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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are throwing everything we have at this devastating fire, and i am so sorry we are here again. >> another devastating fire in lake county, 3000 acres and four homes have burned and we will have the latest on the resources that are pouring in to the county of lower lake from all over the bay area as mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, august 15, and i am pam cook let's go to steven b can help with those dealing with this wildfire. -->> not as much as we would like, but there is a change for some, gilroy and morgan hill
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were cool down today and livermore running 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. every reporting station and the bay area says that it is cloudy except for one. and that would be conquered of course, but even livermore has low clouds, santa rosa and san jose. still some 90s, 3 to 4 degrees cooler, but not enough. the fog bank is not deep enough to help that far inland. i think it will jump up quick with humidity low, and the wind is key, all over the place. plenty of low clouds, and 28 to 32 wind gusts, and that is the strongest we've seen out of travis in a while. 51 in hillsborough, all pretty close in temperatures. we have a low cloud deck, and
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there will be another system dropping in that will go directly over us. the sierra has been very quiet, but we will keep an eye on this midweek. it should be 5 to 7 degrees cooler for some today. 6:02 am. we already have slow traffic and good morning. we have a big backup at the bay bridge, metering lights on at 5:30 am, and we take a look at the mcarthur may -- maccarthur maze, coming around the corner you can see the red lights as you come around the corner, and the backup will begin here with a 25 minute delay. also looking at the san mateo bridge, decent alternate trying to get out to the san mateo bridge, not that bad. i will put the map of this area up, and you can see the san mateo bridge looks good.
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getting down to palo alto in sunnyvale looking good. -- palo alto and sunnyvale looking good. breaking news, clayton fire burning and lake county, started saturday night at highway 29 and clayton creek road. only 5% contained, forcing 4000 people to evacuate. the pg&e says that 1800 customers are without power, and we have alex savidge in lake county this morning and we will check in in just a few minutes. 6:03 am. a triple shooting in oakland over the weekend, two men killed and another injured outside of the shooting at the birthday party. two people fired shots outside of the art gallery at 15 and harrison street. the argument started inside the art gallery spilling outside,
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and the website reports that one man killed was a 22-year- old terrence mack, a 2011 graduate of berkeley high school and so far no arrests have been made. the san francisco police commission will hold several meetings getting and input on recruiting a new police chief. five meetings have been scheduled and the quality and characteristics, they will ask what qualities they want in their police chief. this is at the alex pitcher jr. community room. coming up we will talk with the san francisco police commissioner joe marshall. we have posted a complete list of the five community meetings, the dates, times and locations on the channel 2 website, . to get more information go to our mornings on 2 section and click on the
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web link. the california gun-control laws signed last month by governor brown which include background checks for ammunition purchases and a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and one group circulating petitions in the gun stores and firing ranges across the state, wanting it to be of a november 18 ballot. the gun-control laws are set to take effect next year. it is back-to-school day in san francisco, and we know that the traffic safety is a top priority. were looking at video as the police department teams up with the chp, muni and san francisco health department to remind the drivers to slow down. lookout as children and families are walking near the schools. police officers will be stationed around several schools today and the rest of the week. twitter is negotiating live stream of 10 nfl games on apple
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tv. earlier twitter announced a deal with the nfl for rights to live stream the nfl games on thursday nights, and there is word that twitter is negotiating with apple to launch a twitter app on apple tv, letting the twitter users watch the games on the box, twitter set to air the first nfl thursday night game on september 15. a new development in the case of a woman that was impaled by metal after being in a crash and the man suspected of causing the accident. protesters in milwaukee back out on the streets after a police shooting of an african- american man, and we will bring your live report. looking at your east bay commute, filling in a little bit and highway 20 for still looking pretty good westbound toward oakland. a fog bank today in breezes, inland temperatures cooling off and we will see if
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we can help the firefighters.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. more rain is expected, many more flooding in southern louisiana. this comes after some areas have already received close to two 2 feet of rain in the last couple of days and four people that died with more than 10,000 people evacuating their homes.
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in the last 48 hours thousands have been rescued while other people are scrambling to get to safety as these rivers and creeks are bursting the banks. forecasters say that heavy rain is possible through tomorrow. the new york police questioning a suspect in the killing of the mosque leader and his assistant of the weekend. the 55-year-old and his assistant were walking home from the mosque in queens when a gunman shot them and the surveillance video shows the gunman getting away from the scene with a weapon in his hand. the suspect was detained after coming back to a car near the scene. the police of not determine the motive for the killing but they fear it could be a hate crime. in new york, the jfk airport was evacuated after reports of shots fired last night. the police rushed to the airport after reported gunfire in one terminal, and they evacuated the terminal's 1 and
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8 as a precaution grabbing several flights. they have not been any guns, ammunition, showcasing or evidence of gunfire. for the second straight night, violence on the streets of milwaukee after the deadly police shooting of a young african- american man. one person was shot and several policemen were injured during the protests.>> reporter: the wisconsin national guard has been activated. good morning. this intersection where we are right now has been the center of the protests we have seen for the last two nights, daylight bringing calm. this was at the intersection where we are, and they brought in an armored vehicle to get a young man safely to the hospital. this following this shooting saturday afternoon of a young black man. >> reporter: some protesters throwing objects at the police, and one person shot overnight. the round of chaos is unfolding
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after the will smith -- sylville smith killing sparking riots. the national guard was called in to do with the unrest.>> from a military standpoint, but they also have a law enforcement background. >> reporter: smith was killed while fleeing a traffic stop on saturday, shot by black officer while refusing to drop his gun. >> the individual was hit in the chest and arm. >> reporter: those that are demonstrating said that smith did not have to die. >> we are angry. the police are supposed to serve and protect us, and be here for us, but none of them could give us had apology. they looked at us like we were pigs or some dogs.>> reporter: one man blames himself for the killing of his son. >> i've been going back and forth in jail, and i am
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apologizing to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. >> reporter: this disruption happened saturday night, and we did not see anything to this level last night. you can see they left this place on fire and firefighters could not get in due to all of the gunshots, burned-out cars, and the roof of this gas station actually caved in. this is what is left on this monday morning. the police are doing everything they can not to have a repeat of saturday night. when we arrived at 1:30 am we saw dozens of officers here in the right gear, -- riot gear and marching down the streets trying to calm things down. 6:13 am. reminding the people that a lot of the kids are heading back to school this week.
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just remember to be careful because a lot of the kids will be watching, walking and riding their bikes. here's a look at the lafayette commute, looking at highway 24 from walnut creek through lafayette and the tunnel is not a bad commute. more more people are getting into the freeway system. at the bay bridge toll plaza it has filled in what they 15 to 20 minute delay before getting past the metering lights onto the bridge. looking at the peninsula, traffic okay driving through into a relatively uncrowded south bay. we will continue to keep an eye on your south bay commute but so far it looks good into the valley. 6:14 am. a pretty good fog bank, and santa rosa and san jose, livermore low clouds and up
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through concord and that is the best push on the fog we have seen in a while. the delta breezes waking up as well, and that commendation will help some inland. the coast and be will not -- bay will not change much, and cool up toward lake county, and that breeze is not helping. it does not look to be is hot but it will still be toasty. we need a bigger system them what we have. we have signs of a cooler pattern, 5 to 10 degrees cooler well inland as this system moves in to the north. wind gusts at 29, and at the altamont pass out of the west southwest. low 50s at san rafael, the bottle and napa in their. much cooler with fairfield down 10 degrees. overcast in san jose, upper 50s and after 10 and menlo park,
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and belmont at 55, san mateo and 54. the fog forming and a system moving in with another one coming in to drop in and taking a turn eventually ending in southern california. that could give the sierra thunderstorm activity on wednesday, nonexistent since early june. their signs of instability picking up over the mountains wednesday. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and near 100 in the valley. temperatures not as hotties yesterday, 70s and 80s, and concord, pittsburg, antioch and livermore coming down. san jose at 80 degrees, curare yesterday it 95 in today 90. -- gilroy yesterday at 95 in
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today 90. we check on the big fire burning and lake county.>> alex savidge is just arrived and four homes burned and were hoping no more. >> reporter: unfortunately, not good news. we have arrived in lower lake in the downtown area, and it is absolute devastation. the update we just received for the spokesperson for cal fire, saying that hundreds of homes, hundreds destroyed. good morning lieutenant. what are you seeing in terms of the damage in this area, how widespread?>> we do not have a clear picture get of the exact amount of the extended damage done by yesterday. this is day 3 of the fire, and we still have an active fire. it may not look as ferocious as
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yesterday afternoon, but the fire is all around us and beyond this community.>> reporter: it has swept through here, and like a firestorm.>> absolutely. after that we and picked up yesterday, he kept pushing the embers forward, and the firefighters would push and in turn around and the fire would be behind them. it was a losing battle for little while, but at the end of the day we have to give credit to the firefighters, at the end of the day looking much better.>> a number of businesses destroyed in downtown lower lake. >> reporter: the assessment is that hundreds of homes have been lost. we understand it is heading in the direction of clearlake and where is it now with mark what is being done -- where it is now? and what is being done?>> the
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mission this morning's containment. the wind is much less than it was yesterday afternoon. the firefighters are working on establishing a defensive line. this fire did brower through this county continue through the community of clearlake. thankfully the evacuation was not necessary last night and not the case this morning. having said that, yesterday we had a false sense of comfort that we were getting a handle on this fire.>> reporter: and that is when the winds picked up.>> yes, and we are savvy to that, and the wind took advantage of the situation yesterday, and sadly resulted in this devastation that we see this morning. >> reporter: any idea what sparked the fire? >> no. we have a team of investigators trying to determine the source and origin of the fire.>>
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reporter: thousands are still evacuated in various shelters, but that is the update we just got, unfortunate news for lower lake, and hundreds of homes likely lost in this fire and they will do a better assessment throughout the day.>> if you could ask him a while they are still there, what if anything can people do to help? do they need anything at the evacuation centers?>> reporter: sure. the new tenant, the question is what can the people watching due to help? i know you have a number of evacuation centers open and the you need resources for food or clothing?>> the community out here has stepped up. sadly they have seen this over the last couple of years. the support we get from them is incredible. that being said, later this morning we will have a better idea if there's anything we can ask from the community.
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right now we need the space and time, the ability to be here. the town is completely evacuated, and we have no immediate attention -- intention of allowing those to come back in. we will be able to size up what they are facing, and again, it is a little bit early, but as more information becomes available i will share that with you.>> reporter: lieutenant doug pittman speaking on behalf of cal fire and giving us an update on the clayton fire. this fire started saturday, calm for wild yesterday and exploded yesterday afternoon sweeping through the town of lower lake, and it did quite a bit of damage.>> it looks very calm but i know that the wind direction has been changing constantly, and do they have an update on that?>> reporter:
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right now the conditions are calm. as i look around you can see these little learning fires, nothing blowing in any direction right now. the big concern obviously is as we move through the daytime hours and the winds picking up. that is the concern and what their keeping an eye on.>> alex, thank you for the update, and unfortunately it is sad news. again, hundreds of homes destroyed, and i can imagine more are threatened, and they will let us know after they have information about how you can help, and what the people need. the community is pulling together and we will have continuing coverage of the clayton fire throughout the morning. you can call us and follow us all day for updates on facebook, twitter and
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:25 am. the crews will be checking the trees at the park where a woman was seriously injured while watching her two children in the washington square park. a tree limb weighing over 100 pounds snapped and fell on her. they rushed her to the hospital in critical condition.
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the city officials say that the drought does not appear to be a factor in the incident. the tree had been trimmed and friend for years ago. investigators are looking into whether the lambs -- we and may have caused the tree limbs to fall. accepting online registration for those operating in the area and the cost to register $3500, additional fees for background checks, and cultivators of the medical cannabis have to demonstrate they've been growing medical marijuana in santa cruz county since 2013. they can also show proof they have been farming another agricultural product in a commercial agricultural zone for the last three years. the missing boy found after deputies traced the cell phone. jules was found safe in his mother's car, and his mother
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krista jules arrested on suspicion of child abduction. she does not have primary custody of the child that went missing saturday at the home in dublin. lamar spear has been named a person of interest in the abduction. 6:27 am is the time. the wildfire that is doubled in size in lake county continuing to burn this morning, and sad updates, hundreds of homes burned. we will get the latest, including the weather conditions as they try to get a handle on that big fire. hundreds of court employees returning back to work in the south bank after a week and half strike, we will tell you about the deal that was reached and what is expected today. looking at a commute approaching the maccarthur maze, slow and you can see for yourself coming around the turn and heading into the bay bridge
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toll plaza. low clouds making it to concord in livermore, santa rosa and san jose and all to the west, cooler today.
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welcome back, 6:30 am. the top story is this clayton fire, burning out of control in lake county not far from last year's devastating fire that destroyed more than 1000 homes.>> the update just came in, and it is not good, a lot of homes had been hit. it is monday, august 15 and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and it is 6:30 am. we heard the update, calm but temperatures warming up.>>
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it will warm up quickly. >> does it appear more we and will be heading their way?>> they had a wind shift yesterday, but it is variable. you would not know there was a breeze at all right now, and it could be a little bit cooler which should help. it is still going to be in the 90s. there are signs of a cooler pattern with the breeze being the factor. i cannot give one direction because there is this low moving into the north, and this fog bank is very enhance, some positive signs. maybe a little bit higher humidity and it does look like it is going east-southeast ended picking up with the humidity staying low. the afternoon, when temperatures get back into the 90s, and closer to home cooling- off period santa rosa 82, livermore from 96 now 89, and palo alto down by five, and san
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jose as well. concord in buchanan getting the west southwest at 29, livermore has low clouds and sodas san jose and santa rosa. -- and so does san jose and santa rosa. some locations may get a few degrees cooler due to the fog, but inland are those cooling- off period not much change along the coast and be, upper 80s to lower 90s or some compared to yesterday. 6:32 am. we have some slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, and it is backing up to the maccarthur maze. we will take a look at the 20 to 25 minute delay, pretty slow. looking to make sure there's nothing new on the bridge reported on the westbound bay bridge. just a lot of people on the roads. you will see this as more people get back to school, and
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more people are on the roads. as we take a look at the view, interstate 880 is busy but moving past the oakland coliseum. southbound 680, we have word of a brush fire but the traffic is already slow from concord to pleasant hill. you will notice more people on the road, and more people hitting the roads earlier in the morning. 6:33 am. a big relief for those doing business in the south bay courthouses, the strike is over, and the court employees are heading back to work. we have been following this story, and let's talk about the deal that was reached.>> reporter: visit union is saying that the strike showed the value of the court employees. the strike had a huge impact on the operations at all of the courthouses in the south bay. the union consists of 300 court
6:34 am
clerks, mediators, researchers and janitors. they had been striking for eight days, a huge destruction, disruption of the work. they've been fighting to get a second your contact with the courts, and a deal was finally reached, but they reportedly will not receive back pay for the days they spent striking. there has been a go fund me page set up. on this same day the court employees are going back to work, $208 million courthouse is opening up in downtown san jose. the union had protested saying that if they had money to pay for the district -- construction, they could afford to give them pay. but they say that this was not related to the employee wages and was funded by the state. things should slowly return back to normal beginning today.
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they still expect a backlog of work, a bit of a delay but we will see how it goes once everything gets opened up this morning.>> that makes sense that people have to be patient as they get back to normal. 6:35 am. we go back to lake county where the firefighters are trying to get a handle on the fire, alex savidge is there and hundreds of homes may have burned in the fire. this started saturday night off of hwy 29 and clayton creek road. 3000 acres have burned, 5% contained, hundreds of homes have burned. more than 4000 people have evacuated. they are staying at shelters, and cal fire said that strong wind helped to fuel the fire yesterday and this morning the winds are calm. thousands of firefighters and six air tankers fighting it but
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the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we expect an update in about an hour. the st. helena hospital in clearlake has been evacuated, hospital patients removed to the sutter lakeside hospital in lakeport. the st. helena hospital will be closed until further notice. several schools and lake county are closed, including the lower lake high school, lower lake elementary, cannot diet education center, burns valley elementary, and east lake elementary. to get the latest on the clayton fire.>> we have the tire -- cal fire operations officer joining us. let's talk about the conditions, and what does it look like for the fire crews today?>> the conditions a much
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calmer than last night, and obviously yesterday evening. temperatures will be heating up quickly, and we will have a similar weather pattern as yesterday. the likelihood that it will continue to grow was still remaining high. we are bringing in firefighters from across the state to try to get our arms around this fire. what is making it difficult is not only the high temperature and the wind, but the fifth year of drought, the grass and brush, it is dry. the little bit of rain we received allow the grass to get higher, and that is diffuse that lift this explosive fire. we continue to battle conditions today, and obviously we are hoping that we are able to push back the fire away from the homes that it has continued to burn overnight. >> you mentioned the the drought conditions, and we know that we have had drought
6:38 am
conditions for five years with the dry vegetation. have there been controlled burns to try to prevent this from happening?>> absolutely. we had a nice window of opportunity this winter that we had not had, a little more rainfall. during that time we stretch the fire prevention work, building fire breaks in clearing the brush, making sure we have homeowners with good defensible space. we hired over 400 firefighters early in february to help with the effort. but we knew this year we would face another busy fire season, and we are still seeing significant fire risk even with the rain this winter. >> talk about the damage that has been cause, we are getting devastating information coming in.>> absolutely. the fire burned right into lower lake and doing major destruction. the team is on the ground working overnight to get a good teacher of the destruction that
6:39 am
has burned. -- a good picture of the destruction that has burned. once the fire burned over the morgan valley road and into the lower lake, that made it very difficult. we had two heads of this fire making it more difficult for a strategically to get ahead of it. then it began dropping and jumping street to street and subdivision to the subdivision. we brought in crews the night before to do structure protection but unfortunately the fire still did a lot of destruction. we will have a better idea later this morning how many homes were destroyed.>> our hearts go out to all of those waiting to get the news, and thank you for updating us on the clayton fire in lake county. we will continue to follow this throughout the morning. in the meantime, the clayton fire is burning a few miles to the west of where the valley fire
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started about a year ago, september 12, and within five and half hours it had burned more than 10,000 acres. the next day it reached more than 50,000 acres and burned through called, middletown, whispering pines and hidden valley lake. it spread to more than 76,000 acres, killing four people and destroyed almost 2000 buildings. according to cal fire, it was the third worst fire in the history of california based on the number of structures that burned. last week cal fire announced it was a bad wiring on a hot tub that caused that fire. a petaluma man is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving that caused one woman to be severely injured. the crash happened at about 10:30 am and the chp said that the car flipped over and slid into an iron pipe. part of that fence really
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pierced the front of the car on the passenger side and the woman sitting in the passenger seat was critically injured. the driver, allan ramirez, left the scene of the crash and was arrested several hours later. the time is 6:41 am. if you take public transportation, you have another way to get around the city for free. the monument bus shuttle service will be up and running, operating weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm with extended service on tuesday until 8 pm. the route includes stops at the concord bart station, concord senior center, medical center and the monument crisis center. we have more information on your channel 2 website, click on the web links under the mornings on 2 section. it is 6:41 am. reports on the attack on a
6:42 am
muni driver in san francisco coming up in 20 minutes, we will tell you what led up to it and how witness kept the suspect from getting away. good morning. looking at a commute were traffic is getting busier at the macarthur maze in the bay bridge toll plaza, mornings on 2 back after this.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:47 am. donald trump talking about security and hillary clinton looking for help from vice president joe biden. >> targeting states that could play a big role in the election. >> reporter: ohio and pennsylvania, the states that trump and clinton hitting respectively today. donald trump trying to tie hillary clinton to the obama administration. >> reporter: donald trump is set to hit the obama administration on foreign- policy, from the war on isis to immigration. the running mate suggesting there is plenty of time to get the campaign back on track. >> i would say to stay tuned, it is very early in the campaign. this monday you will see a vision for confronting radical islamic terrorism. last week you heard the bristling approach to the growing economy. >> reporter: but the problem for republicans, and can trump stay on message, especially against clinton running a carefully and well-funded
6:46 am
campaign. >> dump trump being distracted and all this does is help the secretary get elected. >> reporter: clinton campaigning with vice president joe biden in pennsylvania today. tonight the president will interrupt his martha's vineyard vacation to hold a fundraiser. but the clinton path is still having problems, and releasing notes to congress about the email scandal which could be damaging. there stair lingering -- there are still lingering questions about the clinton foundation and the state department while she was secretary of state.>> there is no law broken or any evidence of play, and this is a distraction for the trump campaign which is a dumpster fire at this point. >> reporter: that narrative coming from the clinton supporters and donald trump is blaming the media saying he would be ahead of clinton by 20 points if he was covered
6:47 am
honestly. in washington, fox news. new polls are showing hillary clinton gaining support from the younger people that strongly backed bernie sanders in the primaries. the usa today survey shows hillary clinton has 56% of the support from the voters compared to 20% for donald trump of those under the age of 35. a robbery happened about 9:30 pm saturday night at the trader joe's near the santa cruz avenue, and the store was already closed when the men got in in order the employees to the ground. the police say that the pair then demanded money and got away with an unknown amount of cash. the suspects are described as polynesian men wearing white facemask. your time is 6:47 am. let's check on the commute, kids going back to school.>> busier than last week, and a
6:48 am
lot of people are wondering when is it all going to start, it is not all starting in one week, every week it gets more crowded. some school >> that were not back last week, and more of a traffic jam from the toll plaza into the maze, a 30 minute delay. no major problems into the city. moving along in taking a look at the rest of the commute, san mateo and dumbarton commutes not too bad. on cost accounting that's cost accounting, -- contra costa county, traffic down the 20 miles an hour, and on 688 down to 13 miles an hour. it looks okay at the walnut creek interchange so far. 6:48 am. we will try to cover as many bases as we can, it is cooler for many today although if you are well inland and the lake county firefighters still
6:49 am
dealing with warm temperatures. but in concord, antioch and brentwood, livermore, gilroy, looking cooler today. a pronounced fog bank is pushing inland, and it looks like by wednesday thunderstorm activity could be developing over the sierra. the sierra has had a quiet summer thunderstorm wise. too many fires and too much smoke, and no spare of the air, the quality is good right now. and where up and lake county with the smoky 59 degrees at the hidden valley lake from the clayton fire, and i can imagine that will stay that way, 64 in common humidity at 70%. the key today's going to be the breeze. i've seen the projections all over the place but a high today of 95 degrees, down just a few degrees from yesterday. the forecast for the clear lake area, and in the wind, going on
6:50 am
shore and that now sure, 90s in the mix again. the wind looks to be east- southeast and then to the south. we have low clouds and fog out to santa rosa, concord, livermore and san jose. the averages 68-55 and it is 63- 53 for san francisco. the temperatures are having a hard time getting above average. much stronger delta breeze to my we had over the weekend translating into cooler temperatures, some areas down 10 degrees. north bay temperatures are still in the low 50s for some. we have seen a few low 50s in a few upper 40s. 41 in truckee, 62 in reno, south lake tahoe at 45, and mid 80s in the mix on the high temperatures. we could have increasing clouds with this system that will be
6:51 am
pushing away. this next one coming in might fire up thunderstorm activity by the middle of the week. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, down from yesterday for most of the inland locations, but 5:-- 5 to 10 degrees cooler for some. some stuck in the 60s and 50s along the coast, peninsula mainly in the 70s. 79 in redwood city. have you been to redwood city lately? the downtown theater district is awesome.>> i had a friend that went and said there were some great shops and restaurants.>> they had outside music, and my friend was playing at club fox, a nice time. i thought that redwood city had grown up.>> the entire area.>> it was a lot of condos. it
6:52 am
is 6:51 am for the time right now, and we have a scary story for our olympic gold swimmer ryan lochte was robbed, and up next, what the thieves took but it will not stop him from been competing -- from competing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:54 am. an agreement has been
6:55 am
raised -- reach to create a center for the african-american students at uc berkeley. it will be named after the 50s and 60s black voting right activist fannie lou hammer -- and the center will address the social cultural academic and political needs of the use the berkeley black community -- uc berkeley black community. ryan lochte said that he and three teammates were robbed yesterday morning by gunmen that were posing as police officers. the olympic officials say that ryan lochte and the others were in a taxi coming back from a party and they were stopped and robbed by me and they were flashing police badges. the robbers ordered them on the ground and ryan lochte refused and the robber pointed a gun to
6:56 am
his head, and the thieves stole their wallets and left. ryan lochte won the gold-medal and in a statement issued late last night he thanked the fans for their concerns and says he is ready to, home and start mapping out his plan for the 2020 olympics. 6:56 am. the giants open to bounce back after losing to the orioles, 8-7. johnny cueto started the game and pitching well, and then hitting this solo homer in the fourth and the giants added four runs into the feat for a 7-1 to lead to the game, but then they blew the lead by giving up seven runs. and the big three-run homer to jonathan shook in the ninth, -- jonathan shook it up in the
6:57 am
night. and ryan vogelsong has recovered from a horrifying injury, and he signed as a free agent with the pirates in the off-season. the oakland a's will play tonight in texas against the rangers, and coming off of the laws yesterday to seattle. davis gets the two run homer in the sixth, but not enough in seattle wins, 8-4. heading back to the bay area for the concert to benefit the children's hospital in oakland and san francisco. >> [ music playing ]. tickets will start at $1000. it is a benefit that includes a cocktail reception and an after party with the mc hammer and a million-dollar no dacian -- a
6:58 am
million-dollar donation will get you 50 tickets. $1000 per ticket. we now know that more than 100 homes of been destroyed and a big wildfire and lake county and up next we have a live report on the efforts to keep the flames from causing more devastation.
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you try to say something and turn around and it's burning. >> more than 100 homes have been destroyed in that fast- moving wildfire in lake county. we will have a live look at the damage. alex savidge is up there. we will talk about trying to keep this fire from causing more devastation. it's all here on "mornings on 2". good morning. such a tough kay to start the -- such a tough way to start the day. this morning, new information on that big fire in lake county. it's forced thousands of people out of their homes. >> in the past 30


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