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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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news room now. this was recorded on the officer's body camera. >> the body camera recorded the incident. they didn't show it to us yet. the video shows the officerane dangerous situation. one source told me it was crazy. >> reporter: gunfire rang out around 8:30 a.m. >> very scary. sad situation. >> reporter: police say a female officer arrived on scene responding to a report of an assault. she got out and investigators say he immediately attacked her. you could hear the urgency in her voice. [ indiscernible ] >> the police chief says the suspect hit it officer with a metal chain. >> the officer was hit in the head. suffering multiple lacerations as a result of the strike from the chain. the suspect continued to advance swinging the chain at
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the officer. the officer drew her firearm and fired at the suspect striking him. >> reporter: a landscaper witnessed the whole thing. [ speaking foreign language ] >> she says the officer was knocked to her knees and bleeding from her head. she pulled her gun and fired killing the man. the officer was defending herself but she questioned why she fired multiple shots. >> reporter: in the hours after the shooting, residents and protesters turned out to say the suspect didn't need to die. >> she is trained to diffuse the situation. she started shooting. what happened to your taser? >> the officer just had time to defend herself. >> we don't believe dialogue occurred before he charged at the officer. >> i can't speak for the officer. i don't like violence but they
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have oprotect themselves. -- to protect themselves. >> the suspect was known in the area and he often bothered other residents. the officer has been upgraded from serious to stable condition. >> there was a recent officer involved shooting in oakland as well for the year how many police shootings have there been? >> reporter: six total. and four of them were fatal and four involved female officers. >> john sasaki in the news room, thank you. new at 6:00 p.m. the parents of a teen shot and killed by a police officer filed a lawsuit against police today. the 19-year-old was shot and killed on july 5. police say he was outside the dealership when they arrived but they resiled that statement and -- revised that statement and said he was inside. he knocked an officer unconscious. the parents say police have
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shown a lack of transparency and hopes this forces police to give them more information. >> what they said happen can't happen in 22 seconds. you can't take someone's life, nothing adds up in what they are saying. >> according to the father police told the family there was body camera video before saying there wasn't and changing their story again to say the officer had a body camera on. in virginia the wdbj7 morning team returned to work today. one day after alison parker and adam ward were shot and killed live on the air. at 6:45 a.m. the moment of the shooting they joined hands for a moment of silence and had this message. >> you have been our rock, our strength, this hurts all of us so much. we will with time and blessings
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of friends out there, all of you, we will hear from this. thank you. >> alison parker and adam ward were gunned down yesterday morning while doing a live interview. the woman they were interviewing vicki gardner survived. the gunman was a former call league, vester flanagan, went by bryce williams. what happened when he was fired. >> he reacted angerly. telling them they would have to call the police because he was going to make a stink and it would be in the headlines. he handed a wooden cross to the director and he said you will need this. he made a comment to adam ward. >> officials confirm today vester flanagan legally bought the gun he used in the shooting. and he bought it in july from a
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licensed gun dealer in virginia. he later shot and killed himself after a pursuit by police. also today a search warrant reveals what he had in the car that he drove. along with the gun, were six magazines, 17 stamped letters and a brief case with license plates, a wig, a shawl, and umbrella and sun glasses. journalists all over the country are sharing their -- showing and sharing their support. these a few of the pictures -- these are a few of the pictures. share your support as well on facebook. a push is underway in sacramento for a bill to keep undocumented immigrants felons from committing more crimes. they announced the bill that would prevent law enforcement officials from accepting
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federal transforms unless they commit to pursuingfullyany charges. it -- pursuing felony charges. >> juan francisco lopez-sanchez was released into a community where he would not have been except for his aversion to the sheriff's department. if he was left in the federal prison kate steinle would be alive today. >> advocates say the bill is a necessary legislation that would improve communications between local and federal officials. the bill comes as juan francisco lopez-sanchez appeared in court in san francisco again today for the preliminary hearing in the case. today was day three. a witness said he was certain the gun was pointed towards the ground and not the victim when it was fired. the defense said the shooting was an accident. the bullet that killed kate
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steinle ricocheted prior to hitting her. juan francisco lopez-sanchez will return to court a week from today. the dow raced to a 369 point gain to close at 16,654. nasdaq was up 115 points and s&p gained 47 points. today's gains erased losses earlier in the week. they were attributed to china trying to stabilize the economy and the stock market. investors spirits were lifted after a revision to the u.s. gdp number. the estimates shows the u.s. economy grew at a faster pace in the 2nd quarter. today california state assembly approved legislation that would close the wage gap between women and men. it would let female employees
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challenge pay discriminations. it also bans retaliation against women who ask how much their male colleagues are paid. they passed the bill 66-2. it now heads to the senate and the governor plans to sign it. california released the june result of water conversation and californians are over achievers again. exceeding the mandate with a 31% savings. ktvu's tom vacar has the numbers and what they mean. >> reporter: in june the water district beat the 31% reduction in water use with a 36% reduction compared to june 2013. >> fantastic the customers are doing their part. >> reporter: that should improve in july because the district started a recycled water give away for lawns, gardens, landscaping and dust
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reduction. since opening 6 million gallons have been given away. >> they have been agencies that provide waste water collection, treatment and disposal services. now we are looking at resource recovery, turning the recycled water back to the community. >> reporter: in a month demand for recycled water became so great they had to putane pipeline to come from -- put in a pipeline to come to here because the tanker trucks couldn't keep up. >> every day it is more and more. we get an increase every day. >> reporter: august and september will be a bigger challenge. >> we have been encouraging customers to grow to use recycled water. >> that is whenwy use the lion's share of watt -- when we
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use the lion's share of water. >> reporter: if every agency adopts this model it would have a profound effect without any change in lifestyle. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. record prices for california crops led to near record revenue for farmers. the state's industry generated $50 billion last year. experts say this is because tomatoes, almonds, walnuts and milks were at all time highs. a lot of farmers took the money they made and put it into new irrigation systems so that could lead to a much more dismal year for the industry. >> drill wells, put new sprinklers in, and increased cost, and now when prices go down they are having trouble paying for that. >> farmers say the price of
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almonds are 50% lower than what they were selling for last year and the price of other products are also falling. firefighters in lake county are getting a break tonight after fighting a number of wildfires this week. they spent today putting out the remaining hot spots. that fire is now 100% contained. this one started 5 days ago and burned 215 acres. the cause is under investigation. i am tracking the heat. it is hot. inland temperatures in the triple digits today. big changes heading to your neighborhood. >> bottom of the truck will impact the hill. >> meet the guy behind the signs you will only see in san francisco. how the sign guy turned his passion into a profession. >> more on the breaking news we brought you, looking at live
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pictures from sky fox 2 of a plane crash in san carlos. we will have new information for you after the break.
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more now on the breaking news. the small plane crash that we told you about at the top of the newscast. good news here. the pilot of the plane was very lucky. there were no injuries as a result of the crash. it looks like maybe the plane
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may have clipped something and went nose first into the ground. the good news, no injuries. this happened at a public storage facility. no injuries as a result of this crash. a man at the center of a home invasion investigation appeared in court today. he is suspect offend committing the crime last june. police say he attempted to tie up a couple and then left his cell phone behind. his attorney filed a motion to suppress the search of the cell phone. it is a key piece of evidence that was accessed without a warrant. >> if the court finds the phone was seized and searched unlawfully then the phone is a window into the investigation. >> documents so police placed an emergency 911 call to reveal
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who the phone belonged to. it led them to a home where he was arrested. the fbi believes there are items on the phone that link the suspect to an abduction of a woman. raymond shrimp boy chow lost his appeal to have charges against him dismissed today. a judge ruled his defense hacked evidence that san francisco mayor ed lee was over looked during the investigation into organized crime connection. an indictment accuses him of racket tearing and other charges. ex-california state senator leland yee and keith jackson pleaded guilty for their roles. chow's attorney argue the investigation into other politicians did not go far enough and focused on chow. the judge said they didn't produce evidence that mayor ed lee committed any crimes when contacted by fbi agents. new at 6:00 p.m. meet the guy behind the signs
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that you will only see in san francisco. they are hand made. you see them all over. telling you how to get to the park or the golden gate bridge, china town. >> cool signs. ktvu's tara moriarty introduces us to san francisco's sign guy. >> reporter: they tell you when to stop, not to turn and how fast to go. san francisco has thousands of them. [ music ] >> this is the man behind the signs. >> they are like heirlooms. >> reporter: every day he works in a quiet room for the san francisco transportation authority. >> this is what i always wanted to do. i have maybe a thousand signs throughout the city that are custom made. >> street name signs, bike and taxi signs. stuff original to san
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francisco. >> they blend in but they are special. >> the 48-year-old creates the design on his computer. his favorite part. then the cutting, pealing and sticking it on. >> you have to pay attention. >> reporter: no music, books on tape or chatting on the phone. his best work. >> that kid. >> reporter: he created it for make-a-wish foundation's miles scott who beat cancer. >> i really felt the cause was good. >> reporter: he shows us the longest sign and the most coveted. one of the most solan signs in san francisco. every time someone steals it they move it higher and higher and higher. an eye for precision. he loves his signs help people and his creations could be seen
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all over san francisco. >> when i am driving around the city my relatives relatives and friends prod me, i try to stay humble about it. feel lucky to have this job. wouldn't trade for the world. >> i will take that as a sign. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i love that. only in san francisco stories. >> hand made. our chief meteorologist now about the weather. >> talking about how muggy it is. so uncomfortable. >> it is for us too. if you have spent time out here you are not used to it. the humidity does impact us. 79 degrees san francisco today. as a high. humidities up there. getting moisture, tropical air moving into the area. that air will be with us through the weekend, especially saturday morning. we could see a shower or
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something in the north bay. look at the numbers. 91 in santa rosa area. this system right here, this system is significant. not that it will bring a bunch of rain. it is hanging out there. usually it is a fall, early late, mid-fall pattern. we have so much activity in the pacific -- haven't seen it like this in a long time. tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons, we have had -- tropical storms, 4, 5 now, tropical depression. all that moisture gets in the atmosphere, brought to you by el nino, el nino prompts the storms. as long as that stuff -- moisture pumps into the atmosphere, we will notice the humidity and we will stand better chance of seeing rain this season because the moisture, once it is in the
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atmosphere, the jet stream can grab on to it. this will grab the moisture, fling it into northern california and we will see showers. watch this right here. that is significant. that is tomorrow night. look at that. right? clipping to the north. that was significant rain returns. some estimates are half inch of rain in the eureka area. a lot of rain for august. and unsettled in the afternoon on saturday. a few sprinkles. it is not a game changer in terms of breaking a drought but if you are trying to knock down the fires, that is where most of the fires have been. it will have a big impact on temperatures. temperaturing fall -- temperatures falling off tomorrow and further cooling saturday and a big impact on how we go forward the next few
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weeks. the pattern, pattern you don't see those lows drop down. so that is a good indication of things are loosening up. showers perhaps on saturday morning. north of here. sprinkles. half inch of rain. a lot of rain. for august. >> thank you. the 49ers send ahmad brooks home. we will tell you why and the giants and cubs battle it out at at&t park today. mark is up next with sports.
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. mark is here now with sports. great day for baseball out there. nice victory for the giants. >> yeah. real good victory for the
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giants. they had to be saying we are the world champs and like i said the ace, madison bumgarner, you want to see fielding right here? brandon belt. over to madison bumgarner. look that replay. makes the catch. gets the out. we have a 1-1 game. 2-1 in the third. marlon byrd take it to ride. deep center field. that is a three run shot. second homer with the giants. and then in the 8th. this guy, what a blast he is to watch. grand slam. his first major league home run. that put the topping on it. 9-1 final. madison bumgarner gets his 16 16th win. dodgers won so the giants 2-1/2 back. someday we will be able to do a sportscast and not talk about the problems off the field with the san francisco 49ers.
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today is not that day. ahmad brooks banished from the 49ers. the immediate future in connection with the indictment handed down yesterday on misdemeanor sexual battery, we don't know exactly whether or not he will remain with the team. where it goes from here says the general manager, i don't have that answer right now but make it clear he is still officially on the team as of right now. >> he was known as chocolate thunder. darryl dawkins, the father of the power dunk. incredible highlights here. goes to the hoop with great power. remember, back in the 1980s when back boards were in danger, he shattered a few like that. incredible. passed away at the age of 58. the family says it is a heart attack that caused the death. just 58 years old. but boy, wasn't like he was a
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flash in the pants. 14 years in the nba. just a great career. sad. >> thank you. we will continue to follow the breaking news, where a small plane crashed. we are working to learn more about what happened. we will have that for you at 7:00 p.m. on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36. good night.
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