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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 17, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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after a woman puts a hidden camera at her mother's grave -- >> this is what the camera caught. >> see who got busted boosting the now we ares. sending a message on a potato sounds dumb. but -- >> it works. >> the man behind the idea shows how the potato gets the point across. rescuers spot a dog who needs help. >> those are puppies she has. >> how they got everybody happy, healthy and fed. and let the sorority recruitment videos begin. let's party, have a good time, throw in a little bit of dance music. see all the back-to-school spirit minus the school part. >> do they ever actually make it
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to class? back in april she lost her mother and since then they've been bringing the gravesite her mother some flowers and also noticed that the flowers constantly for the last few months kept going missing. so she set up a hidden camera, and this is what the camera caught. womanwers out of the ground, throwing them in a box and running away. >> wait a minute. why just that headstone? there's a bunch of flowers to the left, were they targeting just that person? >> that's one of the biggest questions that marge is trying to answer. she doesn't know who this woman is, she doesn't know why she's doing this and police are now looking for her, trying to figure out what the heck is up. >> that is really bizarre. now for this next video this guy concealing his identity jumps and carefully walks into this patio, now he knows that the camera is there, so as you
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can see, he's trying to conceal his fate. he does also set off the alarm and you see in the video at some point he tries to cover his ears because it is a very loud alarm apparently. still that does not deter him and even though he's unable to break in through the door he walks off the camera, only to come back with a brick to break the window. that works. he is able to get inside the house and make away with some items he was able to get his hands on. canadian tourist parking job in istanbul in turkey going viral for this quite obvious reason. >> that's a pretty crummy parking job. >> she didn't park there. in her defense. she rent aid car, had gone to visit a museum and in her rush forgot to leave the parking brake on and this car slowly started rolling. random people saw this happening, they ran up and as a
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team they arrested the movement of that car, then as it was going over the end, jumped on the top of that car to act as counter weight so it wouldn't tip in and stayed there as well the crane or truck to pull the car out. other guys have rope, wrapped it around the car and wrap it around the pier to hold it there. i thought it was really awesome that people just saw it happening and didn't think, they just acted. the canadian tourist comes back, realizes what's going on, fortunately it's all fine but she says she will continue her holiday via taxi. >> how dumb did she feel? >> she felt like a turkey. >> oh. >> can you imagine you walk out not only your car is half way over the edge. >> that awkward moment the walk of shame you come up to it, wink, wink, my bad. >> oh, is that my car in. >> another video, from australia, a tragic video. i think they may have to bring in a national day of mourning, keep an eye what happens in this one as they're following this truck here, this truck loaded
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with beer as it heads around this round-about and then -- oh! >> noooooo! >> this is basically the australian equivalent if you were following a truckful of bald eagles in america. >> stop, help you out here. >> opportunity to load up on some beer. animal aid unlimited in india does a lot of good work. here they are rescuing that dog. she's hiding under the steps because that's where she lives, the steps are bloody because she has a cut on her leg, so they have come down there to help and you can see those are puppies she has. she has more than those two you could see right there. she's not running away. she's actually pretty friendly. >> that's surprising because an animal with newborns and injured, a lot of times they can be aggressive. >> as soon as they getmehe you t of her leg. she has stepped on some glass which shouldn't be surprising if
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you look at the trash that she's sleeping under and she's nursing all these babies as well. >> how is she even able to do that? look at how skinny she is. >> well the good thing is that animal aid has picked this mom up and put her and her babies in this crate and they take her in and when they take her in, she's able to lay down comfortably in a nice clean area and feed them and then they start to nurse her. there you can see them with an iv, giving her petting and love. >> how many puppies? where were they hidden? >> i counted seven of those little babies. after a few weeks time for her to go back home. this goes from animal rescue to home improvement. they don't send her back to the same place and leave it the way in which they found it. they start cleaning it up for her. they find broken glass because that's what she had stepped on and cut herself, they move all that stuff out of there, so here they are bringing her back, she's been with them for two
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weeks, they have the puppies with them but now she's got clean bedding, they've cleaned the area out, so it's not going to be a repository of trash, and now she's got a nice clean private area to raise her little babies. we have so many choices and channels to communicate with each other nowadays, cell phone, laptops, e-mail, snapchat, periscope, on and on and on, but you have felt like there could be one more channel? >> no, not really. >> alex craig thought there was a hole in the market, came to him in a dream. it was the dumbest idea you could possibly have, and by golly, it works. >> messages on opotatoes? >> you can send a large poe day t pea toy tea message for $9.99, smaller for $7.99, up to 140 characters. are people really honestly truly using this and buying it? i wondered so to find out we have alex craig "right this
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minute," via skype. alex, are people really paying you money to send potatoes with messages? >> absolutely. it's a quality product and changing the way you communicate with one another. this is a revolutionary startup that has done something that no one else on the planet has done, which is send a message on a potato. >> are you being serious? have you really sold a lot of these things? >> i have, a little over $30,000 since we launched in may. >> oh my gosh! are you like a master marketer? >> work at a mobile app company in addison, texas. we make mobile apps for a lot of big name brands. i'm into internet marketing and finding new ways spreading the word and spreading an idea and i thought what better way to do that than do it on a potato. >> i'm just curious, are these potatoes edible after somebody gets the message? >> it has ink on it, touched by many people and sent through the mail, you're probably not going to want to eat it. we advise not to do that.
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>> have you thought about taking it a step further, sending sweet messages on a sweet potato? >> i heard that idea a couple of times. maybe february 2014 you'll see sweet potatoes on potatopar pa we get a g2 pen hands down the best pen in the market for writing on potatoes and we scribe the message on there and put in the highest quality in the mail envelopes on the market and ship that through the mail. >> you're a legend. >> alex, i see you have something back and forth. >> just a potato. you guys are based out of arizona, right? >> yes. >> we got this potato a couple of minutes ago from arizona, i think from where you are from. it says nick. james kingston gives his fans what they have asking for. >> so here we are, top of a crane. >> the insane seven-minute climb
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down. >> going to go by me here about 0 feet. >> plus this guy has been warned. >> there's a mama bear and two cubs coming his way. >> see what happens, next. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it. wewe s smomoososh h it. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a. yoyou u mamakeke i it t s. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m mini, our chocolate.
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the first rule, the number one rule of television and youtube, give the people what they want. >> a lot of people ask me easiest, climb up a crepe or climbing down a crane. the truth is, it's all quite easy physically. it's pretty simple. >> james kingston we've seen a lot of his videos before has been listening to his audience. they've been asking, one, which is harder, climbing up or climbing down and two, can we see some uncut videos, please? so he delivers. whole time talking like nothing is going on. he shows us where he's standing. >> so here we are top of a crane. >> oh! on top of a crane.
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james does exactly what everybody's asking. he does a whole video, takes him about seven minutes as he starts climbing down this crane so you can just get an idea. now he says climbing down is more fun because you're working with gravity as opposed to against it. he says fundamentally they're both easy. half way down he has to do this, transfer to the outside of the crane and then continue like that. look, oh! i just don't like it, don't like it, but it's also very cool. >> i understand what he's saying being basically easy, like climbing a ladder or being on a jungle gym but that part of his brain that just senses fear isn't there. >> it's mind over matter. >> yes. that's it. this is glacier national park. this guy is on the trail and
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notice he's off trail because the people up ahead warned him there's a mama bear and two cubs coming his way. >> going to go by me here about 20 feet but i don't have a hell of a lot of choice. >> this is her come his way. but he calls this video mom on a mission because she doesn't even look his way. >> what a great sight. you keep your distance, that's exactly how this should go down. >> it's a once in a lifetime because you're really very close but they just go about their business. you were able to see this like a fly on the wall. now this next one is interesting, this guy caught a fish in his net and decided i'm going to use it as bait. he had it out of the bucket a short time and in that short amount of time the cuttlefish tried to turn the same color as the concrete it was laying on. oh my goodness. isn't nature incredible? >> all right, dude, you win, you're going back in the water. >> it earned its way back its release. >> that's incredible.
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you look down and go wait, where is the fish? we're putting three videos to the test. first, magic happens right before your eyes. >> obviously it's real. >> then this dude -- computer has clearly got a bug. and a miraculous moment caught on camera. >> oh! >> real or fake? you decide, ebaum's world is next.
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by -- isis t thahat t evevenen ? gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, f fre. ststayay c cooool!l! helplp m me.e. [[ m malale e ana] relief starts now. gogoldld b bonond d ra. two i itctch-h-fig medicines ininsstatantntlyle summer itches. gogoldld b bonond.d. a lot of people probably have a case of the mondays but i have the man who will get them happy. >> max from ebaum's world. >> i wish i had prepared an introduction. i didn't. i'm just going to go with the standard we can get real or you can get the fake let's roll the clips. >> individual know number one.
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♪ >> oh my gosh. >> obviously it's real. >> it's just in reverse. >> exactly. >> so real, real, real? >> yes, it's real. >> what we're saying is while this happened it's fake because it's in reverse. >> not everybody can just see it right away and know it was reversed so i went to the video, reversed it for you guys to see what it really looked like, it's crazy. we're going with fake. >> number two, see if this one is real or fake. oh! >> bravo! >> the question is did he set this up? >> one of the moments he'll be 90 years old and death bed, do you remember that time i caught it? that was epic! >> it would suck if it was an $8 bottle of wine. i want it to be really expensive. i go real, i this i that
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happened. >> real. >> you're all saying real so i'll go with the team, real. >> i'm with the team here also, this is like one of those moments you do something miraculous and you're just like i wish there was a video camera, i wish i could see that again. this guy got it. i think this is real. also we got our users to vote on this one. majority say real. >> see if there's controversy with this last one. >> dude! >> what the heck? this guy appears to have cracked open a laptop, taken out some of the hard drive and revealed some roaches? >> computer clearly has a bug. >> oh! >> i don't know what the controversy is here. i'll go real. >> real. >> definitely real. >> really freaking gross. >> anybody that's had roaches before, you know when they see the light the way they scatter, this is textbook roach scatter right here. it was an older model anyway. time to upgrade.
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this is real. >> thanks, max. >> glad we could agree. see you next week. the chase is on. >> he's got it. >> oh! >> oh gosh. [ barking ]. >> we're here today because you all told me you don't know how toe drive stick. >> do you guys know how to drive stick? >> yes. >> no no. >> as human beings that's unacceptable. >> you're not the only one, gayle, there's a shame on our society many of us don't know how to drive stick. i'm going to teach you through
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the video out that got help. >> race car driver and nascar commentator. >> i apologize about the entrance. >> i don't think i'd be able to pay attention. >> seriously suddenly i don't know how to drive stick and to learn. >> people's reasons for learning how to drive stick. >> to impress guys? >> i want to learn to do better than him in two minutes. >> there is a a mover and the car to keep them t will be a sick car. >> it's like you're the only one who has a limb that's not severed and you have to drive away and you don't even know how to drive a stick. >> i heard this lady's explanation, that's ridiculous. well, gayle, you're not alone. you're not alone. >> wow, i feel so validated. >> now we're ready to go.
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>> i can't believe this. >> neither can i. oh, gosh. >> oh! >> ugly! >> you stalled. >> this is your fault. >> all my fault. >> oh. >> surprisingly all three people do quite well. i think the fiat is quite friendly to drive. if you need to learn how to get away from a murderer or the zombie apocalypse, watch this video on, click on "tv show" to watch the entire thing. i feel like i could teach you. >> i think that's a video that's going to happen. the girls at university of alabama have put together a sorority recruitment video. see if this sorority is calling your name. >> so anybody can join the sorority? >> yes, i believe so, gayle. nonow w atat c chihilili's's, d chicken burritos for lunch. mamakeke i it t a a lulun. ththenen t tapap, , swswip.
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stroller. it's just a prototype. >> that's cruel, folvolkswagen, cruel. ♪ yawn overload. ♪ it's that time of year back to school time and if you've got
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a daughter headed off to college, she may run into a video like this. this one from the university of missouri, the chi omega sorority videos. these are getting popular as the sororities try to draw in new freshmen to join their sorority. let's take a look at the georgia southern recruitment video. the common theme of these videos all appear to be let's party, have a good time, throw in a little bit of dance music. here's thea tao alpha from alabama. >> looks like the white house. >> the alabama sorority houses are incredible. the video getting the most attention are the laid yes's from alfa si and this plays like hugh hefner's dream. the whole video is a giant monster party. >> all anyone ever does is laughs and smiles. oh, ha, ha, ha, ha.
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oh, ha, ha, ha, ha. >> so far, nearly half a million views. >> i thought i was going to see one that was like tongue and cheek and funny. this is all just really nice and plays like a taylor swift video. college should be fun and should be some of this that we see in the videos but i am a little concerned that it's just focused on that and not the scholastic part of college. >> nerd! >> thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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