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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm in for pam cook i'm dave clark. >> weather different than yesterday by far. >> yes, coastal fog has come back. is it june already? 80 degrees downtown oakland. mid to upper 70s all over. the fog is back heading back to the coast but it's a sign of a cooler pattern. we get more of a westerly on shore breeze. sun cooler and more clouds low and higher variety. looks like sunday afternoon evening best bet for rain. another could be drizzle. you can see the fog bank there impressive for one day. it was lurking out there. lots of sunshine inland and 40s and 50s for your temps.
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san jose at 52. peninsula temps 47 seems popular. few high clouds and a weak system here. coastal fog but still sunny and nice. for a cooler pattern still okay. sal, what do you have at 5:01? >> could be another crowded day on bart. system delays started wednesday and could last through the weekend or longer. they are trying to figure out what caused a power surge. a bus has been set up and yesterday the lines were long. the problem has made the bart commuters's commute an hour longer. >> i'm going all the way to brentwood when i work deep in
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san francisco. it's a pain. >> we're doing everything we can but it could be weeks or months until we have every one of the train cars knocked out by the problem back in service. >> a similar problem happened three weeks ago. there was a power surge was affecting trains in oakland. the bus spreads between pittsburgh and north concord stations and will be running until the problem is fixed. christian has a live report coming up at 5:30. bart is getting a lot of attention to how it responded to complaints from riders on twitter. they gave honest and candid responses to frustrated riders. one rider tweeted the services have come to be expected and
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bart re-tweeted "bart was meant the transfer far fewer people and has come to the end of its time". by the way, christian is on this story and we'll talk about that coming up with him. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving along well there. we're also looking at a commute on interstate 880 in oakland where the traffic is off to a good start and in the santa clara valley or some people like to call it the silicon valley, all traffic is good there. police need your help to track down the man responsible for a violent stabbing happening in san jose willow glenn neighborhood. they have released video of the attack happening outside of a
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bar. jeninie is in san jose now. >> reporter: we will give you a good look at the video. police say they have exhausted all their leads on this case and they want people to tack a good look at the suspect who attacked a man right outside the willow den bar here on lincoln avenue. police believe someone will recognize this man wearing a white t-shirt in the security video. the assault happened back on november 15th and started after the victim and the suspect bumped into each other. the suspect is seen following the victim and arguing with him. security is watching and tries to get the suspect to back away. at one point the victim ends up on the street. you see the suspect charging and police say that's when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim several times. >> the guy had a death grip on the weapon. it took three guys to get it
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out. >> this guy is still out there. he got away with attempted murder. it could have been murder easy. we need to get him off the streets. >> reporter: the suspect ended up running away and police are calling this attempted murder and worried he may do it again and he was unphased my surroundings. this suspect is latino, 25-30 years old, five feet and 10 inches tall. if you have information of his whereabouts give police a call and you can do so anonymously. three bay area families grieving touched by violence are coming together today to protest what they call the excessive use of force by san francisco police. this morning at 11:00 a.m.
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supporters of the families of the three men killed will hold a rally at san francisco hall. they were all shot and killed by san francisco police. a jury decided the four police officers who shot the three men did not use excessive force . an assistant track coach at mount pleasant high school in san jose was arrested accused of having sex with students. he was booked into the county jail on tuesday. a school district employee contacted authorities on monday to report garcia having inappropriate relationships with a 14-year old student and 17-year old student. both enrolled at mount pleasant high. he's the second district employee to be arrested this year accused of having inappropriate relationships with a student. four years after sierra lamar disappeared attorneys finalizing details.
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the prosecution and the defense met yesterday about turning over evidence so the defense could analyze it. they discovered a strand of her hair and a rope in torrez's car. they will meet near her home tomorrow to look for her body. new information about the 18-year old uc merced student who went on a stabbing rage last year. he became self-radicalized and was inspired by the websites of islamic terrorists. he stabbed and killed four students before being shot and killed. isis propaganda was found on his laptop. 14 people were killed in san bernardino when a radicalized
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couple stormed a holiday party for county health inspectors. today's hearing will focus on police response and what worked and didn't. among those who will testify will be the san bernardino officials and an emergency room doctor. the battle between the fbi and apple keeps heating up in court. even if apple loses its fight and is legally told to produce security breaking software, a lot of the employees say they will either quit or just stop working. that report says if enough of apple's employees take part in that action, it could make the fbi's goal almost impossible to achief. apple has said from the beginning it would set a dangerous precedent. donald trump has a large
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delegate lead over the two repaining republicans, ted cruz and john kasich. some concerned republicans are looking at ways to block donald trump from becoming the party's nominee and it's looking difficult for trump to reach that finish line according to uc berkley dean henry brady. >> he's been winning 48%. he has to win 55% in the future and that's a push upwards. that's helped by the fact that some voters are going for him now that marco rubio is out of the race. >> just days after dropping out of the race florida senator marco rubio is refusing to endorse trump but his nomination should be blocked. >> hopefully there's time to prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party and be damaging to the
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conservative movement. >> brady says john kasich can't win but he can take votes from ted cruz and donald trump. on the democratic side sanders conceded the missouri primary to hillary clinton. he said he wants to spare missouri taxpayers the expense of a recount. no one has conceded the race on the gop side for missouri. recount can't be requested until the election is certified and the final results may not be known for a month now. voter regulations is up in california especially by immigrants who say they want to make their voices heard. there's an increase in number of people applying for citizenship because they want to vote in
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november. organizations say they are scrambling to keep up with demand. county clerk offices say in the last three months people have been coming in record numbers wanting to register to vote. a nine-year old in berkley had a close call after almost being abducted. a search underway now for the suspect. ect. the cal men's basketball team back in the big dance. the team will tip off against hawaii just a few hours from now in the first round of the ncaa tournament. we'll tell you why the team will be short handed when they take the floor today. good morning, looking at the east bay commute and so far so good here at the bay bridge. not a big commute getting in here yet but we'll keep an eye on it for you especially in light of the bart troubles. yesterday was severe and clear and temperatures were warm. today fog is back.
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the golden bears play hawaii in the ncaa tournament. why will they be short handed
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today? >>reporter: good morning to you guys. the cal men's basketball team was dealt a big blow. they will have to take the floor without its leading scorer, senior point guard tyrone wallace. he broke his right hand. it's an injury that will keep him sidelined for up to five weeks. he stayed behind here in berkley as the rest of the team traveled to spokane, washington for the game. they are facing off against the 13th seated hawaii rainbows later this morning. wallace averages just over 15 points a game and leads the team. of course this means that other players will have to step up and try to carry the load. >> i really feel bad for him.
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the whole team does actually. it's unfortunate to see a senior go out like that. he wanted to make an impact but has to move forward and we have to focus on hawaii. they're a good team but we're ready. >> reporter: they will not just be focused on basketball today. later this morning before the tournament game the school's most talented football players will be showcasing their skills for nfl scouts in berkley during pro-day at memorial stadium getting underway at 9:00 this morning. star quarterback jar goff ed goff will be there. at 11:00 is when the cal men's basketball team will take the floor against hawaii in the big dance at 11:00 a.m. tip off and
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all eyes on that game. see how the cal bears do short handed later today. >> you're in the place to be in berkley. we'll talk to you later thanks. let's hope it's a light travel day. >> by the way to add one more thing, this blue tie, not a co coincidence. >> i see what you did there. >> today we're looking at the commute because yesterday more people on the roads because of the bart situation. we'll see what happens today. so far it's light. let's go with the east bay commute. north and south bound you can see traffic moving well. san mateo bridge westbound 92 looks good. if you're driving in the santa
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clara valley we already have people on the road but no major delays. some of the fog is dense in areas so if you run into it, don't be surprised. it's 5:18. let's go to steve in the weather center. on the bridge are areas where the fog is there and coming back fast. it was out there yesterday but as you know sunny side up and warm. couple 80-degree warnings. the fog is back and moved over the bay and will be significantly cooler. it will burn back to the coast but temperatures looks like low to mid 60s and upper 60s and low 70s inland tomorrow. a mix of low clouds and cooler but the rain holds off sunday afternoon. looks more like sunday and monday will be better for rain. it has enhanced the fog bank. yesterday's warm temps were no
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doubt about it the warmest for a while. 47 and 50-morgan hill to gilroy. gilroy was 79 yesterday. we had 30's a couple days ago in the santa cruz mountains. sunday afternoon evening is when snow will pick up. 48 in monterey. first system has enhanced the fog bank. that's what's coming in late saturday into sunday. looks like the system will set up for a couple days of run. heavier to the north and fog is there. rain on sunday does not look like a lot especially south of san francisco but okay amounts to the north up to ukiah. rain and clouds move in on
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saturday and sunday morning mendocino county and northern sa know ma sonoma early tuesday we will be on the drier side. high pressure looks like it's building back in so a couple days of rain but nothing too heavy. temps today will be much cooler than yesterday. so 60s low to mid in fact, upper 60s around the bay and very low 70s and inland a few mid 70s but nothing compared to yesterday. clouds cooler on saturday and could be morning drizzle. then monday does look like a rain day. >> our little first grader said "is this what summer feels like? "and i thought you nailed it. thousands of students
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accepted to a california university even though they didn't apply. the mistakes an admissions employee made that has the college apologizing.
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hundreds of censors in the wall can detect gun fire. this comes 17 years to the day of a deadly shooting rampage at columbine high school. shot spotter technology has been used for years and more and more schools are signing up. >> does it prevent active shooters? absolutely not. it's going to happen. there's a plan in place we can react accordingly and efficiently and hopefully save lives. >> shot spotter technology costs tens and thousands of dollars to install and monitor. more and more schools are finding the money saying on a big campus especially shot spotter is as important as a fire alarm. e-mails went out to 400
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students on the east coast congratulating them for being accepted to university of santa cruz. the university sent out a correction. fearly 60,000 people applied and they started receiving their admission decisions on tuesday. if you're an air bnb host in san francisco you have to pay taxes on the items used by the people staying in your home. they have to hand in a list of furniture, appliances and supplies and equipment and fixtures used in your rentals and those items will be taxed over 1%. air bn b calls this an invasion of privacy saying "middle classes shouldn't have to pay taxes on every picture frame, towel and spoon in their home".
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a new report by the real estate company core logic says last month was the second slowest february in eight years for home sales in the bay area. the only slowest was in contra cos ta county. seattle is one of the top destinations for bay area job seekers. here's a cost of the living comparison. a one bedroom apartment in seattle costs $1,160 a month. in san francisco it's $3,000 a month. a radio attack ad against san francisco's district attorney attorney. the organization behind that ad and what's causing this war of
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words. part passengers dealing with a third day of a bus bridge at the pittsburgh bay point line. we have details of that coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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this system is enchancing the fog bank. 5:30 we're leaning on bart to start off with. we're looking at the east bay because yesterday there was more
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slow traffic on highway four for example because of the bus bridge between north concord and pittsburgh. this morning that bus bridge is the same. we're going to a live report coming up. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. we will have people getting on the road but it's actually not a bad commute right now on 80 westbound as we head out to the mcarthur. the toll plaza is backing up. traffic will be busy as you drive through. we have been looking at the east bay commute and so far as we look at highway four westbound it looks good and 680 looks good but remember yesterday there were more cars on the road because of difficulties with bart. it's another busy day for passengers in the pittsburgh bay area. christian is live for us at the north concord bart station with
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the latest on power problems that led to a shut down at a portion of the tracks. >> we are here at the north concord bart station one more time. passengers making their way in. one of the bus bridges just showed up here a couple minutes ago and bart asking passengers to take the bridge to the end of the line to the pittsburgh bay point station. they will have to endure crowded trains and bart riders being asked for their patience. the ride between stations takes 15 minutes. passengers were expressing their frustration that bart has been unable to track down and resolve the problem. the problem located somewhere on the track between north concord and the pittsburgh bay point station. what that meant yesterday was some confusion about which platform to catch the train from
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and full bart trains. some are rolling with the punches and others saying their patience is wearing thin. >> i would like for it to be resolved soon. it causes me a headache to drive out here from brentwood. it's a far distance. and as soon as i get here it's so much traffic. especially leaving around 6:00 or so, you're pretty much locked here for an hour and a half. kind of sucks. >>. >> reporter: some bart passengers on twitter talking about the problem. coming out life to our picture you can make out a couple attendants helping passengers get from the bus bridge into the station. you might be able to see a few
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cars lined up there heading into the parking lot at the north concord station. a major problem is getting a parking place here. we talked with bart riders coming here saying get here early but if you can't park at the pittsburgh point station and you want to avoid the bridge these parking places will fill up quickly won't be an easy friday. meantime commuters in washington d.c. have had a tough week because of subway problems. the metro system is running this morning because of a big cable fire. that forced commuters to takes buses and cars and bikes. dc officials say routine preventive safety measures have not been followed and changes have to be made. the dc metro system is the
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second busiest in the nation. they have more than 700,000 daily riders. berkley police investigating a child abduction case. two men pulled in front of her in a green mini van. she felt a push on her backpack and started running and made it safely to school. police are trying to determine if this incident is connected to a series of kidnappings last fall involving a green mini van. the a terrified mother racing to the bank to get money. a man called her and said he had his daughter and to withdraw
5:36 am
3,$000 and wire it to mexico. the babysitter had taken the girl to the pool and her husband called and said she was safe. our time is 5:35. some say the rising homicide rate is because richmond doesn't have a permanent police chief. the city has been in a transition since the previous one left to take a new job in tucson. the murder rate has spiked since he left. there were three homicide and the number this year has doubled. the interim chief says the police department is doing everything they can to make the community safe. >> they get these spikes and their aim is to ramp up so we disrupt what history has shown us and it can be a back and forth pattern of gun violence that escalates on streets. >> the overall crime rate is richmond the deputy says. he says they are cles to making
5:37 am
arrests in three of the city's six homicide. they hope to announce the hiring of a new police chief next week. three former inmates suing the deputies at a prison. they arethe inmates say their constitutional rights were violated. a war erupted between the district attorney union. >> since george gas con has become attorney violent crime has risen 25%. >> this radio ad has been airing
5:38 am
all week. officers are upset with the prop 47 law that reduced property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. police have long blamed prop 47 for the crime in auto burglaries. there were four times as many last year as there were in 2012. >> throwing stones and serting that prop 46 is responsible for that when they are not making the problem going away. making an arrest in auto burglary cases will make it go away. >> they took action on 80% of the cases given but it's only 1.5% of car burglaries that has happened. a racially charged haying case at san jose. >> black lives matter. >> students held a rally yesterday to protest a jury's decision not to convict three
5:39 am
white student of hate crime charges. they were accused in a haying incident involving their black roommate in 2013. prosecutors say they taunted their roommate with racial slurs and put a bike lock around his neck. the protestors say the university isn't doing enough to foster a safe environment on campus. police in pleasant ton need help. this surveillance photo was released yesterday. it happened at the wells fargo on ber nel avenue. the suspect showed the teller a note and then ran away. you can see he was seen wearing a dark polo shirt and black baseball hat and sunglasses. call the police if you have any information. inmates at a central valley jail getting computer tablets as part of a program to encourage
5:40 am
them to lead better lives. the tablet program is offering classes to help well behaved inmates get their ged and other rehab opportunities. this tablet program is not only helping to make the inmates better people but also helping them be better on the inside as well. >> we got to be good. we can't be all messing up so everybody is behaving because we all want tablets. >> we are providing content for them to stay out of trouble and be successful once they get out. >> they can't get on the internet through the tablets. they are only used through a secure system in the jail. one lawmaker wants to fine people 50 dollars for texting and walking. violators could also get up to 15 days in jail.
5:41 am
it's a deadly problem across the united states. distracted walking led to the death of 4,000 pedestrians. such a law could be tough to enforce. >> from my studies themselves and how difficult it is to observe these masses of people crossing the street, i can only imagine how hard it is to enforce legislation when you have a mob of people crossing the street at one time. >> research found most distracted walkers are on their head phones making them oblivious to emergency vehicles. an emergency landing. in our next half hour, the big scare in the air made some passengers start crying. cryin . >> reporter: police need your help in tracking down a man responsible for a violent stabbing in san jose. we'll show you surveillance video of the attack.
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good morning, this morning's commute has been okay so far as we look at the east bay. this is a look at the mcarthur maze and the traffic here looks good. the traffic looks good but not as good as yesterday.
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a violent confrontation in san jose. >> the police want your help. tell us more about what happened out there jenine. it happened here on lincoln avenue. lots of people around trying to get in the bar. there were security people around. that didn't stop the suspect. police say they want you to take
5:45 am
a good look at this man wearing this white t-shirt. he is seen exiting the bar and the confrontation starts when him and another man bump into each other. they exchange words and security intervenes and at one point the victim is seen leaving and the suspect follows him on to lincoln avenue. he runs after the victim stabbing him several times before running away. >> nobody deserves to be stabbed. you have an argument with a person. talk it over and that's fine but leave it at that. >> reporter: police are calling this attempted murder and they fear the suspect may strike again given how he is acting. he's latino and 25-35 years old and a scar on the top of his head. if you recognize him contact san jose police.
5:46 am
they have exhausted all their leads on this case and that's why they are reaching out now since this case dates back to november. major problems with bart and our commute. >> that's right. there's a bus bridge set up between the pittsburgh and north concord station. that means people will be delayed and also more people on highway 4. at least we're thinking that because it happened yesterday and the day before. let's move along and take a look at the commute here. there's a bit of a back up which is normal. the lights went on at 5:30. we're looking at interstate 880 and the traffic looks good. we have a picture of 880 here. it's not a bad commute through oakland. a little bit of a back up westbound. we'll keep an eye on that for
5:47 am
you. now at 5:46 let's go to steve. >> thank you sir. yesterday was all about sunshine and warm temperatures. upper 70s and 80s. low clouds and it's made a push up the bay. it's the sign of a cooler pattern and more in the 60s now. the fog is there and temperatures coming down but laura johnson sent me this on facebook. running a marathon on oakland sunday, will it rain on me? there might be light drizzle but the rain holds off. rain later on sunday maybe into monday. overall be okay. coast fog is back. monday looks like the strongest
5:48 am
system in the series and it won't be that much here. low clouds making a good move here. weak system coming in and that's all it takes to enhance the fog bank. 40s and 50s north bay temps 45 in the valley and 49 for nevada and upper 40s and winds and fog in the north bank. 49 ukiah. down in monterey this system will cool us down coming into the bottom of the trough. that's going to start to develop and move in late saturday into sunday. sunday morning is going to hold up. today is about the fog and then some and cooler conditions. still okay on saturday but still the cooling continues and we bring rain in sunday afternoon and monday morning. won't be a lot unless you're
5:49 am
watching us up north. south of that is not a lot but we will get something out of that. i wouldn't change plans yet. that's the system coming in sunday morning and it holds up in the north and sits at the secondary coming in monday looks to be more in the rain and snow category for the sierra nevadas so if you're heading to the mountains friday and saturday might be a transition day and get out early if you have to because there's snow and wind picking up. after tuesday it looks like sunny and warm again. coastal fog, sunny and nice. low 70s inland. not the upper 70s and 60s low to mid around the coast and then around the bay upper 60s. does look like a cooler saturday but dry. sunday morning we will get drizzle. the rain should hold off. looks like a rain day for everybody. the time is 5:49. cometic con is coming to silicon valley
5:50 am
thanks to the cofounder of apple. silicon valley comic con will kick off. 30,000 people are expected. the host is apple cofounder steve wazniac. he says this is not a tech conference but will show case more technology than a traditional comic con. celebrities like michael j fox and william shat ner have appearances scheduled. a one day pass costs $25. it could be california's biggest water projects in decades. a debate that's brewing over the proposal to build a tunnel to the sacramento river. where you can follow the pope starting tomorrow.
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cal osha is investigating the death of an electrician who fell 50 floors to his death. the construction company says he did not have clearance to work above the 3rd floor and he had removed his safety hat. the will shire center will be the tallest building in the
5:54 am
united states. president obama's nominee for the u.s. supreme court went to cap hillital hill yesterday making the traditional rounds. republican leaders refused to hold a confirmation hearing or a vote. they want the next president to nominate the next member. >> i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton, if she were president, would put forward. >> we stand with working men and women everywhere who have to do their job and wouldn't be able to say, you know, there's a part of my job i don't like so i'm not doing it for a year. >> i few republican members have agreed to meet with merrick garland but mitch mcconnell is
5:55 am
not one of them. the u.s. is relaxing currency and trade and tourism trades with cuba. the service was restored on wednesday for the mail and the president says he will eliminate 10% taxes on goods to cuba. on monday president obama will meet with the president on national tv. >> the message president obama will deliver privately and publicly is simple. we believe the cuban people, like people everywhere, are best served by genuine democracy. the time is 55 5:55 you can soon follow the pope on instagram. tomorrow, the day before palm
5:56 am
sunday, the pope's new instagram page will become active. the decision to open a new account comes weeks after he met with instagram ceo. he joined twitter two years ago and this morning he has almost 9 million followers. take a look at little decker luke 2 years ago and this morning he has almost 9 million followers. take a look at little decker luke carr born at 11:22 tum. this is the couple's second child. they have a two year old son name dallas. this could be another frustrating morning for bart riders. there's a bus bridge instead of train service in parts of east bay. christian is out there checking to see how this mornings commute is shaping up. high school track coach is arrested accusing of having sex
5:57 am
with students. a similar incident at the same school district earlier this year. we are looking at a commute still getting more crowded by the moment. this is a look at the bay bridge. it looks good getting into san francisco. francisco. happy friday everybody. cooler and the fog is back. we'll talk about your friday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
you may want to take an umbrella or jacket. >> well, umbrella for sunday. not today. the fog is come roaring back. there are holes in it and it will retreat back to the coast
6:00 am
and temperatures there in the upper 60s around the bay. still 70s inland. it's a big fog bank for mid march. it's in early, that's for sure and it's here today and probably tomorrow as well. weak system coming in continuing to enhance it. we started the week off with 30s and 40s and ending it with mid 50s. 51 in danville and antioch. black hawk at 48. 45 at walnut creek. weak system picking up the fog bank. our change for the weather is back here but not until sunday morning. coastal fog is back. sunny and nice and cooler for some. still 70s inland. 60s closer to the water. 6:00 in the morning and you want to start with bart, sal? >> we'll talk about the bart situation. we do have a


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