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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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they didn't have the money and they grew frustrated trying to get federal aid. eventually habitat for humanity stepped in to do the work for free. >> the fact that we did get help from habitat and the community, it's a blessing. >> with their fireplace finally fixed, they're now looking forward to the holidays. >> putting stockings on the mantle and have the home be heated by the wood burning fire. >> still today, there's more than 700 buildings in napa that have some sort of quake damage. downtown is the first presbyterian church where they sheetiered stained class
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windows and rocked buildings. the congregation returned to the sanctuary after having to hold services in the gym for nearly two years square foot not really about the space but the people and how we as a congregation have really over the two years come together to think about what's really important as we were chip. >> restoring this sanctuary took a lot of time and a lot of money. to pair for those repairs, the church relied on the generosity of this congregation raising $1.5 million. they say it was a true blessing from the community. and the final step in fixing this house of worship, straightening the leaning weather vain on top of the steeple, what's been an unmistakable reminder of the disaster. >> it symbolizing we're all a work in progress and have straightening out to do. >> alex savage, ktvu fox 2
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news. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox was in the bay area today where he got a look at the new barge station. the new barge extension to san jose. the new warm string station in fremont is just about complete and set to open this fall. the 10-mile extension to north san jose is expected to go into invest late next year. the secretary toured the construction underway that should eventually bring barges to downtown san jose and santa clara. he was joined by local politicians including south bay congressional representative. >> the challenge is for you as a community, the travel times will keep going up and up and up. some point in the future unless we seize the future. >> another reason for today's
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tour was a sales tax measure in november. measure b would raise $1.5 million to put barge in the silicon valley. now to oakland. we're learning the as are considering a new move to a water front property in jaquline square. they plan to tour howard terminal. can, tvu's -- ktvu's tom baker reports they're confident they'll stay in oakland. >> the as confirm howard terminal in the square is under consideration. these drawings from the architectural firm show the frames framing a water side venue. >> numerous expressions of interest in the howard terminal. right now used for maritime related purposes such as drain
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age truck parking. and the port will listen to any appropriate use that makes financial sense and sounds good for the community and core operations. >> there's reports that the site will be examed tomorrow by no less than a's co-owner john fisher and mayor half. >> this is not the only one they're looking at but have gotten very serious and only looking in oakland. we'll keep our as in oakland. >> large enough, the howard terminal has pluses and minuses. minuses, no barge station or freeway access. pluses include direct ferry access on a dock that can handle multiple ferries at the same time plus the biggest plus, rabid fans. >> it would be a great idea for the community and team overall. drawing a new fan base and keep the old fan base as well. >> they need a new stadium and to keep them from moving, build
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a new stadium. >> i think they need a new park because there's not enough people coming to the gaming right now. put something nice on the water like the giants. >> the thought of having a stadium in oakland, that's a good thing to me. >> what about those nigh muss. >> we -- minuses. >> we just went to chicago and there wasn't a freeway or station, and people got there. >> even there there's been proposal after proposal after proposal either here in the bay area or somewhere else, they do at some point in time have an end game and does seem we're getting very close to that. tom, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here, armed and dangerous. the nationwide man hunt for a couple accused of kidnapping three children. also the latest on a deadly attack on a college campus in afghanistan. u.s. officials say it's an attack on the future of that nation. new information about a american soldier killed in
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new information tonight about an attack at the american university in afghanistan that left several dead and 18 wounded. a number of gunmen forced their way onto the campus after detonating a car bomb on campus. police and special forleses taught with at attackers. at least two of the attackers
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killed. the u.s. state department is calling the attack on the university an attack on the future of afghanistan. you'll recall this attack comes just weeks after two professors kidnapped at gunpoint on the way to the university. at this point, their fate is still unknown. a green burray from orange county. matthew thomson was killed yesterday. he was on his first deployment to afghanistan but previously served in iraq. almost 10,000 troops remain in afghanistan supporting the government's fight against the taliban. his death is the second u.s. casualty in afghanistan this year. three children kidnapped found safe today after a nationwide man hunt but the couple suspected of taking them on the loose. the children found at a motel
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in albuquerque this afternoon. 27 year-old brittany and 28 year-old joshua apparently left them in the care of a good samaritan then left. her body was found on a remote road near gorman in southern california more than a week ago. the two suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. a vacation gone wrong for bay area teen. >> i remember waking up in the hospital seeing my mom and my family. >> her near death experience after she was bitten by a very poisonous snake. it warmed up in many areas even though it maybe didn't feel like it. it'll cool off by the end of the week, how cool coming up.
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a teenager from the north bay almost died while vacationing in central america three monte morrises ago. she was bit by one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. >> within seconds she was unconscious. it's been a long road back for her and how she's doing now. >> stroke by stroke, 15 year- old audrey is working her way back to her high school water polo team but to the way she used to be. she's come this far is something of a miracle. here's why. >> i got bit on this ankle. >> bit by a snake in belize but not just any, this snake, a fur
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delance. the most poisonous. it struck audrey while walking on a sidewalk in june. within seconds, she was unconscious and having seizures. her family rushed her to a belize medical clinic. >> i was convinced this is where she was gonna die. i could not at that moment imagine anyone being able to survive what she was -- what was happening to her. >> i just remember waking up at the hospital, seeing my mom and family. >> audrey was flown by air ambulance to florida and also suffered a stroke perhaps triggered by antivenom. recovery steady but incomplete. >> there's thousands of tasks we do in a day and she's essentially having to relearn every one of them. >> she's not ready to attend school where she was acandidate to be class victorian but ready
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for water polo. >> i'm competitive so it's just makes me feel good in the water and doing swimming helps a bit of that too. >> for her mother watching audrey regain ability is a joy but with uncertainty. >> the future has a little bit of fear mixed in with that hope so it's a very complex, emotional situation to be in. >> through it all, audrey's family has received support, often from people they don't even know. >> there's a lot of angels in the world, and they come in a lot of different -- a lot of surprising places. >> in american canyon, rob, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so glad to see her doing well after all of that. >> can you imagine being bit and the next second seeing your daughter unconscious and having convulsions? >> especially little tiny snake that's so poisonous. >> all right, talk act our weather. bring in our chief
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meteorologist bill martin. you do a lot of mountain biking. you see a lot of snakes? >> occasionally see rattlesnakes but really have to try to step on one. it's weird. >> those type of things just in central america or do we know? >> i've never heard of that snake anywhere north the tropic of cancer. they're southern -- or low latitude snakes. the best thing to do is you don't want to run if you get bit by a snake or anything anything. if you're in a cold river, get in it to slow down the circulation a bit. hope that doesn't happen. you got to work really hard to get stung by a rattlesnake. they're usually right out where you can see them. forecast for the next couple days, fog everywhere. lot of fog tomorrow morning. that's how it's been all week and going to continue. the winds are blowing briskly on shore. the good news firefighter officials in the bay area and northern california, it's not a
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break because it's august and it's fire season but this is pretty amazing for us right now to have this kind of weather at a time -- there's that fog too. that's a live camera shot. the fog builds in. isn't that interesting? but this fog is part of the reason we're seeing a higher fuel moistures. this time of year we're on pins and needles. it would be lined up with 90s and low 100s. that's not how it's going. today was a nice day, little milder than the day before. as we head toward the weekend, this low kicks in to further cool things off. when that comes back this way, still be a bit of fog near the coast but just gonna be a mild day around the bay area this entire weekend so just gonna be cooler. the one thing you'll notice, i should have stopped on that.
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that's the opportunity for that smoke to come up from the fire. talking about toward the end of the week and early weekend, see the smoke moving into the concord area, livermore area, san jose valley area. be ready for that. forecast highs tomorrow, about the way they were today. 88 in brandt wood. i went high on those two. maybe 87. below 90 needless to stay. livermore 86. the forecast highs. it's funny because snakes are my biggest -- i'm scared of snakes. try not to be and i used to work with this guy that used to pick up rattlesnakes and said that's a female and he was good at it. he put a thing back here but i can't -- they scare the heck out of me. they really do. >> i'm with you on that. bill, thanks. coming up, colin caper
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nick is helping and ready -- kaepernick is healthy and ready to get in the lineup for his game this weekend. >> mark is up next with all the sports.
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mark with sports. how about the oakland as? haven't been able to say that in a while. i've been waiting and waiting. not to mention the giants are playing them tonight. the giants, just, wow, folding it up. two games out so technically still very much in it but lost 7-9 and let's talk act the as. change the subject. they take care of their work very early in oakland today against a real good ball club, the indians, second inning they get going as ryan heely, rbi single crash davis, they call him crush davis these days, had triple in one inning. max, another youngster they want to take a look at 5 for his last 38. got himself an rbi single and alonzo scoring. two outs, two ons. danny valencia.
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trevor was not a happy camper in the dugout. kendall, six and two-thirds for the victory. san francisco 49ers will be in action at levi stadium, green bay packers friday. everybody seems interested in talking act their quarterback situation. what was gonna happen, what would transpire under chip kelly. two games into the preseason, we don't know a whole lot more than we did when the whole thing started. joe fonzi has the story. >> when training camp opened, the quarterback position was characterized as a straight up battle between blaine and colin. then the exhibition season began and kaepernick was held out of the first two games with a sore shoulder. gabber was taken the majority of the snaps with the number
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one offense. kaepernick is still healthy and feels he has a fair shot to be the starter. >> most definitely. i'll go out and show everything i got the next two games to show this organization, this team, this coaching staff what i'm capable of. >> that goes bit against conventional wisdom. game three of preseason is usually the one that best resembles the team's identity when it plays games that count. >> typically that's the case. >> now, getting his first playing time of the season, kaepernick will have to take a different path. also consider, the whole chip kelly offense is new this year. >> similar to what i did in college, at this point, i don't think there's any reason for me to be cautious and feel uncomfortable in the offense. excited about what we're capable of doing and opportunities we do have. >> when it comes to determining who the starting quarterback will be for ma monday night opener against the rams, we really are no further along right now than we were when
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training camp opened. game three of the preseason should at least provide answers. 49er training camp, joe fonzi, ktvu news 2. >> make a prediction on that. i predict colin kaepernick will not play at all this year. they're gonna keep him on eyes and uninjured and -- ice and uninjure and had they're done with him. they want to make sure he doesn't get hurt. >> blaine then? >> i think blaine it is the guy. that's what i predict. check with me later. >> oh, we will. let's talk raiders also in action. tennessee titan for them this weekend. last outing not a write home to mom and tell them what happened at lambeau field in green bay. derrick car and the rest of the offense as a matter of fact didn't have a whole lot to brag about but some nice thingings
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for derrick. be talk act how he likes to use the preseason games as a chance to work on gambling techniques and throws that he might need during the regular season. >> it's a great opportunity to see what you can get away with. it really .s i take that really to heart and do it. i try not to do it too much but obviously i will do it during the preseason. i did it a couple times here and there and a great time to do those things because when you hit week one, you won't try something new and just do what you're gonna do. >> we have another quarterback to talk about. the stanford quarterback, they don't open their season till a week from friday against kansas state but today david shaw saying there's very little separation between the two contenders but named senior ryan burns as his quarterback starter. he's got a good arm and can move in the pocket and in that way reminds you in terms of
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stature and ability to break out of the pocket of andrew luck, who's got a ways to go to meet that criteria all the way around and son of former 49er offensive coordinator. >> jeep kris. >> yeah, he's the backup guy but will play some they said in the first game. very little separation between the two. >> interesting. >> got it. >> thanks, mark. our coverage continues right now on ktvu plus. we have disturbing video of a woman being attacked, a random attack and police hope seeing this video will help catch the suspect. the good news for the oakland as, the stadium is in oakland. show it to you next on the 7 on ktvu plus.
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