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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are following a developing story in san francisco. these are live pictures of a police standoff near city college. it's been going on for the past 15 hours. we'll have a live report in just two minutes and give you an update. i want to welcome you back to
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mornings on 2. it's thursday, august 4th. >> and let's start with a little weather and traffic. hello there. >> cooler, cooler, you guys. there'll be a turn on the smoke in the fire. the low clouds are 2000 feet and there's a howling delta wind. it's going to equal cooler conditions. 62 although there are 50s nearby. it's hard to get any information. and a lot of this is coming from the higher elevations. and we're trying to do our best to get some temps. the key is the wind direction, west, southwest. yesterday was east, northeast. and some of the smoke was blowing towards berryessa and vacaville. the fog bank has ramped up big
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time. that's going to allow a significant cooler pattern. gusts almost to 40 miles per hour. 50s on the temps or 60s. and low clouds are just about everywhere. not every location but many. 70s and 80s inland. and 50s and 60s by the water. i have good news for our friends. the crash we've been telling you about 680 in the concord, pleasant hill area. we just got word that all lanes are now open. the crash has been cleared out of the way which is certainly good news as we move further into the heart of the commute. that was a crash happened about 3:30 and 680 northbound at monument -- all lanes have just
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reopened. that's good news. if you're traveling on highway 92 you can see that it's a smooth ride heading from the east bay to the peninsula. and the bay bridge toll plaza, there you go. that's not looking bad at all. it's a nice time to make the trip into san francisco. no backups or crashes being reported in the area. we'll keep tabs on the situation throughout the morning. we are following a developing story in san francisco where a police standoff continues at this hour. officers say it began yesterday afternoon and dragged on. leigh martinez is there. >> reporter: san francisco police have been here all night. a man is hauled up to this apartment on the 3rd floor. it's a quiet scene.
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we have nod heard any communication between police and the suspect. what we have been told by police is that the standoff started at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. it's believed that the suspect has barricaded himself inside that 3rd floor apartment. they are not releasing the identity of the suspect at this time and they will not say why they were prompted to come out to the address. it's believed that he's alone without hostages. and we s.w.a.t. on scene. and typically s.w.a.t. is not audiologist out unless the suspect is armed but we don't have any information about a weapon. anything inside that apartment could be used potentially as a weapon. it's a waiting game as of right now. we have the block cordoned off. and we haven't heard any communication between police
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and the suspect. >> you mentioned waiting game. this has been going on since 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday. have police given you a reason why they're waiting? >> reporter: police say they utilize time and distance whenever possible. it's an active scene and anything with change in a second's notice. the chp says a man turned himself in after running from a crash in the santa cruz mountains. he was arrested and booked on suspicion of hit-and-run, vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license. he was on highway 9 near saratoga and his car careened off the road and we want off the road and hit a tree. an 18-year-old was killed and another passenger, a pregnant if 15-year-old girl is in
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critical condition. authorities say 24-year-old -- was captured in atlanta, georgia, yesterday. facing a murder charge. they just left a doughnut shop when the shots were fired. hayward police are investigating a deadly domestic dispute. officers were called after someone reported a domestic disturbance. a 59-year-old man was shot multiple times. a san jose city councilman who lost his seat by 12 votes is refusing to give up. he lost in the june primary election. he then lost two subsequent recounts, including one he paid
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$15,000 to conduct. he has now filed a lawsuit alleging inconsistencies. people in clear lake came across thousands of dead fish. water samples are being tested at blue-green algae was seen. the dieoff so far seems to be a natural phenomenon. warmer waters increase the algae bloom which allows less sox general for the -- less oxygen for the fish. moon express is the first to receive faa approval to launch a spacecraft that goes past earth's orbit. the lander will take pictures and video and send them back. eventually, they have bigger plans. he wants to settle up mines
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operations and eventually take people to the moon. >> imagine a small group of entrepreneurs. when we land on the moon we will become a super power. >> the faa must inspect the rocket but they are confident about returning to the moon. the last mission was 1972, apollo 17. students are learning everything from architecture to engineering as they work on the expansion at children's hospital. >> it's a major reimagining of the hospital. >> reporter: the stuff of dreams can take shape in many ways. dreams have always been in the
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possibilities of rebar, concrete, steel, and construction. >> i want to be a labor. and i've been looking into it. and i think that's really what i want to do. >> reporter: she's getting a chance. the hospital began rebuilding and planners had an idea to build the potential to dream for oakland students. she's one of 10 students chosen to learn about the construction industry. >> when you are actually there and see the blueprints, there's a lot of stuff like steel that keeps the building up. >> reporter: they have spent five weeks learning all aspects of the construction industry. >> they got exposed to architecture, engineering, apprenticeship. >> they're getting a look at the construction trade and meeting directly with the
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architects and engineers. >> if you don't want to go to college right away. you have an opportunity to get in the union. >> ideally, some of these kids could be on the project later. they could be an architect or a trades person or any of those things would be incredible. >> a lot of people think we're not capable because we're a woman. i want to prove that gender doesn't determine your strength and your ability to do something. >> tens of thousands of people will make their way to golden gate park for the music festival. there'll be radio head, lionel
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richie -- there'll be road closures and traffic is expected to be heavy. extra buses will be available. people are being numbered to use public transit. a strike among thousands of janitors in san francisco. the tentative agreement reached after the mayor's office stepped forward. and a lifeline in west oakland but soon it's going to be closed. the city is shutting them down this month. and keeping an eye on the roadways, everything is moving along quite nicely. we'll tell you about the super commute out of the tracy area when we get back. we have a super delta breeze. and a bigger fog bank. that all spells cooler.
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a firefighter was killed while battling if fire that erupted after a plane crash landed in dubai. the boeing triple seven was carrying passengers from india. the pilot announced an emergency landing. everyone got out safely and the airport is operating with one runway today and there are several delays and cancellations. and a new look at the destruction caused by a massive wildfire in canada. this is the alberta community of fort mcmurray. the fire started in may and it took three months to get it under control. it forced 80,000 residents to evacuate. and canada's red cross has raised $230 million to help
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residents in the area recover. a recycling center is closing down. and many people who rely on the center to make ends meet don't know what to do. the owner has racked up fines but peek who collect items to recycle at the center rely on the income they get. >> i worry but i don't know. i don't know what will happen. i don't want it to be closed. >> a lawyer with the aclu wrote a letter to the oakland city council asking it to delay closing the center until they can find another location. they say it will increase homelessness, panhandles, hunger, and desperation. time for the commute to
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start ramping up. >> long time, no see. [ laughter ] >> the commute is looking very nice early on this thursday morning. i'll show you the tracy super commute. and westbound 580 over the altamont pass, you're looking pretty good although on the maps you can see we have a little bit of a slowdown. it's starting to slow coming into the livermore valley on 580. and highway 4 is starting to pick up. getting busier and busier headed through bay point. no crashes being reported. and 280 in san jose moving along quite nicely. 4:46 is the time. >> i was just chatting with you not long ago. can i say good morning one more time. >> 40 more times if you want.
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>> the cooldown is underway. >> yesterday -- the east bay temps again -- >> gilroy was 82. how can gilroy be 82. i don't get that. >> what happened to gilroy. i don't get it. they'll all be cooler. let's talk about the cold fire. 62. there's no site at the fire unless cal fire has information. i'm looking at weather underground. the key is the wind direction. yesterday was east, northeast. that would take the smoke to lake berryessa. today looks like it's going to head to winters. the humidity should be higher. there's a roaring delta breeze
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to travis and a big fog bank. these will usher in a 12-degree drop. west at fairfield. and west at the napa airport. and low 60s. on the peninsula some cooler conditions. and a couple of days ago, 62, 63. we are returning cooler, northwest at livermore. and northwest at san jose. and west, southwest at sfo. the low cloud deck is pretty big. sacramento is 58. you get gusts to 40. fog makes for a gray day. and here's a couple of spins in the atmosphere. there's another system dropping down. and the entire complex will hang out over the west coast. and that's the beginning of a cooler trend. 50s, 60s, 70s on the temps.
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and temperatures are coming down today. i don't see much change there. cooler on friday. and it levels off saturday. and temperatures staying in this range for a while. >> i like it. i was talking to someone yesterday about how hot and miserable it was and how miserable and whiney i was. and then i was cold last night. and then i pulled back. >> if you had to take a pick -- >> i would rather right now put on a big warm sweater. >> you can always get warm. >> 75 and perfect for claudine. >> it wasn't supposed to be about me whining and complaining but it became that. the post all star game problems continue. the giants are on the way to a 4-0 lead over the phillies and
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couldn't hold on. johnny cueto finished with 10 strikeouts but he gave up back to back home runs in the 7th and two more runs in the 8th. a bases loaded single ended if game. and the a's problems continued as well. they got out to a nice lead and couldn't hold on. albert-- 8-6 win over oakland. a bus that drives over cars, a look at the futuristic way people in china are beating traffic. why merchants at san francisco's chinatown say the neighborhood is becoming a ghost town.
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hurricane earl has come ashore in the caribbean near belize with wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. and the effects of the storm are being felt in the yucatan peninsula. the storm is headed west and is expected to lose some of the power as it crosses land. authorities investigating the bus crash in merced county have revised the number of deaths.
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there were four people killed instead of a five. a team from the national transportation safety board has arrived and they'll re-credit the crash scene and examine whether mechanical or environmental issues may have contributed to the crash. >> it's going to take months to get to the bottom of everything. >> reporter: we've learned that the bus driver who was seriously hurt in the crash has been cited three times in recent years including a ticket for driving without a license. the bus was traveling from mexico to washington state. washington, d.c. transit officer has become the first to be charged with an isis related -- crime. nicholas young was arrested in fairfax, virginia, yesterday. he had been on law
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enforcement's radar for years. he allegedly tried to send gift card codes to someone who he thought was an isis member. the 94-year-old richmond woman who was robbed and attacked in her home should feel safer this morning. she received a new alarm system. an intruder stole a rare coin given to her from barack obama. i was deeply saddened to hear everything you've been through recently. and wanted to extend my warmest regards and send you a new challenge coin. >> she says having this letter
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from president obama himself makes the new coin special. police announced a $10,000 award for information leading to an arrest. people who live and work in chinatown say the community is becoming a ghost town after dark with more and more store fronts becoming vacant. one store owner's rent went up 2000 dollars. a lot of the big restaurants that drew so many people and especially the big restaurants that would accommodate big banquets, that seems to be a thing of the past. >> real estate experts say it's tough to get businesses to open in chinatown. and getting a business license can take a year or longer. the cold fire continues to
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grow this morning. we'll have a live report on the challenges the firefighters are facing and what the big priority is. apple has closed the pay gap. the new diversity report from the tech giant. everything is moving through the bay area. we'll tell you about a crash we're tracking in the south bay. very strong delta breeze, almost gusts to 40. and it all means a cooler pattern. we'll show you how much coming up.
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good morning. 4600acres counting. what fire crews near nap county say the priority is. and an american woman killed in a stabbing rampage in london. the suspect is in custody. what authorities say may have been behind the attack. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's thursday, august 4th. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i know who you are. i'm dave clark. you'll notice the difference when you step outside. >> i came to work in a
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sweatshirt. >> probably prudent. >> we have good news for the cold fire. the temperatures will be cooler. the humidity is up. you never want the wind to pick up but they'll take a west wind over an east of north. i'm using a couple of sites. 87% humidity. and west, southwest at five instead of east or northeast. that should send the smoke to winters or the sacramento valley and way from berryessa. and i think the fog will get ramped up. the key is the delta. it's just ripping. turbo charged. fairfield has gusts almost to 40. gilroy, a cool


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