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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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we believe we are getting a look at two people behind the stabbing and killing of a british tourist in san francisco earlier this year. good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >>i'm brian flores. let's get a check on weather and track. our good friend steve is here once again. >> yes. how are you? >> fantastic. >> claudine? >> fantastic. excited to be here on this tuesday morning. >> let's not overdo it. yesterday was a tough day for sun. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. a weak front is coming in. we got light rain yesterday in northern california. redding reported some up in the sierra nevada. low down into arizona moving offer. a weak system here is enhancing some of that fog. it will chew it up a little bit. running cooler on some of the
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temperatures. still plenty of 50s. mostly cloudy morning and partly sunny afternoon. our next system is moving in the picture. it will arrive late wednesday into thursday. today most cloudy. a few high clouds. overall today should be better than yesterday. which was a tough one to get any sun. lots of clouds. some sun mild. if you can get the sun to peek out you might get 70. 4:01 on a tuesday. you had a busy monday. let's hope things are quieter. >> let's hope. i didn't understand all the happiness for tuesday. claudine is always very happy. >> better than the alternative. >> i guess so. >> we are happy she is here.
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>> good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. we have a lot to be happy for. there is not a lot of traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is looking good into san francisco. 880 northbound and southbound the traffic is moving well on 880. the tube out of almeida is shutdown. there is a detour. you have to go down to one of the bridges out of almeida. 880 looking good hayword to fremont. fremont. there is new developments in a string of freeway shootings on i-80. there have been 17 since november. the latest happened sunday night. amber lee spoke to law enforcement about what is being
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done to try to stop the violence. >> reporter: chp received a 9-1- 1 call 8:30 sunday night reporting a shooting on i-80 eastbound. a gunman opened fire hitting a cab but not the people inside. chp says the taxi driver pulled off the freeway into a parking lot. two passengers ran away on foot. >> i'm not surprised. the scariest part is we don't know who is doing it. >> i heard about it a couple months ago. i'm surprised we have not done anything. >> reporter: richmond police and chp are ahuge the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that formed a task force to solve these shootings. last wednesday they conducted an operation to try to catch the people responsible for the shootis. >> most of the freeway shootings are related to gangs and the feuds they are having.
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>> reporter: during the operation police arrested 41- year-old robert ross who is a suspect among a murder. two people died in the 17 freeway shootings that have taken place in the past six months. drivers should report anything suspicious. >> driving driving erratic or aggressively driving, back away from that vehicle. don't stay close it to. pick up your phone. call chp and dial 9-1-1. >> reporter: this woman lives in richmond and avoids i-80 private label takes the city streets when she can. >> these shootings are scary. i don't want to expose my children to that. to seeing it or being a victim of it. >> reporter: drivers want chp to be a more visible present. >> marked cars are better than
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unmarked cars. they know they are patrolling the area. >> that was amber lee reporting. in the latest shooting chp saithe get away vehicle was a minivan. san francisco police need your help finding two people accused of stabbing two british tourists to death. the one on the left of the screen is the male suspect. the one on the sight the female suspect wanted in connection with this case. the stabbing happened on post street at franklin and goth. it shows three people getting in a confrontation. the video shows the victim tries to run away. he is chased down and stabbed by the male suspect. he dies several weeks later. his niece was there during the mugging but wasn't hurt. oakland police now say they have a man in custody who has been lurking around homes in
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the oakland hills. surveillance cameras caught him on video. neighbors called him the ninja burglar. first reports of him prowling around came in last thursday morning. a woman saw help in her yard and called police. they did not find him then. another surveillance camera caught him taking several bikes loaded on to an suv driven by another person. neighbors we spoke with admit they were unnerved. >> i would rather not have anybody like that around me. i have two kids. i do not feel safe. i would be alarmed if i was overnight at a client's house and there by myself. >> police are asking for anymore surveillance video that shows the man. they are trying to figure out what the long, black object the man is carrying. a man is held on $2 million bond this morning accused at a vicious attack at a house party
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in february. authority rest leased a blurry photo of the suspect after the incident. the contra costa and u.s. marshals booked him on suspicion of attempted murder. bart union employees agreed to a new contract. this new deal includes a 10.5% salary increase over the next four years and averts a possibility of a strike that shuts down service. union members and bart's govern board must ratify the contract. >> we want to give the workers a big round of applause and thank them for all that have done. >> when two kids fighting in the sand box you don't care who
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started the fight. you want them to figure it out and stop fighting. >> labor agree comes as bart is preparing to ask voters to pass a bond measure for system upgrades on the ballot. today is equal payday. facebook says it has no gender pay gap. they announced they pay all employees for the same they do. microsoft announced its employees make nearly the same. women make 99.8-cents to every dollar men earn. other companies like intell, sales force and amazon report the same. southern california's largest water agency is buying a chunk of the sacramento delta in a water grab. the $175 million purchase includes islands in contra
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costa and san joaquin counties. they intend to divert water to southern california and use the islands to build water tunnels. agency delivers 1.7-gallons of water each day to people in southern california. >> it isn't over. this man can still be on campus. campus. i'm not free until i know that this type of culture will change. claims from two cal grad students and what the university has done to try to protect them. another side show in the middle of the bay bridge. the traffic mess that it caused and what chp is doing about it. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is mostly off to a good start. there are a lot of people out there this early hour. northbound 101 in san francisco looks good approaching the 880 split.
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we start off with a mostly cloudy pattern. dy pattern.
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low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. the chp is asking for the public's help to track down people involved in a side show this weekend on the bay bridge. someone posted the side show on instagram sunday night eastbound i-80 outside the tunnel on the bridge. traffic came to a full stop as
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several cars spun donuts. chp was called to the scene. everyone left by the time officers arrived. republican presidential candidate ted cruz fired up supporters in san diego attacking democrats and his gop rival. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. r 40 years. i have no experience with that. with that. >> cruz said california will decide the race. he is spending time in southern california in gop strong holds before the state's primary. cruz said he, not donald trump can beat hillary clinton in november. donald trump learned there are two votes he can not count on for next week's new york primary. his children eric and ivanka. they did not register to vote in time. they feel quote very, very
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guilty. he added they were not aware of the rules. a new poll shows hillary clinton and trump with big leads ahead of the new york primary. trump has 54%. john kasich 21%. ted cruz third at 18%. on the democrat side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 55% to 41%. clinton has the lead amongst african-american and amongst women. sanders gets the backing of voters who consider themselves very liberal as well as younger voters. supreme court nominee garland will be back on capitol hill today to meet with key lawmakers. he has a breakfast meeting the senate chairman. he said he thinks the late justice's antonin scalia's vacancy should be filled by the next president. next president.
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californians who take paid federal leave will be getting a nice boost in pay in the next year. right now workers get 55% of their pay. the new law raises it to 60% for people with higher salaries and 70% for the state's lowest- paid workers. most people take six weeks paid leave to bond with a baby. others use it to scare for a sick family member. >> we want to do as much as we can in a creative way to make sure everybody has a decent life and particularly the kids coming along have that opportunity. when the mothers can take off time or the fathers can take care of the kids when they are born or family member when they become ill, that's human. that's human. >> the changes take effect in 2018. last week san francisco approved some of the best benefits in the country making it mandatory for businesses to give new mothers and fathers six weeks of fully paid time
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off. we are hoping for tuesday light, if that happens to exist on the traffic this morning. sal, anything going on out there? >> it is not stop-and-go anywhere. we have a couple issues out there. good morning to you once again. i want to start with highway 24. highway 24 does have a problem reported westbound 34 at the pablo exit. chp is on the way for an injury crash reported. although it is light it could slow you down as you come up on the crossroads. we are looking at a light bay bridge toll plaza. it is still early. the volume is getting up there for this early hour. the tube at almeida is closed. if you are on the island you'll have to use a bridge, not the tube to get out. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we have mostly cloudy skies. combination of a few high clouds and low clouds and rain up north. not a lot but a little bit. we had some yesterday over
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thesierra in northern california. yet there were areas in the valley that had sun. it ended up being a mostly cloudy day. temperatures 60s for many. you can see some up in the sierra nevada. there is a weak system there that might produce light rain. got some yesterday in northern sacramento valley. santa rosa 50. san jose 57. half-moon bay low 50s. same for burkeley. few temperatures in the north are in the 40s. a lot in the 50s. system to the north will swing in here. this will be a weak system. it will give a cooler brush heading towards wednesday night and thursday. we'll get light rain, not a lot. 54 sacramento. same in monterey.
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sierra nevada hit-and-miss shower activity falls apart. a little system is sweeping in. it should help disrupt the lower cloud deck. rain over the next five days. unless you are in humble county i don't expect much. much. this system will have cooler air coming in on thursday. lots of clouds here. some sun today. 60s for most. near normal temperatures. couple very low 70s. looking for low to mid 60s and a few upper 60s. if you can get the sun the temperatures will check in with a -- 70-degree reading. not much going on wednesday and thursday. we rebound on friday. the weekend looks nice. >> looks really nice. looks cooler. >> upper 70s low 80s but it will cool back down on monday. on monday.
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the rain and snow this year is making for spectacular views at yosemite national park. the park announced water falls in the yosemite valley will reach their peak between now and may. in the past falls normally reach their peak in the third week of may. now the falls are the best they have been in a long time. last weekend the park closed the river to rafting for a few days because of the high water. it failed a safety test. now thousands of teslas will being recalled. coming up, what the car company as could happen with the rear seats in an accident. another california school district is letting some of its staff carry guns on school
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grounds. the reason behind the controversial decision.
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welcome back. starting today teachers and other workers can apply to carry concealed weapons at a central valley high school. the kingsburg school board approved a plan that will let five district employees have a gone anywhere in the high school including classrooms. kingsburg is 20-miles south of
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fresno. the new policy allows the superintendant to decide which staff members will be allowed to have guns based on training. the workers chosen must use their guns if there is a life- threatening emergency on campus. >> the location of the individual will be important and the understanding of the response about that go with it. >> the district is not reacting to any threat against the school. school. digital rights groups and privacy activists are pressuring president obama to force companies like apple to help law enforcement access encrypted data.í the white house is reviewing a draft of the bill. it was coauthored by senator
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dianne feinstein. last month apple refused to unlock the san bernardino shooters i-phone. a group of public interest groups sent a letter to the president urging him to support strong encryptions without back doors. as many as 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike tomorrow. they are mostly customer service representatives on the east coast. some of the main sticking points include a lack of protections for new workers and the possibility employees could be required to work far from home. verizon was offered a 6.6 raise. goldman saks agreed to pay $5 billion to settle allegations that it sold shotty mortgages during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. department of justice accused goldmann for misleading investors about the safety of mortgage-backed securities. president obama put this in place in 2012 to look at the
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country's largest financial institutions. mortgage crisis helped trigger the recession and many americans lost their homes. a's are sharing top spot with houston after losing to the angels. it was a rubber ride in the 6th. mike trout took advantage of the sinkers. he sent it out beyond the center field fence. he gave the angels 3-0 lead. a's got a run at the end of the night. same two teams go tonight and giants play rockies in colorado tonight. it looked like there was some confuse about which team was on board of a charter flight on saturday. this is the team's ride home to oakland from seattle. om seattle. you can see the giant's logan under the window. he said apparently we made the
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jump to a new plane hashtag re you kidding me? a's charter plane contract has them sharing a plane with the dallas mavericks. that plane was being used. a's management was unhappy. the giants didn't seem to mind. they tweeted the plane is rather giant. enjoy your comfy flight. omfy flight. the warriors are psyching themselves up as they are within reach of breaking that nba record. up next, preparations underway as fans get ready for tomorrow's matchup against the grizzlies. >> for the rest of my life i won't have my brother. i turn 23 and i realize he'll always be 19. that's messed up. a woman from newark loses 30-pounds during a hunger strike after losing her brother in a car crash. car crash. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well.
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if you are driving on westbound bay bridge into the city we'll tell you more about these commutes coming up. >> more sun today. we have mostly cloudy skies. there will be a break today until our next system arrives. m arrives.
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good morning. were following a developing story where the chp and richmond police are investigating another freeway shooting on i-80. this makes 17 shootings on the highway since last november. alex savidge is following the story. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is tuesday april 12th. i'm brian flores.
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>> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's start off with weather and traffic. steve paulson is working on a nice forecast for us. >> better than yesterday. a little more sun. >> like the sun. >> today we start off mostly cloudy. temperatures cool for some. not too bad for others. couple 40s showing up. there are a few breaks in the clouds. some of the cloud cover retreated. it was mainly out to the valley. cloudy to mostly cloudy with occasional breaks. few showers over the sierra. same up in northern sacramento valley. there is a weak system brushing helping move out the low cloud deck. 50s on most of the temperatures. 48 in napa and nevada. low 50s at palo alto. not much of this system. it will take care of the low cloud deck. our next system will be here early thursday late wednesday into thursday. today lots of clouds some sun. on the mild side. 60s for most. near normal te


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