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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 1, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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wright throws over, hosmer scores. tell me what you're thinking in both positions at that time. >> kevin, two things to think about there. obviously the most important thing to think about is hosmer, third base, that's a vital run. the other thing to think about is salvador is not a good runner. as you see david wright take this play, i would love to see david wright take two right at hosmer, force him back to the bag. assure he stayed at third base. have plenty of time to get salvy at first base. in an ideal world like a center field and outfield, shortstop is the leader of the infield. love to see the shortstop catch that, square up to hosmer, jab him back, plenty of time with salvador. >> maybe that's the first time they wonder if tejada hadn't got injured if it was different. defense was the undoing. you heard terry collins say it, kev, especially in the middle of
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july, i don't think there was a soul expected them to be here. >> no. you can understand sometimes you have to go through this pain to see that vision down the road. you look at the royals, lost last year, and come back and win championships. when you see the power championship that they have, young studs, the game is young. these guys throw good. saw them mow down chicago cubs, sweep them. people thought this is their year. but they have a lot to keep their head high. only one team end of the year is champion. the mets have a bright future. >> the mets have nothing to hold their heads down for except they didn't play that well and gave away the world series. too many defensive mistakes, blown save in a key situation. they were beaten by a team destined to win the world series. one win from winning last year, lost to the giants, got better as a team, came back, played like champions all year. got it done in five games.
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looking at a world championship team. no one wig discredit what kansas city royals did. >> this is cool. they're out to salute some of the best fans here. >> i know that 2003 for the red sox was big or 2004. i know that for us losing helped and inspired us for 2009. i think the same will happen for the mets. >> mets are saluting fans, come up short here, good season. royals, however, get it done. world series champs. how does that sound, kansas city, pretty good? we know the party already started in kc right now. >> player of the year, you are the kansas city royals world champs! e direction,
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the fox world series post game show, presented by chevrolet. high atop citi field, the fans are celebrating inside. some come out to salute fans. this is a little earlier. how does it feel, kansas city, world series champs. welcome back to the set here in the outfield. what a team. what a team the kansas city royals team is. nothing else you can say. can't be any more clutch than they have been this postseason. unbelievable. welcome back. frank, you know, millar said it before, took game seven last year, if not for madison bumgarner, might be back to back world champs. what strikes you most about what this team has been able to do this year. >> they're a team. and i have never seen a team continue to come back, i don't care what the odds are, little
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smoke somewhere, never seen a team. seen a lot of great teams, never seen a team so together. stick together thick and thin. they can come back to bite you. what they went through made them stronger, went out and got better with great players around them. keep the team together, never know what will happen. because of that bullpen that they have. they will continue to get better going into next year. >> i love what they do. they bring in veterans, last year you and scottie downs to help the young kids. jonny gomes and jeremy guthrie, not on the roster but part of it. they're just a group. if you're wearing a royals uniform, it meant something and you helped everybody around. they pull on the same rope. you here that cliché, but telling you, this is one of those groups. >> nobody over there cares about who is getting the attention. they only care about winning, unity, care about each other. they're tight. a close group of friends. they're tight. john wooden would have said,
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best player on the team is the team. that's the definition of kansas city royals baseball. >> it is. no question. meanwhile, before we go, i have to say for a first timer doing this, alex rodriguez, you were awesome. what a teammate. great being by your side. >> thank you. thank you for welcoming me. i have to go back to wearing the real uniform in a few months. >> now the fun is next year, text somebody up at bat, great having you. you did a great job. alex rodriguez here as coverage is going to come to a close. coming up on fox, your late local news. on fs 1, we will continue post game coverage of royals celebration, exclusive interviews and analysis on fox sports live. fox has been your home for the 2015 world series. for the entire crew, good night. see you on fs 1.
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>> bottom of the 14th, game one. >> kansas city is come back city. cannot put away the kansas city lineup. >> great play tonight. >> high fly ball to left. the mets on the board in the
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series. >> conforto, he got another. >> chopper on the infield. >> check mate. that's what they did. >> in the air to left. back, conforto, over his head. throw home. royals tie the game. ♪ >> colon delivers into left, and kansas city is on top, 3-2. inside corner. the royals. 2015 world champions. ♪
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it is raining on the golden gate bridge tonight. a live picture as more heavy rain is on the way. we are tracking a storm that could have an affect on your monday morning commute i'm ken pritchett wayne. the kansas city royal haves won their first world series in 30
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years. but we begin with that november storm hitting the bay area. we want to take you outside now with a live look at their conditions right now in the eastbound. whereas you can see slick outside, rain falling in emeryville, expected to pick up overnight. >> the clouds have been angeing around for most of the bay area. >> yeah for the very latest, we'll check in with meteorologist matt harvey there all day, picking up speed and we're seeing rain soft rainfall right now. >> reporter: that trend will poo for most of the pow and that rainfall rates have been picking up quite a bit. a live storm tracker 2. this cold front has been a slow mover for us, finally on the move as you can see that band of light to moderate shower activity pushing in to the bay
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area with a radar right now. some rainfall up to the north bay. within the past hour as doctors should you show the careens and with some heavier rainfall rates for the part of the bay area. pushing to the south as you can see the average, really increasing for the most part of the bay area, especially out towards the east bay towards lafayette and berkeley and interstate 80, we do have the rain drops hitting the roadways there. out towards the marina and more activity to the best of ocean beach. rainfall totals have been without a few with nearly half an inch of rain playing 5-6. santa rosa 17-6. as i mentioned this is just the beginning. that you would have tomorrow morning and the rainfall rates really on the increase that it must be a big factor.
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we'll talk air. how much to expect the total tones and in fact that i went to the winter storm warning anyfect in the area as drivers should be cautious. snow levels dip to 5,000 feet. the highest peak could see about a foot of new snow. cal tran is keeping an eye on this system with heavy equipment ready to roll in when that snstarts to fall. >> we'll throw sand out. making sure water is not closing the rogue or any condition that might trip us up. one lane back near 880 is reopened tonight.
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the accident happened around confer, all lens of the pa lea and 27 and that they are try, don't be a factor here. diverted on to the boulevard with a massive baez. hcp says that the person hit by the volvo, which stopped at the scene. no estimate yet on when that outer lane will reopen. centerthe driver right now is hospitalized in serious condition. all three of them were students at college park high school in pleasant hill. his friends gathered a at sunday mass at the school tonight and they remember the girl, two killed one injured. >> i actually stopped by where the crash happened to pay my republicans. and i was here at 24 service and it was really like heart wrenching.
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>> reporter: now noelle walker know has more on what might have caused that crash. >> reporter: along the stretch of franklin canyon road near martinez, the curious stops. >> i just want to see exactly how that crash happened. >> reporter: their or the broken leaf target across and plow where halloween ended in the worst way. just con they crashed in the in the driver side remains originally intact. chp says that the impact killed two teenage girls who were passengers. the teenage driver went to the hospital with major injuries. chp does not think that alcohol or drugs played a factor. >> you could talk to her and she said she fell asleep. the last thing you remember being at 60 miles an hour.
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>> the driver missed a curb in the road hitting this tree without breaking. the tire marks and truck from the crash were still available today coming to see for themselves. just two years ago when he was in high school. >> and i was probably not out driving at 3:00 in the morning a lot. that could easily happen to anyone. it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: friends told ktvu that the girls went to college park high school in pleasant hill. that there are many expressing their condolences and prayers, going for 16 to 17 years old. investigators are looking in to whether that driver had provisional license. if so it prohibits driving when it is dark and whatever change they needed in the car.
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to be traveling on any stretch of roadway. >> it is a rural two-lane vote sandwiched between two roads. country and city. this season it is 45, but many go faster than that here. and memorials for the other deadly crash over the years, they would stop the road side. >> officials reached out to parents today, informing them of the tragedy. they were sent with an e-mail. they also advised parents to monitor their children for the next few days and check in to see how they're doing. a halloween celebration got out of control as thousands gathered on the streets of the uc berkeley campus lined with damaged vehicles, emptily kor bottle and cans. three people were arrested. one person was taken to the
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hospital after a fight broke out near change way and piedmont avenue. police responded to the area around 12:30 this morning and found. they monitored that area until the crowd eventually left. a fire at a home in danville last night was intentionally set. firefighters arrived at the house on west linda mesa avenue just before 8:30. it took them about half an hour to contain that fire. now, witnesses tell police that they saw someone throw an object at the home. no reports of any injure -- no reports of nigiris. from the egyptian desert where no one on board the flight survived. live in the newsroom with the investigation and reaction from the local russian american
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community. it is a time of sadness. >> and anything that i could do is pray. >> 50 years old the holy bridge and their russian orthodox cathedral would sit in their sunset district. but the evening prayer and their thoughts were far away. >> i'm just so shocked to hear of this tragedy. >> reporter: this is like many on their sunday night lifting candles for those that parished on the missing passenger jet. >> i will pray for those that have departed this life and the next and that i would have mersion their souls and god would bring peace and comfort to their family members. >> reporter: the questions swirl as to what caused that almost 20-year-old air bust to break apart in midair 20 minutes in to their flight in clear conditions. all 224 people on board were killed. >> living in fear now in russia, you know, that people could keep going. >> reporter: this san francisco worshiper has families who have made the same trips many times.
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st. petersburg to egypt. popular for families on vacation. airlines are avoiding flying over the region now until terrorism is ruled out. >> this is definitely a possibility for a training point to the travel industry there. they tend to choose that area, the mediterranean area and i'm sure that it will get people their second after thes. >> they continue it brink more to the airport. on sunday's national day of mourning, crowds gathered to light candles and release balloons to memorialize the victims. the shock and sorrow was eminent on their faces. >> you can see that it is the 20th century. >> reporter: bay area is home to a substantial russian immigrant community. feeling connected to their homeland right now.
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>> everyone just thinking what they could do. but it is still something to take time to get some opinions about it. and of course i really want to start. >> the first times i would start. that this is first time. >> today i cannot see it. >> and some of the russian orthodox archbishop for this statement. "we are praying for the souls of the victims of the most tragic event. we also pray that their families have spiritual strength to overcome this tragedy. we are with them." a black box is their flight data and cockpit recordings have been recovered. they're in cairo now for analysis. >> that information should be coming out soon if the boxes are in good shape. thank you very much. open enrollment is underway for people that want health
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insurance under the california exchange. take a look at how they helped launch this moment to go with the fair in san francisco. organizers say about 97 families registered at the event that it was one of many of them to get people signed up. >> i think that it is just about our fans and the others in the past and that you can actually walk out today. that as long as you would have all the documentations with spanish, russian. >> two million people qualify for subsidies. how do you get involved? new enroll lees have until -- enrollees have until january 21. the deadline to reenroll and avoid a gap in coverage is coming up december 15. heading back to the bay area. seeing when she'll be in town and a new study shows you how much money is being built to her campaign verses donations
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to the republican campaigns. and the healthcare for the former san francisco mayor. the major procedure that he's planning. police unions across the country are taking aim. why they're calling for the movie goers to boycott the director's films.
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the protest comes after the award-winning director made antipolice remarks at a recent rally. >> reporter: the national police association, which represents close to 250,000 sworn law enforcement officers has now joined the boycott against the oscar winner's film. saying in a statement, "as a high-profile figure, tarantino's language is utterly irresponsible." the group called on police officers to stop working special assignments or off-duty jobs for the director's project adding, "we need to send a loud and clear message that such hateful rhetoric against police officers is unacceptable." in new york, los angeles, houston, new jersey, chicago, and philadelphia.
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he drew criticism from his comments a week ago while speaking up at the rise up rally in new york city protesting police brutality. >> i'm a human being with a conscious. when i see murder, i cannot standby. and i have to call the murdered, the murderers the murderers. >> reporter: coming four days after new york city police officer randolph holder was killed in the line of duty. the director's father told fox news that his son was, "dead wrong in calling police murderers." the studio behind tarantino's drama "the hateful eight." they have not made any public comment about the film. set to be on christmas day in time for oscar consideration. in los angeles, robert gray, fox news. still a brand new month bringing a change in the weather pattern. a big change out there with a lot of clouds. the rain has been increasing in coverage, especially since 8:00. the focus is all day long, up
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in the north bay, especially sonoma county towards santa rosa as well even out towards napa. rain is coming down here in napa and you can see the coverage out thereon the radar, pushing the maps down to the south. down to the central portions of the bay for san francisco, berkeley, walnut creek. there is the coverage there and also out towards san francisco and the marina district and the heavier cell as you can't see it developing out here to the south of the sunset district out there, basically closer to sfo with the plan and the system is approaching with their rainfall rates on the increase in that short term. expectations about a quarter of an inch. the forecast models, not only delaying the system, but also strengthening a little bit as well. winds are at 35 miles an hour and the sierra will pick up the snowfall eventually with their snow levels, they do come down over the next 12 hours. now look at their future cast model at 3:00 a.m. this morning. 3:00 a.m. on monday morning and that it might wake you up as we cannot
10:32 pm
expect the moderate to heavy rain downpours, a factor for your monday morning commute. especially for the south became but for the entire bay area, a lot. get red difficult give yourself extra time and watch the traffic report from the south first thing 4:00 a.m. tomorrow because rainfall will be a factor out there, even 8:00 a.m. for your monday morning and then in to the afternoon hours we should have some more breaks if you cannot see it here. still a lot of clouds and a few pop-up showers throughout the afternoon with a chance for the thunderstorm as well throughout the day on monday. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a look at the sierra. a closer look at the city -- at the sierra. renewable energy. coming up, the key major proposition in this week's election that could change the way renewable energy is handled in san francisco. and crazy, crazy lateral last-second touchdown in the miami/duke football game. you saw it, you remembered it.
10:33 pm
a lot of controversy about it. the call to overturn miami's victory. the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and
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it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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they'll check each and every one to make sure it is backwards. and for once there are no flags. >> but there should have been penalty flags according to the atlantic coast conference suspending the official crew that works for the miami/duke game for two games following a series of errors on the final play. throwing a combined eight lateral touchdown, however they would declare that they should have called them down before flip the ball back and they should have flagged that miami player. however none of that was called, winning the game as they still stand. >> yes, about this time last night they were talking about
10:36 pm
that game, how spectacular it was. >> they are not going to give that win to duke, i've never seen it happen as they basically made a mistake, it's too late. i like seeing the play that itstands. but i would be pretty upset about it. >> yeah, absolutely. so much on the line to have the referees in some would say blow it is disappointing. >> a great play and fun to watch. all right, what a day for the oakland raiders though, who i think that we could safely say a team on the rise, back-to- back near blowout wins in this one over the quality teen. derek carr, having fun a huge day for him leading 7-3 over the middle to michael crabtree, breaking two tackles there fighting his way to the end zone. crabtree with seven catches, 102 yards and the next possession for the raiders, 49
10:37 pm
yards to holmes. 21-3 raiders, carr. 333 yards passing, no touchdowns. 59 yards for their score. the raiders would cruise to a win against the pretty good team as the jets are 4-3 now, improving to 4-3 already with more wins than what they have last year. >> the one thing here a week or so is that they could be seen that are not very good, to this team, what we have accomplished with a playoff caliber team according to everyone. i bond hear they would be now. >> reporter: just when you think it can't get worse, it does under fire and their rumblings within the locker rooms, yeah. some of their teammates, apparently that they would text that reporter, saying that maybe it is time for a change
10:38 pm
and then this, obviously cut. he was suppose to get more carries, he goes down and the torn acl. and then the rams rookie runningback would go up the middle. the race is untouched for 71 yards. 10-3 the rams now in the third. up 20-6. he fumbles as they might be able to get back in the game, as he takes it in for the score. we don't know who he is madded watch them turn on the jets, outrunning everybody, going 27- 6. the the niners only
10:39 pm
mustarding 109 yards. they had just ten yards rushing with the linebacker bowman. >> i wish that we could show you the defensiveback or something, but that's not how we do it in sports. we signed up for it. i mean i'm sure they will get together. >> reporter: the 49ers are now 2-6. to kansas city. the ninth inning with 2-0, saying he would pull them, but why not with nine strikeouts? maybe stayed two on out there in the ninth to give up the shot. cain comes around from their second, 2-1. harvey is then pulled for their closer, but then it is perez, who has a
10:40 pm
broken bat. singles to the short. he'll throw to first for one out, but lance duda throws it away at home allowing them to tie the game at two in the ninth with the runners on third. the rbi single to the left is the go ahead run and a look at their fans back in kansas city, they were going nuts, adding four more runs to break it wide open. there it is the final strikeout of the game that is over, winning 7-2. and they take their series four games to one with george brett and boy they would show you great resiliency. winning their second world series title in the first since 1985. meanwhile the sharks, the game is tied up at two late in regulation. puts on the breaks, as he had two goals, scoring late in the game to take the lead as they
10:41 pm
had an effortty nether holding on to win in denver with the final score there 4-3. but boy i can't wait to hear them tomorrow talking about the 49ers, the two teams in opposite directions. >> yes and that it just blasted me. >> yes. >> all a part of it. >> thank you jason. >> yeah. keeping the bay area affordable. the answer to the housing crisis. we will look at their highly contested measure up for a vote in one city. and san francisco voters, they are showing you the renewable energy. you'll want to profile two propositions that will affect how renewable energy is distributed to pg&e customers in the city.
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10:44 pm
aimed at preserving the city's district. for new market rate housing projects in the mission. evictions will continue and they will lose their diversity in the coming years. >> they would lose another 26%. >> they say that more construction would boost their economy. >> this happened between two competing clean energy consultation.
10:45 pm
and city officials on the other. what they would define as renewable green energy and their clean power program that will compete with pg&e. one example? one of their solar power would be deemed green, which they are launching next year at a disadvantage. with their credits, and so- called green washing as they would force their green power to start building more sources of green energy.
10:46 pm
leveling the playing field to what solar, wind, gio thermal and high power is defined as renewable. but if it passes, they would force them to switch back from their clean power, which they support. >> when you have that opt-in program and customers have to choose, they are not going to choose it, but because they are lazy generally. if they do not want to be a part of it. the better that it will complete compete with their virtual monopoly. >> a part of it is making sure
10:47 pm
there's a customer rate. >> and more renewable sources. >> what they would call renewable green power. but in the same way they will go in to the same ocean. all power green from solar and wind and brown, going in to the same power grid. >> that is true. so whenever that is created, they go in to the grid and they are just used when they are being used. >> they don't get green power. >> will we ever get to 100%? maybe, maybe not, but ultimately you want to do
10:48 pm
everything that you can. >> if it passes, they will have a new competitor, but only one that will call all their new shots. and to any and all newcomers. and they have direct competition. those that would like to provide the services. based on their price per kilowatt hours. that for that matter, they could have the same. >> we spent all this money,
10:49 pm
installing what was to be very viable. requiring an act for them to open up our market. tom vacar fox 2 news. hillary clinton is heading back to the bay area for two fundraisers, scheduled to attend an event in the hills. he'll be the hall of fame guest, hosted by the big supporters. both fundraisers are private. and clinton has taken in 60% of the $10 million that they have raised for their democratic candidates over the last month. that's nine times as much. and leading them in the bay
10:50 pm
area. in the meantime chris christie is hoping to raise some campaign cash this month in the bay area. and it will be hosted by the former candidate at their home. as they explain that they want to change the debate format. >> representatives attended the meeting to discuss the gop presidential debates. >> and you know i'm sure that we'll be talking to them afterwards about what they want to do. >> we have a meeting on a
10:51 pm
miracle, that he would like more time. meanwhile a lot of discussion on their decision to send about 60 operations in to serial. that he has not detailed the focus for this mission. it needs to be backed up with their increased air strikes, so forth. even larger at some points, >> he is putting these troops in harm's way without any chance at success, contending that they will be propping up the the president and that they don't know how to respond.
10:52 pm
>> i see them mopping the floor, that they are all in to support the line. just deciding to keep them in power, he is putting up his first ad in iowa and new hampshire. as he has been leading in new hampshire, but trailing them in iowa and in national polls. more officers in oakland will rook at the latest group to graduate from the academy. hear about their goals to become more diverse. keeping an eye on the system and with the latest on what you could expect.
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right now save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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we want to take you outside with a live look at a wet plaza. >> yeah, you do as we were going to do that, but we will need to hold off on that, but this is really good news. >> yes, the big switch to what feels like winter out there. and that it is really not arriving right now. and all day long that they have been focused up to basically the northern sections of the bay area. but here you cannot see the
10:56 pm
increase towards the sierra, about 8,500 square feet with their coverage there as well, as you cannot see it from there as it looks like it will be all the way down towards walnut creek and the yellows and the oranges correspond to more intense downpours as you cannot pick it out. but the report of the light rain within the past hour and here you cannot see that coverage, moving pretty quickly.  that they will be covered, but you can see it shifting back in to that bay with that rainfall on the increase with your forecast model. that it will giveout idea picking up over three quarters
10:57 pm
of an inch of rainfall, the main energy with this front pushing in and what will be happening that some of the energy will be out towards that bay area, early monday morning for the commute. and those winds here as well. that they had move on through. with that more bricks in their actions, still a chance for monday afternoon with a thunderstorm as it is cooler unstable air moving in from their north. in place right now until 10:00 p.m. monday evening. that it will be tomorrow, definitely a good bet
10:58 pm
announcing over one food. the focus in that region in to the afternoon hours, more breaks in their action with more breaks from their clouds, increasing their instability with a pop-up thunderstorm throughout the day on monday. this will set up their stage for mostly sunny in that forecast. and a big drop off with those temperatures. a look at your five-day forecast as they might wake you up for their early monday morning. but get ready for your commute that there could be a challenge out there. that is a stiff wind.
10:59 pm
>> yeah, for that too. no texting and drinking coffee and all that stuff, thanks, mark. we'll have it all coming up at 11:00. >> jason appelbaum will have a look at what's coming up. it goes from bad to worse as the season ended today, raiders would be in the playoffs dancing in the streets after their first world series title in 30 years. we'll show it to you at the top of the hour on sports wrap. up next more officers in the streets of oakland. a look at what would make this class of recruits different.
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