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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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a look at our stop -- top stories that happened near virginia avenue and south 12th street next to mlk park. police say that the victim is a man in his 40s and he was targeted. no arrests yet. police say that the investigation is still in its early stages. now the toddler died. the child is identified as 3- year-old rady of brentwood. on saturday crews with the protection district responded to a dental office on deerville road. the child was not breathing, pronounced dead. the cause of that is still
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under investigation tonight. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. donald trump is now officially the nominee for president of the united states. the 70-year-old trump is set to expect the nomination -- accept the nomination on thursday. >> went off without any drama. a lot of enthusiasm including shirley, of pasadena, california. >> mr. chairman, donald trump is the candidate that can provide for my boys in all of california the hope and opportunity of the true american. donald j. trump. >> they put him over the top. his son who is a delegate did the honors. >> i have the incredible honor of not only being a part of the ride, that has been in this election process and to watch as a small fly on the wall what
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my father has done in creating this movement because it is not a campaign anymore, but a movement. speaking for real americans, giving them the voice again. it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. >> donald trump promised that the campaign will put new york state into play on the general election. joining us now is our political expert. donald trump now the republican nominee for president. >> yes. >> who would have thought? >> well when you think back to 17 candidates on the republican side who would have given him that chance to emerge through all of those, what they would call qualified individuals to end up being the person with the nomination that i don't think we could have called that one. >> a big list of those speakers of the house tonight. paul ryan and the latest to take to the stage as they have been following what they were saying your thought? >> it is a unity speech, you know, our party and the party for their future. pretty typical from that standpoint. and the speech that i think
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that he was expected to give. and paul ryan, he does a good job on those things, that he has a lot to say. >> he needed to walk a fine line because earlier that they had distance between them. >> yes, that they will come together. and i wonder if he will be doing a good job connecting with voters, bringing the party together as far as efforts to unite. >> i think that paul ryan is charismatic and that this is his crowd. so yes that his message is unity. moving forward behind donald trump and i think that he will be delivering that well. >> we were talking earlier at 5:00 as you were saying that chris christie will try to do what rudy giuliani did last night, which is essentially electrify the crowd. >> the thing that's been lacking is enthusiasm. there's a lot of moments when people are jumping out of their seats and everything. that happened with rudy giuliani and his job is to
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really motivate the crowd. >> when he was speaking during the last convention he was criticized for spending too much time talking about himself. >> yes. >> instead of the president obama. your thoughts on whether he'll turn that around and be much more energized like rudy? >> he certainly heard that criticism. i think that tonight you'll see different speech on out of him. and also that he has been very close to trump now through many weeks of this campaign. i think that he will get in there and really try to get that crowd going. >> what do you expect to see from donald trump and his daughter tiffany? >> i think that you'll hear a family story. a story about the father. >> that is donald trump jr. on the right and the left. >> right. i think that he's got to tell that story that this is sort of part ii of my -- melania trump. it is nice to have that element
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because it humanizes donald trump. >> they will get a chance to speak, ivanka will be a very powerful person for her father. >> they have been along with all of these other people and their sense of beginning. key people in the campaign. they have to be there during the speech making. >> we will see how it goes coming up on the 10:00 news. >> sounds great. thank you. stay with ktvu throughout the week atz gop convention continues. ross palombo will be live for us right up through donald trump's prime time acceptance speech on thursday. coming up here a police officer shot and killed today in the line of duty. this time in kansas city. we'll explain what happened. the racist tweet targeting san francisco's acting police chief that will lead to an arrest. it is quite discouraging. i don't think that it is something that should be taken lightly.
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a police officer in kansas city died today after being shot while responding to a call. the city's police chief confirmed the death of captain robert melton that he was responding to a report of a drive-by shooting when the gunman opened fire. the suspect is in custody. so far this year 69 officers across the country have died in the line of duty. 32 of them were killed by gunfire. san francisco police have arrest add man for making racist death threats against acting chief of police tony
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chaplain. the hateful tweets are being taken seriously especially in the wake of five police officers being ambushed in dallas and three more in baton rouge. >> reporter: on set this morning on ktvu the 9 acting chief tony chaplain was asked if relations between the community and the force has improved. now to the side that it has gotten better. >> reporter: those threats were tweets that came from an account called lamb of god that read "let us behead this black man please." showing a picture of chief chaplain. >> it is quite disturbing and it is not something that should be taken lightly. >> reporter: reaction from san francisco's black community was twisted. >> it is a sign of the times and the signs of the sickness in the minds of people who have taken advantage of this nation and what they are going through now. >> that the account belongs to donald who visits this home in the city of sunset district.
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>> the neighbor next door that he will need a little help as he has gotten some trouble that i don't know that he's got those science in the window and that is struggling and all. from the street corner. and that they would not elaborate on the history. only to say that they made similar threats before. >> that seems like a cry for them as well. >> and he is being evaluated right now, expected to be booked on charges of the hate crime and the threats to the chief tomorrow. if convicted that he could face time in state prison and that in san francisco ktvu fox 2 news. >> that they will come with a big price hike and that the healthcare exchange says that the rates will go up on average of 13.2% that the big increase is just a one time event due to the expiration of the federal subsidy to get that program going. and the rate hikes will vary depending on the region and the carrier in san francisco, for
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example, average rates are expected to rise almost 15%. some companies will provide coverage to boost rates 20% or more. and the officials say that the key is to shop around. and that many enrollees could end up paying less than what they did or to see that modest hike if they would plan. >> and for about half of california that they will be seeing an increase for the low single digits, the other half that might seem much higher increases. for them that they would get the ability to shop. >> and that the rate hikes are expected to settle back down in 2018 and open enrollment for next year is set to begin this fall. trying to ease traffic in silicone valley. >> sometimes it could take up to 40 minutes. involving the solo drivers to join that car pool lanes. moving towards the bay area to take a look at what to
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expect for their midweek wednesday. and that it will be the mid to upper 90s coming up.
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caltran crews turned on the new smart highway project today. 43 metering lights. and the bay bridge to turning it on and now that they will remain green. and that it will be put into service during the commute hours, requiring drivers to stop before merging on 80. the smart highway project also
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includes the new electronic signs. and to change along with the traffic conditions. they are also looking at the proposal that will add a toll lane on highway 101 in san mateo county. >> as they report that supporters say that the pay option for the single drivers to use the toll lanes, that it might be what they would take to ease their congestions to raise much-needed money. >> and ask anyone that will need to drive highway 101 along their peninsula as they would tell you. it's brutal. not only is it tough during their peak commute, but it will be unpredictable. down the highway the transportation official says that it will be something that will need to change and that toll lanes, they might be the answer. they call them express lanes. while they would still be free for buses in the car pool and those individual drivers, they could also pay to use them. >> we could make their commute better and the express lane from the length of the highway 101. and to san mateo county that you're going to seat bus traffic that will be better and
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that information. better off as a result. >> and off of highways like 580 where they say that they will appear to be helping. >> on the management side that it means to get the most capacity out of the roadway that it is yes and that they will be doing better than others. >> they will spend nearly $9 million to fund that environmental study of 26 miles of 101 stretching towards redwood city and sf the place where there is portland and no car pool lane at all. the idea of the toll option is being met with some concern. >> it is incredibly classic. i think that it is not a solution to the issue of traffic. >> so the others say that they will be willing to pay as soon as they help to get those cars moving. >> anything to alleviate the traffic and to figure out their money. and you know that sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. you know, that i could use it, why not. you know. i'm all for it. >> the transportation official is expecting that the project will take a couple hundred million
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dollars to build that there is no discussion yet as to how to fund that. ann rubin fox 2 news. and beautiful weather around the bay area. a lot of sunshine this afternoon and even the coast would get in on the sunny skies at this hour that they will be raising up at half moon bay and for the peninsula at redwood city. and east bay in the upper 60s, heyward and the inland cities, a few degrees warmer today and 78 right now in concord and 80 degrees for fairfield. and that it will be santa rosa and tomorrow afternoon and those temperatures are warming up a few degrees. that you can see up bay few in santa rosa and five by napa and livermore and around the bay, but not so much and that they will be varying around highway yesterday and only the subtle changes will be getting into your wednesday. and for thursday. friday, saturday, and on sunday more noticeable. but here is a look at their system to continue to keep them in the same pattern with the trough.
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the cool weather is unseasonably mild and the marine layer. and that you can see the on shore breeze. and at this hour they will continue to get through the evening hours to wake up with the low clouds along the coast and inside that bay once again. and reporting in fairfield and the sustained winds at 21 miles an hour. and again only subtle changes are expected for tomorrow. the evening hours move back across the east bay. and into portions of the north bay they could have a little patchy drizzle once again. once we get into the afternoon it will pull back once again, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies expected away from the coastline. mostly cloudy here for half moon bay and pacifica. temperatures on the mild side as you can see. 60s around the bay. 80s expected inland. upper 80s are some of the warmer locations. tomorrow we will be similar 567893 in san francisco , 55 in
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oakland. even that patchy drizzle as we get into the afternoon another beautiful day. in san francisco you'll start out at 55 degrees. by noontime 60 degrees expected under partly cloudy skies. then 65 is expected for the second half of the day. afternoon highs in novado for tomorrow. upper 8s for antioch and brentwood. upper 70s in san jose to low 80s in gilroy. minor changes for tomorrow and into thursday with just a minor warm up expected. and the low 90s in the forecast for inland cities. upper 90s on sunday. >> that will be cool while it lasted. thank you. in boston tonight that they will try to do what they have not done there in 100 years. >> and draymond green for team u.s.a. joe fonzi is coming up next with sports.
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they will bring us up to date on the giants. playing baseball until you would play at fenway park until you're live there on their baseball droughts, why they are in the middle of the inner
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league play. they've been there for one previous time during their regular season, which means that the giants have not beaten them at fenway since game seven in the 1912 world series. the regional hero for their first pitch tonight. and the patriots. they were not brought in to try to close that for kevin grant. one of the two people to make david ortiz look small. jake pevy threw a couple of innings. until they got hold of this pitch in the third. out to the straight away center. 1-0 boston in the fifth home run of the year. but the big damage will come when they came in to play an inning later, two runners on, nobody o no question where that will end up as they are retiring for you at the end of the season with 23 home runs, 75 rbis. the giants will be able to get to anything going against rick porcello and two other pitchers there in the 9th inning trailing 4-0. the dodgers hope to catch
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the giants in the national league west to take a big hit today. their eighth pitcher clayton kershaw has been shut down indefinitely. he has not played since june 26 suffering from a herniated disc. the three-time cy young winner threw a simulated game on saturday, but felt discomfort again on sunday before being sidelined. kershaw was 11-2 with a 1.79 earned run average. they started the summer olympics right around the corner, which means the latest version of the dream team will be competing in the u.s. in basketball. green is one of three warriors that will be trying to win a gold medal. he was working out today along with collator song kevin durant, in las vegas. that will be the ideal three weeks for green, suspended by the game for game five of the finals. lost to game five in cleveland. and then in michigan and the late night altercations for the michigan state football player. the manager director of team u.s.a., not worried.
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>> it is very competitive. and to pass that ball and that they could play multiple positions. and that it is one of those things that you'll see on the team and that it will be a lot of versatility. and on the top of the list. >> most in the country that you'll want to be one of those 12 guys to go across the country. . >> well you may remember that there is one to dominate the guy named tiger woods, which has not played in any of the three major tournament this is year to make it official that they won't be playing in the pga either. that in fact they will not play in either of these events, but the last tournament is last year and he has been rehabbing from the series of those injuries. and for the first time in their career. he is coming to the bay area next week. it is the satellite tour.
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july 20 through the 31st with a couple of local guys in the tournament. and the ncaa champion in the history. joshua mccarthy is 17 years old. he's a junior tour qualifier, heading to pepperdine university this fall. you thought that slogan went away when jim harbaugh left the 49ers. bay area rapper bailey didn't abandon harbaugh when he took the job in ann arbor. he is featured in the song and video to tout michigan and its spirits. hosting that game for the final 4-0 the final by the red sox. i know you've got that song
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there. my daughter probably does, i'll need to ask her about that. thank you. all right frank, we will be continuing our live coverage of the national convention in cleveland. i want to show you a live picture from cleveland where donald trump's daughter tiffany is now speaking. we will also hear from trump's son donald jr. and the former campaign rival who is now supporting trump. plus, there is an active search underway near their east shore freeway after the man was spotted with the rifle. we will tell you where police are looking and what they want people to do in that area. and the 3-year-old bay area girl will die after the visit to the dentist. the very sad story as we talk to their father to find out what went wrong. we'll have those stories and more with a lot of live coverage from cleveland coming up on the 7 on ktvu plus. we'll see you then.
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(cardboard tearing) (sniffs) smell that? that's the smell of new comic books. (inhaling deeply): oh, yes. they're on me today, boys. you're paying? have you been selling your sperm again? no, i'm celebrating. as we speak, the space shuttle is docking at the at the international space station where it will deploy the wolowitz zero-gravity waste disposal system. oh, get over yourself. it's a high-tech toilet. leonard: just think. thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts will "boldly go where no man has gone before." is that supposed to be funny? i believe it is. the combination of the star trek reference and the play on words involving the double-meaning of the verb "to go" suggests that leonard is humorously mocking your efforts in space plumbing. okay, make your little jokes,


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