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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. announcer: ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. it is still burning, a mare island fire going since last night and still possibly sending up toxic fumes. i'm in for gasia. this afternoon, that fire is expected to smoulder for days. christian captain has the very latest from vallejo. >> reporter: flames broke out between 11:00 and midnight last night. bright orange flames leaping into the sky. by the time crews arrive, the whole facility was engulfed. >> when the first company got on scene, he said it was well involved and flames were through the roof and by the time he was
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driving around the building to get a circle to kind of get a better look, the roof was already collapsed. >> all workers are accounted for and no firefighters were injured. crews surrounded the building and poured water inside. the building was filled with potentially toxic material. >> there are numerous propane tanks, and oxyacetylene tanks, and generators and other things like that. >> fire crews said there were no danger to the surrounding areas, and strong winds created smoke and those same winds created problems for fire crews who had to call for help set by embers from the initial blaze. >> i think i said between 15 and 20 spot fires through the night. we have a brush rig that's
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running patrols and keeping an eye on those because it was nighttime. we did have one of them flare-up and it's about a quarter mile away. >> firefighters tell me because the roof and wall collapsed in on this fire, the debris field inside could be 6 to 10 feet deep. they'll be on scene throughout the day and possibly throughout the weekend monitoring for hot spots and making sure there aren't any flare-ups. ktvu fox tv news. >> take a look at this, bright orange flames lit up the sky and many viewers captured it and send us the pictures. if you have photos, send them on photo or twitter, hashtag #ktvu. the wind around that area causing serious concerns. your weather authority, rosemary has the very latest on the conditions right now. >> reporter: it's going to be breezy, ross. we'll continue for the afternoon now. on one hand, the winds of course as we know contributes to perhaps spot fires and flare-ups so that is not good news, but on
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the other hand, it helps to carry away this toxic smoke and that is what we need to keep it the best we can be. the winds are coming from 15 to 20 miles an hour gusting to 21. the winds are coming in from this direction, meaning vallejo and areas into maybe perhaps fairfield going to get some of this drift, valleyo, american canyon, all the -- vallejo, all the pull thism small communities can expect some of this. the winds can help keep the air identity of the area, ross. >> 2,500-acre fires east of livermore is 45% contained, right now firefighters are still working the lines in the hills. they've already managed to hold the line in front of several homes there. >> looks like we're just, like, scalding in the middle of all of these flames. >> when you see that, what goes through your head? >> oh, my god, i could have lost
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everything. everything. >> that one home that was destroyed was abandoned and about to be demolished any way. most of the fire zone is now just charred land but there's still some active flames in the middle. the fire started two days ago and quickly doubled inside. this noon, still under investigation. coming up in just a few minutes we'll take a closer look at the other devastating wildfires still burning out of control up north in washington state. at this hour, a deputy is recovering after someone crashed into him while he was writing a ticket. jeanine de la vega has the story. >> reporter: the deputy was handling a call of a suspicious person so he was sitting in the driver's seat with the car parked when suddenly a vehicle crashed into him. this accident happened around midnight and deputy deicman was sitting with his door ajar and his leg was hanging out and a
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bmw traveling on caster valley boulevard brought sided the park patrol car and kept traveling and crashed into a telephone pole. the crash sent the pole on to the sidewalk and caused the bmw to lose one of its wheels. it was taken to the hospital where he's now suffering from a broken left leg. the driver of the bmw was not injured but detained him and performed a field sobriety test and arrested 36-year-old rufus coalman from hayward with driving under the influence. authorities say he may have been speeding but the chp is still investigating. reporting from san leandro, ktvu, fox tv news. >> jeanine and oakland, from police, about the mysterious death of her son, police say they found richard lynnyard dead
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between two buildings. his mom believes someone beat him because she says his face was bruised and there were cuts on his hands. >> i don't think it was an accident. >> what do you think happened? >> i believe he was murdered. they're trying to cover it up. >> but a preliminary report says there were no signs of trauma on that boy's body. the mother now says she wants to see footage from the officer's body cameras. and even more mystery surrounding the shootings of two others in pacheco. deputies believe it may have been an attempted murder/suicide. they found one brother dead and took the other to the hospital with a gunshot wound. there identities have not been released. and near some popular hiking trails and alongside of all of it, they found a ton of waste including plastic, and
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pesticides. >> we're talking fertilizers, pesticides, literally rat poison that's left behind. these are all items used to try to protect their growing operation. this area is part public and private, george lucas owns land in that area. and a judge may uphold a controversial cell phone law, says carrying a phone in their pockets could expose them to high radiation. there's been a question whether that is true and may strike down another warning and cell phones may pose another greater risk to kids and the law was supposed to go into effect two months ago but has been on hold because of this court battle. also this noon, the water is finally flowing near oakland after a major pipe break there. it happened near oakland avenue and santa clara at about 4:00 yesterday morning, and while mud crews were fixing it, a sewer
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line beneath it also ruptured. crews fixed that last night and finished the water pipe this morning. this pipe dates back to 1933. it may also have been compromised by monday's earthquake. >> there was a big clean up today in san francisco's panhandle after a large tree limb damaged some cars. take a look. the huge limb from a euclyptis tree fell on a car this morning, near oak and stanchion street. the city of public works was sent out to cut it up and hall it away. you're in the army now and making history. 400 went in, 96 came out. two of them were women. the first female soldiers to become rangers coming up, and taking a look outside right now, the clouds are moving out as the weekend moves in, or they're going to move out. rosemary has your forecast and is looking good.
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plus, the raiders and the a's, will they keep calling oakland home? a new deadline is now looming.
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we value sticking with things.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. . today a major milestone in the military for the first time in history, two women have graduated from the elite army
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rangers school. ktvu fox 2's alex savage has more on the challenges and the hurdles they now face. [ chanting ]. >> reporter: a celebratory cheer at a historic military graduation. captain christian gries and lieutenant say opposed for pictures after becoming the first women to complete the gruelling army program and showed off those prized rangers pins put on them at fort benning, georgia. these two women are making a strong statement. >> mental toughness, physical strength, leadership and the ability to inspire those who are at their limits of endurance are not quality of men. >> it's the premier combat leadership course and both women say this has been their bowl for a long time. >> the reasons why i chose to come was to get the experience
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of the elite leadership school that army has to provide. they graduated alongside 94 men and spent the last few months training with minimal food and sleep, learning to survive in the mountains and swamplands and the two women faced their exact same conditions as their male counterparts. >> we've said there would be no change to the standards, no change to the standards and their weren't. >> despite being the two women to do so, they will not be put on the front lines. unlike the male graduates, they cannot a for the 75th ranger regiments and elite operations force. >> the pentagon will make a decision on whether to open all military combat jobs to women. in the newsroom, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> thanks, alex. tensions are escalating between north and south korea as the back and forth threats continue. the two countries exchanged fire, and seoul says the north filed four shells first, after the south sent blaring messages. the south returned fire with 29 artillery strikes. this noon, the loud spikers are still on and threats of more action looms. two brothers in massachusetts are under arrest accused of an attack they say was inspired by donald trump. scott and steve leader are accused of beating a homeless latino man. after the brothers were arrested, they said they were inspired by donald trump's message of keeping out undocumented images. when trump heard about the attack, he called it a shame.
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and last night in the basement of a 19 story building on willshire, a generator may have exploded, and knocked out power at the staples center. and two victorians hit, and firefighters arrived to find one home burning and the other suffering serious damage. no one was injured and the red cross is helping those forced out of their home find new ones. >> the debate has been on fire. the raiders and the a's stay in oakland? today we'll know much more. the main developer must submit a detailed plan by today to build a coliseum city, and would include housing, retail and up
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to three sports stadiums but there are concerns the developer may not need to come up with the $1 billion needed for the project to begin. more bad news for firefighters in washington. another red flag warning is out because of high temperatures and low humidity. three firefighters have already died in that state trying to contain the flames. jackie ibianez has the story. >> i do want to say this is an unprecedented cataclysim in the state. >> burning wildfires are burning across the state. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> and firefighters won't be get anything relief as high winds, and above-average temps are expected to continue in the west. >> our guys are going to be very cautious, as far as what they
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can get done. safety is number one priority. >> people are mourning the loss of three firefighters killed wednesday night. the deaths happening in the scenic meadow river valley where a series of blazes covering close to 140 square miles had merged. >> we just want people to know what a wonderful person he was, how bad we feel about it all. >> i love my son. i -- i -- he loved being a firefighter. he loved serving the community. >> it hurts deep, but the job goes on, and that's what first responders do. >> the firefighters were members of a specially trained unit that is sent in before the other crews meant to size up the level of danger. >> it's a hard job. >> there's no way around it. it's really hard. >> 13 firefighters have been killed across the west this year in what officials call one of the driest and most explosive
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wildfire seasons ever. jackie ibanez, fox news. >> thanks jackie. our weather conditions are looking pretty good. our weather authority rosemary has the forecast. >> we've got some nice mild weather for the weekend. outdoors, clouds have cleared portions of the east bay. if you look off in the distance beyond the blue sky, you can see those skies piled up along those hills pointing towards the west in oakland and san leandro. >> here's a three our time lapse, you can see how the clouds began to rise this morning, and into the afternoon, clouds still hugging the coastline and i expect we're going to be partly to mostly cloudy for the entire day, into san francisco, into portions of the east bay, oakland, richmond, emeryville, berkeley, all of those places in between, vallezo, american canyon, and
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take a look at santa rosa, still with partly to mostly sunny skies, this is going to it continue to burn off and will be left with mostly sunny skies at least to the coastline. mention this early on, the on-shore breeze is with us and we'll continue to fairfield, 16 miles per hour, 16 miles per hour, and our warmest spots for today going into the mid-80s along the coast with the cloudy conditions, mid-60s in the forecast, even a few low 60s, so it could be a cool day for many right there along the shore. afternoon highs for today, 77, in nevada, we have 77 in sonoma, and upper 60s for salsalido. 78, caster valley, 78 danville, 84 for antioch, and the warmest spot in this section, 86 for brentwood. we're looking at pleasant weather by august standards.
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low 80s sarah ing to sara -- saratoga. 68 degrees at game game time, and partly cloudy skies into the evening. the extended forecast with your bay area always in view, we do have what you could call a minor warm up in store for the bay area weekend, but take a look. many of us may not even really notice. we start out with the morning clouds, the afternoon sun away from the coastline and temperatures will remain 60s at the coast, 70s bayside and 80s inland. >> i'm ready for it. >> i don't mind that kind of weather at all. >> and that's what we're going to be waking up to when c, l ashgs claudeine is here. and we've got your inside ticket, plus new technology that could actually seize all of this congestion on the bay bridge, is
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it possible? stay tuned.
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. for the second day in a row, dramatic losses on wall street. the dow jones down 423, trading sitting at 167566, all this coming after bad financial news on the gobbal markets in china. we'll be following this for the rest of the day. several bay area -- global
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markets. several bay area schools are the top of the list. the magazine has put together 500 high schools through out the u.s., one is america's top high schools which looks at performance, the other is beating the odds, which looks at student poverty. piedmont high, lynnbrook high, and redwood high, in larks spur, and in san mateo were in the top 100 on the performance list. great news. three local schools ranked in the top 100 on the beating the odds list, kidnap king, collegiate high school, in san lorenzo, and san jose collegiate made the list. good job. new technology may help traffic on the bay bridge but it's expensive. according to the mercury news, a $2 million project will allow the metering life to respond to changing -- lights will respond to changing traffic patterns minute by minute. and there's fixed timing system.
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cal trans plans to install upgrades by 2017. and while a number of big area races in the weekend, mike miback tells us that's part of the fun happening across the bay. and to kickoff this weekend watch we start in the city of oakland, the 2015 breast cancer challenge is saturday at lake merit. the 5k walk/run carries on the legacy and remembrance of our ktvu reporter who died in 2003. registration starts at 8 a.m. there's the 6th annual giant race at at&t ballpark, a half marathon, 10 k and 5k benefitting project open hand. how about some accordions, for one of the largest accordion festivals in the world.
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and the 2015 al oha outrigger races, and starts at 9:00. big party for downtown napa, the napa blues, blues, and booze. this family friendly event runs from noon to 6:00. free admission and parking. stanford is opening up its doors. come on out and watch an open practice for free, meet the coaches and players, from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 at the elliot practice field saturday, also golden bear day, come on out and meet the entire football team from 1:00 to 3:00 on saturday at memorial stadium. san jose state fan fest, the 49ers host the cowboys. raiders in minnesota on saturday. you can watch the game on ktvu. i'm mike and that is your weekend watch. today we're learning about more fallout from the hacking of that adultery web site ashley madison. coming up on the 4:00, a look at
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the federal workers who apparently visited the site and now the pentagon is getting involved. the repercussions the government workers could now face that is the news at noon. thanks for joining us. remember we're always on at and facebook and twitter. have a great day, everyone. it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man?
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- [voiceover] : today on animal science, how feisty is a wolverine? - there have been reports of wolverines taking down moose. a wolverine might weigh 66 pounds and a moose might weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds. - also, a reindeer has ultraviolet vision allowing it to spot wolves in the snowy tundra. why has nature designed foxes to look different in cold climates as opposed to warm climates? same animal, different place, different bodies. find out the answers to these questions and much, much more as we explore the mysteries of life in the arctic and how animals survive in the freezing cold.


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