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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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matthew zabala of san jose was arrested on tuesday. a baby was taken to the medical center after cardiac arrest sunday. x-rays found she had 14 bone fractures including a skull fracture. a judge in santa clara county has denied a change of venue motion for the trial of garcia torres accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar of morgan hill in 2012. her body has never been found. the judge determined that there is not a reasonable likelihood that garcia torres would fail to receive a fair trial. and the oakland a's are scouting a new site for a possible waterfront ballpark. this afternoon a's representatives toured the howard terminal at the port of oakland. it's a 50-acre plot on the estuary current lip used for shipping. one drawback is the lack of freeway access or mass transit. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. more than 400 aftershocks have rattled nerves in italy in
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the 48 hours since a very powerful earthquake there leveled three entire towns. >> at least 250 people are confirmed dead and many others are unaccounted for. we have the latest now from central italy. >> reporter: rubble and debris now mark what had been picturesque medieval towns two hour north of rome in the mountains of central italy. a deadly 6.2 magnitude earthquake changed everything just after 3:30 a.m. wednesday. dnesday. now for a second full day search teams are racing digging through rubble using dogs doing all they can to try and locate survivors. helping to keep them going, many are quick to note that one person was found alive 72 hours after a previous italian earthquake in 2009, but there are now lines of people looking for area at morgues in the area making identifications. a catholic priest in one hard hit town says he has no tears
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left to cry. translator: among the members of my parish who died there are many children, many youngsters, also adults, people of every age. we don't have any tears left to cry. >> reporter: one long time teacher became too emotional to speak when she saw what is now left of what had been the local school. >> reporter: my pupils, some i managed to find and some i haven't. >> reporter: meantime adding to the challenge for rescue crews, continuing aftershocks including a magnitude 4.3 tremor that caused even more damage thursday. the powerful aftershock was one of nearly 500 others that have come in the hours after wednesday morning's earthquake including one that's happening right now. >> there was another one. >> reporter: that was just another tremor. here in amatrice italy john
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huty, fox news. we are learning more about the victims of a horrific attack in a university in afghanistan. at least 13 people were killed when militants stormed the american university of afghanistan in kabul yesterday. the gunmen used grenades, automatic weapons and a car bomb in the attack. seven students, one professor, three police officers, two security officers were killed. at least 35 students and police were wounded. police ended up killing two attackers. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> one of the victims of that attack in afghanistan had ties to the bay area. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports, he was a law professor, fulbright scholar and former fellow at stanford university. >> reporter: among the 13 people killed in wednesday's attack naqib ahmad khpulwak. he was a visiting fellow at
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stanford's law school in 2013. he returned to afghanistan to teach law at the american university in kabul where he delivered the opening prayer at the graduation ceremony in may. stanford university describes the fulbright scholar as an extraordinarily charismatic and courageous young leader. in a statement the university said stanford applauds the efforts of the faculty, students and staff at auaf to make a difference in their country and hopes this terrorist attack will not slow their noble efforts to educate, change and bring peace to afghanistan. a fulbright journalist and friend of naqib wrote on facebook the 32-year-old died a hero sheltering students in his office during the attack. the friend posted brother, your loss is unbearable but will avenge you by working for education, democracy and humanity. on the first day of journalism class this professor born in afghanistan spoke about wednesday's attack on the american university. ity.
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>> it was a place that was like this little cocoon that people went to to really seek opportunities to learn more about the world. >> reporter: she calls the attack on a soft target troubling. >> that's worrisome. it shows a change in the conflict and especially happening in the capital of the country, i know exactly where the american university is. i've been there and it's a prime location. >> reporter: a stanford spokeswoman said they were devastated by the news and added that no stanford student or employee was at american university at the time. in san jose maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. recent terror attacks overseas have also struck close to home for students at uc berkeley. 19-year-old tarishi jen was a student at cal killed july 1st in a terror attack in bangladesh. she was there for an internship when gunmen stormed a restaurant and opened fire.
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two weeks later leslie was killed in nice france for a study abroad program. breaking news, a new development involving controversial and embattled bay area judge aaron persky. he is being taken off of criminal cases. the santa clara county superior court says judge persky is being reassigned to the civil division at his request. a statements released minutes ago says, "judge persky believes the change will aid the public and court by reducing distractions that threaten to interfere with his ability to effectively discharge the duties of his current criminal assignment." you'll recall judge persky is at the center of criticism over his sentencing a former stanford swimmer brock turner who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a campus fraternity party. turner is expected to be released soon from a six month
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jail sentence. prosecutors wanted him to serve six years in prison. still to come a high end antique store targeted by thieves, we'll show you what was stolen and why it's worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> spy ware spotted in iphones, more on the bug that has apple urging users to upgrade their software. >> a cyber attack involving a hollywood actress, the investigation now underway.
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a high end antique store in san francisco hit by a thief, the foster gwynn art and antique store lost a handful of artifacts what i suspect ran in and out of the shop -- when a  suspect ran in and out of the shop earlier this month. the owner said the suspect took three vessels from ancient greece and two 19th century japanese boxes valued at more than $54,000 combined. it's the second such incident in that part of the city in recent weeks. anyone with information can contact the san francisco police department. apple is urging iphone users to update their system software after the discovery of spyware circulating in the middle east. anyone can spy on calls and messages with one finger tap. apple said it fixed the problem as soon as it found out about it. the patch is available on all iphones using the setting option. homeland security is investigating a cyber attack on
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leslie jones' personal website, of the actress who appears in the new ghost buster movie. agents say hackers posted nude photos of jones with images of her driver's license, passports and a racist video. jones has taken her website offline. she was targeted on twitter last month with a barrage of racial slurs and obscene photos. twitter banned several users as a result. the national park service is celebrating its 100th anniversary today and president obama is helping mark the occasion. >> one of the things that i really have been trying to emphasize is the importance of getting kids in here. >> the virtual reality video was released today by national geographic for the park service centennial. while president obama explores yosemite and other parks, you can scan 360 degrees around the screen. the park service is offering free admission to all of its
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sites through this sunday. still to come many parents are scrambling to get their children vaccinated. >> school started today, but they would not allow him in school till he had a shot. >> coming up next a closer look at the new law keeping some students out of the classroom. >> the bay area weekend is not that far off. we'll talk about that and the temperatures you'll be surprised at moving into saturday and sunday.
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a big demand for vaccinations as bay area students heading back to school discover they need their shots. >> a new law requires vaccinations for kindergartners and 7th graders, but how are families coping? we sent ktvu's rob roth to find out. >> reporter: at this public health clinic in oakland students continue rolling in to get their vaccinations. >> we've been swamped the last three weeks. >> reporter: one 7th grader couldn't enroll in his middle school in hayward until his mother got him his shots. >> school started today. they would not allow him in school until he had his shots. >> reporter: that is the new law in california, kindergartners and 7th graders with new students must be vaccinated. those with certain medical exemptions can opt out, but parents can't use their religious or personal beliefs to keep their children unvaccinated. >> we're seeing a few personal relief exemption students who are now starting on their
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series. >> reporter: about 1,700 public school students in oakland hadn't had their immunization records processed by the district or still needed to get their shots. maybe some of them haven't had the access. maybe some of them are new to the country, new to the area or state with this new law. there are probably a myriad of reasons why people weren't able to do it so far. >> reporter: we checked with several other bay area school districts. none are reporting any serious problems. in san francisco 93% of 7th graders and kindergartners are vaccinated. the rest have been given 10 days to comply. in alameda county the school district reports 99.9% have been vaccinated. at san rafael city schools in marin officials say the compliance rate is also 99%. the oakland unified school district expects to have all its students back in class immunized by early next week as parents and school districts wrestle with the new law. in oakland rob roth, ktvu fox 2
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news. look at the weather now, it is looking awfully gray. i was looking over your shoulder and there's a lot of clouds out there. >> the whole week plan like that. i wouldn't say it's gloomy, but on the avenues of san francisco it's been gloomy and cool. i lived out on the avenues when i was younger and my family is from that area and i kind of liked it. i liked it foggy especially when you're waiting for the fall because fall time out of west and the sunset directly is beautiful as you know in the richmond district. 88 in antioch today the high, 83 in livermore, not bad inland. i wouldn't call that hot. i would call it above mild to warm those areas this time of year. there's all that fog. it's a lot of it deep and everywhere. tomorrow morning we'll have it
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in all nine bay area counties. you end the day mostly sunny and kind of mild, much like today. the big change comes in the form of perhaps some smoke coming up from the soberanes fire especially in the east bay and south bay valleys. look at all the clouds cooking over the oakland hills. see the west wing here on the trib building. sacramento will be in the 80s tomorrow, too for the most part. the fog forecast for the morning hours and the model tries to paint fog up into sacramento. you won't see fog like that, but the model is set up so it's like yeah, it's going to be cool enough you could support some fog in there. that won't be the case. it's drier air, but it's a big push. forecast highs tomorrow pretty mild, forecast highs sunday warmer. this is the football game going on friday tomorrow night 7:00
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levi stadium 67 degrees. even in that stadium which it runs pretty hot, 67 degrees will be almost perfect. brentwood is the hotspot. they're in the mid-80s. here's the five-day forecast. saturday about the same, sunday a little warmer, but we're really splitting hairs. we started on monday with this pattern and it's the same right through the week, but have you noticed, no fire stories, no spare the air stories and that smoke coming in from the south, but this is a good pattern. that's the five-day you want to see. >> this is where the tourists come out and say what, this is the middle of august? >> wearing the tank tops and flip-flops and they're cold. as we mentioned earlier, the warriors completed a huge deal today. they're leaving radio station knbr, why they're changing
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stations. >> also ahead marshawn lynch is down under with the cal bears football team and he had some time to play one of australia's favorite sports. mark is up next with the story.
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mark is here with sports. how bizarre the warriors won't be on knbr anymore. >> 32 years, long term relationship. it's kind of rocked the sports world. there are reasons that nonsports fans might be interested, but i tell you what. when you're the golden state warriors, you don't have to play second fiddle to anyone and they will not. from here on out the giants ruled knbr, but the warriors say it's all about us and who can blame them? they are now moving over to 95.7 the game on fm leaving that long term relationship with the golden state warriors and as far as the warriors are concerned, they just didn't like being overlapped by the giants. for instance, one of the giants exhibition games was broadcast on am radio and the warrior game when they were trying to set the all time record for 73 wins kind of overlapped them. so they said you know what? we don't want our fans searching around the radio dial any longer and it seems to be a
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move headed toward fm sports broadcasts anyway. rick welch says this all boils down to good news for warriors fans. >> we're very expanded programming, pregame, postgame, other programming during the year. if you're a warriors fan, you'll get a lot more content at our new home. the media business is very much about relationships and these are very, very longstanding relationships. we love the people at knbr. they've done an amazing job with the warriors for the time they've had them. now we're looking toward the future. >> there you go and business is sports and sports is business in this day in age. the raiders ready to get down to business play saturday against the tennessee titans and as we know, the third game of the preseason is always when you kind of show your cards a little bit, play more starters on both offense and defense, maybe run some plames that you
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are planning to go about during the regular season. the deal is the raider actually play the tennessee titans in game three of the regular season which puts them in kind of an unusual situation. they don't want to show too much because they'll be playing them in the near future. that's something coach jack del rio is dealing with now. >> a little unorthodox or unusual that you have a team you're playing in the third preseason game and turn around and play them early in the season, but we both understand what it is. we'll go in. we'll play our guys. we need to work, but obviously i'm sure both sides will hold a few things back. you won't show everything you have for regular season in the preseason game. we've been talking about the cal bears this week in australia. tomorrow night they open the college football season against hawaii down under, but one of their great alum, one of the best football players ever to come from the cal program, is down in australia and par
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taking in their national sport, that, of course, rugby. >> here we go. [ applause ] >> oh, yeah, marshawn, loving to lower that shoulder and kaboom, even down in australia as you see him kind of checking out the sport down there, marshawn lynch, of course, retired, leaving the seahawks for good. he made the venture down under. he talked about rugby and how it kind of reminded him in a way of a childhood sport he once played. >> i like it a lot. it reminds me of a childhood game we used to play throw-up tackle. we'd throw the ball up and whoever got it everybody pretty much went to go hit him. >> that wouldn't be all that cool to be playing even as a kid with marshawn lynch.
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>> i'm assuming he was pretty good at that. >> i can't believe that he stayed retired. i feel he has so much left in the tank, but he's for real on that. >> i know. i keep thinking we might see him come back, but you don't think. >> no. it's nice to see him talking. he doesn't talk to the media that often. >> he's been in a good understood since he retired. >> he is supportive, though. >> he's got a great charity, helps a lot of kids. >> and his mom watches channel 2, there you go. >> thanks, mark. our coverage continues right now at ktvu plus with ken and roth. hi, guys. >> at 7:00 a cab driver attacked in san francisco, his dashcam was rolling. someone reached into his car and hit him with a taser. what happened next? you'll see in a few minutes on 7. >> those stories and ail lot more on the 7 on ktvu plus.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago.
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