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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 25, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a woman tries to stop a man from fighting, but he won't listen. so she says -- night night. the old sleeper hold solves the problem. a furry hitchhiker gets loose in a car. >> he doesn't really want to come out. >> see what's in the side pocket. this busy intersection makes it hard to believe that -- >> nobody got hurt. >> you'll understand when you get a load of this video. plus a daughter's surprise for dad. and a son has something for mom. >> she's about to see it. >> what it is that she's not loving. >> you just saw the eyes narrow. oh, man, run!
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>> let's hear it for the ladies. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> i sense sarcasm here. this isn't a genuine clap. >> yeah, ladies, getting into it just like the guy can. to a nightclub in brazil. this is saturday morning. they partied until the sun has come up. of course dudes pointing and gesturing and puffing their chests. they want to fight now but you know it got serious. dude takes his shirt off, now reports say that that woman pushing him back is the man's wife, and she is trying very hard to keep this fight from getting too brutal and violent. it's time for him to go -- shhh, night, night. puts a hold on him, and look, within seconds, he's like i tap out, i tap out, i give. she does not quit. she continues to just shhh, baby, you're going to thank me.
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>> this is so good. >> i know, right? she kept his butt out of jail, with just a nice little nap, kept that pretty face of his that she loves so much from getting beat up. this next video i assure you there is not a crack in your laptops for the folks at home, your tv is not blurry. >> oh! hey! you're doing it wrong. >> the serious case of road rash. >> don't do a wheelie. >> doing a wheelie, too, this woman wearing minimal safety gear. >> magnificently stupid. >> i know. she's got a helmet on and that's about it. look at this, another girl appearing to wear nothing but bikini bottoms. >> where is this and was there a reason for this to happen? >> i can answer all those request ez in o questions in one word -- russia. >> quick thinking is absolutely
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necessa necessary sometimes to survive and save your own life. watch this. keep your eye on this vehicle right here. it's about to make a left-hand turn right into the way of a big truck, the cargo comes loose and starts falling right on that car. amazingly and fortunately no reported injuries. >> the car was like riding the wave of debris. it surfed out of trouble. >> what is that debris, some type of root vegetables or what? >> looks like bricks. >> quick thinking saved that person, quick thinking is what this person is still trying to figure out what it is. check this person out. i don't know how to explain why this woman chose to grab the nozzle from the opposite side of the pump. the handles are different colors so i'm guessing it's different type of fuel giving her that benefit of the doubt. maybe the gasoline she needed was on the other side but still
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parked on the wrong side. >> still begs the question why she didn't park on the other side. >> we've done that before, get back in your car, move over. nope, she just drags the handle all the way around the pump. benefit of the doubt goes out the window. >> a ton of stupid. >> phenomenal amount. >> have you gone mad? >> this lady in the uk had a bit of a hitchhiker in her car and drove to the wildlife aid foundation. >>'s there in the pocket. >> in the side pocket of her car the squirrel eased herself in and doesn't really want to come out. this woman saw this poor thing unconscious on the side of the road, she grabbed it, put it in a bag but it came inside the car and got a little free. so trish is trying to gently
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evacuate him even though he'll fight it. >> why doesn't she open the door and let the thing go? >> she says he hurt his eye so he has an injury. they put him in a cage, took him into the hospital for treatment. >> everything's fine apart from the eye. >> he's going to be okay. >> after a few days like they always try to do at the wildlife aid foundation they released it back into the wild, and it was gone in a hot minute. >> if i'm showing you a video from a youtube channel called epic drone videos that i'm showing you the august challenge winner i'm pretty sure you're confident we're going to be seeing an epic drone video. >> i hope so. >> it's exactly that, six and a half beautiful minutes, which was shot by just two guys, the
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guys that actually shot it, three months in thailand with a dgi phantom two and a gopro. >> so is national geographic now calling to find out who these guys are? >> absolutely, gayle. they may as well because this looks like the kind of thing you expect to see from top quality hd kind of television programming. the crazy part about this, they've got probably about $1500 a t just picked a gorgeous spot to do it, and they know the lighting of the day, it's amazing what you can do with relatively inexpensive equipment. >> it also makes me want to pack my bags and go to thailand. the thai visitors pew row should call, hello, what can we do to get a hold of that? wow, oh my god, that is
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huge! >> a gift presentation that leaves dad rather confused. >> guys, we are so clueless about so much stuff. >> find out what has mom jumping out of her seat. and this ski-doo may be out of flas. >> a snowmobile on the water. >> the stunt that will blow your mind. >> they can do this now? ♪ ♪ alall l ththe e gogoododnenesss. alall l ththe e dedelilicis of hershey's syrup. sqsqueueezeze.e. s stitir.. allergy medicine that may makeo scthem drowsy? only children'n's s clclararitin provides non-drowsy 2424 h houour r alallelergrgy yf
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i got a couple of pregnancy announcements here and it's clearly obvious grandpas aren't recognizing the gravity of what is going down. they're doing the video call and mom is saying wait a minute, you guys were going to come here for christmas but now you're staying there. >> yeah, right. yeah, okay. >> mom immediately figures it out.
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>> i can't get it off. >> he's ready to explain why he's right. >> the baby will be born, catch on. >> oh, oh! >> woo! >> the best pregnancy reveal ever by grandfather to grandfather. >> good stuff. the question is, is he going to get the time off? >> i think he'll try to get there but grandma will definitely be there. >> the second grandparents reveal, the gift presentation, grandma opens the bag, dad takes his gift out, looks at the shirt and puts it down. doesn't really comprehend. grandma, she does. >> oh, no, no, no! oh my god! oh! we're going to be grandparents! >> clueless. guys we are so clueless. >> they posted a second video where you can see them. >> i'm going to be a grandpa!
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>> it could have been no more obvious. literally. just woop. >> oh, no, no, no! prepare to be blown away by the two videos i'm going to show you, this first one involves a ski-doo 600 rs, a snowmobile on the water. it races toward this ramp full speed ahead, up in the air, full back flip. >> they can do this now? >> they can't. >> that's a wild thing. >> it is believed that this is a world's first backflip on a snowmobile on water. >> they're hoping if it is, it will make it into the "guinness book of world records." this next video you'll love because it involves some of our favorite dudes out there from dude perfect and this time they're going to play a game of golf pga style.
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>> pga of course standing for plastic golf association. let's do it! >> all the guys grab their plastic golf sets and they head to this backyard. >> and to spice it up, a hole in one wins a bmw. >> no way,erly a this? >> um-hum. >> hole number one a lovely par 3 over water to a nice little island green. >> oh! >> this guy lands his right on top of that awning. >> it's going to be a tricky second shot. this is fun but i have to keep remembering that's their job. they're working right now. >> i'm ready for the green flat jacket ceremony. >> i want that sweater. but the bmw still to be claimed. many of us have this issue if you drive an older car, the foggy headlights makes your car
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look kind of crummy. you want to fix it but it can be expensive to buy all the chemicals you need to fix it or have somebody do it. crazy russian hacker. >> what's up? welcome back. today i'm going to show you how to clean your foggy headlights on your older car. >> bug spray. >> what? >> i agree. i've heard this before. bug spray has a chemical in it, i believe you have to have the bug spray that contains kee s d. the chemical reacts with the foggy headlights. starts buffing out the headlight. >> this will work and take a while. it fills in all the little scratches that are making it foggy and allows the light to pass through. it's not defogging it forever. you have to do this every now and again. >> you're right this is not a permanent solution. the headlight will follow up again but hey, you saved yourself a couple of bucks especially if you've got some bug spray laying around the house. it works. you can see here at the end of
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the video, pretty shiny. let's blip back to the beginning so you can clearly see a difference. >> wow. hungry? grab a friend. >> they created the perfect example of humans hungry hungry hippos. >> the best adult game yet. plus this little cutie is -- >> climbing into the food bin that the family keeps their dog food in. >> find out his intention, next. . nonobobodydy's's h hururt,t,bl still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad ll new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donou driving around on three wheels. smsmarart.t. nenew w cacar r rereplplacacemee of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy.
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closed captioning provided by -- fafastst.. alallelegrgraa® r relelieievt alallelergrgy y sysymps two times fasterer t thahan n c. alallelegrgraa® g gelelc. not jujustst f fasast.t. a al. wewe'r're e a a hahardrdg ststayay c cooool l amamere. gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, a anynyt. ststayay c cooool!l! you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a ststreressssfuful l y deserves a restful night. guys i'm having a barbecue. play hungry hungry hippos. >> playing hungry, hungry hippos. >> i win! >> hungry, hungry hippos from hasbro. >> you're like yeah, if we were 5, oli. there's a new way to play it.
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>> i'd come over just for the barbecue. >> i got it! >> isn't it brilliant? >> why haven't we done this? >> i have no idea. this video on facebook comes out of the uk and some sort of camping or family gathering and they created the perfect example of human hungry, hungry hippos. >> here is the thing. there are kids around but the grownups are playing. >> this is brilliant in so many ways, one of great parties everyone watching, this every family reunion, every school reunion, whatever, this is a classic bit of fun. >> this is good for tide. >> they have balls and everything you need, it's hilarious. >> and the skateboards, laying on a skateboard. >> moves backwards and forwards. i'm totally jealous and total had i doing this. >> the only thing missing is the kid behind the hippo chewing on
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his. >> now we have to start up a collection for plastic balls. dogs allergic to baby screams. ♪ this little kid is climbing into the food bin that the family keeps their dog food in. >> is he trying to give the dog some treats? >> you better believe it. grabs as much kibble as can he and boom, drops it on the floor. >> good job. >> the dogs though are ready to pick up whatever he drops. >> that is the most frustrating game any toddler plays, they pick up anything and throw it on the floor but this is the great
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version of it, the dog is just going to clean it up except for the last one. >> oh, is that yummy? spit it out. there you go. >> go get it, slim. oh, good job. this is little robert, and there is ice cream in his hand and who doesn't love ice cream? >> i love how he is nearly out and comes to, like wait a minute, there is something delicious going on in my mouth. >> we always see video with ice cream, the kids have been good all day, reward them with the ice cream. you get them in the car they're exhausted. we see ice cream car child falling asleep videos. >> you are a dad. >> i've done this. >> aren't you? he was warned beforehand. >> don't get into darned ink
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boy. >> see what scarred him most, his ink or his mother's reaction. mer nights ♪ ♪ w welell l ohoh o oh h ♪ t telell l meme m morore,, tetellll me more... ♪ twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur susummmmer fun with twizzlers. ththe e twtwisist t yoyou u '.
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put it on, clip it on and that's it. sometimes animals just want to have fun and these two videos just raised the bar. we start with the elephant nature park in thailand. it is supported by the save elephant foundation and they have introduced baby yindi to a dog.
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you notice right there she kind of kicked that back leg. that's when you know she's about to have some fun. >> oh, cute. >> it's like she's kicking up her kick stand and ready to go. >> oh my gosh that is so cute. >> that's fun. watch this grizzly bear in the denali national park. tourists checking this out and the bear is like i'm going to roll down this hill. >> oh my goodness! >> oh my gosh. that's cute. >> could you imagine you're on a tour and happen to see this? >> i want to see this thing now stand up and be all dizzy. not be able to walk, just like kids do. like a kid at a play ground. >> it is. i love that. he probably saw the cameras, i'm a showbiz bear i'll put on a show for these guys. street virgin.
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can ♪ parents have such a big influence on their kids and i have two very clear examples of that. this first one, this woman sitting on the couch is mom. her son just got some ink here on the arm and she's about to see it. >> oh, that moment you saw the eyes narrow. run! >> please tell me it's temporary and this is a trick. >> thashat s warned her son dont get no darned impg, boy. >> i told you! >> this is cool then because she said the threat, he understood the threat. he said it was worth it, she stuck to her word. everyone's kind of happy and she got to slap him. >> you grow up and get march rid you're still mama's child.
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this guy is grown up and married and still got slapped like he was a kid. >> what does the tattoo say, is it "i love mom"? here's another incredibly kind way to deal with another situation. >> he had a birthday and received two presents that were exactly the same. i said let's go to the toy store and exchange one for something you don't have. >> dad offers to take back one of them. what does he pick? >> how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this? >> what would you do in a similar situation, would you get mad at your kid? would you encourage it and just say hey, it's a toy, who cares, which is exactly what this dad did. >> i let my boys choose their lives, that's how mama and i, you know, that's how we are, right, we just say whatever. >> it's a sweet, simple little video that's going viral because of the message behind it, because it really says so much. >> we sit in this car in this
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hot car in this parking lot you have my promise forever to love you and accept you no matter what life you choose. >> that is such a powerful message. wonderful. and he shared it with all of us to give us that reminder. >> yeah! that's it, that's all, everyone. thanks again for joining us. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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. we're breaking down all of today's juiciest. and young hollywood star palmer is here. and wendy is answering all your most pressing questions. now here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ]


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