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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 26, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a guy is treading water in handcuffs after -- >> he decided to run away from the police. >> why that public drunkenness charge just might stick. >> is he cracking up at his own predicament? >> yes, pretty much. >> the rider on the motorcycle may be fearless. too bad his cameraman is not. >> cell phones and fail seem to go hand in hand. now the dudes from fail army explain the videos that just keep coming. >> i think it's a testament to the human spirit in that we keep finding new ways to fail
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hilariously. >> plus the sea creature that looks like a disney character. and a crazy russian neighbor at the window. >> are they all apartment complexes? >> what he came to borrow during family movie time. >> they're watching spiderman and suddenly there's a knock at their window. apparently some people were having too much fun at the hong kong bar in copenhagen, denmark. the guy in cuffs is in the water. he decided to run away from the police and jump in the water. that was his method of escape. as you could see, he couldn't get very far. >> trying to tread water with just his feet and no one is jumping in to help this guy. you see his face going under the water with every kick. >> this guy decides to get in on the action, works in the bar. he climbs down. there are plenty of police on the scene. he doesn't fully sub mernl himself but uses his feet to
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pull this fellow over. >> is he cracking up at his own predicament? >> pretty much. >> another officer is like let me see if i can give you some assistance. >> the general level of concern is so low. >> this guy could drowned. people just don't want to get wet. >> finally this other officer in the light blue decides i'm going to have to get in the water. and he does. he gets him uncuffed. the guy is like let's go swim away. then the officer has to go after the guy, pulls him over and eventually climbs out on his own. >> stories your family wouldn't believe until they saw the video. you you're never going to guess what happened to me at work today. police in italy were on point this entire rescue. check this out. a woman decided to take her own
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life. watch this. she's going to jump on to train tracks. you have three people pulling this woman off the track. notice the timing. right here, they pull her off. ten seconds later, watch what's coming down the track. >> oh, wow! she would have succeeded if those people weren't there. are they police officers? >> they are police officers. i don't know how they knew what this woman was planning to do. >> already involved, weren't they? something else is going on there. >> it looks like police had alerted the conductor. that train was coming in pretty slow. everybody was on it. this dude all suited up, ready to go for a ride on the bmw 1,000. siberian guy, name of his channel, riding around in russia. he's going very high speed. sometimes these roads aren't always the best for riding. so he has decided for one of his new videos that he wl start
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super, super early. he may be fearless, but his cameraman is not. >> that was super close. >> that was zipper from tron and that was real. >> the same kind of thing happens during the day when his trustee cameraman is out creating these videos with him. >> even though he scares the bejeebers out of himself, he continues. >> stand on the tripod and walkway away. either way he creates cool videos and is lucky to have a
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guy he trusts. >> oh! bora bora, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world this guy is hiking and giving us a tour of what it looks like. he really does come up to some pretty spectacular places. look at this right here. you see the valley below with the water. it is spectacular. >> it's not the beaten path. indiana jones'ing his way through. >> unfortunately that adventurous choice also led to him not knowing exactly how to turn around and get back. >> i end up with the cliffs, can't get down any further. nights get dark. it's too dangerous to keep climbing around. >> as dark as it is, it is dangerous for him to take one
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step in any direction. >> hope he likes to camp. >> little bit chilly but i'm going to put my legs in my bag to stay a little warmer. >> the video pretty much ends there. it picks up back again the next morning. fortunately, he did have a radio and was able to make a connection with rescuers on the other side. and now he's rigging a rescue flag by use iing his knapsack o stick. it takes rescuer ace while to spot him. there comes the helicopter to come and rescue him. you see the rescue crew come down. now he's in the helicopter, last shot of himself flying over bora bora. >> i feel bad for this guy a very little bit. he didn't plan. he didn't think. that's how you end up in
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situations -- people die without planning and not thinking. >> he was fortunate. that's one of the reasons he released this video. he wanted to make sure people understood, if you're going to go into these areas you don't know, bring a guide and load yourself up with all koinds of safety equipment. >> he's lucky he brought that one piece of equipment, that radio. otherwise he might still be ther there. >> i was floating around on a tube in water the other day. we've seen these videos before and they do pretty cool fishing. this guy is absolutely battling against something. just yanking and nothing is happening. pulling him out of the water. losing his balance. it's insane. you'll be blown away when you see what he caught with this. it's not a treasure chest. it is a treasure. in fact, it's a world record apparently. look at the size of that. >> is that a grouper?
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>> that is a grouper, 7' 11" long and 5'9" around. look at that photo. that is insane. >> how do you -- >> wow! >> catch and release. you can't actually get that out of the water. >> how do you feel as a fish when you realize as tha as something as small as this guy caught you? >> he goes down into the water and says the boat was this big. you can actually get live footage from their boat. as they're diving you can just join in on their dive. this is one where they found this dumbo octopus, so named because of the ear flaps that they have. >> bright lights. >> this is what scientists do. >> sorry. >> normally dark is night down there. >> cuteness level of being ridiculous, going viral. playing chicken on the
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that man you see on the right side of your screen is bjorn neiland, programmer at the university of oslo. he's taking us on a road trip. he has the model sp-85-d tesla this time he's taking along a friend, a sidekick and wants to set a mileage record. you could go about 240, 250 miles on a single charge on a tesla battery. he wants to push it farther than that. he does some things that
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normally you wouldn't do on a road trip. they went 40 kilometers per hour the entire trip, 24.2 miles per hour the entire time thechl put a sign on the back of the car that said slow, test in progress so people could go around them. they charged up in one place in denmark, did a loop and went back around to that charging station. pretty interesting. >> i hope so. road trip at 24 miles an hour sounds like -- >> you're just going to end up exactly where you started. >> it's pretty interesting because they were able to do it. >> oh, no! i've been overtaken. >> 423.5 miles, according to tesla. just 18 hours of driving at 24 miles per hour.
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>> no! >> your tablet. >> everyone has a cell phone. we're capturing all kinds of sales. often cell phone fails. i give you this. >> what? >> what i've got here is a compilation of fails. >> there are so many more. >> i've actually got -- we can ask them about it. >> tell us about fail army. what exactly is it? >> you post funniest sales every
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week. [ bleep ]. >> how do you get these compilations? >> typically we have submissions come in from people all across the world, funny fail videos and we put them in compilations. >> how do you determine a funny fail and fine line of, ooh, that kind of hurts? >> very in-depth process which mainly involves a cringe test. >> no! >> you cringe just a little bit too much. that usually lets you know maybe that's not the right one. but if you cringe just a little bit, you laugh then you're good to go. zblfr week something new comes in that surprises us. human spirit and we keep finding new ways to fail hilariously.
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>> that means there's a lipstick beauty hack ahead. >> you're the queen of color. if you're presenting this to me, i should pay attention. >> listen up, everybody. it's all about the lips, next. one man's dream jump. >> that jump right there, 85 feet. >> see how this cliff jump came to be on "right this m
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alallelergrgy y sysymps two times fasterer t thahan n c. alallelegrgraa® g gelelc. not jujustst f fasast.t. a al. i smell as good as i l looook.k. isis t thahat t evevenen p? gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, f fre. ststayay c cooool!l! you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a ststreressssfuful l y deserves a restful night. gayle, i have a lipstick hack for you. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> you're the queen of color. if you're presenting this to me i should pay attention. >> you should pay attention. i try this had before. i'm going to let nicole sky tell us about it. >> you apply lipstick, get a thin piece of tissue, put it over your lips and apply translucent powder it's supposed to make your lipstick stay all
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day. >> i do think there's nothing wrong with replying. >> let's see if it works. >> now that my lipstick is applied i'm also going to use this other beauty trick. that way you don't get any lipstick on your teeth. gl this is her, two hours afterwards. as you get closer you see that -- if it were me, i would totally reply at that point. >> it looks like she had a lot of kool-aid. >> i think this beauty hack is actually a hack. >> you're going to put lipstick on, it's going to come off. >> can't be unrealistic. >> bring it along with you and reply all day. that's had an i do. who cares? >> absolutely. >> tortoise tastes the strawberry. ♪
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>> our friend, devon graham, making dreams come true. not only making dreams come true, creating legends. he just wanted to jump into the mediterranean. no clue who was going to meet up with him. jumping in to make this much
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mo more, 80 feet. see that right there on that bridge? that's our buddy matt getting met by a couple of other professional jumpers, greg is a professional gymnast and trampoline artist, part of one of devon's earlier videos. he is here to help out with the video as well. >> i really do think this is better than everything he has done before. he just keeps one-upping himself. >> even better than this video, the behind-the-scenes video in this case. not only do you get to see all the different places they go, it's intriguing to listen to devon describe how they get the shots, what they're using, what kind of cameras. $80,000 camera rigs, expensive stuff that they're using and swimming around in the mediterranean with. the drone shop they use and how they got it. behind the scenes, and use our
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staircase? dog's got a chew toy.
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♪ i say this in the most loving way possible. >> mother russia, you're crazy. >> every time you turn around, something like this is happening. guy just driving down the road when -- rage explodes like a grenade in your face. >> what happens next? >> he's going to go grab the bat. >> exactly. comes out with a bat, big stick. the poor woman who got out of the passenger seat is in the middle of this, trying to defuse this guy. he knocks her to the ground. stick's not doing it. back to the car to get -- >> the flame thrower? >> the knife. some guy steps over to try to
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get him to calm down. this guy just letting him blow off steam. >> not paying him any attention. back up slowly and he won't even notice. >> backs up, pulls into the parking spot and this guy finally gets the pass. >> so many people walking around this situation. just casually like oh, just another day in the life of a russian. >> exactly. it's always nice to have good neighbors, person you can go to, tap on their door and say could i borrow a cup of sugar in these people heard a little ratelle at their window and awe -- said can i borrow a cigarette? here is the story behind this video that's a little bit older but getting attention now. apparently they went from the third floor up to the ninth floor, climbing up the outside of the building. irony in all of this? the people inside the apartment claim they were watching
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"spiderman" on dvd. >> oh, my gosh! >> apparently the older brother was the one at the window, the younger brother climbing along behind him trying to get him sto stop. police did eventually have to take this guy. hope you had as much fun as we did today. thanks for watching. see you next time on "right this minute."
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