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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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biggs the buzzer. -- and he beats the buzzer.>> unbelievable, one gave away from having the most wins in a regular nba season. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this monday, good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this monday, april 11. we are here this morning, very early in the morning.>> yes, it is awfully early. let's check on the weather, brainy and cloudy. i don't think i have seen the sun shines and friday. which is rare.>> that was a torrential downpour.>> it was a good one. the clouds are still here, but the rain has tapered off.
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the coast and bay getting some drizzle, but most of the cloud cover is beginning to move to the south, down to southern california. and it was from land to see -- sea all weekend, and amazingly similar on the temperatures, 52 to 55, oakland airport 56, and 54 is a very popular number. it will be overcast, with a few breaks, and we still have this circulation that is still here, but mostly cloudy with some morning drizzle, patchy fog with a high in the 60s. if you can get the sunshine, you can hit 70. and happy monday. thank you very much. it's monday, but unfortunately we have some breaking news of a deadly hit-and-run crash in san bruno around 1:30 am at the
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berkshire drive. that is near the entrance of the skyline college, and a vehicle hit a pedestrian, and then fled the scene. the pedestrian has died. there is no description of the suspect vehicle yet, southbound lanes are closed, and one on the northbound side. our crew is on the way to the scene, and they will give us more details when they arrive. again, avoid skyline near the westborough area, and use an alternate route. off to a good start this morning no -- no construction work, traffic moving well on 101 , 85 and 280. the warriors only one win back away from breaking the record for the most victories
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during a regular nba season, and they have skip -- kept the spurs for making history at the same time. >> golden state got off to a slow start, but the warriors caught on fire during the third, steph curry leading the way with a total of 37 points, 92-86 win for the doves, and the first win since 1997 in the record set in 1995 by the chicago bulls. >> only two teams have done this so far, and hopefully we can finish that off, unbelievable. >> the warriors stopped the san antonio pursuit of the perfect season at home, and the warriors could break the record when they host the grizzlies on
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wednesday. >> that game was fun to watch, and even though it was not at home, the fans wanted to watch the game together, and they packed into homes and bars, keeping the eyes glued on the tv for what is being called, " the road to 73." >> reporter: relief and jubilation that sent the warriors fans to the seats with the win. >> i know they will win the game. we have to break the racket set 21 years ago, and it will probably take another 21 years for someone to break this, so i'm very excited to be in on this.>> reporter: fans were gripping in the first half, the pace slow, and the score even at halftime. >> we have not been playing our
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best, but we are still keeping it close. >> reporter: the fans say that they must break the record. >> it will be the bulls record first, and then we made it almost past that record, and it is a ridiculous record to be first and foremost, but if we can do it, i would enjoy it so much. >> reporter: close, but the confidence was there, and steph curry started doing what steph curry does. >> you have a chance to do it, so you have to do it. >> warriors, warriors. and the hot ticket is the wednesday night game where the warriors could make history with that 73rd win. it will not be cheap, and -- if
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you want to get tickets, just under $400 each on ticketmaster . a man that was shot near the university last week has died, luis ortega died after being shot on thursday, and detectives are not made any arrests or released information about a motive, but if you have information you are asked to to call the police, the 11th homicide for this year. a shooting happened just past midnight on sunday, and the 30-year-old man was killed on richmond boulevard near rabelais and piedmont -- broadway and piedmont avenue. about one hour later, vincent was killed near 92nd street.
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they say that vincent and some others were cleaning up after a child's birthday party when someone started shooting at them, and he was the only one hit. the search continues for the missing two-year-old girl whose mother was found on friday. the family and friends are hoping that more people will join the search.>> reporter: the family of nicole's heartbroken after her body was found three days after she was reported missing, but no sign of her two-year-old daughter, and for that reason, the sister says there's no time to break down. >> i have to keep going, and i have to keep looking, no matter how much i can do today, tomorrow, each day counts.>> reporter: area on a has -- ariana has not been seen since february. it's urgent that they find her.
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>> we ask that you look at the picture, and we don't know what part of the country she could be in, so any location is open for search.>> reporter: the police are not saying what the circumstances were surrounding her disappearance, and nicole worked at best buy, and most were given the day off to grieve. >> we have been pushing through and pushing through since we first found out, and really trying to get some answers.>> reporter: her sister says that nicole had a great spirit and a great heart. >> she made friends very easily, and everybody loved her. she was reliable, and a positive person to be around. >> reporter: all her best qualities she passed on to ariana and the family is trying
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to stay positive. >> my mind does not want to accept the reality, and i cannot stop believing that we will find her alive. >> reporter: they believed that the little girl was at a babysitters in oakland, but the little girl and her mother were also known to visit other surrounding cities. if you know anything about this case, you are asked to call the san francisco police. a group of the uc berkeley students plan to file a sexual harassment complaint against the professor saying that they did nothing after he sexually harassed them. and we will meet with carla hesse who oversees the sexual harassment claims, and last week the university released documents saying that 19 employees had been found to
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sexually harassed siddons or other employees since 2011. students or other employees since 2011 were harassed. the scathing editorial against donald trump, and why the boston globe says that the republican party should stop his presidential campaign. good morning, looking at the east bay commute, and the traffic looks pretty good getting into san francisco. if you like cloudy skies and drizzle, we have eight monday forecast for you.
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a new associated press poll shows that more people trust hillary clinton than donald trump on a range of issues, and the asked which candidate would be best to handle things like immigration, health care and nominating a supreme court justice, and the clinton rating was slightly better than donald trump, and only 21% believe that clinton represents the issues they care about. donald trump responding to the front page of the boston globe mocking his white house run, and it starts with the headlines "deportations to begin ." donald trump responded by calling the boston globe stupid and worthless.
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campaigns of both sides will be campaigning here soon, and the women's delegate map is working out with none of the candidates being able to clinch the nomination. president obama opening up about the legacy he plans to leave behind when out of office, and talking about the recent terror attacks in europe, justice department in investigation on the hillary clinton emails. he defended his decision to go to an increased schedule baseball game after the bombings in brussels, and he says that what he did sends a clear message to terrorists. >> you have nothing to offer, that is the message of resilience that we do not panic or fear, and we will hunt you down and get you. >> the president also talked about his accomplishments and failures in office, and he said
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his biggest accomplishment is saving the economy from the great depression, and the biggest failure is the aftermath after the libyan issue. a suspect was arrested on friday, mohamed abrini, confessed to being demanded the hat at the airport in the surveillance video walking with the suicide bombers, and has also been linked to the paris attacks. and the father of the suspect in the terror attacks saw lot absalom -- salah abdeslam. he is in custody right now. he said he planned to blow
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himself up in paris but backed out at the last minute. he wants to be extradited active rants, but authorities will question him further about the brussels attacks. gas prices continue to head upward, $2.04 for the national average, up $.15 in the last month, and still $.50 a gallon cheaper than this time last month, and the analysts say that the refineries are hiking their prices as they switch to the summer blend feels, and the gas stations raising their prices twice as much as the increase in the wholesale prices. as usual, the bay area has the highest prices in the country, $2.84 in san francisco, and in santa rosa and oakland, $2.74. your time now is 4:16 am.
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and let's head out and talk with sal. >> hello, clonidine. -- claudine. >> this is a look at interstate interstate 880 north and southbound, no major problems heading south. and we are watching a few things, but traffic is moving okay if you are approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems. we do want to highlight this area near skyline college just south of the sharp parker road. -- sharp park road and more of that cutting up, and you cannot go southbound after the park
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getting close to the skyline college. 4:17 am. a lot of low clouds are holding on, and not everyone got in on the rain, but if you had the rain, it did not led up for a long time, and some of these are impressive, and it is not a shower, but a brain that was can -- rain that was continuous. everything coming from the land and overwater and back over us, and there is a lot of low-level moisture. there is one lobe moving off, and the other in southern california taking the source of the rain away. 50s in the temperatures, and i doubt these will budge since it is cloudy. 52 in mill valley in bodega bay. also novato and petaluma at 52 and 54.
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it will be a tough go, and so much moisture and not enough of a breeze to stir this up. this low will kick out and getting more stable conditions, but mostly cloudy today. we expect that will continue, and this next system is late wednesday and thursday, and a cooler temperature. mostly cloudy with a morning drizzle, and we are not that cold, but patchy fog and into low 60s in mid-60s, and everybody is pretty close. i don't think there will be much clearing. better on tuesday, clouding up late wednesday into thursday in that it is out of here, and this wednesday after this, the weekend should be the complete opposite as this past weekend. >> and we had record highs last weekend -- last wednesday. speaking out against the state leaders and mississippi,
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and following the legendary rocker bruce springsteen's lead. in danger and despite being millions of miles away.
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secretary of state john kerry visits the memorial to
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the atomic bombing of hiroshima. the memorial honors the 140,000 people killed after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945, and he said the visit was gut reaching, the reminder to pursue a world free of nuclear weapons. and a officer has defected to south korea, in the agency that is in charge of spying on south korea, one of the highest- ranking north korean officers to a defected to the south, tens of thousands of fled in the recent years, but the defection of senior officials are less common. and a series of explosions in india and killed more than 100 people at the temple during a fireworks display. one of the fireworks landed in a building where other art works were being stored,
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setting off explosions that destroyed several buildings, and hundreds had gathered inside to celebrate the hindu new year, and that force of the explosion caused the temple roof to collapse, crushing the people inside. >> the items that were selected, [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: reportedly the authorities cited the temple for having the firework display, because reportedly authorities had denied them the petition to hold it due to safety concerns. the ship and emergency mode last tuesday, the lowest operational mode, and it uses a lot of fuel, so they are trying
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to help it get back on course for the milky way. they have detected nearly 5000 planets outside of the solar system since it was launched in 2009. one of the bright orange fuel tanks used to launch these shuttles is on a barge, and heading to los angeles, and it will pass through the panama canal, and docking next month north of the los angeles international airport. then it will be going 12 miles to the california science center, and it will be put on display with the retired space shuttle, "endeavor." and people were encouraged to enjoy the roadway which is usually packed with vehicles,
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and they were doing biking, running, dancing and yoga, and this event came to san francisco in 2008. on saturday night seven women competed for the cherry blossom queen title, and congratulations to the winner. they will go on to represent northern california on goodwill tours and los angeles, seattle, hawaii and japan. your time is 4:26 am. and how the giants rallied past the dodgers in the four-game series, and what they managed to do for the first time in decades. and we have a curious go --
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goat and wondering into the starbucks. a decent start with no major problems on the east shore freeway, your commute when we come back. for some it was okay, and good for others, and especially around vallejo, concord, pittsburg.
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good morning everybody and welcome to mornings on 2, on this april 11 and this monday morning and i am brian flores. >> and i am claudine wong. bright and cheery at 4:30
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am. >> we had a very impressive system


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