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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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evening from cal fire. more than 175 homes and commercial buildings have burned and 1500 others are still threatened at this hour. >> we want to show you exactly where this fire is burning it started off of highway 29 and clayton creek road. that's on the southeast side of the lake and just a few miles away from where the devastating valley fire burned last year. >> we have live team coverage. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions firefighters are facing. lee mart matt spoke with people waiting to hear if their homes are still standing. we begin with tom vacar who has the latest on the fire fight. >>reporter: julie i want to show you something. one of the reasons people aren't allowed to come back there's so much security is right over here. this was a double wide and it was destroyed. but if you take a look at this box right down here that is their personal safe. while there may be damaged to the things inside the last thing police want and here are people to coming for those kinds of treasures. this is a work in progress to
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say the least. this fire could still flare-up and come back on this very same location and here's why. though a hundred homes and businesses have been lost here in lower lake, the fast moving fire did not burn everything. a lot is still staning and therein lies the problem for cal fire and emergency services. the risk here is that even though the fire may not be burning directly in lower lake it's those embers that are raining down sometimes half a mile to a mill. the fire gutted most of this maybe. but missed a lot of things including this lucky horse this even luckier turkey whose coop was not insincerityed. plastic riding toy swing set swimming pool left untouched yet a few feet away an electric power pole was 90% burned through and still burning. finally it too gave way. for those lucky enough to have a home to come back to it really won't be home until all the utilities and other services are fixed. that's going to take quite a
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while. >> so there's still a lot of risk not only to lower lake but parts of clear lake as well. that's why those evacuations still remain in effect. >>reporter: pacific gas and electric crews are already starting to replace hundreds of power poles transformers, switches and control boxes destroyed yesterday. cable crews are on scene rebuilding cable tv, phone and internet connections. but all of this takes time that anxious homeowners would rather not spend in shelters, tents or friends homes. all the while as cal fire fights this fire it has many others on its plate. >> . >> there fire as large as it's gotten as destructive is only one of 8 large fires that we're watering. we have nearly 9,000 firefighters from across the state local city county fire departments all helping out with those fires and we're just here in mid august. >>reporter: now expect more heat in the next 8 weeks more winds in the next 8 weeks, more dryness in what is usually the
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traditional fire months of september and october and here we are just in mid august. it's a major league problem. reporting live tom vacar ktvu. >> it's amazing some people only had 5 to 10 minutes to really pack up and get out. did you talk to people that had that same story? >>reporter: i talked to a couple of people that just when we first got up here that said that they had very little time to get out. but when we got here of course most of the evacuations were done. so the people we were talking to had some official capacity as well. i'm sure lee has a better handle on that. but the reality is these fires spread so quickly especially when the winds get going, i remember being 2 valleys over a year ago in the sonoma valley when the fire that became the valley fire happened. i was wondering gee if the winds are this bad here i hope a fire doesn't start somewhere and sure enough that night the valley fire started. it can come up on you there's
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no time to do anything but get out. >> tom vacar reporting for us tonight in lake county. tom thanks. now to ktvu lee mart matt she's also in lower lake and lee a lot of people waiting to hear if their homes are still standing. >>reporter: a lot of them are waiting at a gas station across from downtown. this has become their home base. these are folks that are trying to find any information out about their property. this is about as close as they can get to the evacuation zone. some some people don't know what to expect they are waiting for word. we did talk to the marin county sheriff's office running incident command. they say they want to do law enforcement skorts for some of these people to check on their homes it's on their radar to to do this. but at this time they do not have plans to do those skorts at the currents time. in the meantime people wait some know that their homes have been lost some know that their homes are okay. and others just have no idea.
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they grab their loved ones and their pets. when grasses caught fire and it was too much important them once it hit the trees it was too much for their garden hoses to handle. mike knows his house survived the flames but he fierce he could lose everything to looters that's why he chose to stay close at this gas station to get updates from fire crews. >> we have several other neighbors that want to get back for that very reason. they own their own business and we have a lot of our possessions in there. >> because i mean your house might have survived but could still lose everything. >> absolutely. >>reporter: now looting has been a big problem in past fires homeowners want to be able to get back into their homes before thieves get the chance. now, at this hour we are told that mutual aid law enforcement agencies are coming to town specifically to help out to look for looters to stop looting from happening. we're told there's different
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law enforcements from all over coming here and that is their task. they are in charge of doing patrols around some of these homes that niece neighborhoods have survived but is there any evacuations seasons. they are going to be doing patrols specifically to look out for looters. >> lee why is that gas station, i know you said it's an area where they are gathering why is the gas station closed down? why is there police tape around the gas pumps? >>reporter: because it's still a fire situation still kind of in the evacuation zone. that is why there is yellow tape up around pg&e had shut down all the electricity in this area. so there's no electricity in this store there's no running bathroom. however this is about as close as they can get to that evacuation zen. so if they do get the opportunity to do an escort to get back in once they get word a friend on the force comes back out and saw their property they are waiting for any word. they are waiting for those updates and so but because there's no bathroom there's no
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food a lot of people are just taking off grab a meal and then come back. we're seeing different folks come and go at different times this is kind of the hub for some evacuees right now. >> lee martinez in lake county tonight. thank you. this fire is burning in an area that's been hit hard by fires in the past year. the small red area is where the clayton fire is burning right now. it's burning between 3 large fires that broke out there last year. a large green area on the map is the perimeter of the rocky fire started in late june last year. the rocky fire burned nearly 70,000 acres and destroyed 43 homes. a month later it percentage with the jerusalem fire marked by that purple shaded area. the cause of the rocky fire was determined to be a faulty gas powered water heater. then just weeks later the valley fire broke out which is the pink area on the map. last week we learned a faulty wiring on a hot tub sparked that fire. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. he's been tracking the conditions. it's so interesting bill when you see the pictures from our
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helicopter it's very difficult to see the flames. >> right. we were talking about that earlier frank. obviously 4,000-acre fire even though the big flames are out we got a live chopper shot right now sky fox is up now. they are actively, you don't see flames. there's a little bit of flame but they are actively making air drops just lost them there. because basically i mean it's going to take a long time. that's a lot of burning embers a lot of smoldering embers the winds comes up tonight which it will you could blow an 'em we are up and think it's going again it's going to be hot guenin land tomorrow. let's take a look at the fire zone we'll go over the forecast for the fire zone. in the zone today the temperatures were in the mid- 90s. winds are relatively light. look at the forecast as we head into tomorrow. we're talking about 8-mile an hour winds, 8-mile an hour winds down by lower lake. that fire zone is going to be hot. it's going to be dry. you're not going to see the wind. yesterday park was in here he was telling but the wished that's the difference between
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yesterday the blow-up of the fire and today at least seemingly having more control over the fire a lot less wind. it's going to stay hot. >> it's going to stay dry when i come back we'll tunnel about the along reign forecast we're not going to see red flag warnings the firefighters despite the language of wind will still have their work cut out for them fuel moisture and humidity temperatures still not that helpful. >> all right bill thank you. wants to let you know right now a community meeting is underway at kelseyville high school to update those impacted by the clayton fire. that meeting started at 6:00 tonight. a second community meeting will happen a little over from an hour from now at where 30 this evening at the twin pine casino in middletown. the fire is also forcing school closures unified school district is canceling all classes for the week. they are monitoring the fire situation and safety remains a top priority. stay with ktvu with continuing coverage on this developing story we'll have updates
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throughout the newscast. we're also posting the latest on facebook twitter and ktvu mobile app. still to come here cracking down on bike thefts in san francisco. the operating today by police to help curb what many are calling a growing problem. it's a pretty lucrative business to steal high end bicycles and take apart those bicycles. >> san francisco is in the midst of choosing a new police chief and they want the community to weigh in. coming up we'll tell you about the meeting that is happening tonight and how they are also allowing residents to weigh in from home.
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. in san francisco police and community members are coming together tonight to begin discussing an important change at the top of the police force. happening now ktvu jana katsuyama live in the city where community meetings is about to get under way. >>reporter: julie we're at 1800 oak dale where the meeting is just starting it runs from 6:00 until 8:00. this is an opportunity for the police commission members of the commission to go out into the community and try and get direct feedback from the public as to what they want to see in the next police chief. they did do this before in 2011 when george gas conwas chosen this year they are doing something new they are using surveys. take a look. we understand they have translated the surveys into five different languages for people to fill out. they will also have them in addition to the meetings online so that people can still fill
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it out even if they are unable to attend any of these public meetings. we do understand a few minutes ago i did hear that the acting chief tony chaplain long, long time veteran of the san francisco police department says he is interested in the job. he has not yet filled out an application yet. there is still time. the deadline is august 31st, and i found out that there are at least 16 people now who have filed mixes. and they are going to be looking. san francisco police have been struggling with communities concerns particularly including the use-of-force problems that prompted the last chief to resign from his post. the community is hoping that they will get a chance to voice their opinion the commission hopes there will be open and honest discussions. they are partnering with communities group mo magic to facilitate this and hopefully impact the selection process. >> it's actual getting them
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out here to actually attend these meetings. but 9 types out of 10 they are thinking near not going to be heard or if they do come out they think they will be yelling at police officers at that time not the whole point. >> these are informal meetings. there will be less than a quorum here. so the dialogue is more free flowing. they will be able to speak freely with either 2 or 3 commissioners. >>reporter: back here live again this meeting lasts from 6:00 until 8:00. we will have a full report at 10:00 about what goes on inside these walls. but again very critical in the whole process of trying to select san francisco's new chief. they said these will be informal so you don't have to have a time limit it's just one- on-one with the commissioners to tell them what the public wants. >> this is just the first in a series of meetings. did they have a good turn out for this meeting tonight? >>reporter: julie it's hard to tell. we were in there talking with them earlier and certainly from the back entrance we haven't seen that many people but they
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are hoping having it later in the evening will draw in more people after work. so we're expecting much bigger attendance as things go into the evening. >> and serge what they are planning to do is have tees in different parts of the city. so that people will have access and be able to attend. >> all right thanks jana. >> the fbi announced the raze of dreaded bandit. it comes from the dreadlock wig he wore for disguise. he was arrested in the tenderloin. reports also arrested a second man believed to be an accomplice inside a getaway car. the cost of running the university of california is coming under scrutiny. today ktvu rob roth spoke with a state lawmaker who has led the push to have a special
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auditor take a look at uc's books. >>reporter: state lawmakers want to know if the budget for the university of california central office this downtown oakland is money being spent wisely an if not perhaps some of it could go directly to uc campuses including here at berkeley. cal students had no shortage of ideas on where such money could go. >> maybe like something that benefit students trying to get housing it's next to impossible to find housing. >> some of the classrooms could use a little bit of an upgrade white boards and bigger desks. >>reporter: records slow the budget for the uc office of the president has nearly donald in the past 8 years from $355 million in 2007 to almost $700 million last year. that's why san francisco assembly plan helped get stay lawmakers to degree to conduct financial audit on uc president janet napolitano administrative one. we asked the question where is our money going. >>reporter: he wants to know
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if the office is running efficiently. >> it's going to help educates us to figure out what their budgets should be what their resource allocation somebody. >>reporter: uc spokeswomanner a statement saying the university will cooperate with any legislative request. she also said the budget increase is due in part to getting a new online course initiative off the ground think a new payroll system and 3% employee raises. he's also concerned about uc accepting more higher paying out of state students as a way to headache money. >> if we could move a hundred million from office of president into actual students that could help get more california students into uc. >>reporter: the audit is expected to take 9 months after that it will be up to state lawmakers to decide whether or not to withheld hone to the uc system. rob roth asked ktvu fox 2 news. >> developing news in lake county where the governor declared a state of emergency this afternoon over the so-
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called clayton fire. we're looking at live pictures right now from sky fox. cal fire says at least 175 structures have been destroyed in and around the town of lower lake on the southeast side of clear lake. the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres since it started saturday, but tonight as you can see it's hard right now to see any flames in this picture and cal fire is telling us crews appear to be making a lot of progress. we're expecting updated number on containment in just a few hours. meantime firefighters in the south bay jumped on a brushfire late this morning. it happened at about 11:30 inside hell year county park in san jose. officials say the fire burned dry brush and vegetation near coyote rove snow driver and a damage yo way it took crews an hour to put out the fire no victim thursday were damaged. we're tracking the weather around here. there's a weak low pressure center up here and that keeps temperatures in our area not in the critical fire zone we're going to see inland numbers
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tomorrow in the mid-90s. we'll see bay temperatures upper 70s low 80s at the coast we'll be in the low 60s. right now you got fog in san francisco, you got fog if south san francisco fog in hunters point area. the temperatures currently 86 in concord, 86 livermore it's about right. temperatures tomorrow very similar perhaps a little bit warmer in some inland valleys. the winds are blowing out of the south napa and santa rosa in the fire zone they are blog up to 13 miles an hour as well, an those winds will pick up a little tonight not as windy as was yesterday. fog off shore it's slightly preferred. tomorrow in san francisco starts off cloudy because see all the fog stops halfway across the bay. fog tomorrow morning will get into skyline boulevard definitely get into alameda and san pablo and those areas. but should burn off pretty quickly. just like today 64 in san francisco lunch time and daytime 67 a tame high in san francisco. inland valleys tomorrow mid-90s see you back here in just a bit
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with the long-range. the long-range. . still to come here entire community underwater. >> i'm heartbroken. pie home isn't where i grew up. >> it's really bad in louisiana as the state trying to recover from devastating flooding. >> also ahead the giants are welcoming an old friend back to at&t park when the pirates come to town. jason apple ball. >> one of the hotels hit by hackers what we're learning about who's at risk. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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. a dozen people were kidnapped from an upscale restaurant in puerto vallarta. mexican law enforcement suggest both the victims and the kidnappers are members of rival gangs authorities say it happened around 1:00 this morning in the la leche restaurant on the city's main boulevard. a prosecutor said some of those taken hostage had been on vacation there. a hotel in san francisco is one of 20 mit hit by hackers hotel operator hei hotel as resorts say hackers placed malware on the computer systems and started collecting data. errenaissance san diego down
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hotel san diego mariot la jolla. the company says the breach has been contained and customers can safely use their credit cards. president obama today declared a major disaster in louisiana as the death toll grew to 6 after several days of flooding. almost 2 feet of rain fell onson louisiana over the weekend forcing 10,000 people from their homes in one case a woman was pulled from her car just seconds before it sank and authorities say the worst may not be over. the louisiana's governor is warning people not to take any chances. > crews made at least 20,000 rescues over the weekend using boats helicopters and high water vehicles. in some areas the waters have started to recede but they are still well above flood stage
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and unfortunately even more rain is in the forecast. >> we are continuing to follow developing news tonight as crews continues to fire fight in lake county. coming up next an update on the clayton fire as we get a closer look at the devastation. >> plus increasing tension in milwaukee over another police shooting that killed a black man. what will happen in milwaukee j just a couple of hours from. more controversial comments from donald trump the screening test muslims should go through before entering the u.s.
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s. today's top story. the governor has declared a state of emergency freeing up more rear resources to fight a wild tire in lake county. at least 175 strung thursday chug homes and commercial businesses have burned. town of lower lake has been hit hard. three evacuation centers are set up for families forced from their homes. the fire has burned 4,000 acres and it's just five percent contained. but cal fire says we should be getting some improved containment numbers coming later tonight. >> today we spoke with one homeowner who has just learned that his beloved horse survived the fire even though his house was destroyed. he stayed as long as he could
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until flames came right up to his neighborhood. the problem is he couldn't get his 18-year-old horse dakota to come with him. said he had no choice but to kick out the fence and leave her behind. but this morning he says he found out on facebook that dakota is still alive. >> the house and the brand new garage burned to the ground and she was just right off from it and pretty cheer where she was. he lived. and we're hoping to get her back now. >> gyp was told that the horse wasn't hurt. he says he'll have to wait until deputies say it's okay to go back in before he can actually check on her. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> for the past 48 hours firefighters have been scrambling to limit the damage from that wildfire in lake county. from the air our helicopter spotted the charred remains of dozens of buildings. >> the view is just as devastating on the ground. ktvu alec savage got a firsthand look. tells us habitat for humanity


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