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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 31, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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♪ it's an end of season salute to some of the best videos of the summer. a diver cruises down a cave with no oxygen tank. >> free-diving as well. >> oh, heck no. >> the frantic moves to escape when things go wrong 100 feet down. >> oh look. >> amazing video of a -- >> grizzly fight up in alaska. >> what has two bears trying to show who's boss. >> a motorcyclist takes evasive action when --
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>> there's debris all over the road. >> why that's not his only near-miss. >> and two irish lasses brave the slingshot, but -- >> one of the girls is mega freaking out. >> how the other is going lights out in a summer rite-of-passage. hold your breath, trust me. we are currently under water at jacob's well in texas. underwater cave where a lot of people go diving. you're riding with diego. diego is approaching about 100 feet under the water. now you might notice you don't hear breathing sounds, that's because he's free diving as well. >> oh, heck no. >> the sound you're are the dive reflexes, it prevents your lungs from collapses while you're diving. he's just lost one of his flippers. he realizes he can't find it. he quickly turns around, but he
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knows he cannot get up to the surface with just one flipper. all the while trying to hold his panic in, he heads towards the light, cuts away his weight belt and slowly starts climbing. he actually looks down, and you can see just one of the flippers on his foot as he slowly gets closer and closer to the light. right now, your heart is racing as you wonder if he makes before he finally reaches the surface. you can see the legs of people around him, it's a popular spot, but he's just fine now. it's a very famous place, and, in fact, they've done some exploring, they've discovered the passageways, they're all about 120 feet of debt. this place, notorious for people that try diving. they've done it out in the open ocean. eight people have died doing this. >> wow. >> it's absolutely terrifying. video of a brutal fight,
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many will say grizzly fight up in alaska, a bunch of grizzly bears are very interested in this whale carcass that's washed up. watch this, one male goes after that female with a cub, when another male comes in, breaks that fight up. the female runs away with the cub, that male protecting her baby. >> and it's all being captured by brad joseph, part of, he's leading a whole bunch of other photographers, and you can hear the shutters flying everywhere. this is why you go out there with your cameras to shoot this type of stuff. >> we seen this exact scenario play out, but just outside bars. you know, it's exactly like we've seen, just bearing doing tha that. >> obviously, the show of dominance where you can see, it looks like they got a few small cups to their face. the grizzlies retire off to the trees a bit to take a breath,
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take a break, and maybe mend their wounds a bit. >> did they ever finish their meal? >> i think it took a whale. there was plenty to go around for everybody. no real reason to fight over it to begin with. doesn't look like the bears were seriously injured. this kind of stuff happens frequently. >> still a priceless experience for everybody that got to see it, and for us now because we get to see the video. as a motorcyclists you have to be aware of everything on the road. the man on this motorcycle, sam bradshaw, is riding with a passenger on the back when suddenly this happens. >> what on earth? >> a car drives next to him, and suddenly there's debris all over the road. >> watch out. >> whoa. >> holy -- >> are you kidding? >> fortunately sam is able to stop and not hit anything. >> wow, that actually really irritates me. because the jerk that's speeding away from police could have killed this guy. the police chasing this guy, he's not the only one on the road, there are other cars, you
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have to think about is it worth chasing this guy and putting other people's lives at risk? >> and in that moment as well? it was the exact second that the police car went by. it was so close. >> well, it gets worse because sam, the poster of the video says the reason that debris on the road is because these people in the car intentionally threw power tools that included angle grinders, screwdrivers, power drills, and a tool box with the intention of causing an accident to divert the attention of the police officers chasing the guys in the car. now, sam did tell us that six people were arrested, and this footage from his camera is going to be used in court. >> wow. >> fortunately he was skillful enough to evade that, what if that was a beginning rider? oh, the pregnancy reveal videos, they keep coming. this woman is about to be told she's going to be a grandma. the first thing they have to do is get grandma to open the box that's going to reveal the big secret. >> oh --
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>> no. >> then she begins the most interesting grandma happy dance i've ever seen right this minute. >> oh my gosh. >> it's like her team just won the super bowl. >> this excitement can be attributed to the fact that this is her first grand baby coming. >> made my wish come true! >> dad doesn't immediately figure out what's going on. >> you really don't know what this is? >> oh, my god, you're having a baby? >> are you serious? this whole time she's been running around with a balloon, he doesn't know what's up? >> maybe he just, you know, they gave her balloons. she seems really happy, so let her enjoy it. >> oh my gosh. now in this video, it's obvious that a baby's coming, i think the stomach says it all, this husband shot video of his wife because he said when his wife starts laughing, the baby hides.
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>> oh, my god. >> it looks like she goes from seven months to nine months. >> oh my gosh, she must have strong stomach muscles. >> by this point, the baby is big enough to feel everything like that. so laughing must feel quite peculiar to it. divers make a deep sea discovery. >> it looks like some sort of alien pod. >> what is that thing? >> the mysterious blob that makes for the ultimate summer head scratcher. >> i think i'll be late. >> and a para glider is going to be late for dinner with his wife. >> but why is he late? >> why his excuse is the best one we've heard all summer. >> i'm really, really sorry, i know, i know. 's's,, new smoked chicken burritos ♪
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. in a marriage, there is no situation more dangerous than when you are late doing something with the misses. and you have no good reason. this video from the philippines may be the greatest example i have ever seen. >> hello baby, i think i'll be late for dinner. >> but why are you going to be late? >> too much traffic. the road is really bad, you know, i think there was an accident.
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i can see police. i'm really, really sorry. i know, i know. i love you, but i can't make it for the lasagne, doll, sorry. please don't wait. i love you, bye. >> got away with it. >> you're telling this story to the italian kid, lasagne, i'm there. doesn't matter what i'm doing, i'm there, on time. this would never work for me. >> towards the end, he puts p.s., don't show this to my wife, sorry, if anyone's interested in hanging out literally, he does that in the philippines as well. if you want to do it, you can. just make a good excuse first. >> bye. i think most of us have the common perception that alien life will be found on a far off distant planet, not our own ocean. check out what divers found on
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the ocean off the coast of turkey, this large see-through blob, just floating around down there. it looks like some sort of alien pod. there are flashlights illuminating, almost like a sparkle to this jelly-like blob in the water. lots of guys around there taking pictures trying to figure out what have we found? >> what have they found, what is that thing? >> they get a little bit closer. >> this is weird. >> is that some kind of weird jelly fish? >> there's no real internals of any kind. it's just this large blob. >> do they touch it? >> doesn't quite touch it, they don't to want disturb it too much, once they get up close, you can see that the surface of that blob appears to be moving and wiggling with the water. >> is it just billions, trillions of tiny little animals moving together. that's my only real thought.
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>> very close. this mystery didn't go unsolved for long. once they looked at it and examined it further, do you have a guess? >> is it a whale part? >> oh my gosh, you're right. >> no. >> oh, because that would be pretty awesome. >> want to know what this is, go to, click on tv show to find out, you can also use our mobile app. >> i'm the one who takes your picture at the dmv. >> i doubt anyone won't find this video on point. >> we all felt that frustration the second we get our license, we take that look at the picture, and it doesn't look so great. >> they want to know why. >> ait's in your wallet 99% of the time who cares what the picture looks like. >> apparently it's intentional. >> i'm [ bleep ] with you. there's nothing wrong with my equipment. my finger didn't slip. and i wasn't distracted. i am deliberately ruining this
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photograph to destroy your dignity. >> yeah. >> kill your soul just a little bit every time you take a look at the darn picture. >> at the bar. >> doesn't stay in your wallet. when people get a good look at this thing, it's everywhere. >> on your first date to the movies. >> and while getting a ticket. >> look at this. >> listen, this poor guy is locked in an office with a lot of miserable people, if his enjoyment is messing with people's photographs. >> god, i love my job. >> this is how he does it. >> counting down from five, but taking the picture at three. drawing their attention to a decoy camera. letting the flash run wild. >> give me your license. >> no. >> you look like a model. >> i did? go into the dmv last time i got my license, full hair and makeup, and they still managed to come out a little weird. >> mine looks like a mug shot. >> um, can i take a new one?
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>> i wish i could help. the line. >> it's a video that shows what life would be like if you chose to live your life in a bubble. why it's popular enough to make the best of summer. >> i'm like, what? plus this guy doesn't go to a pro to get his summer ink. he let his friend, who is not an artist, never done it before, give him a tattoo. >> see if this new tat is worth showing up. >> that is so crazy.
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closed captioning provided by -- isis t thahat t evevenen p? gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, f fre. ststayay c cooool!l! you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a streressssfuful l day deserves a restful night. if you're prone to injuries, some people may say you should live your life in a bubble. this is what it might look like if you chose to live your life in a bubble. >> oh. well that's actually kind of fun. >> it is fun. lots of different sporting activities, in a bubble
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presented in this video from team supertramp. ♪ >> i'm like, what? >> devin graham, you're taking a comedic approach, i love it. >> this is kind of fun. he's stepping outside his realm of just doing the most beautiful stuff, he's putting together these skits as well. everyone loves that, that's why we share them. >> it cracks me up. >> you know what, your life would be limited if you were in a plastic bubble in so many different ways. >> oh, but it could be so freeing as well. just go barrelling through life and not worry about getting hurt. >> look at that, definitely would work. >> he's untackleable. ♪ >> really funny stuff. and as always, devin puts out a
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behind the scenes video so you can see the kind of cameras they use. >> if you want to see the rest of this, go to click on tv show or use our mobile app. puppy takes the stairs. >> mr. peanut butter, down some stairs? [ dog whimpering ] ♪ >> eric is a tattoo artist, he's tattooed this acorn on his friend, then he let his friend, who is not an artist, never done it before, give him a tattoo.
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>> hi, guys, how are you? >> so, josh and his lady love serena have a channel called our story so far. they talk about doing tattoos. his best friend gave them the opportunity, so this is the fist time he's ever done it. >> but is he an artist? has he practiced l ed drawing o anything? >> they put the stencil on, he has the lines to follow. >> but at the same time, you have a need that will vibrating thousands of times a second in your hand. takes these guys apprenticeships and years and practice to do this. >> the first was shaky, but there you go. look at that. i'd let my best friend do a lot of things, but i don't think that's it. >> that is crazy, i am impressed with the guy's artistic ability. >> it's about the right depth as well to get the ink. this is not an easy thing do, and -- >> it looks good. think it's cool because he's letting somebody that's never done it beforeo . they represent the moment. for this, it represents his best
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mat mate. >> so is that symbolic? i must be nuts to have my buddy tattoo my leg? >> that's what it means. >> well done. these girls are about to go for a ride. >> they're on the big slingshot. >> oh, i love these, i love these so much. >> oh my god, [ bleep ]. >> see why this launch puts all others to shame. brbreaeaththtatakikingng p pepe. ririchch d darark k chchoc. yoyorkrk p pepeppepermrmini. geget t ththe e sesensnsata. ththatat r rememinindsds m . anyone have occasiononalal coconstipation, diarrhea... .....g.gasas, , blbloao? yeyes!s! onone e phphilillilipsps' colonh probiotic cap each day hehelplps s dedefefendnd a agagl digestive issues. wiwithth t thrhreeee t typyd bacteria. liliveve t thehe r regegul. phphilillilipsps'.'.
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corks. kids says the darnedest things. i love when a toddler talks about relationships. >> i see. >> he recently had a break-up and is a little upset about it. he's talking to mom about it. >> oh. >> he broke up with her. >> best friend? >> yes. >> no.
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i broke up with her. >> was it a case of cooties? >> why you break up with her? >> because i want to. >> she is not his girlfriend anymore as he takes his what looks like a really expensive water -- >> so she's not your girlfriend no more? >> no. >> kid is so chill about it. a lot of dudes would be kind of broke, up after a break-up. it takes a few days to get over the emotional pain of it. he's just kicking back like a baller. >> i broke up with her. >> now this little girl, she's not talking about relationships, she's just learning the english language. and let me just say when kids say the darnedest things, sometimes it might need to be bleeped, watch. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm pretty sure she did not say floss, y'all. >> but i think she's saying fork. >> floss. >> maybe to her it looks like a little fork. >> oh, i'm with you. >> [ bleep ]. >> three steps forward -- >> one step back. >> we're done.
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>> i don't want to go. >> i think these girls, these irish girls went out for a day of fun at the park in spain. >> oh, i love these, i love these so much. >> they're on the big slingshot, one of the girls is mega freaking out. >> looks like she's going to puke. >> hyperventilating already. >> i don't want to do it anymore. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] myself. >> they're both psyching themselves out. >> one of the girls starts screaming put the others passes out for a few seconds. >> i just passed out! [ laughter ] >> wait, did she pass out a second time? >> and she passes out again. >> she's hyperventilating.
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it's a combination of the fear, she's totally hyperoxygenated by her breathing as well, and just the rush from the blood going to her head. >> >> i passed out a second time. >> i can't believe what's happening to her. >> i'm going to put a 24/7 channel of nothing but these videos on the air, and i'm going to clean up because they, i could watch this all day every day. >> they're too good. >> ahh! >> that's it. that's all, everyone. thanks again for joining us. we'll see you next time on
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