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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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have been even more wide spread than previously reported a couple months ago. we'll tell you how many taxpayers may have had their personal information stolen. good morning. thank you for joining us tuesday morning august 18th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. can i ask steve about the forecast? >> please do. >> steve, how is the forecast? >> cooler thank goodness. >> it feels good. [ laughter ] >> and there is a big fog bank out there so that will help. many people are saying it feels cooler to me today. well, it is. and it's going to be because the low clouds are up above now. not right down on the deck. yesterday they filled in nicely on the coast but that didn't stop inland temps from hitting the 90s to 100s but not today. this is from william tweety in vallejo. monday high 91-degrees. feels cooler already. it is cooler and it will continue to feel cooler because there is a lot of fog out
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there. low clouds, cooler on the lows. in fact, temperatures 50s and 60s. will end up with 60s and 70s around the bay and then 80s and 90s. 26 to 33 gusts. travis yesterday was 2 miles an hour. that is a huge difference. 50s and 60s running about 5-13 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. the low clouds in place so it will be even windy for some. forecast even inland areas with sunshine. upper 80s and low 90s. 60s and 70s around the bay. all right sal. quiet today. >> well so far. i'm always watching my computers right here and i'm looking at the freeway, steve. we're off to a good start. this is a look at east shore freeway and traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. still a 19 minute drive with no
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major issues. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic here is going to be light as you drive through. there are no major problems getting into the city. as a matter of fact we've had some pretty good delays here or pretty nice areas as you get through. we're looking at the south bay as well. the traffic continues to move along well on 101, 280, and 85. i want to mention on 37 there is still an accident there. watch for slowing. at 5:02 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news in san jose where the second deadly officer involved shooting in less than 24 hours is being investigated. and police say both persons shot by police were suspects in the same homicide investigation. now the latest shooting was last night just before 7:00 near kirk haven cut. police say they started following the up identified man's car and when he realized he was being tailed he let police on the the chase.
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the man jumped out of the car and ran with police running after him. and then officers say he reached for his waistband. that is when police opened fire killing him. >> as of right now there was no gun located on the suspect. our investigators have not gone through the car that he was in. we will completely search the area. >> the man's name has not yet been relisted but police say he was a suspect in the death of 38-year-old christopher wren who was shot to death last thursday. the man was also planning to kill a woman who had information about wren's death. they say that woman was in the car with the man during that police chase. in the meantime san jose police say the man killed by one of their officers sunday night was wanted for that same homicide on lundy avenue. the sunday night shooting happened at a strip mall near center road. police say they stopped the man
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and then he reached for his handgun. that is when officers opened fire and killed him. police say there were three suspects in the killing of christopher wren. one is still on the loose this morning. since last sunday there have been four police shootings. san jose police have been involved in eight police shootings so far this year compared to five in all of last year. two of them fatal. the internal revenue service says hundreds of thousands of more taxpayers may be at risk after a cyber attack. alex savidge is in oakland to talk about this is all from the same cyber attack problem the irs reported this may. alex. >> reporter: this is san earlier problem. now more wide spread. good morning to you. this is part of a sophisticated criminal operation. these thieves targeted taxpayers that used one particular irs website which has since been shut down. they were stealing taxpayers personal information to
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eventually claim fraudulent tax refunds. and the irs say there is are roughly 334,000 victims of this scheme. the agency reported about 114,000 people had their information accessed. that was back in may. now the stolen data was taken from the irs's get transcript website where people go to access tax filings from previous years. now with this computer breach thought to be more wide spread now, the arrest says it will be mailing warning letters to an additional 220,000 taxpayers in the coming days. the agency is also offering free credit monitoring services. they say they are moving aggressively to protect taxpayers. and in the meantime the irs has some tips, some warning signs to look out for to know if you have become a victim of id theft through the irs's website. we have put up a link on our website at >> that is good. certainly alerted a lot of
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people to this. a lot of cyber attacks. investigators looking for the cause of a fire that seriously damaged two santa clara homes. fire crews had to use water that was trucked in to fight the flames. a woman that lives in that area says she found out about it when a worried neighbor knocked on her door. >> someone frantic came to my front door and said your neighbors house is on fire. i came out and looked and saw flames shootingen up six feet. >> no one was hurt in that fire. smoky skies around the bay area are expected to gradually subside today. yesterday was the second straight spare the air day.
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that can be a dangerous combination especially with people with breathing problems. doctors say they have not seen an influx in patients. cal fire says a propeller failed when the aircraft was on the ground in southern california. so far six of the 15 planes have been checked by mechanics and cleared. drone users who interrupt fire fighting efforts could face steep fines and lose their drones if a new bill becomes law. they are worried the rush to regulated the devices could
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result in extra strict rules. >> a push today to get drivers to slow down as kids head back to school this week. police patrols have school safety is a top priority in alameda county. a joint news conference by the san lorenzo school districts will be talking about how to safely drop off and pick up students at school. in alameda county there were 250 collisions around schools between 2010 and 2012. the classes by the way in san lorenzo begin next week. more developments to build a barrier that will prevent suicides on the golden gate bridge. the golden gate district board of directors is expected to hire a consultant with the bidding. and the consultant company is
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hntb corp. it will also help the board better understand the project. after that they plan to approve a construction bid by mid october. the barrier is expected to be complete by 2019. lawmakers in sacramento will once again try to pass controversial right to die legislation. the bill was scrapped last month after it failed to gain enough support to pass a key assembly committee and the stat bill was inspired by the case of brittany menard. lawyers for dzhokhar sarnie are asking for a different trial. his lawyer filed a document saying jurors could not be objective because of all the publicity surrounding the case. they are asking his guilty verdict be overturned. in may tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the 2013 boston marathon attack which killed three people and injured more
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than 260 others. a county clerk in kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples will not have to do it while she takes the issue to court. the clerk is being sued by two gay couples. a federal judge ordered here her to issue their marriage licenses but now a federal appeals court is putting that order on hold while the case moves forward. in the meantime a couple in texas who was also denied a marriage license they settled their lawsuit. they will receive more than $40,000 for their legal fees. california governor jerry brown signed a bill that protects grocery store workers from being fired when the ownership of a store changes. now under the bill grocery store employees working in stores of at least 15,000 square feet they can't be fired during a 90 day transition period. after the transition the new employer has to provide a written performance evaluation and also consider employing each of those workers.
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uber is now providing a new service. they will be delivering hot meals from san francisco. customers can order food through an app that has a few menu items on them. it will start at san francisco's financial district and the sonoma districts. the food prices are between $8 and $12. uber eats is already up and running in los angeles, chicago, and new york city. it is 11 minutes after 5:00. we have new disturbing information about last years bank robbery in stockton that ended with a fatal shooting of a hostage. coming up at 5:30 details of the new report that shows just how many times officers fired their guns. >> but first we're still following developing news in thailand. there has been another explosion there and we have new images of the man police say was responsible for yesterday's deadly blast.
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>> we are looking at the north bay commute. on the golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading south. >> already running much cooler than yesterday. we'll have those temps coming up.
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video appears to show the same man. there was another explosion in bangkok this morning. authorities in indonesia have recovered the black box from a plane that crashed into a mountain killing all 54 people on board. rescuers reached the crash site today. two days after the plane crashed in bad weather. the plane was completely destroyed. all of the bodies have been recovered. authorities are hoping the black box will give them clues about why the plane crashed. in china explosions are making recovery efforts more difficult. the explosions happened in a warehouse with toxic materials. there are concerns the rain could spread the hazardous materials or even cause
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chemical reactions. the blast killed at least 114 people. another 57 are still listed as missing. time is 5:15. back here at home seismologists say yesterday's earthquake that we all felt helped them in their development of an early warning system. developers already know the further away you are from the quake's epicenter the more helpful a warning will be. yesterday's quake confirmed that. the head of the berkeley seismology lab says he has the app tested on his phone but he was too close to get an actual warning. >> the app points off on my phone but by the time the app went off it was shaking and it already started. but for people until san francisco, in fremont, in san jose they could have received a warning of several seconds. >> for most people that may not sound like much of a warning but that is enough time for you to decide not to get on to an elevator or for a surgeon to decide not to make a vital cut
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during an operation or for a train operator to stop and make for the shaking to stop. the east bay municipal water district says there was some damage caused by yesterday's earthquake. on a normal day there were two or three water main breaks well yesterday there was seven of them. six were within a mile of the epicenter of the quake. now they say those breaks were a good reminder why everybody should have a couple gallons of water on hand as part of your emergency kit. >> absolutely. 5:17 is the time. let's check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on? >> reporter: we have something in novato. east of 101. a little bit east of 101. there is a truck that got into an accident.
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give yourself plenty of time and it looks like it will be there for awhile. they are waiting for tow trucks and chp has issued a sig alert. it's not a huge traffic jam but we want you to know it is there. at the bay bridge we don't have a big crowd at all. westbound coming in there are no problems on the bridge itself getting into san francisco. at 5:17 let's go to steve now in the weather center. >> all right sal, thank you, sir. a bigger fog bank today. more of a westerly breeze. that should help in a number of ways. cooler as well as giving us a little better air quality. we've had that north breeze. northeast. easterly over the weekend. so still may be a little hazy but i would think the air quality would be better with the west, southwest breeze and there it is as it cranks up. speaking of cranking up the fog bank is really flying. so low clouds, cooler lows. anywhere from 1-13 degrees. so fog or sun. the fog will head back to the coast but it's not going anywhere today. it will be hanging out there.
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cooler and breezy. even though it will be sunny inland we will take down a good 5-10 degrees for some. we've already had gusts at 33 to travis. that is a huge difference. components of a westerly or north westerly breeze. san jose the out lier there. 50s and 60s. way down compared to yesterday for many. especially inland temps. they are running there is travis 14 degrees cooler. napa and santa rosa the same. san jose 7. livermore is five. concord is five. so that tells you there is a cooler pattern. 61-63-66. bodega bay was 5:yesterday. still though on the cool side. one of the coolest ones really from about bodega bay up to the oregon border. after that there is a lot of warm water. that is helping to the enhance the fog bank that is heading east. that opens the door for a cooler breezy.
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out to the deltas. 60s and 70s and also 80s or a few 90s. temperatures out of those 100s thank goodness. three days in a row that is enough for me. 70s and 80s to upper 80s. should be cooler. much cooler santa clara valley and take that into wednesday and thursday. maybe even friday and then it holds steady there. just slightly. subtle changes. >> you're backing away from the 100s. >> yes, sir. for awhile. >> that is good. >> i hope so. time is 5:20. a baby is born inside a car that was speeding down the road. it's all caught on camera. up next the dramatic police dash cam video and how an officer jumped in to help. but first. >> their sense of smell is up to 100,000 times stronger than what you and i smell. >> something unusual and innovative is happening at uc davis cancer center. how these dogs are helping
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stages. the puppies are four months old. doctors say they will under go training over the next 18 months to identify throat and neck cancer in saliva, breath, and urine. >> the dogs are very, very good in telling you not only is it a lump but it's cancer. or it's a lump and it's not cancer. >> just incredible. they hope the dogs can provide that with their acute sense of smell. dogs can recognize melanoma along with bladder, lung, and breast cancers. another reason to have coffee this morning. coffee may help prevent colon cancer from coming back. this is according to a new study from boston researches. drinking two to three cups of coffee a day could help people recovering from colon cancer. a team of doctors followed about a thousand people who had stage three colon cancer. those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day, they were
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42% less likely. [ technical difficulties ] those who moved or lifted at least 25-pound loads several times a day extended the time it took to conceive by 50%. scientists say they need more research to find out if there is a link here. police dash cam video from seattle captured some dramatic moments leading up to a woman giving birth inside of her car. you know that scream anywhere. that is a baby crying. police officers helped the
5:26 am
woman deliver her baby early sunday morning. they had just pulled her husband over because he was speeding. he was on his way to the hospital. an ambulance came along to take mom and the baby to the hospital. they are said to be doing fine. police say the family sent the officers a nice note thanking them for the help. time is 5:25. still ahead high school football going high-tech. >> i think this will be a new step into future technology toward sports science. >> the new device that will help keep teenagers safe as they play out there on the field. >> we're live in san jose where police are investigating the second officer involved shooting in less than 24 hours. we'll tell you why they decided to open fire and how these to incidents are linked. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here that traffic is doing okay on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17.
5:27 am
>> much cooler. in fact well inland the fog yesterday residing on the coast but it's moving locally inland today so we'll have those cooler numbers.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're ready. tuesday, august 17th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. just about 5:30. a nice coastal breeze coming in. >> much cooler. we bow to that west wind.
5:30 am
it's established itself and so has the fog. yesterday was really held in check but yesterday it's lifted and it's allowing it to move inland. it will cool those areas. 80s and 90s. plenty of low clouds around. there is a big fog bank out there. that will translate into a cooler pattern along with a much more robust delta breeze. so that always helps. 50s and 60s as much as 14 degrees cooler for some. about 7-14 for some inland areas. so you can take that amount off some of the high temps from yesterday. system in the pacific northwest is bumping the high out of the way as it moves east that is allowing the fog to lift and make its presence felt all the way up and down the coast. big fog bank. it will be even cooler for those that are well away from any coastal or bay side locations. 80s or low 90s for most. 60s and 70s for others. all right sal quiet so far. >> so far. we've had a couple of things but not a lot. steve, good morning to you. let's start off with a look at the north bay.
5:31 am
southbound 101 traffic does look good as you head down to the golden gate bridge. thing to is not an issue here but in novato eastbound 37 as you approach black point near harbor there is a truck that overturned spilled all kinds of debris. we can can go to the maps and show you where it is. eastbound 37 about a mile and a half east of highway 101 on the way over to vallejo. southbound 101 is not effected by any of this. bay bridge toll plaza is getting a little busier now. they may have turned the metering lights on a little bit earlier. at 5:31 let's go back to the desk. we're following developing news in san jose where the second deadly officer involved shooting in less than 24 hours is being investigated. the latest shooting was last night. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live from san jose to tell us how police say these cases may be connected. janine. >> reporter: crime scene investigators just wrapped up
5:32 am
process the scene -- processing the scene here. we are here in a neighborhood that is just off of monterey highway. it's close to valley christian high school. even though police have left the scene here, there is a lot more to investigate. the latest shooting happened just before 7:00 last night on kirk haven court. police say they were following a man in his car who was the suspect in a recent homicide. but he realized he was being tailed. officers say they believe the suspect was going to kill the female passenger that was in his car because she allegedly had information about that murder. the suspect ended up leading police on a chase and it ended after he crashed in the neighborhood. he got out, ran and officers chased him on foot. police say he reached for his waistband and that is when officers shot him. killing him. a gun was not found on the suspect. they say he was the suspect in the murder of 38-year-old christopher wren who was found shot to death inside an office building. police say they have
5:33 am
surveillance video of that killing. >> i watched part of a video that shows horrific encounter where three suspects are terrorizing the victim that they eventually killed. suspects are armed with handguns, knives, assault rifles. >> reporter: another one of the suspects from that homicide on lundy was shot and killed by police sunday night. that shooting happened at a strip mall on center road and capitol expressway. when they made contact with that man he reached for his gun and officers fired killing him. police say there is a third suspect on the loose. so that is still a very active investigation. there have now been four police shootings since last sunday and a total of eight this year. that is an increase from last year when there was a total of five. a very intense night for police as well as people in this
5:34 am
neighborhood whop heard all the commotion. dave. >> janine de la vega, thank you. a new report shows that police fired more than 600 gunshots during last years bank robbery in stockton that resulted in the death of a hostage. the report came from a research group based in washington, d.c.. it calls the response excessive. it found that some of the 32 stockton police officers at the scene only fired their weapons because other officers were shooting. it also revealed that some opened fire with their colleagues standing right in front of them. >> we have never seen anything like this in law enforcement. really only in the movies did we see things like this. >> two of the suspects were killed along with hostage misty holtsing. she was hit by ten shots fired by officers. investigators say she was used as a human shield by the gunman. since the incident, the family has sued the department and the surviving gunman has been charged with murder.
5:35 am
time is 5:34. police in sunnyvale gave us more details about a man that was shot and killed by police. plus say he was wanted in san diego county for robbery. and he was considered armed and dangerous. they say baker ran from the police and was hiding in the bushes at a motel 6. he had a loaded .9-millimeter handgun and another loaded gun in his backpack when police arrived. police say another man that was with baker got away. a man from san pablo is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and dui after a deadly crash. 28-year-old justin gardener of san pablo was ejected from his car a camaro and the only person to survive that crash.
5:36 am
his three passengers were trapped inside the car they did not get out before it exploded into flames. the chp says the car crossed over double yellow license, hit an on coming car anded into a tree -- and slammed into a tree. >> the lesson is that alcohol kills. it's all right to enjoy a beverage. it's another thing to be drunk and driving. >> now once the condition of the driver is improved, he will be transferred from the hospital to jail. that is where he will be booked. police in palo alto arrested a man who they say was hiding on a roof after trying to steal the wheels off a bike. according to the daily news a woman called the reported prowler. officers found him on the roof
5:37 am
of a nearby home. he was cited for prowling and petty theft. firefighters battling the wild fire along the pacific coast will get help from the military. the army is sending 200 soldiers to train as firefighters. they will be given the basics of working in wild fire conditions and are expected to report for duty by this weekend. that will free up some of the more experienced crews to fight in the more difficult areas. the military is already sending in air tankers and helicopters to help fight the flames in california, oregon, and washington. now the biggest fires are in central washington. nearly 1,000 firefighters are battling the fire lines near chelan east of seattle. 3,000 people have been ordered to leave their neighborhoods. 75 homes have already been destroyed. fire crews say they are finally getting help from the weather conditions. winds are dying down and humidity has increased. time is 5:37. now we are getting a look at the animated video promoting a
5:38 am
new nfl stadium in southern california that the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers may possibly share. take a look. it's the same video that was shown to nfl owners. former 49ers executive car monopolicy he is the point man. he says the raiders and the chargers they are playing in two of the most delap dated stadiums in the nfl and they deserve better. but raiders fans have mixed emotion about raiders possibly leaving the bay area. >> wherever they go i will follow the raiders. they can't keep leaving and coming back. >> the real decision is up to nfl owners. and oakland mayor libby schaaf says city leader this have met with the nfl and says the city is working on the list of things the nfl wants the raiders to have if the team is to stay in oakland. the 49ers they are reducing the price of beer at levi stadium this season but it's just down $0.25 to $10.
5:39 am
bottled water will go down $0.75 to $5. the 49ers also say they are making changes and strategies to ease complaints about the excessive heat at the stadium. there will also be new parking policies at more exit lanes to improve the post game traffic flow. the 49ers by the way will be hosting the dallas cowboys in their second game of the preseason this coming sunday. kids and concussions. it is a big concern especially for parents. and now some high school athletes in marin county are the first in the bay area to be given monitoring devices to keep them safer while they are playing sports. ktvu deborah virginia loan has a look at the new devices. >> reporter: back in pads. sensor about the size of a quarter. tucked in a head band. every football player gets one
5:40 am
for games and practices. this was a light practice. no tackling but even so the sensor picked up contact. showing as a text on the sidelines. a hit of 25g's. the time and the player. it's left tackle miguel cordova who suffered a serious concussion a year ago. >> i think they feel good. i think this will be a new step until future technology. they may not realize how hard a knock they took. >> i saw that was a big hit. how do you feel?
5:41 am
i just want to make sure you are okay. and understand my job is to protect them. >> football everywhere is losing players because players say no. >> he will jam this guy. >> reporter: the trend coaches would like to reverse. >> hopefully we can get mom's opinions changed. parents give their kids to us. we need to give them back in better position. >> quarterbacks always a target says he would rather know when his head needs a break. even if it means time on the bench. >> i think it would be better that you sit out the rest of the game than sit out the next three or four games. that is why these are very helpful. >> that was deborah vee yeah loan reporting. a new addition to a bart station in san francisco. coming up at 6:00 the extra
5:42 am
security bike parking that riders at the civic center station will be able to use this morning. >> plus new concerns this morning about an irs data breach that may appears to be even more wide spread than previously reported. we'll tell you how many taxpayers may have had their personal information stolen. >> good morning. we are look at the east bay commute and traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. you can see traffic both directions looks good though. >> after three days of very hot temps for most, today looks much cooler. in fact well inland. we'll talk about a bigger fog bank and those cooler high temps.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:44. new developments about that
5:45 am
massive data breach at the irs. there is a new report showing the number of effected taxpayers could be three times bigger than they first thought. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is joining us live now. you're in oakland this morning with how personal data may have been stolen. good morning, alex. >> reporter: yes, dave, good morning to you. these identity thieves here they were targeting taxpayers that used one particular irs website. it's a site that has since been shut down but they were using the site to steal people's personal information which would have been used to claim fraudulent tax refunds. the irs this morning says there are roughly 334,000 victims of this scheme. originally the agency reported about 114,000 people had their information accessed. that was back in may. the stolen data was taken from the irs's get transcript website where people can access tax fillings from previous
5:46 am
years. and with this computer breach now thought to be even more wide spread, the irs is planning to mail warning letters to an additional 220,000 taxpayers that will be happening in the next couple of days. the agency also says it will be offering free credit monitoring services as well to anyone who was effected. and while the irs will be reaching out to all the taxpayers who may have been impacted here, there are some ways to tell if your personal information has been stolen and is being used to file fraudulent returns. and dave, we have put up a link with some of the warning signs to look out for. that is up on our website send it back to you. >> all right alex savidge in oakland, thank you. el cerrito could be the next city to raise the minimum wage. tonight the city council will hold a study session. they want to draft a policy that could be replicated throughout contra costa county.
5:47 am
over the course of the month and a half the city plans to hold community meetings. if all goes as planned a minimum wage ordnance could be in place by january 1st. brand new day. we have the traffic authority with us. he will going to take care of you. >> i like the way you say that. traffic authority. >> you are. >> thank you, pam. all right. just as steve tweeted earlier we are hoping opinion an uneventful morning today. starting off with the maps. we will show you a problem in novato on highway 37 getting away from novato and heading over toward vallejo. there was a truck that spilled some contents. it over turned and spilled some boxes on the road. they havish yewed a sig alert. there is slow traffic coming the other way which is the normal commute from vallejo
5:48 am
toward novato. let's go to highway 24 lafayette. you can see traffic here is moderately heavy. it is not stop and go between walnut creek and oakland. the metering light has been turned on. there is a ten minute delay before you make it on to the span. it's getting cooler. let's bring steve in. steve, thank you very much. boy howdy sal. [ laughter ] i know. it was a little tough for a couple days. we have cooler conditions. low clouds. there is a lot to go around here. moving up the coast. moving west to east. now it's replaced with a west, southwest. angela tweeted me yesterday at this time it was 81 inside the house. right now 76. much better open those doors and windows. there is your low cloud deck.
5:49 am
boy it's increasing rapidly. low clouds and cooler lows. anywhere from 1-14 degrees. low clouds head back. i think you know the drill. back to the coast. northwest napa. west, southwest fairfield. 23. they were 22 yesterday. oakland a little northerly but i expect ha to turn more northwest or west. livermore northwest. sfo west. not that strong but it's a component of a westerly breeze. 60s for some and 50s for others. everyone is really close here with only a couple degrees. it was still a cooker inland. this is growth that from middletown i'm ready for a cool down. it was 105 yesterday. yes, i know. probably upper 90s today. fairfield 14 degrees cooler. concord is 5. livermore is 5. san jose 8 and mountain view 3. water temps here in the pacific. i had someone ask me are these warm temps? could we get any hurricanes?
5:50 am
no. [ technical difficulties ] >> so upper 80s now. some 90s temperature takes another day or two but the trend is bring those temperatures down. 60s and 70th coast and bay. 80s for some and low 90s compared to the 104-105 to 106's we had on sunday. cooler weather will take us into husband. maybe even friday and level it off just day-to-day changes. >> all right pam forgives you. >> it was hot. >> it was a bit hot. we don't have air conditioning in my neck of the woods. so it gets really hot. >> you are doing the best you can. >> i think people would be happier. >> you are coming through.
5:51 am
making history. coming up next in our next half hour the trail blazing achievement by two women in the u.s. army. >> but first a very dramatic rescue happened at yosemite national park. we'll tell you what happened and why the park rangers called the chp for help.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
welcome back to morning osen 2. you're looking at video of an amazing rescue. the woman from the netherlands survived a scary fall while hiking at yosemite national park. this is video released showing that rescue. the woman was hiking above upper yosemite falls when she fell 25 feet. she landed on a granite slab along the creek and suffered a major pelvic injury which prevented her from walk. she was found by yosemite search and rescue teams. right now it's not clear what caused her to fall. a former employee in the district attorneys office is suing claiming she was fired because of her age. she sued district attorney george gascon and the city claiming she was fired less than a year before her retirement. her lawyer says ramirez was replaced with someone younger who is paid less money. >> i just feel like you have take an whole part of me out of my life of 27 years of dedication.
5:55 am
that it's like do i really, really deserve this? >> you cannot terminate older americans, replace them with younger people, paying them less money. many corporations do it and it's really disgusting to see it happen with a public official. >> she says her termination effected her long-term pension and retirement and now she wants financial compensation. the da's office has not commented saying it's a personnel matter. the police officer's union says nearly 90% of the officers voted yes to ratify an a wage agreement to replace measure b pension reforms. the deal calls for an 8% pay raise and 5% bonus. the city council will vote on approving the bill next tuesday. stanford campus police are looking for those who vandalized a popular landmark. someone broke off the left forearm of the angel of grief.
5:56 am
the white marble statue was commissioned by jane in memory of her mother and placed at the mausoleum in 1901. it was actually housed inside of a dome before it collapsed. and then the sculpture was rebuilt in 1908. stanford says the -- we're a little more than a month away from the start of fall but the pumpkin spice latte wars are heating up. new yesterday -- now starbucks will make this change after a popular food blogger questioned the ingredients of the drink. panera says its pumpkin lattes will not have any artificial color, sweetener, or preservatives and include real pumpkin as well. coming up next in our 6:00
5:57 am
hour another deadly police shooting in san jose. the reason officers say they were followed -- they were following the man killed last night and how this case is linked to sunday nights police shooting. >> another reminder for you drivers slow down as kids are heading back to school. the effort by police in san francisco. >> we're looking at the east bay commute and interstate 680 is getting a little bit of use now out of pleasanton on the way down to fremont. we'll tell you more about an accident nearby. >> after 100-degree readings for many for three days not today unless you are really far away from any fog bank. there is a big one out there and it will equal cooler temps.
5:58 am
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we're live in san jose where police shot and killed a homicide suspect. that is just a day after police shoot and killed his alleged accomplice. we'll tell you why officers fired and who they are look for now. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. another story we are following for you this morning is the safety of students who are heading back to school. ktvu brian flores is is in san
6:00 am
francisco. this is a live picture. he is at pine and stockton. coming up in a few minutes brian will have more on the increase police enforcement you will see especially around school near streets where drivers are typically speeding. because we seasonally have talked about a lot of pedestrian accidents in the city. so we will check in with him in a moment. thank you for waking up with us. it is tuesday morning august 18th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we're ready. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is ready he has your forecast. >> it is getting cooler. that started yesterday. it will be for inland areas today which still had the 100s for many. not today. still a lot of haze around although the north westerly breeze should help. three days in a row along with the smoke and the fire and the high pressure. air quality not the greatest but it should be a little better today. west, southwest 22 yesterday 2


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