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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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case and the questions about the officers use of deadly force. the warriors get closer to making history with another win. how fans who were not at the game got to watch it in style. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> happy friday to you. i'm brian flores. let's check on weather and traffic. steve is here. what will it look like? a lot of clouds. >> and we may get some rain? >> it looks like it. everywhere tomorrow. today, mainly south. a lot of cloud cover streaming. two systems, one to the south is visiting us now. another level drop in and enhance that. that will wrap moisture back around. for people in monterey, santa cruz mountain's and santa clara valley -- not all of that reaching the ground but it is a sign of things to come. the system will spin in cloud cover.
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there is probably some light rain associated with that. 50s and 60s. i doubt they will change much under mostly cloudy skies. some of this it may make it to the east bay later. the north bay may have to wait until tomorrow. one system is moving out because another is moving in. the combination is a little to the south. mostly cloudy and mild. some sun breaks. light rain to the south. temperatures will cool off. 60s or low 70s. happy friday, steve. on monday it was looking kind of bluhm. >> i could barely see it. on wednesday it starts to look better. and then here we are. >> nice job yesterday at a tnc -- at&t. we had a good time and a lot of good health. i think the people behind the
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scenes are the ones who did all the work. i just sat there and looked like sal. >> that guy is a walking encyclopedia. it was fun. good morning. happy friday. i hope your friday is starting off well if you're up early. he will have a good commute no matter where you look. this is a look. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks good. not much going on. looking at the chp, this is quite. this is interstate 88 this is interstate 880. traffic is moving along zero -- well in both directions. on any of the east bay freeways, traffic looks good. this is the south bay. northbound 280 on the right. we are off to a good start. right now, it is quite. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of san jose. we want to take you live to the
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scene. you can see police are investigating. this is after reports of a shooting near san jose state university. this is a live picture of the investigation. this is at the intersection of 10th and williams street. this is one block from the university's campus village. the intersection shut down. you can see the tape. a number of people are out there. there are some evidence markers . it almost looks like a command post their with the trailer. a witness tells us here at ktvu news, she heard three gunshots last night at 11:00. she saw a man in his 20s on the ground. it was an apparent drive-by shooting. we are working to confirm those details. this is near san jose state university. this is an active police scene. we are their life and will
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bring you updates as we get them. san francisco mayor edley is asking for independent investigation into latest deadly police shooting in the city. officers say they had no choice but to gun down a homeless man who was holding a foot-long kitchen knife. henry lee explains how this confrontation is similar to the controversial shooting of mario woods last december. >> reporter: his name was luis. he spoke very little english and for the past year he lived in this tent and a homeless enchantment among shotwell street in 19th streets in the mission. on thursday, a homeless outreach team encountered luis who they said was armed with a knife. they called the police. officers arrived and the man confronted them with a knife. please fired beanbag rounds but officers say the man still charged at them. a sergeant in an officer filed at least seven rounds. >> we have one down. officers are okay. we have the suspect holding a knife. he is down.
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code 3. the scene a secure. >> reporter: the man died at san francisco general hospital. a witness said luis never acted aggressively. >> he did not charge them. he was going in circles because he was not understanding what they were saying. >> reporter: this is the first fatal officer-involved shooting since december 1 police shot mario woods he was also armed with a knife. the shootings come amid an ongoing debate over whether san francisco officer should be armed with tasers. >> we have been working hard to try to figure out ways to contend with folks with edge weapons or other weapons. trying to create time and distance and apparently this event unfolded very quickly and will be looking to find out why it had to go as it did. >> i'm conflicted. i understand they have a difficult job but -- a psycho with a knife should not be a
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death sentence. >> shouldn't happen like that. >> reporter: this man said officers reacted quickly according to the training when they saw the knife. >> it wasn't a machete but it was a big long knife. of course the officers -- they see that and it's over. >> reporter: the shooting is under investigation. chief suhr is asking anyone with the new evidence or statements to give the police a call. henry lee, ktvu, fox news. fishers county office has released body cam it video showing a confrontation with a petaluma family. you can hear the confrontation. the family is suing the sheriff's office on claims of police brutality. a deputy last june was investigating what he thought may have been a possible domestic disturbance.
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plaintiffs say he had to reasonable suspicion in acted improperly. the sheriff's office said the video show that all the deputies tried to do was de- escalate the situation. the family said it's 18-year- old daughter was eaten and suffered two black eyes. doctors will give an update on the condition of the chp motorcycle officer who investigators say was intentionally run over and sacramento. chp said a pickup truck was pulled over in the center median of interstate 80 yesterday. officer michael erickson stopped to see if something was wrong. that's when investigators say the driver intentionally backed up and man over the officer and then took off. the motorcycle is left lying on the interstate. the first paramedic on the scene said drivers rushed over to help. >> vehicles were stopping and what struck me as odd is people were turning in multiple directions to run to the center where the incident occurred. i pulled my vehicle to the side in been my way to the incident.
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at that time recognized it was a chp officer down. >> reporter: officer erickson suffered major injuries and had to have surgery. as for the suspect, huge ditch the truck and stole another pickup then led officers on a chase. he was caught in fairfield and was arrested. his name has not been released. a program in san jose to let homeless people camp overnight at churches in their cars seems to be paying off. according to the mercury news, homeless people say the safe park program has given them a place to stay without worrying they will have to relocate. about 16 churches are participating. as only no one stunt, leaders are looking for permission and donations to keep them open during the past of april. since january the program has housed 232 people overnight and served more than 110,000 meals. as you saw we're talking about the warriors. they will have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs after beating the spurs.
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they also kept alive the possibility that they could reach an nba record 73 wins. steph curry led with the 27 points in the victory over the spurs. harrison barnes added 21 points. the warriors became the second team in nba history to win 70 games in the regular season. coach curtin said he spoke with players about the possibility of resting during some of the three remaining regular-season games. >> we've been putting it off for as long as we were able to which was until we got the win. now the we have that, i'm inclined to give some guys arrested they need it. but i've also made a pact with the guys that if they're not tired, if not banged up and they want to go for the record then -- we have to talk.
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>> that's a tough call. in order to hit the 70 3k mark and break the record, the warriors need to win their remaining three games. they play at memphis tomorrow. san antonio on sunday and memphis again back home on wednesday. warriors first-round playoff tickets go on sale to the general public at 2:00 this afternoon. hundreds of fans who did not have tickets to the game had a chance to watch it in style. isil the game on a giant imax screen at the amc theater in newark. it was the first time a sporting event was streamed live at an imax theater in the u.s. excited fans lined up for hours before tipoff. >> love the warriors. >> just the theater alone was exciting. that i got to attend an amazing event like this -- we've been meaning to come here. i'm sure people will get the word out that you have a nice theater in restaurant. >> excited fans lined up for hours before.
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the theater is located at the newpark mall. leaders say the game was a way to promote current and up getting -- coming renovations. they include a two-story glass and fruit -- enclosed food pavilion, high-end stores and a family entertainment center president obama will arrive this afternoon to attend to fundraisers for the democratic party. the president spent last night in los angeles. this is video of him and his daughter arriving at lax yesterday. he is set to arrive at sfo around 1:30 p.m. then he will attend to fundraisers and spend the night in san francisco. the president is scheduled to leave at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. schedule for tomorrow morning in the city. democrats appear to be taking pages from republican playbook this morning. the battle between sanders and clinton is getting ugly. both prepared for what could be the single most important primary contest of the year in new york. doug luzader joins us now from washington with the latest.
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>> reporter: democrats thought republicans had cornered the market on tough campaign tactics, that is changing. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are now engaging in trench warfare. it's a subway familiarity is a litmus test for candidates. clinton and sanders could be in trouble. sanders but the system still you to tokens which were phased out 13 years ago in favor of metro cards. it took clinton five tries to get her metro card to work yesterday. >> i love it because it is convenient. it's the best way to get around. >> reporter: aboveground, it's getting ugly. democrats are concerned that attacks between clinton and sanders questioning one another's qualifications are going too far. >> well, i think he hasn't done his homework and he's been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hasn't really studied or understood. >> maybe the american people
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might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. >> reporter: there is an empire state battle playing out for republicans with ted cruz hoping to win just enough to keep donald trump from winning all the delegates there. >> i have no regrets about standing for the people of new york. >> reporter: trump has been hitting cruz hard in his comments about liberal new york values. >> and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him. >> reporter: trump is well- positioned to win at the new york primary. his bigger problem may be nationally. the ap has a poll out showing that 69% of american adults view him unfavorably. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. john kerry is in baghdad
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this morning meeting with iraqi leaders to discuss the fight against isis. his visit comes as coalition forces are making military gains against the terror group in a rock. iraqi forces entered and isis held town yesterday. the pentagon is considering more small u.s. military outpost to help iraqi forces as they prepare to take most. the u.s. opened the first of those bases last month. many people are concerned along a spike in home burglaries in the east bay. coming up, we will tell you how police plan to fight back. a bizarre police chase nla. it included the suspects spitting donuts on a slick street. what happened after the driver pulled over. we are looking at a commute that is off to a great start on a friday. no major problems on the east shore freeway heading out to the macarthur maze. it has been a crazy temperature week. started off cool.
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it was hot and now we're back to clouds and rain. we will look at that.
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a callous it did best book which named in a claim has resigned. a female reporter accused john hufnagel harassment. last month he was put on paid leave and gave notice that heat they plan to fire him. he released text messages between himself and the reporter. his attorney said it was a
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mutual flirtation. the university said it is still reviewing the case. hufnagel's attorney released this statement it says, the toxic environment at uc berkeley has made it impossible for mister hufnagel to rejoin the basketball team he loves. even if he is vindicated in full. los angeles is known for while the police chases a pursuit through the city yesterday was even more bizarre than normal. to burglary suspects led officers on a chase. they are spinning donuts. they took off in the convertible with the top down, in the rain. the driver stopped to spin the donuts. a very slick street. weaving through cars. the passenger stood up, danced and waved to people. during the chase they bumped into the tmz tour bus. release backed off several times for safety reasons but the suspects later pulled over. betook selfies. exchanged hugs and waited for
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police to take them into the city. they have been identified as a 20-year-old and a 19-year-old. >> funny they took the selfies but it could've been a very dangerous situation. >> it looked like some very crowded streets at some point. let's check in on traffic this morning with sal, fresh from a giants win. they came out swinging yesterday. >> that was a great come back. >> i don't think i've ever seen -- i know were only four games in but this lineup they have -- i'm not used to it. we have to go back to barry bonds -- >> it seems like everyone can hit a home run. >> right. everyone is a big hitter. good morning, everyone. it was a great day to be out there. tonight, the game is tonight.
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do not have to worry about the time traffic but you will have to worry if you're going into the city. perhaps it date night and you want to get into the city. many will be going to the game which is tonight at at&t park versus the dodgers. let's look at some of these commutes. not bad. is is a look at 880 n. and southbound. no traffic to speak up here on the freeway. also looking at the commute -- no problems as you drive westbound on the san mateo bridge heading out to the high rise and beyond. in chp is not giving us much to go on. traffic is moving along nicely around the east bay, the south bay, san mateo bridge we show to you. dumbarton bridge also looks good over to the peninsula. foredeck 20, let's go to steve. i'm pretty sure someone said it takes a couple maybes to figure out a guy like would and that herky-jerky motion.
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we have a lot of cloud cover. maybe some light rain but mainly south. tomorrow looks to be a better opportunity. the further north you go, you will miss out on most of it. further south, a better opportunity today and tomorrow. it looks cloudy. i think the rain will stay south but watch the sky. maybe take an umbrella to be safe. tomorrow could be a different story. moisture continues to stream up, mainly to the south. santa cruz mountains, peninsula, san mateo coast, san jose, santa clara valley -- that looks to be the main source. there are some breaks in the clouds. left to the south. we will focus a lot of this energy going from the valley across monterey, san jose and maybe the peninsula. maybe a little bit in the east bay later. two systems are moving in.'s -- finally brought rain to the desert southwest. it's been a long stretch of dry weather there. another low is moving in.
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it looks like a lot of rain for southern california. some of that will wrap back towards us on saturday. 50s and 60s. a couple of upper 40s in higher elevations. they have cooled off significantly compared to wednesday and thursday. mid-50s and upper 50s for some. this is a sign of things to come. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. it looks like light rain to the south. tomorrow, some of that will come back in and give steady rain for san francisco, oakland, concord and south. 60s and 70s. temperatures will cool. patchy fog in the mix. 60s to 70s. not a big spread like we had a couple days ago. we will keep a lot of cloud cover and some rain in the forecast. saturday is a better opportunity than today. a break on monday and tuesday and more rain wednesday and thursday. >> saturday will be arrive
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spattering? >> it's a tough call. >> what he wants to know is -- will it upset his t-ball game on saturday. >> what time are you playing? >> 10 am. that's a tough one. >> i will text you. how about that? >> i will not respond.[ laughter ] >> we kind of have a personal meteorologist, but only if he is available. >> thank you. pope francis made a major announcement about marriage and family. coming up, how it compares to traditional church police. the final winner crowned. who has the title of the last american idol and of the comment by ryan seacrest that hints that the show may not be ending after all.
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>> for the championship! >> that was one of the most exciting finishes ever. that was after the other shot. north carolina -- the prey day today -- parade today. philadelphia is celebrating villanova's championship. three-point buzzer beater give the wildcats the win against north carolina. the team was greeted by nearly 2000 fans a victory rally on
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tuesday. the parade will take the team through downtown. look at the crowds. villanova's campus is closed. they canceled classes. they may as well. who's going to go. students and staff can go to the prey. after 15 seasons, fox telogen and its grand finale of the phenomenally popular show, american idol. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is -- trent harmon! >> instead of being so excited it was strange -- so much decompression left my body. it was like i got to relax for the first time in the year. >> trent harmon as you saw there took on the american idol title last night beating out la'porsha renae. more than 1 million hopeful
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contestants tried out in 46 cities. many went on to record albums, scoring more than 450 billboard number ones. 250 million itunes downloads and created several superstars including carrie underwood, kelly clarkson and daughtry. >> this feels like a community that brought people together. and i think that's the legacy leaves behind. >> you really get to see one in impact american idol has had on the music industry over the last 15 years. there've been so many big names to come out of the show. is almost overwhelming. >> although last night was an emotional goodbye comedy show's creator and many former contestants and ryan seacrest say they're not ruling out that title may be back in some form in the future. >> in some form. >> was that the former host? i did not see the finale last night but -- >> simon had to come out there.
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it's been very exciting and exciting, we get to talk to trent live in our next hour. he seemed a bit shellshocked. maybe it has sunk in a bit now. a religious protest at a temple turned violent. the chaos that unfolded putting the safety of dozens of children at risk. hundreds of credit card -- credit cards confiscated. the ring brought down with one arrest.
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