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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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killed by police. officers got out of the vehicles and one yelled get on the ground. get on the ground. >> reporter: most of the incident unfolds out of frame but 23 seconds after the first officer gets out of his vehicle you hear the beanbags being fired and 7 gunshots. >> san francisco police say that they have interviewed more than ten witnesses. the cops say the man had a knife and lunged at officers. san francisco police have interviewed more than ten witnesses. cops say the man had a knife and lunged at officers and tell us some of the witnesses said similar things. >> one of the statements said one of the witnesses said he saw him shooting before the shooting and then standup and lunge at the officers. the witnesses heard shots and saw the suspect still had the
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knife in his hand after the shooting. >> we spoke to one witness that says the man did not have a knife in hand. >> we saw the knife after he fell and hit the ground. that's when the knife fell out from underneath his shirt and hit the cement. >> police were first called to the homeless encampment thursday morning after a homeless outreach team encountered a man with a knife. >> the medical examiner said the 45-year-old man died at the hospital. another witness would not go on camera. afraid to but he did see a knife in the man's hand but did not believe it was threatening. frank. >> in this case, police to be fair to say regardless of whether he was swinging the knife around just the very nature of having a knife is threatening.
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you showed that pick. how big was it. >> based on that picture, what we were able to see it looked like it was maybe about 12 or 13-inches from the handle to the end of the blade. >> that was a small knife. you can go to and click the link at the top of the home page or scroll down to our video player. >> today the c hp said a suspect deliberatedly tried to murder a police officer by running him over with a pickup truck. officers arrested 28-year-old austin scott yesterday. now the highway patrol says the reno man pull over on westbound interstate 80 near sacramento. officer erikson pulled up behind him to see if something was wrong and that's when the ch p said the suspect backed over the officer and took off. arrested after 20 minutes and they booked him into the sacramento jail on charges of attempted murder.
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assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence of drugs. the commander of the north sacramento chp says the entire community pitched into help the downed officer. >> i witnessed phenomenal acts of heroism by citizens and off duty first responders and two off duty police officers. >> eriksson is a 17 year veteran. remains in critical but steady condition at uc medical. >> we look at the live conditions outside of the ktvu studios. you can see the gray clouds and dark clouds and what is expected to be a wet weekend. >> and after a record warmth. >> 80s a couple days ago. >> big changes in temperatures and cloud cover. clouds are back and showers back in the bay area forecast.
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a live shot and you notice how it looks like san diego and sort of like dallas. tropical moisture from the south and unusual pattern in that. they usually come from the west and move to the east. this system is coming from the east and moving to the west. you see it here outside. tonight at 10:00 we are expecting -- this is the model, expecting showers to fill in here and by two to four a.m. we got a pretty good chance for moderate rainfall and a thundershower. the showers continue as we move to the bay area and we will talk about that after i see you after the break. >> the wet weather making for slick roads and a slow commute. want to give you a live look at the traffic map. the dotted lines is where it is slow going and the square icons
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where accidents have been reported. berkeley nearby the ashley and university exits where it is slow going in both directions. let's check out the conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza slow going on this evening. be sure to download the free ktvu weather app and we are posting updates on twitter and instagram. documents detail federal charges against the man beaten by alameda county sheriffs last year. the beating of stan petov was caught on surveillance video after a high speed chance to san francisco. the 12 page complaint shows that petov and the woman he is dating possessing a stolen gun and possession for sale of methamphetamine. these federal charges stem from a drug bust on march 8th in visitation valley. arrested last friday after shooting outside of his home and not yet been charged in that case.
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petov has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges. if convicted of possessing a loaded drug linked to drug trafficking faces 15 years in prison. >> president obama is in san francisco this evening and arrived on air force one with his daughter malia after one this afternoon. the president is in town to attend two democratic fundraisers in san francisco. before heading to the city, he stopped to visit well-wishers including two new mothers. josiah is two months old yesterday and never met a president. >> we got a ton of pictures. >> and you said i have to hold this one and i passed him to him and he picked him up like any other experienced father. >> the president is scheduled to stay in san francisco overnight and return to washington d.c. tomorrow afternoon about two. president obama is getting another push to right a wrong from world war ii. a bay area state senator is
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asking the president to clear the names of 50 black sailors all of whom were convicted of mutiny when they refused to load ammunition on to war ships after an explosion in the east bay. cristina rendon explains why the governor wants the sailors exonerated. a story new at six. killed 300 military merchants. total destruction. >> july 17th. 1944. a husk explosion at the port chicago magazine. >> it was akin to a 3.1 earthquake and felt in berkeley. >> the blast killed 320 men instantly and most african- american and one month later 258 black sailors loaded to resume loading on to ships and 50 refused saying it was not safe and threatened with death and later convicted of mutiny.
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>> the whole thing is based on the fact that we were not yet a perfect union during segregation and african- american sailors were told to do menial jobs. >> they just seen 300 friend killed doing the same exact job weeks before. >> senator steve glacier is calling on president obama to overturn the convictions of those men and resolutions before the senate and the assembly pressing the president to exonerate the sailors. >> we feel the momentum, building for a while and hope that president obama will heed the call and give some peace and restore justice. >> visitors can still see the weathered posts where the pier stood and read the names of those that lost their lives. the story of what happened in the aftermath of the explosion is not widely known.
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veterans look forward to the 50 being cleared. >> although they are deceased. they are military and they are sailors and human being. >> every one of those 50 sailors have passed and not one alive and their legacy should be created. >> reporting in concord. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a soldier finally laid to rest. 65 years after he died in a north korean pow cam. >> robert grant was captured in 1951 and died in the pow camp. his remains and others were return to the u.s. in 1993 but they were mixed with other soldiers.
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it took until last year to identify his remains. his nephew, a gun merry sergeant has made it his mission to give his uncle a proburial. >> a surprise admission. up next to the new developments from a northern california courtroom. plus birth control without a prescription. not quite over the counter. more on the new law that takes
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effect here in california. >> new developments on a break in the case of the stabbing outside of a bar in san jose last month. police have now arrested a suspect, 29-year-old joseph hernandez.
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accused of stabbing a man out in the street following a fight inside the willow den bar on march 17th. the victim did survive. surveillance video was released and they say a tip from the public helped them make an arrest. hernandez was wanted on previous warrants for have and drug possession. a 19-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in san jose university. police are not talking about the case. investigators were looking for surveillance video. the victim did not attend san jose state but was around students when it happened. >> you could hear the gunshots from my place. >> what did you hear? >> like three gunshots. and then someone sped off. >> at this time no information on a motive or a description of a suspect. >> two more girls have now come
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forward to say that they were molested by a dental assistant in concord. the girls under the age of ten claimed they were sedated and touched by 24-year-old alejandro sarro in concord. he is being held on 8 million- dollars bail. he is charged with see dating another 8 year-old girl and he may have molested as many as 50 girls since march of last year. women in california do not have to go to a doctor to get birth control, they can go to a pharmacists. >> they can get the vaginal ring and other contraceptives.
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it is to simplify access to birth control. california is seeing an uptake in overdoses linked to opiates. we learn the latest toll and how one family is coping in a story new at six. it looks like any other store front, the last place to hear a story. >> there's nothing like losing a child. >> like this one. >> i mean it is the worse thing that you can imagine. >> jeff hastings says his 17- year-old daughter died. she went to a drug establishment and she met someone that injected her with a horse barbiturate. >> these people are hired by employees to test employees and have been at it for nine years. >> when you buy drugs on the street you don't know what you
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are getting, what it has been stepped on with. >> experts say addiction opiates start with phentenol or other painkillers and some people get hurt and the problem is getting worse. in california 1400 deaths in 2006 and now that number is 1931. some years it went down and then back out with a spike in 2009 of 1968 deaths. >> he was loving. my baby was kind. that was my buddy. >> the problem gained new attention when ten people including this man, jerome butler died last week and taken unprescribed drugs laced with fontanel. >> people like you and me can be addicts. a selfie video helped to convict a man of starting a northern california wildfire in 2014. in a courtroom in el dorado wayne husband pleaded guilty to
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starting the king fire. it burned 97,000 acres and destroyed a dozen home. husband was seen near the start of the fire. the guilty plea means he avoids a life sentence but will go to state prison for 17 years. a couple of the victims talk about what they lost. >> well it sure screwed my life up. i was bad too. two months before the fire, my insurance company that i had for 24 years canceled me. >> it was going to be my retirement and my grandson's college education. it is gone. >> hudson never explained why he started the fire and his attorney would not say. hudson will be in his 60s when he is released from prison and will have to register with the state wherever he lives as a convicted arsonist. the time now for us to check in with meteorologist bill martin and you say get the umbrella ready. >> get it ready. keep it in the trunk and just get used to pulling it away and
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pulling it out especially tomorrow. sunday not quite as important with the umbrella but a wet and slightly soggy weekend in store. sunday the driest day. if you do need a day that is mostly dry that's the deal and the most rain tonight and tomorrow morning. if you get under one of these stronger cells somewhere around 3 or 4 you may hear thunder and see rainfall accumulations up to a quarter of an inch. that would be nice but not all over the bay. it will be in pockets and that's how the showers were today. that's how the showers will be again tomorrow. tonight and tomorrow morning. winds are light and temperatures mild and it looks like somewhere else because there is moisture coming from the south and warm and muggy and it is like san diego. fremont coming closer and you can see a moderate amount of rain showing up in fremont up on the highway.
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you have probably seen wipers on full and probably the heaviest you have seen. with the roadways in palo alto and watsonville heavy rain and temperatures in the mid-60s and outside a sultry evening and amazing as you come in from the south, the low level clouds give you this subtropical vibe. here we are tonight. showers and ten p.m. and it opens up four or five in the morning. the opportunity for the most widespread rain where it covers from san rafael to san jose and slides north by the time you wake up and it will linger up there. with scattered showers in the forecast all day and you see concord at five much lighter overnight and it lingers with
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cloud cover and just kind of a muggy day. tomorrow is like today after you get going which is some showers. sunday the driest day but the clouds stay and under mild conditions. but not a lot coming from the sky. none of this appears to be a major event for our ongoing concerns. but it will keep things moist. there is the five-day forecast and the nice thing there is this system sunday. different weather systems and cooler and better opportunity for significant rain. getting used to 90s and now what dance. the mayor of palo alto is urging residents to ramp up
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water to conserve water in friendly competition. cities are competing in the major challenge for water conservation and whoever conserves the most wins a title. palo alto has been ranked top in previous years. if you want to participate go to our website >> a big win for the warriors. why the staff has a big decision to make with three games left. we want to check in with keba in the newsroom with what we are working or for ktvu news at 7. a major security scare at an air force base following a report of an active shooter. what authorities are saying about the violent deaths of two people at the base near san antonio. also the boss takes a stand. bruce springsteen has canceled
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a stop on their usa tour. coming up on tv 36.
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>> the forgot 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> that's good. the spca is spoofing adele's popular song hello hoping that the video will encourage people to adopt a kitten or a cat in need of a home. the spca says all of the cats that appear in the video have new homes. i like looking at little kittens. >> way to capitalize on adele's hit. >> that was clever. >> let's talk with scott reese about the warriors and what a
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game last night, umm? >> the big win and frustration and what has been assumed since game one was assured in game 79. the warriors will be the top seed in the western playoffs and blew out the spurs 112-101. the dove shoot 54%. two wins shy of the mark of 72 with three games to go. did they go for it or rest up for the playoffs? it is our journey and the goal is to win a championship and nobody should sacrifice that but if your able to play and feel like you can go out there and give it what you got and continue to build momentum, we will do it. >> i know you can't get enough of steph curry.
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so we will show you what soon already the two times most valuable players. >> the masters, nobody six putted. we have a couple of big names at a brutal day in augusta. winds up to 30 miles per hour. in fact nobody broke 70ss. first time since 2007. rory mcilroy right turn with a stick. he sits on 2nd place. three unfor the tournament. one stroke behind that guy. jordan spieth. 15 footer on eight. he shoots a 74 and leads at minus four and he sets a master's record leading at augusta for the 6th consecutive round. he won it last year. the kid is unbelievable. >> scott, thank you. coming up. we will follow president obama's visit to the bay area. the major fundraisers that he will be attending. we will have that and more coming up on the 10:00 news and hope to see you then. in the meantime at
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