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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 2, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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rescuers rush to pull a leopard from a well. >> the second well she's crawled into that day. >> the story of the big cat with bad luck. a driver and a cyclist take it out in the street. >> it's like a fight in ice hockey. >> but see why this fight is way less graceful. >> it's like robots. it's heart to bring a smile to your face. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and a prankster gets awkward
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at the airport. why sometimes there's only one defense. >> can i have a bite? no? this is not a leopard in the trying zoo. thiss a leopard that's fallen down a well. >> let me guess. india. >> it is india. this is the second well she's fallen into that day. some villagers said this leopard, believe to be about two or two and a half years old, climbed a ladder and got into a well, then fell into another one. first one, 30 feet. second one, 60. >> go on home, leopard, you're drunk. >> authorities say this is happening all the time. now a group is trying to create barriers to the wells so it doesn't happen to leopards,
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elephants and cattle. >> this well is gigantic. >> these cats are chasing food and sometimes the ground falls away, you can't really blame the cat. >> they brought in heavy equipment and a trap cage. veterinarians gave her a quick examination and said she's going to be okay. a lot of people around there checking it out. the police had to be called in for crowd control. for the first time in my rtm career, i'm going to award a moron of the month award. this cyclist gets on his bike
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and says, what did i do? >> get over there on the side, get the [ bleep ] out of my way. >> he is fired up. >> get the [ bleep ] out of my way. >> there's no need for all that. >> the cyclist goes back around the front ever so slowly. the other guy had a few more words for him. charming. but at the same time another driver comes up behind him. >> are you all right? >> i'm all right, thank you. >> aww. just the perfect example of cyclists being perfectly calm, zen people. the man behind the van was a
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cyclist in the right hand lane who tries to overtake the lorrie, round two. it's like a fight from ice hockey, trying to go over. >> if you've got to throw a punch, throw a punch. >> at this point though it's england, people get involved to try and calm things down. the guy in the honda pulls up, he gets out. somewhere, out of nowhere, a psychic cyclist detects one of his brethren is in trouble, comes in like a superhero. as the cyclist tries to leave, some of the witnesses are like, no, no, we're calling the police. the guy in the gray grabs the bike. the video ends as you see people trying to block the cyclist from
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leaving. i don't know what happened. ladies and gentlemen, there we have it, the craziest of the world. >> nothing quite intimidating as a man in lycra pants. we've seen many videos from asia where people have mopeds to get around. sometimes they'll load up the kids, the little kids, maybe two adults. >> unfortunately that sometimes leads to this. >> is that a foot? that's a foot all wrapped up around that rear wheel. >> a very young little girl was with her mom on this moped. the girl got her foot stuck behind the shocks. >> that's not the way a foot is supposed to go. >> i'm hoping it's a shoe that got pulled off. >> she's lucky her foot is still
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attached. >> watch as they bring in the jaws of life and are able to loosen it right over her ankle. they finally are able to take her foot. they have to twist it to get it out from behind the shock absorber. >> she has to be terrified. >> what are the injuries, how bad is she hurt? >> once they pull her foot out, they lift her pants and believe it or not, she's unhurt. >> i thought it was a broken ankle for sure. >> they took her to the hospital, where she's recovering just fine. giveaway time. we're giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. >> the rtm buzzword is coming up in just a bit.
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no regard for personal safety, as somebody is recording inside what we believe is a lamborghini, the howl of the engine sounding awesome. but they are putting the pedal down in a very dangerous situation. they're crossing a situation in heavy traffic. that car also appears to be racing that suv up ahead. >> that's exactly the wrong place to do something so stupid. >> are you really going to beat an suv and you're in a lamborghini? >> the scary part here is the danger they're putting other drivers in as they weave in and out of traffic. >> this next guy a bit reckless on his motorcycle. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm so happy.
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dana is so happy right now. >> wow. he definitely has a lot to say. >> he does. and his personality seems to be charming to the officers as well that he comes across. >> how are you doing? >> am i allowed to do these wheelies here? not at all? all right. thanks, i appreciate it. >> not exactly, right there. but here he does. >> that's terrible. that is just terrible. nature has a way of making everyone smile. >> sometimes it's the simplest things that make people giggle. and this girl is --
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has a powerful itch-fighter to relieve all day. gold bond. this store clerk is what we call action, boss. >> she's standing at the register. this dude things he's going to head out the door without paying. wrong again. she is giving him the business. she fights him off. he's like, i'm out. >> it's like she gets this hat. you see him at the end, he just kind of walks out. >> this store has gotten hit up. last summer he put up a sign saying if you rob his store, you will be posted on social media.
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>> i thought this store looked familiar. >> familiar it does, because what appears to be the same store clerk got after these fellas, she pulled out her pepper spray. the one tries to take off. she drags him back into the store. >> women in finland seem to be extremely bad, pretty awesome. she's tough. i love that the guy in white is looking at his buddy. >> this finnish girl is like -- it really isn't worth it because she's going to win every time. >> then they'll put your video on facebook every time. >> it's like the owner ea reall pissed-off cat. >> memo to men: leave women
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alone. she's been featured on "right this minute" before. norbert looks very presidential. >> he's so cute. >> his comb-over is reminiscent of someone. for cats, that's cute. >> norbert is a registered therapy dog. if you've been sick and know norbert is coming, he'll give you a high five. he's done more than some people i know. this video shows sometimes it's the simplest things that make kids giggle. in this instance a family spots a squirrel jumping in the trash. >> i knew it. >> that's perfectly giggle-inducing. i get it. just the way he appears. >> squirrels are funny in general, they move awkwardly.
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joining us on "right this minute," the warden of the west, matt. >> matt and "right this minute" back together again. >> let's play along at home. >> you've got to wait for it. wait a while, now. >> what is he doing? guys just revving the snot out of this motorcycle. it's rolling red-hot. >> are there flames coming out the back? >> gee, there's a surprise. >> he really didn't see that coming? >> it melted through the pipe. >> it was that hot, it could have been melted a fuel line. >> all right. video number two. [ laughter ]
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>> wait, wait. i want to seat skidmarks on his robe. >> the video ends there, it's only eight seconds long. here comes johnny. i love how he says, i got it, i got it. >> i guess the question is whether it was set up. i think by the looks, he's probably been going up and down. this guy is like, all right, i'm fine. >> i think i'm with you, oli. >> don't you think he would have got it horizontal? >> i'm going to go real on that one. >> i think it's 2 inches. poor guy. >> definitely real. i'm glad they caught this dude. >> number three. >> tell what you say you're doing. >> so we used to have our monikers. the bees have the harmonicas. i've got to get them back. >> the bees have the harmonicas?
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>> oh, my god. >> okay. so there were a couple of bees near that thing. he figured he would throw some dirt in their eye and run off. >> the bees are like, he'll do. he can't make that stuff up. >> when a couple of bees come out, that was a very real scream. >> three unanimous reals, mac. >> there might be a bunch of them. they scared the hall out of me, i'm out of there. there's no faking that one. >> good stuff, mac. >> good stuff this week. >> every once in a while, kids play around with those stick-on tattoos. >> what if they want to up the an ante? maybe call artist jodie steele have had her do this.
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>> a disney princess sleeve tattoo. >> as soon as my daughter sees this, i'll have to get this done for her, because this is awesome. >> it's no different than face painting. >> and it will wash off. >> you're right -- all the little girls will want that one. >> to create ariel from "the little mermaid." >> tattoos are very different than when we were children. now even the canadian prime minister has one. >> i can't imagine anyone would get bent out of shape. >> it's cool, temporary art for a permanent smile. she's so happy about it. it's that time. we're giving away another ipad mini. >> to enter you just need the buzzword, be at least 18 years
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old and be a little u.s. resident. go to, click "win ipad," you can do it every day day. monday's buzzword is "buoyanoun" b-o-u-n-t-y. >> one day later this week we'll have bonus day. we'll give away a flat screen tv. keeping watching, everybody, and good luck. a new day, a new prank. >> nothing is more dangerous than a bored andrew hale in an airport. >> see the reaction of his
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he's wrapped up and food. >> that was a traumatizing video. corgi meets biggest challenge.
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♪ it takes just a few words. >> i'm andrew hale. >> to know that stuff is about to get awkward. >> we're in the fort lauderdale airport here this morning at 4:00 a.m. >> nothing is more dangerous than a bored andrew hale in an airport. first one of his buddies walks up because i think he wants a drink. >> they just opened. >> take it out of there. everything has to go through the department. >> it's not free? i just take it over there? >> no. >> what you don't want to do is mess with service people at the airport. >> three minutes of him messing with people in airports.
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>> there are hundreds of empty seats. where does he sit? pretty much touching knees with him. there's that awkward stare. look how much joy he gets out of this. >> can i have a bite? >> this guy just goes immediately for the greatest defense you can go for. >> i don't speak your language, mate. >> oh, my god, i'm going to use that. >> he heads toward the magazine store. >> do you guys have porno magazines? which one? >> i'm not going to pick your magazine for you. >> my absolute favorite is when he walks up to a couple of guys and asks this gem. >> is there a strip club in this airport? >> come on. >> l.a.x. has one.
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>> you being is serious? >> yeah. >> there we go, more absolutely genius awkward moments. i'm sure there will be thousands more to come. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. we'll catch
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so it looks like blake shelton and gwen stefani are together. there was a lot that happened over the weekend and initially we thought maybe they're just playing with people. it's starting to feel like the real deal. charles: it seemed a little too perfect when people started buzzing about this. of course, they each just got divorced. harvey: they can could miss rate, a lot of reasons to do this. >> a good couple, everybody is talking about it. there are signs over the weekend these two are together. they hit up at least three halloween parties together.


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