of from across the country. he also won best male athlete at the kids choice awards. >> we had a great leader bishop obviously. obviously we're going to cash i'm glad to have a surfboard now. >> that is pretty cool. >> curry is living there in the off-season. he was on the golf course with president obama over the weekend. a shakeup in the rankings. coming up, when the new poll finds candidates running for president. perry has been touring the city. what he plans to do today.
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time now is 4:14 am. civil rights activists julian bond died at the age of 75. his wife says he became ill while on vacation in florida and died on saturday on complications from vascular disease. the student a martin luther king was the first president of the southern poverty law center and
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served for two decades in the legislature and as it was a former chairman of the devil ncp . he talked with his grandchildren about the responsibility everyone has in the fight for justice two years ago. >> you have to ask yourself what can i do. what is it i can do to push the needle forward. what can i do to improve freedom in our country. i think you have to say i want to do something. i may not know what it is right now but i want to do something to make freedom expand. >> president obama hailed him as a hero and a friend to the first family. hughuley sustainment, the president did, julian bond help change this country for the better and what better way to be remembered than that. a new poll shows how much the race for the white house has shifted over the past week and a half. more from washington. >> reporter: we're seeing that
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this month's debate in cleveland did have an impact on the gop race. businessman donald trump has responded to critics. saying he hasn't been specific enough. by helicopter or by golf cart this is been a writer businessman donald trump. he has a lead in the gop. a poll shows him 13 points above anyone else. at the same time comp is getting into policies. outlining the details of his plan for immigration reform. which as expected includes building a border while including financial pressure on mexico to pay for it. ending birthright citizenship and supporting illegal immigrants. >> they have to go. we will work with it. >> we either have a budget or we don't have a budget. >> for trump the challenge a be evident in another poll that he
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now leads. for the support 52% of registered voters believe he is not qualified to be president. a neurosurgeon retired surgeon ben carson said he has emerged among second. >> people are recognizing that the same old will take us to the same place. >> for democrats they are interesting trends. former secretary of state hillary clinton's numbers have taken a hit with her email controversy. vermont senator bernie sanders has been catching fire and number searching among democratic primary voters by 10 points or less than a month. businessman donald trump, he is taking a break from the campaign trail today to report to jury duty in new york. the travels of palo alto ambassador. has come to an end. the stuffed donkey named palo alto perry has been touring the city to draw attention to events in palo alto.
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the left notes about the liked about the city and he shares the highlights of his journey with an appearance at city hall next week. with selfies. >> very cute. was check in with sal on this monday morning. >> i'm okay. it's cooler in the studio than it was. >> did you make it to the game? >> i was outside. i did get son. good morning. let's take a look at the commute. right now traffic is doing well as we start off in the east bay with highway 4 coming up to the westbound highway 4 connection
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with 242 and 680 traffic looking good heading south to highway 24. highway 24 westbound to lafayette, a very nice drive. the traffic continues to look good. southbound 101 near the bay exit there is a crash on the right shoulder for traffic is moving along well. this is a look at the ebay bridge. let's bring stephen here. >> my advice is don't go through that. >> you thought it was hot around here. >> i heard. triple digits. >> on sunday everybody saw it. yesterday everything. we had come the conditions and they are on their way. santa cruz and monterey bay, sometimes it takes a while to
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get cranked up. napa in san francisco and sfo, oakland, back-to-back days over the weekend. richmond, monterey, almost 7. record highs all over the place . fair skies and if you high clouds with patchy fog. it will be hot inland and sometimes in the 70s. there is a big difference in the temperatures. bodega bay 55 which is 10 degrees cooler than monterey. that is a huge drop. there are a few highs above that area and that will usher in a new pattern.
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sfo is west of 13, if that holds on the coast in bayside locations we will see cool downs. 60s on the coast and 72 the interior. fog is working back off the santa cruz coast. it's very shallow but cooler by the coast. some areas may have to will wait until tomorrow to get the fog. mostly sunny cooler too hot. near 100 inland. 70s and 80s for others. the trend is to start drilling it down. we hold it there for a while through wednesday. >> almost of all like, like a september.
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>> the mornings aren't bad. but there was smoke over the weekend. >> i could barely see mount van. i heard from a friend, the water temperature in san diego is 77. pretty nice. 4:21 am. she is one of taylor swift vegas fans. a new campaign to help this little girl meet her favorite singer. big changes coming to disney theme parks. the three new items announced over the weekend.
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it's friday weekend at levi's stadium. people gathered to see taylor swift. days sold out for her world war. for many young girls it would be a dream come true to me taylor swift that for one little girl a community is open to make your wish come true. this story, she is that battling a bring tumor. and her family so singing and dancing to her music gets her through cancer treatments every day. they are hoping to sell her
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wish of meeting the star. >> you never know how much this means and she will never forget this. >> you can help jordan's dream come true by #taylor mead jordan on social media. she has ticket to first show next month. that she hopes to meet her. it's official. star wars is taking up residence at disney theme parks. the company announced star wars is getting its own theme land at disneyland and disney world. these are drawings of the planned expansion. it looks awesome. i can't wait. it represents the largest theme land extension ever. they are adding a toy story land and an avatar land. a homeowner in idaho got the surprise with a big visitor. look at this. despair discovered a kitty door and tried to get into the house.
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at first the beer had his pot in his nose in it. >> that is not scary. >> but that there was too big for the cat door and eventually left. this >> the cat said that is my door. wow. 4:26 am is the time. a person shot and killed by police in san jose in what investigators say prompted officers to open fire. a speeding car slammed into a tree overnight. the east bay. what investigators say the driver was doing before the crash.
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a firey crash ends with three people dead over night. coming up in two minutes we'll have the latest on the investigation including what officers say may have led to this deadly crash. good morning, everybody, welcome back to mornings on 2, it is monday, august 17th i'm brian flower haves. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. it will be a little cooler. >> for some it will be a lot cooler. there is a little, one more hot day inland but not as hot as yesterday. >> thank goodness. >> that was hot. >> 107 is hot, yes, i know. but yesterday everybody was in on it. that is what was unique about it. fair skies. a few high clouds


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