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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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emeryville. and a spike strip discovered on a popular trail in marin county. the dispute some say is behind the harsh methods. major league baseball's trade deadline ticks down. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am ted role lands in for mike mibach. there are now reports of yet another freeway shooting along interstate 80 in the east bay. >> ktvu's henry lee live where it happened in emeryville with new information. henry. >> gasia, we are at powell and i-80 where there was a shooting about 2:23 early this morning. we understand that there was a car coming in from the san francisco direction when shots were fired. witnesses reporting at least five shots. both emeryville police and the california highway patrol respond and they found a victim shot in the eye. that victim is in critical condition. emeryville found a passenger in that car involved in blood. this is the latest in a string
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of shootings on interstate 80 and highway 4. a lot of these incidents have involved gang versus gang shootings. a lot of witnesses are not able to be found. evidence is lost. there is also a lot of information going on. at this point the chp has convened a task force, especially in contra costa county where they are trying to use technology, shot spotter and freeway cameras to try to put an end to this series of shootings. now, pittsburg, as you know, has recently started up a series of freeway cameras along highway 4. they are trying to put on end to that. we spoke to people at a denny's restaurant for their reaction to the shootings. here's what they had to say. >> it's happening too frequently, you know? and more people need to get involved. really. you know, stand by seeing it occur and people have to get involved. that's the only way it's going
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to stop. >> people don't respect life any more. somehow in our country life has become cheaper. there is such division in our society that people don't understand the consequences of that kind of violence. it's disturbing. >> reporter: now, the chp says that you might hold a piece of the puzzle. you might have a clue. you might have information about a freeway shooting, whether you know it. they want you to call with any information you have. that number is-800-tell-chp. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> any indication if the victim was the target in the shooting? >> reporter: it's unclear at this point of any motive, whether or not this was road rage, whether it was an isolated incident or connected to the other freeway shootings we have seen since november. >> thank you.
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bart police are investigating whether its officers used excessive force last week. the 22-year-old man was arrested inside the embarcadero station friday afternoon and at least two witnesses posted video online claiming the suspect was, quote, treated unfairly. bart says the officers were wearing body cameras during the arrest and that footage will be used during the investigation of the incident. later today police reforms will be the topic of a panel discussion at san francisco's commonwealth club. the event is called policing the police, and the panel, which will include san francisco district attorney george gascon, will focus on recent recommendations by a blue-ribbon panel investigating the san francisco police department. the sold-out event starts at 6:30 tonight at glide memorial church. a smash-and-grab burglary at an antique store? san francisco's financial district. it happened early this morning on jackson street. >> thousands of dollars worth of antiques were stolen.
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paul chambers reports, police are hoping video from inside the store will help them find the burglars. >> reporter: this appears to be a smash-and-grab situation. let me show you. the criminals appeared to come through this window where they broke it and entered the store. they went to the showcase, broke that glass, and stole the items inside. this all happened in the 400 block of jackson street in san francisco. take a look at these photos. so far these are the items that are reported stolen. one is a set of four georgian sterling candlesticks dated to 1771. a covered butter dish and a sterling silver picture and service set. the owner fears that the criminals may take the items, melt them, and then sell them. it appears one thing the criminals left behind is a flashlight. if you know anything about this case or this situation, you are asked to call san francisco police. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more about two emeryville police officers nearly struck by gunfire. they were on foot patrol near
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pixar studios when they saw a bullet ricochet off the ground near them. they found a 9-millimeter bullet lodged into a building. no one was hurt. no suspect information has been released. when the emeryville police chief joined us live on "mornings on 2: the 9" today she said her officers and officers across the bay area are on edge after police in several cities, including in dallas, have been ambushed. in marin county a homemade spike strip found on a popular trail is causing concern for mountain bikers. >> brian flores was in fairfax where some say it's about a dispute between three groups. >> reporter: there are so many beautiful trails here. that's part of the problem according to many people we spoke with. they say the trails are becoming crowded. in terms of the spike strip and the person who found it, he says this was a pretty harsh message that could have hurt somebody. i want to show you what it
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looked like. this was posted on facebook by a mountain biker. he was one of two bikers riding off a trail near wood acre last tuesday. the sheriff's department says the spike strip was on private land. it's been described as four feet long with more than 30 rusty screws stick iting out of -- sticking out of it. it was fast end to the ground with 7-inch spikes. the rider took it home so other mountain bikers wouldn't get hurt. in terms of the bigger issue, some say it's about sharing the trails between mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders. >> there are so many open spaces to enjoy. i am a mountain bike rider, a horseback rider, a hiker. we have to be polite to one another. >> we have seen over the years
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rebar pounded into the trail facing back up. there is a lot of different boobytraps that people put out there. >> reporter: mountain bike groups and hiking groups have come out denouncing the spike strip that was found. there have been other reported obstructions on the trail, including unauthorized signs, logs, and reports of rebar on the trail as well. we heard from marin county sheriff's department who says they are aware of the spike strip. in a few hours san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to sign the city's new budget. the mayor's $9.6 billion spending plan includes a program to expand homeless services and increase the city's police force. the money will also go to improving several transit projects in the city. with fewer than 100 days to go before the november election, both hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail. >> trump continues to be grilled for comments he made
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about the muslim parents of a war hero while the irs targets the clinton foundation. joe waldman has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump clarifying comments about humayun khan, a decorated u.s. army captain killed in iraq in 2004. trump originally questioning why khan's mother was silent on stage during a speech at the dnc while standing next to her husband, khzir khan. trump said she was not allowed to speak according to shariah law. this is not about mr. khan who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather radical islamic terrorism and the u.s. get smart. since attacking the khans, trump has been on the receiving end of a firestorm of criticism, including from members of his own party like senator john mccain and former governor jeb bush. both strongly condemning trump's comments. >> you go down the list and think about these things, they
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are not ideological. for reasons of character and temperament, people can't get on board with that. >> reporter: hillary clinton doing some damage control of her own. after the irs announced it's opening an investigation into the clinton foundation, looking into allegations of pay to play, whereby foreign countries donated big money to the foundation or paid bill clinton handsomely for speeches to influence clinton's work as secretary of state. >> well, there is just no truth to any of these allegations. >> reporter: the latest national poll conducted after the democratic national convention has hillary clinton back ahead of donald trump by 7 points. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. still ahead, the case against a man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. the motion that was denied by the judge and what that means for the case. cooler temperatures on tap for the week ahead. meteorologist steve paulson will have the details.
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in fresno county a wildfire that started yesterday has now burned 1800 acres. it's called the goose fire and is burning south of the town of prather 25 miles northeast of the city of fresno. calfire says it's just 5% contained. 200 homes have been evacuated and there are several farms in the area, so animals are being
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taken to nearby schools. the soberanes fire in monterey county grew about 600 acres overnight. it's burned through more than 40,000 acres. it is 18% contained. 57 homes have been destroyed and as many as 2,000 others remain threatened. it could be a month before the fire is out. as crews again to get the upper hand, some 300 firefighters have been taken off the fire lines since yesterday. some of the strike teams from the bay area are headed home. here is a photo we would like to share tweeted out by san francisco firefighter 798. it reads we are proud sffd members. after ten days of hard work, they will be coming home. hashtag #soberanesfire. a sleeping man was rescued by san jose firefighters. a fire started before 3:30 this morning in a living area behind a liquor store and a flower shop. the man was sleeping outside. firefighters got him out safely. they were a able to put out the flames in 15 minutes.
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a san jose family is waiting to hear when or if they will be able to go back home after an old tree crashed on into their house when they were inside. it broke apart 7:00 last night and hit the home on fullerton drive and parish court. the tree crashed into the roof and then into a bedroom in the back of the house. the homeowner was in the bedroom. he heard the branch breaking and ran for his life. >> it started to sound like an earthquake and i started to run. by the time i got the hallway i could -- the tree came through the bedroom back bedroom wall. yeah, it was kind of devastating. >> an arborist is at the house right now removing the entire tree. no word when the city is expected to tell the homeowners that the home is safe and habitable. well, happy monday afternoon, everybody. we have a big difference this week compared to last week. i know i wasn't here, but believe me, i kept tabs on things. if you are away from the coast or around the bay, it was
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pretty warm to hot. it was real hot for some. this week looks to be much cooler. it's been a gradual drop on some of the temps. morning fog. sunny and warm today. it looks like, especially heading towards thursday and friday, a drop of some areas that were in the 100s last week, hard pressed to get above 79 by the time we get to thursday and friday. that includes areas like concord, morgan hill. gilroy. 70s by the end of the week. temperatures way down here. a big fog bank this morning. no reports of drizzle yet. that might be in the mix. water temps went up. coast, bay, especially inside the bay and on the peninsula had a little southeast breeze. that meant 60s this morning. also in san francisco the lows have been running a little bit warmer. westerly breeze. westerly breeze. the onshore breeze is there. it was screaming this morning about 4 or 5:00 in the morning. gusts of 30 plus at travis. still it's a west-southwest or a delta breeze component. temperatures a little cooler
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for some. about the same for others. a little warmer. but overall the trend is to bring these temperatures down ever so slowly. i think we will hold it steady here into the next couple of days. but west, west, west-southwest, southwest, south for santa rosa. that is a cooler pattern for sure. west at livermore. a little south-southet san jose. the smell of garlic coming from gilroy this morning. monsoon moisture was making a huge push into arizona. parts of the southern california desert and starting to creep up the sierra, but it looks like it's put on the air brakes and it's not going to make it to tahoe, truckee. very close, but if you are heading up there for the week, looks nice. hot up there. this system right there carving itself out. there will be a secondary system coming in reinforcing that as we head into wednesday, thursday, and maybe into the weekend. that will translate into cooler temps. 60s, 70s, and now 80s. temperatures are going to healed steady for a day or two, and then a big drop, especially
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on thursday and friday, as they come tumbling down. nice to slightly below average as we go into the weekend. at least one person is dead, one police officer, that is, and four others are injured following a suicide attack in afghanistan. >> it is the second deadly siege in a lull over a week to hit the country's capital. >> reporter: militants attack a guesthouse for foreign contractors in afghanistan. gunmen firing at kabul's northgate hotel after a truck filled with explosives reached the perimeter wall. the taliban taking responsibility for the deadly siege. >> the blast was so powerful it threw me about a meter from my bed. >> reporter: today's attack comes a little over a week after isis targeted a peaceful demonstration in the city. that suicide blast killing more than 80 people and wounding hundreds more. it marks the first time that militant group struck inside the capital. president obama announcing last month he is keeping more u.s.
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troops in afghanistan than previously planned. 8400 american service members will stay through the end of his term. instead of dropping to 5500 troops in the country by the end of this year. >> if these terrorists succeed in regaining areas in camps where they can train and plot, they will attempt more attacks against us. we cannot allow that to help. >> reporter: guesthouses are a frequent target of the taliban. there was another attack in july of 2013. connor powell, fox news. coming up t might sound like a good idea to some. one union is accusing a major airline of pushing its pilots to fly faster to make up time. why some say it's dangerous and how the airline responds.
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no major moves on the stock market today. we can see here the dow jones is down by one quarter of one percent. also the s&p. nasdaq on the plus side by about that same amount percentage-wise. tesla is buying solarcity. the electric car maker will pay about $2.6 billion. slightly more than tesla had originally offered. tesla said the deal would create one-stop shopping for cleaner energy. elon musk says the deal is good business sense. the deal is expected to close
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before the end of the year. a pilot's union is accusing american airlines of pushing pilots to fly faster in order to make up time. >> as brandon todd reports, while speeding up flights might sound like a good thing to some travelers, experts say the practice could have dangerous consequences. >> the bottom line of the bottom line of the bottom line, it's dangerous. >> reporter: aviation expert dana kelly know what it means to fly fasttory make up time. it may get passengers there sooner, but there is a dangerous trade-off. >> by speeding up the airplane, you put more stress on the airplane. >> reporter: in a litter to its pilots, the allied pilots association president accused management of american airlines of pilot pushing and encouraged pilots to "just say no." he claims management is manipulating flight plans to keep an operation under dur russ from coming apart at the
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seams. he cited speed up flight plans designed to reduce delays involving crew duty times where necessary. kerrie wrote, the faster speeds were nearing aircraft limitations and were encouraged even though aircraft are flight planned through areas of forecast or known turbulence. kerrie cited complaints of pilot pushing. >> you are flying this airplane with 200 people behind you, 300 people behind you at 450 miles per hour and you are exhausted. >> reporter: but there are pilots interpreting the letter a different way. one american airlines pilot source said he wouldn't call this pilot pushing at all, adding management can ask pilots to fly faster, but pilots have the final say. american airlines issued a statement today saying, in part, our integration and associated changes are complex and we remain committed to working together with all employee groups. as for passengers. >> i don't think it's safe. i have gotten places faster and i didn't know you could speed
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in the air. so i wouldn't recommend it. >> reporter: frequent flyers we talked to would sacrifice any extra time made up in the air. >> i have flown all over the world, different countries for work. to be honest, i would rather have a half an hour delay and be safe. i side with the pilots on this one. a woman is under arrest after leading police on a chase through three southern california counties. it started just after 4:00 this morning when the chp saw the woman weaving on highway 101 in los angeles. the chase continued for three hours through orange county. at one point she gets off the freeway and makes a u-turn right in the middle of the road. she ends up in a neighborhood in san diego county. her car was bumped a couple of times by officers. you can see the bumper hanging off the rear of her vehicle and she schemes going. speeds reached 120 miles per hour. she drives right through a front yard and then it ends. police corner her vehicle.
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she finally stops. she comes out. she is handcuffed and taken into custody without incident. >> wow. >> yeah. >> what a chase. well, the men's track and field program is returning to san jose state university. the school's once renowned men's track and field program was discontinued in 1988 because of budget cuts. sports psychologist harry edwards and two of the most prominent athletes in history were at san jose state this morning when the announcement was made. they made history, the three at the 1968 olympics, for taking a stand on human rights. they are among the track and field athletes who trained at san jose state during the school's speed city era. still ahead, major developments in the case against a man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. >> a live report on the hearing this morning and the motion that the judge has just denied. family and friends are mourning a south bay school bus driver as she was shot and killed while visiting relatives
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in texas over the weekend.
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after four years of waiting the antolin garcia-torres trial got off to a slow start. there are several motions that will push jury selection into next month. >> jesse gary following this case. he is live just outside the hall of justice in san jose.
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>> reporter: guys, the judge is looking at three motions. the first was a continuance, delaying the start of the trial. the second is suppression of some evidence. the third is a change of venue motion. this morning's session was spent on delaying the start of the trial. antolin garcia-torres, this is video of him at a previous court session, sat and listened as his lead attorney argued he needs more time to fashion a defense. lopez is defending a client in another case and hasn't been able to devote full attention to the garcia torres case which has boxes of documents and hundreds of dvds to be reviewed. antolin garcia-torres is accused of killing sierra lamar in 2012. the 15-year-old was last seen heading to a doppler near her morgan hill home. dna evidence from garcia torres' car has linked him to the killings. defense attorney lopez asked for a six weeks continuance to
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further scrutinize prosecution evidence. the judge said no. she said a september 19th date for jury selection will begin. it has been a long four years for the lamar family, some of woman were outside court this morning. >> it's frustrating that, i mean even though we have been advised, you know, constantly that the district attorney's office has been good about, you know, advising us that it's gonna be a long haul, it's still frustrating for us. we want answers. we have wanted answers since 2012. so that's what we're after. so it's still frustrating. >> reporter: this afternoon court begins with the second motion the judge is considering, listening to arguments to suppress dna evidence. some of it collected by the county's crime lab. that could take days, possibly stretch into next week, since one witness is not available
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until next week and one of the defense attorneys has a previously scheduled vaation -- vacation. the defense argues that there has been so much attention around this case, that garcia torres cannot get a fair trial. a long way to go before we get to jury selection if that happens on the 19th of september. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. hundreds of court employees from santa clara county held a protest this morning saying they are ready to strike. >> [ crowd chanting ]. >> these court employees are clerks, janitors and legal researchers who say they haven't received a pay raise in the last eight years. last week their union voted unanimously two strike. they decided to picket this morning at heys mansion in san jose because that's where the chief justice is attending a conference. workers wanted to get her attention in hopes she would intervene so a strike could be prevented. when union members tried to enter the mansion, they were
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turned away by employees of the property. >> the strike authorization vote was unanimous. in my 20 years of doing this work, i have never seen a unanimous strike vote. it's very serious. the impacts to the courts will be significant. >> there are about 350 court blows make up this union. a strike would have a great impact on the court system in santa clara county. no new negotiations are on the table. we are not told when the strike will actually take place. activists angry over the sentence imposed in the brock turner sexual assault case took new action to remove the judge who handed down the sentence. judge persky sentenced turner, the former stanford swimmer, to six months in jail rather than ordering him to serve two years in prison. this afternoon supporters of turner's victims supported a change supporting petition with more than a million signatures demanding persky be removed from the court. opponents of the petition
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include nearly 50 law professors who say the judge's removal could make other judges feel pressured into making legal decisions based on public opinion. a report says a san francisco police officer arrested on suspension of felony gun possession has been in trouble with the department before. the officer, thomas abrahamson, was disciplined in 2003 for an illegal search and put on two years probation for lying to superiors. last week he was charged with manufacturing and possessing a banned ar-15 assault-style rifle. he pled not guilty. a deadly stabbing happened over the weekend in east oakland. it was reported saturday night. police say the victim was killed by a knife. no other details have been released and no arrests have been made. funeral services this week for san diego police officer jonathan deguzman who was killed during traffic stop last week. his partner is expected to make a full recovery. >> the suspect in the case,
12:34 pm
jesse gomez, faced murder and attempted murder charges. >> reporter: days after this tragic san diego scene, the police chief and investigators have, in fact, viewed the body camera video to learn how one police officer was killed and another left to fight for his life in the hospital. >> in this particular case, you can see he is working even after bringing the community together and just showing his family that they are not alone. >> praying for this family now. may your grace and mercy and peace be on their lives. >> reporter: dozens gathered in chula vista for a vigil put on by the families and staff of heritage park elementary school remembering officer jonathan deguzman who was gunned down thursday night. >> i knew him as my cousin. a loving husband. >> hard seeing the family and,
12:35 pm
you know, wanted to show our support for the police. >> reporter: police sources telling fox 5 despite video, the motive behind the shooting is still unclear. detectives and forensics experts spending nearly 22 hours on scene collecting evidence after the shooting. sources confirming the accused triggerman, 52-year-old jesse gomez, was shot by police in the upper body before being arrested and remains in the hospital guarded by security. authorities not releasing if gomez was in a car or walk when the cops approached. a second potential suspect was released from jail this weekend after only being booked on an outstanding drug warrant. >> that's robert burns reporting there. on thursday a funeral mass is scheduled for officer deguzman. the public is invited to both service. in florida the pulse nightclub is set to reopen, but
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it is not going to be a nightclub. it will now become a permanent memorial for the 49 people killed in the june 12th shooting rampage. a charity group called one pulse foundation has been set up to raise money for the memorial. it's not clear if they will remodel the existing structure or put up a new building. there is also no word on a date of that reopening. police in texas have identified a bay area woman as the one person killed in a shooting in austin's entertainment district early yesterday morning. teqnika moultrie lived in sancar close and worked as a school bus driver. she and her wife were visiting relatives in austin. her brother-in-law says they had just left a doughnut shop when someone started firing a gun. >> there is a lot of parents in the crowd running and screaming. sabrina was obviously beside herself. both her and i tried to render aid to her. >> police say there had been some kind of disturbance before the shooting started. they are looking for 24-year-
12:37 pm
old endicott mccray. moultrie's family has no idea who he is or what could have provoked the shooting. other women were hurt. they are expected to survive federal safety investigators looking into a deadly hot air balloon crash near austin say they could get more information about the doomed flight today or tomorrow. 16 people died when the balloon crashed and burned. ntsb investigators have recovered cell phones and tablets belonging to balloon passengers from the wreckage. they believe that some of those devices will have video taken during the flight, they hope. that may give them information about weather conditions and the flight path. we are learning more about the people who died when a plane crashed near oregon last week. all four people were killed. the pilot was identified as laurie mills. a volunteer first responder. nurse debora kuhn and paramedic michelle tarwater were also killed. the identity of the patient has not been released. the plane went down in a remote
12:38 pm
area after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. now just days away from the start of the summer olympics in rio, the latest warnings for athletes about water, zika, and construction of the venues.
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we are days away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil, and a new ap study finds the waterways of rio de janeiro are as filthy as ever. researchers found the water is
12:41 pm
contaminated with raw sewage teaming with dangerous viruses and bacteria. a warning is going out to the athletes who will be competing in rio. >> reporter: the idea is that athletes maintain minimum contact with the water. unfortunately, that's how it is. >> researchers say 1400 athletes are in danger of getting violently ill in the olympic events in the water. the "associated press" tests showed tourists also face potentially serious health risks if they spend time at the beaches of rio. workers are putting the finishing touches on stadiums and buildings, but there are still questions about whether the venues will be ready. on saturday the main ramp of the sailing venue partially collapsed. some athletes had refused to stay in living quarters, saying their units had no hot water, faulty plumbing and exposed wires. >> also concerns about the zika virus. over the weekend brazilian news officials held a news conference to reassure the
12:42 pm
public that the zika virus won't be a threat at the summer games. >> we have established a service to treat them as soon as possible if there is some case. >> the world health organization is telling visitors to take precautions, including using insect repellent, covering as much of the body as possible, and practicing safe sex or abstaining during their stay and for at least one month after their return home. it's common for there to be problems before an olympic games begins, but this time around it seems to be a little more severe. well, warriors star draymond green is apologizing as he and the rest of the u.s. men's basketball team arrive at rio for the olympics. green issued an apology for posting an explicit picture of himself on snapchat. at first he said he had been hacked, but then admitted that the picture was meant to be sent to a private message. not to all of his followers. it was up for ten minutes
12:43 pm
before it was deleted. this is the second apology green has issued in the past month. three weeks ago he was arrested on assault charges in michigan. the oakland a's and los angeles dodgers have made a big deal involving a pair of a's players ahead of today's trade deadline. they traded josh reddick and rich hill to l.a. the dodgers will send three minor league prospects to oakland. both reddick and hill are free agents. now, reddick took to twitter shortly after writing, quote, i want to say thank you to the oakland athletic organization for the time i spent there. i played in some memorable and spectacular games. i wouldn't be where i am without oakland. to my people in the right field beacher, never change. now, the a's have the day off after being swept over the weekend by the indians. sonny gray gave up eight hits and seven runs in three and a
12:44 pm
third innings. 8-1 was the final score. the giants are on a two- game winning streak. matt cain started against the washington nationals yesterday and pitched five no hit innings. it was his third start since coming off the big league big league. manager bruce bochy took him out after 93 pitches. madison bumgarner hit a comfortable off the wall in right center. then jeff samardzija was brought in. he scored on an error on a hunter pence grounder this third. that gave the giants a 2-0 lead and they won 3-1. this by the way was matt cain's 100th career victory. a bay area woman is inspiring others for the time she puts into her favorite activity. figure skating. now she says she has been skating for years, but it took her six decades before she could even stand on those thin steel blades on the cold slippery service. as ktvu's claudine wong shows us nothing, not even a fear of getting hurt, has stopped her
12:45 pm
since. >> [ music playing ]. >> reporter: all you have to do is watch connie curry skate and you will feel her joy. >> it's such a deep rich feeling. it's just a wonderful feeling. and it feels so good when you have it right. >> reporter: she has been doing if for 17 years. >> it's busy out here. i need catch my breath. >> reporter: an achievement that is even more remarkable when you realize she didn't lace up her skates for the very first time until she was 60 years old. >> my 95-year-old father was living with us and i asked him if he had any regrets in life and he told me his regrets, and then he said to knee, what was my regrets? and i went, you know what? i never learned to ice skate or wear one of those pretty dresses. i really wanted to wear one of the pretty dresses. he turned around and said, what the heck is stopping you? go out and rent some skates and go tomorrow. >> reporter: she went, and she fell. hard. it scared her, but she gave herself a little lecture.
12:46 pm
>> when you were a kid you used to like to throw yourself in the snow. and i remembered that feeling and i got back up and i went out on the ice and i have been loving it ever since. >> reporter: there was no point where you said bucket list, right? check it off the list? you just kept on trucking. >> i did. >> reporter: and at 77, her list of things to do only seems to grow. after learning to skate, she tried freestyle, then seven years ago she started ice dancing. three years ago she entered her first national competition. >> john choreographed a program that i am going to compete in vancouver at an international competition. it's my first one. >> reporter: john dowding is her coach. he is a three-time canadian national champion. in 1980, he competed in the lake placid olympics. >> i do it because of the passion. connie is such an inspiration to me and all other skaters around that it just makes you want to do it.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: and that passion is inspiring. do you feel like you are an inspiration to people who watch you? >> i am starting to experience that. >> reporter: the reaction from others has been profound. a few years ago they performed in an exhibition at the adult nationals torches have the crowd respond the way they did. >> standing ovation. >> standing ovation. but because of the thrill that she brings to skating and shows that to everybody else, because you can tell she is loving every minute of it. and people go, oh my gosh, if she can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: do you think at any point, she is 70, maybe we won't be doing some of those things? >> she is going to outlast me. she has so much energy. yeah. >> reporter: and she does lifts. you lift her? there is no fear? >> no. as long as she has confidence in me, i have confidence in her. >> reporter: have you always been so brave to try new things? >> yes. what i know in my heart is when
12:48 pm
i am doing something i totally love i feel 90% of the time safe and secure. >> reporter: and it takes dedication. pre-dawn hours on the ice. practices four days a week. but connie's husband will tell you connie tackles ice skating like she does life. >> she is a very joyful person. >> reporter: she owns her own business and is even taking banjo lessons. >> she is practicing that day and night. >> reporter: which led me to my next question. what are you going to do at 80? >> i am going to be learning free dance. >> reporter: anything you can't do? >> be a perfect figure skater. i am going to try the rest of my life to get it right. >> reporter: you are on your way. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. well, happy monday afternoon everybody. boy, what a difference this week will be compared to last week. last week for some it was foggy, foggy, foggy. inland temps rocketed up. this week they will be coming
12:49 pm
down. they already started on sunday. 60s, 70s, and 80s. in fact, probably looks to be maybe even in the upper 70s as we head towards thursday and friday for some. 101, 102 last week such as livermore. today 87. now, again upper 80s looks to be in the mix here of tuesday, wednesday, and then a big drop. upper 70s or very low 80s towards thursday and friday. so for those of you who are like, man, when is this heat -- it's on its way out. san francisco, which never participated last week in the big warm-up, is 65. 58. average 67/5. 98 in 1993 the record high. fog burning back rapidly. it made a good push this morning. it's not going anywhere. temperatures on the coast and around the bay with a southeast bay. warmer ocean temps the lows have been up. west, west wind at hayward. the onshore breeze has no
12:50 pm
problem. even out to the delta all the way out to sacramento, that's ushering in a little bit cooler air here. cooler for some. slightly warmer for others. san jose minus 2. i think that afternoon breeze is going to mean temperatures will be pretty close to the mid-and- upper 80s for many that were hotter last week. west, west, west, west- southwest, santa rosa a south wind, livermore a westerly breezy, hayward as well. that breeze in san jose coming from the santa clara valley. monsoon moisture in arizona, some of that creeped into southern california. looks like it's backing off. some tv up to the central sierra. made it to bishop. there was clouds off in the distance from tahoe and truckee. drier air is going to push it out of the area. so if you are up there, it's been hot, but not been the thunderstorms. this low coming down is really going to open the door for mother nature's air- conditioning to kick in big time. more pronounced towards wednesday and thursday and for sure thursday into friday. 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s.
12:51 pm
out of those 100s. we may be out of the 100s for most locations for a while here. 10, 14-day outlook shows temperatures near average to even below. so august might start off pretty cool here. july ended hot, hot, hot. especially out to the valley and some inland. not much change here. pretty quiet unless you are, again, well inland. even those areas will cool down big time thursday and friday. a nice comfortable weekend. all right. coming up, the latest installment of harry potter is now available. what author j.k. rowling says about the possibility of more stories about boy wizards.
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12:54 pm
just minutes ahead of the close of the stock market not too much movement since we last checked the numbers 20 minutes ago. the dow jones industrial is down one quarters of one percent, losing 45%. the same on the s&p. nasdaq looks on track to finish the day on the up side, but just about one-third of one percent. the soberanes wildfire has been burning in monterey county for more than a week, and the fire line is less than ten miles away from the closest vineyards. today on "the 4 on 2", the risk the smoke and ash pose to the grapes and the impact the wildfire is having on tourism this summer. plus, we will have an update on
12:55 pm
the long firefight ahead. that story and much more coming up. hope you join us on "the 4 on 2". some hollywood's biggest stars received surfboards at the 18th annual teen choice awards. 37million votes were cast. it honors the year's biggest achievements in film, television, music and more. daisy ridley won for breakout star for a role in "star wars." the biggest honor went to justin timberlake, who accepted the decade award. >> thank you so much. >> he epitomizes what it is to be the all-around entertaining be it singing, acting, dancing, he can do it. >> alba pointed out that many of those impacted by gun violence are teenagers. harry potter mania is alive
12:56 pm
and well. the eighth and final story of the j.k. rowling's harry potter saga "harry potter and the cursed child" hit shelves in london at midnight on sunday. there is no word yet on how many books were sold. however, some bookstores say it's the fastest selling book they have ever sold. on saturday night the play premiered in london as well five years after potter mania piqued when the previous books were made into a movie. >> it was just amazing. people should beg, do whatever to get a ticket to see the show. >> best thing i have ever seen. >> rowling says this will be the last book based on boy wizard. it comes nearly 20 years after she first released her original book. >> you have to see this. a skydiver in southern california made history. luke aikins is the first person to jump out of a plane without a parachute or wing suit. he fell 25,000 feet and lives to tell the story.
12:57 pm
this happened on live tv. he jumped out of a plane that landed safely into that net on saturday. he fell for two minutes and flipped on his back to land. he made 18,000 jumps before this one. he said i wasn't nervous. thank goodness he is okay. see you at 4. >> that was wild.
12:58 pm
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