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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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why one movie theater says it could happen soon. it is sunny outside here in oakland at the oakland estuary. welcome everyone. i am keba arnold. jacob jesus vargas was taken in a car that was stolen.>> reporter: we know now that the boy was -- is safe. at first they said that he needed his as ma'am medication twice a day. it was scheduled for four clock p.m. this is the scene and you can see the yellow tape around the structure. so the dad police say they got it 9-1-1 call for -- because
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the car was spotted. he is safe. the amber alert when out around 7:00 this morning on billboards around the state. the father had put his son in the car it was was warming up. when he came back outside, the car and his little boy were gone. he called the police and the search began. the monterey county sheriff's department has taken over the investigation. at this time there is no word on any person that stole the car with jacob vargas inside. i am henry lee , ktvu fox 2 news. it has been a pretty dry afternoon. >> we have had a few showers pop up in sonoma county and santa rosa. up in walnut creek, the wind is
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picking up and is around 10-20 miles per hour. the system moved in early this morning, probably why you were sleeping. it did produce rainfall up in north bay. oakland and san francisco got .16 and .14 inches of rain. it is tapering off. san jose just a few 107 inch. you can see from the satellite that there is an area of low pressure which is a circulation. the cold front moves across the bay area around 12:30-4 clock a.m. there are snow showers to the north, but right now we have partly cloudy skies. right now we have lingering clouds and possibly rain showers up toward parts of lake county as well. outside looking toward san francisco bay, there is a bit of a breeze with clouds building up in the distance. cooler air remains in place for
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tonight and tomorrow morning. you want to bundle up. we have 30s first thing tomorrow morning for friday. napa 37. widespread 40s across the bay area from san francisco down to san jose and fremont. in san francisco at 7:00 a.m., the sky cast shows partly cloudy skies. at lunchtime mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. san francisco on track to reach the upper 50s by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the wind will pick up for the afternoon hours. this will be the developing weather headline. the pronounced warming sets up this weekend on saturday and especially sunday. here is a sneak peek of the projected highs that we are forecasting. you can see 80s and a few neighborhoods could approach 90 degrees. >> there is a cold front moving across the state and it will
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work its way out of the area tomorrow. more sunshine for tomorrow and then 60s and 70s. the high pressure strengthens offshore and it will warm things up beginning tomorrow. the winner -- the real warm up is saturday and sunday. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. here is the forecast model. still lingering clouds tonight. then they are out of the for class -- forecast window on friday and for the weekend as well. we are treading 60s and even if you 70s for santa rosa, antioch and brent. san jose will go was 72. gilroy in the mid-70s at 75 degrees. you can see more sunshine saturday. sunday, widespread 80s and the beach day near the coast. there is minor cooling for next week on monday and into tuesday. no rain clouds after today in the forecast. the complete opposite, we have beach weather headed into the weekend. >> flip-flops and shorts. i love it.
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thank you very much. the puck drops at staples center tonight as the sharks take on the kings in the nhl playoffs. just two years ago, you may remember the sharks were up three games to zip in the series. la came back and knock them out in the playoffs. the kings are favored in this year's matchup. the sharks are hoping for a big upset. the golden state warriors standalone was 73 wins. they take their place in the annals of the nba. >> the golden state warriors in the history books after beating the grizzlies last night 125- 104 at oracle. they set the record for the most wins in the regular season. that is 73 wins.>> jason appelbaum joins us now. that place was rocking. >> i think before we look ahead to the playoffs, we can revel
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in what we south. it was a magical season for the warriors and a magical night. everybody was tweeting stuff out and there was instagram. i like this picture from witty -- woody mlb 4. 73 ones versus the 95.>> the smile in the back. >> reporter: this place was on fire and you felt like the roof was going to blow off with the fans.>> there were signs everywhere? >> signs everywhere and it was a magical night. afterwards we caught up with the owner and asked what this meant to him. >> honestly i felt fantastic. it's a great accomplishment for the players, fans and the whole
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organization. i'm happy for everybody. >> reporter: it was like a script. everything for the warriors to achieve tonight, they got. >> it is dream light -- dreamlike, isn't it. they got into the flow of the game early and the team did what they needed to do. that was the most important thing. all around, the night was fantastic. >> reporter: the other owner was there and bob myers. they were all in the hallway, all the executives. it was pretty cool because you could tell how much this meant to them and how far this franchise has come. how much those owners have done for this team. everything that have touched has turned to gold.>> i remember 24 years -- 24 hours ago that i asked you for your prediction. you gave the number, 400. i thought that steph curry would reach 400 and not only did he do that, he reached 402.>> i was standing next to you when you said that, and i
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thought, what were the odds he was hit 8 three-pointers? they pulled the starters because they didn't want them to get hurt. seven in the first half, he felt it. then he opened the third quarter and ended the suspense. he knocked down the three- pointers. stephon curry was on fire. after the game he addressed the crowd and then steve current in the locker room. -- current -- currin in the locker room. >> thank you everybody. >> reporter: i want to say what you accomplished was incredible and i thought nobody would beat the record. i honestly think that now that nobody will beat this record. i know i speak for the whole staff when i say that we are lucky to have this group of guys and lucky to coach you guys. it is a joy coming into the building every day.
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work is not done yet, we have a lot of work ahead.>> wow. >> first of all, you have to currinlove steve. it's a great behind the look -- behind the scenes look at what he had to save.>> i am taking the stand right here. if you get kevin durant, can you imagine. he's one of the best players in the world. >> talk about what is next. first-round playoffs in houston? >> they play saturday at 12:30 here in oracle. and then they swept three games to none. they swept them last year and beat them and 5 in the playoffs. james harden had a beard and a good jump shot. >> best of luck for the rockets. >> best of luck, i think the warriors will take it this week.
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don't forget guys, you want to tune in tomorrow night. we have a special edition of sports wrap for you called road to the championship. it will be right here on ktvu fox 2. it will air after an abbreviated 10:00 newscast. again, tomorrow night right here at 10 at 1030. the owner of a movie theater chain says he is considering allowing people to text during the movie. >> while it may be annoying to son, others think that it is not a bad idea. >> reporter: the idea of texting in a movie theater may not be appealing to many, but the ceo of the movie theater chain says he is trying to appeal to a younger generation of movie theater goers. he is trying out the idea. ceo adam aron says that millennials would be better served at the theaters. he says, you cannot tell a 22- year-old to turn off their cell phone. that's not how they live their life. he said that some of the
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possibilities of catering to the millennials would be allowing certain sections where the cell phone is allowed or even having the entire theory -- theater texts friendly. he would like millennials to go to the theater with the same intensity that baby boomers do. here is what they had to say. >> i would not like it at all. i would not be an amc customer that happen. any i'm showing my age. i'm not a millennial, you are right. >> i think a lot of kids are so used to being entertained and quick quick that is hard for them to do -- to seek -- to view a work of art and enjoy it, or just to have a conversation. and, not be on the phone at the same time. >> reporter: it has been reported that amc is in the
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early stage of allowing texting friendly auditoriums. given that so many people are passionate about preserving movies undisturbed, there is no specific time frame as to when we may produce such a test. >> this is just a bigger picture -- picture for adam aron . we did hear from the ceo of variety and he said that one of the changes he would like to see is better food served instead of the typical popcorn, hot dogs and candy that is typically served.>> i like the food that is there now . if you bring in the other food, it will smell of the theater. >> you kind of go for the junk food. >> i'm not a millennial and that is a direction that he wants to go.>> if you're watching the movie and texting, i feel like you have to concentrate on one thing or the other. you are paying big bucks to see the movie, let's watch the
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movie. it is dark in there and then you turn on the phone and it illuminates.>> and theater 1, you can text and theater 2, you can't. separate them. limiting the time that children spent on digital devices. what about for themselves? the stuff the parents need to take too. right now on our facebook page. did you see this. steph curry's wife snuck up on him after his win last night. you have to see that on the facebook page. the a's have a day off and the royals come to town for the weekend series. northbound direction not bad and southbound a little slow. we will be right back.
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these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. the death toll in japan has risen to nine with dozens more injured after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in the southern part of the country. rescuers are trying to get to people under buildings. the rescue operations are underway.>> reporter: a deadly magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit southern japan on thursday night. the quake and powerful aftershocks knocking over houses, damaging buildings and sparking fast spreading fires.
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it also buckled roads. >> we are doing our best to understand the scale of damages. there are reports of multiple houses damaged.>> reporter: japanese officials reported initially that 19 houses were collapsed. there was burning debris and people trapped in houses and buildings. >> there are currently many aftershocks that may continue over the next week. please continue to be aware of the aftershocks. >> reporter: with emergency calls pouring in, the damage seems to be concentrated in a town hundred miles southwest about -- of tokyo. rescue operations have been repeatedly interrupted by aftershocks. the largest aftershock magnet -- measured at a magnitude of 6.4.>> i have ordered emergency leary -- emergency relief response to the best extent possible.>> reporter: it seems -- it is away from the nuclear
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plant. so far there do not appear to be any abnormalities at any nuclear facilities. most of the japan nuclear reactors remain off-line after the meltdown at the fukushima plant which was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. fox news. there is a lot of discussion these days about children and screen time and how much is too much. what kind of rules should parents put in place? let's not forget adults as well. every day we invite comments to discuss the intersection of media and family life. we have been talking about how parents are role models for their children. we have the parenting editor with us. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> reporter: children are like sponges. not to just what they are seeing and hearing, but to our behavior. talk to us about kids and behavior modeling when it comes
4:19 pm
to screen time and our devices. >> when it comes to screen time and our devices, kids learn what they live. i love my phone too, but i know that i have picked up bad habits. a lot of parents have picked up disturbing habits. kids are beginning to complain that their kit -- that their parents are on the phone too much.>> reporter: if i'm trying to teach my child not to be on the phone, i need to teach the same behavior? >> you need to demonstrate the same behavior and that the person in front of you is the most important thing. a lot of us are working and we have our phones and we are parenting at the same time. you can tell your kid that you are waiting for an important call to come in and when it comes, i'm going to answer it. not every call that comes in is the most important thing.>> so you model behavior that one is an important call but every
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time the phone goes off, the parent is not running to the phone. >> you want your kids to set appropriate limits. if they see you constantly responding, that's what they will pick up. another is texting and driving. there are still reports that come out of parents texting and driving. i have a 17-year-old and it scares me when he gets behind the wheel. when he has his phone with him, i really need to show him no texting and driving.>> reporter: what about social media? i'm not talking about parents sharing their own personal pictures, but pictures of kids. >> we are living in a world where parents are using facebook and instagram just like the kids are. it is fun and it is how we conduct with friends and share photos. -- connect with friends and share photos. you have to think about how
4:21 pm
much you are sharing, view your sharing with an what you are sharing. any social media that you use, you can limit your audience. i recommend that parents do that. part of it is because kids will get embarrassed as you mentioned, and then once you put a picture out there, it is out of your hands. you really can be misused. parents are saying, i saw my kid's picture used for an advertisement. you need to really remember that anybody can take it. >> reporter: you mention setting limits. what about putting it away altogether? like at the dinner table for example. >> we recommend phone free zones or device free zones in the home. whatever works for you. i like the dining room, the bedroom. >> reporter: you mean they are not allowed in those rooms? you are tough. >> study show that the blue
4:22 pm
light emitted from the phone reduces the quality and duration of sleep. i know the new apple phone has less blue light. not every phone has that. plus, in the wee hours of the night, you don't know what your kid is likely to send out. but those restrictions on yourself and keep everybody on it.>> reporter: one you said to be a good role model and don't over sharon's -- sharent. we have to do it first, right? >> yes. i recall -- a close call with an aircraft carrier. the incredible video that is raising questions about russian military behavior. that and more coming up after this. or >> --
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the pentagon has released video of two russian warplanes buzzing the u.s. aircraft carrier earlier this week.>> clear the deck.>> reporter: you saw it right there. the fighter decks -- jets were in simulated attack profile. they flew close to the u.s. donald cook.
4:26 pm
they took videos as the jets flew over several times. at some point -- at some points, the jets were just 30 feet from the ship. turkey shot down a russian fighter jet when it flew too close. that they have not been in turkish airspace since. ash carter announced an enhanced military alliance during a visit to the philippines.>> he spoke with the defendant -- the philippine defense minister. they are going to increase security in the area. troops could be sent on rotations for patrols going forward. a few hundred u.s. airmen will be stationed at the air force base in the philippines through the end of the month.>> it demonstrates america's unbreakable commitment to the
4:27 pm
defense of this nation. the security of the pacific. >> reporter: u.s. military troops are also taking part in an annual war games exercise in the philippines. u.s., australia and the philippines are participating. the military show of force is to help counter territorial claims by china in the china sea. some drivers get pulled over for relatively minor offenses. you can turn into big penalties for some drivers. who bears the brunt of the punishment? we will be right back. ys from radio alarm clock) ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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oh. nature's care organic potting mix produces more tomatoes than those other guys. that's some good dirt. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a new report from an accountability task force has found that racism contributes to some of the failures in the chicago police department.>> reporter: the task force was created by mayor rahm emanuel in the aftermath of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. officer jason vandyke has pleaded not guilty to first- degree murder charges. members of the police accountability task force say that delivers hard truth about the chicago police department. key findings about the role of racism in the department and
4:31 pm
the mentality that the ends justifies the means.>> there were 404 officer involved shootings. 74% were black victims. 14% were of latino and a percent were white. each makes up one third of the population of the city of chicago.>> we feel like the police do not respect their humanity. many people say that the police that they encountered were fundamentally racist. >> races is a -- racism in america and racism in chicago. understandably there is racism in the agency.>> reporter: the report was released yestday, on the same day the city council announce the mayor's choice for a new police superintendent. eddie johnson is a longtime chicago police officer and he is also african-american. he grew up on the south side
4:32 pm
where gangs are common and poverty is commonplace. >> they are fixing what is inside the police department. they also recommend restructuring the police department so that that officers can be more easily weeded out. >> reporter: chicago is not alone in this. the report that was released in california this week attract traffic offenses throughout the state of california. they found that lower income and minorities were much more likely to face steep fines, lose their drivers license and be arrested for traffic tickets. we will take four minutes during the 4 to take a deeper look. we are joined by the program coordinator for the east bay community lacenter and the legal director for the lawyer's committee for civil rights of the san francisco bay community. both participated in research and in writing the report.>>
4:33 pm
reporter: i will start with you. license suspensions -- license suspension rates. what open your eyes at the end of the year? >> i worked at the east bay community lacenter, as you said, and i work with people impacted by this. longer than a year ago, we were seeing person after person coming through the door saying that my license has been suspended and they often node thousands of dollars and they didn't have the money to pay for it -- owed thousands of dollars and they didn't have the money to pay for it. >> reporter: why? >> it wasn't a dui or reckless driving. the law that we talk about in
4:34 pm
the report is that the suspension was related to the failure to appear in court or the failure to pay. for our defendant, it came down to, do you have the money to pay the hundreds of dollars up front. nope. not only were people losing their licenses and going into debt, but the collateral effects were sort rate. they had job offers they could not take and they lost jobs. some people ended up getting arrested and losing their cars because of this underlying suspension. again, it was related to inability to pay. that led us to want to take a deeper look. i will say that there were a lot of people coming in the door and the vast majority were black and latino. we wanted to see what was really going on across the state and whether what we were seeking coming through the door was really representative of the larger issue. we found that it was. >> reporter: you hear the story of how it all started with what could be considered a minor traffic ticket that escalates. but, when you talk about chains, as change, it sounds like it -- talk about change,
4:35 pm
it sounds like it needs to be done in the police department. >> there are simple things we can do. how we see race and are biased will change over a long time. there are a few things we can do right away. if somebody rolls a stop sign and somebody else writes a stop sign -- runs a stop sign, somebody writes a check and it's done. the other person cannot pay it and they end up losing their vehicle. they have to choose between affording housing or a traffic ticket. >> reporter: we can end license suspension as 8:collection tool. >> just because somebody cannot afford to pay a ticket, their license should not be taken away. it is a waste of resources and it impacts all of us if our resources are funneled toward officers being debt collectors
4:36 pm
with handcuffs instead of focusing on things that keep us safe on the road.>> reporter: is this a report about racism across the state? >> you have to look at the cause of all of this. there is explicit racism where an officer is not enforcing the laws in white communities because those are the people that vote. >> reporter: so they go to other communities? >> they do go to other communities. there is the constant message that we have about white and black and who is guilty. i think that is a longer issue. we can make more equality in our system right now by making the simple measures of the wave license suspensions work and not arresting people because they cannot afford to pay. >> reporter: so the california
4:37 pm
police chief association president said that the members of our profession, and doing their work every day, focus on behavior and not ethnicity and gender. he went on to add that any information that can be gained to help our profession be unbiased in our job is worth looking at. do you like that response?>> i mean, i would say that in a sense we are not agreeing, but it is not about behavior, it's about economic power. it is about behaviors that many of us engage in. we do not speak about all of us being illegal drivers even though all of us run stop signs. in our neighborhood, we are familiar with our streets and we go faster than maybe we should. that something all of us do. not everybody gets in trouble for it. i think this report speaks about the numbers. for example, in san francisco, we did a record request and we got information on every driver
4:38 pm
on a suspended license. 49% of those were black drivers. plaque people all -- black people may go -- make up only 6% of the population. they are vastly overrepresented in the numbers. i think the number show it is not the whole picture. >> reporter: when you look at the numbers and then at what they did in chicago, it's a different problem, but still similar in other ways. they promoted an african- american to be the head of the police. is that enough? will it change things? does it go deeper? what is the solution? when you hear the response, isn't it acknowledging the problem and acknowledging the numbers? >> to exciting to hear the police chief say that we want to take into account these numbers and change behavior because it is needed. it will need to be change in behavior and perception and
4:39 pm
bias. also taking into account the systemic things where the deck is stacked against poor people and people of color. >> reporter: what about changing the law? >> exactly. we have bill before the california state legislature right now. we had a hearing this tuesday and the bill wood stop license suspensions just because you cannot -- would stop license suspensions just because you cannot afford to pay. we actually had bipartisan support on tuesday with all 11 committee members. democrats and republicans propose to put it forward. it is a good first step in a system that needs some changes. >> reporter: as a society, what can we do? as opposed to just putting it on the police department, what can we do? >> i think the first thing for
4:40 pm
all of us, will we hear information like this, is to blame other people. why didn't they pay the ticket? we have to acknowledge in our own minds, what are my own prejudices? >> if i cannot afford to pay the ticket, what would i do?>> reporter: we have a client who drives his three-year-old to a leukemia treatment. he lost his license. he has to make the choice of getting arrested or not taking his son to cancer treatment. i think all of us recognize we would make the same treatment -- the same decision.>> reporter: so call your state senator and have them vote for the senate bill eight vote for the senate bill 881?>> exactly. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate your time and thank you for coming in. you can go to our website and look under web links on for more information.
4:41 pm
donald trump about his upcoming appearance and right here in the bay area. after rain this morning, there are still right -- there is still rain in parts of northern california. coming up, the big changes you can expect for the weekend. we are talking 90 degree heat. and i shot of the estuary and another nice shot of 24. westbound traffic at the speed limit on this thursday afternoon. we will be right back.
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donald trump is coming to california and will a desk -- address the delegates. ted cruz and john kasich are already booked. the june 7 primary could help the candidates solidify the party nomination with its 172 delegates. a disturbing link was confirmed today between the zika virus and birth defects.>> the centers for disease control have connected the birth defect, microcephaly, to the zika virus.
4:45 pm
microcephaly is when babies are born with has that are too small. they looked at brain scans of the babies and most had severe brain damage also.>> it has been 50 years since an infectious disease has been identified as the cause of a birth defect. there has never been a birth defect caused by an infection transmitted by mosquito. >> reporter: the two kinds of mosquitoes that transmit the disease can be found all across the southern half of the united states. so far the cases in the united states are attributed to travel to zika infected countries or through sexual contact. i miss the rain today, but i liked what it left behind.
4:46 pm
the wind has picked up 220- 25 miles per hour. sunshine across the bay area and rain clouds earlier this morning. -- 20-25 miles per hour. sunshine across the bay area and rain clouds earlier this morning. there are still lingering showers and rain and snow showers across parts of northern california from today's system. i'm watching this big area of high pressure. you will notice the change by the weekend when we have big warming trend. right now tracking rain and snow showers out to the north of the bay area. light rain reported in santa rosa at the 12:00 area. tahoe has snow and there are reports of 4-8 inches at tahoe city. only an inch -- four-inches --
4:47 pm
4-8 inches at tahoe and only an inch at tahoe city. there are lingering clouds in place on the radar. a little bit of instability and you can see the clouds look like popcorn. that is instability in the atmosphere. as a result, we have partly cloudy skies and we cannot rule out a pop-up shower, especially in the north bay in the short- term. the wind sprees -- the wind speeds are keeping up the speed and are gusting up to 22 miles per hour. oakland has a westerly wind sustained at 20. sfo is picking up with a wind gust at 35 miles per hour. blustery conditions near the coast. here is the life camera looking toward san francisco bay. you can see the transamerica pyramid. there are shouters over the bay which is a good indication that we have clouds paying us a visit. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies". temperatures in the 30s and 40
4:48 pm
-- skies and cool. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. you can see believe reports at 12 up to 20 feet. the extra careful today and tomorrow with high surf advisory's in place right into friday. you can see here there are waves up to 12-15 feet until 11:00 a.m. friday. there is a cold front producing rain across the bay area and it will move out tomorrow. we began with a warming trend and highs with six -- in the 60s and 70s. this will be a source of big time morning -- warming, especially by sunday. tomorrow we start off with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. then by the afternoon, 62-75 degrees. santa rosa 75 and fairfield 74.
4:49 pm
oakland lower 70s. these numbers are up a good 4-8 degrees above today's highs. even san francisco in the upper 60s. here's a look at the five day forecast and we continue to warm up. saturday and sunday will be the warmest days of the period. we approach the 90 degree mark and then cooler temperatures for monday and tuesday next week. in the bay area we have changes. in the sierras, they have flip- flop weather. they have snowfall and then they go back to springtime weather as we head toward the weekend. we have julie live in the newsroom now with a look at some of the stories we have coming up. >> reporter: late this afternoon, california up and he'll -- panel granite parole to a former charles manson member. what has to happen before leslie van houten is released. a fevered hunt for
4:50 pm
delegates leading the presidential candidates to burlingame in the next couple of weeks. it will be the california gop convention. why the golden state to play such a key role in the race for the presidency. we will have those stories coming up at 5:00. we will be right back.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. now, it is time to get social and take a look at what people are talking about on social media. we start with a champ he -- a chimpanzee who escaped from the zoo and let his handlers on a high wire chase.>> i feel bad for the chimpanzee. his name is cha-cha and you can see that zoo officials got a cherry picker to dart the
4:53 pm
chimpanzee with a tranquilizer. he longed for the shooter of the dart gun who escaped the attack by lowering the cherry picker just in time. later, as the tranquilizer starts to take effect, the champ starts to affect down the -- to stumble down the wires and takes a fault. animal handlers with netting were able to catch him.>> they are still trying to figure out how cha-cha got out in the first place. it's a good -- it is a good thing he is safe and back in place. another animal escaped in new zealand by a clever octopus named thank you -- inky. >> he had been in the national aquarium. but he escaped.>>there -- inky got into a drainhole. they have been impressed that
4:54 pm
he was able to learn how to take food from a human's hand. they are known to be clever and they can unscrew jars even from the inside. it's not surprising. you remember the challenge to raise money for als? there's a new one to help veterans. >> it is called 22 push-ups. you can see frank doing it right there. it is to do 22 which push-ups without stop -- 22 push-ups without stopping and then challenge your friend. >> it is to combat the high suicide rate that is seen in veterans returning from home. 22 veterans commit suicide each day and more needs to be done to offer them help and support. that is you.>> this is how it started. jacob unger issued the challenge to frank somerville who challenged me. jacob's wife served in
4:55 pm
afghanistan. i did my push-ups and that is my nine round fitness gym that i go to. >> it looks like you could do another 22. >> thank you. i stopped at 22. it is all in fun, but it is for a good cause to prevent suicide among veterans. you can go to our facebook page for ktvu and share your experiences. maybe you can do the challenge as well. >> we will be right back.
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a terror group release add video today. it appears to show some of the school girls kidnapped two years ago today. >> 15 girls appear in the video and parents say they recognized their daughters. the woman in red is one of the mothers. she recognized some of the girls but didn't see her own daughter. the video was sent to the nigh syrian government to prove the girls were alive but community leaders want the video analyzed. >> we want answers and though the timing of the video. that will prove to us that those girls are really alive. that i be they took that video two months after they took them, we don't know.
4:59 pm
>> islamic extremist released the video shortly after the abduction. it showed about 100 of the girls. it triggered a social media campaign called, bring back our girls. several dozen were able to escape, but 219 are still missing. let's head over to franked julie who have more on the amber alert. >> a two-year-old boy taken after his father left him in a running car. >> the good news, the boy was found safe. the suspect is still on the loose. "ktvu channel 2 news" starts now. i'm frank >> and i'm julie. a two-year-old boy who was abducted in soledad this morning has been found safe. hours after an amber alert was issued, he was located. henry lee joins us now. he's in the news room with more. >> reporter: julie, there was added urgency in finding jacob vargas, he has asthma and takes medication twice a day.
5:00 pm
his second dose was scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon. he was taken from his home and found this afternoon about ten miles away. this is the video of the stolen car in a barn from sky fox. you can seel tape around the structure. this afternoon at 2:00, police got a 911 call who said he saw the han do on river road. they rushed there and found the child. again, we're told he was safe. the alert went out at 7:00 this morning. the boy's father put his son in the car and it was warming up in the drive way and went into the house when he came back, the accord and jacob were gone. the sheriff's department has taken over the investigation. so far, there have been no arrests in in case. we'll keep you updated on any developments in the investigation.


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