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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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spring training games are well underway. we go live to arizona to check out the early action on the field. field. google is launching a new feature to help you travel the world. we are talking with a travel expert about the new destinations on google. on google.
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you know i love queen. when we see days like this with the sun coming through the clouds i had to pick you are my best friend. we have alex savidge here, he is fine and i'm guessing you and chip have the best friend status. >> i would say we do. absolutely. he has always been a good buddy of mine working so closely with him. we are on a different level now. i think i can safely call him my hero. >> how do you feel today compared to yesterday. >> i'm decompressing. my heart pounds every time i see the video, still. every time it gets played my
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heart skips a beat. today i'm feeling better than yesterday. i'm making a slow recovery. it is emotionally draining and emotionally overwhelming. >> it is good having you here. a lot of people are talking. you have broken the internet officially. the well wishes from around the world for alex savidge are amazing. i'm guessing you have questions or thing to say for alex. here's your chance. let us know today. hashtag #ktvu 9. anything you want to say to alex after a close brush with tragedy, it is all yours. >> i was driving into work and steve paulson seeing a lot of rain on the north end. it was a wet ride coming in. >> very much so. north bay will get a lot of rain the next five to seven days. we talked about this earlier. santa cruz mountains last
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weekend. the focus will go north here. today is little stuff like a teaser. not a lot. there have been a quarter of an inch in the rushing river. there could be a foot of rain between now and tuesday if everything comes marching in as advertised. north napa 17. h napa 17. things are lightsenning up. there is so much low clouds around. it will be a gray day. we'll stay cloudy with occasional drizzle or mist or light rain. it restates through. it will be a morning event more than in the afternoon. the band will lift northward and swing back in tomorrow for the north bay. the path goes well south to the
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hawaiian islands. little light rain might be filtering through. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. 56 san jose. it will start tomorrow in the north bay and go friday into monday. rush river looks to be prime time. >> thank you very much. you very much. this morning ace trains are running again from the central valley to silicon valley. >> that's after a train derailed monday morning. >> ally is at the scene at the pleasanton station where riders are noticing more elbow room on today's trains. y's trains.
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>> reporter: yes, a few people we talked to who took the first train at 4:20 this morning when they got here they got off and said it seemed less crowded than usual. first passengers here got on board the ace train at 5:30. they had 400 passengers. normally they have 650. that's significantly lower. it may be a combination of people not knowing service is back to normal. some people may be anxious of getting on board after monday's derailment. the tracks reopened at 10:45 after the train derailed monday evening. nine people were hurt. most of the passengers had no reservations about getting on board. today is probably everybody is looking at the tracks come monday after the storm. >> 680 is more dangerous than driving the train. it is always easier to take the
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train. as long as we go slow through the canyon we'll be okay going forward. >> reporter: as the train pulled in the station this morning you could hear the announcement that the train would be traveling more slowly through niles canyon and there were speed restrictions in the area as a precaution. ace train representative said normally the speed limit is 40 miles per hour. today it is 10 miles per hour. because the trains moving more slowly there are delays you might have to deal with on the ace trains. ace train number five was supposed to leave at 7:50 ended up arriving at the pleasanton station 15 minutes late. something to be aware of the you plan on taking ace translatedder today. edder today.
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new from seattle, nine firefighters were rushed to hospitals after an explosion rocked a seattle neighborhood. one witness said it looked like a war-zone out there. fire crews were checking reports of a natural gas leak when there was an explosion at 1:45 a.m. our time. >> this is devastating. i'm so shaken up. i don't know what we'll do. >> several buildings were damaged. tenants in nearby apartments were bussed out of the blast zone as a precaution. authoritiesing brought in a specially trained dog to detect if anyone was trapped in the restructure. restructure. -- rubble. -- rubble. donald trump was the focus of the a annual gathering of business and political leaders
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the race for the white house one step closer. bernie sanders did manage to chalk up a big win. we are live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. so much for the questions about donald trump's momentum after last weekend. he erased all of that last night with big wins. he had a clear message for the gop establishment in his victory speech saying get on board or get out of the way. the trump train rolls on with near double-digit wins last night in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. looking more and more like the nominee and calling for the party to come together. >> believe it or not i am a unifier. look at all of the things i built all over the world i'm a unifier. i have great relations. >> reporter: in idaho texas senator ted cruz said john kasich and marco rubio should drop auto. >> at this point there are two candidates with a plausible path. that's donald trump and me. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders pulling off a huge upset narrowly winning michigan's primary after trailing hillary clinton by double-digits there in recent polls.
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now setting his sights on next week's vote in florida. >> let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout. huge! >> reporter: in mississippi's democratic primary african- american vote carried clinton to an easy victory over sanders as she tried to pivot past the primaries on to the general election. >> every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> reporter: on the republican side this next week is crucial for both marco rubio and john kasich. they have staked the future of their campaigns on winning home states of ohio and florida. those primaries next tuesday. a lot could change in the next week so you never know. baseball season is around
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the corner. spring training underway in arizona. >> yesterday giants beat cincinnati 16-7. today they take on the rockies and a faced chicago white sox. white sox. >> reporter: i watched the 9 every morning and i'm trying to replicate what i do. usually i'm in bed with my coffee, lounge chair, national inquirer catching up on the gossip. how is the weather up there, by the way? >> it is rainy and soggy. and soggy. we are at the giants game. our camera man, rick, pan over and look at this for a day of
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baseball. perfect setting. this is scottsdale stadium, giants will be working out in a few minutes to get ready for their ball game today. last night was a rare -- you don't see a lot of nighttime exhibition games. madison pitched. giant's ace left hander gives up three runs in the 1st inning. winds up pitching three total innings and gives up five hits. if you know anything about madison he keeps things well in perspective. i spoke with him after they took him out of the game in the giant's clubhouse. nothing is really bothering him about his outing last night. >> last start cutter weren't very good like a normal relief. today they were better but still not where i want them. they are definitely better. command felt pretty good. everything felt really good.
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felt like i made a lot of good pitches. >> anything imparticular next session out that will be looking to improve on? >> yeah. getting guys out and not giving up runs. >> reporter: did you guys know that dr. phil is a raging monster off the air? >> you cannot be getting paid for this. >> i don't think i have tailgated solo before. >> we can do it. >> reporter: i'm waiting for the crowd to get here. but, on a serious baseball note. this is a big day for the giants. they are going to get their first look at johnnie quato. he is a guy they paid big money for in the off season. over a 100 million contract. he'll make his giant's debut in a couple hours.
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in the meantime i'm getting ready for it. i'm wound up for the game. it is going to be a nice afternoon here. afternoon here. it is coming to a point where it is over work. you hear fans saying it about the even year and it is a thing in the bay area. it is coming to the point where it is passe. it is probably nothing more than a coincidence. it is a great coincidence for the giants. they love it. fact of the matter is it is a long season. believe me, these guys will not be thinking oh, this is an even year. i guess we'll win. that's far from the hard core
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baseball player's mentality now. for now in spring training they are going along with the joke. it is all fun and games. come the regular season believe know, none of the giants will be saying it is an even year. it is great. it will be our year. >> talking about johnnie, i think sonny gray is tossing today for the a's. do you expect a lot from him this year? >> reporter: undoubtedly the ace with the oakland pitching staff. we had an interview lined up with billy today but he is under the weather. there is a lot of viruses going around, even despite the great weather. we are not going to be at the a's game. they are counting on him to carry the load of a young pitching staff. the a's, boy it will be a long season. for the most part, it is expected that it will be improved over last year. that's not saying a whole lot
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because they lost more than 90 games. but sonny gray unquestionably is their ace. >> a very relaxed mark staking out his spot on the lawn waiting for the giants game. ants game. coming up here on "mornings on 2", you will get your r&r soon, i hope. let's talking about thing out there called uber for law. next we'll talk with an author about affordable legal advice anyone can get. inappropriate content versus filters that are too strict. battle over ipads given to student. student. -- students.
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were joined live with more on what is being called the uber of legal advice. the legal system can be intimidating for people. >> reporter: it is confusing and intimidating to talk to lawyer. the price tag is way too high. you can talk to somebody for a couple hours and the next month you get a bill for thousands of dollars. that's out of the question for most people. >> let's talk about the life things almost everyone goes through. what are the top three, if you will, instances where we should get some real legal help instead of asking our older brother. >> here's what we found. the big areas where people want
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simple answers and help are family law. maybe you are getting divorced with a child custody fight. you have an elder abuse matter. immigration. can i get a green card? can i become a citizen? can i get a work visa? how do that do that? small businesses. i'm a small business owner myself. i know how it is. you have to keep a close eye on the bottom line but you want to know should i sue this vendor or somebody is threatening to sue me. we are able to bring low-cost legal services at fixed rates for people in these areas. >> a lot of people go to the internet for advice and medical help. why would you say it is a good idea to log on and try to get legal help on the internet? it seems dangerous to me. >> right. well you have to be careful online. you don't want to search for a legal answer. you might end up on a blog or
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somebody's social media post and they don't really know what they are talking about. we are a reputable site. almost every lawyer in america is rated on the site, including me. you get from a zero to a ten rating. you can look at customer reviews. peer reviews. you can look at people's disciplinary records so you know what kind of lawyer you are dealing with. say you have one of those legal problems. guess what? you can get free legal advice on the website. type in your question. lawyers in your area will give you actual legal advice within 24-hours. there is over eight million questions that have been answered. you might find the answers comes up like that. if that is not sufficient, for $39, flat rate, no hidden charges, you can get a 15 minute consultation with an attorney in your area who you chose based on the ratings. again it is all clear and up
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front. that's is avo legal services. >> i want to get your take on the replacement for justice antonin scalia. how big of an impact does this have on our country? >> it has a huge impact. he was a major conservative voice on the court without him the court is evenly divided four to four. we need nine justices on the supreme court. we need to have an odd number so we don't have ties. it is important to get his replacement nominated, confirmed by the senate. the supreme court has a lot of work to do. let them get back to work with nine justices. it is very important. >> is it important before we have a new president? >> yeah. there is nothing in the constitution saying if you are in your last year of office you cannot elect a supreme court justice. justice scalia was a strict
9:22 am
constructionist of the constitution. it says the president nominates, the senate confirms. let's go through that process. >> lisa bloom joining us live on the 9. thank you very much. coming up on "mornings on 2", spring isn't just for baseball and house cleaning. up next we talk to an expert act how to spruce up and refresh your career. a woman is attacked and choked. inside a bathroom at san jose state university. we'll tell you what police are saying about the victims and attacker coming up.
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spring is around the corner. that means spring cleaning for a lot of people. it is not just your house that needs reorganization. joining us is tom from the lasalle network. this refresh, this reboot we all need in our careers. >> i think most people do. we think you don't is when you
9:25 am
need it more than ever. you cannot take anything for granted. coming in the spring everybody is hunkered down whether in california, midwest east coast or south. you put on weight over the winter. it is not literally. figuratively you do up here. you start to think about your job and how to break out of the monotony. >> what are the signs of change? >> when you are leaving earlier and getting in later. we see it in sports all the time. it is the same in the business community. we can not let that happen. >> i feel like i have a purpose every day whether it is to inform or educate. i feel i get to do something everybody day that is special. not a lot of people have that
9:26 am
feeling. >> it depends how you look at things. do you want to have a product other people want to use that helps them do their job? whether it is computers, suits or the news. the end user will have a positive or negative experience. when you are feeling like, i have been there done that. now is the time to say i'm going to get in earlier, stay later and ask for bigger projects to tackle. >> you may be knocking on the boss' door saying i'm ready to go. throw more things on my plate. >> absolutely. you have to look at your breaking bad. you have to get to the door and say i want the assignment. >> if you decide it is time to make a shift in your life and change careers that is a big leap of faith. >> if you have been in a place long enough, let's call that four-plus years. you have an emotion on it built
9:27 am
up. if you have a bad week or bad month your boss knows what you are about. you are giving that up when you go some place else. when an employee takes a new job they think they are getting more money based on what they have done. employer thinks it is for what you are going to do. when you bring somebody in and you give them $20 million they are paying you for the future but you think you are awarded for last season. same thing in the employment market. >> do you think people are always looking for the next job or better opportunity? >> i think it is where the economy is and social media and all the great tools we have. you are getting e-mails all the time. here's a job that matches up with your background. we'll saw your profile and this is a similar industry. it is hard to ignore it. social media, facebook for
9:28 am
example, went from 20 something's and kids to genx and baby-boomers are on it more. >> at what point do you tell your current boss you are looking? >> it has to be about the relationship with your boss and do they truly want what is best for you. if you have been in a place a year it is tough. if you have been there ten years and i have a great relationship with your manager, i'm a big believer in that. >> 11 years here. hopefully 11 more. >> i feel like it would affect family life. there is a lot of times i have a rough day and i feel bad and i bring it home. by rebooting or refreshing your career it has that effect. [ no audio ] [ no audio ] the happier you are at work the happier you are when you get
9:29 am
home. the end result is a more fulfilling life. >> thank you for coming on. coming up. >> this is the guy here. give him a double double. >> he saved his life. we'll hear from alex savidge on the aftermath of yesterday's way too close for comfort call and reed your wonderful tweets. l tweets.
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unless you have allergies., then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. welcome back. it is 9:31. a second ago we replayed the dramatic video clip of what happened to our own alex savidge yesterday while he was reporting in niles canyon. talk about a brush with death.
9:32 am
>> my heart stops every time i seen it. i have seen it a lot over the last day or so. it is replayed around the world. >> do you replay it in your head? >> i definitely do. i'm grateful that i moved the right way and moved when i did. >> and you moved because? >> my amazing photographer chip vaughn screamed at me to get out of the way. i went the other direction from where traffic was and turned out to be the right move. i was telling you earlier, it was kind of like he asked why i went the way i did. my photographer went that same direction. it is almost like a dance partner. he sort of lead the way and i saw him go this way and i thought i guess we are going this way. >> we are asking at the top of the newscast if you have any questions for alex about what happened yesterday. i got one from marty. do you believe you have a
9:33 am
guardian angel now? >> something like that. i believe in some spiritual forces being out there in the universe somewhere. yeah, i think somebody said to me on twitter there is a reason we are keeping you around here to do some good things. i like that perspective. >> brian writes close call. you need to give this dude the rest of the week off. >> i got a hard time for being back here this morning. >> through ktvu's facebook page, instagram and twitter well wishes for you and chip from around the world. >> and the story went around the world. let me say here the comments on outpouring of support and love has been overwhelming. more than i can respond to or handle ever. normally i try to talk to everybody on twitter and facebook. it is overwhelming. i can not respond to everybody. i want everybody to know i
9:34 am
appreciate. and all their love and support means the world to me. it absolutely does. >> courtney robinson has a question. did the woman realize she almost hit you? i hope you got an apology? >> she was a bit disoriented and confused about what took place. so no. we didn't really have a conversation. she was talking with the cops and they were sorting everything out. i don't hold her at fault at all. i mean she probably caused what happened but no hard feelings. >> you relaxed after. how did you relax? >> the only way i know how to relax was with a nice, cold beer. old beer. to me that was the best way to unwind after the scariest day i
9:35 am
have had in a long time. we work in this business and cover awful, awful things that happen to people all the time. crashes or whatever it is. we need to put in perspective, there is a lot of people that haven't gotten out of the way like i did. we cover those stories on a daily basis and it gives me a new perspective on that part of the job. >> take it away, alex. according to google most people are turning to their phones to plan and book travel. >> company says there has been a 50% increase in mobile travel questions on the site. >> to help with extra traffic google is launching destinations ongoing. we are joined by the google travel expert. talking about it. what is going on with this? >> so, we realize that -- as you said a lot of people turn to their mobile phones to
9:36 am
figure out where should i go? we launched this new service called destinations on google. it tells you that where should i go? what should i do when i get there? and how much money is this going to cost me? if you were planning a trip to europe search for europe destinations. you'll see a list of cities and the best time to go. if you are one to avoid crowds you'll see the best time to go when no one is there. you'll see the best prices of hotels and flights. it helps make the travel planning easier. >> are you basing what is most popular based on the number of searches people are putting into google? i might search 25 times for hawaii before i decide to go to las vegas. >> when we look at the top places people search for, for instance santa cruz is one of
9:37 am
the most top searched places domestically and san francisco. maltese and belize are hot for people in san francisco. >> i desperately need a vacation. what are the hot spots now? >> right now across the state there is a trend playing out here. it is beach vacations. one of the top searched places is myrtle beach. then a couple other places in mexico like cancun. places in california are very popular. huntington beach and laguna beach round out the top five. internationally people are searching greece and scotland. brazil is a hot search and
9:38 am
destination now. >> do you think travel agent's days are numbered? that this is the present and future? >> this is just a way to do the research in your mobile device at your fingertips. many people like to the a lot of research and talk to a lot of people. we certainly encourage that. this is just another option. >> thank you very much for joining us. we are following the stories around the bay area. here's dave clark. a woman was attacked late last night in a bathroom of the main library at san jose state university. university officials say neither the woman nor the suspect know each other. neither are students or work at san jose state. the suspect reportedly tried to choke her. campus police were called to the library at 9:00 p.m. last night on an unrelated matter when students told them
9:39 am
about the incident. while officers quickly made an arrest. students we talked to on campus today were stunned to hear about what happened. >> what are they doing to up security? i'm concerned about the safety of the students and myself. >> the alleged victim was treated at the scene. she didn't want to go to the hospital. suspect was booked on charges that include false imprisonment, battery and being under the influence. in half an hour there will be a procession honoring former first lady nancy reagan. procession will go from the funeral home to the ronald reagan presidential library. today is the first of three days of ceremonies honoring her life. this afternoon there will be a public viewing at the library. public view willing continue
9:40 am
tomorrow. a private funeral will be held friday. nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband, president ronald reagan. those are some of your morning headlines. back to you. >> thank you very much. closing arguments are expected to happen this morning in the trial that stirred strong emotions in san francisco. >> it is wrongful death trial of four san francisco police officers charged in the death of alex neito. >> reporter: good morning. this has been a very emotional case. there was a civil lawsuit filed by the parents of 28-year-old alex neito who was shot and killed by four san francisco police officers two years ago. hours from now the jury could make their decision. some of the most compelling testimony we heard came from a dog walker. he spoke yesterday. according to the chronicle evan snow was walk his dog the day
9:41 am
alex neito was shot and killed. he told the court march 21, 2014 he was at a park and encountered him and said he was acting eradly. he said he pulled out the stun gun and pointed it at him and his dogs. he walked away but feared for his life. the family's attorney said during a deposition he pulled out his taser after the dog started barking at him. he had the taser because of his job at a security guard and he was a student at city college. two years ago officers responded to the park after several reports from dog walkers who say they felt threatened by him. when officers arrived they said they feared for their lives and mistook the taser for a gun. the officers were criminally cleared last year. closing arguments begin at 9:00. around noontime the jury will begin deliberations in this
9:42 am
emotional case. back to you. >> thank you very much. ou very much. apple cofounder steve wozniak is speaking out between the fight between apple and the fbi. this separate from the case involving the cell phone that belongs to the one of the san bernardino shooters, which is expected to go to court later this month. steve wozniak supports apple's refusal to provide software to access those phones. >> creating a back door opens a pandora's box. once you create it there is a chance hackers will find a way into it. if you put it in the hands of the fbi hackers could get into it. >> steve wozniak says apple has always protected user's privacy rights and should not give in to the federal government.
9:43 am
there are concerns local parents have over technology in the classroom. last night parents told the school board if the filters can't be improved maybe the ipads should not be used. parents say they may waste time searching for star wars, but some children could be exposed to racial, violent or sexual content. >> this is what came out. it is a man about to be kissed by a man. >> older students say what is inappropriate for elementary school children may be the very information they need for their own school project. district says it is still trying to find a balance between what is appropriate for students and how to have different filters for different age groups. bay area winery receiving the top award in the world. coming up we'll talk about the
9:44 am
wine and the special cause the proceeds are going to. your next trip to san francisco international airport could be more glamorous. first-of-its-kind service being unvailed today.
9:45 am
9:46 am
it has been around hundred years. st. mary's in chinatown is shutting down. it is a bi lingual school opened in 1981 to serve chinese immigrants. because of the low enrollment it can not afford the keep the school opened. parents were notified yesterday. >> hopefully it will reopen. >> the school will close at the
9:47 am
end of this school year. parish say it may reopen kindergarten and lower classes. bi lingual preschool will continue operating. st. mary's men's basketball team will have to wait to see if they can get an at-large bid to the ncaa tournament. they beat gonzaga twice during the regular season. they could not make it three wins yesterday. bulldogs won west coast conference tournament final 85- 75. that's the 18th straight ncaa tournament for gonzaga. st. mary's will not be guaranteed they'll get in the tournament but the head coach believes they should. >> there are five teams in the country with five losses or less. whoever has been on our schedule, we won our league. to me it is to be. but i'm not on the committee. >> they'll find out on sunday
9:48 am
if they'll be in the tournament. university of san francisco women's basketball team is going to the ncaa tournament for the first time in 20 years. they took down top seeded byu 70-68 in a thriller in the tournament title game yesterday. that's despite trailing for all but the last 17 seconds of the game. taylor proctor lead the team and named tourment mvp. tourment mvp. that is not the only reason this wine is worth mentioning. a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit a special cause. we are joined this morning by steve and kate leer. the owner of leer vineyards. thank you for coming in. when i think byron i think
9:49 am
population of 1200. how did this all get started? >> we bought this place three years ago. it was a dream we wanted to open up a wine bar. we ended up buying a winery. little bit different and little bigger and a lot more work. >> were you debating this or were you on board? >> if you are married to this man you kind of have to be a little of both. i was a little skeptical at first. i trust my husband and just go head first. >> is this the story of the little engine that could? you beat out so many wines from big name wineries. i'll be honest, i didn't even know there was a vineyard in byron and for you to come out on top how does it feel? >> really exciting. when we got the letter that said we won double gold in wine blends of red wine it was very,
9:50 am
very exciting. it solidified our wine, not just our cause. >> let's talking about where the proceeds are going. >> we are involved with a foundation called military warriors support foundation. it is military we donate a large portion of the profits to military specifically for homes for hoarse. they partner with bank of america and several other mortgage companies, wells fargo and donate homes to heros from iraq and afghanistan. we have been part of this project for the last three years, even prior to the winery. i think we are on our fourth home. we are going to do another home on april 2nd at the winery. >> why did you decide this was
9:51 am
the cause you wanted to help out with? >> general cisco is a three- star general and a mentor of mine. i got to hang out with the heros. it makes me emotional. i'm going to let her take over. >> general cisco was his next door neighbor in texas. they became very close friends and his mentor. when we started thinking of what to do with our wines and how far we wanted to take it it seemed like the right thing to do to give back in our way. my father was a marine. that's where we are connected, as well. it just felt right. it seemed like the right thing to do. giving away four homes, nothing feels better than standing on that stage handing somebody keys to a home that they didn't know they were getting.
9:52 am
>> it is a family vineyard helping families and veterans with their homes. >> it is really cool. we are excited about next month to give away another home. general cisco is going to fly in from san antonio, texas to go on stage again. age again. i know you have a theme song. >> mr. red, white and blue. if you go to heroic you can see the video. you will cry. i promise you. >> the video was shot in byron. >> wonderful. >> good. >> thank you for all you do. congratulations. >> thank you for having us. >> congratulations. stay with us. we'll be right back. be right back.
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as he embarks on a one-way mission to mars. >> his only regret is not knowing what regret feels like. he is the most interesting man in the world. >> blast off. his commercial was the last to feature the actor. he said it is not the end of an era merely an evolution. the company is launching the campaign. 83% of men have been encouraged to lead more interesting lives. they'll introduce a new most interesting man to the public this year. we searched our brains for two could replace the most interesting man in the world. let's put a picture up on the screen. alex savidge, ladies and gentlemen.
9:57 am
he dodged death yesterday live on the air. he has perfect hair. has a doting father. devoted husband. burkeley native. i could go on forever. >> great co-worker. >> you guys are wonderful. >> you have my vote. >> most interesting, i don't know about that. sure, if they need a replacement i'm happy to step in. >> it is so great we can joke about it now. >> it feels good to laugh about it a little bit. through all of that in that video my hair didn't move one bit. >> let's bring him back tomorrow. >> i'll be back tomorrow. happy birthday to my big brother.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> everybody's hands go up. i love it!


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