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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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three people expected of killing a marin county hiker, what we're learning. >> and we're celebrating fleet week with a behind the scenes tour of a historic navy ship docked in san francisco, a live report from the usssomerset on mornings on two. >> 7:00 on this thursday morning, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. sal's right here. >> it's a planetary sis display. >> that was venus. >> you didn't see it? >> i was hard at work, hard at
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work, hard at work. >> it's probably too late now, but any way. a lot of high clouds over us. kept the lows us, temperatures today though also heading up. the higher clouds will start to thing out. high pressure's building in a big way. two really unusual weather events happening to the west of us, and to the southeast. cory, thank you. because i -- i put the message to the universe, if you will, i said i know it's venus and mars but what else? clear and mild in willow bend. the clouds you can see, is venous, and mars. the waning crescent moon. very rare for october, that's pumping up the ridge of high pressure over us. 50s and 60s on the temps. they are returning warmer than 24 hours ago. there's not much of a breeze. when there's northeast at nap a temperaturesor their way up. i don't care what time of the year it is. and a low which started up in
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canada, is now in new mexico, will start to backtrack and end up off southern california. more on that in about ten minutes. pattern over us, warmer, 80s to near 90s, 70s. these are all above average for this time of year. 7:02, sal, everything okay? >> we have a new crash that was just reported to chp. near paige mill road, it's recorded as an accident. and if it stays there, this might affect your morning commute, southbound 280 at paige mill road. let's go to some live pictures. backing up towards the hayward toll plaza, and remains
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relatively sluggish to highway 101. bay bridge toll plaza, 25 to 30 minutes, there were minor accidents, near the metering lights. 7:02, let's go to the desk. we're learning about the arrests of three people in oregon who are suspected of killing a hiker in marin county. brian flores is live in the newsroom and the investigation is really far from over? >> reporter: you're exactly right and the latest is that marin county sheriff's investigators are in portland and interviewing these suspects and will work to bring them back on charges of burglary and murder. the three suspects were arrested in portland yesterday afternoon. from left to right, angle, lampley, and algood. they don't have any permanent addresses but lampley was born in san francisco. marin county investigators
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tracked the suspects through surveillance videos at convenience stores. they say a video was provided by an owner of the store in west marin, approximately 30 minutes after the shooting. authorities were able to use the victim's gps system on the car to track the movements of it. deputies say the suspects shot and killed 67-year-old steven carter on a hiking trail and stole his volkswagen station wagon. they're credited the community for coming forward. in the meantime, those who knew steven and his wife, who is battling breast cancer say this is just too much to handle. >> people are completely overwhelmed by everything and this is definitely way too much. yeah. i even feel it as a member of marin county that these hills are sacred. >> and while the suspects have been caught, the investigation is far from over. just last night, search crews again scoured the shooting scene to look for more evidence in the case. authorities say the suspects
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left a trail of evidence behind. as an example, the victim's wallet was found earlier in the week. and they found a yoga studio, which was damaged in the recent valley fire and a go fund me page has been established for lokita and she addressed saying quote i'm beyond words and the only the knowledge how much you-all love steve and me that keeps me going at this extremely difficult time. gasia, back to you. >> very sad. brian, back to you. police in san francisco, say they got some unusual help from a man as they talked a man out of a window ledge at 10th and harrison, after he ran away from a chp traffic stop. the man's family brought the cat and that cat helped to calm the man down. police say he eventually gave himself up and was arrested.
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police tell us he was a suspected car thief. >> 7:05, today is the first chance to go aboard some of the navy ships for visiting for fleet week. ktvu's paul chambers, the usssomerset, tours will be takes place and people can get a look at what's happening there. lucky you. >> reporter: i know, dave, lucky me. those tours will start at 10:00. get this. i told you before i was going to drive the ship. they couldn't me i couldn't because i don't have the proper license but i'm the captain. take a look at the bay. this is a beautiful view. dave, i know you'll like this. gasia would appreciate this. this is the first time the uss somerset was in san francisco. it was commissioned in 2014 and i was told this is the first chance you get to see at any time, the bridge and i'm joined by first class petty officer
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william saxton. talk to me. this is where the magic happens? >> yes, this is where you'll see most of the officers, making sure we don't run aground, because that would be a really bad thing. essentially, you have -- the captain's normally up here for any special resolutions. >> reporter: i'm the captain today. >> so you'd be here for any special evolutions and you have people walking around, telling us where to go, how to get there. it's all pre drawn out. we do pretty much everything out here. >> reporter: more importantly, this is the guys from the east coast, one of my east coast brothers here. what does fleet week mean to you? >> it's really nice to san francisco, being a 9/11 ship, it has a lot of meaning to us because this is where the flight was headed, so it's kind of important for us to come here, and almost feels like we finished their journey to get
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here, so, all in all, i like it. i'm a huge 49ers fan, so being in san francisco is nice for me. too bad there was no home games while i was here, but i mean they came on board, so it was really exciting. we're going to be planning some softball tournaments and did some community relations. >> reporter: they've got a lot on computers, but if that doesn't work, they printout the charts and they'll chart a lot of different things. there's a lot going on this week with fleet week. we can take a look at some video right now. today, the uss -- of course we all know about the blue angels -- the navy blue angels will start rehearsing from 10:00 to noon. that you will take their show of course this weekend. there's also a lot of festivities going on, they'll be some food trucks and musical acts that happen at pier 80 and fleet week started back in 1981.
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we're doing a lot this morning. as i said, tours here today start between 10:00 and 2:00. the rest of the week, it is 9:00 to 4:00. and later on we'll go aboard a destroyer, called the uss stockdale. i think i've done enough right here. i showed you a beautiful view, and i've got to go to the destroyer. if you get an opportunity to go to the uss somerset, we've been taking pictures. if you are out there, take a picture of our service men or women. take a selfie, i will show you those guys. >> reporter: selfie with a sailor. >> thank you for catchy me. looks like your having a good morning. see you in a minute.
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7:09. more than a half million dollars has been found and the driver of an armored truck lives in the house. he was convicted of april of helping to steal $1 million from his own armored track and yesterday, the fbi showed up with -- armored truck, and the fbi showed up with shovels. $600,000 in 20s and one hundreds in a large blue storage bin. >> it's something we couldn't imagine, you know, i mean, that's a lot of money. >> all i could say is they seemed like a very nice, regular, normal family. very polite, the children very polite, so were the lady and husband. >> well, that homeowner's now serving a five-year sentence. the fbi says there's still about $300,000 missing from that heist. a bay area rapper creating quite a buzz on the internet after he was seen confronting san francisco's mayor ed lee, in a video that's now gone viral. it happened when equipto bumped
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into ed lee at a coffee shop. >> you have no heart, man. the people that build this city, you're getting them kicked out of here, man. that's -- you're a part of it and i know part of it. >> he was upset about the replacement of residents. you see the mayor's staff intervenes but they don't. we have reached out for a response on this encounter. all right, gasia, time is 7:11, what a man was arrested for and the search that's underway, but first... >> you're breaking it, you're breaking my kayak. >> bear, no bear. bear. this is what we consider internet gold. next, a hilarious video that is going viral when a woman finds a
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bear eating her kayak, no, bear, bear, bear. >> good morning, traffic is not all that bad in some areas. northbound 280's a little bit slow but there's crash southbound 280 they need to tell you about that's come -- that i need to tell you about that's coming up. >> temperatures look like they're going to warm up today and tomorrow, i'll have the numbers coming up.
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some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. . water from swollen rivers is heading towards the atlantic ocean, raising flood concerns for those living along the coast. at least 13 dams failed since saturday, and about 10% of the state's 4.8 million people have been ordered to boil their water before drinking it. residents don't know how long it
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will take to get back to some sense of normalcy. >> how will i fix it? get my kids to school? my cars are under water. i'm glad it's stuff and not my family. >> two men died after their pickup truck went off a washed out road and the storms have killed at least 17 people in south carolina and two in north carolina. south carolina estimates it may need up to $1 billion in federal aid to rebuild after the storm. 7:15 today, house republicans of washington, they'll take a secret ballot to vote for the new speaker of the house. kevin mccarty is expected to be selected, however many of the conservatives, ones who forced john boehner to resign, they said they'll support a different candidate, daniel webster, florida congressman. today's not the final word, that won't come until october 29th, when the full house will vote in
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open session for the next speaker. >> senate majority leader, harry reid, he's suing a company that makes a flexible exercise band that he says broke or slipped out of his hand. it caused him to fall and suffer face, rib, and eye injury. now, he's seeking more than $50,000 in damages from the makers of thuro band. he had surgery, but he says he lost vision in his right eye as a result of that injury. he announced less than three months after the accident, he would not run again for a senate term in 2016. he will retire after 30 years. 7:16, a story i love, it's video that's going viral, a woman in alaska tries to reason with a bear after the bear starts eating her kayak and although she politely asks the bear to stop, he or she does not let up. >> bear! please stop breaking my things! it's not -- it's not
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even food. it doesn't even taste good! it's just plastic! bear, please stop! please, stop, bear! >> poor woman. clearly, distraught, she shouts, she begs and gets more and more upset with the bear as she realizes she might become stranded. there's more of this video. if you'd like to see it head over to, and click on weblinks. i feel bad smiling about this because clearly the woman is very afraid. the way that she's addressing it as bear, i think that's what's getting me. >> i know. and the bear doesn't even give her a could have. >> it's like whatever, lady. >> i'm sorry, i'm having dinner. >> and she ended up being okay, because we wouldn't have this video. because it reminds me, sal, of when you have a baby at home and the infant is righting and you're like what is it that you want and the baby says, wah, wah.
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>> she was calling it bear, but his name was harvey. >> if i knew you were talking to me... >> sometimes a bear is going to do what they're going to do. >> they're wild animals. good morning, everybody. let's see what you have to deal with today. the traffic is moving along nicely in some areas and very slow in others. we'll start off with a crash southbound 280 at paige mill road. there's another crash in the back up. where there was no back up, now there is a back up southbound on 280. let's go to the east bay because we have a lot of slow traffic from livermore and on the freeway to southbound 680. and then 880 is going to be slow heading down to the south bay and now i can go down two san jose where 101, 288, 285 are also slow. let's go to some live pictures and we can show you the traffic at the toll plaza metering lights, and that has slowed traffic.
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a little slower than usel right now, getting on to the bay bridge and we're also looking at the commute this morning, on 280, i think we're going to 280 in downtown san jose kind of skipping around here, downtown on the right. 7:19, steve. >> sal. >> you and i just stepped out -- >> we should have taken a selfie. >> we should have. >> i took a picture of the crescent moon. >> and venus. >> yes. >> and jupiter and mars. any way, thank you, sal. it was nice. and sal said it's a little cool, and it wasn't bad. we had a lot of high clouds. all the comments on the planetary display. thank you, yes. i appreciate the pictures. it's a heck of a show. probably the same tomorrow because i don't think we'll have much in the way any of clouds. beautiful sunrise today, beautiful sunrise with the higher clouds. there's a lot, metrologically speaking, just not over us.
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but there's plenty to talk about. cassy jean, good morning. the moon and venus decided to make an appearance on my big 3-0. happy birthday. one of our loyal observers. higher lows, above normal temps. any rain, steve? >> no, don't see any. don't see any. you know they had a lot of rain in south carolina on september 22nd, statewide, they were -- 96% of the state was in drought. as of today, 7%. they made up tremendous ground as you might imagine in two weeks. the remains of a hurricane roaring up -- now it's falling apart running into colder water and the wind shear from hawaii is moving towards juno. i believe it hasn't happened
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since 1949 is what i heard. higher clouds spilling over, but that system has a lot of energy that deepens the system that pumps the ridge over us, which is what was happening. 50s and 60s on the temps, even to the north bay, sepasterpull, and winds, near healsburg, mid-50s. this is a big weather maker, up off the coast of alaska, and juno looks like they'll take the brunt of it. last week, came into washington, oregon, went over us saturday night. that's the same low which we had our little thunderstorm late saturday night, went into southern california, gave them rain, had a record rain, tucson, now it's in new mexico and texas. as the high builds in, it's going to backtrack towards mexico, baja, come back off the
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coast, and maybe move back into l.a. next wednesday. you may never seen that again. just close by, strange things going on. 90s for some, far enough inland, upper 80s. temperatures will continue to warm up even into friday. 70s, around the bay, these are all above average. 70 to 80 is where we should be. san francisco to livermore and most locations are running above by many degrees and i don't want see any change tomorrow. it does look a little cooler. and warm again. >> i asked you a week and a half ago, can i put that little fan that's been running all summer in the bedroom. don't put it in the garage. now i know why. >> i had two on last night. >> that's the best money we spend. >> they're a little bit tired. >> we've getting our money's worth. thank you, steve. one week after the oregon shooting, new push for gun control legislation. we'll talk about new restrictions democrats are calling for, for people who buy
7:23 am
guns. >> plus, scary moments in china, but tourists don't look down. the reason a newly opened glass walkway is now closed. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪
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. 2016 nominees for the rock
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n' roll hall of fame have been announced, and janet jackson, as well as cheap tricks, the cars and loss lobos, and chicago, and nine-inch nails, and chacakan. and the inductees will be announced in december and are eligible after their first music release. all right today congress gets involved in the volkswagen emissions scandal on two fronts. the ceo testifies before a house commit the morning. michael horn says in 2014 he was told there was a possible missions noncompliance that could be remedied and was told the technical teams had a plan to bring vehicles into compliance and also says vw was working with government regulators at the time. left month, you recall vw admitted it installed software in cars that detect whether government investigators are testing for emissions levels. the software changes the car's
7:27 am
performance, which lets them pass emissions reviews. after admitting this publicly, the company ceo resigns. that software affects about a half million cars in the u.s., and about 11 million around the world. >> we must fix those cars because we prevent this from ever happening again and we have to make things right with the government, the public, our customers, our employees and very important our dealers. >> on the other side of the u.s. capitol, the senate finance committee announced an investigation into volkswagen's use of a federal tax credit, one designed to promote fuel efficient cars. officials say this scandal could cost vw billions of dollars. 7:26. in china, a walkway made of glass caught quite a scare because that glass cracked. the walkway opened last month. it's been a big draw for tourists. it's 3,000 feet above the ground and as you can imagine, gives
7:28 am
you amazing views but here's the problem. a single pain shattered into pieces. only one of the three layers of glass that make up the walkway was damaged, but still. turning now to home in the western span of the bay area and turning that bridge into a work of art, the popular display that's being installed just in time for the super bowl. >> reporter: a handcuffed man escaped bail bondsman is now on the loose. we will tell you how it happened, what he's wanted for, and the status of the seven here in san jose. >> still looking at a lot of slow traffic in the southbound bay and that includes the drive getting up to the valley on 280. a lot of people jammed this freeway and this morning is no different as you drive into coopertino.
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. welcome back. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. do you think we should ask steve about the weather? >> i do. >> i don't know. i'm just kidding. it's going to be 100 degrees, and reno is looking for record high. 90 or higher. just so you know. pretty toasty. >> we're staying here. >> and i have lots of comments
7:32 am
today, lots of questions, and we'll get there. it's early october. photo journalist, chip? yes, sir, i appreciate that. chip, you're doing outstanding. high clouds, long the embarcadero. and head over to water bar, why not there. alex? wave, wave alex. >> he grew up here. >> he's from berkeley. he had to stop and take a picture of that beautiful shot. >> he's human. >> i agree, alex. nice job. >> thank you, very well done. all right. if you're visiting, yes, even our own reporters take pictures out there. low clouds, not much. high clouds, they're moving off. 50s and 60s on the temps held up by the cloud deck. when i came in at 0 dark 30. low right here is on its way
7:33 am
back towards 0 california. amazing. people keep asking mess are we going to get rain? i don't think so. very strong system moving into the gulf of alaska, pumping above the ridge. for most of us in southern california, 80s to near 90s, 70s and 80s for others. all right. anything on your scanners or your computers you want to talk about? >> there's a lot of slow traffic out there, steve, and there have been a couple problems and yes do get some information from my scanners and i am a nerd, but let's move on. traffic is going to be a little bit slow as you drive in many areas. the bay bridge is i think the worst commute right now with a lot of slow traffic. it's taking a long time to get to the bridge itself. if you're at the very end of the line, we're talking about maybe 40 mondays to get through. no problems on to the upper deck of the bay bridge.
7:34 am
when it's a decent commute, it takes more like 25. also, the 101 freeway, northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split, that's not a bad commute, southbound 101, let's go to the peninsula, highway 80 is still slow from pittsburgh to bay point and as you drive to 580, in case you're driving from vasco from 580, 880 is very slow. there's an accident and a lot of slow traffic on 101, and 285. you get the general idea the morning commute is completely under way and there's a lot of slow traffic out there. search 34 let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. a handcuffed man in san jose escaped from bail bondsman and he's still on the loose this morning. this fugitive is wanted for two felonies. ktvu fox 2's jeanine delavega is
7:35 am
joining us now. >> reporter: david, bail bondsman used the main lobby here at the main jail rather than the side entrance that law enforcement uses and this main lobby has little security. somehow, this handcuffed suspect was able to slip away. here's a picture of that fugitive. 30-year-old david juan noy, he's vietnamese, 5'11", with a thing build and tattoo on the left side of his neck -- thin build and tattoo on his neck. he was handcuffed and taken into the jail to have him booked, but he managed to run away. he different show up for court. >> he was on bail for two san jose pd cases one for residential burglary, one for assault with a deadly weapon. the bail amount was $400,000,
7:36 am
each one was 200,$000, so we believe it's important -- $200,000, so we believe it's important to get him into custody. >> reporter: the k9s helped in a door to door search, but it was called off last night. he ran away still wearing handcuffs and it's unknown if he was actually able to slip out of them but if you spot him or know his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. dave? >> reporter: all right, jeanine dell lavega, thank you. and one week after that mass shooting at the community college in oregon, democrats want to expand background check requirements to cover sales at gun shows, as well as online sales. republicans blocked similar legislation in 2013 after the newtown school shooting. with republicans controlling both houses of congress, the democratic effort is not expected to be successful this time around either. the gunman who killed nine
7:37 am
people at umpqua community college shot and killed himself in front of a classroom full of students after two police officers wounded him. they say christopher harper mercer shot the officers who returned fire, wounded him and he went to the front of the classroom and shot and killed himself. president obama will travel to roseburg oregon tomorrow to meet with the victims of the umpqua community college shooting. president obama became emotional saying mass shootings and the country's response has become routine. the president renewed his call for tougher gun control, and as the victims' funerals are being held. there is one tomorrow and through the weekend. the president heads to the bay area, set to arrive in san francisco late tomorrow night, and saturday the president will attend a dnc fundraising concert at the war field of san francisco, featuring a musical
7:38 am
performance by the rapper kanye west, and heads to los angeles and san diego for private fundraising events. 7:37. those spectacular lights on the bay bridge are coming back. they were on display if for two hours and it was really popular. ktvu's alex savage is live. we saw you taking pictures. >> reporter: i had to. >> you had to. it's spectacular and the people who created the project say don't mix this up, they're calling it an light show, this is art. >> reporter: it really is. good morning to you, dave. the bridge is so beautiful it doesn't necessarily need those lights but looks pretty amazing with those shimmering lights. the art project that we saw over the last couple years, and look at that gorgeous bridge this morning. this originally, those -- this light display originally was intended just to be a temporary work of art, but it was so incredibly popular, people loved it so much that ground behind the project decided to raise the
7:39 am
money to bring it back. let me show you the work that was done overnight. we followed along as a construction crew was out on the bridge and they began the process of reinstalling this light display. it includes 25,000 shimmering l.e.d.'s. those lights first went back up in 2013 and they were taken down just two years later after the project was finished, but now, those lights will be shining once again as the eyes of the world turn to the bay area for super bowl 50 coming up in february and that's certainly important here. the foundation behind this project isle illuminates the arts to bring back this piece of contest rare art. we talked to people along the embarcardero are they are excited. >> this is one of the most iconic experiences. i take the train in the morning,
7:40 am
and biking along here with the morning light, it's really, really nice. >> reporter: so electricians, construction workers, will be out on the bridge for the next two months installing this display once again and they expect that everything will be ready to go and they will be able to flip the switch coming up in december. again, just in time for super bowl 50 being played here in the bay area when the eyes of the world will be trained here on san francisco and of course we want to look our best. we want the bay bridge to look its best and certainly will do that especially at night. it's really an amazing sight as you well know, dave. and they've raised enough money they expect the lights will be staying on now for another ten-years. >> that is just spectacular to hear and that is a beautifully shot over your shoulders. it's a beautiful morning. >> it really is. >> all right. >> reporter: we should come out here every morning. >> all right, alex, thank you. >> reporter: see you. 7:40. coyote sightings definitely on
7:41 am
the rise here in the bay area and now, seminars are being conducted to teach people how to coexist with coyotes and other wildlife. last night project coyote held an educational meeting in san francisco, and they have some tips of their own. educators say the best way to scare away coyotes, yell. or rattle some rocks in a can or quickly open up an umbrella. you can -- would you try it? >> look, i have an umbrella, i'm on a hike. >> there are a lot of coyotes. they're not afraid of people anymore and they've got to be taught to be scared of us again. there have been several coyote attacks on dogs and cats since the beginning of summer. >> we've seen it in the east bay, as well. >> an up and coming online retailer makes it easier. we'll talk about the reason is getting rid of its annual membership. >> and one of a kind, handmade
7:42 am
items, you don't think of amazon, how it plans to give etsy a run for its money. >> the traffic is moving along relatively well along westbound 24, in lafayette, does slow down in oakland . >> warm weather's on the way. a lot of high clouds streaming over us. plenty going o just not much for us expect above normal temps. cool pick for those of you listening but not watching. there you go.
7:43 am
7:44 am
. the u.s. mistaken by bombed a hospital last asked, 22 people were killed including -- last
7:45 am
saturday, and 22 people were killed. doctors without borders says 33 patients and staff members are unaccounted for. the head of that organization is renewing her call for the u.s. government to allow an independent investigation into the air strike. 7:45. berkeley police made an arrest after a church deacon was killed tuesday night. 24-year-old christian hunter shepherd was a deacon at true faith baptist police in oakland. berkeley police arrested 24-year-old anthony durant for that shooting but the victim's month says she forgives him. >> i forgive him. i lovantony and that's not going to change -- i love anthony and i know i'm going to see him again. >> the suspect was arrested last year in connection with another shooting that sent two men to the hospital. police haven't told us about a motive in this latest case but say the suspect and the victim
7:46 am
did know each other. >> 7:45. new this morning the winner of the nobel prize for literature is the first journalist to earn that honor. he was considered one of the likely winners. the royal swedish academy called her writing a monument to suffering and courage of the russian and soviet people. her first novel called the "unwomanly face of war," tells the story of woman who fought the nazis. she said it takes her between 5 and 10 years and the $960,000 prize money will buy her the freedom to write her next two books. time now 7:46. well, is it the end of etsy? that web site known for featuring handmade goods from independent artists, it's not a new challenge. >> reporter: another david and goliath story, etsy versus
7:47 am
amazon. they made the announcement saying quotes customers can discover artisan from around the world. items will be popular to those on etsy. when asked about competing with amazon, etsy ceo says half of their sellers already sell on other venues but etsy is their primary south of income. etsy is a publicly-traded company and that stock is down about 6% right now, trading at just $13 a share. now, i've been scanning headlines and article this is morning. financial analysts are calling this move by amazon, the etsy killer. so they're kind of predicting the end of etsy. i know some artists who follow me on twitter. send me a note. i'd love to hear, will they continue to sell on etsy, will
7:48 am
they go on amazon. they'll be interesting to see what happens. >> etsy is synonymous with handmade, one of a kind. amazon, i think diapers and hand lotion and kind of the -- >> it's huge, and it's the very nature of etsy is catering to the small independent little crafts boutiques, so etsy is more of the boutique site. a lot of criticism since they went public and amazon is known as the huge -- takes over a lot of business so it will be interesting to see what happens. >> tell us what you hear. thank you. 7:48. hey, sal, let's get to you where you need to go. everybody behaving? >> so far. we've had a pretty big back up. the backup has been extra slow and you can see how slow it is coming around the corner to the mccarty maze. by the time is it starts melding
7:49 am
in with the 580 commute, you're in for a lot of waiting. it could be as long as 45 minutes if you're mixing it in with the other commutes, just getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can always tell by looking at this picture, but i look at it very closely and sometimes those middle lanes are moving better than they are now, even with a back up. so this morning's not a good one. all right. northbound 101, you could see some slow traffic there from blossom hill road up to mountain view. this morning it's not completely solid but you'll see a lot of slow traffic on your way. 85 slows from about 87 up to coopertino, and 280 is slow from downtown san jose to 85. it's not as bad as we've seen but certainly is slow. 7:49, let's go to steve. >> all right, thank you, sir. a lot of high clouds came streaming overnight, given way to mostly sunny but they'll be some high clouds in the mix, yet temperatures continue to warm up and if you are tracking this
7:50 am
weekend up to reno, record highs possible there and it will be baking. near 100 for l.a., ventura county, just about everybody down in southern california and we'll be warming up, upper 80s to 90s. had to show this again. i already gave chloe a shout out. a sunrise. the boat is right there and the bird is right there. thank you, chloe. it is a beautiful sunrise. a lot of high clouds, warmer lows. higher humidity, a lot of moisture in the air. and above normal temps, a dry pattern. south carolina, looks good today. the big news was they went from september 22nd, '96% of the state was under drought conditions in two weeks to 70%. 96 to 7% in two weeks. so, that much rain, made than of
7:51 am
a difference in a very short period of time. the ridge of high pressure is very rare, for hurricane, in october, and coming up from the hawaiian islands to the northeast and that's what it's doing. it's getting caught up in a deep system in alaska in a complex system near juno alaska. but at this time, it pumps the ridge of high pressure, that's why it's getting so warm. san francisco, 60 today, what's averaged, 70, 54. the record high, some of you might remember, 99. 1946, 48 in 1891. not one of you remember. not one. 62 to start in san jose, we'll go 83 for a high today. that's above average, as well. 60s for some, 50s for others and to the south, 59, morgan hill and gilroy, 58 santa cruz, 62
7:52 am
san jose state made meteorology different. october is not something that happens very often, and speaking of something that doesn't happen very often, this low near el paso, started up in canada, went into eastern oregon, and visited us saturday night with that thunderstorm and lightning. remember that? and went down to southern california, gave l.a., rain, gave phoenix, tucson rain, gave albuquerque rain, and as that high builds in, mexico, baja and right back off the l.a. coast. never see that. we might get some high clouds. the question is will that move inland. it looks like it might next wednesday but it's going to be very warm. high clouds, 80s for some, 90s for others. 90s? i thought we were done with that. no, we were not. 70s 80s for many during the bay. all of these are above average. should be 70 to 80, and most locations are running 5, 7 degrees warmer than they should be.
7:53 am
the coast is very mild. hot on friday. a little cooler saturday, sunday. looks warm again monday. >> all right, steve. >> all right, steve thank you. 7:52. facebook like you've never seen it before. in a few minutes we'll talk about a new option being tested by the social media giant. >> plus a pumpkin problem in the bay area, why many growers are getting less green for their orange crop.
7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:56 am
. welcome back. and fighting air mroougz that direct pollution that directly affects them -- pollution that directly affects them, with their exhaust shooting out, it's hard for them to breathe. with the help of the bay area air quality management district, students are going from car to car politely asking parents turn off your engines and are offering spray misters to parents to keep cool. >> it can be very hard to breathe. their exhaust emissions contains things as benzine, and things that are going to get into the lungs and either make your asthma worse, in some cases, these particulates can actually irritate the lungs enough so it can bring on asthma. >> it's good to just be aware of that so i appreciate the -- them coming out and talking to us.
7:57 am
>> that's a serious thing. air quality officials suggest car pooling or park your car, then walk to pick up your child. the district also says they'll target the schools in the south bay and contra costa county. and pumpkin patches reminds us halloween is right around the corner, but the drought is making it tougher to find that perfect pumpkin. half moon bay still pumpkin central. the drought has meant fewer and smaller pumpkin this is year. >> the problem is there's not too much water this year. >> half moon bay pumpkin growers say well water reserves helped their crops fair better than others. 7:59. we're following the latest updates about a murder of a popular therapist. the details about suspects
7:58 am
arrested, hundreds of miles away. good morning, traffic is busy all over the place especially on the san mateo bridge, it looks like it has come to a standstill. >> speaking of a standstill, usually wrestling in the trees, not this morning. it's going to be a warm day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
can we do better than this? we cannot. that is your beauty shot for a thursday morning. wow. that's just spectacular. we're in the san raphael area
8:01 am
with a shot that can make your jaw drop. welcome back to the 8:00-hour. mornings on two, thursday october 8th, and it's spectacular, i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. let's start with paul, and things are looking good in the north bay. >> and they're looking warm. upper 80s for some, and near 90, today, tomorrow, very coasty from the sierra nevada to california -- toasty from the sierra nevada, up and over the ridge of high pressure she goes, remains of hurricane, moving up the coast of alaska. very rare to have that happen. i'll have more on that in ten minutes. end result will be a lot of high clouds, going 83 in st. johns. they should be closer to 78, so they're above that. 50s, 60s on your lows, only really a few lows in the north
8:02 am
bay. most locations we're in the mid-to-upper 50s. 60s, there's also an area of low pressure that's heading back to california on the next few days. that one -- i'll have more on that, as well. high clouds kind of warm, muggy and warmer. upper 80s to near 90s inland, temperatures running above here for a while. all right, sal, did i seeing some on the san mateo bridge? >> there was something approaching the san mateo bridge, steve. westbound 92 near that area. that seems to be that spot this week because we've had a couple crashes in that area. i want to show you the san mateo bridge in just a moment. i also want to show you what's taking up most of the attention in the traffic world, the bay bridge that has been very bad this morning. we've had a couple earlier issues. they seem to be moving a little bit better and there seems to be some improvement. still taking more than a half-hour to get on to that span. we had an earlier crash getting over to the other side, to the peninsula, so please give yourself extra time there and as we look at the bay area commute, i want to pull out here and show
8:03 am
you 880 is up to its old tricks. to freemont south, and approaching coopertino. that slow traffic that's becoming the new normal. 8:02, let's go back to the desk. and a sense of relief for residents in marin county. >> they arrested three people who killed the person monday night. >> they're describe said as drifters. >> marin county sheriff's are crediting two things, the hundreds of tips that i received from the community but also a gps system in the victim's car. the three suspects were arrested without incident in portland oregon yesterday afternoon. these are pictures from left to right, 24-year-old shawn michael engeld, 23-year-old morrison
8:04 am
hayes lampley and lyla scott algood. neither algood or engeld have permanent addresses. the photo on the right is from a prior arrest. the suspects shot and killed 67-year-old steven carter on a hiking trail and stole his volkswagen jetta station wagon. it was that station wagon that authorities believed held the key to their location. the sheriff's department says that they were able to track the car from the car's gps to portland. but a key piece was also a surveillance photo taken of the suspects as they stopped at green bridge gas and auto in west marin county. authorities say that photo was key in tying the suspects to the stolen car and perhaps the alleged shooting. >> we knew to look in all direction, because you never know which flight of travel. we contracted many gas stations, private businesses and it's because of this effort we were able to obtain this photograph. >> i remembered from years ago,
8:05 am
i hadn't seen them recently, so it was just kind of a shock. really surprising. >> and while the suspects haven't caught -- while the suspects have been caught, investigators scoured the scene to look for more evidence, the trail near fairfax. the authorities left a trail of evident behind. the victim's wallet was found tossed in the area this year. friends who visited a memorial say the couple owned a yoga studios that was damaged during the recent valley fire and steve's wife, lokita is suffering from breast cancer. this is just too much to handle friends say. 8:05. san francisco police got some unusual help from a family cat. officers tried to talk a man down from a window ledge. now, for three hours, a man with no shirt dangled out of a window of a building at 10th and air
8:06 am
son after he ran away from a chp traffic stop. the man's family brought his cat to the scene and the cat, according to police, helped calm the man down. you see the cat here. the man gave up and he was arrested. police say that man is a suspected car thief. 80 aches. the bay area wrapper creating quite a stir on the internet after seeing mayor ed lee. when a rapper who goes by equipto bumped into lee at a coffee shop. >> you have no heart, man. you're a disgrace. the people that built this city, you're getting them all kicked out of here. you're a part of it and i know you are. i know you're with mobsters and things like that. >> he's upset about the placement of san francisco, and the develop. members of the mayor's staff looks like they're close to intervening. we reached out to the mayor's office for a response.
8:07 am
8:06. house republicans will take a secret ballot boat for the new speaker of the house. kevin mccarty of california is expected to be selected but many conservatives who forced john boehner to resign, today's vote is not the final word. that's not until october 29th, until the full house will vote for open session. harry reid is suing a company that makes a flexible exercise band that he says broke or fell out of his hand, causing him to fall and suffer very serious injuries to his ribs, face and eyes. he's seeking more than $50,000 from the makers of the thura band. had says he lost vision in the right eye as a result of that injury. harry reid announced less than three months after the accident he would not run for a 6th senate term in 2016; he will retire an 30 years. a traffic stop sparks a
8:08 am
police chase and ends with a man slamming his car into the entrance gate of the national security agency. police say the car chase began last night after police spotted a suspected stolen car outside of baltimore. after trying to stop the vehicle in a traffic stop, the suspect took off. the car chase ended with the man hitting the nsa's gate and running away. local public schools are closed. 8:08. the library that was forced to shut down because of a bed bug problem will reopen this morning. but before it reopens, bed bug sniffing dogs will go through the building at 10:00 to make sure the library is bed bug free. earlier this week a bed bug was found on a library chair. then, the library was shut down on tuesday afternoon. pest control crews have been sprays the building since. the bed bug problem comes after bed bugs were also found in
8:09 am
libraries in this palo alto and berkeley. ande jn emissions on two fronts, he was told there was a possible emissions noncompliance that could be remedied and was told technical teams had a specific plan to bring vehicles into compliance. it goes on to say vw was working with government regulators at the time. vw admitted it installed software in cars that detect whether government investigators are testing for emissions levels. the software changes the car's performance allowing them to pass e missions reviews. after -- pass emissions reviews. there's 11 million autos in the u.s. and worldwide. >> we must fix those cars and prevent this from ever happening again and we have to make things right with the government, the public, our customers, our
8:10 am
employees and also very important, our dealers. >> on the other side of the capital, the senate announced an investigation into a tax credit, one designed to promote fuel efficient cars, and could cost vw billions of dollars. the emissions involves about a half million vehicles but is really hurting the entire brand. according to a kelly blue book. 53% have complete or general mistrust in volkswagen. having a big impact on vw pricing and offering loyalty incentives, and previous owners can get $2,000 off a jet passat, or golf and can get new vw's $5,000 less than the sticker price. and handcuffed in custody, but he still escaped from police in san jose. coming up at 8:30 where police
8:11 am
are looking for that suspect. >> plus, holiday shopping will start to get underway soon, what experts expect consumers to do this holiday season. >> we're looking at the bridges and traffic has been slow on the san mateo bridge, on the golden gate bridge, on the bay bridge and some of these commutes are going to be slow here as you head out to the high rise, you can see the san mateo bridge improving at least. >> not much in the way of fog, but fleece plenty of high clouds and temps. we'll take a look at your -- police plenty of clouds and high temps. we take a look at your forecast coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
my name is griselda zendejas. i love working in the salinas area because i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california.
8:14 am
a look at the opening bell from this morning, trading has been under this morning, dow is down by 20 points but the s&p 500 is down by almost 1%. we'll keep an eye on the trading day. and jobless benefits, the labor department says 263,000 people applied for unemployment insurance, which is down 13,000 from the week before. now, economists say that's a sign companies are holding on to their workers. they have confidence the economy will hold steady but a drop in
8:15 am
new hiring shows they don't think it will grow fast. retailers are looking ahead at holidays and they expect americans to spend more than $630 billion. >> the national retail federation predicts holiday sales will be up 3.7% from last year. >> but that's a smaller spending increase than during the 2014 holiday. if that projection holds through, it would be the first spending slow down since 2011. >> and that number does not include car sales or gas or restaurants, but it does include online shopping. >> an e-commerce start up aiming its sights at amazon is ditching its $50 membership fee. >> we were talking about they just opened for business in july. they claim to offer lower prices, the more you buy, and shipping is free for purchases over $35. >> now the companies sales are really strong enough, it can drop that membership fee. at last check though, the web
8:16 am
site was not accessible. big developments for amazon overnight, the online retailer launched handmade amazon to sell hand crafted items. >> pam cook will be in the studio talking about what popular craft selling site etsy is saying about that move. >> amazon has made a big change, this time to its digital music software, replacing it with the amazon music. at this time direct you to download the app, which is available on gadgets, as well as mac or pc. before it required customers to require the software, which was to get the mp 3's to get on to computers. it will allow them to download on any device that app is installed. facebook wants to know if you like its new feature. >> the social media giant starts
8:17 am
today testing six emotional reaction emoji's remain from happy, to in love, to sad. in two countries, spain and ireland. tech crunch says facebook will make hear consumer feedback and make some changes. >> tech crunch said facebook's ceo is venturing in a platform known as augmented reality, and provides computer users a view of some real world place where the picture is ment augmented by sound and graphics. and off to work ask school, you have to leave the house by now right? >> i hope people who leave the
8:18 am
house don't -- work and school -- it's pretty slow out there. also in san jose, northbound 280, is very slow getting up to highway 17. you can see a lot of slow traffic there i've been looking at my maps to see if something is going on and the chp's not reporting a lot but there's also slow traffic here. san mateo bridge is going to be slow as you drive out to the high rise, and there are no major problems getting there. and the bay bridge toll plaza, finally some improvement. it's down from 45 to 35 minutes. and look at the maps here. look at all the slow traffic on 101, 280, 85. it's not the worst day i've seen. i don't want to over sell it here. but there is a lot of slow traffic. 8:18, let's go to steve in the weather senter. >> thank you, sal. >> all right, good morning, everybody. mostly clear now. we kept the lows up, very little fog but it will be sunny to mostly sunny. a few high clouds spilling over the very strong ridge of high
8:19 am
pressure which is building in kind of a hazy pattern and warmer. temperatures warming up above average, to reno down to l.a. on friday. 90s to 100 degrees, just incredibly warm here. for us, upper 80s to near 90. most of the higher cloud because the ridge is building in, spilling off towards nevada, remains of a hurricane here coming up into the gulf of alaska into western british columbia. very rare for that to happen in october. 50s, 60s, some areas in the low 80s, mid-60s. you can see the cloud cover moving off so occasionally some of that spills over. this is the remains opening up from hawaii. what is very rare is this does not happen in october since october into november for a system to go -- from a hurricane to go from hawaii off into the gulf of alaska in october, it's not happened since 1949. now, aniki, 1992, did take a track that went up that direction, but that was in september, not in october.
8:20 am
so for october that is very rare. that's a lot of energy and at the same time that kind of deepens the system which in furn fires up the ridge. this the plough up the pacific northwest -- which in turn fires up the ridge -- it's still going to be rather mild. the second feature is this low into l.a., sapd sand, and into fe san diego, and tucson, book law mexico and baja and off the california coast, two features that you rarely see. unfortunately for us, we're caught in between and high pressure's over us. so high clouds, mostly sunny. the humidity factor is up to near 90 for some well inland. catalina, others are close, fairfield, vacaville, a lot of 80s, 73 degrees for some around the bay. water temps are still 60 to 64,
8:21 am
so the lows just don't get that cool. 76, alameda, and brownwood, livermore, 88. 90s, not yet but maybe close for gilroy. a lot of mid-80s, santa clara valley, san jose, 70s on the coast, san bruno, 77, palo alto, and high clouds mostly sunny to warm, hot friday, cooler saturday and sunday, but it will jump up on monday. >> all right. we're ready. >> all right, steve thank you. 8:21. breaking news right now. one of the sacramento men who helped foil an apparent attack on a high speed train headed to france, he's reportedly in stable condition now after being stabbed early today. >> airman spencer stone and two of his friends were called heroes after they subdued an armed man on that train. now an air force spokesman is saying stone himself was stabbed four times in the chest, at 12:45 this morning on a sacramento street corner employees he was taken to the
8:22 am
hospital for treatment, and the other circumstances isn't known, as far as who is the attacker, what caused it to escalate. a lot of people know spencer stone after that train attack was stopped. >> yeah. >> a lot of people curious about what happened in sacramento. he's in stable condition. >> we'll keep you posted. 8:22. one of the cast members of "ghost busters" won't be in the new movie from 2016. >> and art missing from a san francisco exhibit, why investigators think the sculptures may be this morning.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
. welcome back to mornings on two. more than half $1 million was found in a backyard in fontana. he was consisted in april of helping steal $1 million from his own armored truck last year. yesterday, the fbi showed up with shovels helping to find that missing cash. it only took about an hour to find $600,000 in 20s and hundreds in a blue storage building. >> it's something we can't imagine, you know. >> all i can say is they seem like a very nice regular normal family, very polite, children very polite, so were the lady and husband. >> that homeowner is serving
8:26 am
five years. the fbi says there's still about $300,000 missing. 8:26, police? san francisco say thieves stole three expensive sculptures, the art vanished from harry bridge's square. it was about free speech. two of the pieces that were stolen are similar to these in the photos. they're made of bronze and they could be melted down and possibly sold for thousands of dollars. >> it's unfortunate that somebody would try to make a quick buck by taking someone's art. >> it's pretty daunting to know people would steal it and sell it. >> if you have information on their whereabouts, call san francisco police. 8:26. baseball fans are talking about chicago cubs. those cubs fans are thrilled. the cubs took their first big
8:27 am
step towards their first world series since 1945. >> giants fans, the cubs won the one game playoff to get into the national league division series. pitcher jake arrieta teamed up with dexter fowler and kyle schwarber to beat them 4-0. the they've dropped nine straight playoff games since the national league playoff series. >> cubs fans were really excited about that win. look at these videos. this was on social media of the celebration outside of wrigley stadium. thousands of fans filling the streets partying into their early morning hours. the cubs play to st. louis to play the cardinals. the cardinals have the best record in baseball winning ten regular season games. that series starts tomorrow but that party last night, ha, all about the cubs. quite a part in wrigley field. chanting, screaming.
8:28 am
from what i see, it looks fairly peaceful. >> and you have to understand, the chicago cubs have been bad for so long. >> long suffering cubs fans. >> way to go, chicago. 8:27. still ahead, last hour we saw captain paul chambers on board the uss somerset. s now he's about give us another behind the scenes -- now he's about to give us another behind the scenes look. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where police are on the lookout for a suspect who escaped right before he was about to be booked into jail. we'll tell you what the fugitive is wanted for and where things stand now. >> good morning, we're looking at a lot of slow traffic still, but we're seeing some improvement, even though it doesn't look like it here but there's some better news coming up. this is a live look at highway 24 and you can see its slow in lafayette. >> if you ask me what's up in weather, i can tell you, the temperatures are going way up, upper 90s maybe some records for
8:29 am
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8:31 am
. welcome back to morningings on -- mornings on two. one of the sacramento men who stopped an apparent attack on a high speed train in france is in stable condition of the he was stabbed several times this morning. >> this here is new video we're just getting into the newsroom. it shows the scene? sacramento where the stabbing happened. the a force says spencer stone was stabbed four times in the torso, at 4:45 this morning. he was taken to a hospital to be treated. at this point, the air force isn't saying what led up to the
8:32 am
attack, but as we remembered seeing him after the train attacked, stone is the one who was in the cast. he was stabbed with a box cutter while he struggled with the attacker on the train, needed surgery to reattach part of his hand and we learned of this attack that happen in sacramento. >> airman stone and his two friends anthony sadly and alexi skarlotos were known as heroes on that train. they met with president obama, at the white house in the oval office. we're going toen koo following the story and we'll bring you any new developments as soon as we get them in. 8:32, we'll help get you out the door and check weather, as well. steve has been talking about a warm up and we're feeling it already. >> i'm not ready because i was putting together a picture. we sent out a beautiful sunrise and i didn't have time to put it together, but they're going to be 94 and 101 tomorrow. really hot. a live shot and i'll go load that computer for you. >> we'll get to you in a second.
8:33 am
we'll give you another minute, sal, thank goodness you're ready to go with some traffic news. >> yes, we are and we have some slow traffic out there. as a matter of fact, we're looking at you the south bay. we'll start with the mass. we've had a lot of slow traffic here and i want to push in a little bit. there have been a couple minor accidents but slow traffic getting through the area and move on to the north bay. kind of a quick move there between novato and san raphael, stop and go traffic there as you drive-thru and everywhere in between, 80 is slow from highway 4, 680 is slow from concord to walnut creek, 580 to livermore, to dubland, it is getting better. we can go to the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see some slow traffic there, and that commute at the toll plaza has improved and even though i guess i can't show it to you, there it is, it's not that bad. it's getting a little bit better, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel, if you'll -- if you will. this is 880 in oakland.
8:34 am
you can see the traffic here is moving on okay. so, things are getting slightly better, but you will see -- you'll see some traffic that's going to be a little bit slow definitely out there. steve is ready with today's forecast. >> i've been ready for five minutes. >> there you go, sal. high clouds spilling over us, but mostly sunny and temperatures are starting to warm up. these higher clouds spilling over the ridge of high pressure, and it's building in for a very toasty conditions. not only -- not so much -- it will be warm for us, but for reno to southern california, the scene from san anita racetrack, a beautiful sunrise, that's why i was trying to put that together. >> what i was trying to put in was sunrise, almost fordegrees, 101 tomorrow. amazingly hot, and that's because this ridge building, there's a lot of energy coming up from the hawaiian islands from the gulf of alaska, reinforcing the ridge of high pressure, but some clouds topple
8:35 am
over, so we'd have to deal with that, temperatures, though 50s, 60s and they'll warm up pretty quickly, even though the days are getting shorter. this is very rare to get a hurricane off the hawaiian islands and accelerate into the gulf of alaska. just unbelievably rare t. doesn't happen and neither does an area of low pressure back towards california, but it looks like that's what's going to happen over the next 3 to 5 days. high clouds, muggy, warmer, near 90s while inland areas, patchy fog, anywhere from 70s, to near 90s. i'm going to send it back to gasia and dave. >> thank you. >> we'll take it. san jose police are searching for a man who managed to slip away from the custody of bail bopds agents. >> and this is a wild story. jeanine dela vega to tell us where this monday hunt is focused right now. >> reporter: dave, police called off the search last night, but they are still very much interested in finding this
8:36 am
suspect who still may be wearing handcuffs. let go to a picture of what that fugitive looks like. he's a 30-year-old david juan noy, vietnamese. two bail bondsman tracked him down, took him into the main lob tow have him booked. police say he managed to run away. he's wanted on two felony warrants for residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. a lieutenant explains why they were after him in the first place. >> he was released and failed to appear in court. at which point the bail bondsman located him, and in that booking process, he escaped from their custody. >> reporter: police called in the swat team, as well as k9s to help in a door to door search of the surrounding neighborhoods but he managed to evade them. we're not sure how he was able
8:37 am
to break free from the bail bondsman, but they used the main lobby, not the side that law enforcement uses and that lobby, had little security. if you happen to know his whereabouts or see him, you're asked to call police. dave, gasia. >> all right, thank you. we now know the name of the man wanted in connection with the killing of an ice cream vendor in oakland. police are searching for 23-year-old lopez, described as 5 feet 7-inches tall, weighing 160 pounds. he was killed on his van on pear l street. the van crashed into a car after he was shot. police say nothing was taken and they're trying to figure out a motive. >> meantime, an east bay mother says she forgives the man suspected of killing her son. 24-year-old christian hunter shepherd was shot in berkeley
8:38 am
tuesday night. he was a deacon, a father of two girls. berkeley police arrested 24-year-old anthony durant for that shooting. but the victim's mother says she doesn't hold any hate against him. >> i forgive him, and he hopefully needs to know that. i love anthony and that's not going to change. he's okay and in a better place and i know i'm going to see him again. >> the suspect was arrested last year, in connection with another shooting that sent two men to the hospital. police have not revealed the motive in this latest incident, but say both the suspect and the victim knew each other. >> the pilot of a small plane crash landed in bake yard near los angeles and walked away from this landing with just a deep cut over his eye. officials say the engine of the piper cherokee failed a few minutes after it took off from an airport in compton. the plane missed a home, and incredible it landed in a backyard and all the pilot had
8:39 am
was a cut over the eye. the pilot, the only person on the board. no one on the ground was hurt. that's amazing. >> 8:38. bay lights are coming back. a lot of people talking about it. over the next couple months, a 25,000 l.e.d. light display will be installed. >> alex will show us what it's going to take to turn the western span into a work of art. >> reporter: enough money has been raised to power up this display once again. the group behind this says this contemporary piece of art is about to light back up again. now overnight, check it out. we followed along a construction crew, busy reinstalling this popular light display. those lights first went off back in 2013 and they went dark, two years later after the project ended its two-year run last march. 25,000 l.e.d.'s are on display here, and they will be part of a
8:40 am
permanent fixture or a semipermanent fixture on the bridge and they will be turned on just in time for super bowl 50 coming up in february. the group behind this project, raised $4 million to install the lights and keep them on, and they talked about, what the public will be seeing. >> no one should ever mistake this. they are set into a nonrepeating set of algorithms, but nothing concrete, and create this is sublime moment of human connection and awe. >> electricians and construction workers will be spending the next few months reinstalling this entire display and expect to flip the switch on this art project sometime in december and by the way, the group behind the project says it has raised enough crash to keep the bay
8:41 am
bridge's lights on for about the next decade or so. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you. 8:40. fleet week celebrations are really ramping up today. the blue angels start practicing and you can take a tour of navy ships. >> all right, paul chambers live on board the uss stock dale and getting an inside view of what crew members do. high again, paul. >> good morning, dave, gasia. we are getting you places no one else has before. >> reporter: the somerset, first time of the year, once again, and i'm bringing out the big guns, guys. check it out. the big -- okay. >> my gosh. >> okay. look at that, you guys. [ laughter ] >> do you like that? >> i like that. >> that is awesome. >> reporter: i knew you would love that, but let's talk about this place. craig, we have you here to talk about maa destroyer is. >> thanks for having us on board. this is our mark 45, 5-inch deck
8:42 am
gun, and basically this is our primary means for conducting surface warfare, so, with this weapon, we can put five-inch projectiles for the horizon. >> we talked about a destroyer being the backbone, right? >> right, it's a sky missile destroyer with a ship in its class and back in the navy, we're multimission, to pretty much go anywhere, and primarily, we're looking to defend art, the united states carriers, and our strikers. >> and you can add helicopters, and launching things on this particular class we had two hilo hangers, and take two mh 60 romeos anywhere we go. >> reporter: we're at pier 80, but right now, we're off third street, take a left on marin and you're right here. what's going to happen when they see you here today? >> we have ship tours all week. we'd really like to thank the city for having the ships in
8:43 am
port, and we'll have tour guides ready to teach everyone. >> you can take a selfie with the sailor right? >> absolutely. i'll do that a little bit later. >> reporter: this is a great opportunity. we can take a look at some other ones. if you have an opportunity this morning to take a tour from 10:00 to 2:00, you'll see the somerset is a fantastic student to see both. i'll tell you one thing, guys, of course we did say the blue angels will be out here. if you're taking a tour guide, or women, do not wear heals. there's a lot of hiking, gasia. you will not be able to step into them whatsoever. take a look. keith, can we show them? down here, that's a pretty steep -- there's some people down there. high, guys. we're going to take a selfie with them in a little bit. but those are some things that you actually have to hike up there and also, i forgot to do this. i bumped my head but i'm pretty good right now, and we're going
8:44 am
to show you a little bit more coming up on the nine, you guys. isle having a fantastic student. keith, show them, you're in a danger area, my man, because that's where the big guns play. gasia, dave, i tell you what. this is a great place. that was the home team, where they kept their ships during america's cup, so you know exactly where i'm talking about. >> it's like a whole other world. i've been on a ship like that. once you on that ship, you don't even know -- you could get lost so easily. >> right. >> because you and i we don't know where we're going. >> these men and women, know it like the back of their hand. >> yeah. >> reporter: thankfully we'll have tour guides all the way through. they'll show where you to go. >> thank you, paul. >> paul, thank you. all right. 8:44. new this morning, the nominees for the rock n' roll hall of fame have been announced. >> san francisco's steve miller band among the nominees, and
8:45 am
include cheap tricks, the cars and janet jackson. also making the list, chicago and loss lobos. >> love them all. >> and eight inductees will be announced. >> what's that be behind me? >> "fly like an eagle." >> the artists has become eligible for the award 25 minutes after their music first comes up. a major move from the world's largest online retailer, next, what amazon has and etsy is reacting. >> plus, weight loss surgery may sound like a good thing, but we'll tell you from a warning about the procedure and suicide. . and this morning, if you're driving your car, down the golden gate bridge toll plaza, it looks pretty good.
8:46 am
look at the car. boy, it looks great don't they? lots of cars liking great. lots of clouds and higher temperatures. we'll have more coming up.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
welcome back to morningings on twomorning -- mornings on two. thousands expected to showcase the marine corps, the national guard, as well as others, and with the event goers, san francisco police have got their work cut out for them. to tell you how they planned on keeping everything safe, let's go to sal. sal? >> reporter: joining me on the phone is san francisco police officer esparza. what are people doing since so many people are coming into fran to keep those people safe? >> good morning, sal. the san francisco police department is working together with our allied agency to make sure this is a fun event before -- an educational event with over 1 million people expected to come to san francisco this weekend. we will have officers on duty
8:50 am
patrolling on foot, as well as our marine unit, which will be providing security. we want to make sure it's a fun, great event. the blue angels flying over the sky, san francisco, it's fun but keep in mind if you come to san francisco, please take public transportation and allow extra time because of the crowd expected to come. >> real quick, is there anything that people coming into the city need to know about staying safe? unfortunately, sometimes people take advantage of big crowds to pick pocket through things like that. what is your -- some quick advise here? >> actually, the quick advise of the department always said that if you seeing some, say something, notify an officer, notify something who will work in the event, if something suspicious or out of the ordinary, notify somebody and secure your valuables close to yourself and also just keep an eye out for any suspicious people and notify an officer or
8:51 am
anybody working the event for everyone's safety. >> officer esparza, thank you very much. we'll be following fleet week on ktvu and obviously we'll be letting you know what happens. stay safe, we'll have more coming up on the nine on ktvu. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal, thank you. 8:51. the etsy killer, pam cook is here with the amazon news. etsy is known for featuring handmade goods from independent artists and small businesses but it now has a verying about competitor. amazon launched a new site this morning called handmade at amazon. the company started taking -- talking with sellers back in may, told them to get their pages ready. it touts the new section that goods made factory free. etsy has been criticized recently for branching out from its local roots by launching a program that paired craftsman with manufacturers so sellers
8:52 am
could produce more products. when asked about competing with amazon, etsy's ceo says that's about half of their sellers already selling other venues, but etsy is their main source of income. etsy is also publicly-traded company, on the news, stocks down about 6% this morning. trading at just about $13 a share, so we're going to see this new site by amazon launches and gets going, how it will affect things, dave. >> all right, pam. >> 8:52. let's go to sal. you're watching the commute, and everything else. that's right. still a lot of traffic at the toll plaza but improving into san francisco. you're going to be waiting for about a half-hour to get on to the bridge with no major issues. interstate 880, northbound out of san leandro to downtown oakland and the rest of the east bay commute seems to be getting better but still see a lot of red on the map. concord to walnut creek,
8:53 am
livermore, to pleasanton, down to fremont. and since monday, each day kind of moving up a little bit, a little bit, today we'll continue that and go right into friday, as well some upper 80s to near 90, and even around the bay, temperatures are above averages with 70s. high clouds, there were a lot more earlier. they're clearing out now. warmer lows, higher humidity and above normal temps, it is a dry, dry pattern. up and over she goes, just a few high clouds breaking through the ridge, as that builds in, temperaturesor their way up. hey, badega bay, from san francisco to monterrey, 60s on the temps, most locations were held up by the high clouds, 37 in truckee, they finally dipped a little bit. porin ykiah, and sacramento, and very strong system, this remains of a hurricane, which is screaming up from hawaii, heading up towards british
8:54 am
columbia, gulf of alaska. very rare for october. that is going to give a wild system to juno, alaska. for us it sends rage up higher which brings our temperatures up and we'll start to backtrack this low around new mexico and texas, towards mexico, baja and off the southern california coast next week. so two e vents that usually you don't see very often -- events that you don't see very often. high clouds, mostly sunny, muggy, warmer. i guess the good news is these temps don't last very long because days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. this is well above average and if you are heading to southern california or up to reno, tomorrow up to saturday, record highs, 80s and even more 90s here tomorrow with 80s around the bay. i mean, they are looking for one hundreds in southern california tomorrow, and 90s up in reno, so be advised not just warm here, statewide, pretty toasty. >> all right, steve thank you. 8:54. they may help you slim down but
8:55 am
weight loss surgeries may have a very serious side effect. researchers from canada found people who have surgery are more likely to hurt themselves, even try suicide after a gastric bypass surgery. it found about 100 people were hospitalized for self-inflicted injuries. researchers say the findings could indicate the patients may need more long-term mental health counseling than what they're getting. 8:55. fans of harry potter will get a magical new look at the boy wizard. we'll tell you the special device that will make it all possible.
8:56 am
8:57 am
. welcome back to mornings on two. the original" ghost busters" movie, told us why you won't see him in 2016. >> i am vince. key master of gozer, our lord of
8:58 am
the sabulion. are you the gatekeeper? >> that's rick moranis. he was asked why he won't appear in the 2016 remake he says, quote, i hope it's terrific, but just makes no sense to me. why would i do one day of shooting on something i did 30 years ago. that new version will have a female team of ghost busters. helping today you won't need to be -- happening today you won't need to be a wizard to see the harry potter books come to life. today, j.k. rowelling is featuring enhanced versions of all seven e books. you'll have more than 200 illustrations animated or interactive. and the author will add pop up notes to go deeper into the story lines and the characters. the new additions are being released at apple's i bookstore.
8:59 am
and mornings on 2, 1 of the france heroes was stabbed this morning. we'll bring you a live report from the scene and we'll have reaction from one of the other heroes.
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