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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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another nice warm day. not crazy warmer anything like that, but a few locations will be flirting with record highs. and no big deal except for a few high clouds. san francisco set a record yesterday at 81, and today they will fall just short, but it will be close. in sfo 81 with a record of 83 and they will get close. the oakland airport will get a record if they hit 82, napa at 85 will fall short, san jose would be record and san rafael will fall short. and looking good with the air sign a -- the arizona diamondbacks here against the giants at home. this fog is out here, but not making much of an impact. 40s and 50s on the tents -- temperatures, and running warmer, 49 in menlo park, 58
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pacific up. and at the oakland airport, slight component of the offshore. in this will work its way into tomorrow, ushering in a cooling trend, and clouding up on wednesday with rain on friday. breezy at times, near hot today. a lot of 80s in the mix, mid-to upper 80s, honey and warm on this monday. and the metering lights have clicked on, and slow traffic?>> there are couple of spots. for the most lot, people getting on the roads and more crowded. good morning, and if you are about to leave, the bay bridge toll plaza has a 20 to 25 minute delay, nothing unusual. no collisions reported on 80 coming down from richmond, but it is getting heavy. a look at interstate 880, traffic looking pretty good south and down into hayward. at the santa clara -- the
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valley commute looking good. 6:01 am. following developing new news in the east bay, and people in san ramon, dublin in pleasanton finding out they are without power, 150 homes. it is down from earlier today, this morning there were 1800 homes without power around 3 am this morning. it's unclear what is causing the outage. full restoration is expected around 6:30 am and we will continue to check with pg&e. today is the 110th anniversary of the 1906 are wake in san francisco -- earthquake in san francisco, hundreds remembering that tragic day when the victims of the earthquake in japan in ecuador are also being honored this morning.>> reporter: they are playing tribute to the victims in japan in ecuador
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this morning, the two recent quakes we have had. we are in the mission district, a few hundred people gathered at the intersection of church and 20th. they are repainting this gold fire hydrant at the intersection, and it holds a special significance. in 1906, this was the only working hydrant in this part of town, and many believe that this hydrant because it was working help to save this part of the city. this is one of many ceremonies taking place this morning in san francisco. and here's the scene earlier this morning as people gathered downtown to honor the victims and survivors of the earthquake.>> [ sirens ]>> reporter: following a moment of silence, sirens blaring to march the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire that
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devastated san francisco. a couple of hundred people came together to have the ceremony at the fountain, an important meeting place following the earthquake. the police chief and fire chief on hand it's over the relatives of the survivors. just this past year, the last known survivor bill del monte died, and we had a chance to talk to his niece about the significant of the event. >> i don't know of any other cities that would have something like this, and i knew my grandparents, and i knew bill. i could say that these people survived something that was so horrendous. it was a way of living through their experience. just hoping that we will never have to go through that.>> reporter: also during the morning ceremony, the participants honored all of the
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hundreds of lives lost just this week in japan and ecuador. there were large earthquakes that struck in those countries, so they pay tribute to those victims here this morning. the members of the san francisco department of emergency management were also on hand, stressing the message of earthquake preparedness, especially given those two large quakes that we had around the world. again, here's a live picture with hundreds gathered at the mission district at the intersection of church and 20th, repainting that only fire hydrant that many believe saved this part of san francisco back in 1906. >> an incredible story, and glad you shared that, and a lot of people don't know that. it's always good to remind people.>> reporter: you could just walk right by it, a lot of people do. the time is 6:05 am. confirmed 272 people killed by these huge earthquake in ecuador, a magnitude 7.8
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earthquake. and among the hardest hit was the city of port of bao. crews are still searching for survivors in the rubble, and the death toll is expected to continue to rise up. in southern japan, 10 people are still missing after two powerful earthquakes, the biggest on friday with a magnitude 7.0. the death toll is at 42, more than 1000 have been hurt. shelters are set up to help the 180,000 people who son's were damaged. new video of the american troops arriving in japan to help with the relief effort. you can see them here working with the japanese forces to airlift water, food and other supplies to the areas cut off by landslides and damaged roads and bridges.>> the san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement about the earthquakes in ecuador saying that "the
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stark reminders remind us that we must always be prepared. it's not it, but win, the next disaster will strike. we know disasters, whether it is an earthquake, tsunami or something human made, can happen at any time with little or no warning." two students works wet -- were swept out to sea over the weekend. wayne ausa and grisham duran are presented dead, and they were waiting -- heading into the surfing carried away by strong current. three boys were able to make it back to shore.>> we pray hard, that is all we can do to help the families. is hopefully there will be a miracle.>> family friends say that both boys were part of the engineering academy at the vallejo high school. and they tell us that tomorrow
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will be the 17th birthday of grisham duran and musicians and fans had to deal with high heat and strong winds at the coachella music festival. there was one fatality, not related to the weather though. the 18-year-old woman was reportedly walking to work and as a security guard, and was hit by car. the driver cooperated, and the investigation is ongoing. the time now is 6:08 am. the uc chancellor says she will respond to the calls for her resignation. students have voted for her to resign after reports revealed that the university paid consultants to that degree -- to bury negative stories. this is the second time that students have demanded that she resign, and students and state lawmakers call for her to step down after they found out she was being paid to sit on boards
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for the right education group, and also a college book publisher during her off-hours. the boston marathon will start and get underway this morning, 30,000 runners from all over the world are expected to take part. security is very tight after the bombing at the marathon three years ago. more than 5000 officers will be along the route in uniform and in clean clothing. the boston police and fbi -- in plain clothing. the boston police and fbi keeping an eye online for possible threats. >> i was talking to my friends, and we feel they are doing a great job in making us feel secure.>> this race will be meaningful for at least two runners, the two runners lost their legs in bombings three years ago, and will be running the race again this morning for the first time, using
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prosthetics.>> incredible. 6:09 am is the time. stack and alameda man opened fire, injuring two employees, coming up we will tell you why the employees had told the man to lead the gas station before he shot him. we are live inside the oracle arena, and later this morning the warriors will get ready to play game 2 against the houston rockets, and the main question is will steph curry play, and update coming up. looking at a morning commute, and getting filled in in many areas, and highway 24 not bad on the way to oak land. a record high yesterday, in closed today, and this will be the warmest day of the week, coming up.
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get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. welcome back, and heavy rains are sweeping through parts of southeast texas, making for a treacherous condition. we will show you this downpour, and this is in houston. the airport, a big hub for united. a lot of flights go through houston.>> he is checking, and look at the flooding. a number of drivers were trapped as they tried to drive through, always a bad idea. lightning as well, flooded streets.
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reports of a large number of water rescues, and flash flood warnings are in effect in houston in southeast at this. again, advisory, i'm sure for the airport. and we have up life goes through houston.>> southwest as well. >> a lot of flights go through that airport, so check ahead. republicans and democrats campaigning in new york over and of this critical primary tomorrow. early polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump leading in new york. two and 47 delegates at stake for the democrats, 95 for republicans. entered a bernie sanders held a big rally in brooklyn, more than 28,000 people showed up. >> with this campaign, we are going to win because we listen to ordinary people, and lashed out at the wealthy campaign contributors. on the republican side, ted cruz
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thinks he can get enough delegates to keep donald trump from securing the nomination. in california, some registered for a small conservative political party by mistake. according to the la times, three out of four people that register for the american independent party were confused, saying they did not realize it they had enrolled in a political party that opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage. the paper said that voters were confused by the use of the word "independent" in the party's name. the people should not be worried about the privacy on the virtual reality headsets, and raising questions about how the company is collecting information from the users. they say that sharing information may enhance the virtual reality experience, but they want to make sure that your sensitive information is protected. i am ready to watch some basketball. >> the warriors are ready to
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play game two of the nba series with houston at home tonight in oakland. >> and brian flores is very excited to be at the oracle arena, as always. we are waiting to hear about steph curry. >> reporter: we are officially on the curry watts, waiting to see -- curry watch, waiting to see if he will build to play tonight. this is the oracle arena, and this sea of yellow, t-shirts already laid out in the seats for the 19,000 fans, expected to be a sellout. in talking about steph curry, nowhere to be seen with the doves practiced with the open reporters yesterday, and he injured his right ankle in game one on saturday, pulled from the game twice to get his ankle re-taped. he only played a few minutes in the second half. the warrior stepped up, beating
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the rockets, 104-78. we spoke to the coach, and he said that the team did well when steven curry regular set out during the regular season. >> this kind of changes things, and we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph curry gets out, and i think's death -- that steph missed several games and we found a way to do well. we will see what happens. >> steph curry is listed as questionable right now.>> reporter: when the warriors played without steph curry, they did win three games, and ask for the tickets, this is sold out. there are tickets available for resale online in the cheapest tickets we could find were $130, in the most expensive, courtside seats, $1900.>> would
6:18 am
you save us four seats?>> reporter: right. you know that it steph curry place tonight they will be pressing him, and you could see clade thompson or harrison barn -- harrison barnes get some shots at the does not play. and the rockets will play later on this morning, and we will wait to see, and practice should be design to tell us whether steph curry will be playing later tonight. >> i want to see steph curry, but i want you to step in.>> reporter: after last week, no way my friend.>> no one can beat steph curry, but they have some very good players.>> reporter: they are ready. 618 eight teen -- 6:18 am is the time. i was in hawaii on vacation last week, and
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there was this outdoor bar and restaurant, and it was filled with warrior fans from the bay area. and when they beat the bulls record, it was awesome. and they were watching the warriors.>> i went to hawaii and found the same thing. and i talked about it on the podcast, hawaii is warrior country. i went to a bar, and they had one tv, one game, and it was the warriors, taking over.>> they have fans everywhere. >> i have a feeling that if you want to a bar almost anywhere in america you will see them watching the warriors. >> they are such a good team, and play such good basketball, you have to enjoy watching them. good morning everyone. let's take a look at your morning commute, traffic moving along slowly at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the metering lights are on. a little over an hour ago, or
6:20 am
maybe a little less. traffic is backed up, something unusual getting into the city. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, traffic is okay. if you're driving in the south found north bay, and i strive. you can see, we there is not -- there is not much going on here. 6:20 am. let's talk about houston, sunshine in record high temptress, but they have a flash flood warning that will be expanded. this is a big deal, blowing up from alston -- austin to houston. if you have the united are southwest flight down in houston, and ugly that is george bush international now. you are probably going to be delayed. it's torrential rain, copious amounts of rain. we will keep you updated.
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here at home, records yesterday was san francisco 81, oakland 83, salinas valley 85 degrees. san jose 87. and that would be a record, 86 in 1950, napa will fall short, oakland airport will be in the mix, sfo falling short. giants are home tonight, and the diamondbacks in town. mostly clear with the westerly breeze showing itself. a little bit of fog is out there, but very shallow. it may make a push to parts of the coast, but not inland. tonight and tomorrow it will and it will get helped along. 40s, 50s and 60s on the temperatures, all pretty close. morgan hill, gilroy, and gilroy's not reporting. but they are in the upper 40s. scotts valley 44, 50 at santa cruz and saratoga.
6:22 am
everyone is within a degree or two of one another. 27 in truckee, 43 in reno. in las vegas at 60 degrees, 62 in la, the two in monterey. and this thing down here is going to start tracking toward us, enhancing the fog bank and giving us a good cooling trend. today sunshine and warm temperatures, the warmest day by a long shot. friday looking at rain, monday warm temperatures, and friday rain, how about that. near 94 a few people, and a lot of mid to upper 80s. near the water, 70s and 80s. this is a pattern were some locations could get warmer, brentwood in antioch. antioch yesterday was 85. 90 in gilroy, we did go there. santa cruz at 80 degrees.
6:23 am
86 woodside, and 86 in san mateo. tomorrow we will have a big cooling trend with clouds rolling in, and rain thursday and friday.>> it is sandy crews. we will let you slide on this monday. each 23 is the time. an attack near the bart station, and someone was hit with a metal bat and what the police found when they arrived on scene. what you need to know on this last day to file your taxes with the irs.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 6:26 am. today is the deadlineto file your taxes, and you can file an extension if you have not prepared your taxes yet. most of those that owed the irs will typically file an extension. you will start to pay what you think you owe, but you have an extra six months to fill out the forms and file without being penalized. here's what happens if you do not.>> the filing penalty is 5% per month, or a portion of the month. up to a maximum of 25% of the amount that is owed. that is a pretty stiff penalty.
6:27 am
>> it sure is. you also have to file the taxes or file an extension to the irs by 11:59 pm, either by postmarked envelope or you can file electronically. new this morning, defense secretary ash carter is on a surprise visit to baghdad, talking to the iraqi leaders about how the u. s. can support troops to defeat isis. they have several options, including sending more troops to the iraqi area, and more than 3400 troops are there now. and they say that the pentagon misled congress about sexual assault cases in the military. and they say that local attorneys often did not act against the u. s. military members. the associated press found out that in many cases, the steps taken by civilian authorities
6:28 am
were ignored or described incorrectly, and a full report will be released later tonight. the pentagon says that the information was accurate. 6:27 am. and the supreme court takes up one of the most important immigration cases, the challenge on the president obama executive action. the sharks are coming home tonight for the playoffs, and we will tell you what is at stake in what the fans will get.
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6:30 am good morning, it is 6:30 am. the san jose sharks are getting ready for the big playoff against the la kings. i think that lady in blue looks very familiar, live inside the
6:31 am
shark tank.>> and that is ktvu janine on the ice. and she will let us know why you will not need a ticket to get in on the action, and just when you thought it was safe to get in on the ice. >> how exciting that she gets to be on the ice where they will be playing tonight. >> and she looks good. good morning, and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday, april 18, and i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. if the sharks can win at home, and they have a better record on the road.>> they can do it. >> they have a good goalie. sun rising over the big city, and a few.yesterday was too warm, hang in there for tomorrow. temperatures in near record- setting for some, and we can start off with some of the records that we had yesterday.
6:32 am
san francisco was 81, the old record of 79, open 83 with the record. salinas 85. and if you live in the city, you know that is warm. and on a mission, in it feels like a morning in the amazon, cumin, hot and chirping birds appear in speaking of chirping birds, and i know that spring is in the air. but this one bird would not stop. he thought that was funny. the diamondbacks are in town for the giants, and the win will be kicking in, and a little bit of fog off the coast. 40s, 50s and 60s, a lot of big differences on the temperatures. in this thing is going to work its way toward us tomorrow, ushering in some fog, a cooling trend, and today sunshine and
6:33 am
hot. breezy at times, with a lot of 80s, 70s and 80s. and here he is, chirping about the traffic. >> it actually looks okay, no major issues, but if you slowdowns. taking a look at the morning commute, you will see traffic that will be busy as you drive through. the traffic on the south bay will be slow, also looking at traffic on the east shore freeway. 31 minutes from the country knolls bridge -- country knolls bridge -- and you can -- carnitine else -- carquinez bridge, and so far off to a good start driving down into palo alto. if you are taking 280, very
6:34 am
nice drive. 6:33 am. the alameda police have made an arrest after a gunman shot and injured two people at a gas station. this happened saturday night at the arco one part street. the gas station employee saw a suspicious man walked into the gas station hiding his face. the maintenance worker recognized the man as the same person that vandalized the futility booth, and the maintenance worker and other employee keep the man out, and then the man shot the employees in the parking lot. >> when i walked up they were laying on the ground. the guy left so we did not see him. >> the bay area news group reports that the name of the suspect will be released later today, and the manager of the gas station said that both of the employees are now recovering. the berkeley police are searching for men that attacked another man with a metal bat. this happened across from the ashby bart station yesterday
6:35 am
afternoon. they found a man with a head injury, and witnesses say there was a metal bat down the road, but by the time the police arrived, the attacker was gone. city and community leaders in san francisco addressing the growing concerns about the homeless. at 7:30 pm, they will be hosting a town hall meeting, joined by the homeless outreach route to talk about possible shelter locations. the meeting will include coming up with ideas to address the homeless population throughout san francisco. being held at the waldorf school on the west portal avenue. u. s. supreme court is about to hear what could be one of the most important cases of its term this morning. this will radically change the way the u. s. enforces immigration laws. and we are joined live outside of the supreme court, and a lot of this hinging on how much authority president obama has to enforce are not enforce the
6:36 am
laws. >> reporter: it is possible that the constitutional issues like that will be part and parcel to this decision, whatever decision the court makes. this is an emotional issue, and let me show you what it looks like from our bandage. the number of -- vantage, the number of people out here protesting, and all support the administration position on immigration form, and there are about 26 states that think the president has gone too far.>> reporter: and how far can president obama go when it comes to changing the way that the nation enforces its immigration laws, and has he already violated the constitution. >> we can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. >> reporter: that was the president in 2014 when frustrated with congressional inaction, and decided to stop enforcing the immigration laws on certain groups, expanding those that came to this country illegally as children, offering
6:37 am
new protection for those that came near and started families. texas is leading the effort for 26 states, saying they will have to carry the burden to provide new services and entitlements to these potentially millions of immigrants. >> this is not prosecutorial discretion, this is taking the law and changing it to a completely different situation. >> reporter: congress is arguing that the president is rewriting law, by letting the basic tenets of the constitution, but the white house says he is well within his authority. >> the executive authority that he has institutionalized is entirely in line with those that president reagan and george w. bush exercised.>> reporter: all of this happens during an unusual time at the supreme court, the death of justice scalia means it is possible that the court a deadlock, 4-4, reverting to a lower decision that could scuttle the president's plans.
6:38 am
>> so often we look to figure out who is the swing justice in some of these issues, and this time around could be the chief justice john roberts. he has expressed issues with the standing, and whether someone has the legal ability or authority to bring an issue before the court. and there are some standing questions when it comes to texas and these other states. will they be hurt by this new immigration policy, that is something that the court will have to determine.>> and that is doug outside of the supreme court in washington. the national institute of health says that the united states could see locally transmitted cases of zika virus as we get into the mosquito season. regnant women in the u. s. should not be worried about it according to the official agency, no local transmission of the zika virus in the u. s. the agency says that if it is a local outbreak, it's up to
6:39 am
local health officials to contain it. women in the u. s. expecting are trying to get pregnant and steer clear of countries where there are outbreaks. the zika virus can cause babies to be born with the beer brain defects. the time is 6:39 am. all of a sudden i'm in a mood to play hockey, and i cannot skate. if you do not have a ticket to the playoff games, the sharks want you to come on down to the shark tank. >> and where your teal and black. and we have janine all decked out and i am very impressed with your handling of that hockey puck.>> reporter: look at this, i'm getting more comfortable on the ice. i am ready to help out the sharks, and died and -- and i am on standby. not good at all, sorry, let's try again. better.
6:40 am
i don't know if you could see that. to put this in perspective, it's about the rivaling, and always big when a northern california team plays against a southern california 10, and that is what is happening tonight against the la kings, the first round of the playoffs. the sharks have beat the la kings twice now, and they are playing on home ice tonight. in the sharks had the best record on the road in the nhl, but the worst record at home among the 16 teams in the playoffs. but the coach is confident that coming home is going to be good for the sharks.>> and the shark tank is rocking. this is been a year to since we've been able to play a home playoff game, and for me being here the whole time, nothing like it.>> reporter: the sharks
6:41 am
did not make the playoffs laster, but they did in 2014, and when they played the la kings, the sharks won the first three games, but the kings came back to take the final four games and went all the way to take on the stanley cup. and the sharks are counting on the support of the fans, and it is not sold out. the lowest prices $82 for a ticket. the most expensive seats that we found work $775. back out here live, these are prime seats, and the t-shirts are laid out on every single seat. this is what the fans will get, and i want to show you this. this is the retro shark. it says 16 for the 2016 playoffs. >> those are great.>> reporter: a cool and nice momento. they will also have something for the game after this, and
6:42 am
not a t-shirt, but we will show you that coming up in the next hour. i am going to get comfortable. i have to give my ankles arrest. -- ankles a rest. i have never won, warren hockey's date -- i have never warren hockey skates before. those skates are hard on the beach, for me anyway. >> but you are good skater. >> no. your time now is 6:42 am. one of the leaders in music streaming is now talking politics, and helping you to decide whether to get to become the canadian citizen. of bay area man acts and reacts to a groundbreaking study on wrongful convictions. traffic moving along pretty
6:43 am
well on i-80 westbound until we get to the mission area, and then bogging down out toward the maccarthur maze. some record highs yesterday, and close for a few today, and this will be the warmest in the week and we will explain.
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:45 am. and meetings on the oil
6:46 am
countries falling apart. and iran stayed home saying it will keep increasing the production levels, and the oil ministers been hours debating on whether there should be a limit on the amount of oil produced. the price dropped $30 a barrel, and the oil minister is saying that they need more time to work out an agreement that could increase the global prices. certainly the price of oil as affected wall street for quite some time now. taking a live look at the big board, the dow jones just started trading about 15 minutes ago, and you can see it is down a little bit, about 12 points, and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are down about the name. -- about the same. down about 30% and we will keep an eye on the numbers throughout the morning. and the new report adding up the cost of the wrongful convictions for the accused and taxpayers in california.
6:47 am
looking at faulty convictions in california between 1989 and 2012, and 600 people wrongfully sentenced, and taxpayers on the hook for $282 million, including $68 million for the wrongfully convicted like this man, rick walker. he spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> we know this is a tip in the iceberg because we only included cases we could find and verify. >> rick walker moved to lake county and that is where he moved with this settlement money, but says that the years that were stolen can never be given back. the san mateo city council will decide whether this ice rink at the bridge point shopping center will be demolished, home to thousands of skaters, hockey players and birth a party since it opened more than 20 years ago. being shut down for three
6:48 am
years, and the developer that owns the properties has offered the city remade dollars if they are allowed to tear down the skating rink, and says they would benefit from the new tax revenues. in the state community, pushing the council to leave the skating rink open and let someone else operate it.>> we received a lot of emails from people that feel very passionate about that ice rink and its history. your time is 6:48 am. and with fix things out there? >> i'm trying to, and it is a little bit slow. let's go see what we have with the morning commute, some slow traffic. here in san francisco, we take a live look at the camera near the 81/101 split, and crowded heading north on 101. also looking at the commute that will be crowded, and this
6:49 am
is a little bit crowded as you get to the bay bridge, a 20 minute delay. the other bridges are not bad, san mateo bridge is a little bit of slow traffic, and looking good to the peninsula. let's go to steve and the weather center.>> good morning. sunshine and morning temperatures, and if you liked yesterday, you will like today. and tomorrow will be cooler. san francisco set a record high yesterday and get close today. but first, give travel plans, some may be saying that have a flight into houston, but i don't think so. you may not be going anywhere, and the warriors won't be going until thursday. and i don't know about the rockets. it will probably be gone by tomorrow, but they have all sorts of leading issues, with record rainfall in houston this morning. and in downtown san francisco,
6:50 am
record it 81, in oakland set a record, and salinas came in with the record. and the jets are back home tonight, and the diamondbacks are in town -- and the giants are back home tonight, and the diamondbacks are in town. and here we have a message, it's a birthday and heading to monterey. it will be nice today. the thing with monterey is that if you go inland, it gets better. it is beautiful today. and today will be the best day of the next couple of days. 50s on the temperatures, and 40s, 44 napa and 58 in san francisco, so some significant differences. bodega bay 52, 48 in mill valley, and close for everybody else. and 27 in truckee, and 52 in
6:51 am
monterey. good to go today was sunshine, and this low 50s inning and will give us a cool down tomorrow. we could get some mostly cloudy partly cloudy north bay by wednesday, but that will continue with the theme of cooler weather. and today it is all about warmer temperatures, and by friday clouding up with rain. a topsy-turvy week, and rainfall on friday could be pretty good, and a lot can happen between now and friday, but one forecast showing some good rain for us. sunshine, warm to hot today in breezy at times and near 90 showing some good rain for us. sunshine, warm to hot today in breezy at times and near 94 of you. a lot of mid-80s. -- 94 for a few. a lot of 80s, and well above average. it did get to 90 on gilroy on the forecast. cooler tomorrow by 10 degrees, and clouding up on wednesday. cloudy on thursday, rain friday
6:52 am
morning, lingering into saturday, out of here by sunday. your time is 6:51 am. and debit card information, as easy as online ordering and the swipe of the card, but we know about the privacy and more about that just ahead. and a man in daly city killed on the freeway in the south a, and why the police said he left his vehicle, putting himself in danger. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:55 am. a man was killed after stopping on the shoulder of a highway 101 in san jose. this happened on north 101, and this ehbs said the 60-year-old man curtis strange -- and the chp said the 60-year-old heard a strange noise and was standing on the driver side of his minivan and was hit by pick up truck. the report said that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. >> another german was driving northbound in a small pickup, and for unknown reasons, he veered to the right and hit the gentleman that was on the shoulder, and hit his vehicle
6:56 am
as well.>> the driver of the pickup truck stopped at the scene, and the minivan driver wife and children were in the car at the time, but were not hurt. the police in fairfield are looking for his second suspect in the deadly shooting of a man earlier this month, and they were already searching for kyle amos for the shooting get the lot angelo darn nest router. and they are searching for a second suspect, and both men are considered armed and dangerous, and the second man is demetrius kelly. the controversy over rent control heating up tomorrow night as the city council considers a second proposal, in san jose, and 8% cap on rent increase, but the tenets say that they rent hikes are pricing them out. officials are recommending a rent cap tied to the local inflation, and some board members are in favor of the 8% cap, and others want a five or 6% cap.
6:57 am
and shutting down all 47 stores, the sports chalet, and they will also stop selling goods on the website, and the company that owns sports chalet is reportedly filing for bankruptcy this week. new this morning, a major announcement following the renewed relationship of america with cuba, and what the carnival cruises is doing for the cuban born americans. new developments in the week in earthquakes in ecuador, the death toll has risen in the last hour, and the update on the security minister.
6:58 am
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fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. good morning. there were several ceremonies here in san francisco early this morning to mark 110 years since the great earthquake of 1906 that devastated this city. we'll tell you about the commemoration ceremonies. >> and a day at the beach takes
7:00 am
a tragic turn. mornings on 2 continues. 7:00 on a monday morning, april 18th. tax day this year. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather right now. steve paulson has all of your information. >> sunshine and warm temps today. but not tomorrow. had a couple records yesterday. san francisco, mountain view, oakland. it will be closed for a few today, especially san jose. 87. the old record is 86 back in 1950. san francisco will be within a few. sfo will also be close. oakland airport, 82, would be a record. 81 in 1950. san rafael, napa, probably falling a little short. giants back home tonight. d-backs in time. mostly clear. could be patchy fog. i think that west wind will begin to kick in by late this


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