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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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charged statements himself. >> d.a. gascon being an elected official, he is a politician and he is playing into this political theater. >> the poa president says he and others submitted sworn declarations yesterday. that's about one week after gascon told the panel that he was more worried today about the climate within the ffpd than 2009 to 2011. >> this is a sworn declaration under penalty of perjure real. it's basically refute black the district attorney said before the blue ribbon panel ten days ago. if he had not made those false accusations, we would have no reason to refute it. >> reporter: one of those assertions during a 2010 work trip back east delaney says that he, gascon, and another union member had drinks over dinner. he alleges that gascon made multiple statements that disparaged minority.
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he became so loud and animated that an african-american patted troon approached the chief and asked him to restrain himself because his behavior was offending his family. the d.a. spokesperson responded to the allegations saying, quote what delaney lacks in credibility he makes up for in imagination. in the document he says that gascon never once mentioned anything about race, gender, or sexual allegations. he says gascon contributed to the old boys network mentality. >> i'm not sure what his motivation is. under his watch, he actually demoted an african-american command staff member back to captain and promoted at least three white males into the command staff positions. >> reporter: the two would not
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provide more details on their declarations but said they would be happy to testify before the panel if called. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a san jose police officer is recovering after a bizarre encounter with a naked man that happened this morning. police say the man crashed into a metal gate of property that had horse stables and then drove through a fence, knocking down a utility pole. investigators say the man then rammed the patrol car, injuring an officer. police say the man ignored commands to stop, and they were forced to use a taser on him. he was arrested for trespassing, vandalism, and assault. >> police in brisbane confirmed the remains found near the dumb barton bridge earlier are in fact those of shelly titchener. the 57-year-old woman was reported missing february 15th. about a weak later a torso was found and this past weekend more remains were discovered. police say they are still investigating the case.
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the woman's husband is a suspect in her murder. paul titchener committed suicide by jumping off the bay bridge after the remains were first discovered. the 8th and final suspect linked to the shooting death of an oakland woman appeared in court. 37-year-old reed is facing charges including accessory to murder for her alleged involvement in a death. court documents say it triggered a gun battle. pearce was caught in the crossfire and killed a few feet from her front door as she was trying to shield her children. community leaders say her death has had a lasting effect. >> had. it saddens everybody that knew her and knew the family, because they really are great people. and sought affected all of us. >> reed's son is being charged with beg an accessory to murder and six other men have already been charged with murder for
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their alleged involvement. >> and now to the north bay where health officials in napa county today confirmed the first case of the zika virus hear in the bay area. the mosquito born ill science linked to a severe birth defect. as january is a sake tells us the patient is pregnant. >> the napa county public health officer announced the good news is that she's now showing no signs of the virus despite being sick after she returned from central america month ago. >> the general symptoms for zika virus are fever, rash, red eyes or conjunctivitis and joint pain. >> reporter: zika virus is a dangerous pathogen that's spread by mosquitoes. what perhaps is most frightening is it's possible linked to microcephaly, something that can be fatal before or after birth. officials are family sizing that despite this confirmed case there is no public health threat. while there have been some
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cases nationally of people contracting the disease, experts say that's not an issue here. >> i think the important thing is to get the message out there that any pregnant women considering travel to areas where zika virus transmission is taking place should either abstain from travel there or consult with their healthcare provider. >> reporter: those areas include central and south america and the caribbean. if you are going to make sure you use bug spray and other methods to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. to the weather now. after days of warm weather the conditions are changing. check out this time-lapse captured from our roof cam this afternoon. you can see those clouds rolling in, and that means rain is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin here. we're expecting a lot of rain. >> i think. so but the nice thing it's over an extended period of time so i hope we'll be fine in terms of the amount of rainfall. some of the models suggest over a foot of rain for parts of the bay area, maybe more.
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but if you get a break we can take all that water. it's going to start off warm these first couple of systems, so this deal thursday and friday, this weak system pretty warm snow levels will be high. cools off later, but there are more storms in store for next week. so thursday, friday, not a big deal. just some nuisance showers that will mess with the commute. but when we get into saturday and sunday night it's going to be real wet. it's kind of fore bodying. here comes the first system rolling in. i'm not going to try to keep count because they're so fluid. they're going to morph together a little bit, but this system rolls in as we head into your bay area thursday. we will see some wet on the morning commute. very light, wet showers. maybe on the afternoon commute but not a lot of accumulation. when i come back we will look at the big picture and check out our weather app on fox 2. download the weather app and get all the radar information you need there. and i've got to tell you, it's
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got some good stuff. keep you going. some forecast models on there. so we'll see you back here in a couple of minutes with more updates and the long-range model. new at 6:00 california's district attorneys are taking a stand against governor brown and his prison proposal. the governor wants to put a measure on the november ballot to reduce prison population by changing how inmates are released. he wants them to be allowed to earn credits by working behind bars to earn early release. the district attorney's association says it would take away a judge's authority on handing down sentences. now to the aftermath of super tuesday. big changes in the race for the white house. it appears that republican ben carson is dropping out of the race, saying that he's going to skip the republican debate tomorrow night, and it will -- and will make an announcement about his campaign on friday. in a statement today the retired brain surgeon as i understand part, "i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's super
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tuesday results." caroline shively tells us how the remaining candidates fared. >> reporter: trump trounces. the donald takes home wins in seven states surge past the field. >> there are paths but they're awfully narrow. donald trump had a good night. he won seven states. it was an impressive performance. >> reporter: while texas senator ted cruz kept his campaign alive with a decisive win in his home state, florida senator marco rubio faces the fight of his life with just one victory in minnesota. polls show rubio could lose his home state to trump. >> we feel very strongly and very optimistic. if we win florida, all of this doesn't matter. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich has turned his attention to trying win midwestern states. his campaign is on life support. >> i'm not engaging in personal attack, name calling or mudslinging to become president of the united states. >> reporter: meanwhile, vermont senator bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail after picking up four states even as
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hillary clinton cements a clear lead among democrats. >> we were up against a candidate supported by the entire political establishment, somebody almost universally known, someone who had been anointed as the inevitable nominee. well, guess what. she's not so inevitable today. >> reporter: on thursday the republican candidates will have another chance to go head to head in a fox news debate in detroit, hoping to gain votes in the michigan battle ground state before voters head to the polls on tuesday. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. >> and again that debate tomorrow night in detroit, fox news will be hosting it, then this weekend, the next set of primaries and caucuses. five states will vote. the biggest of them louisiana. coming up, a break in the case of several catalytic converter thefts in the parking lot of bart stations. >> we did see an uptick in the
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crime, and luckily we arrested two individuals yesterday. >> up next, how an alert attendant helped police catch those suspects. plus, armed guards at a well-known motel chain. the latest attempt to curb crime at several motel 6 locations. taking a look now at the wednesday evening commute this is a live picture of interstate 80 in berkeley near the university avenue exit. as you can see it's okay in the commute direction headed toward the macarthur maze. actually that is the commute direction. >> a look at interstate 880 near the coliseum. sometimes this can be a little misleading but traffic is moving along pretty much normal here for an evening commute.
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new at 6:00 tonight a break in the case. two suspects are now under arrest in the east bay after a rash of thefts in the parking lots of bart stations. those suspects are accused of stealing catalytic converters from the vehicles parked there. >> keba arnold is in the newsroom with the alert station agent who helped the police catch those suspects. >> reporter: right now authorities aren't saying if these two men arrested are responsible for all of the recent thefts but what they are saying, bart police say the two men stole catalytic converters off vehicles at the station yesterday. investigators say an agent at that station saw one of the men underneath a car and alerted authorities. the suspects are identified as cedric choice and michael tillis. bart police pulled over their vehicle and discovered several catalytic converters inside. >> the vehicle was found to contain three catalytic converters and tails used to take them. the station agent positively identified the suspect vehicle
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and the two suspects. >> reporter: bart police say over the last month there's been a number of catalytic converters stolen from cars at bart stations all in the east bay. again, investigators aren't station these two men are responsible for all of the thefts that have been happening but authorities say thieves can sell these converters to scrap yards and make a quick buck. in the newsroom, keba arnold, ktvu fox 2 news. a former mayor of a city in the east bay once convicted of child molestation has been arrested for loitering near an elementary school. the 77-year-old was the mayor of pittsburgh in the 1960. in 1972 he was convicted of lewd acts with a boy younger than 14. after that he became homeless. police picked him up last week outside an elementary school. officers say it is the third time in five months that officers have arrested him for being too close to a school.
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crime problems at motel 6 in the sacramento area appear to be declining after the chain started using armed security guards about two months ago. there have been, or there arrest half-dozen motel 6's in the bay area. police say all of them had become magnets for crime. the city had threatened to sue the chain if they didn't implement a plan to reduce crime. uber's car paling option expanded into the east bay. users can now use uber pool to back a shared ride at a lower cost w. uber pool, an uber driver will pick up other passengers who are headed in the same direction. the goal is to make uber a convenient and affordable option for commuters going from the east bay into san francisco. >> we're going to have a map to make sure that our riders know
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where they can pinpoint their location, they can go in a similar direction if they're matched, whether they're matched or not matched. it's still going to be 50% cheaper than uber during the morning commute and evening commute. >> the ride sharing company says the rush hour demand for the uber pool service has increased since the launch of the option in san francisco back in 2014. time to get another check of our weather. you can feel the change taking place today. bill has a look at when that rain is supposed to get here. >> you can feel the change. you can seat, too. i know it's not on my computer. maybe the director can grab that shot behind me. it's super. which one is that? it's from the estuary. it is so wintry looking. there it is. >> dark, dark clouds. >> yeah. and last week we've been doing record temperatures, dry, dry, dry, then this look going on. some fog, low level clouds, and it's time for some rain.
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it starts up here late tonight and early tomorrow morning. thanks you guys. sorry to make you get that last minute, but that shot sort of says it all. as you look out in the pacific here comes our next weather. it does look significant and it is but not for us. just a lightweight daily as it slides through here tonight and tomorrow. scattered showers in the forecast, morning commute might be wet. afternoon commute might be wet. a 10th of an inch, quarter of an inch in the north bay, maybe a half inch as you get north of the russian river up there. temperatures are in the 60s. snow levels will be high with this first round. here we are tonight, or tomorrow morning, thursday morning. there's a light scattered shower. not much going on. there's your morning commute. here comes the afternoon commute. don't change your plans based on this. just know it's going to be an umbrella, wet, slippery day on the roads. friday morning commute. same deals. low-grade stuff. friday afternoon, and then up in the corner up here you see
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what's happening? that system, and now we're going to extend it. that system rolls in friday night into saturday. and it looks good. so this is kind of a more coarse model depicting the timing. there's that break, julie. see that break there? there's saturday, then saturday night it gets going again, a little bit of a break, then it gets going again sunday night, and then it gets a little bit of break as we head through wednesday, then it all drops back in again. rainfall, i mean, the models are all over the place. they see the subtropical moisture, they know we're going get some rain. the idea is timing and how these come together and where they hit. but right now it's not going to be hard over the next ten days to get sir, seven, eight inches of rain for a place like san francisco. in the hills it could be much more. it could be a foot of rain, foot and a half over 10 day, frank and julie. the snow levels start off high, but then they drop down as we head into the next storm next week, wednesday and thursday.
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then they will start to get snow. if i had a model that went out 10 days you would see these things. >> nothing in february, then all of a sudden, pow. >> let's hope it works out. hope we get the breaks. >> bill, thank you. we want to let you know we are following breaking news out of san francisco. take a look at these live pictures from sky fox. police tell us they're investigating a suspicious package. it's all happening at third and howard near the moscone center and yerba buena gardens. we are working to get more information on reports of a suspicious package at third and howard streets in san francisco. low-income senior citizens didn't to have go far to buy fresh produce today. city and county officials opened a community produce stand at the palo vista garden apartments. many of the seniors living in
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low-income housing have limited mobility and transportation to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. and the nearest grocery store to the apartment complex is a mile and a half away. organizers say the six convenient stores stock mostly canned, unhealthy food. the giants open up their spring training schedule today with one of their new free agent pitchers on the mound, and steve kerr sat down with mark ibanez today. coming up in minutes, the important health warning going out to little leaguers as the new baseball season gets underway j. a dramatic change in california's wine country. why life in the vineyard may they ever be the same.
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more now on that breaking news out of san francisco. police investigating a suspicious package. this is third and howard. third is the street that is running up the screen with the bus lane, the red bus lane there. you can see they have right now shut down third as howard. this is an area that is very congested during the evening commute so keep that in mind if you are in the area of third and howard. it looks like howard is still open. it's third street where the problems are in terms of the street being closed. we will keep you posted if we get any new information. >> mark is here now. want to talk about arizona. let the games begin. giants play today, a's play tomorrow. >> the cactus league stuff ready to go. we'll be sick of it in a weak and ready for the real games but that's awhile off. the giants are successful in their opener. we get our first look at jeff
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samardzija. played with the white sox last year. didn't strike anybody out. a nice defensive play from shortstop there as the giants defeat the angels. one of the guys trying to make the giants as a backup infielder, conor gillaspie. might be a familiar name. he started his career in the giants organization. leaves the yard with that shot but it was all about the right- hander is a mar. today -- samardzija today. >> the first time out, there's always jitters because it's like the first day of school. you've been thinking for this moment for four months now. it just weighs on you. you want to get out there and stay nice and healthy and stay within yourself. i thought we did that. >> you can never go wrong talking about the golden state warriors. they will try and extend their record, hopefully record setting win streak at home tomorrow with oklahoma city n town. today i had a chance to sit down with one of the heroes of last night's game, the coach.
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coach kerr. he's always a hero. but draymond green was a subject that came up. draymond had a huge shot in the final moments of last night's victory to keep that home streak going. coach kerr talked about his sometimes temperamental start. draymond green. >> we would much rather after guy what is passionate and out of control sometimes than somebody who didn't care. draymond cares more than anybody. his passion and his emotion, his competitive desire all make him the player that he is. and make us the team that we are. so he's going to have the occasional outburst, and it's really not a big deal. this is professional sports. this stuff happens all the time. >> so you don't take it personallily? >> no. draymond and i are time. we're really -- we really after ton of respect for each other. >> i can't tell you how impressed i am with coach kerr. seems to get it on every level,
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just as a person, and he really has basketball in the proper perspective. it's important to him, but it's not the end all, be all, too. as a human, i think he's got iting to. >> just seems like such a normal gay. he doesn't talk in coach-speak, and he actually says something when he speaks. >> a former player, highly successful. >> we've got an extended interview sunday night but he also talks about air jordan and whether he thinks stephen curry is at that level yet. >> very interesting. >> a good tease. thanks, mark. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, a car break-in captured right there on camera, but so far, no arrests. we ask why it's so tough to get justice for a problem that is plaguing local streets. you will be amazed at how many cars are broken into every single day in san francisco. that story coming up at song. >> we're always here for you on and facebook and
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twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. >> see you later.
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