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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we are live in santa clara where alfire destroyed five businesses. difficult broadcast this morning for television station virginia. tribute to a beloved reporter
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and photographer killed while doing their job. this is ktvu mornings on tune. >> good morning. live in santa clara. firefighters still at this strip mall near lawrence expressway that was destroyed by a hit and run driver. coming up in a few minutes we will have more on the clues police are hoping will help track down that driver. thank you for joining us. welcome back to those of you have been watching on this thursday morning august 27th. >> good morning everybody it is friday eve. let's get your day started with weather and traffic. the warmest day of the week. >> i think so by far. pretty warm yesterday. it is getting hot today. even on the coast looks hot. very little fog. won't last long. higher clouds but that won't stop the temperatures from
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warming up. it is running pretty warm for many. a good five the 10 degrees. right out of the gate, we will be pretty warm. if you are heading for the giants and cubs, 80 degrees. it will be warm in the city. everything is already in the 60s or 50s in a few locations. it is not going to take long. changes, though, start tomorrow. high clouds on the way as this system had the gulf of alaska taps into that. today 90s to 100. still quiet. which is nice. i don't think it is going to stay that way for long. but do you have a little bit of a window. this is a look at the commute
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on 80 westbound. no problems getting up into the bay bridge toll plaza. we have no major issues. traffic continues to look good. this is dublin commute getting out to hayward and caster valley. no problems on san mateo. now in 5:00, let's go back on the desk. >> as we like to say in our business. very close-knit. this is a story that greatly affects us. >> two journalists shot and killed right on live television while they were doing their jobs. >> good morning. it is just after 5:00 on thursday august 28th, 2015. we come to you this morning with very heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and
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killed yesterday morning. allison parker and ward were shot and killed. >> they opened their newscast this morning in memory of the young news reporter and photographer. prayer vigils are being held. and vicky gardener the other woman shot during the live report as well. she remains in the hospital this morning. she is the only person to survive yesterday's shocking attack. now people have been dropping off flowers, balloons and condolence messages. viewers say allison parker and adam ward were like family. they enjoyed waking up to and watching every morning. >> we are hering from the people that new parker and ward the best, their loved ones. >> i have been alternating between the shock and grief. i have been you know holding up, i depose, okay i have been crying my eyes out all day
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long. >> parker's father and boyfriend spoke with megan kelley on fox news channel. >> i come home after doing the 11:00 news i make her breakfast, pack her lunch and send her on her day and kiss her good-bye. she would text me. we would always be concerned. >> parker's boyfriend anchor's the evening news. they had dated for nine months and talking about marriage. she created a scrapbook or the him. her last text to him red good night sweet boy. >> the photographer adam ward was going to leave the station. he was engaged to the morning news anchor. >> adam, best way to describe
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him was a giant teddy bear. he was just this guy that was just the sweetest guy. willing to help you out only do anything for you. >> now, ward started working at the television station in 2011. he was a great photo journalist was thinking about a career change. his fiancee was in the control room yesterday morning and watched as he was shot and killed. time now 5:06. learning more about the gunman and his ties to the bay area. reported at march 2012 to february 201-3678 he went by the name bryce williams. he was fired forfeits of ranger. police , he grew up in oakland and attended skyline high school. some of his family still live
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near. there he asked for privacy. family spokesperson red a public statement. >> our thoughts and prayers where r with the victim's family and with wdbj television station family. >> neighbors who lived near him say they are shocked at what happened. they never saw him angry and remember him as always smiling. now we will continue to follow through throughout mornings on 2. police in south bay are looking for the driver who crashed her car into a gas line. we are in santa clara. >> we are watching this strip mall. it is completely destroyed. firefighters have a ladder truck here. they climbed up it. they have infrared camera that look force hot spots. they want to make sure this fire doesn't reignite.
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so much damage was caused here. police want to find the female driver responsible. people who work and live near the strip mall say they heard an explosion. car had rammed into gas line. it triggered the fire. laundry mat was the first to burn. woman in the car did not stop. she sped away. police are looking to see if surveillance video may have captured a license plate number. she appeared to be a latino woman. huge loss for business owners. >> it is devastating. in half hour everything was destroyed. >> reporter: fire was active for more than four hours. it took a that long to locate the gas line that workers needed to shut all. firefighters are just
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monitoring this location for hot spots. they say it is still smoldering. we saw smoke a little while ago. it sparked back up a couple of times overnight. police are hoping that anyone will please come forward. also new this morning, firefighters say an arcing transformer caused a grass fire in the oakland hills. it knocked out electricity for about 1300 homes. the fire was reported about 3:30 this morning. we are told it is now contained. fire crews say it burned area about 500 feet by 500 feet. the fire was in an area hard to reach and there was a lot of dry brush. some firefighters had to climb down to where the flames were burning. >> access here to this fire was
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difficult. due the separation between elberton the street we are on and the street below us. access for the crews was difficult. >> the crews are expected to be on the scene as well. we have not heard back from them yet. time is 5:09. student at santa rosa junior college reports being raped. the woman says the man was wearing a mask. she could not identify him. she describes him as about five feet, 10 inches tall and possibly being white. students, faculty and staff are being warned about the incident. palo alto police are hoping a sketch will help them find a man that exposed himself in a park. the man is in his early 20s.
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has olive complextion and curlly hair. good news from the global financial market china had a late rally and surged more than 5%. first up session in six days. biggest gain in eight weeks. markets in hong kong and japan posted good increases. european markets are open. right now most of them are up about two and 3 percent. they are still trading this morning at this hour. european investors have been encouraged by the rebound on wall street that we saw yesterday. dow gained 613 points. about 4% there. the nasdaq rose 191.
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>> that brought some sense of relief to many american investors. analysts are warning there could be volatility in the days ahead. china's economy still remains on shaky ground. one member of the federal reserve says the interest rate hike may not happen and will be delayed until december. just keeping an eye on our futures dow up almost 100%. looking like decent opening. an the midst of political corruption scandal is due in court today. coming up in 5:30 case against a china town gang leader. san francisco cabbies are sounding off about uber and lift. the rules they claim the ride sharers are breaking at fso.
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welcome back everybody. time 5:15. the man who opened fire inside a colorado movie theater will spend the rest of his life in prison. he was formally sentenced to 12 life sentences without the possibility of parole. holmes was convicted of killing 12 people. the judge called holmes an
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angry quitter who was -- family members of the victims say they are glad the case is finally over. holmes will not appeal. another disturbing case of vandalism on a san francisco mural. it was sprayed with the words white power. a witness told the web site she cried after seeing the graffiti. another mural was reportedly vandalized. we have a live report at 5:00. ride share companies including uber and lift. >> independent consultants. >> cabbies voiced their concerns. they showed a video that they say shows transportation network companies or tncs constantly break airport rules.
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taxy drivers say they cruise the terminals waiting someone to flag them down. >> the here is numbers at the airport is increasing. number of taxy pick ups at the airport is decreasing. >> the cabbies want uber and other ride shares to be permanently marked with nonremovable logos. they want full background checks and cars to be regularly inspected. >> 5:17 is the time. let's check out traffic with sal. how does it look? >> looks good, pam. brian good morning to you both. we are off to a decent start on this thursday. hopeful think there pattern will stick with us here. highway 4 starting off with the commute coming up to the bay point area there. are no problems here. always watch for. that right now, the this is your commute, i don't think you have to worry about it too
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much. traffic looks good on nearby 680. a lot of people take highway 124. they head to the tunnel. we have a live look at highway 24 for you now. there it is. from lafayette to oakland to walnut creek, looks very nice. if are you going on the golden gate bridge, traffic looks good. fog not a big issue. toll plaza from oakland to san francisco, that looks good. 5:18 now. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. rather quiet conditions. hardly any fog this morning. few high clouds on the mild side for most. only about santa rosa or few north bay regions are running cooler than most. cubs and giants day baseball 80 degrees today.
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very warm. oakland downtown going for 85 degrees. if there is any fog it is going to get chewed up pretty quick here. dome of high pressure on us. fog was all over the place last couple of days. now, just a few high clouds. 60s to near live 70 degrees for some. santa rosa down to 53. san jose mid 60s. anywhere from hayward sfo to san jose, 2 to 4 but three degrees cooler for santa rows is a. 40s up in the mountains. high pressure in the four corners says i am large and in charge. this system coming out of the gulf of alaska is going to be a big weather maker over the next couple of days. going to have a lot of high
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clouds. tomorrow we will go cloudy and temperatures will take a plunge. by the coast pretty nice. temperatures above average for everybody. a huge drop on the temperatures as we go to saturday. that system in the gulf of alaska will swing through and cool temperatures down about 15 to 20 degrees. looks great. today is the day if you want to sneak over to the beach, i would say looks pretty good. cloudy tomorrow. maybe light rain drizzle to the north on saturday morning. sunday breezy and cooler. >> you said the beach? >> i think today is the day. so city leaders are speaking out about a tourist robbed over on lombard street. >> you have not seen the last of them. when a grateful dead spin off
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band is getting back on stage here in the bay area.
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%f0 welcome back. it is now 5:23. san francisco police have arrested a man suspected of possessing child pornography. he was taken into custody on monday and booked on two counts of distribution and one count of po session.
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they tracked evidence to a home near california street. they arrested rivera. the leases of two san rafael are up for renewal. hugo says he is tired of seeing people sleeping or passed out on the streets. he says the homeless would leave if the homeless services were moved out of town. land decker is proposing a massive homeless assistance. >> they want to live on the streets. they want to cause trouble in the community. they don't care about themselves. they don't care about anything. >> the depth of his protection for his town, has from my perspective really eliminated his sense of compassion. >> 71% of the county's homeless
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actually lived in morin before becoming homeless. he also says his e-mail campaign to address homelessness has more than 400 members. more locations of the bakery chain is closing their doors. starbucks bought the brand. starbucks announced all 23 locations would shut down. the stores on market street and columbus avenue in san francisco will close tomorrow. remaining locations will shut their doors next month. starbucks will continue to make pastries and sell them. well tickets go on sell for the latest version of the grateful dead spinoff band. dead and company announced it will perform two shows after christmas. you are looking at individual
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grow the fair the well tour. tickets for the december 27th and 28th shows go on sale tomorrow. time is 5:25. more criminal charges against ray mcdonald. the new indictment against the one time 49er. plus the new charge against the current 49er's defender. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is actually doing pretty well as you pass mission and head down. warm to hot, coast to inland. it will be about 80 degrees game time.
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as long as we remember allison and adam, we can carry something of who they were with us. honoring friends and coworkers virginia television station pays tribute this morning. welcome back. it is thursday august 27th. >> i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it is almost 5:30. we want a look at weather.
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it is definitely warmer. >> pam my tie, your jacket. >> we need to take a photo. we need to take a selfie. >> brian how are you? >> i am good. i guess i am thed on man out. >> it is going to be warm to hot. temperatures inland probably the hottest in day baseball. i would take the sunscreen. very warm. going 80 degrees at game time. hardly any breeze. sunny to mostly sunny, except for a few high clouds. upper 60s already for some that will give us a big change over the weekend. patchy fog or few high clouds.
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hot inland. 90s to 100. >> are you going the game today? >> i am i was thinking i better wear shorts and flip-flops. good morning. let's take a look at the commute. by the way, steve brings up a good point there. is the daytime baseball game. that means people are going to be driving across bridges to get over to att park. the we will have more midday traffic. let's move along and take a look at the next live picture. this would be highway 24. not a lot of traffic. you will see traffic that will be busy. getting out of the city from san francisco to east bay is going to be a tough one. , again, sold out game. att park. going to put more pressure on the park in that part of the bay. she was a news reporter
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back home pursuing a career she loved. he had was a photographer who was engaged to be married the two were gunned down on live telephone vision yesterday morning. >> reporter: morning show today has been dedicated to the two journalists killed 24 hours after all this happened. all morning long coworkers have shared memories. two were killed yesterday. adam ward was engaged to morning show producer. this morning wdbj's weather anchor recalled one of his favorite storys. >> he was going off to a weekend with melissa. he said somehow the weather. then he goes i am going ask
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melissa to marry me. so just wish me luck. i said you don't need luck buddy. >> they were so much in love. it is heartbreaking on so many levels. >> we are also learning pour about the gunman this morning. he reported -- he went by the on air name bryce williams. he was fired forfeits of anger and not getting along with his coworkers. court documents show ward videotaped flannigan being escorted out. >> she had had a brief interaction with him when she was an intern at our station in 2013. and he did not work for us for
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very long. my interaction and adam's interaction were brief as well. >> friends of allison parker and adam ward are trying to make sure their legacies live. on scholarships in memory of the two have been established at the schools they graduated from. also prayer vigils are scheduled today. >> so tough. their careers just getting started. >> it is nice to hear. we know when we go through tough things, not to that extent, we do thank our viewers. >> their viewers have stepped
5:35 am
up to support them. >> right. and out. >> it helps a little bit. 5:04 is the time right now. president obama sent his condolences to the families of the two young journalists. the press secretary expressed sympathy on behalf of the administration and urged congress to enact legislation to tighten gun control laws. white house says the shooting is another example of gun violence that has become too common. >> congress could take those steps in a which that would not infringe on the constitutional rights of law abiding americans. >> president obama says this is
5:36 am
the great -- announced he will now do whatever he can to make that happen. hearing is set this morning in san francisco the federal case against china town association leader raymond chow. she asking a judge to dismiss racket tearing. chronicle taking, four seasons unrights carlton hotels. attorney for these expenses indicate that federal investigators tried to entrap the defendants. that the criminal charges were manufactured by the government. a hayward police officer's gun was stolen during a car burglary. it is at least the third such theft in the bay area. the theft was reported yesterday morning from a car
5:37 am
parked near a starbucks at the fruit vail station. officers told to be on the look out for a gun, four magazines anna ipad. last week a loaded gun was stolen from an suv -- back in june. was confirmed to be the gun used in the shooting that killed indicate steinly. the preliminary hearing continues for the man charged in that pier shooting with his defense attorney says the evidence shows it was accident. told police he found the gun and was trying to shoot at sea lions and in court yesterday testified that the bull it that killed indicate struck concrete walkway on the pier before hitting here. >> i doubt an expert marksman could make that shot off a concrete surface. certainly not from a distance
5:38 am
of 30 yards. >> we believe the charged decision is proper and the defendant has been charged with murder for that reason. >> the gun had been stolen from a u.s. rangers' car just days before. sanchez is not being charged with that crime. he is expected to explain how -- a felony indictment has been handed down against former san francis co 49 mcdonald. he was charged with rape for incident that took place last december at his home. according that indictment victim was intoxicated. also 49ers linebacker brooks was charged for sexual battery of the same woman.
5:39 am
change to car seat laws is may be on the books. new legislation just passed to increase age requirement to two years old. >> i am a proponent of that. typically people turn the child around at one year. >> the 2007 study by the journal injury prevention found children younger than two are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured if buckled into a rear facing car seat. governor brown signed emergency legislation that awards high school diplomas to thousands of students. students that didn't pass the exit exam were left in limbo. that left the students without diplomas. most four year universities would not allow them to enroll. the bill changes that.
5:40 am
it is 53:00 it 9. 53:00 -- more on the shock and sadness as people are rallying around that station to show their support. fire rips through santa clara strip mall destroying five businesses. police are looking for a woman they say caused this. who also fled the scene. we will have a live update. >> we are looking at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. mcarthur. >> not going take long to start warming up. temperatures already running about 2 degrees above average. we will talk about that and a big change for the weekend.
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police are looking for a hit and run driver. we are there live. the fire destroyed several businesses. >> reporter: yes they do. we will get to that in a moment. i do want to show you what the strip mall looks like. it is very unstable this morning. roof partially collapsed. they have this roped off. firefighters are keeping watch from a distance. it is unsafe. they need to stay here and watch. they don't want this fire to reignite. it started yesterday afternoon. witnesses tell police they heard explosions after a woman crashed her car into a gas line. fire ignited and spread quickly
5:44 am
to the five businesses which included a laundry mat, a restaurants and hair salon. woman in the car did not stop. she sped away. police are looking to see if surveillance video from nearby businesses may have captured a license plate number. she appeared to be a latino woman. caused a huge loss for business owners. >> this is a neighborhood strip mall that we have all been to multiple times. it is a big loss for the citizens. and we have all been here. it is terrible. >> reporter: the fire was active for more than four hours. it took that long for crews to locate the gas line workers needed to shut off. the fire is still smoldering this morning. it has sparked back four times overnight. they have gone up on their
5:45 am
ladder to check to see what is still hot. police are hoping that anybody may call in to the police department with any tips so that they can find this female driver who they say crashed here. pam. time now 5:44. san francisco police chief has message for tourists. supervisor julyy christiansen says what happened tuesday afternoon was rare. the suspects were arrested a few hours later over in oak land. eric espinol and anthony fox. >> i don't want to give people the idea that they can come to this neighborhood or to san francisco and commit these kind of crimes that that is somehow okay or they are going to get
5:46 am
off with a hand slap. >> she says she and the chief are working on the make sure violent and repeat offends ers are given punishment that fit crime. president obama is traveling to new orleans this morning to meet with people there who have rebuilt their lives over the past 10 years since hurricane katrina. >> sounds festive over there. >> hurricane katrina hit in august 2005. new orleans famed french quarter is filled with music and tourists. but residents of the lower 9th ward are still struggling to rebuild. new this morning federal labor departments say jobless
5:47 am
claims slipped a bit. it is the first time in four weeks that initial claims, weekly claims have dropped. report is indication that the labor market is still improving. new claims have stayed below the key level of 300,000 for 20 weeks. let's check in with sal. >> pam says she can't picture me in flip-flops. >> kind of hard sal. >> you went to cal. you probably have burken stocks, right. >> well i will be strumming my lute chanting for peace later if that makes you happy. >> let's take a look at the commute. traffic is doing pretty well. i do want to remind you. this is highway 4. when l is a
5:48 am
giant's game there is day traffic: >> if you are driving on the bridges this morning we can look at the san mateo bridge. that looks okay. the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be slow this morning. unfortunately when we have a giants game it is slow during the middle of the day. it is the cubs. people come to the city that don't dom the game. they go down and hang out with everyone else. it is going to be a nice weather day throughout today, according to steve. it is going to be very warm sal. >> not only that but the cubs playing great baseball this year. >> i am surprised they actually lost last night. >> they are able to pick one up. >> there you go. >> we do have a mostly clear morning. hardly any fog. some on the coast. a few high clouds and rather
5:49 am
calm conditions. it is going to warm up quick. overnight lows except for a few to the north bay running much warmer. concord 94 to 98. speaking of 80 degrees today game time 12:45. mostly sunny except for a few high clouds. oakland looking for 80s. starting off 62. downtown san jose will go 90 degrees. record is 99. not even close. east san jose about 95 to 99. there are some higher clouds. a little bit of fog on the coast. upper 60s for some. mid 60s for others. napa55. half moon bay 56, when the
5:50 am
coast is clear. hardly any delta breeze. 61 in monterey. sunny today. mostly sunny. leading edge of our front coming out of the gulf of alaska is tapping into a lot of moisture from the hawaii islands. this whole system swings through over the weekend, for a big cool down. cloud cover is going to be on the move, starting later tonight and into tomorrow. today is the hottest day by far. as we go into the weekend, cloud cover starting to move in. that will take temperatures down. big drop on saturday and sunday. future cast does show everything looks good today. here comes cloud cover starting tonight into friday. the rain line will be close. there will be drizzle. patchy fog. that's it.
5:51 am
to the north, sunny and warmer. warm along the coast. hot inland. temperatures 90s to 100s. 70s, 80s, closer to the water. take a few steps and you can find warmer temperatures than that. 70s on the coast. 80s to 90s on the peninsula. afternoon game today,. >> warm. >> the game tomorrow night will probably be a big difference. >> well, it will be cloudy. the cooler will come in tomorrow. >> tropical. i like tropical. >> thank you.
5:52 am
steve. it is 5:51 and nasa is crashing planes on purpose. how to space station hopes that will help save
5:53 am
5:54 am
lives. credited with stopping a potential massacre on board a high speed train in france got a heroes welcome in his hometown of sacramento. he spoke yesterday along his father and the mayor kevin
5:55 am
johnson. he and his two long time friends of course tackled and dis armed a gunman on the train. stadler says he is grateful to be home and touched by the welcome he has received. >> after a crazy few days, feels good to be back, especially in sacramento. i am glad to be back here to see everybody. kind of overwhelming for me. >> french authorities say the gunman had ties to radical islam. the city of sacramento is planning a parade for all three of those sacramento area men who took that gunman down. hillary clinton is responding to reports that vice
5:56 am
president joe biden may be considering a run for the white house. hillary clinton said biden is a friend of hers. she said he has had more grief and heartbreak in his life than most people can imagine. most recently the death of his son boe bide den. i want him to died what to do is right for him and his family. i don't think it is useful to be behind the scenes asking this or saying that. i have done none of that. i just want him. >> clinton says she going to continue with her campaign which is what she believes she should do and biden will have to decide for himself what he should do. nasa is accepting the durability of emergency beacon. when a plane crashes it is supposed to send out a distress signal. nasa is dropping some private
5:57 am
planes on to different surfaces including concrete and dirt. coming up, early morning fire in the oakland hills. trouble crews face and the number of people still without power. we continue to follow yesterday's shocking news of a reporter and photographer killed flight the middle of a live report how wdbj is reacting this morning. good morning. we are looking at the north bay commute. 101 looks good down to the golden gate bridge. as you can see, traffic here looks good. weather looks good, if you like warm or hot temperatures. no fog. temperatures 90s to 100 inland. big change, though by the
5:58 am
5:59 am
weekend. to lose the one you love and who loves you back, unconditionally, is a pain that is very real for me now. >> hard to imagine what they are going through this morning.
6:00 am
wdbj continues it show the morning. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. we want to take you live to san francisco where another mural has been vandalized. coming up alex savage is out there to show a woman who was brought to tears. thank you for joining us. >> good morning i am brian flores. let's get your thursday started with weather and traffic. >> it is going to be hot. on the coast looks pretty warm. inland temperatures this will be the warmest for a while. a big cool down on tap starting to -- temperatures


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