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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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new attack on donald trump trying to link him to the kkk how trump is striking back. the latest in the race for the white house. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning thank you for joining us on friday morning. it is august 26th i am pam cook. >> i am brian flores. let's get your weekend started steve how are you feeling? >> i have had the longest week of my life. >> you are pushing through. >> no one would ever know you were sick. >> want to bet? >> until you speak. >> big fog bank, much stronger delta breeze it will be cooler inland today as advertised. big system coming in for this time of year. 33 gusts, west of napa, west of vacaville everything is in place here 50s on the everyones low 60s for some.
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sierra lookings quiet no, -- looks quiet no worries on thunderstorms that fog bank will be enhanced by that system psychologying down there. 60 -- coming down there. 60s, 70s. 80s. happy friday. >> steve, sal, you stay up until the very end? >> oh, yeah. yeah. i mean and you know what? if they had lost i would be really tired, but they won, and it's friday, and i am jazzed. >> what more do you need to know. >> exactly. >> you know. good morning everybody you got to salvage something from a series like that with a very good team. let's look at the commute here westbound 580 as you drive through no major problems as you drive into the tracy super commute if you are driving through it is not a bad commute at all you can see traffic is
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moving along nicely. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic looks nice, nice and light there. driving on 280 san jose that is a very nice commute getting up to highway 17. 402 back to the desk. new from overnight investigation under way into the death of a man found under the freeway intersection of 280 and 101 in san jose. police received a call just before 8:30 p.m. last night about a possible dead body at herald and benida avenues. he was pronounced dead at the scene. crime scene and homicide investigators have taken over the case no arrests made. >> fairfield police handled a potentially explosive situation. officers stopped a suspicious vehicle central place off interstate 80 police found one of the men was wanted a parole violation the other gave a fake
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id a search uncovered burglary tools, fireworks and home made impro vised explosive. napa county bomb squad was called. authorities arrested 37- year-old eric warren and robert figiness he faces charges of forgery, check fraud, false impersonation and identity theft. the judge who sentenced brock turner to 6 months in jail for sexual assault will stop presiding over criminal cases. he is being reassigned at his own request. he sparked a national fire storm for the controversial sentence a stanford law professor who wants to permanently remove him from the bench says a recall effort will still move forward.
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>> we believe he does not understand the harm and the severity of sexual assault that was clearly on display in his sentence for brock turner. >> now the head of judges in santa clara county says he still supports him but that he believes the change will aid the public and court by removing distractions he takes over new did youties september 6th turner will be released from jail next friday. a judge will review the major involvement in a man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old morgan hill teen. the judge will meet with attorneys now defense argued widespread media coverage made it difficult to get a fair trial but the judge disagreed the judge will review evidence in the case with jury selection set to begin next month. >> police in mountain view
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arrested a man of recording a woman and toddler in the bathroom. he was arrest bid mountain view police, cyber crimes unit the victim called police after receiving threats online including private photos of her and a toddler. they found a camera underneath a bathroom sink and a cable leading to an adjacent bathroom rented by the suspect. >> that is disconcerning and we want to make sure everyone feels safe in their homes. >> he is charged with child pornography, extortion and three counts of using a hidden camera there may be more victims they hope they will come forward. >> a 6 week old baby hospitalized in grave condition this morning and the baby's own father and due in court to face felony child abuse charges in
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this tragic case sheriff's deputy ace rested 32-year-old on tuesday two days after the baby girl was taken to hospital. doctors at valley medical center say she had a fractured skull and several other critical injuries hospital staff alerted authorities who went to the child's home there was enough evidence to arrest the father for child abuse his court appearance comes as doctors closely watch his baby girl. >> i would worry about nervous system, back of the eye, retina, because to generate that kind of force, acceleration, deceleration i would be very concerned about that first and foremost. >> he is reportedly a convicted child abuser who served time in a case involving another daughter. san francisco police trying to figure out who stole pricey pieces of art work from a high end gallery. some items date back to ancient
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greece. the back door was left ajar earlier this month owners did not discover the theft until this past monday. three vases from 6th century bc two lacquered boxes from japan total value estimated at $50,000. >> some body must have seen us carrying things in and out and it would take 1 minute they dashed in grabbed pieces, maybe they had a backpack. >> back on august 1st, just steps from the foster gwynn gallery someone broke the window to antique store and took off with silver candlesticks. he calls her a big got she says his campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia it may just be another day on the presidential campaign trail but
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attacks are getting sharper and margins wider. more from washington. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton has a 10 point lead nationally in this race a lot of ground for donald trump to make up in a relatively short period of time. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump taking their attacks to new heights or new depths. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republic cab party. >> reporter: lynn -- republican party. >> reporter: clinton in reno. >> a lot of what donald trump believes in we believe in. >> reporter: a new web ad uses image of the clan. trump on the counter attack calling clinton a bully. >> hillary clinton isn't just attacking me she is attacking
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allover the decent -- all of the decent people of all backgrounds, doesn't matter of all backgrounds who support this incredible once in a lifetime movement. >> reporter: but trump facing another complication this morning, a report saying his new campaign ceo was once charged with domestic violence involving his now ex-wife it was 20 years ago charges were dismissed. clinton meantime continuing to keep most reporters at arms length leading to an awkward moment when she ignored one question after another to focus on chocolate. >> any comment -- >> you will love this. >> all right folks thank you. >> reporter: that appears to be the clinton strategy try to run out the clock keep the media largely at bay and carry the lead she has nationally now all the way through to election day in washington doug luzader fox
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news. here in california, state lawmakers are considering legislation to require people in jail to be notified of their rights before they can be interviewed by federal immigration authorities it would require local law enforcement agencies to notify attorneys and inmates if they are interview being immigration and customs enforcement agencies. legislation was approved by the state senate it now goes to the assembly. 11 police officers were killed in a car bomb attack in turkey. it targeted a check point in southeast turkey more than 70 people were also injured which was carried out by a truck filled with explosives there has not yet been a claim of responsibility but follow as string of attacks in turkey carried on by kurdish
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militants. funerals are being held today for some to have 267 people killed in wednesday's quake in italy. there have been a thousand after shocks since the magnitude 6.6 earthquake. search and rescue efforts are continuing around the clock but no one has been found alive since wednesday night. a cab driver tased and robbed in san francisco. the search for the suspect. >> first the search continues for a coyote suffering from mange in the east bay. the approach wildlife experts are taking. >> good morning we are looking at a commute going to be okay on 80 westbound as you head out to mcarthur. >> much bigger fog bank cooler for inland areas.
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welcome back the fire burning on california's central coast continues to threaten homes and prompt evacuations since it started august 13th it has destroyed at least 38 homes 200 other homes and businesses threatened. that fire has been unpredictable making it hard to know which way it will burn. >> you can see up over the ridge that we are looking at smoke and where they have dropped the chemicals that we can tell it's on its way this way and with the winds picking
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up got to be a little more concerned. >> the fire has burned 43,000- acres and just 39% contained. wildlife experts hoping to capture that sick coyote roaming around danville today a group called wildlife emergency services set a trap along a path where it has been spotted more than once. now the coyote went into the trap yesterday, to get a chicken that was being used as bait but spooked by a loud noise and able to escape that coyote has mange a skin disease caused by mitethe mites can infect humans. >> we are trying to capture the animal before it gets in any worse shape it will not cure itself it needs medical care. >> experts say if people spot the animal report it and its location to danville police. 4:15 a.m.
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more signs raiders could move to sin city take a look at this video what the raiders stadium in vegas might look like. this was presented to southern nevada tourism and infrastructure committee. the raiders team president was at that meeting they would put up $500 million toward the $1.9 billion facility hotel tax would add more. oakland raiders have applied for a trademark for the name vegas raiders. nfl owners will have to approve any proposed move. our coverage continues at you will find more images of that proposed las vegas stadium look for the photo gallery on the front page. matt moore was so close to history. >> so close. >> but lost his bid for a no- hitter with 2 outs bottom of
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the 9th. they went into the game last night hoping to avoid a sweep by the dodgers. fans running the long way to grab that one. brandon, joe, provided run support in the 4th after he drove in a run panic had a 2 run home run to right moore had -- he had thrown a lot of pitches but was sent back out for the night. he came to his rescue making that amazing catch. first out, two batters later, corey hit a loop single to right. moore's night ended just short of a no-hitter but the guys did win that is good news. >> that is the key. >> 4-0. >> as were off they made a trade left handed reliever, mark -- >> i know not everyone can be
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named cook. >> infield prospects, the as reportedly threw in $500,000 in cash and begin a 3 game series with the cardinals tonight. >> today expect a lot of traffic in santa clara, they are hosting the green bay packers this is week three preseason kick off 7:00 p.m. tonight levi stadium. colin is expected to see his first game action he is battling for the starting quarterback job after tonight 49ers have one more preseason game against the chargers then open the season hosting the rams september 12th. it is true. >> they are everywhere. >> packers have fans everywhere. >> and they wear the cheese. >> of course. >> so friday traffic around levi stadium. >> yep, and obviously you know that friday is the get away so going to be a tough one but i
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think we will make it through. let's look at what we have we will move the maps down to the gilroy commute and show you the traffic is not going to be bad as you drive from gilroy to san jose, and there are no major problems driving through to the morgan hill area, getting up to san jose. it has been a very nice drive all the way through and the commute continues to look good. westbound 237 is moving along nicely, and all the freeways really are looking good in the south bay. looking at live pictures 880, traffic both directions moving along nicely, with no major issues. and the traffic is moving well on westbound bay bridge getting into san francisco continues to be a very nice drive into the city. 4:19 a.m. let's bring steve in. >> thank you. a lot of smoke continues to filter in, one day it pushes out the next day it moves in. a little bit of a sows,
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southeasternly breeze should -- south, southeasterly breeze. some of that northwest breeze took care of it sent it more towards central california, today looks like some smoke will filter north wards we will say south bay, maybe peninsula, parts of the east bay out to the valley. fog bank helped along by a system dropping down. there may be a strong one in about a week more on that coming up but be advised next week could be well below average on temps. gusts of 33 out of travis stronger than yesterday. 50s/60s on the temps cooler pattern for those inland. how much cooler can et. 50s or 60s. warmer here on the low in the north bay a little more fog. low 50s yesterday, 37, truckee 57, monterey all good for
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sierra, thunderstorm activity off to the east fogs and low clouds, drizzle. systems dropping down enhancing that fog bank it will be a cooler pattern today probably the coolest over the next three a little bit of that smoke filters in for hazy sky. slightly warmer but only inland areas i don't thing coast changing all that much. 50s, 70s concord 78 brian can you believe that. >> that is nice. >> can you believe that. >> i like it. >> san jose 76 antioch out of the 90s at 86. nice weekend inland, foggy coast and bay. >> still foggy along the coast. >> maybe next weekend the system will be strong enough to get rid of that fog. >> okay. >> okay. >> i still thing we get our first rain around the 4th, 5th. >> might be mendocino county. >> hang in there steve. can i hear the struggle. >> what are you talking about. smooth as butter.
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>> take the next couple days off. >> i think i will. >> well, more fall out for ryan lochte coming up the move brazilian authorities are making against him. >> new security flaw that could compromise your eye phone with the tap of a finger where the threat is coming from and steps you need to take to stay protected
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we are following developing news from indiana at least a dozen destructive tornadoes have hit the state in the last two days. montgomery county has widespread destruction as far as the eye can see homeowners say devastating winds, snapped tree limbs like match sticks. >> we were in the bathroom didn't actually see it come through but heard the crack of the tree in our front yard come down. >> there have been at least 15 injuries across indiana so far luckily no reported deaths. yesterday indiana governor and republican vice presidential nominee left the campaign trail to get a first hand look. president obama will create the world's largest marine protected area off the coast of hawaii. the white house says the designation will protect pristine corral reefs and deep
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sea marine habitats the president will travel to hawaii next week and address the pacific island environmental conference. volkswagen will compensate dealers for losses they suffered in that emissions scandal the value has not been released but sources tell reuters it would be in the billions. they will compensate owners as well. apple is urging iphone users to update their security software. a company from israel created spy software that can track your calls and contacts,
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security flaws allowed the software installed if users clicked on a specific link. attempted kidnapping still ahead the would be kidnapper involved and what the man said to the 13-year-old. >> occupancy policy stirring controversy the white only residency rule that has a northern california neighbourhood in an up roar. >> we are looking at a commute doing very well 101 san francisco not a bad drive as you approach the 80 split. >> does look cooler inland friday forecast coming up ♪
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love that. >> a little jt on this friday morning taking a look at the bay bridge it will be a good day, isn't it? we hope so on this friday. love that song friday august 26th i am brian flores. >> friday can't stop the feeling. >> pam's right on it. >> steve is here and he is feeling a little better hopefully? >> a little bit bet than monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> don't make him laugh. >> i don't want to talk just kidding. >> you have to. >> but at a lower voice 50s, 60s, 70s. santa rosa, napa concord. 80s far enough away in lake county probably out to antioch and brent wood but most locations that have been in the 80s will be in


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