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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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with marco rubio and they each have 20% of the vote in georgia. we move to vermont. and the results are too close to call. donald trump is leading right now in vermont. the latest count is he has 38%, 37% here. john kaisch second place and marco rubio with 19 percent and too close to call. we move to virginia and the results for the republican party with donald trump and trying to fight off marco rubio there. that is also a very close race. donald trump has 35% to rubio's 33%. ted cruz in 3rd with 15%. we go to the democrats and the number of delegates at stake. many more for the delegates. 865 delegates at stake. today on this super tuesday. here is the breakdown of who has won so far. the states that finished their voting at 4:00 our time, vermont, bernie sanders has won
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vermont and that is no surprise. and we move to georgia. hillary clinton has won georgia and hillary clinton has also won virginia. so those are the results so far. you just mentioned five more states, the polls have just closed. and we are waiting to hear the results from texas because that has the lion's share of those states. we just got this in, in states that closed voting, tennessee and alabama have both been called for donald trump. he wins the republican primary in those two states. one thing to keep in mind frank and julie, these delegates are proportionate delegates. not winner take all states. so even though marco rubio has yet to win a state, and he is doing pretty well in virginia right now, they will not win all of the delegates. trump could walk away with this sweeping super tuesday but marco rubio could pick up
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enough delegates to be competitive, the real challenge comes on march 15th when they have the winner take all primaries in states like ohio, illinois and marco rubio's home state of florida. i just got this in on the democratic side. alabama has gone to hillary clinton as have tennessee. those results in and no big surprises and marco rubio staying competitive. going back to the delegate distribution. you mentioned all of them are based on proportional basis. as of march 15th and winner take all. >> exactly and that is why this is really critical for marco rubio to at least do well enough to pick up enough delegates to stay in the hunt. the gop is hoping that marco rubio has a 20% threshold. that he gets 20% of the vote in all of these states. to pick up enough delegates to stay close enough to donald trump so that when we get to march 15th and it is winner take all and if marco rubio can pick up his home state of
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florida and perhaps another state like illinois or ohio, he will be on donald trump's tail in terms of the delegate count. if cruz drops out you got a two man race in the republican party and a different ball game. >> as of right now it is shaping up to be a good night for donald trump. >> no surprise. ken, we will check back with you for more results a bit later on. one of the main talking points of the election is the vacancy of the u.s. supreme court. president obama invited senate leaders to the white house to talk about the supreme court vacancy that was left by the recent death of antonin scalia. they met in the oval office across the pacific republicans stood fast on their refusal to consider any nominee of president obama. the white house says the president offered to consider
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any names that republicans may put forward. democratic leader harry reed says they are not fulfilling their constitutional duty. >> they will wait and see what president trump will do as far as the nomination. republicans want to replace the next nomination but president obama is still planning to nominate one anyway. a college in south bay was evacuated because after bomb threat in sarasota. the college president says workers inside the campus found that note at about 9:15 this morning. he says that it indicated a student plan to "blow up the campus." >> the note indicated that the person who had made the threat was proceeding to the math and science building. he says that it was quickly determined to evacuate all students, visitors and employees and shut the school down for the rest of the day. the school has about 12,000 students. a sweep of the campus however found nothing. the all clear was issued at
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about two this afternoon and classes will be back to normal tomorrow. >> city officials in san francisco say the last of the homeless encampment on division street is almost cleared out. about 50 workers from the department of public works along with police officers began to clean up the homeless encampment at four this morning. the encampment on division street from south bend 211. the crews managed to remove 90% of the items and most of the homeless have complied to vacate. in san francisco charges filed against two sheriff deputies and a former deputy. accused of arranging fights between innates for entertainment kind of like gladiator style jailhouse fights. ktvu reporter henry lee is in the newsroom with more. >> three men working in san francisco have been charged with enforcing two innates to fight against their will. the d.a. says deputies threatened them
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if they did not go through with them. >> san francisco district attorney george gascon forced garcia and harris that is much bigger than garcia to fight at least twice in the jail on brian street. then deputy scott neu told the innates if they didn't fight he would handcuff them and beat them or send them to a different jail where there would be fewer privileges. it is underminding the moral authority of the honest, hard working deputies that work hard day in and day out to protect us and to ensure that we run our county jail system in a proper and legal manner. public defender jeff adochi brought the allegations to light. >> we call this a game of throne gladiator fight because it was done for money.
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we heard from the inmate last year. they took me down through the hallway and made me beat another inmate that was done and told me if i didn't fight that i would basically be beat. attorney stern told me off camera that the charges are overblown and the case is being pursued by a d.a. stern says at most his client may have left the inmates wrestle about who was stronger. but gascon says the fights were unreal. >> it is unfortunate when we down play bad behavior that this is horseplay. this was really bad behavior by law enforcement officers. it was very inhumane treatment going on with the people supposed to protect while in their custody. sheriff vicki hennessy was not in office at the time of the alleged fights but wants to make sure that this doesn't happen again. i think the biggest thing
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for me is that all of the deputy sheriffs in the department, particularly the vast majority that work hard every day and do the job and do it right and do it with humanity and compassion and keeping people safe are all very disappointed and more about the allegations. now neu is no longer a deputy charged with several felonies including assault and making criminal threats. deputy eugene jones on unpaid leave and charged with felony counts and the third deputy clifford chiba is still employed by the sheriff but no contact with inmates. frank and julie. new at five. san jose interim police chief sworn in by the leader of the police force. >> the duty about where i am about to enter. congratulations. the city council ratified the appointment of eddy garcia as the police chief.
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been the acting chief when the former police chief left for the tracy department. served in second in command under escobar and explained more about the police department. >> everything we do as an organization i would like to think it is a coop. we are trying to make the community better and safer. garcia ascent to the position of chief was widely expected given that san jose never launched a formal candidate search. your options to get bay area news changed. new at 5:30. the consolidation with a bay area newspaper group. after a couple weeks on the road. the warriors are back in the comforts of home. we will go to oracle arena where we are working on the status of seth curry's ankle injury. the amount of snow is dropping. the latest numbers from the sierra and the good news from the snow pack. and i am tracking good news
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that is headed our way. it will get wet. those umbrellas will be needed
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shortly. jury selection and opening statements in the civil rights trial for alex andto began in san francisco federal court. his parents are suing the city for the wrongful death of their son. police shot and killed him two years ago. this morning hundreds of supporters rallied outside the courthouse. ktvu tara moriarty was there. how did things go in court today. >> jury selection took quite a long time. almost all day. some of the questions that they were asking potential jurors were do you know police, how do you feel about police?
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do you have any relationships with police? do you feel that relationship may taint your jump in this case. another question was how do you feel about protestors and jurors got a great look at protestors in the way in the courthouse. 200 people were protesting and here to support the niesto family accusing the city of the police officers killing their 28-year-old son two years ago. during opening statements, the defense portrayed niesto as someone acting erratically. pointed a taser at the officers that acted in self-defense. the plaintiff said the man was eating a burrito at sunset with his taser in his holster that he used as his job as security guards and some people thought it was a real gun and called 911. niesto's attorney says the
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officers have been cleared of wrongdoing fired 59 shots and sfpd needs to answer for it. >> there was haste and overreaction. and it was the officers violating their training. they rushed into a situation. when you allow a rookie to call the shots, 59 shots is what took place. >> they had no reason to believe that what this man was pointing was a taser. they had every reason to believe this was a real firearm that the position that he was in outside any cover meant that he actually intended to harm them, there was no other reason for them to think that he pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. the red laser light was very important to them and it meant that he had a strong possibility of hitting them because the red laser light is used to aim. they thought that meant that this man had a real gun and aiming at them and about to shoot them. the plaintiff talked about evidence not big handled properly by authorities and claims that the time stamps on the stun gun don't match up
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with what police are saying. the niestos were sitting in the the front row and wiped away tears when their son's body was shown on the ground and they plan to be here every day for the trial. you spoke with attorneys for the niesto's family and why do he believes he has a strong case. >> there is a big role from the evidence in the trial. he talked about the stun gun and the time stamps and the bullets, 59 shots were fired and yet police had accounted for 48 bullets. he said a lot of this evidence does not match up. one other thing that folks could take into consideration. back then when the incident happened two years ago the climate and attitude towards police is different than now. we have the mario woods case and that is one thing that people should definitely be keeping an eye on. tara, thank you.
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a highly contagious stomach bug is making its way around u c berkeley. health services says 29 cases of suspected norovirus reported. the symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting and nausea and fever. so far health officials have not been able to track the source but they think that some of the cases may be linked to a bally wood dance event on february 20th. early season snow in the sierra has made for great skiing and the hope that northern california reservoirs on would fill up. the two snow pack measurements were above normal and after a month of little rain or snow, experts say that things have changed dramatically. the state released its latest snow pack figures. there are two months left in the rainy season and tom vacar is at the reservoir with the numbers. tom. it is a reservoir that is kept full specifically for earthquakes and other emergencies. as to the other reservoirs last
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month, above average snow pack and rapidly rising reservoirs. today, not so rosy. as they do every month, snow surveyors measured snow levels at 300 locations. statewide we stand at 83% of normal, well below the 116% recorded just a month ago. february which is typically a wet month and we had a very disappointing month. so as you saw in the sierra as well as here at home, our averages have dropped a bit. >> that is why the coming wet weather system is critical before the official end of rainy season comes may 1st. long range models are predicting the first two weeks of march will be wet. and those long range models want to bring us wet weather perhaps to the 15th of the month. that is definitely some great news. much of that water is needed in the state's mega
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reservoirs like unlike the smaller reservoirs is below the averages. lake shasta is at 61% of capacity. lakeoryville the second largest 53% and don don pedro 47% and new malin as 19 percent of capacity. at this point it would take two solid months of make rain and snow to seriously dent the drought. >> we need to figure out what is going to be the new normal. other large reservoirs is the sierra reservoirs. they are currently at 2/3 of average for this time of year. and less than half of the capacity. we have gone through the drought. the 5th year of extreme drought would be tough on us. san francisco's hatchery is at 71% of capacity but it serves many, many bay area water agencies. what happens in the next 8 weeks will tell us what water restrictions will apply.
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we don't know how much water will have to carry us through the summer and to the next winter. now, we certainly have gotten some relief, no question about that. but it is not nearly enough if we want to get out of the drought. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. and tom, you were at that reservoir, do you notice a big difference from when you were there two weeks ago. >> which one. >> the lafayette reservoir. >> lafayette has been kept full because it is emergency sort of worse but if you go to lake shasta, a good example, you are not going to see much difference. in fact in some of them the water is below the average because they have had no rain and evaporation and certain outflow for agricultural and environmental things. the situation is not any better than it was a month ago. if these storms come in and do the kind of job they hope then we will be in much better shape
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but we have pretty much recessed in the last month. we will find out because we will check in with meteorologist bill martin and has the latest on this situation and we have rain coming this week, right? >> we do. significant rain coming this week but to reverse back to what tom was saying about we may have to do restrictions, we should do restrictions regardless of if we are 150% or not. this is a dry or has the potential to be a dry drought ridden state. we are learning that in the last four years. but we need to stay on water rationing like australia. a ten year drought. the big dry and that place had all sorts of problems and got people to adjust as rosemary pointed out, the new norm. get used to conserving and get used to using gray water. it is not going away. so forget how much rain we get, we have to con serve in and out and agricultural interest. no question about that. there is a system coming our way. look at that bad boy.
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it will bring rain as we head to tomorrow night. a little bit of rain north. more rain as we head to thursday. scattered showers. friday, saturday and sunday, we will get wet. so that is good. we can see potential rainfall accumulations to around a couple of inches over the course of that time. the current temperatures are in the 60s. we did see a few low 70s. overnight lows will be in the 40s. low 40s and as rosemary pointed out. february was a bust as far as el nino was concerned in terms of rainfall accumulations. but as we look at the long range models, we are getting back to a nice moist latitude pattern hoping for significant rain in the next couple of weeks. forecast highs, in the 60s. low 70s. a big pattern shift as we go to all the way through the 15th of the month. we are expecting wet weather on the west coast. let's take a look at real quick numbers. they are roughing it out here. san francisco, the models are
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saying five inches. a half of foot of rain in the russian river drainage basin and three inches in lake shasta and lake oracle and the snow in the sierra. the five-day forecast and you can see a little bit of everything. it gets going, i think on friday night into saturday and sunday. but it drives me crazy when we say if we get enough rain we will back off. it is game on. we have to concern from here on out. we have to change it. >> it is so easy to waste water and not think about it and leave it on when you are brushing your teeth or washing the dishes and it is so easy to con serve if you have it in your mind set. >> we have wet winter, dry summer. the rest of the country gets rain or snow something all year round but we shut off as soon as late spring until october and november. it doesn't matter how much rain we get, we need more rain but if we do, we need to con serve
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and there has to be a new sort of state of mind. >> i agree. thank you, bill. back now to the election and this is shaping up to be a good super tuesday for donald trump. he has won alabama, georgia, massachusetts, and tennessee. but in vermont. on the republican side, here are the current numbers. donald trump leads with 36% and john kaisch in second with 25%. marco rubio in 3rd with 19 percent. and these are not winner take all. they are proportionate and moving to virginia to show you the latest numbers from virginia. at this hour, donald trump in the lead here with 36%. marco rubio in second with 30% and ted cruz coming in third in the state of virginia. coming up next. after a grueling two week road trip. the warriors back home. coming up, we will go live to oracle arena where fans are
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waiting to hear if seth curry will play tonight. coming up at six. new information, police may be related to the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy in richmond. held to a higher standard. e new measure being considered here in california that will make an uber or taxi driver twice before sipping a
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cocktail. >> warriors back and there's a
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question about their superstar player. joe fonzi is like at oracle arena with the latest on seth curry's injury. joe. >> the atlanta hawks are doing pregame work behind me. it was just a week ago that the warriors were in atlanta beating the hawks as part of that long road trip. that trip was concluded by a game that is still very much at everybody's mind. that was the game on saturday night where the warriors unlikely win pulled out a 121- 118 win. the downside was the fact that seth curry went down in the 3rd quarter and his ankle rolled on. curry was taken out and missed 6 minutes and got back up and had that electrifying 4th quarter that concluded with that quarter to give the warriors a win. it also tied settle for 12, three pointers in the a single game. that is the all-time record. he is a game time decision. we don't know if he will play
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tonight. clay thompson in the shoot around was asked about what the warriors have to do if they don't have curry. >> 30 points, that's a lot more than that. so we will do it collectively. and the shots going around. and we have to be patient with the office and smooth the ball. we have to be patient. >> the warriors depth has been one of the strong points this year. if settle is not in the game, that means more brandon rush, a little bit more other guys, sean livingston and we will here from steve kerr and he will tell us and what we are hearing a game time decision whether or not seth plays. there is too many records to talk about with the guys and the home winning streak is one of them. as they try to continue that. they are going for number 43 in a row. 44 is the record.
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there is so many things happening out here. but we will find out hopefully about seth in the 6:00 slot. i'm joe fonzi. >> we are looking forward to hearing from coach kerr. fewer options to get your news. the news group consolidating. a hate crime in the east bay. the surveillance video that police want you to be looking
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some big changes on the way for local print media. half a dozen newspapers will be consolidated and merged into two publications next month. the decision was announced by the bay area news group. cristina rendon has more. >> facebook readers will recognize the publications. the oakland tribune and the contra costa times. the announcement took employees by surprise and come as there is skeleton staff already. the changes are prompted by a desire to sharpen their content and supported by extensive research. if you subscribe to the oakland tribune, the daily review in
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hayward or the argus you will receive weekly publications and there will be an east bay times. we spoke with the editor for the oakland tribune and the contra costa times in the newsroom and she says it is a sad thought that the daily oakland tribune will seek to exist but it appears to be a sign of the times. that is especially true as more people are now getting their news on mobile devices. these mergers will take effect on april 5th. some buyouts and layoffs are expected across the board in the south bay and the east bay. we don't know how many will be just yet. that remains to be seen. reporting in the newsroom, cristina rendon. ktvu fox 2 news. all right. new numbers from several super tuesday states are coming in. i want to go back to ken wayne tracking the totals. what can you tell us. >> the numbers from states that
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closed at 5:00. 35 minutes ago. let's go to alabama and we have the latest numbers. it looks like donald trump has been declared the winner there. the democratic side, we can tell you that hillary clinton is still too close to call in alabama. she is leading bernie sanders 48 to 44% in alabama. in tennessee, here is the latest information. donald trump declared the winner in tennessee. on the democratic side, here is where things stand in tennessee, still too close to call. let me see if i got the numbers. new information, hillary clinton has been declared the winner in tennessee on the democratic side. in massachusetts on the republican side. another win for donald trump. and also in texas, this is a real battle, this is the most delegates of all of the super tuesday states, ted cruz is leading in texas, that is his home state. donald trump in second and marco rubio in third place.
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oklahoma, another state that is just too close to call at this hour. donald trump leading there, ted cruz in 2nd place and marco rubio in third. in all e states that came in with declared winners. donald trump has won four states in addition to the other ones. and hillary clinton georgia, virginia, alabama, tennessee and arkansas and bernie sanders has won vermont. marco rubio has not won anything but ted cruz will win texas, the numbers are coming in. we have a long way to go but for now it is a very good day for hillary clinton on the democratic side and, of course, donald trump on the republican side. i know you will don't to watch as the numbers come in. the votes come in and we will have an update coming up in a bit. new at five, an apparent hate crime has people in el cerrito neighborhood on edge. a black family says someone tried to set the car on fire and left the racial slur on
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their lawn. it happened last wednesday at a home on arlington road. a woman says she looked out the window and saw flames under her suv. she and her husband ran outside to put out the two artificial logs that were set on fire behind the tires on their suv. the couple found a note with a racial slur left behind. police are now asking neighbors to check the home security system to see if anyone was walking, biking or driving by. between 1:30 a.m. and four a.m. last wednesday morning. neighbors say they are disheartened by the alleged hate crime. don't want to see anybody threatened or hurt or intimidated by hate crimes in el cerrito. i am saddened by the situation. >> it is not what any one of us believe in or want for our neighbors and it is something we don't want to be known for. this is a tight knit community.
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the mayor of el cerrito released a statement saying this unfortunate incident is not in character with the el cerrito community and provides an opportunity to highlight the community's commitment to inclusiveness. the city council will talk about it tonight and it will be a topic of discussion at a home relations commission committee tomorrow night. coming up here. some help for a dog hit by a rail train. how you can afford dog's expensive medical bills plus ... >> he touched people's lives. he mattered. a heart broken family of a mentally ill man that died in a south bay jail. today a fellow in mate takes the stand about what he about
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what he heard that fateful
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night. this is day two of a preliminary hearing for three santa cruz deputies accused of killing a mentally inmate. ann reuben explains that the inmate said he could hear the assault. >> michael tyree has been thrown in jail for possessing a meth pipe and stealing a laptop. though he suffered from mental illness. the family was not notified he was in custody until he was dead. now as the guards accused of killing him appear in court for preliminary hearing.
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tyree's loved ones are there. >> he touched people's lives and mattered. >> on the stand today, juan perez said he saw all three deputies, rafael rodriguez and matthew farris and jerry lubron go into tyree's cell and heard his screams and the words stop, please stop and then two loud booms like the sounds of boots stomping and then silence. the tyree family attorney believes it is strong testimony. >> that's one of the things that the prosecutor was very effective in getting across today was that the only people that could have caused the injuries to michael tyree were the three correctional officers. >> perez testified that he later saw a deputy came back to tyree's cell. when there was no movement he says lubron opened the door and kicked tyree's head with his foot. >> what i heard today with lubron kicking his head, that was his welfare check.
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that was his last welfare check. he was gone. the indignity of that. >> defense attorneys pointed out that perez is here illegally. they questioned his credibility as a felon. meanwhile michael tyree's sister is jarred by the crime scene photos prosecutors displayed yesterday. i looked at my brother and i thought that is a corpse. he was gone and naked and covered in feces and vomit and that is public. those are the last images of my brother and the last thing that this man did for him was kick his head. >> prosecutors still plan to call juan villa to the stand. an inmate that claims he too was beaten the night of tyree's death. this preliminary hearing was set to last three days. now authorities think it may last four. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. santa clear sheriff deputies raising money for a
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homeless dog seriously injured after being hit by a bta light rail vehicle. a go fund me site has been set up for charlie the dog. walking with his owner when he was hit last night. charlie's owner is homeless and can't pay the extensive veterinarian treatment. he will have to be euthanized. this is shaping up to be a good night for donald trump and hillary clinton. when the clock struck midnight. the new signs went up. evidence of the big changes being made at yosemite national park. and the umbrellas going up. rain in the forecast and not just drizzle but real rain
5:44 pm
headed your way.
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back to the election results. we go to oklahoma where it is still too close to call. donald trump right now leading with 32% of the vote. in second place ted cruz. and marco rubio next. we want to go to texas where ted cruz is leading in his home state. as you can see in the state of texas, cruz leading with 38% and donald trump in second with 28%. and marco rubio with 20%. virginia is still too close to call.
5:47 pm
here are the numbers from virginia. it looks like donald trump is called the winner by fox. with 36% of the vote. marco rubio 31%. ted cruz with 16.9%. we still have a long way to go but it is a good night already for donald trump and hillary clinton. trump has won in georgia, alabama, massachusetts and tennessee and fox said in virginia. >> hillary clinton is taking home alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee and virginia. bernie sanders won vermont. another state to close and we will keep you updated. sports reporter erin andrews testified in her civil lawsuit against a man convicted of stalking her and secretly filming her naked. staying at a nashville marriott as the reporter for espn when michael barrett requested a room next to her. it happened in 2008 and recorded her through a peephole. he was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison.
5:48 pm
today andrews talked about the trauma saying it ripped her apart to discover nude video of her online. >> i think the thing that has hit home from me and hurts me the worse is my girls, high school, college they say i want to be erin except for the marriott stalker thing. i can't control that. there are days that it doesn't get better. >> her lawyers also claim that hotel was negligent for allowing barrett to request a room next to hers. she is suing for $75 million in damages. not clear who would pay if she wins her case. meantime espn responded to andrews' testimony and that espn forced her to do an interview about this case. espn denied any wrong doing saying "we have been and continue to be supportive of erin." the old familiar names in yosemite park are gone an
5:49 pm
result of an dispute. badger ski pass resort is yosemite's ski and snowboard area. souvenirs are half price. the park service ordered the changes as it awaits the resolution of the legal battle. park visitors are resisting the changes. i'm not going to call it the other name. >> you are not, why not? >> the historic instance of the name is what it is and i have some confidence that they will be able to resolve the issue. and hopefully return the name. the root of this is a fight over money and trade mark. the company that used to operate yosemite attractions and delaware north claims it owns the name and sued the park service. so far they have not been able to reach an agreement. as of today, the company name aramark has the contract. campers had to be up to reserve
5:50 pm
spots at the state park. california has 279 state parks and 15,000 camp sites available. the popular ones go quickly. a wide price range from a few dollars to hundreds for groups and some places have a lower rate for nonpeak times. another beautiful dry day around the bay area. things are changing. let's go back to bill now in the weather center for the latest. the rain coming our way. rain coming our way julie and not a little bit. it will be a little bit but for the weekend a lot. we will see significant and the models projecting rainfall through the 15th of march. so we are going to get back to the wet. you will have wet commutes, no question about that. both coasts getting hit and you can see that system moving across upper and lower mississippi valley and you see the systems out to the west. the pattern is definitely loosened up and here is the system that is going to be -- have the biggest impact on us and that gets us tomorrow
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night. a few showers developing and a few more showers on thursday and then friday, saturday and sunday, should be game on for rain and game on for some significant commute delays. we haven't had rain in awhile. roads slick and this will be real rain. low latitude stuff. rainfall rates up there, especially on the weekend and that causes slow down on the roadway. all exactly what we need. partly cloudy tomorrow in san francisco. there might be a few sprinkles in the north bay. mid-morning and then it clears up. tomorrow is another okay day with a chance of a sprinkle to the north. and then thursday gets a little more inclement. wednesday morning, the rain to the north. here we go to wednesday evening, you see the rain to the north and maybe to santa rosa by 7:00 and then boom, we are getting wet by 11:00 or 12:00 tomorrow night or if you will thursday morning. and then thursday morning, the commute maybe wet on napa.
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this is really just the beginning. the atmosphere being moistured up. there is the afternoon commute on thursday. it may be wet on the roadway but getting set up for what will be a pretty significant wet period. friday, saturday and sunday. and beyond. and storm door opens up nicely. you can see it here. and the clouds dropping down. moisture content coming up. significant rain with mid 60s and it's raining. a subtropical system or almost subtropical and it will create significant rain and snow at high elevations. march is shaping up what we thought february will be. let's hope so. thank you, bill surprisingly a change coming to who can buy cigarettes in san francisco. the new age limit approved for all tobacco products and e
5:53 pm
cigarettes. coming up at six rolling out the red carpet. the big names in san jose to pick up the film festival.
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figuring out show auto sales in the u.s. are coasting
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with big games. ford sales rose 24% in february from the previous month. honda u.s. sales up 13% and nissan sales rose 11%. general motors sales were down. one-and-a-half percent because of a huge cut in rental sales. the san francisco board of supervisors has unanimously approved the minimum age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21. ktvu rob roth says that the tobacco industry says that change violates state law. the new law will soon mean no one under the age of 21 years old will be able to buy tobacco in san francisco legally. and the old law the cutoff was 18. personally i feel that we should be able to buy cigarettes at 18. if you are able to go to war and fight and vote for the president but can't buy cigarettes for yourself, that doesn't fit well with me. it doesn't seem right. >> other teens see it differently. >> i think that they should
5:57 pm
raise it to 21 because a lot of people are getting affected by dying and this may lower the cost of people dieing. >> at the smoke shop in the mission district the owner was helping it would fail because cigarettes are the biggest sellers. >> it will hit the small businesses and the city doesn't need that but how are we going to pay the taxes which is -- that's going to affect everybody. >> scott wiener opted the legislation and says that the drinking age is 21 so why not keep it the same for cigarette buyers. >> as a matter of smart public health, anything we can do to delay when people start smoking, it is going to be better for health in our community. >> the tobacco industry argues that san francisco can trump state law that fixes the age at 18. the sonoma town passed a similar law and not in force because the tobacco industry will sue.
5:58 pm
the city says it is ready to defend against the lawsuit if necessary. we believe and our city attorney general believes that the law is extremely defensible. >> san francisco now joins the city of berkeley in increasing the minimum age but berkeley's age takes effect next year and san francisco's age is june 1st. rob roth, fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. most of the results for super tuesday are now in. and it looks like hillary clinton and donald trump are walking away with big numbers. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. now that almost all of the polls are closed, we are getting a better idea of the final tallies for super tuesday where delegates are up for grabs. ken wayne has some updated numbers. the latest numbers show big nights for donald trump and hillary clinton. let's get to the numbers to show you how many states donald trump has won in this super tuesday republican primary.
5:59 pm
donald trump has won georgia, virginia, alabama, tennessee and massachusetts. taking a look at hillary clinton's numbers. she has won on the democratic side, georgia, virginia, alabama and tennessee and arkansas. but there are a number of states too close to call, bernie sanders, did win his home state of vermont. the only state he has won so far. the other states where we do not have a declared winner on the republican side, ted cruz's home state of texas along with oklahoma, arkansas and vermont and on the democratic side, texas and massachusetts are too close to call. again big nights for donald trump and clinton. marco rubio is trying to be competitive. it should be pointed out that the gop establishment is rallying around him to try to deny trump the republican nomination. since these are proportional delegates allocated after the election, marco rubio will be picking up delegates and he hopes to remain competitive with donald trump before we head to march 15th and the winner take all states which include marco rubio's home
6:00 pm
state of florida. and that is where he is currently way behind in the latest policy to donald trump. ken wayne in the newsroom, thank you. we will have continuing coverage on as well as the mobile app and complete coverage and analysis on the 10:00 now. police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed a 14-year-old boy in richmond. xavier mcclanahan shot on a bike path near his school yesterday morning. he was a freshman at kennedy high school. police bleak he was targeted but have not released a motive. friends and family describe xavier as a funny guy and good person. new at six, community groups in that richmond area are working to help keep kids and guns off of the streets. ktvu paul chambers spoke to some people providing alternatives to teens and you have new information on a shooting that could be related to xavier mcclanahan's death.


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