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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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evacuated. chief meteorologist bill martin with the changing conditions on the fire lines. botching the fire -- watching the fire, it flared up. you see the dark smoke. what's happening is the fire moved into fresher vegetation. into scrub. and tree action. here is where the fire -- where the fire is located. as you know, this part of the neighborhood, this part of the bay area, this time of night, the winds pick up. the closest winds censor i have, right now the winds are 30 miles per hour. which is not unusual. but that implies the winds in the fire zone could be 25 miles per hour. that is significant out there. temperatures cooled. go back to the fire. live camera shots. the idea is the fog cooled things off. looking at this plume. that is the shrubbery.
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behind here. the brown hills. it burned -- that is what the black areas -- now it moved into vegetation. it has more traction and firefighters push harder. with the winds coming up, terrain is different than the last fire. the last two fires. the last three fires. in these wooded areas. trees. oak trees. pines. this area is oak tree. it is a different kind of fire. should be easier to fight. the winds, 27 miles per hour sustained. the winds get clocking. 35 miles per hour. sustained. firefighters battling the wind right now. humidities are high. but the wind. >> we are watching the fire. as soon as we get more information we will pass it on to you. cal fire said a faulty water heater sparked the rocky fire that destroyed dozens of homes and burned 70,000 acres.
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investigators say a gas water heater malfunctioned in an outbuilding. the blaze started july 29 near clear lake and took two weeks, causing evacuations and road closures before firefighters could put it out. they haven't said who owned the water heater or if charges will be filed. firefighters in san jose spent today putting out hot spots from a grass fire that started last night. the fire started before 10:00 p.m. last night it was fueled by dry vegetation in the area. luckily the fire traveled up hill away from homes. so far six acres burned. the location of the fire did pose a challenge. >> hiking in there, and the terrain, it is steep, real rough. heavy brush. makes it difficult to get in there. we had to go in by foot. we can't use aircraft on it.
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it made it difficult. >> firefighters from san jose and cal fire responded to the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in oakland, investigators are looking into two suspicious fires last night. they happened at the same duplex and started hours apart. the first fire broke outane vacant building after -- out in a vacant building after 11:00 p.m. last night. after the flames were out and crews left another fire was called in from the same address just three hours after the first one. in a move by the oakland police department officers showed reporters body camera video from two incidents where two men died. the first was a pleat shooting last week. the second, a man was wedged in a tiny space between two walls. ktvu's cristina rendon gives us her account of what she saw.
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>> reporter: in a room filled with reporters, police allowed us to see body camera video. last week nate wilks was shot and killed by three officers. the video was shaky because the officer was chasing after nate wilks. i could hear police tell him drop the gun. i saw nate wilks stop and turn around and run towards the officer with a gun in his hand. he is not pointing at any one officer but he pointed in their general direction. the officers opened fire. >> if somebody is pointing a firearm at you, using a less lethal option is not the first thing that comes to mind. >> all it takes is a simple squeeze of the trigger and that weapon is deadly to anybody. >> reporter: police say nate wilks' family watched the video on tuesday. the family of richard linyard
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chose not to watch the video of a separate incident. in that video he is standing after being pulled over for a traffic stop. officers question him. he ran across the street and over a fence. police say they have no footage of him over the next 20 minutes. an officer searching for him and they spot him. i could hear the officers tell him to raise his hands till they realized he is unresponsive. he becomes visible when officers pull him from a tight space and he appears lifeless. officers performed cpr. no signs of force and his cause of death is unknown. police say they revealed the video to clear up misinformation. >> we are trying to walk the fine line and as time goes on it will get smoother. i think we are trying to do the right thing here. >> reporter: cristina rendon,
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ktvu fox 2 news. police say they will release the videos to the public once they finish their investigations. convicted murderer, sex offenders and identity thieves are the people the district attorney says are uber drivers. the district attorney made the claims while expanding a lawsuit against the company. ktvu's john sasaki has the details and reaction from uber riders. >> reporter: cars are a popular way to get around san francisco. >> good experiences with my ubers. >> reporter: uber is popular and sold as safe. >> a lot of the information that uber has been presenting the consumer, has been false. >> that is why the district attorney is suing the company. they found drivers who would be frightening for passengers. >> we have come to learn they have drivers who are convicted sex offenders, identity
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thieves, burglars, kidnappers, and murderers. >> the district attorney filed this complaint that lists two dozens cases investigators uncovered so far. most in los angeles. >> you are saying there are uber drivers that are dangerous criminals. >> no question. >> the cases include one drunk driver, one driver with an expired driver's license and one who gave false names to police. uber could fix this by going with background checks -- [ indiscernible ] >> i think they should be subjected to the same regulations as cab drivers. >> the ease of uber, feel still
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take uber. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: uber said we disagree the process used by taxi companies is better for screening drivers than our background checks. their checks failed 600 taxi drivers who applied with uber. in san francisco, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00 p.m. tonight costco under fire for the shrimp that it sells. in a complaint filed today a group of bay area attorneys charged that costco sells shrimp that are a product of slavery. ktvu's tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: frozen farm raised shrimp. they may look appetizing but where it comes from is enough to turn your stomach. >> in this situation we know
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people are being beaten and killed. we know people are working 20 hours a day without pay. we know as a result of their labor products are ending up on shelves in california. >> reporter: on its website video shows the living conditions of modern day slaves. boats without papers that go undetected on waters. the workers are brought into thailand and told they will be working in a factory. >> they find themselves on a dock and are told to get on to the boat and they find out they have been sold to a ship captain. >> reporter: the attorneys filed a complaint against costco. alleging they have continued to buy shrimp from producers even
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though it is known it is the product of pirate fishing and slave labor. costco said it will continue to work with industry to address the issues that surfaced. in the meantime all customers know if they are dissatisfied with any purchase they can return the item for a full refund. customers aren't that forgiving. >> did you know that? >> i did not. i had no idea. that is terrible. stunned. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the complaint is demanding costco remove items or put warning labels on them. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. supporters of the new vacination law are rallying behind a senator who authored
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the bill. he supports the bill that mandates immunizations for all children. a recall effort was launched to remove him from office. and now groups are donating money to fight the effort to remove him from office. recall supporters have till december 31 to select 36,000 signatures to force a recall election. new details on a deadly shooting in san jose. what police are saying about the victim and the gunman caught in a surveillance video. >> what is behind new nasa images that show large areas of the valley are sinking.
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san jose police released new details about the people involved in a homicide thursday. ktvu's azenith smith reports. investigators say the gunman and the victim had criminal records. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> three weeks ago. >> reporter: this man shared office space with christopher wrenn and says he would stay late moving and installing office equipment. his sister tells ktvu her brother was looking to start a security business. last thursday 1:00 a.m. surveillance cameras captured this. christopher wrenn had his hands up. one of the men points a gun. a suspect dressed in black follows. christopher wrenn was tortured, and shot to death.
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san jose police obtained a search warrant. two days later on sunday police shot and killed suspect number one, matthew castillo, armed. in july matthew castillo faced charnels for stolen -- charges for stolen property. then 24 hours after that police killed another suspect in south san jose. he is seen here with an assault weapon. he was about to kill another woman but he was not armed. he was arrested in 2007 for robbery. and inflicting great bodily harm to the victim. friends of christopher wrenn are surprised about the events. [ indiscernible ] >> he didn't give any indication that he was in danger or anything like that. >> reporter: christopher wrenn
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grew up in virginia and friends admit he spent time in prison for drug related offenses. the most recent in february but say he didn't deserve to die the way he did. >> nobody should have to have their live ended that way in terror and fear and it is just devastating to watch. >> reporter: san jose police are still looking for the third suspect and they ask anyone with information to contact them. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. we just learned three firefighters have been killed and four injured in washington state battling wildfires there. this comes as a number of wildfires continue to burn throughout the west. situation is so bad that authorities are seeking military and international assistance. this week members of the
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california army national guard out of fresno made water drops. also 200 soldiers started training today to help the firefighters. they are expecting to join the fire lines this weekend allowing crews to get a break. >> every morning before the sun comes up, eat breakfast, get on the lines, and working a full day. it is challenging. >> the fires are burning in 7 western states. and so far all together they scorched 1 million acres. research shows huge areas of the san joaquin valley are sinking by 2 inches a month because they are pumping ground water to make up for the water lost from our four years of drought. the report says land sank 13 inches in 8 months and part of
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the california aqueduct sank 8- inches last year that caused damage to the canal. another check of the weather. cooler weather but it will start warming up again. >> yeah. cooled off. quite a bit over a couple days ago. heading for a mild period and then a heat up. you will see that in the five- day forecast. these were the highs today. 84 antioch. right? you can see what we are dealing with. a nice sea breeze pushing in here. the sea breeze will continue to fire off tonight. all that cloud cover coming your way tomorrow morning. you will see it. and tomorrow morning it will be -- well -- you know, it will do wonders. it will do wonders tonight when the humidity rolls in. we had a lot of heat in the east bay. the winds in the fire zone, blowing consistent 28 miles per
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hour. humidity -- winds steeper than -- [ indiscernible ] >> 45% humidity and 79 degrees. that is cool. you can see the moist, cool air. the wind is not helping firefighters. we will keep track of the fire out there. fog along the coast. high pressure more established. getting bumped by a low pressure that will allow the temperatures to stay mild. fine with me. low-pressure system sets us up with a nice looking thursday. breezy and partly sunny. 85 inland. not much. 85 -- you know, you expect 93. livermore from sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures fallen off. today, 20 degrees, yeah, 20 degrees. yeah. yeah. quite a bit. 20 degrees. temperatures tomorrow will stay
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in the range. 87 vacaville. 83 fairfield. 85 antioch. highs tomorrow like today. highs in the valley, strong winds, good air quality. nice looking forecast. interesting year. fire today livermore, keep saying it, today is not a high fire danger day. just isn't. 40% humidity. 30% humidity. shows how quickly and how dry everything is. we have been doing fires -- been here forever. >> forever. >> seems like forever. i can't remember a year like this. this fire today, they don't happen like that. >> we are not in the heart of the fire -- [ talking at the same time ] >> spare the air days and heat advisories. this is not that. >> can't be too careful. >> and the poor firefighters -- [ talking at the same time ] >> now we have the three firefighters killed in
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washington state. dangerous job. thank you. the a's and the dodgers battle it out today. steph curry made an appearance last night. mark is up next with the sports. >> now to the news room, keba arnold is h ere with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> he lost a lot of weight and made a lot of money pitching sandwiches for subway and today jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to child molestation charges. and wesley snipes could have been the star on empire, why he says he has no regrets turning down that role. e are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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tonight starbucks will start to sell wine and beer at a handful of locs in the bay area -- locations in the bay area. evenings at starbucks. 7 stores in the bay area starbucks will offer beer, wine and small plates. the participating starbucks rins santa rosa, bill bray, livermore, san mateo, fairfield and burling game. they hope to expand -- burr ling game. they hope to expand. >> two wins in a row for oakland. they do the giants a favor. afternoon game and lots of fans. more than 60,000 fans the last two nights and daniel boone, great, great, was out there as well. a's fan. dodgers leading 2-1. thanks to
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a homer. he boots it around out there and in comes the tying run. and the a's with a 2-2 game. 4-2 a's in the 8th. padding. he has an rbi double. 5-2. he gets the victory. the a's 2 in a row. giants not looking too bad so far anyway. you have to see this catch. one of the best you will ever see in central field. robs him of a home run. later it is perez scoring on the rbi single. and the giants are leading 3-2. cardinals are threatening right now. and the travels of the golden
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state warriors steph curry invited to be on the jimmy kimmel show last night. you see him right there. poised and humorous along the way. the host wanted to know a little bit about his golf match last week with the president of the united states at martha's vineyard. >> was it competitive? >> for sure. he was talking trash. >> he was? how do you talk trash in golf? [ laughter ] [ indiscernible ] >> he would be crickets. silence. going to mark your putt? putting the pressure on. >> supposed to be relaxing. >> 25 veteran service agents so i -- secret serviceagies so i
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couldn't -- service agents so i couldn't relax. >> thank you. we are continuing to follow the brush fire in eastern alameda county between livermore and tracy. 500 acres burned. we will have an update on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36 and more at 10:00 p.m. as well. >> thank you for joining us. it means another neighbor is wgoing to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic sets. plus, get up to 36 months interest-free financing.
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