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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and, that might last for about two minutes. there's also lots of drizzle. with that in mind, plan accordingly. we had it pretty good fog bank and that's making its way out to parts of the area. 30miles per hour, and that is continuing. media little bit warmer south, and east bay temps are 50. and south wind, west southwest, and and the system begins to move in. and that's to keep the theme going. these temps are well inland.
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i hope he has nothing to say. [laughter] >> they are problem free, and they are talking about the drizzle. and, there's some moisture on the drizzle is 30 second some spots. here we go to the north bay, this is the solano super commute. through vallejo, you will have a very nice-looking commute. you are problem free on that ride this morning. we will show you what you want encounter on highway four, and pittsburgh and antioch, it's getting busier and busier. but no slowdowns that we are seeing at that time. you can see that we are seeing more people making that commute across the span and certainly
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no slowdowns at you are seeing just yet. >> thanks, alex. is out on bail after being arrested at a youth camp were he's accused of playing strip poker with at least one minor last august. he got off of the flight from china. he faces charges including recording confidential communications and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. authority say he made a secret audio recording in which one of the players was 16 years old. still, the attorney questions the timing of the arrest. >> charges, as a surprise and the information they had is almost one -year-old. >> silva posted the $20,000
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bail yesterday and he is running for reelection in november. >> alameda county supervisors are set to vote this morning on the new medical provider for the jail system. it will be able to decide whether the california medical group will take over for horizon health. the county has already solicited bids from competitors, and yesterday the board rejected recordation's to scrap the bids and start over. if the new contract this approved, california medical group will take over on september first. state tuned because we will find out the results. >> the standoff with the robbery suspect ends peacefully 25 hours after it began. police say the 29 -year-old
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suspect punched a suspect and then took her cell phone. witnesses saw the man go into a nearby apartment and then called police. the suspect was arrested without incident. >> in oakland parent and local rapper are working together. they will record a video for a song called, no more tears. that's dedicated to children who have lost parents to gun violence. christopher ellis wants to reclaim the streets of oakland. if you are the parent of a teenage boy or girl now, you are waiting for the call. >> it is a call that no parent wants to receive. the call that no parent wants to receive, the call that their child is hurt or even dead. >> take me on a attorney of the last year for you.
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and that's usually when i see my sons friend. >> ellis says at least three of his son's friends were killed. two were his football teammates, josiah pratt and wilson who drowned over memorial day weekend. the third person, jeffers. the 16 -year-old was shot and killed. i just got bad. and i went downstairs and i wrote the song. >> the song no more tears is dedicated to families like ellis. you rose to fame in the 90's as a rapper and now the latest track is for parents who lost their children. ellis said he was writing a psa about gun violence when he
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sent him the song. >> i lost my nephew, and lost i lost my niece and my cousin always been a two-year span. even though their loved ones are no longer here, they need to have a voice and they need to be remembered. the parents and family members of those who have been killed. they stayed together, they want to give the community hope of ending gun violence, but they can't do it alone. >> us as parents, us as uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. i don't have to be in oakland anymore, i'm here to fight for my city. oh if i'm here to fight for my city and have already lost my son, then you need to help me. break. >> mr. ellis says he still awaiting the trial of the man accused of killing his son. heart of the proceeds for the song will go toward a scholarship fund in honor of
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devon. >> customers could be getting a break on their bills. the state public utilities commission and several other groups. the customers would only go up the $0.2 per month instead of the planned $4. and, that was in the wake of the deadly san bruno explosion. >> the time is 4:37 a.m. happening today, the outside land music festival get start. and you can feel the excitement starting to build in the outside land. the concert gets under the way
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at noon. the three-day concert series features ask that everyone will be familiar with. durand durand, radiohead, lionel richie and, crews yesterday were scrambling to put the finishing touches on that iconic mainstage. >> it's an homage to the bay area. >> it looks very cool. this year's festival is going cashless. concertgoers will get wristbands that they can pair with their credit card and they can use it to buy everything from food to beer. and over the course of the three-day festival, you can expect it will be of very packed festival this weekend. if you want to come out, driving is not necessarily the best option.
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>> good advice. we have put the link to the outside lands festival in our section of . several homeless people in san jose are being credited with the recent effort to pick up nearly 50,000 pounds of trash near there very own homeless camp. the area near coyote creek is occupied by at least 30 homeless individuals, and those that lived there admit that trash in the area has become a big problem. over the last year, group of homeless it individuals called the coyote creek homeless stream stewards. >> it gives me a sense of purpose. it gives me a sense of self- worth and self satisfaction. >> it has been so successful that the water district is
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trying housing in exchange for their work. >> and 20 minutes the toxins found in the water, it could be interest to children and pets. >> but first we are learning more about the american woman killed in a random stabbing in london. the trip she was getting ready to take with her husband just hours after the attack. >> plus, a very nice-looking ride around the bay area. i will take you to the east bay when we come back and tell you about that commute. >> it the good ten to 15 degrees for some and you can see what we have in store for the weekend.
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today the second of two memorial services will be taking place in honor of the
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day of fall in san diego police officer killed in the line of duty. yesterday hundreds of mourners paid respects to 43 -year-old jonathan deguzman at a san diego area church. he was shot last thursday when he and his partner stopped to question two men on the street. the alleged shooter is in custody. >> we are learning more about the american woman who was killed in a knife attack in london. she was identified as 63 -year-old darlene horton. the couple was just hours away from returning back to the us. the stabbing happened wednesday in a popular area of the square. police say they use a taser to restrain the suspect as he continued to step other people on the street. these been identified as a 19 -year-old norwegian citizen with somali descent.
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they don't believe the motive was terror related. >> that's when a motorcycle passes other vehicles by writing in between two occupied lanes. four years, lane splitting has existed as an illegal gray area. legislation would reduce traffic congestion and promotes safety. >> we have passed a law in the senate now and in the subway today which allows them to put out educational guidelines. to tell motorcyclists what is safe and to tell automobile drivers that lane splitting is legal and, please don't impede the lane splitter, that is dangerous. >> california is the only state that allows lanes splitting.
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>> we just had an accident of a motorcycle that was a deadly accident. and chp said that is what happened, lane's flooding. 4:45 a.m. is the time. let's go to alex. >> good morning to you guys. i'm happy to tell you that we are still problem free around the area thus far on this friday morning and, i will show you one little pocket of slowing that you will see here. you see some slowing beginning to build right there, westbound, on 580, right as you get beyond the past. i will show you the scene in the south bay and, this is a live look at 280 and san jose. traffic moving along quite nicely, no crashes of any kind in the south bay. finally here, want to give you a live look. more and more drivers beginning to make that ride in san
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francisco that we are not seeing any thing in the way of the backup. >> 4:46 a.m. is the time, something folks may encounter on their way to work. >> and it starts pretty early. it's on the coast and around the bay. some of that missed turns into drizzle and if you are headed to outside lands, take the jacket. auntie of low clouds and what brands awful probably come right back in. 52 near 60 degrees at best. we do have a pretty thick fog bank all the way out to travis. it is a good search for so early in the morning. low clouds and fog getting help on by serious systems and, 50's on the temps, 87 in tampa and it is 4 degrees warmer than
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yesterday. los altos hills, 56. we are warmer and 59 but everyone sprinkles. southwest, west, northwest and do west, probably the same out towards cordelia as well. that delta breeze made it out there and, 82 in las las vegas, 85 palm springs. the monsoon moisture is trying but it is going to get push off to the east. it is closed for tahoe, and, those will just kind of pinwheel in, and it will be pretty far inland. even cooler for those put in vacaville and clearlake, 50's and 60's across the coast. they've been freezing for couple of days. lots of drizzle and saturday and some rebound saturday and
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sunday. >> i like the cold. >> that's true. once you are in, it feels good. a big night in tri- met for eddie to barlow.
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san jose police have arrested suspect in connection with a car crash that killed two people earlier this year. officers arrested 33 -year-old craig allen. christopher durbin and, and it's been 15 years since josi canseco's major league story ended. >> we sat down with canseco to talk about his controversial past and return to the game. >> batting cleanup, designated hitter number 33, josi canseco.
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>> when you talk about being on the field, playing the game in a simple form, it's the best game in the world. >> he said joining this team is more than playing baseball. >> and, it interacting with something, and, 800 rounds here. it is gone. >> in 1980's, canseco made his mark on the field is one half of the bash brothers with mark mcgwire. he also one of championship. he wrote a book, and named names. in the city says cost him
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dearly. >> financially and emotionally, death threats. >> the game of baseball is the best game in the world. and, we can't do with me at all. my dream job would have been to manage in the majors. >> i'm the type of guy that refuses to grow old. refuse to grow old and given. and making adjustments. i still see myself as an entertainer.
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and he will be playing with the team for the rest of the month including competing in the home run early before saturday night's game. and he's scheduled to pitch for the diamonds on sunday. >> and they struck out seven batters while giving up from two. then in the tenth, span hit a solo home run to give the giants the leader right there in the bottom of the inning. out of here, and nuñez who made a costly error, the oakland athletics went extra also yesterday down in anaheim. the play good defense. coco crisp, awesome catch there to take away that would be home run in the fifth. then two innings later he had a double to give the athletics a lead over the angels.
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but, they put oakland ahead. the athletics with one more. >> eddie debacle low junior has a gold jacket with one of the two items synonymous with the pro football hall of fame. he was one of six hall of fame inductees to receive their jackets yesterday at a ceremony in canton, ohio. ronnie lott and steve young find the path and felt so real after receiving his jacket. >> it was the most amazing night of my life, other than obviously when i got area and had my children. i am totally humbled.
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i have come full circle in my life and i am just so proud. >> the other 2016 inductees of the late quarterbacks in people are along with brett favre and kevin greene, orlando pace, arvin harrison and tony benjy. >> the fast tracking safety improvement, following the deaths of two cyclists and crashes just hours apart. >> discoveries and it crews worked to maintain the silver on us fire. >> we will take you to the east bay when we come back. also tell you about the south bay commute as well.
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>> that is a big flood bank out there. when santa rosa says it, that the big push to sierra when any thunderstorm is close, we will take a look, coming up.
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francisco's mayor is speeding up traffic improvements in
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order to slow down drivers and to stop cyclists death. coming up, what you can expect in the next few months. >> and two babies in california with zika related birth defects could one point in the bay area. where the child's mother had recently traveled. mornings on two continued. i'm claudine long. >> did let's talk about weather. did you see missed on your windshield this morning? >> yes, there's plenty out there. outside land, we will probably see some there as well. low clouds have made it out almost to the sacramento valley. the sacramento executive has low clouds, and on the coast and city it will stay on the cool side with 50 or even 60
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degrees. but lots of reports of drizzle this far already. you can see some onshore push and is strong onshore flow for some that have come down. yesterday, gusts of 43 which dropped temperatures about 15 degrees for some. 80's and 60's on the temps, morgan hill to gilroy, santa cruz, santa clara, cupertino and campbell. also the southern sierra but it doesn't look like it will make it to tahoe or turkey. that fog is in charge. still fog, cooler and drizzle, and staying in the 50's, 60's and 70s mainly now for inland areas. 5:00 and still pretty quiet we hope. >> still quiet thief. thankfully. keeping an eye on all the bay area roadways. one of the spots we see traffic that tends to pick up around this time would be on the fight 80 westbound through the


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