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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it is an important day for everybody. both parties. all of the candidates. we might see whittling down after this. we'll see what happens. this is a live picture in vermont. bernie sanders is live at the polling booth. you can see a lot of cameras, if they can pull back. there are a lot of people with cell phones. you are not supposed to take pictures around polling places. >> there are special rules where you cannot video tape. people are excited to see him there. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday the first day of march. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with weather and traffic. >> it won't be as warm and nice as yesterday. >> it was a little bit hot. >> it was. no doubt about it. today will be okay. just a lot more high clouds streaming over us. this may be the first of many systems as we look down the
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road. i have seen some rain projections to the 18th. it will pick up towards friday and the weekend. today is a lot of high clouds. mostly cloudy in the morning. partly sunny in the afternoon. i think we'll get more sun later on. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. they are up today compared to yesterday at this time. the fog is not much of a factor. upper 40s low 50s. walnut creek 46. a mostly cloudy morning. partly sunny this afternoon. changes start on thursday. i'll have more on that coming up later. lots of clouds. a little cooler on the afternoon highs even though they are above normal temperatures. more upper 60s now and low 70s. sal, i hope your screen is quiet. >> things are quiet so far. it is off to a nice start on this tuesday, steve. we are looking at the commutes. they are looking good. as a matter of fact bay bridge
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toll plaza there is a little bit of traffic. no major delays. we are looking at i-880 northbound and southbound. you can see traffic here is moving along nicely in both directions here as you drive pass the oakland coliseum. on the peninsula if you are driving on highway 92 san mateo bridge. it looks good getting there. no troubles getting to the san francisco international airport on the bay shore freeway. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you very much. super tuesday arrived with voters in a dozen states heading to the polls today. these are live pictures in burlington, vermont. for democrats this could be a rough day for bernie sanders with maps that favor hillary clinton. a new poll for cnn shows trump on the republican side with 49% of support with republicans. in a few hours from now supporters of a man shot and killed by san francisco police will hold a rally before a
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federal trial against four officers begins. a jury will decide if the four officers acted reasonably when they shot the man two years ago. he pointed what appeared to be a gun with a red laser at them. it turned out to be a taser. crews worked during the night to remove a big rig that plowed into a home in san carlos. the dump truck carried tons of dirt. the house was empty as the homeowner was on vacation. the crash knocked out power to 142 homes. chp has not cited the driver. the incident is under investigation. safety inspectors will be back at a san francisco gas station where a shuttle bus burst into flames yesterday. alex savage is live in the city to explain what happened to this bus before the dramatic fire. we can see the damage behind you. >> reporter: we are getting an up close look at the damage this morning. look here. it is amazing nobody was
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seriously hurt in this fire. this was the damage done. two of the pumps have been boarded up. quite a few people nearby captured this dramatic scene on their cell phones. the fire started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the driver of the bus went in and somebody alerted him to the fire outside. he grabbed an extinguisher to put out the flames. that was not enough. the fire department moved in to knock down the flames. at the same time the manager of
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the gas station shut off the gas pumps to make sure the fire wasn't able to grow any larger. a worker at a nearby burger king immediately told people to leave that restaurant. >> when i noticed it was out of control i and started to reach the roof i told a customer get out of here now! >> reporter: it took san francisco firefighters about half hour to knock down these flames. temperature no passengers on board the shuttle bus. the driver was on his way to pick up employees at a nearby software company. we spoke with a representative for the shuttle company . we'll had been told that bus just passed an inspection last week. there will be questions as to why it overheaded and caught fire yesterday afternoon. as we bring you back out here live the key to this was the
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quick-thinking of the assistant manager here to shut off the gas flowing to those pumps. if gas had continued to flow for much longer it could have truly been a disaster with more people hurt. >> that's incredible. hopefully a lot of people learn something from this. that there is even that emergency switch. hopefully more employees know about that. >> reporter: the employees are all trained for these situations. the employees who work at these gas stations. that's what the manager said. she knew right away. she knew exactly what to do. >> thank you very much. richmond police are worried about retaliation after someone shot and killed a 14-year-old boy. he was a freshman at kennedy high. he was shot several times while on a back path near his school 9:30 yesterday morning. police believe he was targeted
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but have not revealed a motive. friends and family say he was funny and a good person. the shooting is a sober reminder about the dangers of living in a notorious area known as the iron triangle. >> she is not a hot head oh i'm hard. i can do this. i can do that. he was a cool soul to be around. now days you are lucky to see the age of 16 let alone 18 or 21. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the gunman. it is growing pressure to solve a recent string of freeway shootings on i-80. there have been seven car to car shootings since early november. latest one happened saturday morning near hill top drive in richmond. someone shot at a silver jeep. the driver crashed into an embankment and died.
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the shootings were isolated incidents. drivers in general are not at risk. the mayor said he is fed up. >> the freeway is not for target shooting. the freeway is for transportation. i expect the police to protect our public. >> a man's body was washed on shore near the bay. someone called 9-1-1 to report a badly decomposed water of salmon creek. it is possible the body could be that of attorney steven mitchell. his car was found at the beach. he left a note indicating he was going to commit suicide.
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he was defending the family of 13-year-old anthony lopez. he was killed by a sheriff's deputy in 2013 while he was holding an air soft gun that looked like an assault rifle. the body of a instructor from a month ago has been found. carson may had gone missing in sugar bowl resort. two search-and-rescue teams put their trained dogs to a spot where his cell phone last pinged. they found his body under five feet of snow. a previous search of the area had been hindered by dangerous weather conditions. an 89-year-old african- american says her family was a victim of a hate crime. she said someone set a fire under her family's car on arlington boulevard last week. she found a cardboard sign on her lawn with a racial slur telling the family to leave. she said she lives in a diverse neighborhood with her son and
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his girlfriend who is indian american. police are asking anyone to report anything suspicious that happened between 1:30 and 4:00 a.m. on wednesday. san francisco supervisors will decide if the city will raise the age to buy tobacco to 21. supervisor weaner introduced the legislation and it got a yes vote from the land use and transportation committee. legislation means that a person would have to be 21 to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products. right now the age is 18. if approved it goes into effect june 1st. businesses will be given a one year grace period. it has been a tradition for baseball players since the sport started. now smokeless tobacco is banned at at&t park in san francisco. major league baseball sent a reminder to the team yesterday. letters were put in spring training locker rooms reminding ballplayers chewing tobacco is
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no long allowed at at&t stadium dodgers stadium and fenway park. in san jose cleanup continues today on a homeless camp where a dozen people had been ordered to leave. crews started dismantling the camp yesterday. it is located near rosemary gardens. mercury news reports health and safety concerns sparked the move. 20 people were living in that space. paper reports they were given a 72 hour notice to leave. outreach workers stopped by the state. u.s. supreme court will not hear a legal challenge to san jose's affordable housing law. they wanted the court to overturn the law that is designed to help low-income families to buy homes. the law has the home buildings to include a fee in any new housing development. the building administration says that means the government illegally takes private property from the rightful
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owner. the law has been on hold for a while on legal sites. experts say 150 cities and counties have similar laws. construction workers in nevada with banding together demanding better job security from tesla. yesterday workers started picketing outside of the construction site of the factory. it is being built in the town of sparks east of reno. union leaders say hundreds of carpenters, electricians and others walked off the job to protest the company's use of out of state workers who are hired for less pay. in a statement tesla says it is in compliance with all state requirements. the battle continues between apple and the fbi. coming up in 20 minutes the faceoff on capitol hill over the encryption of the san bernardino shooter's phone. the reason students are rallying to support the lgbt community. good morning. we are looking at a commute
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where traffic is not bad so far around the bay including in san jose on northbound 280. after a record setting day yesterday we turned the page to march. a lot of high clouds. no rain yet. it is in the extended outlook.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". a big crowd is expected today on when a decision could be made on the gun club in castro valley. the gun club's lease is expiring. operators are asking for a ten- year extension. park managers are recommending the gun range be given six months then shut down. the range is causing a lead problem in the watershed area. gun enthusiast say it is an excuse to push a hidden agenda
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against guns. 41,000 people use the range every year. today's meeting is at 2:00 p.m. at the golf course in castro valley. ohio teenager is under arrest for a shooting in his school cafeteria yesterday. a 14-year-old pulled out a gun and opened fire yesterday. two students were wounded in the gunfire. two others were hurt by shrapnel. fortunately none of the injuries are life-threatening. the school's resource police officer responded. by that time the teenager had run out on the field where he was arrested. frightened parents praised the school's response. >> they locked it down and kept everybody calm. >> could not function. he was crying and calling people. >> the sheriff says the 14-year- old was a student at madison junior senior high school. he says deputies identified a motive to the shooting. they did not say what it might be. the teenager is facing charges including attempted murder and making terrorists threats. offensive sticker at a
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southern california high school has students rallying to support the lgbt community. a few students at a palm springs high school began wearing an antigay sticker on their badgers. an 8th grader saw the stickers on social media. she said the message was hurtful to her lgbt friends. that's when she created prolgbt stick its to send a positive message to students. the district says it is still investigating the incident and has provided counseling to the students involved. it is 4:47. let's check in with sal and see if traffic is getting any busier. busier.
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>> good morning. the traffic is doing well. if you are driving around the bay area. this is a look at i-880. as steve mentioned, we have been saying today we are not the fog brothers. it is actually very good visibility out there. bay bridge toll plaza is looking good. traffic is moving nicely. santa clara valley traffic is moving nicely on the freeways. now at 4:48, 12 minutes before the hour, mr. steve paulson. >> sal, the average maximum temperature in february for san francisco second warmest ever. 66.3. guess when the warmest was? >> the warmest was in september. >> the year. it was last year.
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we have had back-to-back years of record warmth. if it feels warm in the city it has been. >> yes, it has. >> we have a lot of high clouds over us. there is a lot of heat in there folks. that's what goes down in the records. average mean temperature was the third warmest temperature. we have a lot of high clouds over for the morning events. we'll see partly sunny skies. again a lot of high clouds. not much organized through this part of the system. a weak system tomorrow might give rain well to the north. we'll probably have to wait until thursday. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. they are up. san francisco 56. 53 san rafael. along the peninsula 54. wood side 45. 30 truckee.
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cloud cover has a lot to do with the temperatures. maybe a hint of patchy fog. nothing compared to what we saw yesterday. thursday we get in the mix for rain. lots of high, mid level clouds. still above average on the temperatures. it will be cooler than yesterday after yesterday's record setting day. temperatures upper 60s low 70s. not much change tomorrow. then we clouded up and rain begins on thursday. we get a break until late friday. next system saturday. windy with rain in the afternoon and evening. we are going to get a lot of rain in the next week. >> your predictions of march will hopefully come true. >> so far march hasn't happened yet but i like my odds. >> we seen a lot of storms fizzle out and move north. >> i don't think so this time.
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>> thank you, steve. 4:50. a family desperate to save their 4-year-old from cancer. >> we don't want time. we want our kid back. >> up next, the reason their best hope may lie in a treatment that is only available overseas.
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welcome back.
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it is 4:53. a family in martinez says their 4-year-old daughter fighting an inoperable brain tumor have new home. doctors discovered the tumor in january. since then she's been having daily radiation treatments doctors hope will slow how quickly that tumor grows. a biopsy suggests her tumor might respond to a drug available only in england. the family says it is expensive but they refuse to give up hope. >> we are hoping on a miracle here. i believe it can happen. we are not going to give up on melody. we don't want anybody else to give up on her either. >> the family has a gofundme website and hopes to pay for the treatment and travel costs to get to england. people donated $37,000 so far. we have a link to melody's website at new numbers show bay area
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freeways are getting more crowded. 92 million cars a year cross the bay bridge. that's up 3% in the last five years. 40 million cross the golden gate. that's up 40%. 25 million riders a year take bart. bay area council recently lead a delegation to seattle. they have the largest ferry system in the country carrying 23 million passengers a year. director of the port of redwood city has been trying for years to get a ferry connection. >> they have included it in their plans. we have been frustrated at the pace which they pursued it. >> they are telling us if they started tomorrow it would take seven years. >> the operators of prop sf
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want to offer public service from burkeley this summer. recent high surf and storms exposed old ruins buried by sand in san francisco's oldest beach. latest discoveries is an old stone stairway from the 1920's and a seawall from the 1940's. some people who lived in the area their entire lives say they never seen the seawall before. others are looking forward to what the erosion recovers. >> i seen a wreckage of a ship i never seen before. >> the city replaces the sand that is blown and washed away every year. for now the seawall and stairway are uncovered for anyone to see. anyone who comes to look should be careful. the area is unstable and there is sharp and rusty metal objects along the beach. some of yosemite's landmarks have new names this
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morning. park employees started covering up the new signs. over the weekend someone stole a famous sign. it will now be known as the yosemite majestic hotel. curry village and the badger pass ski area will be called half dome village and yosemite ski and snow board area. it is a fight over the naming. a lot of people not happy about that. coming up in our 5:00 hour, a high profile police shooting case heads to court in san francisco today. up next, the rally planned this morning in support of the family. family. incredible story. a shuttle bus bursts into flames at a gas station in san francisco. how quick-thinking helped prevent a major disaster.
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. super tuesday arrived with voters in a dozen states casting ballots today. we'll show you who is ahead in the polls heading into today's very important race. mportant race. we are live in san carlos where power is still out in that neighborhood after a dump truck slams into a home. we'll show you the mess out here and what clean up still needs to be done. s to be done.
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good morning. welcome back. it is tuesday march 1st. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we'll get to weather in a moment. pam, you were looking at this. >> i took a good one on instagram. the sunset was amazing. >> amazing photos of last night's sunset. viewers all over the bay area posted photos along with pam on our ktvu instagram page. we want to see your photos. i know you are take them. send them to us so we can see and show them. >> that is mine. i forgot the hashtag #ktvu. thank you for grabbing it. >> what a great way to start a tuesday morning. let's check in with steve paulson with the forecast. >> i'm on twitter and facebook, now i have to do instagram? >> yes, steve. >> i might as we


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