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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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today marks 110 years since the 1906 earthquake in san francisco. we were there as firefighters marked the moment it hit and we're talking about how to prepare for the next big one. >> tonight the sharks and warriors continue their playoff runs. we're live at the s.a.p. center and talking to jason. >> it's an evening of music and spoken word. we're talking to the mastermind for the benefit for children's hospital. i see one air guitar in effect for the studio for ktvu the 9. april 18th, it's tax day this year. while some people say paying taxes feels like a rip-off,
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oliver said i like to pay taxes. i had to read it off this piece of paper that i printed. >> a little bit of trivia. money for nothing, the backup singer on that track, sting. >> really? wow. >> he's the one who goes, i want my mtv. >> we appreciate you joining us this monday morning. mike mibach is on assignment so welcome to alex savidge. we're going to talk about taxes, the big earthquakes we saw the past couple days around the world. you were at the commemoration. >> we commemorated, hundreds of people came out in san francisco this morning to commemorate 110 years since the great earthquake of 1906 so we'll talk about that event coming up here and also talk with someone from the usgs about these recent quakes and what that means for us. >> we'll also talk about your weather because as you can see this pretty picture behind us,
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the oakland estuaries never looked better. steve paulson, if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today. >> that's correct. temperatures are going to carry them over in to today. we had some records yesterday. i think we'll get more today. we had a few. outside it's already pretty quiet out there. there's a little bit of fog well offshore. i don't think it makes any impact whatsoever. maybe the immediate coast. even that i think looks pretty marginal. san francisco yesterday, 81, that was a record. mountain view was a record. even salinas set a record of 85. what about today? there are possible records here. i think san jose is 87. that would be a record, oakland airport at 82. it will be close for san francisco, sfo. probably not san rafael or napa. they'll be close and way above average. the giants are back home and they picked a good night to come home. a little bit of fog out there but the keyword is it's out there. so it's not making any deal
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today. already mid 60s for some. we're warming up fast. hayward, 66. the city, 65. sfo, 65. half moon bay, the source of the cool-down, that little low. that won't be here till tuesday night or wednesday. 70s or 80s. sunny and warm the rest of the week, no, looks cooler by wednesday then rain. rain arrives on friday. >> good knowledge on that rock song, sal. very well done. >> a little bit of music trivia for the monday. important commemoration happened early this morning at san francisco. it was 110 years ago today that the 1906 earthquake hit san francisco. [ sirens ] and there you hear the sirens blare downtown at 5:12 this morning, the exact moment that the quake hit. every year hundreds of people meet at the fountain to remember the tragic day and the days that followed. mayor ed lee, other city leaders
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were on hand this morning. the victims of recent earthquakes in ecuador and japan were also honored. >> now to the new developments in ecuador after a major earthquake on saturday. officials updated the death toll this morning. now say 650 people are reported dead, 2500 injured. heavy damage along the pacific coast from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake, some of which you're seeing on your screen right here. countries are sending humanitarian aid along with search and rescue crews. >> at least 10 people are still missing in southern japan after two huge earthquakes there last week. the biggest magnitude 7.0 struck on friday. the overall death toll from both of those earthquakes in japan so far is at 42 people and 1,000 people were hurt. the u.s. military is joining the relief efforts there. that includes helping 180,000 people who need shelter. 80,000 homes still have no
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power. another 400,000 homes still without water. san francisco mayor ed lee in a statement about the quakes in japan and ecuador said these stark reminders remind us that we must always be prepared. it's not if but when the next disaster will strike. we know disasters, whether it is an earthquake, tsunami, or something human made can happen at any time with little or no warning. this morning we were joined on the phone by usgs geophysicist brad. are there concerns about a possible after shock especially in ecuador where the initial quake was 7.8? >> after these large events we tend to have many aftershocks. both in japan and ecuador we've seen a number of aftershocks. the largest in ecuador report ed by their geophysical institute had been 6.1. they saw in the first few hours quite a few, nearly 10 per hour,
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but that's decreased as time has gone on. >> >> has science figured out the rhyme and reason of the aftershocks? >> in most cases they're smaller than the original jolt and they decrease in time and following a relatively regular pattern. the one in japan was sort of a relatively rare occurrence and the magnitude 6.2 was followed a few days later by 9.27. in that case we call the 6.2 fore shock. nearly a million people had very violent shaking, comparable to what we saw in the northridge earthquake as well as what they experienced in the 1995 earthquake. >> let's talk about the activity
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in the so-called ring of fire we've seen over the last week. how much concern should that cause us here in california? >> all of these places in japan, ecuador, are places where there are relatively larger earthquakes along major faults. so in some sense it's a reminder where we've had these large earthquakes in the past, where the plates are moving and causing stresses to build up, we'll expect large earthquakes in the future and one of those places along the ring of fire is california. and today marks as you mentioned the 110th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake so a magnitude 7 like what was experienced in japan or something larger like ecuador which is comparable in size to 1906 earthquake could happen at any time. >> brad, can you tell us a little bit about the home and building construction in ecuador? we're showing pictures of just terrible ruin.
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maybe compared to what we have here in california, how did the structures there hold up, if you will? >> building practices vary considerably throughout the world and some cases very well developed countries like japan, new zealand, and chile also has a very strong building code. ecuador, not as good as the u.s. and one of the issues is also in developing countries, enforcement of the building codes. even if on paper things look good, the actual construction practices can be highly variable. here in the u.s. we tend to have a good building code with very good enforcement. >> so it's possible that ecuador did have good building codes but maybe there's corruption or something else that's keeping the codes from being enforced. >> in developing countries it's generally a combination of the two. >> usgs geofisivist --
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geophysicist brad aagard. thank you for joining us. two teens were swept at ocean beach by a large wave. >> friends and family say both of them had bright futures ahead of them. >> debora villalon followed the story over the weekend and has more on what's being planned to help people cope with this loss. >> reporter: friends and relatives confirmed to ktvu that 17-year-old wayne ausa is one of the boys presumed drowned, along with his friend, grisham duran, who also attended vallejo high school. >> 16 years old, turning 17 this coming tuesday. >> reporter: duran's death is being felt at the vallejo church he has attended with his parents and sister all his life. the high school senior also sang in the church quiet. >> really soft spoken guy.
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he's really nice, polite. >> reporter: an exhaustive search for the two missing boys ended at darkness saturday night. the coast guard says their bodies might be miles offshore now, carried by current. three other boys who struggled but made it out of the waves will be okay. >> kids want to be kids. surfers want to go out and surf. >> reporter: ocean beach shimmered in the sun sunday. the water just as alluring. but warnings about the rip tide are blunt. people swimming and waiting have drowned here. this lifelong beach goer recalls getting swept out himself as a teen. >> then trying to swim back in to shore, i couldn't get back in. and the only reason i'm here today is because a rogue wave pushed me back in. >> reporter: whether unaware of the risk or ignoring it, people still bear the waves at ocean beach. maybe they haven't had a scare yet. it leaves an impression. >> since then i haven't gone back out in that water outside of maybe getting my toes wet here and there. that's it.
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>> what's the rule, guys? >> only go up to your knees. don't go farther. >> that's right. >> reporter: the drownings just reaffirm what many parents already preach. >> oh, it's terrifying. i had not heard and i'm really sorry for the parents and weem be thinking about them and praying for them. >> reporter: as the school week begins, vallejo high will have counseling support for their students as they grieve for their friends. at the church where grisham durham sang, the evening service is tinted with sadness. >> we pray hard. that's the only thing we can help for the family, hopefully there's a miracle. >> that was ktvu's debora villalon reporting. she says off camera a relative told her that duran was afraid of the water and did not know how to swim. >> the family says that may be why the 5 boys entered the water together with their arms linked. >> the engineering academy says the school is organizing a vigil for the boys that will happen
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next saturday. uc davis chancellor linda katehi says she will responded to for calls for her resignation. last week students voted for her to step down after reports said the university paid consultants to try to bury negative stories online related to the 2011 pepper spraying incident. the pepper spraying of students by campus police. this is the second time students have demanded her resonation. last month students and some lawmakers called on her to step down after they found she was being paid to sit on boards for the devry education group and a book publisher during her office hours. today is tax day. if you're getting a refund, we want to know, are you spending it or are you saving it? >> slower, gasia. i'm typing it in to my twitter. [ laughter ] >> the question today through twitter is if you're getting a tax refund, are you spending it?
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maybe you've already spent it. or are you a saver? do you put it right in the bank? use #ktvuthe9. >> you're almost there. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the warriors are preparing for game 2 of the playoffs. we sit down with ktvu sports anchor as fans wonder whether or not steph curry will take the floor. get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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welcome back. game 2 of the nba playoffs is tonight with the golden state warriors hosting the houston rockets. warriors up one game to none but the big question tonight is will steph curry take the floor? curry was nowhere to be seen yesterday with the warriors practice open to reporters.
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he hurt his ankle during saturday's game one. it was in the 2nd quarter. he left the game twice to have the ankle retaped and played only a few minutes of the 2nd half. >> kind of changes things. we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph goes out. i don't know why. i think steph missed three or four games this year and we did fine. obviously we've got to find different ways to score but we'll prepare for that and see what happens. >> mvp out of the lineup. there will be tweaks and changes we need to make. thankfully we've done it before against houston. we've played against houston without steph and played pretty well so we know we're capable of doing that. >> during the season the warriors played with curry for three games and won two of them. including the win over the rockets in houston on new year's eve. >> joining us again, sports
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anchor. when do you expect to hear if curry is in? >> i'm going to head over to practice and they may have an update, they may not. it may be a game-time decision. it sure sounds like they're going to rest him and not risk it and why would you? they know they can beat the rockets. it shows you how much respect they do have for the rockets. they know they can do it without steph. they don't want to rusk anything to that ankle and they want to be rested. >> they're going to put shaun livingston in there. he would be starting on some other teams i dare say. he's a very good backup point guard. >> yeah, he's outstanding. he's 6'7", one of the tallest point guards in the league. it kind of changes the look of their team a little bit because they become a more defensive team. remember in the rockets game and game 1 he had those two blocks?
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he's an outstanding guard. rarely misses. you're absolutely right. if this was the nba finals, steph would be there. >> i saw an interview with our friend patrick beverly. >> we need a villain. every good story needs a veteran. >> we asked him whether he thought curry would play tonight and he said absolutely. might there be gamesmanship on the part of curry? >> yeah, but i think the rockets have to prepare as if steph was going to play. if you take him out, then great, steph's not playing. as we look at the ankle injury again, leverly, the warriors said all the wright things after the game. i think the fans were more upset. the wriors are a tough team. all that chippiness. when you come at steph like that, when you're a got player
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with that internal vestitude. >> they have one player who can score off the dribble so their plan apparently is to be more physical. >> i think they're trying to throw the warriors off their game. you might even say patrick beverly wanted to get both guys ejected, himself and steph, because it's a pretty good trade-off if you're the rockets. i don't think so. i think he's a tough guy and he wants to show. he doesn't have the reverence for steph that we all think that hey, it's stephen curry, back off. no, these guys are professional athletes. they're going to come at you. it's the playoffs. i like that pick by draymond green. late in the game i loved how there was this physical altercation and you see maurice spates step up like you want some? warriors got some tough players. they're not going to be out
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physicaled. >> let's go to the fans for a second if we can. how does the energy or noise change? they spent all that money, go to see steph and he's not there. how does that change what happens inside? >> i think in the regular season if you spend all that money to see steph play and you can't see him play because the coach is resting him, that's one thing. i think most warriors fans, i don't know if they want to see him play. he's had a history of ankle injuries. we all know about his workout routines and associate to strengthen his ankles he's done in the offseason. when he has a tweak to his ankle, you've got to be a little bit concerned. i think most warriors fans would want to rest him if there's any chance of injuring him. >> for the greater good. one down and 15 to go. kerr has his eyes on the bigger prize. >> going to be a tougher one without steph.
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>> no doubt. >> i'll head over to practice and see what's next. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, other uc berkeley student removed from a flight. the conversation that was overheard by another passenger that raised an alarm and is leading to an apology. >> sentenced to prison for a crime he didn't commit. a groundbreaking study on wrongful conviction.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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a uc berkeley student was removed from a southwest airlines flight because of something another person thought he said. now he wants an apology. >> i come here to be protected not to be singled out by other people. >> the 26-year-old student is an iraqi refugee. earlier this month he was at l.a.x. and boarded his flight to oakland. before the plane took off he called his uncle in baghdad.
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he was speaking in arabic about a speech he attended by the united states secretary ban ki-moon when someone heard him talking about isis. he was removed from the plane and questioned by authorities before later getting a refund for his slight. southwest issued a statement saying the student was removed from the plane for what it called potentially threatening comments made aboard our aircraft and further discussion. the airline has not received a direct complaint to the student. this morning heavy rains have caused flooding in houston and parts of the southeast. joining us is sally mcdonell. some of the video we've seen coming from your area this morning is incredible. a lot of people are escaping with their lives and they're in danger. >> yeah, this weather is no joke down here in houston. houston is used to major flood events but this one is absolutely going to be an
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historic one for us here. take a look where i am now. i'm in a town called spring north of houston. this is an apartment complex. it's completely underwater. you can just see the rooftop of some of the vehicles out here. there's about 100, maybe 200 units that have taken on water here so right now the fire department is out here performing water rescues. there's no one in immediate daurchg -- danger in this part of town we know of. however there are a lot of elderly and churn that live in this complex. they're taking precautionary measures to get folks out of here before the situation gets worse. what happens in houston, we have a lot of water sheds, bayous and creeks. even when the rain stops falling as it's expected to do at some point later today or tomorrow, the watersheds are going to continue to rise and they won't crest for another 24, 48 hours. the flooding continues even after the rain is gone. there have been close to 200
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high water rescues that have been performed here across the houston area. there are dozens of school districts that have closed today. and thousands of homes have been flooded. the number is too difficult to know at this point. we know thousands of homes have flooded in this area. there are people who are taking it upon themselves, neighbors helping neighbors, putting rafts in the water to try to get people out. folks say it is just not safe. firefighters are advising everyone to not let your guard down, don't risk getting out on the roadway. a part of the city is shut down today. courts are shut down. only essentially city personnel has gone in to work. so that gives you an idea of how serious this situation is here in houston. back to you. >> sally, i used to live and work in houston several years ago. we had heavy rain and flooding and it seemed every time you would hear about people needing to be rescued from their cars.
9:27 am
people driving through standing water, happened all the time. >> right. and the problem is forecasters were very up front with folks here yesterday and said we believe that there will be a major rain event coming overnight while you're sleeping but it's just too hard to tell who's going to get the most rain and that's typically the case in houston. it's just difficult forecasting model to do a lot of times. so you don't know who's going to get the most and the system just stalled and some parts got almost 20 inches of rain near the continental airport. about 12 inches of rain recorded. that's an incredible amount of rainfall in just a very short amount of time and harris county, houston is extremely flat. when it rains that much in that short amount of time it's definitely going to flood here. >> that's reporter sally mcdonell reporting live from houston. you lived and worked there. do they make any -- do they have
9:28 am
anything they've built on highways or something to mitigate? this happens a lot. >> it's funny, for as often as it happens, i don't remember that there was anything other than the morning news anchors and traffic anchors saying don't drive through standing water. we would say that message every day, every time, and yet people -- >> still do it. >> it's stunning. >> and i used to be in arizona, it was the same thing. we had incredible flash flooding. people always drove through all that standing water. >> especially with houston we remember tropical storm allison 15-plus years ago at this point but it's such a -- sort of a transient city. a lot of people come to houston to work and then move. every time it happens it can be very dangerous, even deadly. >> air travel impact to here, i was reading flights were grounded for a time at some of the houston area airports. that's important for any bay area travelers who might be traveling to the area. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the race for the white house, all about new york right
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now. we'll talk about the latest poll numbers heading in to tomorrow's crucial primary there. >> and the warriors aren't the only team continuing a playoff run tonight. up next, ktvu's janine de la vega is on the ice at the shark tank with more on what fans can expect tonight. jane lov to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds.
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now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy.
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9:31. checking twitter. our question to you on this tax day was if you're getting a refund, have you already spent it or are you a saver like some people are? we asked you to respond on twitter. >> pamela says the state return goes to new shoes. federal goes in the bank. so a little bit of both. >> i have pz -- i have karen who
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says i'm saving it too. it's my goal to add to it. >> stephanie said we put most of our return in our savings and the baby college fund but i did splurge on a sf giants jacket. make sure you use #ktvuthe9. that's how we look for you to talk to us on twitter. we did get an extension to file the taxes. usually it's april 15th but it is the 18th because of emancipation day. many people are filing for longer extensions but there are important things you need to know. pam cook in the studio with some information. >> one very important tip is if you are filing for an extension today, you think you owe money, you do need to send a check. whether you owe, get money back or you're really not sure, you do have to do something today. if you haven't filed your taxes yet today is the day. if you don't have time to fill
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everything out, you need to file that extension today or you will face penalties. if you file for an extension, you do have an extra six months to get everything together and done. however, again, if you think you will owe money, you need to spend an estimated -- you need to send an estimated tax payment or you'll face penalties. you still have time to get a deduction depending upon your income by setting aside money to your retirement. >> you can contribute to a traditional ira up until april 18th this year and deduct that as an adjustment to income on your tax return. that's kbouv$00 for most filers and if you're over the age of 50, you can do a maximum of $6500. >> now to the freebies. many shops, hotels, and restaurants are offering discounts today or deals for future trips. if you book today.
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so be sure to ask. at boston market you can get a half chicken individual meal with two sides, cornbread, a drink, and a cookie for $10.40. the number of tax form, 1040. if you're willing to sing for your supper today, select hard rock cafes across the country will reward you with a free legendary burger. if you do have some home improvement projects, orchard supply will pay your sales tax today. staples center is offering free shredding so that's nice. i know gasia likes to save but if you do need to do home improvement, having them pay the sales tax is a nice saving. >> you going to go do some of those things? >> we actually ended up owing a little bit but i'm a total saver. i feel better solving it than spending it. and i thank my parents for that. the golden state warriors aren't the only bay area team contingent for a bay area
9:35 am
championship. >> sharks playing game 3 in their first round series against the los angeles kings. >> we have janine de la vega spending the morning on the ice inside the shark tank. you're on the ice. how's it going out there? >> when i first started out here at 5:30 in the morning it was so slippery so i've been trying to warm up each time but it's been so cool to be able to skate here on the very rink that the sharkss are going to be skating here at the s.a.p. center against the l.a. kings. the crowd is going to be going wild tonight. i have a special guest here with me. check it out. sharky is here. and we are going to do our own match-up here. ready, 3, 2, 1. i know, he taught me i'm supposed to go the other way and of course he stole it for me but
9:36 am
let's go to video of how the sharks have been playing so far. this is the first round of the playoffs. and the sharks have actually won the first two games so far in this playoff here. momentum is really building. they have the best record on the road in the nhl. they have the worst record at home among the 16 teams in the playoffs but the head coach says he's confident coming home is going to be good for the sharks. they're looking forward to a packed house here at the s.a.p. center. >> it's really exciting. the team is playing great right now. we've been playing the best hockey of the year from march on and so that has continued right over until the playoffs so this place is going to be rocking tonight. it's going to be fun to have a live exciting s.a.p. center. >> in the meantime, you have a northern california team playing against a southern california
9:37 am
team. you know the rivalry is going to be big. that's the case here. the game, if you still want to come, tickets are still available even though it's expected to sell out. the lowest price we could find was about $82 and the most expensive one, $775. so there's still a big range of tickets out there. people who come, i do want to show you this, it's been too cold for me to take off my jacket on the ice but everybody is going to be getting one of these shirts with the retro sharks logo on the back. it says 16 for the 2016 playoffs so they're telling people arrive here early. there's going to be a street fair. it's going to be so much fun from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. there's going to be a dj, music, drinks, former sharks players, and the most important part, sharky. gasia is laughing, one of our anchors at the station.
9:38 am
oh, look. >> lots of love to you, sharky. >> janine de la vega live. thank you for your report. i would say she seems like she's having a very good time on the ice. >> she's a san jose native so i imagine this is a bit of a dream fulfillment for her. he spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> now a man is speaking out about new figures that put an actual number on the wrongful conviction to taxpayers. >> more on the numbers and what they say about the criminal justice system. >> this is a game of wins and losses. it has nothing to do with justice. >> reporter: 60-year-old rick walker says he feels like a lucky man despite the 12 years he spent in prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> at this point i don't want an apology. i don't need an apology. i need them to do their job and do what their hippocratic oath
9:39 am
says they should do. pursue justice at all costs. >> reporter: in 2003, walker was released from prison, cleared of charges he had murdered his ex-girlfriend in east palo alto. walker was framed by another man who was eventually convicted of the crime. the state paid walker $420,000 in compensation, or $100 for each day he spent in prison. walker then sued santa clara county and walked away with a settlement of $2.7 million. rebecca silber is the author of a study published by the warren institute at uc berkeley that calculated the cost of so-called faulty convictions in california from 1989 to 2012. >> in terms of the number of cases that we looked at, the largest majority of individuals who went through the system and were prosecuted and arrested and then went home, most of those were for police error.
9:40 am
>> reporter: the report found there were 692 faulty convictions, resulting in more than 2,000 years of wrongful imprisonment and $282 million in wasted costs footed by the taxpayers. it included $68 million in settlements paid to the wrongly convicted. >> we know it's the tip of the iceberg because we only included cases in the report that we could find and verify. >> reporter: rick walker has since moved to lake county where he built a home with his settlement money. he's managed to find peace but lives daily with the loss of years he says were stolen and can never be given back. >> nothing can replace my father. i lost him. i lost both my grandmothers. couple of my aunts. friends, cousins. they can't fix what they did. >> rick walker now serves on the board of the northern california
9:41 am
innocence project. he says he's focusing his efforts now on preventing what happened to him to happening to others. now to the presidential race. all of the democratic and republican candidates campaigning in new york over the weekend just ahead of the critical primary there tomorrow. early polls show hillary clinton and donald trump leading in new york. there are 247 delegates at stake for democrats, 95 for republicans. senator bernie sanders held a rally in brooklyn. more than 28,000 people showed up. >> this campaign is going to win because we listen to ordinary people, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> on the republican side ted cruz says he thinks he can keep getting enough delegates to prevent donald trump from securing the nomination. >> the latest you gov poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in new york 53% to 43% and donald trump maintaining a strong lead over ted cruz, 54% to 21%.
9:42 am
john kasich comes in with 19% of the vote. here in california some people apparently registered for a small conservative political party by mistake. according to the los angeles times, the telephone survey revealed three of four people who registered for the american independent party were confused. they say they don't realize they've enrolled in a political party that opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage. the newspaper says voters were confused by the word independent in the party's name. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a night of spoken word and music to benefit children's hospital in oakland. we're talking with the author behind the idea of this year's event and the special guest taking part and one we saw at the super bowl.
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there's no place in the jungle for these tricks. if you want to do this, you do this in the man village. >> but i'm helping beluga get ready for hibernation. >> what are you teaching him? >> not full hibernation but i nap a lot. >> the jungle book taking the number one spot. it made $104 million, making it one of the biggest april debuts ever. rounding out the top five, barber shop, the boss, batman versus superman and zootopia. on saturday, april 30th, the 7th annual notes and words event is being held to benefit ucsf hospital in oakland. >> this brings together musicians and writers for an evening of spoken word and music. this year it's being headlined by chris martin of coldplay. >> we're joined by the
9:46 am
mastermind of notes and word. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for talking about the event and children's. >> you live in the east bay. you donate your own time to holding babies in the nicu. what gave you the idea? >> i often get called to other cities to do readings for charity events and i went to one in dallas, texas. with not much more than me they raised a million dollars so i came home and grabbed the smartest person i know, vanessa williams, and said will you do this for? this year will raise $1.5 million in one night. a lot to do with chris martin i'm sure. but also we have seven years of really solid smart satisfying entertainment behind us. i feel like people trust us. they know it's going to be a special night and really unusual night. there's nothing else that we're aware of that's quite like this. >> it seems like a major coup to
9:47 am
get someone like chris martin. >> he's doing it completely gratis and coming up from l.a. just for the night. it will be a really different performance for him. he's playing solo and acoustic. so it will just be guitar and piano and a children's choir from oakland school of the arts will back him up on a few numbers. it's going to be super special. >> they have a pretty good reputation. do you think that helps with getting someone like a chris martin? >> i think the children's is the most important and impressive nonprofit in the bay area. i think they treat the most kids. i think kids are the cornerstone of the future as everyone knows. i think setting up a child for a healthy life allows a child to grow in to a great citizen that can be responsible for voting and becoming great leaders and running nonprofits and becoming ceos so to me there isn't a
9:48 am
competing nonprofit that i would think has more impact than children's. >> how were you able to as a mom when your daughters were very young i'm sure you felt like i can't even manage a play date on top of this. for you to be in a position to lend your time and have huge results, it must feel good to you personally. >> it's fantastic. and there's a huge team behind us. children's hospital foundation, the women we work with there is really one of those people that once you're connected to her, anything can happen. i'd come up with all my crazy ideas then she figures out how to actually make things happen. >> how far in advance do you have to start planning? >> you can't get too far ahead of it for the musicians. the writers are ready. this year we have dave, local hero and bj novak from the office who's also a bangup writer. and the stone fox is our other band. the bands have to wait to see
9:49 am
what lines up for them in the spring and there's a whole bunch of festivals like coachella and stuff around the world for people at chris martin's level that he might want to participate in. so oftentimes we have to wait longer to line up the musicians than the writers. >> how much will this money help? where will that money go and how much will it help children's hospital? >> we've looked at where these dollars go so many different ways. the actual work the hospital does which many of our kids are underinsured. it helps everything that happens at the hospital. but there's also this research component at children's. it's super powerful. i'm a huge, huge advocate for medical research. i think it's safe to say every person in my family would be gone but for medical research. i had thyroid cancer in my 30s. my son had meningitis.
9:50 am
my daughter was bit by a snake yesterday. so children's is putting together huge projects on obesity, nutrition, cancer, sports medicine. that's to the benefit of not only the bay area but also worldwide. we made a vaccine for instance, in oakland that was given to 22 million kids in sub-saharan africa. it's super leveraged across a lot of fronts. >> let me ask you, when i think of being a writer, i think of it as sort of a private, you alone in your room cranking out your amazing books, your best sellers. to be involved in such a public thing where you're on stage, is it weird? >> i'm not suited to be a writer. it's a very unusual and strange thing that i do that work. i almost think i do that work so i can do this work. i'm not meant to be alone. i can stay here with you on camera all day long.
9:51 am
>> let's do it. >> to have to leave here and go back to my laptop alone in my house is dread frequently to me. >> have you talked to chris martin? >> i'm pretty sure we're going to start dating, don't you think? >> don't tell your husband. >> whatever. he'll let me go. [ laughter ] >> breaking news here on the 9. [ laughter ] he doesn't know. >> thank you so much for joining us. it's an honor to have you here. we've posted more information on it's sure to be a sellout. if you want to go, check the link now under the web links section at the top of the homepage. $1.5 million. thank you so much, kelly corrigan, notes and words. coming up, a lot of people will do anything for the perfect selfie. now they're heading to the plastic surgeon to get the perfect selfie. the number of people who are actually going under the knife to get that perfect face for social media.
9:52 am
jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy.
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the san francisco giants were hoping to push their way out of a tie on top of the national league west as they face the dodgers in southern california. san francisco's joe panik got off to a good start with a home run in the 3rd inning. that lead evaporated when the dodgers' joc peter sn-- joc
9:55 am
peterson came up. puig scored from 2nd. that makes it 3-1 dodgers. the giants now trail l.a. by a game in the standings. giants send jake peavey to the mound when they face arizona at home tonight. let's talk about as baseball. a good weekend for the ball club there in oakland. they took two out of three games from the defending world series champions, the royals. it was little league day at the coliseum yesterday. the as showed the kids how to persevere. the as got behind early and it was 2-0 royals after this home run by mike moustakas. oakland got closer after a run here in the 4th. then in the 7th, chris coughlin scores to tie it all at 2-2. in the 8th, billy burns gets a triple down the line. that set him up to score on a sacrifice fly from josh reddick. as have today as a travel day. then they'll play the yankees in new york tomorrow. take a look at a duck in wisconsin has a new pair of feet
9:56 am
thanks to a 3d printer and a tech savvy middle school teacher. phillip the duck lost his own feet to frostbite. the woman who took him in saw a video online of a teacher using a 3d printer in the classroom. she contacted the teacher and the teacher responded hours before the duck was set to be euthanized. he was able to print the feet in a day and a half. and they work perfectly. from duck feet to duck lips. more people than ever are getting cosmetic surgery on their lips more than ever before. doctors say one reason is we live in the age of the selfie where people see more of themselves than ever before. the american society of plastic surgeons says the number of lip implant surgeries for women and men grew by double digits. there were more than 27,000 lip implants. on average, that's a lip implant procedure every 19 minutes. up 48% since the year 2000.
9:57 am
i'm a lip liner and lip gloss girl. >> do you do the duck lips? >> no. >> i try not to. >> you don't need to. [ laughter ] you look good. i appreciate your sitting in. mike mibach is on assignment. so we'll see what he's doing for us in the newsroom. i'll be back for you at noon following the news of the day. have a great monday. tax day. this is your deadline to file an extension. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching. >> have a good one.
9:58 am
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