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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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you're watching "ktvu channel 2 news" at 6:30. >> raymond chow was convicted in january with ordering the killer of a leader of chinatown organization and conspireing to murder another rival. in court, chow spent more than an hour and a half saying he felt like he was a victim in the matter. his girlfriend said he would file an appeal. a hearing is underway for seven people charmed in the murder offed a west oakland -- of a west oakland woman. she was killed shielding two children outside of their home last year. an eighth person is charged with being an accessory. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence for the defendants to stand trial for murder. the mayor of stockton has been charged with may northing at the youth camp. he's accused of taking part in a
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game of strip poker with camp pers, serving alcohol and secretly recording conversations with the minors. he had no comment when he was released on bail this afternoon. president obama speaking out against isis. he says it poses a serious threat against russia and poses they need to do more. >> he criticized the russian government for supporting syrian on opposition forces in that country. >> more than 14,000 strikes so far. >> reporter: president obama holding a conference. >> i last updated our people in june after the horrifying attack in orlando. in the week's since, we continued to be relentless on the fights against isil.
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in syria and iraq, they lose territory. they are, in fact, inevitably going to be defeated. >> reporter: earlier in the day, mr. obama chaired a national committee meeting at the pentagon based on the terror group. >> we seen isil has the ability to direct and inspire attacks. >> reporter: it comes the same pentagon releases video. it shows a strike on an isis tank near the libbian city. they have been conducting air strikes in libya, after the government asked for help in on going fight against growing number of isis militants in their country. meanwhile, they released new video what have they say are coalition strikes against isis in syria. >> reporter: so far, russia has failed to take the necessary
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steps. >> reporter: in recent days, they say -- they white house, kevin, fox news. military reported today that the isis leader this that country has been killed. he and 45 members of his group were killed during an operation on the planes. it's not clear when facebook place. nationwide, there are as many as 500,000 rape kits sitting untested. advoconsist say -- advocate need money and manpower to conduct the testing. a congressman said he's been able to allocate $40 million towards the problem in 2015. and there's another $45 million
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in the proposed budget next year. alley realized there was a problem and 2,000 kits were in her office, they were paying some of the min to sen them out to a private lab. >> we self-funded some of it with our office budget. it was so important to get it done, i didn't want to wait for somebody else to find money. we have gone through 1,000 kits. >> that means people are not getting their justice. many of them are women and girls. and it's just unfathomable that we can allow ha to happen. a new california law which took place january requires police to turn in a rape kit within five days and crime lab to up load the dna profile within a certain amount of days. state officials deal the
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first time two babies born in california have zika related birth defects. the mothers spent time in countries where the mosquito born virus has been spreading. one of the mothers returned to her home country. the other remains. there are 19 other women in california who are infected with zika. officials say they are being monitored. the stadium will offer a new service for women during football games and other events. they're little suites for women to breast-feed or use a purpose at a game or concert. there are three after these at levi stadium. one on each level. they recognize new moms need extra care and privacy. >> it's not just about having a room with a curtain. it's privacy, nice redust reconduction. all the things that keep the
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women comfortable. an american is dead following a knife attack in london. what officials are learning from the suspect about his possible motive. >> and questions remain over a u.s. cash payment to iran. as critics call the payment ransom. john kerry defend as massive cash payment to that country.
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the person that died in the knife attack was a woman from florida. the stabbing spree happened in london's russell square. darlene horton was killed. she was married to a florida state university professor teaching a class in london. five other people were injured. they don't believe terrorism was a cause. they say the 19-year-old suspect may have had mental health issues. police plan to increase the number of patrol officer who is carry guns. >> we want to make clear that we are deadly serious about this. >> london's 31,000 police officers are unarmed of the less than 3,000 of them carry guns. questions remain over a u.s. cash payment to iran that took place as american prisoners were released. they call that payment ransom. the white house arranged for a plane carrying $400 million to be delivered to iran on or about the same dame the regimes ared
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americans as part of a prisoner swap. they say the payment was part of a $1 .7 billion settlement over lang standing claims used for an arm's deal that dates back to the '70s. john kerry added his voice to the course denying the u.s. paid iran in exchanges for the american prisoners. >> the united states of america does in the pay ransom. and does not negotiate ransoms are any country. we never have and we're not doing that how now. it's not our policy. >> members of congress are seeking answers to this under oath. jason wrote to secretary kerry saying all related documents to this transaction and the secretary appear before the pant for questioning. going for gold in rio. we'll introduce you to stanford water polo players from the bay
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area. >> in weather, a bit cooler across most of the bay area. lots of low clouds and fog pushing their way back to the bay. coming up, we'll let you know in the cooling trend continues in the weekend and break down the timing of a warming trend that shows up in the five-day forecast.
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the u.s. women's water polo team is getting ready to defend their title at the olympics. >> a good portion of the team comes from the bay area. joe talked to two of the players about going for gold again. >> reporter: the bay area was a top over for a couple of u.s.
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olympic teams last week. the men's basketball team took china apart on tuesday. one night later, the women's water polo team did the same to russia. it was appropriate that the u.s. russia match was played at stanford. five members of the u.s. team played for the cardinals. and a sixth went to high school in mellow park. two of those stanford players also went to bay area high schools and won oink gold four years ago in -- olympic gold four years ago in london. >> it's definitely a tough process. we're in the water five to six hours a day. we're lifting waits, you're sacrificing friends, family, whatever it may be to dedicate yourself to this team and this process. but how many people get to say that they represent the united states of america and how many get to call themselves an o litchian and on top -- olympian? >> it's not my dream, it's a collective dream.
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that's important to the fans and people at home don't get to feel. it's a selective dream. winning a gold medal is something you do for your tomb mates, your coach, something you do together. that's the most important part knowing you put it all on the line for the person next to you. >> reporter: the coach on the u.s. team is a local story. he went to school at mountainview and out standing player and coach at ucla was no evidence in 14 ncaa championships. he experienced olympic gold four years ago. he know what happened in london is no indicator of what happened this rio. >> every olympic games is their one and we're going to attack it like it's our first. we've gone by the mantra, you're only as good as your next game. getting the chance to be at the olympics to represent your country, feel the energy from the crowd and americans that are therech but them the millions that are watching at home. there's nothing like it.
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>> reporter: there may not technically be such a that i happening as gold defending -- such a thing as gold defending champion but that comes with a big target on your back. they play on tuesday against another highly favored team, spain. a major today across the area especially inland. we're talking about temperatures close to 11 degrees. and yesterday we had 90s, but today the fog is coming to the reck and bringing down the temperatures. you can see the overcast up to the shoreline to our north. here's the berry shoreline here towards southern california. pretty good on shore breeze. help transport the fog back into the bay. just a closer inspection with the overcast. it's been a factor all day long in the coastline over san francisco and patches heading back into the bay. oakland, we have overcast and i think we'll have cloud cover for
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the inland valleys first thing tomorrow morning as the marine layer starts to deepen. san francisco 58 degrees. san jose in the upper 60s. temperatures towards concord and fairfield, low 70s to report. forest headlines as we take a look at the camera, it looks like it's oakland. increasing low clouds for tonight. morning drizzle first thing tomorrow morning with a sun cloud mix. for the week, morning fog. i think it's going to be warmer on sunday, sunday will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. outside lands for tomorrow, day one, we'll be shivering at golden gate park. temperatures in the 50s, close to 60 dra degrees -- degrees. the marine layer we've been talking about the shallow layer. the dense fog hanging out near the span but the cloud deck has increased quite a bit. with that, that lead to the inland cooling for today.
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no major chances for tomorrow. 60s and 70s, warmest locations will be around 8 degrees. cooling is reinforced by that guy. saturday will be the coolest day of the weekend. temperatures inland, maybe 69 to 80. and we'll -- 79 to 80. we'll bump up the numbers on sunday and carry us into next week. here's the model shows a big push for clouds anding to in the morning. in the -- clouds and fog in the morning. we could have enough drizzle in the morning to trigger using the windshield wipers. and sun cloud mix in the afternoon hours. we'll call it partly cloudy around the bay and sunshine inland and temperatures tomorrow fairly pleasant towards concord, and brentwood. san francisco 61. bring the sweater or jacket if you're near the shoreline tomorrow. san jose mid-70s. here's a look ahead.
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your sfroirs and saturday will be the -- forecast sand is the cooler day. between now and then grab the sweeter especially for the morning hours it's pretty chilly with drizzle possible. it's a come book back story that you 49 -- come back story 49er fans like to hear. >> our sports director mark coming up next.
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mark is here with good news. >> finally. >> tough to combi. the best news about the victory, the new the bays contributed quite a bit -- guys contributed quite a bit. the third baseman made a couple of errors, he made a great play in the tenth inning that shut down the phillies. the guy everybody wanted to see, the start pitcher in the rotation matt moore looked good in his first start as a giant. getting a warm welcome. good luck as he finishes his warm-ups with six innings. struck out seven. gave up two runs.
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mike on the broadcast was saying he was getting squeezed by the home place umpire. he did walk six. that was the only thing wrong with the start. he didn't get a win. janets had to go to the tenth to get it done. bam, curled it inside the foul pole and it's a solo homer and the giants win 3-2. change the subject. the 49ers have lost so many big name players the last couple of years. they're going to make sure that know very roboman is -- bowman is sticking around. he came back from a knee injury. missed the entire 2014 season, torn acl and mcl and made a fan louse come back. all prostatus 49ers rewarding him with a 4-year extension, $44 million, $22 million
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guaranteed. he's the heart and soul of the defense. >> i was a third rounder. i've done things that people didn't expect for me to do and reached heights that no one thought i would ever reach and going through that injury and bouncing back and being able to lead the league and make all pro. all those things played in the factor keep trusting. i'm starting to feel like myself like i did in 2013. equal time for the radars traveling up to napa. one of the things you notice, an all around good vibe. mark davis the owner. wanting to say, we haven't lost a game yet. of course everybody was this is a good mood. the head coach starting the second season said he learned a lot from his job in jacksonville. thought about things membered improve on and one of the -- improve on. and one of the minor things, he pumps in music.
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he likes to create a good vibe. all together you can feel it. it's tangible and the guys are having fun. >> we just like to have fun. coming out here should be fun. it really should be. if you're not having fun out here, we're right elbow doing something the wrong way. that's where you see guys express themselves they're having fun and feel open enough to express themselves. one place we learn how to control that. if we can control it and have fun, it will be a lot of fun this year. >> the thing to make sure the fun perpetuates is winning and that will start soon enough. exhibition season two weeks away. we have a fight happening at the oracle this weekend as boxes returns to the bay area. andre ward, our hometown champ, at lake merritt today where he used to change. pumping up the fight. he'll be taking on 39-year-old alexander brand.
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i figure he's going to win that fight, but he says he won't take anything for granted leading up to the big november fight in vegas. >> i don't have a guaranteed contract. there is no guarantees. it's not hard. it's relatively easy for me to do it. over the years i cultivated a good system to stay in my bubble and my zone. it's worked. >> andre ward should win it. down what a tomato can is in boxing? >> i was going to say of course i do. but no, i don't. >> it's basically, i'll put it nicely. someone that andre ward will beat on saturday. they're going to make sure he wins saturday, trust me on that. >> seems like a nice guy, too. >> he's a class act. >> hopefullily people show up and support him. a great chance to see the champion locally and he'll be in vegas in the fall. >> that's the big fight in his
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career. fight for title and vegas is the place in november. but saturday night, one step at a time. >> probably cheaper tickets here than in vegas. thanks, mark. our coverage continues now over on ktvu plus. >> for a look at what they're working on let's toss it over to frank and christina. >> raymond show charged with 160 charges including murder. what made the judge double down on the punishment today and why the women closest to show is speaking out tonight. >> day two at the santa clara courthouse as workers continue to strike for wages.
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