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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 4  FOX  August 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to the suspected gunman. lessens learned from hurricane katrina, the dynamics that can make or break a storm. the college student who twarted a possible attack, the thank you's from passengers as the sacramento man flew back home. the 4 on 2 starts now. welcome to 4 on 2, i am keba arnold. >> i am mike mike. allison parker and photo journalist adam ward for up and broadcasting but on they were shot and killed by a former coworker. >> the woman they were interviewing was woundened. eric, you have been following this investigation for us all day. >> we have, and as you said, this all happened during a regular, live report on the morning news, the same type of reports you see on our air in the morning, the reporter and photographer were interviewing the head of local chamber of
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commerce, this wasn't a crime scene or a situation of high alert. a former reporter from the same tv station seemed to casually walk up and begin shooting. the tv crew camera caught this image of the shooter, now known to be 41-year-old vestor flanagan. tkvu has chosen not to air video from the attack or images recorded by flanagan who was also holding a camera when he shot and killed 24-year-old allison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward. the other woman being interviewed, vicky gardener was shot and in stable condition. flanagan was known as bryce williams on air, fired more than 2 years ago from the tv station in virginia . soon after the shooting, police believe flanagan switch cars at a regional airport and was spotted by state police. he eventually ran off the road
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on interstate 66, and shot himself. flanagan died at a local hospital this afternoon. the franklin county sheriff said they are investigating why and how flanagan targeted this particular cruise. >> that is a question-- crew. >> that is a question, did he know they would be at this remote location doing a broadcast? did he see it aired that morning? this morning? as many people were watching. >> shooting and getting tracked down by police, flanagan took time for a tirade and post the videos of killing to social media and faxed a 23 page note to abc news with a long list of grievances and strange rationale for the attack expressing anger over the church shooting in charleston earlier this year and he said he was targeted for being a gay black man, flanagan had ties to the bay area. an old friend told us he and
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flanagan went to sky line high school in oakland, that friend said he never anticipated anything like what happened today. >> this is totally out of his aircraft. never saw it coming. you couldn't tell me that he did that. i can't believe it and i will never believe it but it happened. >> that written statement to abc news, flanagan called it a suicide note to friends and family and showed admiration for the virginia tech and columbine shooters and this afternoon we received a statement from flanagan's family members expressing condolances to the victim's family and said words cannot express the hurt we feel from the victims. they are asking for privacy. >> curious to people who knew him recently, as family members, when you read about his colleagues, they described him as difficult to work with, easily offended and the writer
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admits, yes, i am angry. >> he said he was like a powder keg waiting to go boom were his words in the manifesto. at 5:00 we are putting this together, words from the general manager from the station he was fired calling him a difficult person to work with. clearly there were problems blewing long before we got to this point today. >> eric, that general manager said he was fired 2 years ago. do we know if he has been living there for the past 2 years unable to get a job since then? >> difficult to say. when you look back at his work history, he posts a resume on linked in, like many do, and it shows stints in tv and stints not in tv, worked for pg&e for a period, not clear what he was doing in the very recent past here. >> eric, see you back here. >> allison parker and adam ward often worked together as part of
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that morning team. the general manager said the two were "the kindest and nicest people at the station." the pair had something else in common. they were both romantically involved with other coworkers, parker with anchorman chris hurst. hurst said they just moved in together and wanted to get married. for ward, he was engaged to the station's morning show producer and today was scheduled to be her last day at the station. she was in the control room at the time of the shooting. >> allison parker's family released a statement. here is part of it. "our vivacious, ambitious, smart, engaging, hilarious, beautiful, and immensely talented allison was taken from the world. this is senseless and our family is crushed." >> joining us live is washington dc reporter marina morocco. you have just made your way outside wdbj in virginia, describe the scene, the mood
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there outside that station. >> reporter: hey there, definitely an eerie feeling out here, i will show you some of the scene here because there are likely more than 2 dozen media outlets that have gathered at this news station, not a typical scene out here. there is a make shift memorial, balloons, flowers, the like, and outside the main doors of the station, there are police standing guard making sure no one comes and go. that is not on such a delicate time line. there are wreaths outside the front doors of the station. truly nefarious act that happened about 50 minutes away from the station and you would imagine, as many of us do, we know the schedules of the morning reporters. the shooter was a former reporter so you have to wonder, how did he know where they would be live? one of the last live shots of the morning for allison and adam, he made his way to that
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live shot knowing where they would be and knowing exactly when to pull that trigger. witnessing all of us a murder live on television, a sad day for many of us in the news business. >> absolutely. according to reports, they had been on an hour prior, live in that same location, so he likely knew in the next hour she would still be there. lets talk about the investigation, certainly different now that the suspect is dead. but still police are, i am sure, looking through his background, his life trying to find more into why this happened. >> reporter: that is right. things slow down . once the shooter has been arrested, caught, or in this case now he is dead, thingvise to slow down. they want to-- things have to slow down. they want to know all the questions and won't have answers unless there is a careful investigation. there are two scenes, the final
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scene where the shooter committed suicide. sources on the scene say it was an incredibly gruesome scene. i don't want to get too detailed but he killed himself by putting the gun in his mouth. you can imagine how that ended. he still had a pulse. protocols you must med vack that vict. he was placed in the helicopter, taken to area trauma hospital. he died in that chopper, according to the sources. a lot of people on social media questioning, watching the live feed, why the emergency crews were taking so long to take him out of the chopper into the hospital. we are now learning through sources it is because he already died inside that helicopter. >> despite this tragedy, it is a little after 7:00 on the east coast, the news team there at wdbj went on air for this evening's broadcast. >> reporter: they did. they have been broadcasting virtually wall to wall all day since this happened. of course, you can imagine the emotions in the newsroom. at the same time, part of our
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job is being objective and trying to deliver and communicate the news as best we can without getting our emotions involved. really, a truly difficult task for the crew inside. for those anchors, i saw one of the main anchors walk outside, with her hair brush in her hand. she just wanted to come out and catch fresh air trying to put her feet down and realize and grasp what happened today, what transpired for this newsroom and for all of us. we have to take a step back and realize everything that has happened and remember, especially, allison and adam, as well as the families. >> i saw a little clip of that broadcast earlier and in my opinion, they were remarkably composed, considering they lost two coworkers this morning. hit close to home for many of us here . marina live, thank you. >> the shooting struck close to home for us and journalists across the country.
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joining us to talk more is the dean of uc berkeley school of journalism, thanks for joining us from campus. your reaction to this morning's shooting. >> well, it was horrifying, we were in the middle of orientation for new students. we had a meeting this morning to talk about it a little bit. you know, you spend a lot of time preparing students for the kinds of dangers they may encounter during their jobs, avoiding taking unnecessary risks. here is a situation where the danger they faced was coming from within their own organization, a disgruntled former colleague who was intended to settle some scores, derogative from his time in the station. in that respect, the danger they faced was no different from the danger many of us face in work places, even when not in the media. it was kind of cruelty that they
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are oriented to the possibility, exposing to dangers from people who know them from on the air or people they interviewed or did stories on that didn't like what they said about them. here in a sense, from behind thim, comes a lethal threat that nobody could have been prepared for. >> what is the conversation you have with future journalists when a story like this happens? very public, right there on live tv. what do you ato them? is there anything that can be done differently? do you see it changeing the way we do live shots? >> i don't think so. very interesting question. it could very well be that their exposure to danger, the exposure to this guy was a greater because he knew their schedule as you reported, he knew the schedule and where they would be, where to find them, where they would be vulnerable. in that respect, it might have been not so unrelated to being journalists as i suggested it was, but a part from that.
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really, what can you say? there are dangers one encounters, people who you anger in the course of your working life. you don't know what kind of tensions and pressures build up within that person and what kind of petty indiginateies they decide to avenge. it is really no different from postal workers, no different from people in retail, no different from people in number of fan factureing settings-- manufacturing settings where they don't like their lives and take revenge. >> one of those horrible situations that could have happened anywhere, we just happened to see it, some live on tv. >> according to the committy to protect journalists, 39 have been killed around the world, most over seas, the last here in the united states on u.s. soil is chancy bailey in oakland. i remember covering that story 8 years ago. a lot has changed in regards to
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social media, dean, since 2007. your thoughts on the role social media played on the story. >> i think that the fear was that the propagation, distribution of the most horrific images on social media would have put pressure on news organizations like yours to show images they might otherwise withhold. i have to applaud you for not running those. the killer was careful to record this and make those images available. that was part of his revichg. that was part of his legacy, if you like. so i think where social media play a role in this respect is not a very constructive role. they can distribute too widely heroining images. fulfilling the wishes of the killer who captured the images
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in the first place. >> right. thank you for spending some time with us. it just, just tragic. ed wassermann, dean of u berkeley. >> thank you, dean. he was talking about that debate in newsrooms whether or not to air it. we had it here and that was our decision. we will talk more on the role of social media played today, what happened when that suspect wanted the video to go viral. we will have a live interview in studio with the social media expert who teaches a course there at stanford. 10 years after the storm, nasa is sharing what it learned about the conditions that made hurricane katrina so deadly. we explain what they know now and how questions scientists still have about hurricanes. temperatures soaring across parts of the bay area, tomorrow we have hot ones in the forecast, few spots could be closing on 100. changes by the weekend, we could be tracking a few sprinkles. more on that coming up after the
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break. if you are streaming us right now, at work, trying to get out of the door, we will go to traffic shgsz but go to we remodeled the website, check it out, especially the latest story from virginia. there is traffic now. the 237/87, not too bad. 4:15. you are watching the 4 on 2.
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on this day, 10 years ago, coastal communities in florida were picking up the pieces from hurricane katrina, and the national hurricane center issued a warning the storm was crossing the gulf of mexico and rapidly gaining strength. hurricane katrina would make landfall in new orleans just 3 days later, destroyed levies, flooded the city and claimed more than 1200 lives. >> there were many lessons learned. nasa released images that reveal the conditions that made katrina just so deadly. >> lets take a look. you can see the swirl of the storm gather below the tip of florida, spins and gains strength and heads over the gulf as it moves towards louisiana and mississippi. that is what the red and orange notes. now lets take a look inside the hurricane. that 3-d images reveals towers of heat and intensity peeking inside that. scientists are learning how the
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towers can make or break a storm. >> obviously that wasn't the correct video. >> sound on tape. what do we know now? is kind of the question. >> depends how many towers there are, they can help or hurt a situation. nasa says it is like lift agheavy box, you can lift with few strong people or many weak people. say for the towers, a couple strong ones will do the trick and many weaker ones as well. >> if the lift ing of hot air is not concentrated t can slow down and reduce the storm's intensity. >> scientists continue to learn more, not just how hurricanes forp, but the prekrs that-- form, but the precursors that intensify them. >> i will bring in mark ibanez. what are your thoughts about
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what the scientists are talking about? >> it is right on, localized areas of heat, pushed up, the source for the feeling of the hurricane. this was hurricane katrina, winds 175, category 5. what they are tracking, right around the storm's center, heat parcels pushed upward. that is a source of energy to produce the intense, at least the strength of this storm, the strong hurricane, category 5 with winds 175 miles an hour. what is interesting, though, with each major weather event, basically a new set of data to help scientists figure what could be happening before and after, so if you look at the map, we saw the satellite, going back in time, so today is august 26, taking a look at the forecast issued from the hurricane center, august 26, 2005, you can see the track, and this, you can see the line, they say don't focus on the line.
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it is hard not to when they have a line in the forecast. mike and keba, you can say what happened that morning, the line directed towards the florida panhandle. >> i am curious, the reasoning, is it the temperature of the water in the gulf that creates this turn in the system that sent it west and into the north? >> yeah, you can different currents, not only changing the track of the storm, but also the intensity of the storm. you can different weather features, area of high precsxr low pressure that can-- pressure and low pressure that can direct it. you saw the initial forecast, but scientists had more data and could change the forecast. going back to the forecast graphic, you can see we updated things, you can see progression, 11:00 a.m. friday, august 26, later in the day, you can see that track shifted dramatically just out to the west. that line being a push out to
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the west and eventually saturday morning, closer to louisiana, everybody was getting the real warning this will be a major event. this was saturday and that hurricane made landfall 2 days later early monday morning. >> all right, different body of water but looks similar to the tropical storm you were talking about in the pacific, south of florida. >> so much to learn from hurricanes, last week we were talking possible hurricane to impact the hawaiian islands, especially kawai. moving way out to the west of hawaii, no longer a threat for them with that system that was once tropical storm. >> lets talk about, back here at home. >> lets talk about rain. back here we are talking about the chance of a few sprinkles out there but not a big deal. in fact, in the short term, the bigger deal, higher clouds and tropical moisture moving in from the south. here is live camera, walnut creek, and san francisco as
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well. high clouds continue to move into the region, fills a bit muggy this wednesday afternoon. on the satellite, the system to the north and west, there is circulation and looks like a winter time storm that will impact the forecast beginning later friday and into the weekend. right now a few scattered high clouds paying us a visit and current numbers out there, we will show you this, 90s towards livermore and walnut creek, santa rosa, 88, ball game this evening, giants and cubs, we are expecting mostly clear skies at at&t park, 63 degrees. high pressure has been strengthening, sticks around tomorrow. another day of warm, hot temperatures in the thursday forecast, but then beginning friday we begin to cool things off and saturday, saturday morning a slight chance of a sprinkle. here is forecast model showing you this, some fog tomorrow morning for thursday and a few
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high clouds sweep nothing to the region. you notice the red contour, lots of mid to upper 90s, the warmest locations flirting with 100 degrees for the thursday afternoon. get ready for another round of hot temperature s for tomorrow. fairfield, 97, vacaville, upper 90s, string of upper 90s for livermore, concord, san jose, 91, santa clara 89. san francisco, 79 degrees in san francisco, immediate coastline mainly lower 70s with fog in the morning. here is a look ahead, 5-day forecast, few extra clouds friday and then saturday we put in that baby chance of a sprinkle here in the bay area, primarily from the north bay and immediate shoreline, just for saturday morning and then into the afternoon hours we scale back on clouds. we once had high hopes to bring significant rainfall. right now a few drops out there. >> we will keep an eye on it. thank you. he is being hailed a hero and still in college.
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we will tell you what follow passengers did when they found out one of the americans who stopped a gunman on the french train was on their flight to sacramento. the killing of a photographer and reporter during a live interview on tv, not only did the killer record the shooting, he posted it on social media. the serious roles social media is playing today. it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!)
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city of sacramento is planning a homecoming cuparade
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for the 3-- parade for the 3 americans that tackled a gunman. anthony flew him with mother and father, passengers say there was no formal announcement made but everyone knew he was on the plane and many thanked him. >> kid behind me was a friend of his from south state. got up, went down and talked to him and hugged him and everybody was very proud. people got up during the flight and shook his hand. one lady handed him an envelope, she had written a letter of thanks and squatted down in the aisle and talked to his parents. it was great, great feeling. everybody was proud to be on board with him. >> the 3 americans grew up or live in northern california. france, the suspected gunman appeared in court, 25-year-old murocken al-kazani was barefoot, blind folding, and in pajamas, blind folding is a practice in
4:29 pm
france. he boarded a paris bound train with ak 47, passengers disarmed him before anyone was killed. 2 people were hurt. he is charged with attempted murder, attempted mass murder and membership in terrorist organization. after the break, we continue to follow the investigation into the killing of the reporter and photographer gunned down during a live tv broadcast. the shooting was recording by the gunman is being shared online. still to come, the complex relationship of social media and the contraverse videos that gain national and even international attention.
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welcome back to the 4 on 2, reporter allison parker, you see her there, photographer, adam ward, live on the air for the morning news, cbs affiliate, wbdj virginia, as they were broadcasting a former coworker shows up, he starts shooting, kills both of them, and even wounded the woman who they were interviewing. >> vestor flanagan, who went by bryce williams on television was found wounded after shooting himself and later died at the hospital. the station manager said he was fired 2 years ago after repeated problems at the station. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the floor, we
4:33 pm
dismissed him. he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> flanagan's family issue adstatement to the virginia tv station offering their condolances saying "we cannot express the hurt that we feel for the victims." >> as we have been mentioning the gunman, flanagan, recorded the shooting and posted the graphic video on twitter and facebook. the picture is from the photographer's camera moments after the shooting. that is what you are seeing here. we here are not showing the video of the actual shooting, but this video is cropping up elsewhere and now prompted a discussion about the role of social media in these kinds of very violent incidents. >> joining us now, the director of the interinate group, jason mcdonald and social media expert who teaches at stanford continuing studies. i saw a tweet. "does anyone else feel like we collectively made a horrible disgusting leap into the
4:34 pm
future?" this was a game changer for social media because the gunman was part of the story himself. >> exactly. he sort of became the story. sort of hijacked the story. >> is it a game changer because of that? >> i think it is a game changer, sort of escalation. each one of these events sort of tends to outdo the previous event. i think that one upmanship is going on. i think that is a game changer in that the go-prophenomenon, people are have aggood time skiing-- having a good time skiing has bled into crime scenes. >> interesting, the one-up, because in his manifesto he talks the south carolina, charleston shooter and other shooters. when it comes to social media he put it out there, facebook, twitter took it down immediately along with other posts but it lives on forever. what more can social media sites do? how do you get a handle on this? >> right. i mean, i think in a certain way, the horse has left the barn, right? once it is up on the internet,
4:35 pm
on twitter, facebook, i mean, it is a virus and starts spreading and it really doesn't matter that it has been taken down. that doesn't change anything. >> you hear police say he commits the act and then leaves. he is gone for a few hours and during that time, he is posting the various, on twitter and facebook. what about copy cats? is there any fear from your perspective that because someone takes it to this extent, involving himself, that people at home who saw it, may think of not doing something as similar or horrific, but start rolling on themselves as they commit crimes? >> i think the copy cat phenomenon is something to worry about. he tweeted this on his phone and that was a way he was captured. i was reading an interesting fact, the officer who pulled him over, they were running digital
4:36 pm
collection of license plates of the car. we have the extreme intelligence of the police force in combination with the mobile phone, i don't think he cared he would be caught. the copy fat phenomenon and the digital tracking of everything everywhere. >> ingood and bad of social-- the good and bad of social media. do you see changes? do you see a future with more of this happening? with more people wanting to post outrages behavior on social media? do you see social media lock tg down more where you have to get video approved before posted? >> with this and the racial problems we are having going on, i think we are reaching a tipping point. society really hasn't figured out and adjusted how to deal with it. we are not going to shut it down. it won't stop. it is not stoppable in the traditional way of having authorities stop it. that won't happen. perhaps, society will sort of
4:37 pm
adjust to it and become, unfortunately a little numb and not so interested in the latest horrific problem. >> jason mcdonald, appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you for everything me. after the break, in the movie leonardo decap rio playd the role of a famous identify thief. we are talking to the real-life thief offering warnings about security. temperatures soaring this afternoon, another day of hot temperatures in the forecast, and then we could be tracking a few sprinkles. we update the forecast after the break. lets give you another live look outside, 88 in berkeley, westbound, little sluggish. berkeley and beyond eastbound direction. 4 on 2 is back in just a bit.
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on everyone's minds these days, personal information is stored by various companies, organizations, google to facebook, even bank website. >> exactly. pam cook speaks to one of the world's most well-known identity thieves about the threat of cybercrime. and the best way to protect yourselves. >> cybercrime, hacking, security breaches have made shopping online and in the stores a dangerous endeavor. what is the best way to protect your identity?
4:41 pm
and your finances? we are joined by frank, a leading security expert. if the name sounds familiar to you, you probably saw the movie "catch me if you can." >> i would like to cash this check. >> leonardo dicaprio played him, who successfully posed as airline pilot, doctor, all before the age of 21. quite a resume, there. now you are advising people on the matter. what is the most common way that people's identity is stolen? >> the social media sites, we give away so much information f. you tell someone on your facebook page where you were born and your date of birth, that is 98% stealing your identity. they do go after digital topiers. most all digital copiervise a hard drive since 2002. when people get rid of the copier, they don't remove the hard drive. criminals buy those, anything printed they simply download and
4:42 pm
print out. that could be mortgage applications, passports, wedding certificates. information is everywhere. it is not difficult to do. probably one of the easiest crimes to perpetrate because information is so available. >> what are some suggestions you have for people to prevent those things? besides, destroying those hard documents and the hardware involved. what else can we do? >> i shred everything, i use a microcut shredder that turns paper into confetti, i use a credit monitoring service, one that monitors all 3 credit bureaus and notifys in realtime, not a letter. i don't write a lot of checks. if i go in the drugstore and write a $9 check, on that is my name, address, phone number, my bank's name and address, my account number at that bank, the routing number, wiring instructions, my signature on the card at my bank, and then the clerk has written my drivers license and date of birth. i don't get that check back.
4:43 pm
anyone who sees that check can access my bank account, wire money out of my account, order checks with my account information on it. if i am on social media site, i don't state where i was born, my date of birth. i created on, a quiz you can take and it will show you some things you may be doing wrong and what you should be doing to protect your identity. >> talk about last year we had that huge breach at target, other retailers as well. as we head into holidays, people are doing more shopping, online and in the stores. what are some of the important things we can do to protect ourselves there? >> no matter what the breach is or what information is stolen, they are going to cancel your credit card and issue a new card in a few days, no matter what was charged, it is not your liability under federal law. when you use a debt card, then you have to wait for the bank to investigate and it may be a couple months before you get your money back. that is money you have in your
4:44 pm
account that you are paying for your rent or car note and you have to convince the bank there was a mistake and to give you your money back or someone breached that account and to give the money back. as long as you are using a credit card you have no liability. we don't want a breach but it does occur. you don't need to be that concerned about that information. >> all right. frank, thank you so much for joining us and giving that great advice. >> thank you. >> he says bankerize doing a better-- banks are doing a better job of profecting identity but they could do more t. is up to you and i to protect our identity and finances. lots of sunshine today here in the bay area, temperaturevise been warming up-- temperatures have been warming up quite nicely, mid to upper 90s. here is camera towards walnut creek, few high clouds, warm weather forecast at least one more day. live camera hooking towards san francisco bay, mostly clear skies, haze in the distance but you can see lots of clear skies,
4:45 pm
we had fog this morning, clearing back to the shoreline. on had satellite, we have an area of low prectoor the north and west-- pressure to the north and west, cold front looks like wintertime system but for us it will be a cloud producer and few with sprinkles into the region. right now a few high clouds paying us a visit as we zoom in closer. filtered sunshine effect. temperatures have been really warming up. take a look at current numbers. still 90s to report in livermore, walnut creek, concord, 95. santa rosa and nuvaudo, 95. san jose 84 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, areas of fog near the coast and around the bay. i think some fog will be reforming overnight. temperatures in the 50s to right around 60 degrees start out thursday morning. here is an update, tropical stor erika moving west at 17, here is the forecast, because we take
4:46 pm
this into thursday, friday, tropical storm, and by early next week, by monday, possibly, at least right now we could be tracking category 1 hurricane by monday approaches parts of the florida coastline to the north of miami. keep an eye on what is now tropical storm erika could become a hurricane. bay area, high pressure strengthening basically today and tomorrow. as a result, thursday, still warming up. the warmest locations inland, back up into the upper 90s, and then look what happens friday, but especially by the weekend, this system moves in, as we pointed on the satellite, bringing minor cooling friday with clouds and saturday morning there saslight chance of a few sprinkles in the region, just maybe at least drizzle or few sprinkles but definitely more clouds and cooler temperatures in the bay-air eye forecast. tomorrow morning, clouds, shoreline, few high clouds paying a visit throughout the day friday. look what happens saturday, chance of a few with sprinkles,
4:47 pm
possibly wet roadways saturday morning. by saturday afternoons, skies partly cloudy. forecast highs, santa rosa, mid to ucher 90s inland, oakland 86, hiward, 87-- hayward, 87. san francisco downtown upper 70s, beaches lower 70s. here is your 5-day forecast, temperatures begin to cool off into friday, kind of feel muggy, scattered clouds, chance of sprinkles or drizzle saturday morning, partly cloudy sunday and monday. i have been seeing a lot of pictureoffs dogs on the inter-- pictures of dogs on the internet. >> national dog day. >> very cute picture, one of the best days ever. happy national dog day. >> love it. >> the dog is up on the ski lift. maybe we could be tracking snow
4:48 pm
in the secerenext 2--- sierra next 2-3 month. a look at stories we are working for news at 5:00. frank? >> our top story is that young photographer and reporter both of who were killed on live tv this morning. the gunman even recorded it on his own cell phone. he fired 15 shots, it was over in less than 10 seconds thchlt gunman used to work at--. the gunman used to work at the station, why he was so upset, and he called himself a human powder keg. >> this gunman, the vestor flanagan grew up in the bay area. >> grew up in the bay area, oakland, worked at local tv station, kpix channel 5. we talked to former neighbors. extensive coverage coming up next at 5:00. >> frank, thank you, see you then.
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lets talk about some of the stories making news on social media today. >> sad news to report, we learned one of the panda twins born over the week at the national zoo in washington dc died, it was the smaller of the two. the remaining cubs appear strong, the remaining cub, i should say thchlt panda mother delivered the 2 cubs on saturday. >> not too long ago. officials were trying a technique developed by panda breeders in china, they swap the cub every few hours so each had a chance to nurse and bond with the mother. this isn't the first time she has lost a cub, keba. >> still born was born in 2013 and 2012 she gave birth to a cub that died 6 days later.
4:52 pm
another story, remember the controversial killing of sisal the lion? there is a halloween costume sold online and people are angry. >> before we show it, we want to warn you some people might find this upsetting. >> true. here it is. a man wearing a dentist costume holding the head of a stuffed lion. there is red spots there on the dentist's uniform, the american dentist who illegal killed the lion. >> they were flooded with requests, 15% of the sales go to the african wildlife justice for cecil fundraiser. >> we asked what people thought. michael writes "i know, lets go to yellowstone, bait a bear out of the park, shoot it, let the dentist have the kill shot, create a halloween costume, and
4:53 pm
then defend it. observations about other problems in the world. apparently there is profit in endeavors." >> christy said "i would prefer the see the lion holding the head of the dentist." >> sally says "that is not funny at all. i think it is inhumanely heartless for whoever came up with this costume. would you be doing this if it was your het that somebody thought-- pet that somebody shot and killed? there are better ways to make money. it is national dog day. >> it is. i adopted by dog about 8 years ago and you is a couple dogs, who just popped up on our screen. >> those are the muffins. bella on the left, bailor on the right. my goodness. >> the names-- >> they are texas dogs, i lived in bell county and bailor i got in texas. bailor bear. >> there is charley right there.
4:54 pm
he likes to get outside when we can get him out there. we got him from the golden gate rescue foundation. >> is that a dog selfie? >> i delivered for him. >> good man. >> viewers have been flooding the facebook page. look at the animals. >> they are adorable. i scrolled through many. >> i gotta do that. haven't had a chance. >> make you smile. >> you share your dog picture and tweet it with the #tkvu. you can see others on the website, there is a new website, looks great. skoal down to galleries and click on-- scroll down to galleys and click on that. you can get a plane tick frt a price you haven't seen in a decade, the reason the biggest airlines are offering the deepest discounts right now.
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some of the nation's biggest airlines going head to head with their competition and it is sparking a fair wear. and the consumer is benefiting. the cheap seats aren't available for thanksgiving but you can get tickets from sfo to vacs for $67 -- vegas for $67 round trip or los angeles to new york for 150 round trip. experts say they are seeing the
4:58 pm
discounts bringing plane ticket pricing to levels they haven't seenane decade and there are a -- seen in a decade and there a couple things contributing to it. >> airlines are making record profits and the price of fuel dropped enabling them to lose money on a few seats in order to force the competition out of the market. 42 years the airlines -- for years the airlines felt like they have been bullied around by carriers and they decided to fight back and say, all right, you are offering$40 ticket, all right, we will do. [ silence ] >> carriers can offer cheaper
4:59 pm
tickets up front. you can still come out ahead by paying a little more for a major airline. one tip for saving, when you search online choose it flexible calendar option, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday flights are safer. now to frank and keba arnold. this story hitting home for a lot of us. >> absolutely horrible details that are coming out about the man who shot and killed a reporter and a photographer on live tv. >> vester flanagan sent a manifesto to abc news and mentions the comm bine and charleston church shootings -- columbine come charleston church shootings. saying what sent me over the top was thuchurch shooting. -- was the church shooting. >> i am keba arnold. julie haener is off. >> i am frank somerville. vester flanagan is the man who
5:00 pm
killed the news crew in virginia and turns out he grew up in the bay area. he even worked at kpix in the 1990s. when he started working on air he change said his name to -- changed his name to bryce williams. he sent a manifesto to abc news. >> vester flanagan shot and killed his former colleagues, wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 photographer adam ward. they worked on the morning news together. they were just out doing their job interviewing a local official for a story outside of virginia. 6:45 a.m. this morning local time, vester flanagan fired 15 shots during live television, killing the two and injuring this woman they were interviewing. not only did this happen on live television the gunman recorded it on his cell phone. ktvu's eric rasmussen with a look at


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