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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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steve is off today but rosemary is here. good morning. we have a switch in the pattern coming our way as we get into the weekend. hopefully you have been longing for a warm-up because that is what we will get, especially inland communities. it will be warm as we get into saturday and sunday. here's a live look over the beaches where we have gray skies this morning. those low clouds will begin to appeal away. it will be partly cloudy to mostly clear for the second half of the day along the coast. the rest of us will have sunshine as we move through the second part of the morning. temperatures right now are not too bad. similar to yesterday. slightly cooler in some spots, waking up with mostly clear skies over the north bay. there is another view of the low cloud cover. this has worked across into the east bay. oakland, partly to mostly cloudy and 58. 54 in san francisco. 53 in napa. santa rosa at warty eight.
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54 in fremont. the winds are onshore but beginning to die down some. fairfield, 16 miles per hour. now reporting 12. we are losing the on shore breeze. temperatures are beginning to warm up. mid-60s for pacifica today. upper 60s for san francisco. 76 in hayward. hot in places like antioch. 95 for you today. in the north bay, upper 80s and santa rosa. 91 expected for morgan hill. temperatures will climb for saturday, even hotter on sunday. your extended forecast is coming up in a little bit teen -- right now traffic is doing very well. may be lighter than usual on this friday. let's look at what we have with the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be okay. it's not quite light but not as
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heavy as it normally is monday through thursday. san mateo bridge is not bad either. that commute looks good heading out to the highrise. no major issues. if you are on 580 come some traffic on 205. it is slow but not as slow as it normally is. today people in semper cisco will celebrate the life of mario woods. others are saying today should be a day to remember public servants. christien kafton is live at city hall which is one of the places where the ceremony to remember mario woods will take place today. >> reporter: that ceremony to recognize mario woods is set to take place on the steps of city hall at noon. others are saying today should be a day to recognize the cities firefighters and police officers. mario woods was a suspect in a stabbing on december 2, 2015. officers found him and say he was armed with a knife used in the stabbing. the encounter between woods and san francisco police officers
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in the babe view district was captured on cellphone video. supporters said officers fired without provocation and killed him. officers say the suspect moved towards officers and the had no choice but to stop him. officers fired about 20 times. the shooting is under investigation. in january of this year, san francisco supervisors voted to set aside july 22 as mario woods remembrance day in the city. supporters on social media are calling for people to attend the remembrance and say the first of their demands has been met. the firing of chief greg suhr. they're calling for officers involved to be criminally charged and for an independent investigation. in response to mario woods day, police for the three largest cities in the association of firefighters took out an ad in today's chronicle. it reads -- on this day, pause and reflect on those selfless, dedicated individuals. it is they who are deserving of
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special civic remembrance referring to the city's law enforcement and firefighters. the first celebration for mario woods is set to take place here on the steps of city hall. today would have been his 27th birthday. there will also be another remembrance today at the cornerstone missionary baptist church this evening. a large crowd took to the streets of oakland last night to take part in the latest black lives matter demonstration. >> a number of children join hundreds of adults for the loud but peaceful protest. the demonstrators marched from police headquarters to frank ogawa plaza to speak against this please shooting of unarmed black men across the country. >> we are encouraging white people to fight back against the colorblind narrative. to teach our children to notice race. to notice racialized incidents
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and to learn and develop anti- racist thinking and behaviors because that is the only way that we're going to be able to really strike down white supremacy at the core. >> the protesters say city money going to the oakland police department would be better spent improving the cities african-american neighborhoods. the final night of the rnc, donald trump accepted his party's presidential nomination. >> together we will lead our party back to the white house and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity and peace. >> trump said the country is in a moment of crisis and that he wants to be the voice for people who have been forgotten by the nation. we spoke to california delegates after trump's speech. >> donald trump and his family and the rnc, they laid out a fabulous plan for how america
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can be great again. >> it was an amazing speech. i don't know how it couldn't move anyone. it was for us. for america. >> trump was introduced by his daughter who said her father would provide quality childcare, equal pay for women in quality aid. things he did not spend much time mentioning on the campaign trail. we will have more on donald trump's speech in a live report from cleveland coming up at 630 we will have more on donald trump's speech in a live report from cleveland coming up at 6:30 am. bay area venture capitalist, peter thiel, made history. he became the first openly gay speaker to talk about his sexual orientation on stage at the republican national convention. >> i don't pretend to agree with every plank in our party's platform but fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline. and nobody in this race is being honest about it except donald trump. >> earlier this week come of the party adopted one of its
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anti-lgbt platforms in history. the cofounder of paypal him a peter thiel, urge the party to focus more on issues like national security. he said he believes donald trump will not only get the country -- will not get the country into unnecessary foreign entanglements. hillary clinton is expected to announce her vice presidential running mate either today or tomorrow. democratic sources say virginia senator, tim kaine as at the top of her list. sources also say a longtime friend of the clintons, thomasville sac is also being considered strongly. the democratic national convention kicks off money in the field with speeches from michelle obama and bernie sanders. tuesday speakers include bill clinton and a group of black women who lost children in clashes with police or gun violence.
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president obama and vice president joe biden are the keynote speakers on wednesday. hillary clinton takes the stage on thursday. if you plan to go to the beach, keep your eyes open. there has been a shark sighting at a popular beach on the san mateo county coast. janine de la vega is in pacifica. what is this about? >> reporter: well, a shark sighting here. it's finally getting later so we are starting to see surfers show up. we've had about eight in the water at linda mar beach. we have seen a lot of birds but no sharks. news of a sighting is not stopping them from going into the water. we do have some video we took in the last 20 minutes of surfers about to go in. a shark was spotted here yesterday around noon, 80 yards offshore. the shark was described as being 6 feet in length. authorities did not close the beach that they want swimmers and surfers to be aware. here is what a surfer told us based on the size. >> that's a small shark.
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that makes me want to surf when there are a couple people in the water. >> would you do anything different? >> a little bit more aware. otherwise, probably not. >> reporter: this is the second time a shark has been spotted at the beach in the past 30 days. here he is video from another sighting several years ago. while sightings are not frequently reported, they are part of the natural habitat of the pacific coast. they want people to be careful out here. as we've been standing here, we see cars pulling up. again, it does not seem like surfers here are two concerned. we have not seen any signs posted. this is just an alert that police have put out about this. investigators say the fire that destroyed the millbrae community center is suspicious. we are showing that huge fire all morning. coming up we will tell you
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where the fire started and the meeting set for this morning. sports stars and celebrities are among those getting ready to tee off in the american century championship. a birdie told me that your commute could be up to par. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. is backed up for about a 5-7 minute delay. temperatures are about to tee off as well. we're off to a cold start with partly cloudy skies. by this afternoon, warmer than we were yesterday as we begin to heat up in time for the weekend. more on this coming up.
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welcome back. an indian military transport plane with 29 people on board is missing. the indian military is tweeting these photos of the air and water search for the plane. the plane was flying from an indian airbase to a separate piece on an island when it disappeared somewhere in the bay of bengal in the indian ocean. we will give you more information about this search as soon as we get it in. pg&e's defense team is presenting its case in the company's criminal trial in the san francisco courtroom. yesterday, pg&e manager told the jury the company never tried to obstruct the federal investigation into the pipeline
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explosion in san bruno in 2010. that explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e could be fined $560 million if found guilty of violating a dozen pipeline safety rules. federal prosecutors rested their case yesterday after five weeks of testimony. the attorney for draymond green said he is continuing to negotiate a plea deal in the assault case. the pretrial conference was held yesterday in east lansing, michigan. green as with the u.s. men's basketball in las vegas and appeared via facetime. he is accused of slapping a former michigan state football player in an altercation on july 10. his attorney said if no resolution is reached and there is a trial, he will ask that it be set for after the olympics but before the nba season begins. tonight, draymond green and
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his usa basketball teammates have the first olympic tuneup. they will play argentina in las vegas. on tuesday, green, kevin durant and klay thompson and harrison barnes will be at oracle arena. they will play china. olympic competition in rio begins in two weeks. steph curry of the warriors would rather play on the olympic basketball team because of injuries he had in the playoffs, he is playing golf instead. he is competing with his father, andre iguodala and other celebrities at the american century championship in tahoe. there is a celebrities included justin timberlake, coach jim harbaugh and alex smith, and many others. steve young and jerry rice are paired together with former raider, tim brown. joe pavelski is also competing as well. a lot of great players.
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steph curry is very good. he could gopro if he wanted to. >> they did not invite any of us! >> pam, it's been too long since we golf. we did have a lot of fun the last time. >> yes we did. we need to try to do that again. >> we need to get that group again. >> i will work on that. good morning, everyone. let's bring the toll plaza into our view. if you are backing up the toll plaza, it is about a 5 minute delay. look at our spider. very prominent. traffic is backed up for about five digit minutes. let's go out and look at highway 101 in san jose. it is getting crowded. not quite friday-lite but i will say this, traffic is going
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to be a little better than it normally is. next to the altamont pass. some top -- stop and go traffic here on 580 although this is about the extent of it. when you get into livermore it looks good to the dublin interchange. good morning to you. tgif to you. we have good weather coming our way. mostly sunny skies. warmer than where we have been. how about a view of oakland. the sun is now up. we have low clouds this morning. you can see that golden hue from the sun beginning to pull through. into the second part of the morning coming these clouds will be gone and we will have plenty of sunshine. even at the coast, partly cloudy, perhaps mostly clear for some. winds are onshore but beginning to die down. fairfield at 12 miles per hour. not strong enough to bring some cool pacific air into the afternoon. we have been in a mild pattern
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where we have had the trough over the west coast, bringing us temperatures, below average to start the week. right now we have been about where we should be. as we get into the weekend we will be above average. mid 90s today. upper 90s for tomorrow. inland communities may near 100 as we get into sunday. 57 in brentwood. 59 to start the morning in concord. 53 for san francisco 54 in half moon bay. clouds along the coastline. upper 40s in santa rosa and nevada. 56 in san jose. areas like napa in petaluma, clear skies compared to cloudy skies yesterday. that will bring on cooler temperatures this morning. here is the afternoon forecast. for oakland, a nice day coming your way. 70 for oakland, a nice day coming your way. 79 noon. mid- to upper- 70s for the
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afternoon. if you will see the a's play later today, 70 degrees expected around gametime and and into the 60s for the second half of the game. here are the afternoon highs. 89 in santa rosa. 85 in novato. these numbers come anywhere from a degrees warmer from yesterday. 75 for berkeley. 68 in san francisco. inland, we are looking at the warm up. 95 for antioch. 92 in concord. mid-80s in san jose. santa cruze, mostly sunny and 82 this afternoon. your extended forecast for the weekend showing temperatures continue to climb. sunday will be the hottest day. a little cooler as we get back to work on monday. bart tracked closure
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affecting thousands of people. we will tell you the reason one stretch of the system will be shut down for several weekends through mid-october. high gas prices in california -- the federal investigation underway into why we pay more to fill up then everyplace else in the country. hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas. with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go? come on fellas let's go! easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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[ another on bites the dust- queen ] this was requested by yolanda collier. these are law -- songs you rock out to in the shower. that is our theme today. freddie mercury was the man. one of my favorite artists. if there is a song you want us to play, i will play requests on fridays, most fridays anyway. use the hashtag #ktvu. if you ride bart you are being warned about a track closure that starts next week and. this will continue until mid- october the track between the glen park and daly city bart
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stations will be closed for seven weekends including labor day weekend beginning july 30. during that time, bart will make improvements to the balboa park station. this track work will reduce noise from the trains. >> we need to tear it apart and rebuild it and it's pretty complex in terms of real structures. that's why it's time-consuming and labor-intensive. >> during the track were, sam entrance will run free shuttle buses between the daly city and park station. things are getting back to normal slowly at southwest airlines. southwest is trying to recover from wednesday's technical glitch. 700 flights were canceled on wednesday, 450 more canceled yesterday. southwest said a computer router failed, affecting the rest of the airlines technology. southwest had a major sale that was supposed to and yesterday but it is extending the sale for a week. the nba has decided to move
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its 2017 all-star game out of charlotte, north carolina, following a passage of a law that limits antidiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay and transgender people. the lake issued a state statement saying all-star weekend the celebration at that includes all people. north carolina's governor issued a statement afterwards saying that, sports and entertainment elites had misrepresented the states laws. new orleans is now reportedly the frontrunner to host next year's game. the nba said it hopes to hold the 2019 all-star game in charlotte provided there is a, appropriate resolution to this matter. sean minaya will start for the a's tonight, hoping to bounce back from a series opening loss to the tampa bay rays. the a's were down to get-0 when it jake wilensky came to the plate. he hit a three-run home run. they gave the a's the lead that did not last long. sonny gray could not hold it. he gave up seven runs in five
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innings. to raise one, 7-3. it was sonny gray's ninth loss of the season. there are several new movies hitting theaters this weekend. >> this is where the frontier pushes back. >> what is this? >> star trek beyond, the enterprise crew, is caught on a new planet and a new enemy to face. also in theaters, the fifth installment of the ice age franchise, collision course, and, lights out a horror film. >> i like the ice age films. those are funny. some groups have filed a lawsuit against san jose over affordable housing. their claims involving a policy recently adopted by the city. >> reporter: it was considered a central hub in the city of millbrae. we're talking about the community center that burned down yesterday. coming up, we will tell you
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about the community meeting planned for this morning.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. friday, july 22. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we want to check in with rosemary who is in for steve for the weather. the heat is coming back to him especially for inland communities. around the baby will be comfortable. along the coast, not too bad. inland cities will be baking. we have temperatures coming our way, mid- to upper- 90s in the forecast. there is a beautiful view. you can see the sunshine bouncing off the buildings here in oakland. we have partly cloudy skies. that shot looks mostly cloudy. we will be mostly clear today, at least away from the
6:30 am
coastlines. i even suspect we will see partly sunny skies for the coast by the second half of the morning. here is look at it now. santa cruze a parting out partly cloudy. clear sky over portions of the north bay. temperatures are cooler this morning. 48 in santa rosa. 52 in napa. around the bay, a lot of 50s. 56 in mountain view. inland, in the 50s as well. 54 in livermore. antioch at 60 and holding steady. afternoon highs for today coming up by several degrees, especially inland. 89 for santa rosa. low to mid 90s for warmer locations in the east bay. 95 in antioch. 92 in livermore. closer to the water it is comfortable. 76 in oakland. south bay, 85 degrees in san jose. temperatures climb for saturday. even hotter on sunday. i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up.
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good morning. right now traffic is going to be okay if you are driving on the bay bridge. it is backed up for a little bit but it is not too bad, especially if you are driving in on the 880 ramp. we're also looking at the nearby san mateo bridge. traffic here looks pretty good if you are driving across from hayward to foster city. so far, the commute has looked good. if we go to the maps we can show you the south bay. most of those freeways are free and clear. slowdowns on the way into the west valley. a meeting is scheduled to start in about 90 minutes in millbrae about yesterday's devastating suspicious fire that destroyed the millbrae community center. brian flores is joining us live in millbrae with more on that meeting and the investigation. >> reporter: that was the impact. this community center was used
6:32 am
quite a bit. many people will be impacted by the loss of this community center as we look behind me, this was a huge fire. it is just destroyed. we talked about how it was used a lot, especially during the summer. both seniors and kids, some of whom were set to take part in a day camp use this committee center. in about 90 minutes, city and fire officials are holding it trinity awareness meeting to discuss this fire from yesterday as well as what is next. we first reported this fire during mornings on 2 yesterday just before 5 am. authorities have classified this fire as suspicious. they have called in the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to help with the investigation. this fire started from an outside wall and quickly spread throughout the 8000 square foot facility. as we mentioned, this was
6:33 am
considered a central hub for the city of millbrae. seniors would go here to do activities. weddings were held here. meals were delivered from here. this was supposed to be the starting point for a charity cancer walk this weekend. >> my daughter uses this to go to camps and play with other kids. this is going to be a huge loss for us and the community. >> reporter: millbrae city leaders vowed that they will rebuild. this morning's meeting starts at 8:00 at the tennis courts which are next to the community center. city officials are hoping that community members to come by and give their take on exactly what happened and give their plans on how they want to rebuild as well. planned speakers include millbrae's mayor and the city's fire chief. police say it vallejo mother died this weekend almost 2 months after the arson fire
6:34 am
at her home that killed her son. lametricias seil-shuemake had been in critical conditions since the fire in may that killed her five-year-old son, darrylone . the child's father was arrested three days later. darrylone shuemake is in jail. he is waiting for his court date to face charges of murder and arson for allegedly starting the fire. government agencies in the south bay will unveil a new housing program later today. this is specifically designed to help people find affordable housing in the san jose area as well as help the homeless. the program involves nearly $50 million in development funds and involves the city of san jose, the county of santa clara and the county's housing authority. details are expected later this morning. new lawsuit has been fired against san jose over affordable housing. the lawsuit was filed by two struggling renters and a pair of advocacy groups. urban habitat and housing california.
6:35 am
the mercury news is reporting the claim san jose's land-use policy is violating california's surplus land act. that requires cities to prioritize using public land for affordable housing. the recently adopted policy allows the city leaders to make exceptions from building such housing on city-owned land. the paper is citing san jose's city attorney who argues it is exempt from state law because it is a charter city. they can set their own a public land-use rules. funeral service begin today for the three baton rouge law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty nearly 2 weeks ago. the services will take place over the next three days for officers matthew gerald, montrell jackson, and deputy brad garafola. the new video of the attack was released earlier this week. all three officers were shot to death in what police are calling an ambush. the gunman was killed in a gun fight with police his motive was unclear. today marks the full year
6:36 am
since the shooting death of hayward police sergeant, scott lunger. he pulled over a man who was driving recklessly when the sergeant approached him. authorities say the suspect shot and killed him. the suspect was caught and is facing murder charges. the sergeant was a 15 year police veteran with two daughters. san francisco police are investigating a threat against police officers. police say a man called, the ingleside police officer and dispatch between wednesday night and thursday morning. he said he would offer a $15,000 reward to anyone who murders in sf pd officer. san francisco mayor, ed lee, went to the station yesterday as a show support for police officers. the threat comes after acting chief, toney chaplin, is a target of a racist threat on twitter last weekend. police arrested donald hogan sin in that incident. there is a warning to parents on the peninsula.
6:37 am
we will tell you what a san are saying about a man who reportedly tried to grab a girl on the street. we're looking at a commute that is not too bad. it seems to be a little lighter but some slow traffic on your way on the east shore freeway. warmer weather in store for your bay area weekend. we will check in on current editions and line up your afternoon highs coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. donald trump accepted the republican nomination for president at the convention this came to a close. carolyn shively is in cleveland this morning and she has more on trump's speech. >> reporter: we do. after a massive buildup throughout the week for the main event, donald trump's speech was darker than some expected, calling as a nation in crisis. >> i am asking for your support tonight. >> reporter: donald trump formally accepted the party's nomination following a passionate introduction from his eldest daughter. >> politicians talk about ouija quality that my father has made it a practice at his company about his entire career. >> reporter: his speech took aim at the rich and powerful while appealing to the working class. he painted a bleak picture of the united states economy but is promising to turn it around. >> i have visited the laid-off factory workers. these are the forgotten men and
6:41 am
women of our country. and they are forgotten. but they are not going to be forgotten long. >> reporter: he also made an appeal to americans who don't normally vote republican. smack his whole issue in dealing with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual issue and sing to the crowd, i'm very glad you applauded. in they are looking for postconvention bump in the polls. >> homes are not important. the key is penetration of our message and our case. >> reporter: the democratic convention is next up. that kicks off on monday. on thursday, hillary clinton will accept her party's nomination. the stanford band is telling donald trump he has gone too far by using the song, all right now. the band has laid out its case against trump in a letter posted on twitter. they're calling get a cease and desist order.
6:42 am
donald trump used a song on saturday during his announcement of mike pence as his running mate. the band said the song was composed by the english rock and, free, in 1970 and was rearranged for the marching bands use in 1972 as an alternative fight song. the band acknowledges it does not have the legal grounds to pursue action against donald trump. paul rogers from the band, free, also complained about the use of that song. san jose police are investigating a hit and run crash. this happened before 2 am this morning. police say he two vehicles were badly damaged as you can see. one car may have been a ridesharing car. there were at least two injuries in one of those cars. >> there were three male occupants inside. all three were transported to the hospital. >> do we have any conditions on
6:43 am
them? >> we do not at this time. >> san jose police say they tracked down the suspected hit- and-run driver. he was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. san mateo county has sent out an alert a warning families about a man who tried to grab the girl in redwood city. the girl was walking at douglas and fair oaks avenue and said a man on a bike approached her yesterday at noon. he asked if she was lost in said, don't worry, i will take you. he tried to grab her arm but she stepped back. he never touched her she ran to nearby fair oaks elementary school and told her summer counselor about the incident. area but could not find the man. here is how we as described. a white man between the ages of 30 and 40. he has short blonde hair, eight then build. he was not wearing a shirt at the time. just red and white striped shorts. uc regents approved. rages for most of the chancellors in the uc system.
6:44 am
the base papal go up by 3% for nine uc chancellors including the uc berkeley chancellor. the east bay times reports this is the second pay hike for some chancellor since last july. the report also said uc chancellors are often paid less than those from comparable universities and that the pay hikes are needed to recruit and keep talent. a state ethics commission approved a plan to crack down on what is known as, shadow lobbying. fair political practices say the crackdown is a net lobbyists who tried to influence lawmakers and government agencies without registering. under the new rules, lobbyists are required to give evidence showing whether or not they are being paid to influence government officials. let's check if thin with sal for a look at traffic. we do not have any trouble spots. we do have some slow traffic
6:45 am
but it seems lighter than usual. people who drive every day definitely notice these things. 21 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze which in the grand scheme of things is pretty good. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see that traffic is backed up for about a 10 minute delay. no major problems getting onto the bridge. traffic continues to look okay. if you are driving in the east bay, hayward, fremont, traffic on 880 looks good heading south on the nimitz freeway. good morning. we have a fabulous day in store. we will be warmer today than yesterday. this is the trend we will see as we get into the weekend. a live look into the east bay. blue sky overhead. closer to the bay, partly to mostly cloudy skies. at the coast as well.
6:46 am
we will be mostly clear for the second part of the morning. by early afternoon, partly cloudy at the coast. mostly clear elsewhere. here is a look from ktvu toward the west as we try to look at san francisco in the backdrop. 48 degrees in santa rosa. 54 in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland. san jose, 56. we have the onshore breeze. notice how weak it is. fairfield reporting 12 miles per hour. as we go through the weekend that breeze will not go away completely but it is dying down some. as result, temperatures are coming up for inland communities. so far we have had this system over the last week or so hanging along the pacific northwest this continues to bring unseasonably cool weather. temperatures have warm to around where we should be. when we get through the next couple of days, high pressure will build from the desert southwest.
6:47 am
that will lead to 90s for inland communities. even some areas expected to hit 100 by sunday. as we get to friday, partly cloudy skies at the coast. you can see a little bit there, maybe areas around pacifica and half moon bay. the rest of us will be mostly sunny. 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay. 80s and low to mid 90s for inland cities. 95 in brentwood four today. 95 in antioch. closer to the water, 76 in oakland. if you will see the a's play it will be a great day. 86 in napa. 68 expected for san francisco. 85 for san jose. 82 in santa cruz. here is a look at what you can expect at the coliseum at gate -- gametime. 70 degrees. a westerly breeze at 15. the extended forecast -- there
6:48 am
is the warm up. temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for saturday. upper 90s for sunday. cooler on monday. that is for the inland communities where it will be hot. around the bay it will be warm. around the coast, mild. >> and it is bark in the park. >> at the a's game. let's check in with garcia and see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. when i join you, role the video. you will know, yes, that was in fact medea benjamin of code pink who disrupted donald trump's speech last night at the rnc. our own ross palombo spoke with her afterwards. what she had to say about why she took action that forced donald trump to stop speaking while she was led out. the president of a florida police union is talking about what happened when an officer opened fire on an unarmed therapist. the therapist was in the street lying down. next to him, a man with autism
6:49 am
who the therapist had been working with. what the president said the reason was that made officers opened fire. cu in a couple minutes with these stories and more. coming up next, concerns a growing about the zika virus. we have a new breakthrough that may help prevent the spread of the disease. the discovery made by a team of researchers in southern california. the first of its kind career fair in oakland. the efforts to find jobs for hundreds of young people of color.
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dave? >> i know, sal. i'm with you. >> this is a song that talks about taking it to the bridge. this song is get up, but james brown. great song. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. i play request every friday morning. just use the hashtag, #ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. california's attorney general has opened an investigation into why california gas prices are so
6:53 am
much higher than the rest of the country. right now the spread between california's average price of $2.83 per gallon today is $0.67 pet -- cents per gallon. than the national average. all california refineries are online. consumer watchdogs say one of the main reasons for this is because california refineries are exporting gasoline tanker ships. that reduces the supply available to the people of california. we verified the ship movements in previous reports. >> the work that ktvu did, tracking down these missing ships that were not dropping off gas above were taking it out of california, that has been part of the evidence we put before the attorney general's task force. the attorney general issued subpoenas to every major oil refinery. >> the california refineries say they are not doing anything wrong in say this is how the
6:54 am
market is working right now. in the past, state and federal investigations have found no evidence of collusion in gasoline prices. pg&e want you to know homeowners in east contra costa county, crews conducting gas meter inspections are legitimate. the announcement comes from concerns that people believed pg&e workers showing up at their homes were imposters. crews will be doing these inspections in antioch, brentwood, byron, discovery bay, oakley and pittsburg. they are scheduled from 7 am through 6 pm on weekdays. this will happen from now until september. pg&e said you can ask for identification. you should know that workers will not go inside homes. a major legal victory for governor brown. the state supreme court ruled that his plan to divert water from the sacramento san joaquin river delta can move forward. the plan involves building two giant tunnels that will carry
6:55 am
water down to central and southern california. the court ruled that the state does not need to pay the land owners to conduct a preliminary testing for the project. the property owners claim the test would be invasive. they wanted compensation. the state argued the land owners would be covered in case of problems. hundreds of young jobseekers attended a career fair yesterday at the oakland convention center. it's part of a jobs program created by president obama's, my brother's keeper program. dozens of companies conducted job interviews on the spot with the goal of helping young people of color find a job. >> we're talking about jobs with decent wages, with benefits, with career track opportunities. and that is economic security. not just a job. >> i think the candidates are phenomenal. this is definitely a demographic that we've overlooked for years. i think now that we are tapping
6:56 am
into it, we are realizing the value in it. >> organizers say the white house sponsored fair was a big success and there are plans for several more in the bay area in the months ahead. members of the was olympic team for professional table tennis are hoping for a breakout performance in rio. the team was in san francisco last night and had an appearance at, spin, as south of market hangout for ping pong fans. three of the players are from milpitas. so was the coach. he is from -- he said the difference between tennis table and beating the best in the world is all about the spin. >> the ability to generate spin, or fake a spin, a lot of things are there. it is a basic of the game. >> many people think it is a basement sport. east and around and fling your arms wildly around. it is so much more than that. >> they make it look easy. table tennis has only been an
6:57 am
olympic sport since the 1980s. no american has ever made it to the podium. china dominates the sport with nearly 50 medals and half of them or gold. pokimon go is reaching a new milestone. mcdonald's sponsors launch of pokimon in japan today. donald is teaming up with the developer of the app. as we have seen in the bay area, small businesses like bars and stores can buy tokens to attract pokimon players. no major corporation has officially partnered with the company before now. mcdonald's restaurants in japan are featured as pokimon gyms or poke stops. it is mario woods day in san francisco in remembrance of the man shot and killed by police last year. coming up next, the opposition it from bay area law enforcement. the republican national convention is over and wrapped
6:58 am
up in cleveland with a donald trump accepting the party's nomination for president. we will have more on his speech and the local protester who interrupted his speech.
6:59 am
7:00 am
some in san francisco will be remembering mario woods today. others will choose to take today to remember public servants. we will tell you about it coming up. donald trump formally accepts the gop nomination for president. >> i am with you. i will fight for you. i will win for you. >> a live report from cleveland about how trump's speech was received, and we look ahead to the democratic national convention. this and more ahead on "mornings on 2". 7:00 this friday morning. july 22nd. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. we want to check your weather now. steve is off today but rosemary is here. >> happy friday to all of you. and to those of you out there, we have a warm-up coming our way. temperatures this morning within a few degrees of how we started yesterday. a tad cooler over portions of th


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